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Baby Bits

Should you harvest your colostrum? The CDC's new milestones benchmark; top pregnancy exercises.


Memory Books to Love

Be ready for the memory-making before Baby arrives. .


What Every New Parent Should Know

First, it's all going to be OK. Second, knowledge is power!


The Unexpected After Effects for NICU Parents

Seeing your newborn hooked up to wires, monitors and oxygen is heartbreaking. Getting over that takes time.



Resources and information for new parents, plus biking with your baby and the Middle Tennessee Birthing Directory. SPRING/SUMMER 2022 5

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By Susan Day

Should You Harvest Your "Liquid Gold?"

Your breast milk's colostrum plays an important part in building your baby's immune system. Here's what to know.


ntenal Hand Expression — or colostrum harvesting — isn't talked about much in the U.S., but some feel it should be. Colostrum of course, is the first milk your body produces during pregnancy, so it's the first milk your baby will get from your breasts — unless you're not breastfeeding. It's a great source of nutrition, loaded with antibodies, white blood cells and other immunity-boosting compounds to keep newborns from getting infections, illnesses or disease. Harvesting colostrum means hand-expressing it prior to your baby's birth. If you choose not to breastfeed, or if you have a history of low milk supply, you can hand-express your colostrum and feed it to your infant, says Leigh Anne O'Connor, a lactation consultant. "Women who have had breast surgery or a history of low milk supply, can benefit from prenatal harvesting of colostrum as it 'fires up' the milk ducts and gets colostrum moving through them," O'Connor says. But lactation consultants also say to wait to hand express co-

lostrum from your breasts until after your 37th week of pregnancy since stimulation releases oxytocin from your brain ... which may lead to labor. There's no doubt that giving colostrum to your newborn is one of the best things you can do for them. "Having colostrum available when the baby is born provides the optimal choice if the baby needs supplementation in addition to breastfeeding," says Andrea Tran, a nurse and lactation consultant. If you're thinking about harvesting your colostrum, discuss it with your doctor first — they can answer any questions you have and guide you on how to hand express. The Upshot Colostrum harvesting may be a good idea if you: • are expecting multiples • have diabetes • know your baby will be born with a health condition • are choosing not to breastfeed

The "liquid gold" of your breastmilk can be harvested before your baby's birth.

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BABY bits




CDC Changes Milestones Benchmark — Here's What to Know he first smile, the first word, the first step. Tracking Baby's growth comes naturally to new parents. Your pediatrician will look for markers, too, to affirm that your baby is developing properly within a typical timeframe. And in case you missed it, in February, 2022, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated their developmental milestones for the first time in 18 years. Milestones are divided into four main categories: socialemotional; language/speech; cognition; and motor. For years guidelines were based upon a 50th percentile scale, or average age measurement. The new milestones — now with more family friendly language — are based upon the behaviors that 75 percent or more of children can be expected to exhibit at certain ages. The change in the benchmark will help in identifying delays, the CDC says.

More Checklists, Fewer Milestones Milestone checklists have been added for 15 and 3 months of age, so baby development screenings now take place at every well-child visit from ages 2 - 5 years. Previously, the CDC had 216 milestones across 10 checklists. Now there are 159 milestones across 12 checklists. Some of the reduction is due to duplicate milestones under multiple checklists. Outstanding changes include the removal of crawling as a milestone, lower standards for language development and earlier screenings for autism. To see the CDC's updated milestones and to download a free Milestone Tracker App, go to milestones.

Exercising in Pregnancy Doesn't Have to Be a Drag and It's Super Helpful to Your Changing Body


xercising during pregnancy isn't about keeping extra pounds off (although it helps). But it is about lessening depression, back pain and helping with labor and post-delivery recovery. Most of the time exercising during pregnancy is safe, but speak with your health care provider first to see if there's any reason why you shouldn't. If you're good to go, exercise can help you, but don't go too wild. The American College of Gynecologists (ACOG) says to avoid contact sports, activities with a high risk of falling, scuba diving, sky diving and hot yoga or hot pilates. So what's "good" exercise? Walking, swimming, stationary cycling, yoga, pilates and low-impact aerobics such as jogging and pool aerobics. The ACOG's guidelines recommend that pregnant women exercise about 30 minutes a day, five days a week. If you weren't much of an exerciser before pregnancy, it's probably best to work your way up slowly with as little as 10 minutes of activity a day and to build it up to what is sustainable for you over time. Also according to the ACOG, should you experience any warning signs while exercising such as vaginal bleeding, regular painful contractions, amniotic fluid leakage, difficulty breathing, dizziness, headache, chest pain, muscle weakness, calf pain or swelling, stop and contact your doctor immediately.


