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Inside this issue: • Sugar Alternatives • Safe Winter Driving • Food of Love • Garden Focus • Puzzles • Your Community info. • Local Businesses

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Spotlight on The Dukeries Contents Health and Wellbeing Sugar Alternatives


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Health and Wellbeing

What to use instead of the white stuff? that bacteria do not feed on it so it won’t cause tooth decay. Large quantities may have a laxative effect on some so introduce it gradually. It is toxic to dogs so must never be fed to them. It is available in some supermarkets and on line.


ost of us are well aware of the need to limit the amount of sugar we consume, but a little sweetness is occasionally required! Best then to use more natural, nutrient-rich products than refined white sugar, such as chopped banana, pear or berries or a spoon of honey (local or Manuka) or maple syrup on cereals. Similar could be added when cooking tart fruit or you may wish to try Xylitol, an increasingly popular natural sweetener that can also be used in baking and jam making. Xylitol, recommended by Diabetes UK, has been extracted from the bark of birch trees since the 1940s, when sugar was in short supply. Found naturally in many fruits, it looks and tastes as sweet as sugar but has 40% fewer calories and, with a low glycaemic index (GI), has far less impact on blood glucose levels than sugar, and even honey and maple syrup. Xylitol inhibits yeast so cannot be used in bread making and will not promote Candida overgrowth (the organism responsible for thrush). There is evidence


High Fructose Corn Syrup, HFCS, is increasingly being added to drinks and processed foods, instead of sugar. Fructose is the main sugar in fruit but there is some concern that when it is refined or ‘isolated’ it is not so good for us. It is metabolized by the liver and converted into fat more easily than any other form of sugar. Similarly, Agave Syrup, made from a Mexican cactus, may not be as good for us as first thought, but it does have a low GI. The safety of artificial sweeteners is still controversial but hopefully more research will be forthcoming. Websites such as are useful references. Stevia, a plant long used as a sweetener in South America and Japan, in their cola drinks, and recommended by the American Diabetic Association, is not approved for sale in EU countries! It is clear that deciding on sugar substitutes is not easy. It will be a personal choice based on taste, state of health and the latest reliable research. My advice is to check they are as natural and unrefined as possible. Try to use a variety, in moderation. Cutting down is always the best option as it reduces cravings, retrains your palate and improves your health! Picture a food pyramid, representing a balanced diet, with the healthy whole grains and vegetables at the base, supporting the other food groups and sweet treats, the tiny pinnacle at the top! By Sue Blain - Naturopath

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Rooflines your property deserves!

Fascias, Soffits, Guttering & Rubber Flat Roofs Approved Installers Full Replacement, No Overcladding Quality Products & Service Gable Ends Repointed EPDM Rubber Firestone Roofing Systems 50 Year Lifespan


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Food and Drink Heart Melts

So-called because they would melt anyone’s heart. Why not whip up a batch for Valentine’s Day? Makes 24-30, depending on the size of the cookie. Preheat the oven to190C / Gas Mark 5 Ingredients For the cookies 225g/8oz butter (slightly softened) 140g/5oz caster sugar 1 egg yolk (lightly beaten) 2 tsp orange extract 280g/10oz plain flour 75g/3oz plain chocolate chips or chunks 75g/3oz raisins Pinch of salt

dish. Scoop out walnut-sized pieces of the cookie dough, roll them into balls, and then roll them into the cinnamon mixture to cover. Place the cookies on a greased baking sheet, spaced well apart. You might need two baking sheets if you make the full amount. Bake for 12-15 minutes. Leave to cool on the baking sheets for 5 minutes, and then use a palette knife to transfer the cookies to wire racks to cool completely. Pop the cooled cookies into a gift bag or decorative jar and your Valentine gift is all wrapped up. Enjoy.

