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FROM TRAGEDY TO TRIUMPH... Do you know that for most people in the world the second best thing that they can do usually becomes their money making career? Its crazy huh. The reason for that is your first talent is what you are born to do. The second talent is what is used to help you get to your first goal. Sounds pretty good huh. Well, some people in this world have more than just one thing to offer. Matter of fact, they have several different talents that they do all at the highest level. The beauty about having a gift is once applied to society, the rewards are endless. People naturally wanna be around you because they believe the greatness will rub off on them. Maybe thats true, no matter that fact we all have something special about us.the more we realize it, the more we have to take our gifts seriously. I truly believe that the ones who grind the most, are the ones who recognize their opportunities in the near future.

In conclusion, watch out for those hardworking people out there. They have something to spread to the world and they know it. It may be more than what you think.

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Can't Keep My Eyes Off You!!! Name or Alias; Terri Springer aka SecretCharming Hometown: Independence, KS Likes: Cooking, Sketching, Relaxing to Smooth Music, Horseback Riding, Comedies Dislikes: Bad Breath, Arrogance, Negativity, I DO NOT like black eyed peas. If you ever try to feed me those, you will be automatically scratched of my favorites list(LAUGHS) Contact info:, Secretcharming@hotmail.ccom Website: Personal Website Currently in Progress:

1. When did you first start getting into modeling? I first started modeling about 3 years ago. It was just a hobby at first but it has become a more serious role in my life. I love it! 2. Although everyone does the modeling thing, what makes you stand out for agencies and people in the industry to select you for a gig? My natural ability to model. Over time, I have learned to make a very great connection with the camera. I understand that chemistry is everything. I find my comfort zone and flow. I am open to learning new things and always make an extra effort to listen to detail and direction. 3. What do you think is your best feature? My Legs, hands down! 4. What was your worst modeling experience? OMG...I had a shoot once and the photographer began asking me far too many personal questions. In the middle of the shoot, he decided to excuse himself. He was gone about 5 minutes. When he returned, his pants were wet in the groin area. I was disgusted and left ASAP! 5. What type of guys do you like? Honest, Respectful, Motivated, Intelligent, Confident Men that practice good hygiene. A man that has goals and is taking steps to achieve those goals. Talk is cheap and Actions are Everything! 6. What you would call a perfect fantasy for you? In detail...  I would love to go to Niagra Falls. Make love in front of the waterfall or even under the waterfall!  The soothing sounds of the water will probably have me going for hours! Perfect Fantasy. 7. What are you career goals for the future?  I am currently in the medical field and I am very much interested in computer technology. So I am currently furthering my knowledge in those areas. My ultimate goal is to have a non profit organization for teen mothers. 

Best/Worst Recording Sessions

So DBIC caught up with a couple of artists in the industry. We have been wanting to ask about their personal best or worst recording session, and if there was a meeting behind it. It was interesting to listen to the answers we got.

Darren Vegas

“My best studio session was the first time I ever did a song with Snoop Dogg & the LBC Crew at Can-Am studios. Snoop had hit me up and asked me if I had done the beat. It was for the song “Dippin’ in my Low Low.” I was surprised that it was Snoop that would call me. He told me to come up to the studio. I went to the studio and this was during Death Row’s heyday. I walked into the studio and Ice Cube and DJ Quik were in one room making a song together. I was there playing the keyboard and Dr. Dre walked up to me and said he liked what I was doing and shook my hand. DJ Pooh was there playing the talk box and working on the “Beware of my Crew” song. Tray Deee, Lady of Rage and the whole Dogg Pound were there too. It seemed that 30-40 people were there. I was very excited to be there. I remember they had pit bulls running around the studio too. You could barely see anything because there was so much weed smoke in there. That was one of the first songs I did that came out on a record. That is my best memory of a session.”

“Damn, there all pretty good. When we recorded at “Electric Ladyland” in New York City, it was quite memorable to say the least. We got drunk of our asses and came up with “Sick & Tired” with Anthony Hamilton. We were definitely on some Jimi Hendrix that night.”

