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Until Christmas, if you book an appointment, our gift to you is a free Manicure. This is also available for any new Fitness or Toning Studio member. Appointments are limited so ring 01623 867130 now to avoid disappointment.

Don’t put it off Do it now! Call: 01623 867130 Darwin Drive, Sherwood E. Village New Ollerton, NG22 9GW

Hill, ch month in Berry ea s se es sin Bu d 0 Homes an d Bilsthorpe Delivered to 6,00 , Harlow Wood an m ha ak O h ig H , orth Rainworth, Blidw Inside this issue: • Board Games • Santa Baby • Stop Smoking • The Morning After • Business Focus • Puzzles • Your Community info.

CARPET Bargain Centre

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Covered !

up to

C a rp ets V iny ls

75% La mi nate

on all

Flo ors All Professionally Fitted At Unbeatable Prices ! • • •

We Can...

Uplift Old Flooring Dispose Of Old Flooring Move & Replace Furniture


Beds & Mattresses

Also... Rugs & Commercial Flooring

Come & See Us At...

83-85 Mansfield Road, Blidworth, Mansfield. NG21 0RB. ( Next To BJ’s Cafe )

Open: Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri, Sat, 10:00am - 5:00pm Open: Wed, 10:00am - 1:00pm. Closed Sunday.

Telephone: 01623 491999 Free... Measuring & Estimates, Home Selection, Insurence Quotations.

Asbestos: the time bomb Asbestos, a once valued friend, is now a feared foe and the time bomb is ticking for those exposed to asbestos even as long as 50 years ago. Whilst intact, asbestos cement locks in harmful fibres but it is when it is disturbed that the danger arises. Microscopic fibres become airborne and can be breathed into the lungs where they become lodged. There, the fibres may lie unnoticed for many years before any disease develops. It can take between 20 and 50 years or more for this silent, hidden time bomb to explode. The diseases it can cause include mesothelioma, asbestosis and pleural thickening – and the

number of people diagnosed with asbestos illnesses is expected to peak over the next decade. For many years, asbestos use was not regulated and, even when the dangers became known, employers were not all quick to provide employees with adequate protection and warnings of the risks it posed. Even innocent family members have been affected by asbestos dust being shaken from their relatives’ clothing on their return home from work. At Dedicated Asbestos Solicitors, we have represented asbestos sufferers and their families and recovered compensation for the failure of former employers to properly guard against the risks of asbestos exposure. Successful claims have been brought even though the exposure to asbestos was many years ago and the former employer is no longer in existence. We do this by locating the insurers of the former employer and seeking payment from them. If a relative has died due to asbestos exposure, a claim for compensation may be brought on behalf of their estate for their illness and losses incurred before death.

In addition, there may be a claim for compensation for the bereavement and the financial losses sustained by any dependants left behind. If you think that you might have an asbestos claim, it is important to contact specialist asbestos solicitors. At Dedicated Asbestos Solicitors, we are accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers as experts in this field. No win-no fee arrangements are available so that you can relax in the knowledge that you will not have to pay towards our high quality legal service and that you will receive your compensation payment in full, without any deductions of any type. Dedicated Asbestos Solicitors: Call us now for free advice on 08000 149914, e-mail us at or contact us via our website at Dedicated Asbestos Solicitors is a trading name of Dedicated Accident Solicitors, regulated by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority, SRA No: 449873.


Dedicated Asbestos Solicitors • Mesothelioma • Asbestos • Pleural Thickening • Asbestos Related Lung Cancer

No Win, No Fee - 100% compensation guaranteed

Contact a specialist Solicitor

Call us now on: 08000 149914 Dedicated Asbestos Solicitors is a trading name of Dedicated Accident Solicitors, regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, SRA No: 449873

Spotlight on Mansfield South Contents Elf & Safety 6 Board Games 8 Keep Warm 10 Community Information 14 Stop Smoking 16 Santa Baby 18 Don’t Drink and Drive 22 Thoresby Market 24 Puzzles 26 Little Black Dress 28 Chocolate 30 Quick Fix For Your Hair 34 The Morning After 36 Index 38 Published by Spotlight Local Media Ltd Company No. 6841257 Tel: 01623 706570 Suite 104, 1 Hanley Street Nottingham NG1 5BL Graphic Design and Layout: Spotlight Local Media


A warm welcome everyone to the Christmas edition of Spotlight. It strikes me that there are many different ways as to how people approach the festive season. The ultra organised will have had all their presents and cards bought, wrapped and written by the end of the last January sales! The’ers will soon be engaged in a frenetic shopping spree, buying totally unsuitable, over priced gifts; which will inevitably end up at either a boot sale or re-gifted before Easter. Whichever one you are, here’s hoping you have a great christmas! Spotlight magazine is delivered to 6,000 homes and businesses in the Mansfield South area each month, with similar magazines going to Central Mansfield, North Mansfield and West Bridgford. To Advertise or contribute: T: 01623 706570 E:

To advertise or contribute call 07595 510190


Lifestyle & Leisure


Elf and Safety at Christmas!

e’ve all met them - those odd souls who bound up to us on the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, informing us that there are just 358 days until next Christmas. They seem thrilled at the prospect of another season of peace and good will to all men, whilst we’re still recovering from the last one, grateful to have emerged unscathed.