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by Susan Swindell Day By Susan Day

Record Baby's Moments Memory books are EVERYTHING later on, after Baby's grown, and you want to look back (and you will!), so get your hands on a good one before Baby's arrival. We have five faves.


o many moms and dads end up with ONE baby book for the first baby but zilch for additional children. Why is that? It's because parents get so darned busy! So, get ahold of a memory book for your baby while you're expecting and make a plan to add to it as the days go by. Getting in the habit of putting it together slowly, dipping into it for say, 10 minutes each morning, is doable. Here are several top-notch baby memory books to help you chronicle Baby's precious moments. You'll be glad you did, and one day, you can proudly deliver it to your grown child as evidence that yes, you DID and DO love them BIG.


THE STORY OF YOU* $99 This is such a lovely baby book (through a top-quality photo book service). It's bound with four large rings for the thick writing pages, guided prompts and pockets. Get it down in style with this one-of-a-kind treasure.


Writing extensively about your baby's experiences is the focal point of this unique memory book. There is ample space for notes, wishes and what really happened when Baby took his first steps, etc. Meaningful prompts help get you started. Bound in linen and embossed in gold, it's about an inch thick, and portable. Write your heart out.


Here's a gender-neutral memory book with guided sections for recording everything up to age 5. Spiral binding lets it lay flat for ease of use. Created by artist and graphic designer Korie Herold, handrawn illustrations set the tone on every page. Includes pockets for keepsakes and prompts that make it easy to know what to jot down.


C.R. Gibson has an awesome collection of baby memory books including "Little Man," "Handsome Little Guy," "Sweet as Can Be" and this one, "Hello World," a green-and-beige unisex book. Sized at approximately 12" high by 10" wide, it's a larger book for compiling all those memories, a family tree, photos and prompts.


ALL ABOUT ME $25 This on-trend memory book is spiral bound and boasts silver and gray herringbone accents throughout. Mark your special photo sessions at one month, two months and so on with included belly stickers.


aking a custom

photo book is a

convenient way to

store memories. They make

for a quick and easy way to get

photos off your phone and into

a photo book fast. Head to:


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What All First-Time Parents Should Know With your first baby on the way, you're being bombarded with advice, opinions and information and it can get confusing. But there are several key points to bringing a baby into the world that you really must know.


ife with an infant can be wonderful — there's nothing like having a newborn in the house — but it can also be exhausting and, well, terrifying. How do you care for this tiny, needy creature and why isn't there a manual? There will be moments when

you are beside yourself for lack of sleep and for just trying to understand your baby's needs and desires. Newborns — any baby under 28 days old — require management of an extraordinary level. Thankfully, through painstaking research over time and experience, several aspects of caring for a newborn are clear cut — and you need to know them well. (please turn the page)


What All First-Time Parents Should Know BACK TO SLEEP

tion by using a high-pitched voice, using facial expressions and gestures, reading to your baby and describing your actions as you do them. Since communication is the cornerstone of healthy relationships, realize that it is critical for you to communicate regularly with your infant.

All newborns should sleep on their backs. Place Baby's head in alternating directions in the crib every night to prevent flat spots. Memorize the ABC's of safe sleep as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP): A = ALONE; B = BACK; C = CRIB. The AAP says babies should always sleep alone, and that the safest place for Baby to sleep is in the same room as you, in a crib that meets current safety standards, next to your bed. Provide a firm sleep surface free from anything except Baby in a sleep sack. Keep where Baby sleeps smoke- and pollutant-free. Further, keep the room cool to prevent over-heating.




It may seem obvious, but communication is any message sent from one party to another through sounds, words and physical hints. Become an expert of observation. Though your baby won't say any meaningful words until about 1 year, they will still be communicating to you with cries, coos, facial expressions and body language. You can encourage their communica-

Newborns will nurse or take a bottle every two - three hours on average. Formula-fed babies lose five percent of their weight during the first few days and breastfed babies lose about seven to 10 percent of their weight. Most babies will be back to their birth weight by their two week well-baby visit.

One of your little one's first exercises is Tummy Time, a period during the day when your child spends time awake on his tummy. It helps with motor, visual and sensory development and can begin in the newborn stage. Aim to achieve at least an hour of Tummy Time per day by 3 months of age. For newborns, start with a few minutes at a time, building up to longer sessions.

MORE TOP TIPS • Try to breastfeed for six months. • Sponge bathe your infant daily where they need it — typically around the mouth, neck and diaper area. New borns only need bathing once or twice a week as it leads to dry skin. • Bond with your baby through skinto-skin contact and experiment with techniques to calm any fussiness. • Ask for support from family and friends if you are struggling. • Call your pediatrician if your baby develops a rectal temperature over 100.4, if they stop eating or cry incessantly, or if the whites of their eyes turn yellow. SOURCE: Heading Home With Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality (American Academy of Pediatrics; 2020) by Laura Jana M.D. and Jennifer Shu, M.D.

New parents are inundated by friends, family, doctors, nurses and even strangers doling out all kinds of advice. It can be confusing (not to mention contradictory). There are, however, key guidelines that are crucial for all first-time parents to know.


