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• Plenty of Free Parking • Open 7 Days • Free Local Delivery • Free Home Assembly • Personal Service • Family Run Business

***FINANCE AVAILABLE*** OPEN:: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 9.30am - 5.30pm. OPEN Thurs 9.30am - 8pm. Sat 9.30am - 5.30pm, Sun 10am - 4pm

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Goose Fair has been and gone and Bonfire Night is almost here already. Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun! Be sure to read our business focus this month, which is on the excellent Dressplace Agency in Southwell. We have all the usual gardening, food, puzzles and motoring content to give you something to read on these dark nights. Thanks to all our advertisers and contributors, and all the positive feedback we have received.

Have a safe Halloween!


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Health and Wellbeing

Prevention is better than cure


aturopathy simply means ‘nature cure’. It is based on the principle that the body has an innate power to heal itself, often referred to as the vital force or chi, as in Chinese medicine. As Hippocrates, one of the early Naturopaths, said ‘The natural force within each one of us is the greatest healer of disease’. I also like the description of our bodies as being ‘self-cleansing, self-regulating and selfrepairing for self-preservation!’ If your life-style lacks the appropriate nutrition, fluids, exercise, relaxation, sleep, sunshine, fresh air and positive mental attitudes, then toxins build up, mainly due to overburdened digestive and elimination systems. Couple this with the stresses and strains of modern life and blockages are created in what should be the free-flowing vital force, and self-healing is inhibited. What we often call illness: fevers, coughing, sneezing, diarrhoea, sickness, acne, eczema, rashes, are just the body’s way of eliminating toxins and germs. If these acute symptoms are suppressed with too many medicines they don’t run their natural course and chronic illness may develop. It is surely better to discover the cause of the problem and treat that rather than just relieve the symptoms.

Now modern Naturopaths, like myself, use homeopathy, flower remedies, tissue salts and herbs, as well as dietary and lifestyle advice to assist the body in its self-healing role. It is considered an holistic therapy because the whole body is treated; the physical, mental and emotional aspects and the underlying causes of the symptoms are sought. For this reason chronic illnesses, such as asthma, eczema, arthritis, fatigue, depression, digestive and circulatory problems, benefit from Naturopathy. We now know there is no quick fix to solve all our health problems, as was first thought when antibiotics were invented. So we need to be more aware of what is happening to our body and how it responds to our treatment of it. Perhaps we should follow the example of the gardeners who work hard all year preparing the soil and tending to the needs of their plants. They provide the best conditions for growth and so reap a bountiful harvest. If we provide the optimal conditions for our body to replenish itself then we’ll also have the perfect harvest, a harvest of health. Sue Blain

The principles of Naturopathy go back thousands of years to Ancient Egypt, China and India when cleansing diets, baths, enemas, fasts and herbs were used to promote healing. In the 19th Century the wealthy fled the crowded, polluted towns to recuperate in Swiss mountain clinics with their streams, fresh air, sunshine and healthy diets. In this country visits were made to spa towns to take the waters and later sea-bathing became fashionable.


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SolutionS for

Hair, Beauty & Nails In addition to our normal treatments We Are Now Offering

Red Vein & Skin Tag Removal To book an appointment or a Free Consultation call

01623 792944 Or visit our salon at 292A Southwell Road East Rainworth NG20 0EB

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Health and Wellbeing


Condition Your Skin t’s time to get your skin in perfect condition to cope with those cold winter months. There are treatments available to help.

Skin can get chapped and dehydrated in winter and while you may think that january and february are the worst months for your skin, this is not the case. By new year your skin has adjusted, it’s during autumn that you’ll notice a drop in humidity and a difference in your skins’ appearance. A little help may be needed and a guinot facial is the answer. Hydradermie is an exclusive guinot treatment. In little more than a relaxing ninety minutes, your skin looks brand new. With a monthly maintenance treatment your skin will become clearer, healthier and radiantly beautiful all year round. Tailor made for every skin type hydradermie is the most effective deep cleansing treatment, which leaves your skin clearer, smoother and younger looking.