Nothing less than total vigilance is called for. Do not open beer bottles with your teeth, or leave fairy lights on unattended, nor should you use a knife as a substitute for a screwdriver, pair of scissors or tooth pick. Every year, dozens of people are admitted to Accident and Emergency departments over the Christmas period having done one, (or in some cases more than one) of these.

There are health warnings about any number of things, but Christmas rarely features. Yet there are all kinds of dangers lurking behind innocent looking fairy lights and seemingly innocuous novelties. A whopping 31 people have died since 1996 from watering their Christmas tree while the lights were still on, others have suffered broken arms from pulling Christmas crackers (really?!), and each year a couple of people die after testing 9 volt batteries on their tongue!

And finally... the Food Standards Agency tells us that some ten million turkeys are sold every year at Christmas. They also tell us that 20 percent of all cases of food poisoning are poultry-related, so you can see there is a capacity for disaster lurking inside almost every oven in the land.

These facts and figures are not for the faint hearted, nor is paying a visit to Father Christmas apparently. Experts say that small children often find a trip to Santa ‘terrifying’ and that responsible adults should take appropriate action to lessen the trauma. I must admit, I do possess a photo of my daughter looking highly distraught, whilst a white haired, bearded stranger desperately tries to wrestle her back on to his knee. We all know the dangers of drinking and driving, but did you know that accidents have occurred involving out of control toy racing cars? The police warn us to stay at home when the weather is bad, but not if there is a novice Scalextric driver on the loose! Incidents with unfamiliar toys rate in the top three causes of accidents at Christmas.

How many of us check our oven temperatures using a thermometer? And how many more of us are still eating left-overs a week later. Make an oven thermometer top priority this year, and freeze left-overs or dispose of them after three days. Wherever you are, and whatever you’re up to this season, take care and have a very happy (and safe) Christmas, then exhale because it’s a full 358 days before you have to do it all again.

By Debbie Singh-Bhatti

When my sister and I dropped the odd Lego brick, we knew dad had found it when we heard a loud howl and saw him hopping around on one foot. Treading on broken toy parts, or being stabbed by pins left in shirts, may result in a trip to casualty.


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Fully funded lo� insula�on, supplied and fi�ed free. Regardless of status


✔ Home Owners ✔ Landlords ✔ Tenants ✔ Employed ✔ Unemployed ✔ Over 70’s If your exis�ng insula�on is 100mm or less you qualify for FREE insula�on up to the recommended 250-270mm.


complicated grant applica�ons. No sweat (apart from ours). We survey, we fit, we clear up, we leave. Most proper�es can be completed within an hour. Insula�on can help keep your home cool in the summer as well as warm in the winter. It really does make sense to insulate at any �me of year. We can also arrange subsidised cavity wall insula�on, Thermal and solar PV Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps and Wind Turbines.

Energy costs up by a whopping 11% And the clock is �cking… “Thank you for the recent work to insulate my lo� I know it will make my bungalow warmer and as I'm now 90 it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks to the workmen who were very quite and polite and didn't leave any mess”. MRS VICKERS, Bulwell, October 2012

“The fi�ers arrived on �me, and as arranged, with a totally professional approach. Yet a considerate and though�ul manner” MR SINGH, Top Valley No�ngham (April 5)

BE PREPARED NOW, WINTER HAS RETURNED Call us - Catherine & David Wilson Today!

07900 964654 No�ngham Based Company

The survey is FREE NO obliga�on, NO hidden charges, NO small print

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Spotlight Magazine

Board Games “They’re anything but boring” Despite the increasing popularity of computer and electronic games, good old fashioned board games still have their place. There are websites dedicated to fans of the genre, and when I posted a request on Facebook for recommendations, I was inundated with suggestions. Yes, a passion for this type of gaming is still very much alive! As a child I spent rainy Saturday afternoons sprawled across the living room carpet engrossed in a game of Monopoly. British weather being what it is, mum would entertain us three children for several hours with this rather long winded game that has aptly been renamed ‘Monotony’ by some! The most memorable games always involved dad. He was kind, fair and compassionate by nature, but once involved in a game of Monopoly, a much darker side would emerge. If he met with bad luck at the start, he would tug at our heart strings, persuade us to part with valuable properties for next to nothing, talk us into letting him off rent, and then end up winning by placing about fourteen hotels on Park Lane! Merciless, totally merciless. Scrabble is another favourite. Mum and I have enjoyed many an hour challenging one another’s wits and word power. It’s a great way to improve vocabulary and