For the coating 1½ tbsp caster sugar 1½ tbsp cinnamon Method Cream together the butter and sugar in a large bowl until light and fluffy. Beat in the egg yolk and orange extract. Sift the flour and salt into the mixture, then add the chocolate chips and raisins and mix until they are thoroughly combined. The mixture should be quite firm. For the cinnamon coating, mix together the caster sugar and cinnamon in a shallow


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Lifestyle & Leisure


Modern Day Gum Shoes

he term “gumshoes” originates from the days when private detectives wore footwear with gum-rubber soles to allow them to move around stealthily and undetected. Recalling images of famous fictional characters like Columbo sneaking up on suspects to collect evidence, we could be forgiven for thinking that the main function of a private investigator is to help solve crimes. But we would be wrong! Though the nickname has stuck (no pun intended!) the modern day PI has much more to offer. A private detective gathers information about legal, financial and personal matters, so his work is diverse: from investigating suspected fraudulent claims for insurance companies to uncovering criminal evidence for law firms, and from undertaking background checks on prospective employees to providing proof of infidelity to suspicious spouses, he does it all! One image of a PI may be of a greasy haired individual sitting in a car eating sandwiches out of a bag whilst desperately trying to stay awake after hours watching the movements of certain unsavoury individuals. Though surveillance and undercover work do still play a part in the work of a Private Eye, these days he can more often be found sitting at a computer searching the internet for information about a person’s activities, education, criminal history or even past relationships.


Increasingly, this kind of intelligence is being sought by companies for preemployment screening, or by would-be brides and grooms before tying the knot! Some detectives investigate computer crimes such as identity theft, harassing e-mails and illegal downloading of copyrighted material. They are able to recover deleted emails and documents, and can also carry out mobile phone forensics to restore deleted texts, trace calls and uncover address book details. Locating the whereabouts of missing persons is another service offered. Current addresses can be found within 24-48 hours - very useful if someone who owes you a large amount of money has attempted to do a runner! But this service can also be used to trace old friends, lost relatives and even heirs to small fortunes. Some firms offer a “No Success, No Fee” deal for this type of work. If you are considering a new investment or are thinking of entering a new business partnership, you may like evidence that the company is bona fide, or that the individual is trustworthy. A private investigator can carry out due diligence checks on companies, and background checks on individuals to help with this. So, whoever you are and whatever your situation, if you need some legwork doing on a company or individual, why not call in a personal investigator and let those gum shoes do the walking! Debbie Singh-Bhatti

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East Midlands Laser & Cosmetic Clinic Ltd We are a discreet private clinic offering medical grade treatments by appointment only. All of the treatments are performed by experienced qualified Nurses

NON SURGICAL TREATMENTS: •Anti-wrinkle B-injections and Dermal fillers •Anti-Aging Mesotherapy •Laser Teeth Whitening •Micro-dermabrasion and peels

tions ing injec e g a ti n A m only now fro rea a £99 per

PERMANANT HAIR REDUCTION: •Laser technology removes unwanted facial & body hair for men & women LASER TREATMENTS: •Remove fine lines & wrinkles •Remove facial & leg veins •Reduce adult acne & Rosacea •Eradicate birth marks & age spots •Photo-rejuvenation (non surgical facelift) Mobile service now available for injectable treatments

For a Free no obligation consultation call

01623 653493

Or visit our website for more information at:


East Midlands Laser & Cosmetic Clinic, 17 Bridge Street, Mansfield NG18 1AL

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Safer Winter Driving


n slippery conditions, leave at least twice the normal distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front, as braking distances are greatly increased in wintry conditions. Avoid sudden or abrupt manoeuvres - brake and accelerate slowly and carefully. When driving up steep gradients drive in a high gear and vice versa for low gradients. Practise slowing down and stopping by using your gears instead of the brakes of your car. Dropping down gears can be an effective way of stopping your vehicle as opposed to braking and possibly skidding. When driving over ice, if you feel your car is sliding or skidding, depress the pedals and do not brake as this will cause your wheels to lock. Steer gently into the direction you are skidding or sliding and allow the car to come to a gentle stop. If you have never driven in bad weather conditions before it may be worthwhile going to an empty car park with a seasoned driver. This way you can get a feel for turning and braking while having less control over the car. Check your antifreeze Antifreeze is one of those things a lot of people overlook during the winter months. It’s relatively cheap and if you do not check it you risk doing some serious damage to your vehicle which can be very expensive to repair. Always check that you are using the right type of antifreeze as there are different sorts. Our Vauxhall MasterFit technicians are always happy to give advice - just ask. Pack an emergency kit You never know when you might need some essentials. It’s easy to grab a few crucial items together and store them in your car, just in case the worst happens.