THEY’RE HERE! Baby’s first teeth. Another milestone. And that means it’s time to see the dentist!

Healthy Smiles Start at a Very Young Age The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends all children be seen by a pediatric dentist when their first tooth appears, and no later than the first birthday.






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Bring your infant in to see us to help create a healthy smile that will last a lifetime.


PARENTS AFTER the NICU: The Unexpected, Lasting After Effects By Sarah Lyons

Even after Baby comes home, unexpected anxieties can crop up for you, bad dreams and jarring fears all related to your baby's wellness and the emotional trauma you've experienced.



never thought I would experience having a child in the NICU, but five years ago when we found out we were having triplets, I was told that my pregnancy was considered high risk and the babies would most likely be born early. That meant we'd be spending time in the NICU. I spent time doing research, toured the NICU, and talked to other moms. While this early preparation was valuable, nothing could truly prepare me for the experience. Seeing your child hooked up to wires, monitors and oxygen is heartbreaking. There are often alarms going off as your child struggles to breathe and you spend time sitting next to their bed worrying. The environment is stressful and isolating. You are surrounded by babies who are literally fighting for their lives. Our triplets spent 14, 16 and 44 days in the NICU. One needed open heart surgery and came home on a feeding tube and oxygen. Once they were home, we went into survival mode as we continued to care for our three older kids as well as three newborns with low immunity. It was an exhausting and challenging time unlike anything else we have ever experienced.

A New Routine Over time we found our new normal and got into a routine. I noticed new anxieties that I had never experienced before. I was afraid to take the kids out, fearing we would catch

a virus that would compromise their health. Logistically it was hard to take three infants anywhere, especially one that needed a feeding pump and portable oxygen tank. I started to have panic attacks, bad dreams and found myself worrying more than ever. That winter, our daughter was hospitalized for five viruses and was admitted to the ICU once again. When they prepared to transport her, my heart started beating very rapidly, I began to sweat and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I shared my feelings with the hospital social worker and they were able to support me and talk me through my panic attack. My daughter recovered and was sent home where she grew and thrived over the next few months. As the anniversaries of painful memories — including my difficult high-risk pregnancy, hospital bed rest, missed moments with my other children, NICU time and my daughter's surgery to fix her heart defect came upon us — I started to feel more and more stressed. Recalling the difficult conversations I had with doctors about the true risk my children were in at birth and during the NICU time, I realized I was not in a good place mentally. I found myself panicking, worrying and feeling general stress elevated considerably beyond my normal levels. I had a tightness in my chest and I frequently snapped at my husband and kids. I knew it was time to ask for help. I didn’t feel like myself. With the encouragement of my doctor and my husband, I sought out a counselor that helped me work through my emotions about the experiences I had walked through over the last year. My counselor treated me for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and I began to feel like my old self again.

Huh? PTSD? Previous to my experience in the NICU, when I thought about PTSD I thought of veterans who had experienced war. While this is a serious problem that deserves attention, it should also be taught that PTSD comes after a variety of life experiences. Parents who experience their child in the NICU and those who have severely ill children often experience PTSD. According to a recent New York Times article, “Duke University interviewed parents six months after their baby’s due date and scored them on three post-traumatic stress symptoms: avoidance, hyperarousal and flashbacks or nightmares. Of the 30 parents, 29 had two or three symptoms and

16 had all three.” Parents who journey through the NICU experience have several traumas in short succession. First they have an early, often unexpected birth. Then they see their newborn child endure risky medical procedures and sometimes hear alarms sounding indicating their child is in distress. Often NICU babies have repeated episodes that are life-threatening that parents must witness. There are conversations with doctors about the risk their child is in on a daily basis as well as observing the fragile state of the babies around them in tightly spaced rooms. Parents will face these traumas almost every time they see their child during the time they are in the NICU which can be days, weeks or months. Due to these conditions, the NICU could be likened to a warzone.

Traumatized Parents Parents with PTSD due to the NICU experience may struggle with depression, anger, anxiety, nightmares, avoidance of certain situations, panic when they hear an alarm going off or even distance themselves from their child. While some parents may notice these symptoms right away, it is possible that it may take months to show up, sometimes when the family feels like things have returned to normal and they are out of “survival mode”. If you feel like you are experiencing PTSD, reach out to the NICU for resources for parents. Most hospitals have social workers prepared to work with parents and refer them to support groups and counseling services. The March of Dimes is also a great resource for parental support for NICU families. Untreated PTSD can cause lingering effects on both the parent and child, so it is best to reach out as soon as possible. Now, five years after the birth of my triplets, I still have moments where I worry about germs or wonder if the kids’ colds will turn into respiratory distress, but I have to remind myself that they are bigger, stronger and their bodies are more equipped to handle and fight off illness. My three- four- and fivepound babies are now strong, average-sized kids. Thanks to the counseling I received when those hard moments happened, now I am able to remind myself that the NICU is in our past and the kids have a bright future. Sarah Lyons is a mother of six and a frequent contributor to Nashville Parent's family of publications.