spelling skills, but neither is actually required to win. Dad was notorious for his somewhat unorthodox spellings and when it was his turn, he would pour over the board for what seemed like hours, giving mum time to make a drink, eat a round of toast and watch the latest episode of Coronation Street, before placing his three letter word that included an x and z over a triple letter word-score and earning himself in excess of 100 points. Strategy was always the key, and he was not lacking in that department! I remember the time the family played Pictionary on a caravan holiday. We laughed and teased and giggled at one another’s attempts at drawing, but none were as funny as dad’s rendition of a horse. It took us the best part of an hour to identify it and the cup and saucer that followed weren’t much better! Fun, friendship and family time together are all reasons why board games continue to be as popular now as ever. Nothing can replace that feeling of camaraderie that comes with physical proximity as you nudge elbows and knock knees, or even the board itself, while engrossed in the very serious business of trying to beat down your opponents. All the better if those opponents are blood-relatives! More recent additions to our games cupboard include Blokus, Rummikub and Uno, but there is a whole host of games out there just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed! Go get yourself one! By Debbie Singh-Bhatti

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Spotlight Magazine

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Advent Sunday

Christmas Party Nights

Lunches including a homemade gift for all. 2 courses only £15! Christmas Day Lunch from £49 2 course Boxing Day Lunch £15 per person New Years Day – Traditional lunch just £11.50 per person for 2 courses Special Christmas Stay Package £195 per person 2 nts, 3 course dinner, Christmas Day Lunch, Light Supper and Christmas Hamper in your room with Full access to the Spa on both days

Traditional 4 course dinner, Magician and DJ and Disco. From only £35 per person during December New Years Eve Bash Disco until 1am, Party novelties and a glass of Kir Royale to toast the New Year in! £55 per person.

WEDDING IN 2013 FOR £2013! January to April 2013 dates. Your perfect day for £2013 includes: Room hire, Arrival Buck’s Fizz and Fizz toast drink for 35 guests, 3-course wedding breakfast for 35 guests, Evening disco & buffet for 35 guests, Bridal Suite for the night of the wedding for the bridal couple, Reduced accommodation rates for your guests.



Want to make a New Years Resolution which will last? Try our new all inclusive 6 day Boot Camp and let our fitness trainer give you the fresh, active start to 2013 you need and our Chef give you the healthy cuisine to refresh your body . After they have finished with you, relax in your comfy room or enjoy the Spa.

with inclusive treatments Spa Membership – 3 months for £99 Anytime access


Clumber Park, Blyth Road (opposite Clumber Park), Nottinghamshire. S80 3PA Telephone: 01623 835333



Visit our new website for more information on all of these offers and more at

e mail us at


Home & Garden

Keeping Warm this Winter There has certainly been a change in temperatures and those frosty winters mornings are upon us. This combined with ever increasing heating costs focuses our minds on being both energy efficient and insulating our homes. Here`s how choosing the right window coverings can help: Firstly make sure your curtains are lined - even a standard lining will give extra insulation and protect your curtains from fading. Another option is to request thermal linings which adds very little extra cost to your curtains but makes a real difference to warmth in the room. However interlined curtains are the most effective lining to keep the cold out– this is basically a layer of fleecy fabric which is sewn in between the curtain fabric and the cotton lining. This makes a huge difference to the warmth in a chilly room and is especially useful for older properties where double glazing may not be an option due to planning restrictions.

Blinds either on their own or combined with curtains can also help reduce heat loss. In fact some vertical blind fabrics can reduce heating costs by up to 15% (based on a single glazed 3 bedroomed property). Duette pleated blinds are also a great form of insulation. A double layer of pleats form a concertina effect trapping air in between the two fabrics to maximise the insulation afforded. I hope this brief overview has helped and if any of you would like any further advice, please feel free to call in to Atmospheric Interiors and speak to a member of our staff. Image of Luxaflex Duette Blinds Available in a wide range of colours and fabrics to complement your room.

New Blinds Showroom now OPEN... New Blinds Showroom

Ask ab LOOKING FOR o whenut FREE TH E MADE TO MEASURE orderi ng yoRMAL LININ ur cur Full of exciting new ideas... CURTAINS AND BLINDS? tains GS

OPEN... Greatnow service & value... • Wallpaper Full of exciting new ideas... •venetians, Picturesverticals, rollers, romans, Great service & value... • Mirrors pleated, panels & electronic blinds • Gifts venetians, verticals, rollers, romans, Call in andpleated, find out more about the& child safety featuresblinds on our blinds electronic call in andpanels be inspired

FREE NO OBLIGATION APPOINTMENT YOUR HOME Callring in and findfor out more the childAT safety features onOR our OFFICE blinds or aabout free no

FREE NO OBLIGATION APPOINTMENT AT YOUR HOME OR OFFICE obligation appointment OPEN: Monday to Saturday 10am-4pm







