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Infrastructural and Social Developments within Brickell and Downtown that will affect future sales and rentals. Rental Increase per sq.ft. over 2012 9% 8% 7%


6% 5% 4% 3% 2%

4.4% 2.0%

1% 0%


1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom 4 Bedroom units units units units Information derived from Florida MLS data.

Information derived from DDA Miami.

One of the most significant reasons why we


have seen such an increase in population




within Downtown and Brickell (population

midtown and downtown has in some cases

grew from 71,800 to 78,000 between 2011-

increased in value by over 30% as so many

2012) is that these neighborhoods have

businesses move into the ‘business hub of

become a much better place to live:

Latin America’.

Better transportation:


The metro mover has extended from Brickell

A new cinema and a new wholefoods in

directly to the airport, the Brickell Trolley a

Downtown. The building of the new Art

free trolley service around the neighborhood

Museum and History Musem (the biggest

started last year and has been incredibly

in the whole of the US) also in Downtown.


New supermarkets in the Midtown area. 30



development. property


new restaurants in Downtown, Midtown and

Commercial development:

Brickell have all opened in the last 12 months.

Significant amounts of Commercial buy up

The new Brickell City Center with a host of

have occurred in Brickell and Downtown with

new retail stores as well the new designer

18 million sq.ft. of class A and B office space

stores in midtown will continue to make this a

and 2.5 million sq.ft. of retail space. The Port

highly desirable neighborhood and add value

of Miami is chartering more than $2 billion

to the surrounding Condos.



Mary Brickell Village - seen as the center of Brickell will soon be joined by Brickell City Center which will further expand the number of restaurant, shops and services to a neighborhood which is currently growing in population by a staggering 10% a year. DAVID SIDDONS GROUP, EWM REALTY INTERNATIONAL

Investors Guide to Brickell and Downtown Miami 2013  
Investors Guide to Brickell and Downtown Miami 2013  

A complete investors guide to buying real estate in Brickell and Downtown Miami. A look back on changes December 2011- December 2012