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Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a good Christmas. The new year is here. Lets all be positive and try to give 2012 a good run for it’s money. Plenty of good reading for you again this month. If you are planning to make new years resolutions, we have some help with that. All of our advertisers are committed to working hard for you the customer and the community, so let’s try and give them the support they deserve. Please feel free to comment or contribute by emailing to: Have a great month.


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Health and Wellbeing


Are You Sweet Enough?

t’s January again, when many of us are feeling more than a little guilty about all the over-indulgence. We’re making resolutions to cut-down and shapeup. This article is not exactly good news for cake, biscuits, and chocolate-lovers, but the latest statistics for the growing crisis of type 2 diabetes, makes far worse reading! Baroness Young, chief executive of Diabetes UK, is determined to spread the word as some 2.8 million people in the UK have been diagnosed with it, and an estimated 850,000 more probably have it, but don’t yet know it.

your GP if you’re already experiencing increased thirst, blurred vision, tiredness and urinating more than usual.

All carbohydrates are converted to glucose in the body and our cells use this as their primary source of fuel. Glucose enters our cells using insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas. Type 2 diabetes develops when the body does not produce enough insulin to maintain a normal blood glucose level, or when the body is unable to effectively use the insulin that is being produced, resulting in high glucose levels in the blood.

The New Year is a good time to start making changes. A chromium supplement may help if sugar cravings become a problem. Small regular meals, containing protein with vegetables, and healthy snacks, such as nuts and berries in between meals, will help to stabilise blood glucose levels and stop between-meal hunger pangs.

The biggest risk factors are: having a family member with the problem, being overweight, especially around the waist, and being over 40 years of age. People of South Asian or African descent are at higher risk at a younger age. These ethnic groups are generally less able to digest lactose (milk sugar). Research is also beginning into the growing evidence of a link between diabetes and milk intolerance.

Fortunately, eating less sugar, salt and fat and exercising more regularly will help to reduce the risk. You may need to consider diluting fruit juices and limiting dried fruits, such as figs and raisins, and sweeter fruits like ripe bananas and grapes which although packed with nutrients, do contain high sugar levels. White bread, pastry and white rice also create a sugar rush compared to the wholegrain version.

These days it is easier to cut down on fats rather than sugars. When offered sweet treats just decline politely, explaining that you’re sweet enough! Sue Blain Naturopath

Excess calories are stored as fat, and an accumulation of excess fat around the liver and the pancreas is thought to be a key cause of type 2 diabetes. Check your own risk score on Diabetes UK’s own website, www.diabetes. You should consult


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 Suzanne Suthers Suzanne Colour and StyleSuthers Consultant Colour
 Colour and Style Consultant

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20% off Colour Analysis during January 
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Health and Wellbeing


Pregnancy and Exercise

laire Mockridge is an Ante/Postnatal Fitness Expert and is here to answer your questions about the benefits of exercising during pregnancy. Why should pregnant women exercise? Exercising during pregnancy has many benefits. It can help you: -combat excessive weight gain -maintain your fitness level -increase your chances of speedy postnatal recovery -tone your abdominals -strengthen your pelvic floor -decrease back pain -improve your circulation -re-align your posture -relieve tension in tight muscles -give your unborn the best start in life -and, exercise helps you sleep better How much exercise should pregnant women do? To combat excessive weight gain, maintain your fitness level and stay toned, it’s important that pregnant women perform some form of cardiovascular activity lasting


between 10-30 minutes, 3-5 days a week. Find an aquanatal class, go for a swim (avoid breaststroke), take a walk, join a gym, enrol on one of Claire’s pregnancy exercise classes, or buy her Pregnancy Fitness DVD “Don’t let your bump get in the way!”. Can exercise cause miscarriage? There is no evidence to suggest that exercise causes miscarriage. If, however, your pregnancy is classed as “high-risk”, then some forms of activity may not be suitable for you. Can I attend a normal exercise class/the gym whilst pregnant? For the first 12 weeks, you should be fine to continue your current exercise regime. From 13 weeks, modifications need to be made to your program. Find an Antenatal trained Instructor at your gym, or better still, join a Pregnancy Exercise Class, and meet other mums-to-be just like you. For details of Claire Pregnancy Classes or to purchase her DVD, see www.bumptobabe., email, or call Claire on 07747 656550

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combi services

Central Heating Services

Installations Service Breakdown & Repairs Combination Boilers Gas Safety Inspections Landlord Certificates Issued Free Quotations