Oxford House, Oxford Street, Oxford House, Oxford Street, Mansfield. NG18 2BE. Mansfield. NG18 2BE. T: 01623 429747 T:Monday 01623to429747 OPEN: Saturday 10am-4pm


Atmospheric Ltd Atmospheric Interiors Interiors Ltd

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A PROBLEM? Try a walk-in shower or walk in bath


√ √ √ √ √ √ √

Slip Resistant Flooring Product & labour guarantee Low price promised Lever taps & tile pannelling Easy walk in & out shower/ baths Level entry wet floors Grabrails, shower seats & raised toilets √ Grants & council work √ Discounts for OAPs, WI members, ex-service personnel, SSAFA & British Legion members

01623 595248

e mail us at


Community Information

Whats happening in your area? These are free pages to publicise your local events and information. We would love to hear from you if you know of any event in or around the Berry Hill, Rainworth and Blidworth area; copy deadline is the 25th of each month. Please email Dance? Me? Music? Michael Buble, Amy Winehouse, Lady GaGa? ..... like them and dance to them. Learn every Tuesday night at Rainworth Miner’s Welfare. This is a PARTNER DANCE which is easy. Our lessons show you a dance which is a simplified mix of all the styles you have heard of. It’s simple and can be danced to most types of music. Bring both your left feet. No need to take a partner, they are already there !!! Get Sociable and Get Fit. Rainworth Miner’s Welfare. Tuesdays 1930 to 2230. Notts Orienteering Club is a not-for-profit community sports club run by volunteers. We offer beginners orienteering sessions in the community for people to learn how to read maps and get a bit of gentle exercise at the same time. We have three evening sessions available in Worksop, West Bridgford and Mansfield on Tues and Wed evenings. For more information call Catherine on 07940575758 or e mail Mark Spencer MP for Sherwood MP Advice Surgeries Please phone the Constituency Office on 0115 968 1186 for an appointment or email 2nd SATURDAY EACH MONTH* (10am – 12pm) at Under One Roof, Vine Terrace, Hucknall NG15 7HN 4th FRIDAY EACH MONTH* (5.30pm – 7pm) at The Dukeries Complex, Whinney


Lane, Ollerton NG22 9TD *Except for August and some Bank Holidays LLoyd schools of Taekwon-do For all ages from 4-70, families welcome to train together and get fit All instructors are fully qualified, CRB checked, first aid trained and insured Build self confidence and make new friends Classes available 7 days a week throughout the local area web: email: tel: 01773 819824 First lesson free Music and Culture Night at the Black Bull Blidworth every Monday eve from 8pm Music is mainly folk but all types of musicians are welcome Performance poets and storytellers also wlecome And of course - an audience! Free entry - a raffle is usually held for a couple of items to be won Dance Fanatic School of Dance Based in RAINWORTH VILLAGE HALL. Small and friendly all ages and abilities welcomed. Ages range from 3 through to adults and styles include Ballet technique, Gym dance, Freestyle and Street. . One to one tuition also available. Annual show, exams and is a ADFP competitive school. I.D.T.A and A.D.F.P registered, fully insured and crb checked. More info contact kerri mason on: 07849549291/ dancefanatic@ Zumba Blidworth Miners Welfare, Mansfield Road, Blidworth, Notts Tuesday 6.00pm - 7.00pm £3 per session All abilities welcome also St Andrews Mission Hall, The Crescent, Blidworth, Notts, NG21 0SE Sunday 6.30pm -7.30pm £3 per session All abilities welcome

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Stunning range of interiors in our beautiful new showroom Local family run business with a wealth of expertise and experience Inspirational award winning design team High quality, seamless, full installation service from our own in house installers, including electrics, plumbing, tiling, flooring & plastering From Supply only to a fully fitted room - we project manage it all for a perfect result Only the best quality products are used from all the leading manufacturers Thousands of styles and options to choose from

Free fitting on presentatio n of this advert*

Classic Hair & Beauty 99A Southwell Road West

01623 622 853

Come to relax and treat yourself to one of our many treatments. Our friendly staff are always here to advise.

Gelish Nails for Xmas £15 Back Massage £10 Merry Christmas to all our customers!

Look out for our monthly beauty offer!!


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Health & Wellbeing


New Leaf

f stopping smoking is on your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2013, why not think about contacting New Leaf for support? New Leaf is the local NHS Stop Smoking Service for Nottinghamshire County & last year we helped over 3,500 people to stop smoking! Research has shown that you are 4 times more likely to quit successfully with our help than trying to go it alone. With convenient, community based clinics across the county, along with weekend, daytime & evening appointments we can offer a personal support service. You can receive your support by seeing an advisor face to face, (in a one-one, or group clinic) or by telephone, text or email. We can offer 8 forms of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). For those who don’t pay for prescriptions, we can offer 12 weeks worth free of charge. For those who do pay, the cost is a one-off prescription charge of £7.65. We can also provide information, advice & GP referral letters for Zyban & Champix.

