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In our own words Facts, Reflections and Opinions from our 2012/13 Year 9’s on a range of subjects we hope you find interesting.


Fashion Television



Music Beliefs

Places of Interest



First names Aimee and jess (best friends) Ages 14 Class 9BB Hobbies Amiee’s interests are: guitar and athletics

सपोर्ट इन एङ्ग्लिश After holding the 2012 Olympics our county has exploded with sport. Our school is crazy about sport as we have tennis courts, football pitches, basket ball and netball courts and fitness apparatus we also have a very strong PE department. they encourage us to take part in as much sport as possible having after school activates available. Jess:”sport is great and i love having a healthy lifestyle, i class my dancing as a sport because we compete and take it very seriously, the picture to the right is the world championships 2013.” Aimee:”i love sport. i like to keep fit and healthy, i take part in a lot of sport activities at school and at home but I'm very competitive because i put a lot of effort into the sports i love.”

Jessie’s interests are: Irish Dancing and sport.

घेओग्रफ्य Amie-Jo O’Toole– 9ME – age 14. (right) Hobbies: Reading, photographing, sleeping. Nicola Haigh– 9ME age 14. (left) Hobbies: Reading, playing rounder's, watching films and listening to music.

We live in a small area called Walsall Wood located in the West Midlands in England, near Birmingham. We both enjoy going to the Walsall Art Gallery. We often take a short trip to Birmingham Bullring shopping centre, a huge shopping centre with hundreds of shops. Nicola loves to buy socks and books, as well as food and The Big Bang theory posters/box sets. Whereas, Amie-Jo likes to buy donuts, clothes and books as she believes Birmingham sell the best fresh donuts in the world. There are many different points of interest in and around our area, such as restaurants, hotels and arena’s.

प्लाचेस ओफ इन्तेरेस्ट Ho n An lly-



First names Holly-Ann and Amy Ages: 14 Class: 9BY Hobbies: listening to music Sailing Singing

Places of interest : Drayton Manor Park Drayton Manor Park is a theme park and zoo. There are rides there like G-force and shockwave which are roller coasters, there are storm force 10 and splash canyon which are water rides. There are several different land s that make up the theme park they are: Action Park, Fishermans Wharf, Aerial Park, Pirates Cove and Thomas land for little children. The Zoo The Zoo at Drayton manor Park is full of unique animals. There’s over 100 species from all over the world. Such as: 




Owls and types of birds


हिस्तोरी Are names are Ashley and Beth, we’re both 14. We both like shopping and sports. We’re in class 9



The industrial revolution changed Walsall from a village of 2,000 people in the 16th century to a town of over 86,000 in approximately 200 years. The town manufactured a wide range of products including saddles, chains, buckles and plated ware. Nearby, limestone quarrying provided the town with much prosperity. In 1821, St. Matthew's Church was demolished with exception of the tower and chancel and replaced at a cost of £20,00.

The Music We Listen To.

यो मसु िच हामी लाई िन ु छ. Hello, we are Becky and Nina :-) We are both 14 years old. In school we are Year 9. Becky is interested in playing sports like rounders. Nina is interested in Horse Riding.

In England there are many types of music. These include; Pop, Rock, Rap, Classical, Dubstep and Disco/Dance. We both listen to Pop Music. Pop is modern day music as it is played on the radio most days and is usually performed by solo singers. Rock has many different types; heavy metal and calmer rock. Drums and electric guitars are normally included in Rock Music and is usually performed by a band/group. Rap usually rhymes and tells a story or has a particular topic it addresses. The genre of Classical is a slower, more calm genre which includes instruments found in an orchestra. Dubstep is a mix between rap and dance, which usually has electronic sounds. Dance/ Disco Music usually doesn’t include modern hits but old favourites which everyone seems to know. This type of genre has a good beat to it.

Food—फूड First names—Ben and Tom Ages—14 Class—Year 9 Hobbies—Football, rugby and video games. This poster is all about food. In England we have many choices of food to eat everyday. This can include meats, fish, vegetables, fruit and even takeaway meals. Takeaway meals include things like battered fish, chips, burgers and pizzas. Even though these are unhealthy, many people love them as they taste very nice. Eating five portions of vegetables and fruit per day helps you to be healthy. The most popular food in England is probably the Sunday Roast Dinner. This is a meal consisting of roasted meat, most commonly beef or lamb chicken, with vegetables such as potatoes , carrots and peas. Ben’s favourite meal is Spaghetti Carbonora and Tom’s is the Sunday Roast Dinner.

