2023 International Women's Day / Women's History Month Toolkit

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Dear Colleagues,

International Women’s Day is recognized annually on March 8 to celebrate women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. On this day, there is a worldwide acknowledgment of achievements by women and an emphasis on how women can be empowered. In the US, March has been set aside as Women’s History Month to honor the achievements of women.

The members of DCAT’s Alliance for Industry Women Committee have observed that companies acknowledge and celebrate these events in very different ways. In the spirit of sharing, we have taken this opportunity to collect and share ideas and past activities DCAT Member Companies have implemented for this important day/month, along with practical resources that you can implement within your own company. Thank you to all of the companies that shared ideas for recognizing the important contributions of women.

We are pleased to present DCAT’s Member Companies with this Celebration Toolkit for International Women’s Day/Women’s History Month. We hope the ideas and resources listed inspire you to get your own company’s celebration started!

The DCAT Alliance for Industry Women Committee




local, womenowned businesses for



How Ancillare Will Celebrate

International Women’s Day / Women’s History Month

Ancillare’s Plans for 2023

• Fundraiser for Laurel House Charity dedicated to encourage and inspire women. Employees will donate items and/or money to this group.

• Offer an graphic focused on Women’s History Month for employees to use as their Microsoft Teams background.

• Speaker Events or Virtual Lunch and Learns related to finance, work/ life balance (Parenthood and Career: How to be Successful at Both). Speaker will be female and topics to be related to all employees.

• Internal email campaign 1x per week during March. This will include testimonials from Ancillare women and inspirational quotes from famous women to educate our employees on Women’s History Month and highlight some inspirational women.

• Social media campaign (external) to generate awareness of Women’s History Month, Ancillareas as a women-led organization, and highlight our female employees.

• Ancillare will incorporate the Women’s History Month 2023 theme into all the plans once announced.

digital events

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How ApiJect Systems Celebrated International Women’s Day / Women’s History Month


We invited a prominent woman speaker to present internally. We also created videos of three executives from our company sharing why pharma, their greatest accomplishments, thoughts on STEM, leadership advice, and also a few fun questions such as “What are you reading?”

Find a female speaker
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• Find a female speaker

• Use local, womenowned businesses for your events

How Avantor Celebrated International Women’s Day / Women’s History Month

We held panel discussions featuring internal leaders - this was a huge success. We also ran a praise/you inspire campaign for the entire organization to participate in.

How BASF Corporation Celebrated International Women’s Day / Women’s History Month

Women in BASF (formerly Women in Business) was formed to assist BASF in attracting, developing, promoting and retaining women in support of BASF’s core

values and changing social environments.

Each chapter advances this mission by organizing and promoting networking, business and employee development activities to engage individuals, personalize BASF and deliver on our shared strategic objectives. WIB provided several events throughout the month of March, Women’s History Month, and International Women’s Day. Below is a list of events and activities



hosted for BASF North America.

3rd Kick-Off

the WIB International Women’s



Kim & Kendall Beardsley of The Confidence


March 8, 2022,

March 17th 2022, Women in BASF hosted brainSHIFT:


with Dr. Romie Mushtaq who spoke

causes of busy-brain,

impact on

all feel


the month of March each of the 30

in a Day of


• Find a female speaker • Plan an IWD event • Download Zoom backgrounds • Download templates for your digital events • LinkedIn Learning
Event: Shaping the Future of Women In BASF.
As part of
Day Events the Virtual chapter hosted
a virtual networking event on
Break The
our mental health and wellbeing and shared tools to help us
better and think clearer.
WIB chapters participated
that impacted their local communities.