The health benefits of stopping smoking begin almost immediately after quitting – it only takes 20 minutes from your last cigarette for blood pressure & pulse rates to return to a more normal level, and only 24 hours for Carbon Monoxide to leave your system. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never tried to quit before, or if you’ve tried 100 times before! A warm, non-judgemental welcome awaits you, and there is no limit to how many times someone can access the service.


Why wait until the January rush to make your appointment?! You can contact New Leaf today by calling 0800 389 7712, or by texting ‘Leaf’ to 80800 & get your appointment booked, so that you’re prepared & ready to go on 01 January 2013. Make 2013 the year you quit for good with New Leaf!


Call: 0800 389 7712 or te

Prom Arriving in December • Bridal • Bridesmaids • Evening wear • Prom PROM LAUNCH

Tues 29th Jan 4.30 - 6.30 See website for opening hours

01623 409466

244 Southwell Rd East, Rainworth, Notts, NG21 0EQ


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W.S.Ingham & Son Ltd Independent Funeral Directors

Setting New Standards In Funeral Services “Trust the people who care”

. Extensive refurbishment creating large modern, comfortable premises. .Quality reception areas including the Chatsworth Conservatory. . Automated doors & ramped access. . Pre paid funeral plans. . Modern fleet of vehicles. . Large landscaped parking area. . Bespoke hand made memorials

11 Poplar Grove, Forest Town, Mansfield, Notts, NG19 0HW Tel 01623 621114 “A haven of calm to create your personalised & individual service” e mail us at


Health & Beauty Santa Baby..... It’s time to dazzle in December! This time of year is a fabulous opportunity to experience the ultimate in pamper treatments, all in a relaxing environment, away from the Kids, Dogs and maybe even your partner!

to experience. The list is endless….gel nails…spray tanning…..professional makeovers…relaxing massages……………….

Looking at a treatment menu is probably similar to looking at a menu in your favourite restaurant – you could probably have everything off it, you’re just not sure what you fancy this week.

Also this month in beauty salons is the ideal time to consider Christmas gifts for friends and family. Top- of- the- range skincare companies plan all year round to produce exclusive Christmas collections, compiling combinations of their ‘hero’ products that are brought to you in exciting Christmas glamour packaging.

This is where the best salons excel at Christmas time. Most quality establishments will put together an exciting mix of treatments that offers you the opportunity to try a range of experiences to ensure you sparkle from head to toe at all of your Christmas parties and celebrations.

If you have that ‘difficult to buy for’ family member on your list, l personally don’t know anyone who would not be thrilled to receive a gift voucher to spend on treatment of their choice over the coming 6 months, after all, it is always nice to have something to look forward to in the new year.

When treatments are offered in a package form, they ultimately are offering you some financial saving, so make the perfect opportunity to try the treatments that maybe you have always wanted

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all!!!!! Jenny Dunville

• Gift Certificates • Elemis • Payot • Dermalogica • St. Tropez • Nailtiques • Orly Gel FX • Dermaco Facial Lifting • Mii mineral make-up 12


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Christmas calendar

Make the Christmas countdown magical with our wooden advent calendar that can be used year after year.

Serve up a treat

Get set to bake with our festive range of bakeware to create your culinary Christmas masterpieces.

After dinner indulgence

Finish your feast with a classic cheeseboard.

Festive fireplace

Create a festive focal point for friends and family to admire with our wide range of decorations and ornaments for your home.

Charming decorations

Finishing touches to bring enchantment to your home.

Stay warm this Christmas

Don’t be left out in the cold this winter. Our cosy collection of scarves and hats will keep you warm and snug.

MANSFIELD 01623 622582

Queen Street, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG18 1JR /LoveBeales |

@LoveBeales | |

*Selected lines. While stocks last. Information correct at time of going to press.


Spotlight Magazine

Progressive Furnishings Is now Even Bigger!! Progressive Furnishings Ltd is a well known furniture shop at Forest Town opposite Asda. They have extended their Forest Town showroom to 6,000 square ft. Now offering a much larger range of Hand Crafted Solid Lounge, Dining, Bedroom Furniture, Luxurious leather & fabric sofas and seating and a unique selection of accessories, lamps, wall art & gifts. Progressive Furnishings Opened its new extended showroom on Saturday 10th November with Mansfield Radio broadcasting a live show from the store talking to the staff and customers of Progressive Furnishings. Jonathan Proprietor of Progressive furnishings said the grand opening was a great success & many thanks to everyone who came to our opening. Their stunning 2 floor extended showroom is worth a visit where the friendly staff will help you find your perfect furniture piece. Progressive Furnishings Ltd, Sandlands Court, (opposite Asda), Fulmar Close, Forest Town, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. NG19 0GG. Tel: 01623 620620. www.