8 88

Guinot offer other treatment facials such as hydradermie plus, beaute neuve which is a gentle skin peel , liftosome, a firming and lifting treatment and aromatic, a relaxing hands on facial using plant extracts. Perhaps your skin has had a little too much sun and is feeling the effects of sun damage. Ellipse IPL skin rejuvination treatment can improve the texture and appearance of dry sun ravaged skin.It will leave your skin looking smoother by removing age spots, diffusing redness, and reducing pigmentation. A patch test will be necessary and up to three treatments may be required to get the desired results. Other treatments available are skin tag, mole and wart removal. Ellipse IPL treatments for thread vein removal and hair removal, electrolysis and many more. For further information on these treatments or any other please contact Mansfield Electrolysis and Laser cClinic ltd 01623 625816

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Lose weight at the speed of LighterLife. LighterLife is fast. Very low calorie soups, shakes and bars. In fact, it’s so fast we’re not allowed to tell you exactly how fast. Which, of course, tells you how fast it is better than we ever could.

Lighter Life for p

eop 1 stone le with or m to lose ore *

We lost weight with LighterLife Mike & Rowena, Hertfordshire

*BMI of 25 and above

Debbie Kennedy Sutton In Ashfield & Mansfield

What have you got to lose?

01623 627049 e mail us at




A solar panel for your car?

ow can you save money and the planet at the same time? Simple: with a solar panel for your car or garage.

These days, drivers can’t ignore their carbon footprint... Whether it’s at the fuel pumps with increased duty, the prospect of sliding scale congestion charges or when renewing your tax disc, we are all being encouraged to consume less. And one place where we can do our bit is in the workshop. Just as there are solar panels for the roof of your home, you can buy smaller versions which are designed to work inside a car or garage. Unlike those on your house, they don’t directly replace all mains power; rather, they keep your battery topped up. And as modern cars are loaded with electrical kit, from alarms and immobilisers to keyless entry systems – all of which draw a constant current from the battery – this is essential. For vehicles that aren’t driven very often, the conventional solution to a drain on the powerpack has been a trickle charger. But this uses electricity whenever it is connected. A solar panel does away with the need for mains power by converting enough daylight into a 12V charge to keep the car’s battery at full strength. All you have to do is plug the solar panel into the cigar lighter socket, stick it on the top of your dashboard directly under the windscreen and you have an eco-friendly charge-free power source. And as it doesn’t need to be near a mains supply, a solar panel enables motorists to keep their cars ready to run just about anywhere. But the key question is whether these systems really work. It’s hard to believe that a small unit the size of a few paperback books can supply enough grunt for a big car battery. However, solar panels are already used to convert light to electricity on boats and for active road signs. These panels are known as photovoltaic or PV, and come in crystalline or amorphous forms. The former are more efficient, and are set apart by their distinctive blue appearance. They certainly deliver the power, but you should check that your car is suitable first. If buying a panel to use


through the cigar lighter, remember that many modern cars cut the connection to the 12V socket when the ignition key is removed. If your vehicle is wired in this way, an ideal solution is a two-pin insulated connector – similar to those found on battery chargers – complete with a flying lead and crocodile clips. Simply wire the socket to the car’s battery and change the plug on the panel. Most accessory stores sell suitable connectors and cable, and if you’re not confident about doing the job, an auto electrician will help you out for a reasonable price. You could even store a solar torch in the glovebox, and power it alongside the panel. Ring’s £25 Cyba-Lite Solar uses a PV panel about the size of a mobile phone to light up to two LEDs, and should last for months once fully charged. We’ve tried this torch, and it’s remarkably effective. But will solar panels definitely work with the variable nature of British weather? In the UK, we get an average of four hours’ usable light daily at the height of summer, and even in the middle of winter there’s still around an hour. The trouble is, these figures assume a panel has an unobstructed view of the sky. Cars that feature steeply raked glass and windscreens that form part of the roof offer obvious advantages here. But most vehicle designs leave a panel in shadow for a proportion of the day, and this slashes the amount of usable light. Dirty or tinted glass will limit the output, too. Generally, most solar panel users find a fivewatt unit will keep the average car’s battery topped up. You can expect to pay around £70 for one of these.