द फूड वे यात - The food we eat:-)

First names: Amy, Cait and Nath Ages:



9BU and 9BS

Hobbies: Eating, sports and watching films :-)

We love to eat food, food is very precious to us, we never take it for granted because quite frankly we literally couldn’t live without food. Our favourite places to eat out are, Subway which is a sandwich company who make delicious deli products, Greggs which is a lovely little bakery and Nando’s which is a restaurant that specialises in chicken! When we are at home and can’t be bothered to cook anything we order takeaways, Amy’s favourite type of takeaway is a Chinese takeaway, Cait’s favourite is an Indian takeaway and Nath’s favourite is a pizza takeaway service! We all like a fish and chip takeaway sometimes too, this is a British speciality special dinner, that Britain are known for! Our favourite dinner to eat is Britain’s tradition Sunday dinner— this includes, a meat of your choice normally lamb or beef, roast potatoes, mash potatoes, boiled potatoes, carrots, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, roast or normal parsnips, green beans, Yorkshire puddings and gravy. This is delicious, we’re sure that you would like it just as much as we do. Amy and Cait hate pickled things and on the other hand Nath seems to like everything...WOW!

स्पोर्ट्स—Sports Tom and Callum We are both 14 We are both in Year 9 Hobbies We both enjoy playing video games, football, basketball and tennis. Callum likes playing Minecraft and Tom enjoys playing guitar.

We play a lot of sport here in Britain, in fact we are known for creating football and being very good at cricket. Personally, we play sports in PE lessons and occasionally out of school. Tom plays more outside of school, mainly football. Callum is very good at tennis and is very fast runner. Tom also plays rugby for the school team. Our school has clubs for many sports, including football, tennis, rugby, canoeing, badminton, cricket, rounders.

First name: चल्लम ु विल्सन age; १४ hobbies:तें ननस क्रिच्केट फूटबल

Hobbies My hobbies include playing tennis against my cousin and family. I love playing tennis and i have met the Wimbledon champion ANDY MURRAY! I won the championship this year. I watched him on tv and i was bitting my nails for the whole game.


Sophie like the rock sort of music because she says that pop music is boring and chavy and because she doesn't do anything else but listen to this sort of music in her life... So if she went to a party it would have to be rock music sort so she can enjoy herself instead of listening to ‘boring’ pop music as she calls it. Carragon likes Pop music, and she would like to go to a party because they play that style of music in parties. Sophie's opinion on carragon’s style of music; Sophie says that the style of music that she listens to is okay, but she only listens to that genre on occasions, when she feels like it.

First names; Carragon & Sophy. Ages; 14 & 14 Class; 9PE&9WI Hobbies; Watching anime (sophy) ... Watching TV (carragon).

द फूड तहत वे यात रे गल ु ाली The food that we eat regularly हि मी नामे इस चार्ली इ'म १४ इन अगष्ट. इ वातच योउतब ु े ववदे ओस (इट्स अ एविक वेब्ससते सेअचच योउतब ु े इन्तो गग ू र्ल एंड ब्लर्ललक ओन द ओने तित सयस योउतुबे: ब्रॉद्चस्त योउसेल्फ़) एंड प्र्ले कम्पप्यट ु र गमेस अस अ आस फूड द फूड तित वे लर्लके तो यात, वे यात अ वररएत्य ओफ हदशेस फ्रोम हदफ्फेरें त नततओनलर्लत््स सुच अस चचनेस एंड इब्न्डयन चुरी, फफश एंड चचप्स, अ फेव अमेररचन फस्ट फूड्स सुच अस मलदोनल्द्स, क्फफ्च

एंड मान्य

मोरे . ओफ चौरस वए िवे िे अल्िे र स्तुफ्फ़ बुट प््््फ़ इट्स बोररङ्ग.


First names: चार्ली वॊदोउसे Ages:१४ येअसस ओल्ड Class Hobbiesइ लर्लके प्र्लाययिंग फूटबर्ल, क्रिच्केट एिंड प्र्लाययिंग क्ष बोक्ष इ लर्लके पलल्यिंग फूटबर्ल इ प्र्ले एवेरी वीकेंद, एिंड इ वातच द वाल्सर्ल मत्चेस. थें मोस्ट यिघ्ट्स इ लर्लके तो प्र्ले मी क्ष बोक्ष बेचौसे इत इस फिं एिंड सोमेथथिंग तो दो. व्हे ि प्र्लाययिंग फूटबर्ल इ टे ण्ड तो गो इि डडफेन्स ओर लमद्क्रिएल्द.अल्सो मोस्ट वीकेंड्स इ लर्लके तो गो तो वाल्सर्ल तोविं चेन्रे तो र्लक अरोउन्द. एिंड तो सी इफ ठे रे स अन्य गूद दे अल्स.