Lifestyle & Leisure


Who’s taking you home tonight?

ansfield District Council is reminding people out partying in Mansfield this Christmas to make sure they plan ahead and get home safely by using a licensed Private Hire vehicle or taxi. A Private Hire vehicle is one which must be pre-booked through an operator. You are not insured to travel in one which has not been pre-booked. Private Hire vehicles CAN NOT be flagged down in the street. A Hackney Carriage (taxi) is either all black or black and white and will have the word Taxi illuminated on the top and CAN be flagged down in the street or from the following ranks: Rosemary Street Bus Station (24 hour) Queen Street (24 hour) Leeming Street (6am-6pm) Clumber Street (8pm-6am) For a vehicle to be licensed by Mansfield District Council, it must meet high standards. All licensed drivers have had medicals and Criminal Records Bureau


checks. They are also required to pass a knowledge test about the local area. If you have any concerns about taxis in Mansfield, make a note of the vehicle’s license number, which will be on a plate on the rear of the vehicle and the driver’s name (if possible) and call the Council’s Licensing Department on 01623 463 401. Cllr John Smart, Chairman of the Licensing Committee at Mansfield District Council, commented: “We would like our residents to enjoy the festive season but we would ask that they take a minute to consider their safety by making sure they get home from parties using licensed vehicles. “When travelling by Hackney Carriage, look out for the Mansfield District Council licensing plate on the rear of the vehicle or if you are making a booking for a private hire vehicle, ask for one which has been licensed by Mansfield District Council to make sure they have passed our rigorous safety checks.”

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Suppliers & Installers of Bespoke Signs, Digital Print, Vinyl Graphics & much more...

ng Servici d, iel Mansf & Derby ng ndi Surrou s Area


Professional, Friendly Help & Advice with All Services Fully Guaranteed

At City Signs, we employ expert designers, experienced manufacturers and skilled installers, who will be happy to create you an outstanding piece of signage, that will set your business apart from the competition.

“Whatever your needs, we're continually expanding our range of products and services� Call us free (from landlines & mobiles) on

0333 9000 321 Email your enquiries to

Find us online at Visit us at Unit 20, Sherwood Energy Village, Newton Hill, Ollerton NG22 9FD

e mail us at



It’s that most magical time of the year

Christmas is on it’s way!

With only a matter of weeks before the big event, no doubt you will all be thinking about getting your house in order, deciding on a Christmas menu and buying an endless number of gifts. Rather than trailing around the shops why not try a walk in the park and come and visit Thoresby Sunday Market. With a vast array of stalls catering for your Christmas needs, we’re definitely worth a visit. From household goods to fresh foods, children’s toys to a variety of clothing you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for. Thoresby Sunday Market will be open every Sunday until 23rd December and with adults at only 50p each and children FREE, why not have a stroll and pick up those Christmas essentials. Now is the time to set your plans to ensure that you have the best Christmas ever. For further information about Thoresby Sunday Market or if you are interested in trading on the market please contact Market Place Europe on 0161 637 2523. We welcome traders of all shapes and sizes. Set your Satnav to NG22 9EW and follow the signs for the market. Come along and join us for a Shop in the Park! Like us on Follow us on Twitter @thoresbymarket


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Handy Person Adaptation Service If you are 60 or over or disabled you may be eligible to get work carried out on your home by an approved trader for just £15 To apply call 0300

500 80 80 or


Peace of mind for just £15

Business directory

Connecting you with traders you can trust Put your mind at rest and visit the Age UK Business Directory today • Large selection of trustworthy traders and businesses • Checked by local Age UK staff

Call free

0800 011 4643 or visit us online

Registered Charity Number: 1067881

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Puzzle Page

Crossword Clues Across 1 Footwear (6) 4 Panorama (5) 8 Oarsman (5) 9 26 in the alphabet (7) 10 Plodded heavily (7) 11 Complacent (4) 12 Consume (3) 14 Leg joint (4) 15 Flower (4) 18 Couple (3) 21 Appendage (4) 23 Wood particles (7) 25 Type of lottery (7) 26 Venerate (5) 27 Artist’s stand (5) 28 Conversational digressions (6)

Quick Crossword

Down 1 Emphasise (6) 2 Infant (7) 3 How fast a plane travels (8) 4 Ballot (4) 5 Water vapour (5) 6 Appoint (6) 7 Knife (5) 13 Fishing vessels (8) 16 Impaired growth (7) 17 Dress (6) 19 Acting award (5) 20 Theatre seats (6) 22 Childhood illness (5) 24 Type of music (4) • 0115 822 4995 •

Leather Repair, Restoration & Re-Upholstery Service Car Seats | Furniture | Clothes | Handbags all items & types of leather including aniline. <> Rips, Burns, Cuts, Scuffs & Scratches Repaired <> Re-Antiquing & Complete Restoration <> Highly Accurate Colour Matching <> Leather Cleaning: of all leather types <> Professionally Restore Original Leather <> Fully Equipped Workshop Based or Mobile <> Insurance & Consumer Reports



1 Leen Court, Maun Way, Boughton, Nottinghamshire, NG22 9ZD

Tel: 01623 836182 â&#x20AC;˘ 0115 822 4995 â&#x20AC;˘

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Which LBD for your shape?


n today’s ever changing world of fashion, there is one item of clothing that should stand the test of time if chosen correctly. Simple, elegant styling that can be dressed up or down will ensure durability and versatility for every girl’s wardrobe essential – the little black dress!

embellishments to accentuate the bust line. In addition, the skirt should define the waist and loosely skim the hips.