Tel: 07952 103 995

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Food and Drink


Stubby Beans

ecently I discovered the excellent food blog ‘Girl Interrupted Eating’, run by Becky. It’s a cracking read and Becky features some wonderful recipes. Recently she reviewed a cookbook, Valentine Warner’s The Good Table. This recipe was featured on the blog, and is an utterly delicious take on baked beans. Perfect for cold winter nights and nice and simple after all the recent rich festive fare Stubby Beans 500g of dried pinto, haricot or borlotti beans 2 smoked ham hocks (about 1kg) Knob of lard or butter 2 onions Few sprigs of thyme 4 garlic cloves 1 tsp English Mustard Powder 1/2 tsp of ground cloves 2 x 400g of chopped tomatoes 50g of dark muscovado sugar 1 litre of stock (or water) 10g flaked sea salt black pepper to season

30 -50 minutes hour with the lid off, or Becky recommends that you can transfer everything to the slow cooker on high for 4 hours. Strip the hock from the bones, string it and put the meat back in with the beans. (Becky points out that Valentine suggested if you kept the fat on, then slice it and pop it into a hot oven to crisp it up and eat as a snack or tasty side dish). Season to taste. Serve with cabbage or creamy mashed potatoes. Becky suggests an optional splash of Worcester sauce to finish. Check out Becky’s Blog at http:// Valentine Warner’s Book The Good Table – Adventures in and around my kitchen is available from good book sellers priced around £20

Soak the beans over night. Simmer the hocks for one hour Strip the leaves from the thyme sprigs and fry the onions with the thyme in the lard. You can use butter but the lard is more authentic. When softened add the garlic, mustard powder and cloves, cook for a minute Add the tomatoes and sugar. Add the drained beans to the casserole with the whole hocks (you can leave the skin and fat on or take it off), plus a litre of stock or water. At this point you can either cook in the casserole on the hob, simmering for an hour with the lid on, then


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Money Sense


Over 55’s oblivious to retirement options

he difference in retirement income between the top enhanced annuity rate and the bottom standard annuity rate for those over 65 with a £50,000 pension pot is 54 per cent, according to an article in Financial Adviser Magazine. This lack of awareness potentially costs individuals as much as £10,000 over the course of an average retirement on the pension pot of £50,000. The key issue is that people do not shop around for the best quotes and think that they should just take the first offer provided to them by their existing pension provider. What people ought to do is to take the Open Market Option and shop around. However a third of over-55s have never heard of the Open Market Option and seven in ten people do not fully understand what exactly an annuity is. For everyone’s information an annuity is only the product that provides you with your monthly income.

10 12

What you should do? About 1-2 months before your retirement date your pension provider will contact you advising you that you are coming up to retirement and will let you know what income they will give you in retirement. Take this information and contact an Independent Financial Adviser and ask him to review your options for you. Initially he should sit down with you for free to discuss broadly your circumstances and agree how you will work together. When going through this process I have always provided more income for the client than what they have been offered by their existing pension provider. For help with any aspect of your financial planning, contact Justin Stockdale of Sense Financial Solutions, for a free initial meeting, by telephone on 07817 618823 or 0115 837 8620 or by e-mail justin@ .

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Monthly Ad 60x90 Portrait - S McKenna Nov 2011.pdf 1 09/11/2011 11:45:45

ANTIQUES & COLLECTORS FAIR Ruschliffe Leisure Centre, Boundary Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 7BY

Sunday 29th Jan 10am - 4 pm Stalls Available Entrance fee £1 • Kids free

Self Assessment always a headache? Don’t worry, give it to us and get on with running your business. We specifically support individuals and small businesses in all accountancy and tax matters. For your free, no obligation initial meeting call us today on 0115 993 4260.