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21 Baby Safety

Secure your home environment and find car seat installation locations.

21 Biking with Baby

Bike seats? Trailers? What to know about hitting the trails together.

22 Storytimes

Davidson / Rutherford / Sumner Williamson counties.

22 Mommy & Me Fun With Baby

Infant massage; art & theater; fitness; music & movement.

25 Middle Tennessee Birthing Guide

Info on what area hospitals offer for childbirth.


BABY WORLD prenatal services group prenatal care Expect With Me at Vanderbilt Centers for Women's Health 719 Thompson Lane, Ste. 27100, Nashville 615-343-5700 522 Northcrest Drive, Springfield 615-382-2619 Prenatal care in a group setting features 10 twohour sessions. Includes a social networking feature. Meharry Medical College 1005 Dr. D.B. Todd Jr. Blvd., Nashville 615-321-2692 | prenatalcare/index.html Women in this program meet in small groups and spend up to two hours in each session.

prenatal yoga classes Chestnut Hill Yoga 1106 3rd Ave. S, Nashville 615-385-3600 • Abundant Yoga 1109 Davenport Blvd., #1000, Franklin 615-721-2747 • BlossOMing Yoga - Virtual Classes 917-691-2385 • Half Moon Yoga - Virtual Classes 101 International Drive, Ste. 105, Franklin 615-496-2310 • Hot Yoga - open with social distancing 807 Main St., Nashville 615-678-8079 • Kundalini Rising Yoga/Bethany Joy Yoga 1218 Wedgewood Ave., Nashville 615-473-3467 • Nurture Nashville Yoga West: 992 Davidson Dr., Ste. 102, Nashville East: 1000 Fatherland St., Ste. 201, Nashville In-person, Livestream and zoom classes.

new parent services birth photography Alurawayne Photography 865-548-4746 • Christie Lynn Photography 615-405-3595 • Kailee Riches Photography 303-748-4275 • Kalimana Film Stories 615-378-7888 • Karen Halbert Photography 615-394-5970 • Katy Johnson Photography 615-692-9224 • Laura Janicek Photography 615-214-0654 •


NOVA Birth Services 615-669-6399 • Rylan's Riches Photography Voyage Creatives 615-538-7672 •

breastfeeding, childbirth & newborn services American College of Nurse-Midwives 240-485-1800 • Locate local nurse-midwives and midwifery info. Blissful Birthing TN 859-533-4667 • Doula services and childbirth information sessions. Online childbirthing classes. Bradley Method Childbirth Educators 800-422-4784 • Natural, husband-coached childbirth classes focusing on breathing and relaxation. Online classes. ConnectusHealth Midwifery 601 Benton Ave., Nashville 2637 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville 615-292-9770 • Offers prenatal, delivery and pediatric care, birth planning, certified nurse mid-wives, on-call midwife and more. Delivers babies at St. Thomas Midtown. Eden Birth 615-392-0577 • Hypnobabies classes in Middle Tennessee. Expecting New Life Birth Services 615-710-7077 • Doula services and "Evidence Based Birth" classes now available online. La Leche League • Hendersonville/Sumner • 615-714-9224 Nashville • 615-861-1037 or 615-883-6823 Rutherford • 901-568-9202 Williamson • 615-830-0041 or 615-579-8019 Support and information for breastfeeding mothers. Mama Moon Birth Concierge 615-973-2377 • Labor and postpartum doula services, prenatal massage, education, sophrology and more. Music City Doulas 615-208-4111 • Available in group, private and semi-private sessions, including in-home customizable options. Nashville Birth and Babies 855-905-2229 • Certified birth doulas, breastfeeding education, lactation consultants, post-partum doulas, Hypnobabies and placenta encapsulation. Nashville Childbirth 615-370-5912 • Bradley Method private natural childbirth classes, doulas (labor and postpartum), baby care and more. Nashville Breastfeeding Coalition Education for women about breastfeeding prior to delivery; removing hospital obstacles; and helping moms for the first few days at home and more. Nashville Breastfeeding Support 615-880-2185 Metro Public Health Department's program.