AutoSock Snow Socks are a fantastic and easy to use alternative to snow chains. They are textile ‘socks’ which you slip over the driving wheels on cars or light commercial vehicles. There’s only one possible way to fit them, so no practice is needed and they are self-levelling to ensure a great fit. AutoSock Snow Socks can be used time and again and are neatly packed to take up minimal space in the car. How well do they work? Most people are not only surprised but astonished at the difference AutoSock Snow Socks make to general traction, cornering, and braking. And they can even be washed in the washing machine! When should you use them? Snow Socks work well in wet snow conditions. They’re particularly appropriate for the UK where snowfall is sporadic and few people use winter tyres. Suitable for driving at speeds of up to 30mph, Snow Socks are the perfect choice to help get you safely to gritted main roads. Where can I get them? AutoSock Snow Socks are only available over the counter at your local Pentagon Vauxhall Retailer. Call Pentagon Vauxhall on Sutton Road in Mansfield 0845 125 8119 for your set of Snow Socks. Grab a set today and make sure you don’t get caught out this winter! Half price MOT’s also available on any make of car!

Your emergency kit should include: • Ice scraper and de-icer • Torch and spare batteries • Warm clothes and a blanket • Boots • First aid kit • Jump leads • Mobile-phone charger • A shovel • AutoSocks


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Brick cutting service, also brick slips & arches:

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Business Focus


Planet Design

ello and welcome to the wonderful world of Planet Design, a new and exciting architectural drawing service.

“Move or extend?” is a question I am often asked, I reply, “if you love your house and surrounding area… extend”. Extending your property does not have to be a daunting process, in fact here at Planet Design we will ensure having your dream space designed will be enjoyable and hassle free. I have a true passion for architecture. It is fantastic to see the happiness that design can bring to homeowners and the change that it can bring to their lives. I designed a two storey side extension for a couple who were expecting their first child. With the hassle of trying to find

a new home, selling theirs and the cost of an increased mortgage, stamp duty, legal fees and surveys they realised that extending was the way forward. We took care of every detail and at all times the couple felt involved and in control of their project. They now share, with baby Alfie, a dream space they are proud to call their family home. Whatever your design requirements, here at Planet Design you are guaranteed a friendly, professional and honest service. Never forgetting the most important aspect…. You, the client. So why not contact us today and take the first step in

making your dream space a reality.

Do you dream of more

Call Lee on 07956 294380 for more living space.....? information and advice. Daunted by the whole process.....?

Do you dream of more living space.....? Daunted by the whole process.....?

We understand that extending, converting or adding a conservatory to your home can be a daunting process. Do not worry, our aim is to make your design & build process efficient, hassle free and most importantly enjoyable because we can and will take care of every detail. Here at Planet Design we are proud to offer the following services to help you extend or convert with confidence. Planning and build regulations drawings for:

• Single storey extensions • Two storey extensions • Application submission • Free advice and guidance can you trust....? Loft conversions •Who • Single & double garages • Garage conversions • Conservatories & porches • Internal alterations Get in touch...

Who can you trust....?

Telephone 01623 625474 Mobile Phone 07956 294380 Email


Get in touch...

Get in touch...


