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David Johnston CFO

Marblehead, United States

With his extensive experience in financial planning and management, David Johnston, a former CFO, has played a crucial role in supporting the growth of several emerging life science firms. In 2019, he founded dbj Consulting LLC to offer his financial expertise to smaller emerging life sciences companies that may not yet have the resources to afford a full-time, experienced CFO. As the principal of dbj Consulting LLC, he provides fractional CFO services to many of his clients, who often have ten employees or fewer and are virtual. He believes that having part-time C-level executives for emerging firms is a trend that benefits both the firms and the executives alike. By providing his consulting services part-time, David can balance work and family life, prevent burnout, and maintain his interest by gaining various experiences. Emerging firms benefit from his services, such as building financial relationships, managing financial resources, and providing financial planning advice. With his extensive experience, he can efficiently develop and implement action plans that help these firms establish a stronger foundation and increased business accountability. Companies pay part-time CFOs like David hourly or flat-fee, allowing them to hire an experienced part-time CFO for less than they would pay a full-time one.