Nashville Doula Services Labor doula support, lactation support, childbirth education, placenta encapsulation and more. NOVA Birth Services 615-669-6399 • Midwife care, doula support, childbirth class, breastfeeding class, pre- and post-natal massage. Nurses for Newborns Foundation 615-313-9989 • Registered nurses make home visits for health-care assessments, education and parenting skills. Roots Collaborative Care Doula, childbirth classes including virtual classes. Rutherford Breastfeeding Support Murfreesboro • 615-898-7880 Smyrna • 615-355-6175 A full-time lactation consultant available through the Rutherford County Department of Health. Tennessee Breastfeeding Hotline 855-423-6667 breastfeeding-hotline.html A free helpline offering breastfeeding support 24/7. West End Women's Health Center 2611 West End Ave., Ste. 380, Nashville 615-936-5858 • Midwifery care during pregnancy and childbirth with delivery at Vanderbilt. Wilson Breastfeeding Support Group 615-444-5325, ext. 1052 The Wilson County Health Dept. hosts a breastfeeding support group every week. Call to RSVP. Womankind 615-426-1977 • Pre- and post-natal massage and doula services. Vanderbilt Birth Center 3212 West End Ave Suite 100, Nashville 615-647-8220 • Collaborative midwife, physician team for delivery.

parent groups Baby + Co. New Moms Group 3212 West End Ave., Ste. 100, Nashville 615-647-8220 • Meet other new moms virtually. Child and Family Therapy Collective A growing practice providing mental health services to children and families in Nashville. Middle Tennessee Moms of Multiples Facebook group. MOMS Club (Moms Offering Moms Support) Stay-at-home mothers offering connectivity throughout Middle Tennessee. MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Mom meetups online and in person. Multiples of America Support and groups in Nashville. Music City 20s Moms Facebook group. Nashdads Dads keep in touch through their Facebook.

Naturally Minded Moms of Tennessee Moms raising their families with a natural mindset. Parents of East Nashville Playdates, conversation and idea sharing. Spring Hill Mommies Activities and get-togethers for moms in Spring Hill. The Family Center Get information, support, skill building and personalized parenting insights in Murfreesboro. TN Moms of Rutherford County Make new friends, set up play dates and more.

miscellaneous Attachment Parenting International 615-828-9115 or 615-210-2143 ICAN of Nashville Free monthly support and educational meetings. Junior League Family Resource Center 615-936-2558 • Support to families of children with disabilities. March of Dimes Tennessee Chapter 615-399-3200 • Premature baby support. Milk Bank Depot Maury Regional Medical Center 1224 Trotwood Ave., Columbia • 931-490-7074 Nashville General Hospital 1818 Albion St., Nashville • 810-841-8644 TriStar Centennial Women's Hospital 2221 Murphy Ave., Nashville • 615-933-8877 TriStar StoneCrest Medical Center 200 StoneCrest Blvd., Smyrna • 615-768-2234 Pre-approved donor mothers drop off frozen milk for testing and pasteurization.

Biking With Baby On Board


ne of the joys of having a little one is his portability — even when biking. It's all about the bike seat or apparatus you use. Tthough many child bike seats are designed for infants as young as nine months, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends parents wait until age 1 to ride with your child. Curbs and small bumps in the road can jiggle kids around, so your child should have good head and neck control, and be strapped in with a secure harness. • Do: Check the specs of your bike seat or trailer to ensure the weight limit and age is appropriate for your child • Don’t: Put a car seat inside a trailer • Don’t: Wear a baby wrap/carrier and ride your bike • Do: Start helmet wearing immediately so there is no question it's mandatory

Bike Seats

Postpartum Support International 800-944-4773 • Provides local resource information for women with perinatal mood disorders.

These three types of bike seats attach to an adult bike, making it easy to travel around town together, while fielding requests for Goldfish crackers.

Tennessee's Early Intervention Services 615-532-7237 • A program for families with children birth through 2 years with disabilities or developmental delays.

• Front-mounted: Parents love frontmounted seats for the bonding time with their babies. They attach to the front of your bike, just below the handlebars.

Tennessee Office of Vital Records 615-741-1763 • Keeps and provides birth records for the state.

baby safety American Red Cross Cannon, Rutherford • 615-893-4272 Cheatham, Davidson, Robertson, Sumner, Williamson, Wilson • 615-250-4300 Instruction in CPR, first aid and babysitting. The Children's Hospital at TriStar Centennial 615-342-1000 Pediatric ER, a neonatal intensive care unit and outpatient services.

These seats are for riders ranging from nine-months to two- or three-years old (or a weight limit of around 35 pounds). • Rear-frame mounted: This seat attaches directly to your bike’s frame (along the seatpost), typically larger than frontmounted seats. The downside: you can’t see your child. These seats are suitable from nine-months to around 45 pounds. • Rear-rack mounted: This type of seat mounts onto a rack connected to your bike frame, over the back tire. If you already have a bike rack attached for other purposes, this is a good option.


Bike trailers are the best and safest choice for families. They attach to a bike’s frame or rear axle and can comfortably carry one or two kids (plus the diaper bag and gear). With larger weight limits, they can be used for kids ages 1 - 6. Children are buckled in and protected from the elements and can bring along toys and take a snooze. You do the work, while the kids sit back and enjoy the ride. Before you know it, your toddler will be ready for his own set of wheels. Remember, the goal is to encourage your kiddo to enjoy biking, now and in the future. Happy trails!

Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt 615-936-1000 • Provides the most comprehensive pediatric, family-centered care in the area. Website includes health, safety information and car seat safety.


Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital Vanderbilt at Williamson Medical Center 615-435-5000 Comprehensive inpatient pediatric, emergency care.

Mr. Handyman of Nashville, Hendersonville 615-551-4653 • Skilled professionals can help you cross off everything on your baby proofing to-do list.

Safe Kids of Cumberland Valley 615-936-8222 • The local affiliate of the national Safe Kids Campaign led by Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt.

Ace Handyman Services of West Nashville 615-281-9446 • Quick, easy and convenient scheduling for baby proofing services.

Safe Baby 615-370-0850 • Custom baby proofing services include safety gates, hearth gates, cabinet latches/locks, electrical safety, bathroom safety and more.


BABY WORLD storytimes

Nashville Public Library Green Hills 3701 Benham Ave., Nashville 615-862-5863

fitness Blooma Yoga (East and West Nashville) 615-797-8064 • BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby) in daily online classes.

In-person and/or virtual storytimes. Events vary, so check first to see what stories are being read and when.

Nashville Public Library Hermitage 3700 James Kay Lane, Hermitage 615-880-3951

Frist Art Museum 919 Broadway, Nashville 615-244-3340 • Trilingual readings of selected stories.

Nashville Public Library Inglewood 4312 Gallatin Pike, Nashville 615-862-5866

Gallatin Public Library 123 E Main St., Gallatin 615-452-1722 •

Nashville Public Library Madison 610 Gallatin Pike S, Madison 615-862-5868

Let It Shine (Franklin) 615-369-3547 • Parent-and-child movement classes for 6 monthswalking; 12 - 23 months and 24 - 36 months.

John P. Holt Brentwood Library 8109 Concord Road, Brentwood 615-371-0090 •

Nashville Public Library Old Hickory 1010 Jones St., Old Hickory 615-862-5869

Music City S.L.A.M. (Nashville) Stroller fitness classes for moms with newborns toddlers. Meets at the Gordon JJCC playground.

Hendersonville Public Library 140 Saundersville Road, Hendersonville 615-824-0656 •

Nashville Public Library Thompson Lane 380 Thompson Lane, Nashville 615-862-5873

La Vergne Public Library 5063 Murfreesboro Road, La Vergne 615-793-7303 •

Smyrna Public Library 400 Enon Springs Road W, Smyrna 615-459-4884 •

Linebaugh Public Library 105 W Vine St., Murfreesboro 615-893-4131 • MGL Memorial Library 521 Mercury Blvd., Murfreesboro 615-907-3429 • Nashville Ballet 3630 Redmon St., Nashville 615-297-2966 • Nashville Public Library Main 615 Church St., Nashville 615-862-5800 • Wishing Chair Productions, Nursery Rhyme Time with JJ the Lamb, Storytime at the Professor's House, Lee con Klem-Marí and more. Nashville Public Library Bellevue 720 Baugh Road, Nashville 615-862-5854 • Nashville Public Library Bordeaux 4000 Clarksville Pike, Nashville 615-862-5856

Williamson County Public Library 1314 Columbia Ave., Franklin 615-794-3105 •

KidFIT: Movers & Shakers (Murfreesboro) 615-893-7439 • You and your tot (ages 1 - 3) can get moving. Check website for more details.

My Gym (Brentwood) 615-371-5437 • Tiny Tykes class for ages 4 - 22 months. Nashville Gymnastics Training Center (Nashville) 615-298-2264 • Little Peepers for ages 9 - 18 months builds strength and coordination.

music & movement Barfield School of Dance (Murfreesboro) 615-615-896-3118 • Kindermusik classes for newborns to toddlers.

mommy & me fun for baby

Blooma Yoga (West Nashville) 615-797-8064 • BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby) for online classes everyday.

infant massage

Dance Classics (Murfreesboro) 615-378-7152 • Fairy Tale Babies for ages 1-and-a-half to 2-and-ahalf takes place Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m.

Angie Gray Massage Therapy Learn to give Baby a full-body massage using ageappropriate techniques. Infant Massage USA Find 10 Certified Educator of Infant Massage instructors in the greater Nashville area.

Jan Williams School of Music & Theatre (Brentwood) 615-371-8086 • Music for Mommy & Me ages 0 - 18 months.

Sara B. Dye Massage Therapy 615-579-3686 • Classes in Murfreesboro.

Music Together (Brentwood, Franklin, Hendersonville, Nashville, Nolensville & Spring Hill) International research-based early childhood music and movement program for newborns and older.

This Little Piggy Infant Massage 410-375-0003 • Infant massages in the comfort of your own home, or in a group setting.