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Business Focus

Eazi-Move Call Centre Service & Value At A Fair Fixed Fee We offer a complete estate agent service, rivalling any of the best local high street estate agents, we don’t need to charge you extortionate commissions for, let’s face it, an already extremely expensive transaction. How do we do this? Well, for starters we don’t just operate expensive high street branches with all the associated costs that entails. We run a centrally based head office for administration and taking calls from buyers. Our local area property specialists who work in your area handle the appointments, valuations and viewings. By introducing the new call centre we can step away from opening more and more local offices keeping our expenses down, and then, we can then pass all the savings to you, the customer, so your money is used for what it should be used for - marketing your property to targeted buyers.

It’s simple economics. Over 95% of buyers now use the Internet to search for property. The top property portals in the UK are seeing a 10% rise in visitors year-on-year and already receive over 50 million visits each month! We receive nearly all of their enquiries as a result of buyers seeing a property on the Internet. In this day and age of the internet there is ABSOLUTLEY NO NEED to operate from expensive high street offices anymore , however we offer both at Eazi-Move. You can still get that face to face contact by walking into one of our established offices to discuss your property. Please call 01623 491311 for more information.

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o ad1623


New Year New Office 2012 saw the launch of Eazi-Moves 4th office at Retford Nottinghamshire which was quite a proud time for owner Dawn Broome as the office is a few streets away from where she grew up. Pictured from left to right is Linda Sinclair, Sales Negotiator , Gail Ball, Valuer and Dawn Broome business owner. Eazi-Move has gone from strength to strength since August 2007 opening on average a new office each year. The market is still a tough market although each month we are selling more than the previous month so the market is improving although probably not quick enough for some vendors! Our business model and pricing structure suits every pocket and with the launch of our premium package in January 2012 this seems the most popular.

Exciting times lay ahead for the Company with the launch of an Exclusive branded shop in Southwell and the launch of our National Call Centre offering an extended personal service up to 8pm every night. The call centre will offer exactly the same service as one of High Street Offices but without all the overheads that come with opening new offices. “Times are definitely changing for the estate agency world and at Eazi-Move I am always working three years ahead with our business plan and with the demise of the High Street as we all used to know it the call centre will give Eazi-Move customers the best of both worlds “states Dawn Broome. To book a FREE vauation call 01623 491311


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Home and Garden The Food of Love


t this time of year the sales of chocolate and oysters go way up. But do aphrodisiacs really work? Is the way to a man’s heart really through his stomach? Many old wives tales abound about food and love, and some of those tales actually have a grain of truth! Oysters have long had a romantic reputation. It turns out they are a good source of zinc, which is vital for the production of those hormones responsible for our libido! If you don’t like oysters, try cheese, pumpkin seeds, peanuts or lamb, which all have high zinc levels. Chocolate, especially dark, is also high in zinc. But in addition, it increases the amount of serotonin in the brain, inducing relaxation, as well as other hormones that increase pleasure impulses and receptiveness. No wonder we feel good after eating some!

Other foods that have been found to contain or release those all important feel good chemicals are sushi, pomegranate juice, wine, caviar, soy (tofu) and honey.


So it looks like the ideal meal for wooing your favourite person would be oysters, lamb, sushi or tofu, with pumpkin pie for dessert! Not forgetting the chocolate and cheese for nibbles, and a nice red wine or pomegranate juice to wash it all down! Of course you can’t make someone fall in love with you just by feeding them the right foods, but you may enhance already good feelings, and who knows what might happen from there? By Rita Williams-Hall

Helping you create the perfect home...

Canterbury Canterbur S E R V I C E & R E PA I R S

For all your home improvements. With generations of expertise. • Failed Sealed Units • Cracked or Broken Windows • Broken Handles, Locks & Hinges • Gutter Repairs & Cleaning

• Conservatory Leaks & Roof Upgrades


Whatever your problem Canterbury has a specialist team of experienced installers & servicemen that can help. From small repairs to complete replacements. Most jobs can be undertaken on site, Quickly & Efficiently. FENSA