Antiques and Collectors Corner Now Open 67 Eltham Rd,West Bridgford,Nottm. Open 7 days 10am-6pm.

r 2012 ues Fairifffo Trent New Antiq on e cl nge - Rad at The Gra 12 2FB Nottingham NG

Please contact us if you are interested in a stall ABC Antiques & Collectables 07912 160260 / 0779127397 email:

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Lifestyle and Leisure

Get a Life, Get a Life Coach! consider instead the best solution for the problem. The support offered through life coaching is often holistic in nature, and is aimed at helping the individual achieve overall wellbeing by setting in balance all aspects of their life. For example, they will be encouraged to evaluate their work and home life, health, finances and social life - thus helping them to achieve a fulfilling, successful and stress-free life.


everal years ago I was making my way through the supermarket checkout, when a sign on the community notice board caught my eye: “A New You For 2002”. Intrigued, I stopped to find out more and ended up signing up for a year’s life coaching. The basic aim of a life coach is to help a person realise their individual potential. Through a series of coaching sessions that usually take place weekly and often over the phone, the coach helps the client assess their current situation, identify changes or improvements they would like to make, and then helps devise strategies, tools and techniques to achieve their goals. Key to the success of this process is the special relationship of trust that develops between the coach and the client. Coaching is offered in confidence and is totally nonjudgmental and impartial. Differing from both counseling and therapy, the emphasis in coaching is not on examining or diagnosing the past, but is more about planning for the future. Rather than focusing on how bad a problem is, the client is encouraged to


The personalised support structure offered by life coaching helps the client deal with human factors like fear, doubt, a loss of stamina, negative thoughts and mental blocks that might otherwise get in the way of them achieving the results they desire. One ‘tool’ that might help change feelings of doubt and fear to ones of confidence and optimism, is the ability to recall happy, positive memories from the past. By engaging in regular coaching sessions, an individual is able to take time out each week to look objectively at their life. Without this discipline, many would not find the time to do it. Similarly, having someone to talk to and plan with each week, helps to keep them focused and motivated. So, take a look at your life as it is today, as it will be in the months and years to come, and if there are things you’d like to change to make your life run better, to realise ambitions, fulfill potential, be happier, less stressed, more profitable, more peaceful, sociable, or fun - maybe life coaching is the way forward for you! By Debbie Singh-Bhatti

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Manufacturers of quality Kitchens, Bedrooms, and specialist accessible kitchens. Open to both the Trade and Public. Family run business with 20 years of experience. Showroom open Mon-Fri. (Sat by appointment). No one else offers a more comprehensive range of kitchens in Nottinghamshire. Full design service. No “hard sell”. No obligation. Friendly service. Thousands of very satisfied customers. We will aim to beat any “like for like” showroom quotation. We offer “supply only” or “supply and fit”, along with most work-surfaces and appliances. Alpha House. Belgrave Road. Bulwell. Nottingham. NG6 8HN.

Tel: 0115 9761876

Fax: 0115 976 1877

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Second Nature “Remo” kitchen pictured below. Unique barrel feature units available.

Sue’s Maintenance Service 1st class HandyWoman

All work undertaken with great care & due diligence

• Bathroom Fitting • Plumbing • Laminate Flooring • Tiling • Painting • Flat pack furniture assembly • Any Small Jobs No Job too Small

Now try the Woman that CAN

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Lifestyle & Leisure


Be a Quitter!

ach New Year countless people plan to stop smoking and discover just how difficult it is. Smoking is not just a habit but a full-blown addiction and quitting may require outside help. To give up smoking requires dedication and a plan. Your chances of success are increased if you employ all the extra resources you can. Some people can stop smoking instantly, but most need help in the form of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). The NRT you choose depends on your lifestyle, habits and the extent of your addiction, so seek advice from your GP or pharmacist. There are also new prescription medicines available to help you quit. The NHS runs nationwide Stop Smoking Services and their website is particularly useful to help you on your way to a smoke-free life. Enter your postcode to find the nearest service to you. Also included on the site are applications (apps) for download onto your computer, iPod or iPhone, to help keep track of your success. Alternative therapies provide excellent support in a quest for a non-smoking life. They include hypnotherapy, acupuncture and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Yoga and meditation are also recommended as a way of increasing mental stamina, to help cope with the effects of nicotine withdrawal. Tell friends and family that you are quitting - their support is vital. You are far more likely to quit for good if you have your very own team of supporters cheering you on.


Be prepared for the withdrawal symptoms but understand that they will disappear after about two weeks. Many people are put off giving up smoking for fear of gaining weight. Exsmokers can miss the comfort of having something in their mouth and often turn to sweets, which can cause the pounds to pile on. This need for oral comfort can be alleviated by CBT, hypnotherapy or sugar-free gum. Take it one day at a time and consider each day you don’t smoke as a major achievement. My friend had a novel way of successfully stopping: she emptied the contents of her last ashtray into a plastic bag and each time she wanted to light up, she took the bag out and sniffed it. It worked for her! Find a method that works for you. Don’t give up hope if you relapse. Most people who permanently quit smoking have made the attempt several times. If at first you don’t succeed, try - again and again. It can take a while, but if you’re committed to quitting, you can do it. Just keep trying and remain positive. As well as the many well-publicised health benefits you’ll gain from giving up smoking, the amount of money you’ll save is astounding. Many smokers spend over £2000 a year on cigarettes, think of the holiday you could take! Whatever your personal reasons for wanting to quit, there’s a wealth of help and support out there to help you. So make 2012 the year you become a quitter. Suki North

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Puzzle Page How to play Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through to 9, with no repetition! That’s all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up. It’s fun! Challenging! It’s addictive!