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How to get a Healthy and Beautifully Clean Home

A5 Mint Carpet Cleaning Leaflet:Layout 1



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How to get a Healthy and How to get a Healthy and Beautifully Clean Home IS Clean Home ASK FOR THBeautifully L IA EC






STAIN GUARD TREATMENTS ANTI-ALLERGY TREATMENTS ODOUR REMOVAL • Carpet Cleaning • Anti-Allergy Treatments QUICK TURBO DRYING FOR CARPETS AND UPHOLSTERY CARPET CLEANING UPHOLSTERY CLEANING RUG CLEANING •STAIN Upholstery Cleaning Safe and gentle cleaning without harsh chemicals (kids and Removal pet safe) • Odour GUARD TREATMENTS ANTI-ALLERGY TREATMENTS ODOUR REMOVAL 100% free from soil-attracting chemical residues – carpets won’t attract the dirt after being cleaned QUICK TURBO DRYING FOR CARPETS AND UPHOLSTERY • Rug Cleaning • Turbo A safer alternative to traditional carpet cleaning methods Drying Your sofa and carpets continue to look their best for many years to come They can stay in good condition many years longer (kids (everyday soiling accelerates wear) Safe and gentle cleaning without harsh chemicals pet safe) • Stain Guard Treatments • Safe &and Gentle Your home is healthier and more hygienic (imagine a hard floor if only ever vacuum 100% free from soil-attracting chemical residues – carpets won’t attract the dirt after � � �

� �

� � �


being cleaned for your FREE survey and no obligation quote A safer alternative toCall traditional carpet cleaning methods Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Specialists Your sofa and carpets continue to look their best for many years to come They stay in216 good condition years longer422359 (everyday soiling accelerates wear) � can 0796 9504 many or 01623 Your home is healthier and more hygienic (imagine a hard floor if only ever vacuum cleaned!)

Call now for your FREE survey Mint and NO OBLIGATION quote

� � � �

Carpet Call for your FREE & surveyUpholstery and no obligation quote

Mint Cleaning Specialists Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Specialists

� 0796 216 9504 or 01623 422359

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Food and Drink

Off Down the Pub.... ...For some seriously good grub!


remember the pubs of my youth. They were primarily drinking establishments where groups of friends met to while away a few hours with a chat and a cigarette or two. If we were hungry we bought a packet of crisps or pork scratchings and if we were really hungry we branched out and bought a bar-snack: a sandwich or chicken-in-abasket (I’ve always wondered about the thinking behind that particular delicacy). There were other kinds of pubs of course: the kind my parents warned me to stay away from, where the jukebox was loud, the clientele young and male and the primary goal was to get as drunk as possible as quickly as possible. There was also the kind where old men and working men met up to smoke and play dominoes. Their primary goal was also to get drunk, though perhaps somewhat less quickly. These establishments, with their clearly demarcated clientele all co-existed. But something went wrong and the British pub went into decline.