I live in Walsall, Clayhanger in a small house. I love going shopping with my friends and family because its really fun and enjoyable and lots to do. I also like rock climbing because its always a good day out when I go. Some fun things to do in Walsall are going to the leather museum, going to the FREE art gallery or even just going out to look around.

Charlotte Wilkes Age: 14 9WI Going on the trampoline and going out with my friends.





Hello! I am Chloe and these are my best friends Jess and Erin. Me and Erin are 14 years of age and Jess is 13. We are all in year 9 going into year 10.

There is not much leisure around where I live but we have a leisure centre called Oak Park . It has things like tennis courts, a swimming pool, also a fitness gym! I don’t really like going there but its nice if you like sport. The picture is of our school tennis courts. I like playing tennis because its fun to play with my friends also that it makes a good laugh when we don’t hit the ball!

My hobby is playing video games . Jess’s hobby is surfing the internet on sites like Twitter and Tumblr and watching Sherlock. Erin’s hobby is also surfing the internet and music .

लेइसुरे First name: Mitchell Ages:12 Class:9BU Hobbies: I enjoy playing football and I enjoy playing the drums.

I like going to the cinema to watch action and comedy films . I sometimes go swimming with my mates. I also go bowling because I like completion and a challenge. I like to watch TV.

फशिओं इन वाल्सल Fashion in Walsall


Hello we are Aaliyah and Chloe and we are both 14 years old. We are currently in year 9 at Shire Oak School. We both enjoy music, and going to see our favourite singers and bands in concert The type of music that we like is Pop and R’n’B.


In our school we have to wear a certain uniform this includes our ties, blazers, white shirt, black trousers and black shoes. But outside of school we wear various clothing. Our favourite style is classed as ‘Hipster’ and ‘Retro’ This involves wearing clothes such as skinny jeans, baggy tops and converse. Inside of school we learn about textiles, this is where we design and make our own clothes. This is really fun as we can create our own type of styles and use our chosen fabrics to make the clothes our own. In Walsall we have lots of different fashion shops where you can buy any type of clothing that you want. Some of the shops are called New Look, Primark, Topshop, Bank, RIverisland and lots more! We hope you have enjoyed learning about the fashion in Walsall and our school!

मुसिक First names: Aaron & Alex Ages: 14 Class: 9me Hobbies: rugby, swimming

Hello the type o music I like is dubstep as well as drum and bass a few of my favourite artists are: flux pavilion, knife party, skrillex and excision and zomboy and xilent my favourite tracks are: hoedownzomboy, make it bun dem– skrillex and Damien Marley, boss wave– xilent

सपोर्ट First name: Ben Ages:14 Class:9bs Hobbies: xbox, eating, running, sleeping and computer.

My name is Ben Farmer. I am 14 years old. I like running I prefer to do short distance running such as 100m. At home i have an Xbox 360 and i sometimes play that when I am bored. I also have a computer. I play rugby when i have some spare time. I enjoy playing it.

टे लिलिजन इन इंगिैंड Adam Hipkiss Age; 14 Year 9 Football, cricket, golf, ps3,and computer

Television in England is not that good but the best channels are sky sports, Dave and music channels. I only watch TV if football or cricket. I put music on the TV in the morning but that’s the only good thing about TV in England

हिस्तोरी First name Alex Ages 14 Class 9s1 Hobbies Guitar batman

I was born in 1998. my first pet was a cat called gizmo. I went to ryders hayes school. I now go to shire oak academy and I’m in my third year. I enjoy music. I eat too much. My biggest inspiration is jake pitts who is a guitarist. I have a dog called Charlie. If i could rule a country for a day i would ban racism and hom ophobia and turn a van in to a panda and leave a cow in the back to make milk and give milk to small children and finally ban the use of tinned fish because it would be fun. I like watching the muppets especially watching cermit the frog sing and admit his love to miss pigey.