How Catalent Celebrated

Women’s Day / Women’s History Month

Catalent celebrated Women’s History Month with a series of events on the “Break the Bias” theme that were available to all. March 5 - Share the Mic webinar with Kimberlee Steele, Q&A session on career development, industry involvement March 8 - International Women’s Day March 15 - Break the Bias webinar with Orla Castanien, Karlin Sloan & Company coach March 16 - Life and Legacy of Henrietta Lacks webinar (in collaboration with REACH ERG) March 30 - Mama has a Mustache webinar (in collaboration with LEARN ERG) • Download Zoom backgrounds • Plan an IWD event • Find a female speaker ZOOM BACKGROUND

How Colorcon Celebrated International Women’s Day / Women’s History Month

Colorcon has been honoring #WomensHistoryMonth by celebrating mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, friends, and colleagues who have a variety of roles across the home and community, as well as in their professional lives.


All women employees in our South Asia region underwent a Women in Leadership program, lead by Anita Dhande – Market Development Director and Rajesh Parab, Ph. D, Managing Director –South Asia, where they also were recognized for their outstanding contribution to uplifting the organization.

We’re proud to have half of our workforce made up of women from many backgrounds, that hold valuable roles across all departments.

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How Curia Celebrated International Women’s Day / Women’s History Month

We ran an entire social media campaign. We also launched the Women@Curia affinity group in March for Women’s History Month.


“As we close the celebration of Women’s History Month, we are excited to announce the launch of the first Curia Affinity Group Women@Curia in India. Led by Sowmitha Meesala and Jyothi Bhonagiri, the team in India has developed goals and objectives which will serve as the foundation to help mobilize Women@Curia across the U.S. and Europe as well.

Dawn Von Rohr, Senior Vice President of Strategy, will serve as the group’s executive sponsor. “I’m looking forward to meeting – and especially hearing – from women throughout the Curia organization. There is so much we can learn from each other. Shared experiences, challenges we face and ideas for improvement all play into making us stronger individuals and a better, more inclusive company,” Dawn commented.

During the coming months, we anticipate Women@Curia chapters will form in Europe and the US, with the global group ultimately meeting quarterly. The DE&I Council will provide support for the groups as they get organized, create a local structure, set goals and schedule regular meetings and events.”

Use local, womenowned businesses for your events
Download social media templates
Download templates for your digital events
LinkedIn Learning


• Find a female speaker

• Plan an IWD event

• Use local, womenowned businesses for your events

• Download social media templates

How Esteve Química, S.A. Celebrated International Women’s Day / Women’s History Month

Following our strategy which aims to promote equality in leadership positions, we have given a voice to women who leads at ESTEVE, as well as to men who give us their views on environments, leadership and the presence of women in their scopes.

We have launched an inclusive language guide that we will incorporate into our policies and procedures. We have invited a Guest speaker: Ms. Mercè Brey, well-known coach working for the transformation of people and organizations, to give her talk called “Alphas & Omegas”. We also have had a number of activities on our social media.


• Access IWD toolkits and internal education sessions on supporting female co-workers


• Download social media templates

How Lonza AG Celebrated International Women’s Day / Women’s History Month

We did a LinkedIn post and a few internal intranet posts for Women’s Day this year. We shared several articles and held various internal online meetings for women to connect with other women, to get inspired and share inspiration, to build relationships and confidence, and to open a platform for exchange.



• Download social media templates

How NJ Laboratories Celebrated International Women’s Day / Women’s History Month

We posted on social media on important women that should be recognized for their work throughout history. It was a weekly post highlighting on their life and what they had discovered or researched that made a lastly impact. The theme was mostly on science since we are a testing laboratory.


• Find a female speaker

• Plan an IWD event

• Use local, womenowned businesses for your events

• Download social media templates

How Pfizer, Inc. Celebrated International Women’s Day / Women’s History Month

Pfizer orchestrates enterprise-wide and local celebrations to honor International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month.

Organised by our Enterprise Colleague Resource Group, the Global Broadcast is a pinnacle event where we bring in an inspiring female speaker. This is a moderated discussion and covers topics including the speaker’s advice for women in the workforce and how to make progress towards a more inclusive and gender equal world. This year we expanded our event programming with 3 additional events for global colleagues, each hosted by a regional colleague resource group and also featuring inspiring female speakers.