Skinny Deville


Words From A Special Butterfly Interview by Mysheka Ross

DBICMag: How has your road to being an author been so far? Davetta: This journey has been more than amazing. I realized in the middle of this process that I needed to stay focused and on track and that helped me deal with the stress of writing a piece that the world would read. There were times where I would get afraid and want to stop and then I realized that I have over come so many obstacles in my life and I want to share that feeling with the world.   DBICMag: What still keeps your passion for writing books going Davetta: My passion is fueled by the fact that words enlighted, encourage and empower the reader. Words also rejuvenate, restore and transforms when they have an impact on a certain situation. Knowing that my words can brighten someone's day or bring clarity to a struggle in their life is power to me as a writer.

DBICMag: Tell me about your new book?

Davetta: In The Life Of A Butterfly is an inspirational autobiography. This story takes you on  journey through a young girls life that was full of obstacle, overwhelmed with bad decisions and inundated with consequences. The journey didn't end...there was life in overcoming those things and walking into her purpose. I wrote the book so that young girls can realize the power that they possess, so that women can see that there is a way out of a dark situation. The story will help men understand their wives who may be a woman stuck in her past. I also wrote it for parents; so that they are mindful of their children and they reach out to them on a regularly and so that the communication in our homes is strengthen.  

DBICMag: Have you dedicated this book to anyone in particular?

Davetta: I dedicated the book to my husband and my four children. They have been through the storm and rain with me. It was the least that I could do for them. I thank them with all of my heart for their love and support.

DBICMag: In the book, you reference yourself as if your a butterfly, why?

Davetta: I found the metamorphosis of a butterfly from a caterpillar very interesting and similar to the transformation of my life. I could only imagine the caterpillar probably thought his life had ended until he realized that he had become a butterfly. This was very similar to the transformation of my life. I was very low, I secluded myself from my friends and family. While I was secluded (in my cocoon) I was growing and becoming more beautiful with each phase and when I emerged I was ready to spread my wings and fly...just like a butterfly.

DBICMag: What do you want readers to get out of this publication?

Davetta: I want my readers to have HOPE, HOPE that the sun will shine, that joy comes in the morning. I want them to know that they are not a product of their environment. I want them know that their circumstances and situations do not define them. I want my readers to know that "they" have purpose and that God has a plan for each of them. -Mysheka Ross

DBIC: where can we find this book?

Davetta: I am a self published author. I am also self distributing my own work. Readers can place an order for a copy of the book at .

DBIC: We heard that you do motivational speaking? Davetta: I have been encouraging people many years. I have been given wonderful opportunities to reach young girls, young women and men. I also speak to young adults who participate in educational programs. I am always willing to speak and provide an empowering word of encouragement. If I reach ONE, I teach ONE!

DBIC: Are you planning any tours for the book?

Davetta: I am doing a few local book signings in Houston in October. I will be in Northern Indiana at The Historic Roosevelt Center on Sunday, September 25th from 5pm-8pm. I will be at the Starbucks Coffee Company at 160 West 87th St in Chicago, IL. on Monday, September 26th from 6am-2pm. I am working on dates for California and Las Vegas later this fall.

DBIC: Whats next for you as an author?

Davetta: I am working on my next project. I am creating a compilation piece that involves 15 female writers that have the desire to write, but they are not sure where to start. I am also working on the next book that I will write which is the 3rd of 4 books within this series of HOPE. I am working very hard to become a global motivational speaker, working hard to reach the world one person at a time.

-Mysheka Ross

The World On Cali Swag Shoulders Its been a lot of ups and downs for this supergroup out of Inglewood, Ca. Y'all know the story. But what you don't know is what it takes to allow these boys to keep going. Some people wont be able to handle to what comes with stardom and tragedy. Then again, greats come a dime a dozen.

DBIC: So the kickback album is out. How do you guys feel so far?

Yung: Man, we still excited! Its like we worked hard and dreamed so long for something like this to happen and now here it is.

Smoove: Yeah from being in the studio recording, to the music we just did to be in stores is a beautiful feeling. We pray everyday and thank god for this blessing, DBIC: Whats your favorite records from the album?

Smoove: Well mine is "Hiphop Fiend". Thats my favorite.

Jayare: yeah thats mine too. That and "Rocking Republic" because i like the energy to it. "Disgusting" I'm still on that as well.