Quick Crossword

Answers on page 32


January Crossword Clues Across 7 Reckless (13) 8 Rainbow (8) 9 Nutritional regime (4) 10 Astonish (7) 12 Planet’s path (5) 14 Extent (5) 16 Get hitched for the second time (7) 19 Thing (4) 20 Current (2-2-4) 22 Clasp for making electrical connection (9,4) Down 1 2 3 4 5 6 11 13 15 17 18 21

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Support (4) Small drinking vessel(6) Thermal (7) Garden ornament (5) Kindling (6) Concealed (8) Secretive (8) Woven fabric (7) Porous, abrasive stone (6) Kidnap (6) Coagulated milk (5) Journey (4)

sort them out as well.” So why not give Ian a call and let the sun shine in this Summer.

ELLIGLAZI S NG DOUBLE - REPAIR SERVICE • UPVC, Aluminium Windows, Doors & Patios • Replacement Units (misted glass) • Locks, Handles and Hinges • Security Locks for Patio / Double Doors / Safety Chains • Leaks and Draughts • Doors Catching • Shrunken Rubber Seals Replaced • Window Cleaning • Letterbox Replacements • Gutter Cleaning • Conservatory Cleaning • Emergency boarding up and glass replaced (insurance work undertaken)

For advice and a prompt, friendly, reliable service

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No.1 Taxi Company in Nottingham • All Distance Work Covered 4/8/16 Vehicles • Accounts Welcome Wheelchair Access Available • Call Now To Book 0115 9 145 145

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Garden View


Forever Green

f you didn’t manage to get out into the garden to do a bit of pottering over the festive period, I hope you at least had the chance to take a stroll in a beautiful green space for some fresh, crisp air. If walking is not your thing, what about some winter digging (weather permitting obviously) which is just the ticket for burning off that Christmas pud! But do be warned, it’s better to take it at a steady pace, because a sudden bout of hard work on a cold day can over stretch underused muscles, so be sure to warm up first (you’ll feel a bit silly doing star jumps in the front garden, but at least you won’t be out of action for the following week!). During January, the ground is often frozen and the plants are still fast asleep, but it won’t be long before the snowdrops are peeking through and the Hellebores are providing a bit of mid-winter sparkle. It’s during the darker months when you really appreciate those small pockets of colour, and also the importance of evergreens, especially those with well-defined structures. Shrubs such as Box (Buxus) clipped into tall slender cones, or Yew (Taxus) in perfectly trimmed spheres, are easily overlooked in summer when the colourful perennials are in full flower, but at this time of the year, when covered in snow or frost, they are a valuable addition to the garden. There may not be many jobs to do this month, but January is a great time of the year for designing and planning new projects. It might be that you want to begin growing vegetables this year and need to build a raised bed, it may be a border which looks tired or overgrown, or it could be a whole makeover. Whatever it is, plan it now and it will be much easier (and cheaper) come spring. The planning stage is the key to success. Think about a wedding, birthday or even Sunday lunch. Without planning,


organisation and preparation, the big day would be a flop. It’s the same with a great garden; it doesn’t happen on its own! Happy gardening! Lee

Jobs to do this month: Test your soil to see if it is acidic or alkaline. This will help determine which plants will grow best Place a bin or bucket over a couple of rhubarb plants to force them for some sweet, early stems Order flower and veg seeds online as there is a much wider choice available Order your bedding plants as small plugs if you have somewhere frost free to grow them on (they probably won’t be delivered until March anyway) Ventilate greenhouses on sunny days and check weekly for diseases on plants. Remove faded flowers and dead leaves quickly before rot sets in.