School of Nashville Ballet (Nashville) 3630 Redmon Street, Nashville 615-297-2966 • Children's classes for ages 2 - 7.

art & theater

Sound Start Early Childhood Music (Brentwood, Mt. Juliet & Nashville) 615-777-9314 • Music Pups for ages birth - 4 years includes singing, dancing, movement and instrument play.

Nashville Public Library Donelson 2315 Lebanon Pike, Nashville 615-862-5859

Little Art House (Nashville) 615-933-9644 • Mini Makers classes and Creative Play for little ones and parents starting at 10 months.

Nashville Public Library Edmondson Pike 5501 Edmondson Pike, Nashville 615-880-3957

The Snuggery at Nashville Children's Theatre (NCT; Nashville) 615-252-4675 • Nashville Children's Theatre's professional performances for children 0 - 5 and their grown-ups.


Harpeth Gymnastics Mommy & Me 615-790-7825 • A stimulating class for moms, dads and babies ages 18 to 36 months.

Vanderbilt Kindermusik (Nashville) Music, movement and early socialization classes for newborns and older. Cuddle and Bounce is specific to babies ages 0 - 12 months.

CHILDREN’S BOUTIQUE Fun clothes for happy kids!

We have boutique clothing from newborn to size 16 girls & 7 boys. Come shop some of the unique fashion lines that Nashville has been missing out on!

4D HD Ultrasounds • Gender Reveals Pregnancy Packages Award Winning Newborn & Family Photography Thank you for voting us #1! Best Family Photographer

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GREEN HILLS • 2014 Glen Echo Road, Nashville

615.964.7488 •

1982 Providence Pkwy, Ste. 254, Mt. Juliet



Welcome To Children’s Medical Group Physicals Well Child Checks Immunizations Sick Visits

Telehealth Lab Tests Behavioral Health Prenatal Visits

Helping kids build healthy habits since 1992. Board Certified Pediatricians

Kimberly Rosdeutscher, M.D. Elizabeth Fairbank, M.D. Anna Manneschmidt, M.D. Most insurance accepted | New patients welcome

3786 Central Pike, Ste. 130, HERMITAGE



TRIAL CLASS New Members only. Please call or go online to confirm your FREE week of classes. Valid at My Gym Brentwood only. 24 SPRING/SUMMER 2022

My Gym of BRENTWOOD 330 Franklin Road (Near TJ Maxx)

(615) 371-KIDS /5437

middle tennessee

BIRTHING GUIDE Births per year BABY + CO 3212 West End Ave., Ste. 100 Nashville 615-647-8220

MAURY REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER 1224 Trotwood Ave., Columbia 931-381-1111






NASHVILLE GENERAL HOSPITAL AT MEHARRY 1818 Albion St., Nashville 615-341-4000



NORTHCREST MEDICAL CENTER 100 NorthCrest Drive Springfield 615-384-2411



ST. THOMAS MIDTOWN HOSPITAL 2000 Church St., Nashville 615-284-2229


Certified NurseMidwife


Certified Lactation Consultant

NICU Level


Complete care before, during and after pregnancy. Board-certified nurse midwives, health coaches and educators collaborate with physicians to provide clinical care. Education classes. Birth (in center or hospital). Lifestyle + wellness workshops. Support groups. Community events. Insurance accepted.

Level IINeonatal

Family and patient-centered care with specialty RNs caring for patients in labor and delivery and the NICU. Families are given the choice to select pediatric board-certified pediatricians who promote roomingin. Free childbirth and newborn classes available along with free tours of the childbirth area.

Level IINeonatal

Family-centered care. Free childbirth and breastfeeding classes. Ambulatory labor monitoring available. Birthing ball support. Analgesia/anesthesia available 24/7. High-risk pregnancy care. Recently renovated labor and delivery unit. Tennessee's first Breastmilk Depot.

Level I

Family-centered deliveries in labor and delivery suites. Care is provided 24/7 by a midwife and obstetric team. Find more at

Level IIIObstetric care & Neonatology Services

Beautiful accommodations in all labor rooms, including an in-house birthing center. New obstetric emergency department added in July 2020, with 24 hour provider coverage. Full complement of childbirth classes and a breastfeeding clinic with free consultative services. Recipient of the prestigious IBCLC Care award for 2020! Many amenities available. State-of-the-art facility with labor and delivery suites and postpartum rooms with a view. Advanced maternal/infant services. Jacuzzi tubs for labor comfort. Flexible rooming-in options. NICU cameras. Lactation consultants. Extensive childbirth and breastfeeding classes. Breastfeeding clinic. Free tours.

ST. THOMAS RUTHERFORD HOSPITAL 1700 Medical Center Pkwy. Murfreesboro 615-396-4577 or 615-396-5376



Level IIIObstetric care & NICU care for 27 weeks gestation & greater

SUMNER REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER 555 Hartsville Pike, Gallatin 615-328-8888



Level IIObstetric

Free childbirth and breastfeeding classes taught by certified childbirth educators and certified lactation consultants. Birthing and peanut balls available. Outpatient lactation clinic.