When selecting the ideal LBD, pay attention to the cut, style and length.

Wide shoulders can be minimised by wearing a one shoulder style, and by avoiding a full or blouson top and fitted bottom.

Petite frames look good in short dresses – they elongate the legs - but if you want your LBD to last more than a season or two the most enduring, universally flattering length is around the knee. If you have a large chest, try a square, V-shaped or wrap neckline, and avoid puffy sleeves that will add unwanted volume. Pear shaped ladies should balance out a larger bottom half by wearing a top with


If you don’t have much of a waist, move the waistline up or down, or eliminate it all together with a shift dress. Whatever style you decide on, consider following the 3:1 rule: 3 parts covered to one part revealed to keep your image chic and sexy!

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Benhams of Edwinstowe The Model Train / Toys / Sweets / Village Corner Shop Yes, a Model Train Shop in Edwinstowe! Not the largest, but a true Aladdins Cave of choice!

Competitive Prices All Year Round COME AND SEE FOR YOURSELF Ask For David

CREDIT & DEBIT CARDS TAKEN 45 High Street, Edwinstowe Tel: 01623 822302

Great choice of Train Sets from £54 Lots of Accessories stocked Brands such as: Peco, Metcalfe,Gaugemaster, Dapol ,Noch Woodland Scenics,Javis ,Oxford

We pride ourselves on friendly, professional service to help you with your hobby Open from 10.30 daily

Local specialist installers of UPVC windows, doors, conservatories, cladding, fascia, soffit, guttering, polycarbonate carport roofing & garage doors with over 14 years experience. Firestone Rubber Roofing Fitted From £40 per sq metre !!

We are proud to introduce & install the Firestone RubberCover EPDM flat roof membrane to the area. EPDM is a synthetic membrane which is supplied in 1 Fascia, Soffit & Guttering Fitted bespoke piece, cut specifically to fit your roof. As the From £35 per metre !! product is seamless it will not let a single drop of water through giving you complete peace of mind and a 20 year guarantee! Fascia

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CHOCOLATE IS A SUPER-FOOD!! Just the word is nice to say; rolls off your tongue indulgently, but what actually is it and why is it good for you? CHOCOLATE- THEOBROMA CACAO is made from the cacao bean. This is inside a pod which believe it or not grows on tress. The beans are sorted and then crushed in a mill, next they are roasted which and mixed with liquid coca mass (the white bit that surrounds the cacao beans) this silky liquid is sweetened and turns into to that delicious goo we call chocolate. Chocolates dark past... Chocolate is known the world-over as the ‘feel-good’ food, a therapeutic and ancient whole food and an indulgent treat. But what are the true origins of this culinary versatile delight? For sure it’s been around for centuries but it’s come a long way from the chocolate Mars bar we see on a shop shelves today. The history of chocolate chequered past starts in the new world .It’s known that the Aztecs and Mayans created a drink made from the beans of the cacao tree. They called the beverage cocoatl. In 1528, the conquering Spanish brought the concoction known as chocolate (choco- LAH-tay) back to Spain. In 1615, chocolat (sho-co-LAH) debuted at a royal wedding in France. From there, it made its way to England in 1662 as chocolata. The first chocolate house was opened in London in 1657. Chocolate cost 10-15 shillings per pound and was considered a beverage for the elite class. Chocolate is a super-food! This humble cacao been that is the origin of what we know as chocolate is grown in Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru and The West African countries of cote de ivory and Ghana. All of these cultures a have been using chocolate for medicinal means for a long while like moisturizing skin with cacao butter cream. Chocolate contains powerful antioxidants called flavonoids, as well as some magnesium. These nutrients may help lower blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. So chocolate is what Nutritionists call a super-food. Raw chocolate is highest in anti-oxidants but dark chocolate is the most nutritious common form of chocolate. Compared with milk chocolate, it contains more than double the amount of heart-healthy flavonoids. Milk chocolate has another strike against it: The added milk it contains may reduce the body’s ability to absorb the beneficial flavonoids. To enjoy the delicious taste of chocolate and receive the benefits of flavonoids, choose a dark-chocolate variety that contains at least 70 percent cacao, or cocoa.