The smoking ban had an effect as did the regular tax increases imposed on alcohol by government (did you know that beer in England is the most highly taxed in Europe?). But the main culprits were the supermarkets selling heavily discounted alcohol, sometimes even cheaper than bottled water! Many pubs gave up and went under but some pubs fought back, adapting and cleverly changing tack. The rationale seemed to be as follows: People often meet in a pub for a quick drink before going on to a restaurant so why not offer good food on the premises then people will stay to enjoy the convivial atmosphere instead of taking their money off elsewhere. If the food is really good they’ll come back and bring their friends and family with them. It was a top class bit of thinking. So baskets and chickens were tossed out and top chefs brought in. Traditional comfort foods such as steak and kidney pie were prepared on the premises using top quality ingredients. More adventurous offerings, such as locally reared wild boar or venison appeared alongside them. Gone was the Seventies vinyl upholstery and in came bright modern décor and tasteful artwork. The gastropub was born. Derek Bulmer, editor of Michelin Eating Out in Pubs 2009, says “The quality of food offered in the pubs on the ‘recommended’ list is better than ever.” He goes on. “Traditional pubs are now offering restaurant-quality food, prepared to a very high standard, in many cases a superior standard.” If you haven’t visited a local pub for a while why not call in and see what’s on offer. You could be in for a nice surprise and some seriously good grub.

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Food and Drink


Roasted Pumpkin Soup

f you’ve ever wondered what else you can do with a pumpkin other than make a Halloween Lantern, try our rich, golden, tasty soup. Note: You’ll need a pumpkin which weighs about 1.5Kg for this recipe. Ingredients 3-5 medium cloves garlic, unpeeled 1kg (2lbs) pumpkin, peeled and deseeded Olive oil 1 large onion, finely chopped 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg 1 teaspoon ground cumin Salt and pepper, to taste 1 litre (1 3/4 pints) vegetable or chicken stock Cream, for serving (optional) Freshly grated nutmeg, or chilli flakes for serving (optional)

Method Preheat oven to 190C / Gas mark 5. Chop the pumpkin into even-sized chunks (about 5cm / 2 inches across). Place the pumpkin with the unpeeled garlic cloves in a roasting tin. Drizzle with a little oil and toss to coat the pieces. Bake in the oven. Check after 20 minutes and remove the garlic at that point and set it aside. Roast the pumpkin until it’s soft and tender. Be careful not to burn it. Heat a teaspoon of oil in large (at least 2.7 litre capacity) saucepan over medium heat. Add onion, nutmeg, cumin, salt and pepper. Fry gently, stirring, until the onion is just softened slightly. Add the roasted pumpkin and stock and bring to the boil. Reduce heat and simmer, uncovered, until onion is completely soft and the stock has reduced a little. The more the stock reduces, the thicker the soup will be and the more concentrated the flavour. Season to taste. Peel the roasted garlic and add it to the soup. Remove from the heat and allow to cool for about half an hour before pureeing in batches in a blender. Serve the soup hot with cream and/ or grated nutmeg/ chilli flakes if preferred.

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Lifestyle and Leisure A Good Read

Professor Stewart’s Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities - Ian Stewart Professor Ian Stewart is a mathematician and writes about maths, but please don’t stop reading here: this is definitely not the same maths you learned at school! In the Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities Professor Stewart manages the subtle balancing act of neither making his work too highbrow, nor too lowbrow. Those with a mathematical background will find much to enjoy but so will those whose abiding memory of school maths is counting the minutes until the end-of-lesson bell. Yes he writes about complicated things but in his hands it all becomes understandable and even fun.

Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities contains some 200 or so entries which cover all manner of mathematical conundrums with a bit of mathematical history thrown in. There are games, puzzles, card tricks and projects. Many of the entries will have you saying, ‘Oh yes I’ve heard of that…so that’s what it’s all about’. There are entries on the four-colour theorem, fractals, Fermat’s last theorem, magic squares, degrees of separation, space-filling curves, Fibonacci numbers, the Moebius band, chaos theory and much more.. The book is designed to be read, and shared, in small bite-sized chunks. For a non-mathematician reading it all in one sitting might prove a bit relentless. It is the sharing aspect though, which makes this irresistible. You’ll just have to try out the number games and puzzles on members of your family and you won’t be able to stop yourself from sharing interesting facts such as, why the M25 is shorter anti-clockwise than clockwise, and by how much.