Level IIINeonatal

Dedicated women’s hospital with 24/7 OB/GYN ER. Customized birthing plans offering traditional and non-traditional options, including peanut balls and midwifery. Family-centered care. Skin-to-skin at all births including C-sections. Mother/infant couplet care. Dedicated high-risk unit. Web-streaming NICU cameras. Childbirth education. Lactation boutique. Breastfeeding consultants.

TRISTAR CENTENNIAL WOMEN'S HOSPITAL 2221 Murphy Ave., Nashville 615-342-5661



See the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) level key on the next page.


middle tennessee

BIRTHING GUIDE Births per year

TRISTAR HENDERSONVILLE MEDICAL CENTER 355 New Shackle Island Road Hendersonville • 615-338-1000

TRISTAR HORIZON MEDICAL CENTER 111 Hwy 70 E., Dickson 615-446-0446

TRISTAR STONECREST MEDICAL CENTER 200 StoneCrest Blvd., Smyrna 615-768-2000







VANDERBILT WILSON COUNTY HOSPITAL 1411 Baddour Pkwy., Lebanon 615-443-2563



WILLIAMSON MEDICAL CENTER 4321 Carothers Pkwy., Franklin 615-435-5000



NICU Level


Level IINeonatal

The Birth Center includes LDRPs for both high- and low-risk pregnancies. Maternal-fetal monitoring & anesthesia available 24/7. Lactation boutique with specialized services + ongoing support. Immediate skin-to-skin support with all births. Natural childbirth supported. Private NICU suites with parental sleeping, individual breast pump & free meals. NICVIEW cameras allow parents and desired family/friends from around the world to view their baby 24/7.

Level IINeonatal

Nine private birthing suites. Dedicated 1:1 laboring nurses. Access to lactation consultants. Family refreshment center. NICVIEW cameras allow parents and desired family/friends from around the world to view their baby 24/7.

Level IIObstetric & Neonatal

Family-centered environment with labor rooms offering a home-like atmosphere equipped with birthing balls, aromatherapy and nitrous oxide for a customized experience. Board-certified OB/GYN care with remote fetal monitoring and 24/7 neonatology coverage. NICVIEW cameras offer families 24/7 live viewing of their NICU baby. On-staff lactation consultants. Breastmilk Depot and the only Baby Café in Tennessee.

Level IIIObstetric & Neonatal

Family-centered unit providing care for low- and high-risk pregnancies. Dedicated OB emergency department staffed 24/7 by an OB Hospitalist. Wide variety of education classes available. Supportive of individualized birth plans. NICVIEW cameras provide live streaming video allowing parents, family and friends the ability to see the baby remotely.

Level IIObstetric

Patient-centered services. Fetal monitoring. Infant hearing screening. Nurse anesthetist services. Pre and postpartum care. Private room for labor, delivery and recovery. Educational resources and support.

Level IVNeonatal

Family-centered care. Flexible rooming-in options. Childbirth and breastfeeding education. Midwife, obstetrician and maternal fetal specialist team coverage available 24/7. Largest midwifery team in Tennessee. Highest level neonatal ICU. Ease of access to pediatric specialists at Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital.

Level IINeonatal

All staff trained in neonatal resuscitation. Classes include childbirth, breastfeeding and sibling. Tours provided. 24-hour staffed newborn nursery and in-house NNP neonatology coverage available. Rooming-in, family-centered care, room service, daily certified lactation staff and professional photography available.




Certified Lactation Consultant


TRISTAR SUMMIT MEDICAL CENTER 5655 Frist Blvd., Hermitage 615-316-3000

VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER 1221 22nd Ave. S., Nashville 615-343-5700

Certified NurseMidwife


neonatal intensive care unit (nicu) services key: Level I: Facility provides basic care for uncomplicated maternity and neonatal patients who are low risk. Level II-Obstetric: Facility provides a broad range of maternal-fetal services for normal patients and for those with mild or moderate obstetric illnesses or complications.


Level II-Neonatal: Facility provides specialty services for infants born at or beyond 32 weeks who have problems that are expected to resolve rapidly and are not anticipated to need subspecialty care on an urgent basis. These units provide care for babies convalescing after intensive care.

Level III-Obstetric: A broad range of maternal-fetal services for normal patients and those in need of intensive care. Can handle deliveries for all gestational ages. Level III-Neonatal: Provides care for infants born less than 32 weeks or with complex medical conditions. These units have the means to provide life support for as long as needed.

Level IV-Neonatal: Has capabilities of Level III units with additional functions and considerable experience in the care of the most complex and critically ill newborns. Pediatric medical and surgical specialty consultants are on site 24 hours per day. Can provide surgeries for complex conditions.

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