Tel: 0115 944 0530

Crompton Road Ind Est. Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 4BG


“Focusing on your needs” FREE CONSULTATIONS AVAILABLE Our aim is to provide an efficient and cost effective service tailored to suit your needs. Some of our services include: Annual Accounts Management Accounts Corporation Tax Payroll and Book Keeping Self Assessment VAT Returns Claire Weingaertner 07525 867684

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Suppliers & Installers of Bespoke Signs, Digital Print, Vinyl Graphics & much more...

ng Servici d, iel Mansf & Derby ng ndi Surrou s Area


Professional, Friendly Help & Advice with All Services Fully Guaranteed

At City Signs, we employ expert designers, experienced manufacturers and skilled installers, who will be happy to create you an outstanding piece of signage, that will set your business apart from the competition.

“Whatever your needs, we're continually expanding our range of products and services� Call us free (from landlines & mobiles) on

0333 9000 321 Email your enquiries to

Find us online at Visit us at Unit 20, Sherwood Energy Village, Newton Hill, Ollerton NG22 9FD

e mail us at


Puzzle Page How to play Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through to 9, with no repetition! That’s all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up. It’s fun! Challenging! It’s addictive!

Across 7 Greeting used after midday (4,9) 8 Rogue, usually homeless (8) 9 Pitch (4) 10 Scholarly (7) 12 Ladle (5) 14 Committee (5) 16 Italian dumplings (7)

Quick Crossword

19 Inscribe (4) 20 Adolescent (8) 22 Hotel (8,5) Down 1 Small bit (4) 2 Establishes a person’s authenticity (abbr.) (2,4) 3 Male undergarment (1-6) 4 Prepared (5) 5 Arch of the foot (6) 6 Medieval exclamation! (8) 11 Consequence (8) 13 Subject to (7) 15 Plead (6) 17 Pencil (6) 18 Uppermost story (5) 21 Child’s play (4)

Answers on page 26


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W S Ingham & Son Ltd

Independent Family Funeral Service Private Chapel of Rest Set in Beautiful Landscaped Gardens Large Car Park

Funerals arranged in all areas Professional 24 Hour Service

01623 621114

11 Poplar Grove, Forest Town, Mansfield, Notts. NG19 0HW e-mail web

Chuckles Childcare Service  Safe Secure Family Home , Based in Kings Clipstone  Planned Stimulating & Educational Activities  Qualified First Aid, Fully Insured  Am & Pm School Club available for King Edwin School  School Holidays/Flexible Hours

Call Steph on 01623 423541 or 07805 204608


A MEMBER OF THE GUILD OF MASTER CHIMNEY SWEEPS Open Fires | Wood Burning & Multi-Fuel Stoves Rayburns | Aga’s | Chimney Camera Surveys/Reports Bird Guards/Cowls & Caps Supplied Carbon Monoxide Alarms Supplied & Fitted Moisture Meters for Wood Lucky Sweep Wedding Appearances

T:01623 401128 or 07711 441459 or E: Please mention Spotlight when responding to an ad


Garden View


Sexy Rexy or Buxom Beauty?

he snowdrops maybe in full bloom right now, but as February marks the month of love, there is another flower which cannot go unmentioned. This is of course the Rose. Roses have been the symbol of love for hundreds of years, and where would our florists be without them? Come to think of it, where would men be without them? We’d have to make a decision as to which single flower to purchase, to show our affection to our intended. Roses had a great ‘boom’ period in the 60’s where homeowners and councils alike, removed geometric shapes from their lawns, creating island beds filled with roses. Equally spaced and pruned accurately, these hardy, woody shrubs lived on for years and examples of these schemes can still be witnessed. Associated with bare soil, manure, flat caps and the dreaded ‘P’ word (pruning), these woody and often stumpy plants, with their short lived blooms in vile colours, would eventually be seen off with a white talcum powder like coating of powdery mildew by late summer... I really don’t understand why they ever went out of fashion!!! Well thankfully those days are gone, and I reckon it’s about time our roses made a 21st century comeback. Just as Dahlias did a few years ago, I think roses deserve a second chance. Some of the modern roses with great pest and disease resistance and an instinct for repeat flowering, have been bred with the old fashioned sweet smelling types to make wonderful garden plants. In addition, there are roses for every situation, from pergolas and pots, to hedges and even partially shaded walls. They look great planted in a mixed border, especially when under-planted with a free-flowering hardy Geranium.