Great Drinks, Great Food, Great Times

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Do you want to run your


Eazi-move are inviting self motivated driven individuals to become franchise owners for either new or established branches. Our opportunity is vibrant, fresh and is of course different to the rest

BE PART OF OUR SUCCESS For more information call Dawn Broome

01623 846905


Business Focus


The Dressplace Agency

ressplace, the thriving Southwell based wedding dress agency, celebrates its nine month anniversary this month and what a nine months it has been! Owner and entrepreneur Helen Dickson never envisaged such success and has been amazed and delighted by the rapid growth and popularity of her business. Dressplace enables customers to buy new & pre-owned, top quality, designer bridal, prom or special occasion dresses at fantastic prices, always in absolutely pristine condition, with a huge variety of gowns in stock. If you have a fabulous designer dress less than two years old and in perfect condition, you can add it to the exquisite collection, making another lucky lady’s dream come true, whilst recouping some of your money too. Particularly popular this year for Mother of the Bride is Linea Raffaelli, Paule Vasseur and Condici. With only a couple of other specialty wedding dress agencies in the

country, Helen receives outfits from all over the UK. If you have a wedding or special occasion gown purchased this summer that you would like to pass on, now is the perfect time to get in touch with Helen. Dressplace houses a stunning collection of over a thousand items including more than 200 bridal gowns, prom dresses and party dresses. All dresses are designer and sold at around half the original cost. Sizes vary between 8 and 24 and a seamstress is available for alterations. There is a vast range of wedding accessories too including shoes, bags, veils, belts, tiaras, fascinators and over 150 hats! The shop is beautifully presented, with a large dressing room and a relaxing waiting area for relatives, and Helen always provides a very personal, friendly and unintimidating shopping experience. Once purchased, wedding gowns can be stored at the shop if preferred. Monthly, Interest free payment plans are also available.

48 Westgate Southwell NG25 0JX (nr Leisure Centre) T. 01636 814343 Tues to Sat 10am to 5pm. Late nights by app. Free parking in front. Items accepted to sell max 2 years & by appointment .


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Transform Your KiTchen TodaY!!!

Replace Your Old Kitchen ForA Fraction Of The Cost Of A New One!!

Replacement Doors, Appliances, Worktops, Carcases, Soft Closing Systems, End Panels, Cornice, Light Pelmet, Cooker Hoods Add Or Remove To Your Existing Layout OTHER SERVICES OFFERED BY P.L.S. INTERIORS INCLUDE Kitchens, Bedroom & Bathroom Fitting Service Installers Of All DIY Superstore Kitchens & Bedrooms Internal Joinery, Wall & Floor Tiling, Laminate Flooring


01623 470574



          

 



 


Part P Registered 17th Edition, Inspection, Test, Certification Installation, Maintenance, Breakdowns, Repairs, New Builds Extensions, Rewires, Additional Sockets, Lighting, PAT Testing

  

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We rescue stray and unwanted dogs every day of the year. We neuter all bitches and vacinate all dogs before finding them suitablenew homes. Dogs needing homes: Pip 3 years old Crossbreed female spayed. Good with children and some dogs. Needs a quiet and caring home as she panics about new surroundings and people. Enjoys cuddles and attention.

Twiggy 1 1/2 years old female spayed Staffie x. Good with older children but not suitable with animals. Needs someone home most of the time and can be scared of men so needs an understanding owner Jerry Green Dog Rescue, Warsop Lane, Blidworth, Nott’s.NG21 0PG. Tel:01623 792886 Office opening times 1-3pm No public access to kennels, view by appointment only.


e mail us at


125/127 Newgate Lane Mansfield

OPENING TIMES MON/TUE/WED: 8.30-5.00 THU/FRI: 8.30-6.30 SAT: 7.30-1.30



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Gardening Gentians


They prefer shade for at least part of the day and, I can’t stress this bit enough, there must be no lime in the soil or they’ll turn up their pretty blue toes. As I garden in an area full of limestone I’ve found the only way I can grow them is in low, dish-shaped containers where they can spread out a bit. If you’re making up your own pots use ericaceous compost with added grit to promote drainage. An even easier way to grow them is to buy them ready-potted. Garden centres will sell them at this time of year.