A colleague engagement campaign compliments these events - this year this involved a virtual photo booth in which colleague struck the IWD themed “breakthebias” pose, then posted photos and challenged their colleagues to join them to #breakthebias.

In addition the global colleague resource group organizes enterprise-wide leader videos, social media posts, Linked-In Live event and colleague newsletters.

To support local sites’ roll out of IWD/WHM activities, a toolkit was shared with site colleague resource group leads. It included assets such as templated event invites, social media cards, posters, email templates and more.


How Piramal Critical Care, Inc. Celebrated International Women’s Day / Women’s History Month

In 2021, a celebratory message was sent to every employee throughout the entire Piramal Group with a link to a video showing various women from the organization, with one word each woman chose to describe herself, such as: Dedicated, Inquisitive, Tenacious, Explorer, Resilient, Magnificent, Driven, Committed, Caring, Selfless, Bold, Courageous, etc.

In addition, an online session was hosted by the Vice Chairperson that focused on Positivity and Health, and included female experts on the topic. The session was available for all employees to watch either in real time or at a later date.

your digital

In 2022, a week-long series of emails were issued to all employees, each with a commitment statement to women-focused topics from different executives such as: advancing women into roles of leadership, supporting women’s initiatives, providing mentorship or sponsorship, equity, etc.

Support of women and IWD was also conveyed via LinkedIn posts by different divisions of the Piramal Group, including one describing its unique “Second Innings” program, to provide opportunities to women who may have taken time away to focus on family or children, but are interested in re-entering the workforce.

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ADDITIONAL RESOURCES How Samsung BioLogics Celebrated International Women’s Day / Women’s History
• Download templates for your digital events • Download Zoom backgrounds • Plan an IWD event We interviewed and featured 3 of our female scientists for International Women’s Day. READ THE INTERVIEWS

How Univar Solutions Celebrated International Women’s Day / Women’s History Month

During Women’s History Month, hundreds of employees around the world are coming together to participate in events recognizing International Women’s Day and the continued need for greater gender equality. Our capstone event brought leaders together on a panel to openly discuss unconscious bias and continued action needed to ensure gender equality and increased equity. Together we can break the bias … together we win.

• Download Zoom backgrounds • Download social media templates • Plan an IWD event


Inc. Celebrated International Women’s Day / Women’s History Month

Pharmaceuticals DJB,
In honor of International Women’s Day and XGen being a Women-Owned Business: 1: The Culture Team sponsored a motivational talk by Judy Rowe about owning your influence and impacting your role in the company’s success. 2: The Occasions Club sponsored Lunch for the above Lunch and Learn from a local women-owned caterer. 3: XGen reached out to Mary Kay and, while supporting another Women Owned business, provided gift bags to all Women at XGen on this day. 4: XGen provided HerSHEy bars during the Lunch and Learn which consisted of coloring “SHE” in Hershey pink for all the ladies and put one in everyone’s mailbox on site. 5: XGen sent out an anonymous poll for Questions for the Owners about what it is like to run a Women Owned businessa. These Q & A’s were included in the employee newsletter, and may be incorporated into monthly Company “Huddle” meetings and in other Lunch and Learn formats 6: XGen sent an employee representative to the Own-It Women’s Conference in Corning, New York. 7: The XGen Occasions Club had employees submit slides of their female heroes and what makes them special and these were shared during a company-wide meeting. ANNIVERSARIES OPENING WORD (Ed Vanderbeck) WOMEN OWNED BUSINESS Q&A WITH SUSAN AND CATHY …………………… WOMEN OWNED BUSINESSES IN OUR AREA Issue #4 WOMEN OWNED BUSINESS 2022 Q1 ANNIVERSARIES NOV: Laura Bollinger JAN: Billy Poltrock Gina McKenna Liz Bower Sally Rine Tom Knapp Andrew Hickey Nicole Swan Sharon Reed Brian Golkiewicz DEC: Liz Carbon • Find a female speaker • Plan an IWD event • Use local, womenowned businesses for your events

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