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field’s s n a M EST LARG ning” rd win a w a “ room show

“Mansfield’s ONLY independent ‘Fair Trades’ & ‘Trust Mark’ accredited company” • FREE Design Service, Home Surveys & Quotations • FREE Fully Comprehensive Insurance Policy with Every Full Kitchen or Bedroom • Fully Project Managed Installation Service Available with a 10 Year Guarantee • Fully Bespoke Cabinets Made To Your Own Specification, All Delivered Fully Assembled • Made To Measure Doors & Accessories Also Available • Laminate, Granite, Composite Stone (Silestone) & Timber Worktop Specialists • Wall & Floor Ceramic, Marble & Granite Tiling • Children’s Rooms • FREE Coffee & Seating Area for Customer’s • FREE customer parking

We will BEAT any written quotation on kitchens and bedrooms on an identical product/service basis GUARANTEED

Kitchen World 01623 651435

(Mansfield) Ltd. Est. 1996

Hallam Way, Old Mill Lane Ind. Est. Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. NG19 9GB • Opening Hours: Mon, Wed & Fri 9am-5.30pm • Tues 9am-8pm • Sat 10am-4pm • Sun Closed

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Quick Fix for Your Hair Volume In A Flash When your hair is flat and lifeless add body and volume by using a root lift spray on dry hair. Tip your head upside down and lift hair away from scalp, rubbing spray into the scalp in a circular motion. For even better results, blast the roots with a hair dryer as you do this, then spray the roots from a few inches away with a strong but lightweight hairspray, flip head back up and gently smooth into style.

Adios To Greasy Roots When you don’t have time to wash greasy hair, there are are a few tricks you can use to degrease. The cheapest is to sprinkle a little talcum powder onto the roots to soak up excess oil, don’t go too mad with the powder though or you will be left with a greyish tinge toyour hair!

Stop The Frizz When wavy or curly hair goes frizzy, it is usually due to humid weather conditions. There are many products on the market now to help combat this, usually in the form of creams or sprays, these put a coating on the hair which act like an umbrella. When dryness is the cause, use a serum on towel dried hair, then rub a tiny bit in from the mid lengths to ends once the hair is dry.

Covering Up Regrowth When your roots need doing, but you have no time to get them done, there are now a few products available on the market designed especially for this purpose, there is a powder that just washes out, and a pen that does the same. The colour choice is a bit limited, but you should be able to find one near enough to your colour to do the trick. A longer lasting solution is a colour specifically made to blend your re-growth into the existing colour, you just put it on your roots, leave for ten minutes, then wash off, giving you a few weeks grace before having to re colour.

Banish Bed Head If you look like Worzel Gummage every morning and you do not want to wash your hair every day, try sleeping on a satin pillow. Satin allows hair to glide across the pillow as opposed to cotton which creates more friction, disrupting the hair cuticles. • 0115 822 4995 • e mail us at

UNWANTED HAIR? Intense Pulse Light Long Term Hair Control For Men & Women


Reduction on all IPL courses of 6 or more




01623 625 816

Mansfield Electrolysis & Laser Clinic Ltd Est 29 Years 1st Floor, Bentink Chambers, Market St, Mansfield

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Lifestyle and Leisure The Morning After........


our head is pounding; you feel nauseated, dizzy and shaky. No, you’re not coming down with ‘flu - it’s the morning after the night before and you have a hangover.

Across the centuries and around the globe some very peculiar hangover cures have been formulated. For example, Mongolians swear by a concoction of pickled sheep’s eyeballs washed down with a brine and tomato juice cocktail. Sorry, did that make you feel worse? How about this less revolting but equally bizarre remedy from ancient Ireland: hangover sufferers should be buried neck-deep in damp river sand! Or you could make the famous ‘Prairie Oyster’: carefully crack an egg into a glass

without breaking the yolk. Add a dash of Worcestershire sauce and swallow whole. Oh dear, that’s making me think of the sheep’s eyes again. More sensible, but less dramatic, is to take the recommended dose of Paracetamol with lots of water. Then drink some more water and take an antacid to settle your stomach. If possible, go back to bed. When you’re ready to eat, have a banana to replace minerals lost due to alcohol, or have a good fry-up if you prefer. Other recommended mineral-rich foods are pickles or canned fish… but it’s understandable if you don’t want to try these. Get outside for some fresh air too. Of course, the only way to avoid a hangover is not to drink alcohol, but hey - it’s Christmas. So drink in moderation, don’t mix your tipples, and alternate with soft drinks. That way you’ll enjoy a hangover-free party season! Suki North

New Newstairlifts stairlifts from from£1100 £1100 Rapid Rapidinstalls installs available available

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We are specialists in bringing back to life damaged or imperfect leather, either in your home or vehicle. Repairs start from just £40!

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Scuffs Discoloured leather and stains Animal scratches Tears & Peels Cigarette damage

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Puzzle Solutions

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STEAMED UP DOUBLE GLAZING? Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t replace the Frames... just the Panes!

Broken or Damaged Windows? Faulty Hinges, Handles or Locks? Want the latest energy saving glass? 5 year guarantee on new double glazing.

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