I’ve had my fair share of failures with autumn gentians over the years but still I keep trying to grow them.

In spite of their fussiness they are hardy perennials. If you can get them established they’ll proliferate. In the garden divide them carefully, disturbing the roots as little as possible, every three years in the spring. If you’re growing them in pots then at the start of spring carefully scrape out some of the top compost and redress it with ericaceous compost. Keep it moist and in a partially shaded area and the flowers should return in the autumn.

entians have a reputation for being tricky little things to grow and it isn’t entirely undeserved. They’re a temperamental lot. They will only grow from fresh seed; they require the gardener to jump through hoops to get them to germinate; they don’t like being transplanted; they insist on free-draining but not impoverished soil... the list goes on. But those gorgeous ultramarine trumpet flowers are so desirable, especially at this time of year when not much else is flowering.

Like most of us I haven’t the time to devote to primping and preening the truly diva-ish varieties: those are best left to alpine devotees. I’ve had most success with Gentian sino-ornata. These form low growing clumps some 15cm / 6inches high and 30cm / 12inches across. In the right conditions they produce gorgeous bright blue trumpets with pale green stripes from September to November.


When the pot looks overcrowded you can try splitting them once the flowering season is over but often it is better just to buy new plants. The trouble with gentians is that they’re addictive. Grow a few successfully and you’ll get greedy for those startling blue flowers and want more. Then you’ll start to think, ‘I wonder if they really are that difficult to grow from seed…’ and you’re lost.

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Home and Garden Trick or Treat Suki North takes a look at a not-so-American tradition Trick or treat’ is a source of great fun for many children and adults, but alarms and scares some people, especially the elderly. The press love to publish postHalloween horror stories about hoodies ‘demanding money with menace’. The truth is that most children are out for fun and delighted to receive a few sweets. However it’s not unheard of for some to be unpleasant. ‘Tricks’ can be threatening with eggs, stones and worse thrown at windows and doors. If you feel threatened by unruly groups of ‘trick or treaters’, report them to the police. Before the 1980’s, the phrase “trick or treat” was relatively unknown in the UK. However, it’s not really an American import. ‘Trick or treat’ actually originates from a combination of two traditions: an early European Christian custom called Souling and the Scottish practice of Guising. Souling took place on All Saints’ Day, 1st November. Poor Christians walked from village to village begging for ‘soul cakes’, small currant-filled pieces of bread. In return for the food, prayers were said on behalf of the dead relatives of the donors on All Souls’ Day, 2nd November. Guising, short for disguising, is an ancient Scottish tradition. Groups of children dressed up to visit and entertain their neighbours by singing, dancing, reciting poems or playing music. In return they were rewarded with sweets or coins. Does Halloween conjure up fun or fear in your home? In many states in America, certain rules must be adhered to while ‘trick or treating’. Perhaps we should adopt them here too.


The Unwritten Rules of Trick or Treat (And yes we know we’ve written them down!) Children only go out between 6pm and 8pm and must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Only visit houses which display visible Halloween decorations. Not everyone welcomes trick or treaters, Enjoy yourself but respect other people’s right not to get involved. As a house holder, if you don’t want to join in, turn your outside light off so the children know not to bother you. If you do want to play, keep your light on and place a jack-o-lantern or other decorations in view. Have plenty of prewrapped sweets near your door. Small children enjoy the excitement of a night-time fancy dress expedition. Most fun can be had by pre-planning. Visit your neighbours beforehand and get a small group of youngsters together. Organise a route visiting only homes where the children will be welcomed.