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Martin Page

Edwalton &

West Bridgford’s Local Tree Surgeon Have you considered? Just like the rest of your property your trees may need some maintenance from time to time? Are your trees too tall, unsafe or untidy? Are they blocking light from yours, or your neighbour’s property? With o v e r 25 years of experience working with trees in your area I would be pleased to offer you free advice and a free quotation.

call me now on

0115 906 8680

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Home and Garden

The Three Best Resolutions To Make At the end of the year, most of us tend to take stock and decide to make some changes: lose weight, spend less, stop smoking. The thing is, we are creatures of habit, and it’s difficult to change things, especially when we see them as a sacrifice. So instead of a long list of things that we may never get round to, here are my top 3 resolutions that you should definitely make. Smile more! It’s amazing how much brighter the world looks when you smile. The more you smile, the more people will smile back at you. Spread a little happiness to be happier, and it’s free! Change one thing. Just one thing might be all you need to make a difference. Drink an extra glass of water daily. Buy blue eye shadow instead of brown. What one thing

can you think of that will shake things up? And finally, the most important of all:Don’t make any resolutions! Save yourself untold stress and just forget about it. When you are ready to make a change, you will do it, no matter what time of year it is. So, keep in mind your general goals, to be healthier, wealthier and wiser, but do it when you’re ready, not when the calendar tells you to. Happy New Year! By Rita Williams Hall


A MEMBER OF THE GUILD OF MASTER CHIMNEY SWEEPS Open Fires | Wood Burning & Multi-Fuel Stoves Rayburns | Aga’s | Chimney Camera Surveys/Reports Bird Guards/Cowls & Caps Supplied Carbon Monoxide Alarms Supplied & Fitted Moisture Meters for Wood Lucky Sweep Wedding Appearances

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Home and Garden


Did you get a new computer for Xmas?

hristmas has come and gone, and a lot of you lucky people may have received a new computer or laptop for Christmas.

Chances are that you have opened it up, gone through the setup wizard and are very happy with your new computer. It is connected to the internet; you may have transferred your old emails, documents, pictures and music and are very pleased with yourself. Did the computer come with a free antivirus, if so, chances are it is a 30 or 60 day trial. A lot of people, when the trial finishes, just carry on thinking that they have full coverage but infact it has ran out and you are at risk. Keep an eye on when your anti-virus runs out, and renew it when prompted. If you decide to change to another manufacturer’s anti-virus package, make sure that you remove the trial version first. I bet that your computer did not come with recovery disks either. You may have


been prompted by the computer to create backup/recovery disks, but in your delight at having a new computer, you have said remind me later or don’t remind me again. You must look to create these disks now, or you will forget. It normally takes 1 – 5 DVD R disks, and can take from 30 mins to 2 hours to sort out. Failure to create these disks may cause you problems in the future if the computer hard drive fails or you get a major virus. You or your IT support will need these to repair your computer and put it back to the state it was in when you purchased it. What do you do with your old computer if you want to get rid of it? Remove the hard drive from the computer, and then take it to the local Council Recycling Centre, who will take it away to be broken down and recycled properly – don’t throw it in the bin!!! If you have any questions, call Bryan from Midland Data Networks (01949 876 098) or email questions@midlanddatanetworks.

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Home and Garden

When Love Goes Wrong

And they all lived happily ever after...”

We are all familiar with the fairytale ending; the handsome prince and his beautiful bride sail off into the sunset to enjoy a rosy future together. In the real world though, it isn’t always quite that simple. Marriage often brings difficulties, and sadly around half of UK marriages now end in divorce. So in the absence of a fairy godmother waving her magic wand, where can we turn for help if it all starts to go wrong? In the past, marriage counselling has been regarded as a last resort to save a sinking ship and has had something of a stigma attached to it. In today’s world though, many couples have discovered that help from a third party, especially if sought early on, can help them resolve many issues that could threaten the health of their relationship. Counselling isn’t just about dealing with major problems like infidelity either. It can help with a whole range of issues, such as the effects of unemployment, illness, stress, children and financial worries can have on a marriage. If, despite all attempts at reconciliation, a couple decides to separate or divorce, it is likely to be a time of anguish and distress. As well as dealing with the emotional upset, there may also be financial implications, housing issues and childcare practicalities to sort out. Whether joint owner or not, married or not, an individual may still have a


financial interest in the property they shared with their ex-partner, and they should register this interest with the land registry. A newly single person may also be eligible for new or additional benefits, so should inform Jobcentre Plus about any changes in their circumstances. The bank needs to be informed and joint mandates cancelled to avoid the possibility of funds being cleared, and in some cases the account may need to be frozen. Whether there is a will in place or not, it is essential that this is reviewed to ensure that the correct people are listed as beneficiaries. Before starting divorce proceedings, a couple is required by law to attend a Meeting for Information and Assessment (or MIAM) with a mediator. Although under no obligation to continue with mediation services, a mediator is trained to deal with all matters relating to divorce and can help couples come to their own settlement with the least amount of antagonism or hostility and without the need for court intervention. The alternative is for a couple to settle entirely on their own, or with the help of a solicitor. For further information visit and see their factsheet ‘Action to take when a relationship ends’. By Debbie Singh-Bhatti