Yung: Umm, i would say "Don't Stop The Music" because my verse was hard. (lol) "Me & You" and "Im Freakin You" "because its for the ladies.

DBIC: Where there any records that you didn't like at first but changed your mind?

Yung: When they first. But it grew on me and end up to Poly Rob for that.

Smoove: Well not really. Front when we recording the album at 319 studios some of the production changed one we got to Las Vegas to master it. But it didn't change how we liked it. It made it better. changed "Kickback" hook i didn't like it at being something i played a lot. Shout-out

Smoove: Yeah Rob did that. He ugly though (laughs) just joking.

DBIC: Prior to the album you guys dropped a mixtape titled "Deeper than the Dougie". Explain the nature of that mixtape?

Smoove: At the time we felt like people only gave us credit for the dougie and didn't respect us as real artists. So we decided to make a mixtape to silence all the critics and show them that we nice on the mic. We didn't wanna be labeled as a group that just make dance music. We got other things that dope about us.

Yung: Yeah, the response was great. We linked up wit DJ Kay Slay and he hosted the tape. We got like over 500,000 downloads collectively through all the sites. Im glad everybody liked it.

DBIC: I know you guys dont like talkin about it, but just briefly tell us how has it been without close friend and partner MBone.

Yung: I still cant belueve he gone man. Sometimes its hard to talk about it because everytime i think about him i think about how close we was and how we did everything together. And for us to do things now witout him really sucks. I miss Montae.

Jayare: we used to have fun when we was on tour wit all 4 of us. It felt like how we used to throw kickbacks and go crazy. Now we be on business when we go do shows and tours. Not saying it not still fun but it will never be the same. Never..

Smoove: I know deep down in our hearts that he still wit us. Everything we doing i feel like he right there like he never left. Even though it 3 of us. We still make creative decisions like its 4 of us still. Like we valued MBone's opinion when we made records. So we still treat it like that because we know what type of stuff he like. Everything we do we do it in faith of him. Bone will always be here.

DBIC: How have you guys been dealing with the rumors?

Yung: Man the stuff we be hearing is crazy. People really just dont understand what they be saying or what we go through. I wish they would stop it fa real.

Smoove: everybody got they opinion on what happened, who did it, whats going on, we dont feed into that nonsense. We love MBone and we will not drag his name in the dirt by feeding into what everybody is talking about. If he was here now he would say "Man I dont care about nothing but making something of ourselves". And thats it. All four of us we through a lot before we got to a point where our success is paying off. And truthfully everybody looked the other way on us when we tryna get to this point. Its been the 4 of us and its gon always be like that.

DBIC: What adjustments have been made on stage and in the recording studio to keep the energy that the 4 of you had?

Jayare: Like when we do records, we still think sometimes how Bone would feel of he heard this song. He had a talent for knowing what records will go. And we try to maintain the same fun factor like we do. Smoove: On stage, its hard to fill that void. We would do different things depending n the crowd, or how big or small the venue is. The intensity is still there, not as much as when it was all four of us, but we manage to make the show hot.

DBIC: Whats your biggest moment in yur career so far?

Yung: BET Awards show wit Dougie Fresh! Oh yeah the VMAs with Kevin Hart. Jayare: yeah those was probably the biggest. And goin to the Philipines. That was tight. DBIC: Has your music changed since the abum dropped?

Smoove: we still have our csd formula. We have done a couple of new things that yall gonna like. Im sure of it.

DBIC: What direction would you like to take your careers as a whole? Yung: we just want to be a household name and make good music.

Smoove: yeah we got a good start and we gonna keep moving man. We got a strong team and we keep pushin.

DBIC: Anything new coming? Smoove: new music video for our new single "Burnout".that video is gonna be dope! DBIC: Explain the process of what makes "cali swag district" the brand operate? Jayare: 319, thats it. Yung: yeah its just 319 Music.

DBIC Magazine July 2011 Issue  

Hey DBIC Readers!! Do we have a treat for you. Check out our "LOST" Issue of July that we couldnt release until now!!! This issue Features C...

DBIC Magazine July 2011 Issue  

Hey DBIC Readers!! Do we have a treat for you. Check out our "LOST" Issue of July that we couldnt release until now!!! This issue Features C...