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S T Y L E Q U A L I T Y A N D VA L U E G U A R A N T E E D wooden - rollers - verticals - pleated - venetians - romans perfect fit - panel blinds - intu blinds - conservatories/roofs Very competitive prices. Will beat any like for like quote!!

Farnsfield, Notts

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Puzzle Page How to play Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through to 9, with no repetition! That’s all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up. It’s fun! Challenging! It’s addictive!

Quick Crossword

Answers on page 29 26

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These are free pages to publicise your local events and information. We would love to hear from you if you know of any event in or around the Berry Hill, Rainworth and Blidworth area; copy deadline is the 1st of each month. Please email Water Babies: award-winning specialist baby swimming classes at Annesley School (Wed,Thurs); Portland College (Tues,Thurs, Fri) and Kings Mill hospital (Mon, Fri, Sat) - contact Marie on 01636 815567 or check out the website for more information

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BLIDWORTH & DISTRICT HISTORICAL AND HERITAGE SOCIETY meet on the first Tuesday of each month at the Blidworth Miners Welfare 7.30pm. Contact Bill Hutton for more information. 01623 484189 1st Rainworth Scout Group meets 7pm each wednesday at SS Simon & Jude Church Hall . Beavers and Cubs meet Mondays 5.30 pm.

Puzzle Solutions

BLIDWORTH & RAINWORTH WOMENS INSTITUTE meet on the first thursday of each month at the Blidworth Methodist Church, main St, Blidworth at 7.30pm. New members welcome.


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Community Information Cantamus Girls Choir The 41 members of the Cantamus Girls Choir recently returned to Mansfield in triumph after taking part in the ‘Heart of Europe’international choral competition held in Germany  recently, having won a first and second prize in two different classes. Pamela Cook, their director, was presented with two gold medals recognising the 90% plus marks the choir had been awarded by the five international judges.  Twenty two choirs from all over the world, including from Russia, Hungary, Sweden, Taiwan and Brazil  competed in the four-day festival.  

have benefited and many have gone on to become professional singers – several winning  scholarships and singing prizes.    Don’t miss the girls’ special concert ‘Celebrating Christmas with Cantamus’ at the Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham on Thursday, 23 December.   Tickets: £20, £15 & £12 are available from Sheila Haslam, 01623 627764

In the 42 years since its inception Cantamus has won 26 first prizes and is renowned throughout the world, yet every year sees the forming of a new choir as several senior girls leave at the age of 18 or 19 and younger ones from the Training Choir move up. During that time over 350 girls


A Premier Indoor Golf Facility Comprising State - of - the - Art Golf Simulators Riverbank Golf’s ground breaking indoor golf simulators provide a unique facility for socialising, golf lessons, corporate parties, stag parties, competietive golf and teaching but most of all for having fun! At Riverbank Indoor Golf, you can chill out, enjoy a drink with friends and play our championship golf course on our state of the are golf simulators with your own club and balls. Our indoor golf simulators also provide a unique facility for golf lessons from our resident pro, and of course corporate events.

• Open to the public 362 days year (open 9am daily) • Floodlit for all year use • 300 yard long range Book the whole simulator for £20 or £10 per hour • Raised target greens and share the cost between the players. • Top quality 2 piece balls and mats Free basket of balls with this ad! • 24 floodlit covered driving bays • Club Hire available (LH & RH) Driving Range open: Mon-Fri 9am-9pm (last balls 8.45pm) • PGA Approved Tuition within private teaching bay (individual and group) Sat 9am-8pm (last balls 7.45pm) Sun 10am-8pm (last balls 7.45pm) Simulator Open: Mon-Sat 9am-11pm, Sun 9am-10pm • Non Golfers and families welcome

Riverbank Golf • Fackley Road • Stanton Hill • Notts • NG17 3HN Tel: 01623 514500

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