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Registered Digital Installers Age Concern & Buy with Confidence Approved

• A reliable family run business • Digital Aerial Installation • Sky & Freesat • TV Wall Mounting • Free Estimates • TV & DVD Tuning from £25

0115 9877409 07710 546650

240 Westdale Lane, Gedling,Nottm.

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New Year, New Job

espite the current economic climate, there are still jobs out there, and if you are really determined to find work, you

Firstly, put yourself on a good job website like www. Register with employment agencies or simply send your CV out on spec. Far more jobs are picked up through personal recommendations than through job ads. Tell people you are looking for work and let them act as your eyes and ears, plus with online networking sites there has never been an easier way of getting your name out there. Make yourself more saleable by increasing


your skill set. There are plenty of free courses around and why not consider doing voluntary work? As well as learning new skills, you will show a potential employer that you are proactive, hardworking and self motivated. Make sure that your CV is up to date and tailor it to suit the skills needed for the job you are applying for. If you need help producing a CV, check out the BBC or the Jobcentre Plus websites for starters. The most important thing is to regard your search for a job as a full time exercise: the job of getting a job if you like. If you put in the necessary time and effort, you will eventually be successful! By Debbie Singh-BhattiÂ

To advertise call 07595 510190 e mail usoratcontribute

Business Nottingham Network Group is a member run, nonprofit organisation based in Nottingham. Its members are highly respected, likeminded business people who meet fortnightly for breakfast to create an opportunity to build long term relationships, an understanding of fellow members and their businesses and exchange quality referrals that turn into real business. NNG runs a one company per industry sector rule. The group meets at The Millers Barn fortnightly on Mondays at 8am for breakfast, and can be contacted at: One of our members is who descibe themselves as a local business window and advertising site. Designed to help Traders promote their businesses to the local community in a cost effective manner. It is also designed to help local people find suitable, reputable businesses when searching for a supplier.

Traders are included in the business directory. Each business has a mini-page, that consists of a Graphic, Descriptive Text, phone number etc. and link to their webSite. The production of this is provided economically to the business.


Customers search the business directory using a business search combo box and buttons. This can be found on the Home Page. The businesses are put into categories, related to their trade. Giving them an onLine Web Presence. An entry here will boost Trade, and increase turnover for minimal outlay. FREE Text Messaging now available from the text page....Check it out www.ngtrader. Contact Dave Parker on 07823 692817 or email for further details.

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Community Information t.c om



gs nst reetswb.blo



Totally Locally came to West Bridgford ( reminding people that if every adult diverts £5 from their supermarket, online or national chain purchase and bought from local independent businesses instead it would bring £9.3m into the Bridgford economy. During the last few months we have already seen an increase in new local businesses (see the latest being Tiffin a traditional teahouse on Abbey Road. I hope you agree with me that without spending more, but just by choosing where and how to shop, we can all contribute to a happier and more prosperous future is a great way start a new year. If you wish for a happy and abundant 2012, why not join in with one or more Transition West Bridgford projects? (

A great way to feel good and appreciated is by joining a group like the Skills Exchange ( where a positive and ‘can do’ attitude is the key to ‘success’. With over 100 friends living in walking


ets tre

We also saw our first Growing team where 6 residents took on the garden behind a local shop simply by offering to maintain it if they could grow veg in it. They had a wonderful year of friendship and delicious produce whilst the owner could focus on the shop without concerns about the garden.


The organisers of Eco House Group won funding for a project called “Eco Houses under Construction”. From July to December, a number of low energy homes (new builds and refurbishments of existing buildings) have been opened up to the public and on 21st January 2012 from 10am to 1pm, each home will be represented at a FREE Exhibition at St Paul’s Church Hall on Boundary Road. For more details see website ( or email

and cycling distance from each other, ready to lend a helping G r e e n, B e G r hand, it doesn’t just build a stronger community but saves on petrol and resources too. gr w.