in the ground before the end of the month. Soak the roots in a bucket of water for around 30 minutes, while you dig a very generous hole about 40cm deep and 30cm wide. Incorporate well rotted manure or compost into the planting hole and plant slightly deeper than you would normally, so the graft (knuckle) is under the ground. Back fill with soil and firm well. Don’t prune until next month. And as for the variety you choose, be it Rosa ‘Sexy Rexy’, ‘Buxom Beauty’, or one of the more sophisticated named cultivars, be sure to go for a repeat flowerer with great scent. Other jobs to do this month include: Pruning deciduous shrubs such as Berberis Prune Clematis (type 3 / late flowering types only) Prune Wisteria (search spearjac on for my video ‘how to’ guide) Order seed potatoes and onion setts Lee’s favourite Rose of the moment, ‘Gertrude Jekyll’. Until next time, happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s not too late to buy your bare root roses, but act quickly, as ideally they need to be


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Helping you create the perfect home...


A more permanent solution to a flat roof problem... No Flame - No Trouble - No Seals - Easy Installation • Highly Durable • Superior Flexibility • Lightweight A variety of flat roofing applications • Extensions • Garages • Verandas / Porches • Dormas

For a free quotation please call: 0115 944 0530 FENSA

20 Year Guarantee • 50 Year Life Expectancy

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CEILIDH At The JUBILEE HALL On Wellow Road, Ollerton (next to Ollerton House Hotel Pub ) On

SAT 25th FEB

~ 7.30 pm Till 11 ish



For More Information or Ticket Please Call

Jon Yarwood on

07581 265 531 or email :


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Helping you create the perfect home...

Canterbury Canterbur HOME IMPROVEMENTS

For all your home improvements. With generations of expertise.

• PVCu & Hardwood Windows • Doors & Porches • Conservatories • Soffits & Fascias • Garage Conversions • Carports & Canopies • Gutter Cleaning • Window Service & Repairs

Canterbury Carports

Other colours available

Fascias & Soffits

www.canterbur FENSA

Tel: 0115 944 0530

Crompton Road Ind Est. Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 4BG

Puzzle Solutions


e mail us at 01775 725 255/01775 722 121

Low cost car & home insurance Wiffen Insurance Brokers compare hundreds of products from UK Insurers to give you the best deal. As your broker we will also help you in the event of a claim which you would otherwise struggle to resolve on your own. Contact Michael Crampton.

Do you own a business? Butler Evans provides local risk & insurance expertise for the full range of Business risks. Our competitive business insurance can be tailored to your exact needs and budget. Contact Paul Evans ACII for more information. 0115 714 1355/07970 898 383 All companies in this advertisement are authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority

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Community Information The Rotary Club of Sherwood Forest


n Saturday 10th March 2012 @ 7.30pm at the Jubilee Hall, Wellow Road, Ollerton at 7.30pm our newest Rotarian Laura is jumping in at the deep end. Laura has planed an exciting James Bond 007 themed evening to Celebrate 50 years of the James Bond movies. Get your entrance ticket for only £12.pp that gives an evening with a Live Singer, Disco a welcome Cocktail and a Sophisticated Buffet. Come as James Bond, Pussy Galore or simply dressed to kill! Tickets are on sale at South Forest Leisure Centre & Bentley Bakers, Edwinstowe & Tony’s Barber Shop, Forest Road & Bride and Beautiful Ollerton. Bring your own drinks and pop your own corks! Contact for event 01623 825607. During the past couple of months the Rotary Club of Sherwood Forest been very active raising money at their Proms Concert and Christmas collection at Tesco’s New Ollerton. We have given charitable donations to The Big House in Edwinstowe that offers short breaks for parents who care for children and young people with disabilities and challenging behaviour. They received £250 towards specialist ‘Go Carts’ that children are able to use in their spacious play areas. £300 has been given to the Thursday Club to pay for their Christmas party. This valuable club helps less advantaged adults in our community to meet weekly for evenings of social interaction. Last month Rotarian Sue Bevan, President of the Rotary Club of Sherwood Forest inducted three new members Liane Shore, Laura Harmer & Stella Herbert. It is unusual for a club to induct three new members together and perhaps even more unusual for them to all be ladies. All three new Rotarians live in Edwinstowe and have for recently come to a number of meetings to find out what Charitable Service we give, 28