2011 has been a very busy year for Transition West Bridgford. Like other Transition groups, our projects are all about building stronger communities and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

ng Green S rti


“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

Supp o

Transition West Bridgford

To advertise call 07595 510190 e mail usoratcontribute

Community Information Looking for a new hobby?


aturday 31st March 2012 is date for your diary, when a free leisure activities, hobbies and sports exhibition will be taking place in West Bridgford Community Hall, opposite St Giles Church.

brought together in one place, and for entertainment while you are looking around the exhibition, there will be short performances of kendo, music, keep fit, fencing, judo and other features. For more details contact charles.tyrie@

The event, which has been organised by the Rotary Club of West Bridgford is being supported by 30 clubs, societies and organisations from within our community, and there will be something for everybody. If you or a member of your family are looking for a new hobby, sport or other activity to take up in your spare time, or are just interested to see what is going on within our community, do come along. This is the first time for many years that so many leisure activities will have been


Ideal for Private Parties Riverside Location • Large Balcony • Ample Parking Refurbished Throughout • Contemporary Style • Well-Stocked Bar Stage for Disco’s and Bands

0115 9811251

07775 876964

Please mention Spotlight when responding to an ad

31 31

Community Information This is a free page to publicise your local events and information. We would love to hear from you if you know of any event in or around the West Bridgford area; copy deadline is the 25th of each month. Please email dave@ or write to The Editor, Spotlight Magazine, Suite 104, 1 Hanley St, Nottingham NG1 5BL. Wilford Karate school - We teach traditional Shotokan Karate to people from 7 years through to adults. Our club is part of a world wide federation and offers the unique opportunity to train under Master Asano Hanshi, 9th Dan. All abilities 7yrs + Mon 7-8pm Thu 7:30-8:30pm Brown and Black belts (Honbu) Tue 7:30-8:30pm At Nottingham Emmanuel School – Wilford. Contact D. Asano 07967 496968 for more details.

for Juniors and Adults are run every September and January. Please contact Norman on 0115 911 0050 for more information or visit our website atwww. Edwalton Church Garden needs volunteers of all ages to help in the lovely 1 1/2 acre garden behind the church. The garden us used and appreciated by people from all over Notts. We meet every Saturday 10am 12pm. No one is compelled to turn up every week, but just to come when they are available. It becomes a social occasion with coffee/tea and cakes etc. annual outings, BBQ’s and a dinner before Christmas. There are plenty of tools and mechanical equipment. Seeing the garden go through all the seasons, watching children trying the discovery walk and the many memorial seats and trees makes a visit a pleeasure. Interested? Do join us. Ring Donna 0115 9233650.

The next meeting of the South Notts Flower Club is February 14th at 7.30pm in Edwalton Church Hall, Edwalton, Nottingham. The demonstration is titled ‘Hearts and Flower’s’ by Mr Tim Kirkham of Nottingham. New members are welcome, visitors can attend the demonstration for £5.00 including refreshments. For more information contact 0115 9822070.

TAI CHI FOR THE OVER 5O’S – Well established daytime classes offer slow, controlled Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Every Mon afternoon (West Bridgford), Weds morning (Ruddington) and Fri Morning (Bramcote). A few spaces now available in New Beginners’ Class, Weds afternoons. Tel Joy Parsons on Nottm 9743542 or visit

Anyone interested in a coach trip to Calella Spain? • Full Board Accommodation • 3*+ Hotel • Includes 2 Excursions • 6th April - 15th April 2012 £350 per person - Single supplement extra For more information call Lynn 07834 239999

‘FRIENDLY BADMINTON CLUB seeks players. We play Wednesday evenings throughout the year in West Bridgford. For further information please contact Cherry on 0115 8461634 or Mick on 0115 8457024.’