both locally and internationally and to get to know our club members and more about the club. Our club is a mixed club but ladies are still out numbered by the men two to one. If you would like to find out more about Rotary and how its members help the local community please contact me, I look forward to your call. Sue Bevan, President, Rotary Club of Sherwood Forest. sherwoodforest@ 01623 825607 www. Dukeries U3A, Ollerton January was a terrific month for the Dukeries U3A. We had twenty visitors and over seventy regular members at our General Meeting. We nearly ran out of chairs! We enjoyed hearing the latest news about all of our different groups, and the speaker, Ian Morgan, gave an entertaining talk on local history, highwaymen and various connected highways, byways and buildings in our area. I’m glad I don’t live on ‘Gibbet Lane’! We have, as a group, much to look forward to, including a trip to ‘The King and I’ at Nottingham, a visit to Ely Cathedral to see the Quaker Tapestries and the fabulous architecture, and, finally, a trip to the Rhubarb Triangle in Yorkshire, famous for its force-fed Champagne Rhubarb desired by all of the top chefs and Harrods luxury store. If you are not keen on travelling, we have much to do locally. Ramble, or go on more strenuous walks, play Bridge or Scrabble, make your own cards, read books, go tenpin bowling, study history or go for lunch and have a gossip with potential friends. We have much more on offer, so ring 01623 824789 for all the details. A visit on any third Monday of the month to the Jubilee Hall in Ollerton at 1.30pm will cost you £1 and could offer you opportunities and experiences to enhance your retirement. We look forward to seeing you!

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New stairlifts from £1100 Rapid installs available • Curved • Straight • Used • Rentals

01159 875 218

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We meet every two weeks on Wednesday mornings at 8am at: OLLERTON HOUSE HOTEL Wellow Road, Ollerton. A very informal Business networking group. A group of businesses, the majority of whom, are personally referred to the group by other existing members.

If you would like to join our group, attend a meeting as a guest, learn more about us or use the services of one of our members then please send your e-mail inquiries to :

We promote the very best of business practices with “integrity� as the basis for all our business dealings.

or visit us online at:

We promote and refer business to our members through regular meetings and social events.


To advertise or contribute call 01623 249940


January–March early bird special

Early Bird available every lunch & all evening Sun – Thurs Fri/Sat 12-2.30pm and 6-7pm

early bird menu 2 Courses £14.95 3 Courses £17.95 Follow us on

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Tom Browns, Trentside, Gunthorpe, NG14 7FB Tel. 0115 966 3642

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Farndon Boathouse, Riverside, Farndon NG24 3SX Tel. 01636 676 578

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1. Must pre-book quoting‘20% voucher’2. Must present voucher when dining for the discount 3. To be used on food in Restaurant only 4. Excludes special events 5. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers 6. Can be used in all our restaurants Riverbank Bar & Kitchen, Farndon Boathouse and Tom Browns 7. Voucher can only be used lunchtimes Mon-Fri / Evenings Sun-Thurs 8. Valid until 30 March 2012

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Feb 12 Dukeries low res  
Feb 12 Dukeries low res  

0800 61 21118 Delivered to 7000 Homes and Businesses each month in Edwinstowe, Ollerton, Mansfield Woodhouse and the surrounding areas FEBRU...