The Poppy Folk Club The Poppy folk club meets once a month in the upstairs room of The Poppy and Pint pub on Pierrepont Road in Lady Bay. For more details see the website: www. or call Julie and Phil on 0115 9812861, Dave on 07790 943893 or email phil@ Friday 20th January We have an extra concert night with special guests The Young’Uns, all the way from Teesside. MODERN LINEDANCING CLASSES:- Daytime and Evenings Held in West Bridgford, Radcliffe on Trent, Plumtree (also Bakersfield and Stapleford) Suitable for Beginners, Improvers and Intermediate Levels. For further information please contact Pat on 0115 9140673. POT, PRINT, PAINT, DRAW Enrolling now for Spring term weekly and Saturday classes GIVE A PLACE on one of our courses as a truly original Christmas present! Term begins 20th February 2012 see our website for more details or call Fran and Rod on 0115 9822681 Rushcliffe Photographic Society is the areas leading camera club and we welcome all photographers over 18, whether novices or experienced. We meet on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 pm until 10 pm and offer a varied and exciting programme of events and activities from September to June.. You can find out more at’

Lady Bay Website The new Lady Bay website is now live! Please visit at

The ladybay karate club have classes in traditional shotokan karate at the scout headquarters in mona road,in lady bay. every monday & friday, from 7.00p.m -8.00p.m We welcome everyone from 8years to the more mature person who wishes to learn what this fascinating art has to offer.for further details please tel.01159821161 or visitour website. Friends of Bridgford Park need volunteers of all ages to help keep our truly beautiful amenity in really good condition. The Friends plant, clear wooded areas, help all wildlife survive and increase. We work closely with Rushcliffe Borough Council staff and take advice from Notts Wildlife Trust. We meet bi-monthly at the Civic Centre planning our ongoing work and any new projects. A summer Meadow is planned and a tree trail. We are also interested in installing a beehive. So we need people from all walks of life to join us Interested? Please contact Linda on 9819146 or Lorraine on 9816646

Puzzle Solutions

Radcliffe Sword Club Learn the exciting modern Olympic sport of fencing at this local club, meeting at the Sports Hall at the National Water Sports Centre, Holme Pierrepont every Monday during term time for Juniors (age 10+) and every Wednesday throughout the year for adults (age 13+). 8-week Beginners courses


To advertise contribute 07595510190 510190 Call us on or 0115 8829892call or 07595

Community Information Local Events Guide

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Thursday 12th January – Richard Howell – Southbank Bar Friday 13th January – Joe Strange Band – Southbank Bar Saturday 14th January – Urban Intro – Southbank Bar Sunday 15th January – The Fab 4 – Southbank Bar Thursday 19th January – Richie Muir – Southbank Bar Friday 20th January – Joe Strange Band – Southbank Bar Friday 20th January – Poppy Folk Club Extra, The Young’Uns – Poppy & Pint (8pm – tickets £7.50) Saturday 21st January – Mood Indigo followed by Richard Howell – Southbank Bar Sunday 22nd January – Pesky Alligators – Southbank Bar Thursday 26th January – Tee Dymond – Southbank Bar

Friday 27th January – Joe Strange Band – Southbank Bar Saturday 28th January – The Money – Southbank Bar Sunday 29th January – Baron Lewis – Southbank Bar Wednesday 1st February – Ladies Night (£15 3 course tapas & half price cocktails all night) – Belle & Jerome Friday 3rd February – Joe Strange Band – Southbank Bar Saturday 4th February – Urban Intro – Southbank Bar Sunday 5th February – The Establishment – Southbank Bar Thursday 9th February – Baron Lewis – Southbank Bar Friday 10th February – Joe Strange Band – Southbank Bar

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Car servicing the way it should be Next time your car is due an MOT or Service make sure you drive straight to IN ‘n’ OUT at the Lady Bay Retail Park on Meadow Lane and receive a level of service that’s second to none. At IN ‘n’ OUT our fixed price menu is easy to understand and we aim to have you back on the road as quickly

as possible, so expect your car to be serviced in just 30 minutes. While you wait in our clean and modern service centre sit back, relax and take advantage of the free coffee and Wi fi facilities and let our polite and professional staff get to work on your vehicle. Car servicing the way it should be.

WINTER WARMERS FROM IN ‘ n’ OUT X P R E S S MOT In less than 40 minutes FIXED PRICE ONLY £39*

X P R E S S S E RV I C E In just 30 minutes FIXED PRICE ONLY £99t

X P R E S S MOT & S E RV I C E C OM B O FIXED PRICE ONLY £128t (inc parts, labour & VAT)


0115 986 5565

Where to find us: Lady Bay Retail Park Meadow Lane Nottingham NG2 3GZ

Opening Mon-Fri: Sat: Sun:

times: 8.30am - 5.30pm 8.00am - 5.00pm Closed

clearly better car servicing has arrived *Usual price £54. t Subject to a £26 supplement for fully synthetic oil. One offer/one car. Offer ends 31st January 2012

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