मसु िक First names Alex Davies and Aaron Jarvis Ages 14 Class 9ME Hobbies Swimming and Rugby

Hello my name is Alex . My favourite type of music is rap and hip-hop my favourite artist is Eminem and my favourite song by him is “not afraid”. Another rapper that I like is Dr Dre. I also like dub step and my favourite

द फूड वे यात (The food we eat) आबोउत उस (About us) आलेक्ष फुल्फोर्ड (Alex Fulford) ओललवर ः एअथ (Oliver Heath) १४ १४ 14,14 हि, वे अरे तेलल्लिंग यौ अबोउत एङ्गलललश फूर्. िे एिंर् ओललवर अरे िे रे तो तालक अबोउत फूर्. इन इिंगलैंर् वे ऑल लोवे तो गो तो द सेअलसदे एिंर् िवे अ फ़्रफश एिंर् चिप्स, इत इस नाततवे तो इिंगलैंर् एिंर् वे ऑल लोवे इत! वे अल्सो िवे सोिेचथिंग िल्लेद योल्शडरे पुहिन्दलस लहिि यौ िन िोलबबने ववथ फलिली बबग हदन्दनेसड ववथ िात एिंर्

९एण 9EN हिस्तोरी, योउतुबे, फूटबल,फ़्रिएन्द्स, फलिली

वेलताब्लेस, द िन अल्सो बे उसेद तो िके तॉद इन द िोले

(History, YouTube,

लहिि इस सौसगेस एिंर् िश इन अ िुगे योल्शडरे पहु ििंग.

friends and family)

इफ यौ िवे एवेर िे अदड ओफ दे वों एिंर् िोन्दवाडल्ल यौ ववल ्नोव ओफ द ररवलिएस बेत्वॆन िोव तो िके िोतनडश फलस्तएस एिंर् स्कोनेस. ठे रे अरे िान्दय हदफ्फेरें त वयस तो िके अ स्कोने एिंर् पस्टी बुट दे वों एिंर् िोन्दवाडल्ल बोत फील स्रोंलली बबोउत थेइर रहदततओनल वयस तो बाके द पलस्रएस. वे अरे अ वेरी हदवेरसे िोउन्द्य हिे न बफ़्रकिं ग एिंर् वे िवे िान्दय ओथेर िोउलन्दतएस तित ररवल एअि ओथेसड वयस ओफ बफ़्रकिं ग.

Geography Hello I am Alicia Rose I am 14 My hobbies are : dancing, I dance 3/4 times a week at a dance school and have competitions once every 6 weeks on a Sunday.

I live in Walsall, West Midlands In Walsall we have lots of different activities to do e.g swimming, shopping , leisure centres, parks and much more... In Walsall we have lots of educations such as, primary schools, secondary schools and collages. The main bits of Walsall is the town centre which you can go shopping or get something to eat, the shops in Walsall are different you have some book shops, health shops, haberdashery shops but mainly clothes shops .

Music in England. Michaela.

Amber First names: Amber and Lucy and Michaela Ages: 14 and 14 Class:9EN Hobbies: Rounder's.


This is the type of music we listen to. In England we listen to different types of music for example Rhianna who is actually American but is very popular in our country. There is all so many British boy bands that girls out age like to listen to for example One Direction, Union J and many more. We also have rappers who most of the boys listen to but some girls do as well these tend to be more suitable for older teenagers to listen to. Music is very popular in England it is everyone, car radio, T.V, shops, salons and restaurants most people listen to music everyday.

टे लिलिजन Hi I’m Amy! Age: 14 Class: 9PE Hobbies: I like watching YouTube ( A video watching website) and drawing. Also I really enjoy listening to music classics. My favourite TV programme is friends.

I enjoy watching TV sometimes, especially when really good programmes are on! I like programmes such as friends, Big Brother and some nickelodeon and Disney programmes too. I grew up watching programmes on nick junior like max and ruby; this programme was about two rabbits. Also when I was younger I watched the programme Maggie and the ferocious beast. I have shown an image of this programme on the side. When I was a bit older I watched shows like the Suite life of Zack and Cody. I still love the old shows like this and still watch Zack and Cody currently because it is amazing!


Hello our names are Anierin, Painton We are both aged 14 our class is year 9 We enjoy going out with friends and chilling

We like listening to dubstep pop and other music. We go to concerts to see our favourite musicians live they get very packed and they have to be held in big venues all across the country one of the biggest festivals is Glastonbury it is held every year another big festival is V festival that is just like Glastonbury but at a different time in the year some of the biggest names in music go to these concerts they also go on tour all around the world.

सपोर्ट First names: Adam Groutage Ages: 14 Class:9BU Hobbies: Rugby, sleeping, xbox, films, athletics.

My name is Adam Groutage, my favourite sport is rugby and I like to do athletics. I am fourteen years old and I like to play Xbox 360. I like to play grand theft auto four. In Rugby, I play for a team called Burntwood. I play the position known as winger. :)

English fashion First names ben, benji Ages 14 Hobbies football xbox Fishing

In England alot of us wear hitop trainers and we also wear snapbacks. But all people don't wear the same stuff some people wear suits some people wear jeans and all kinds of clothes these are just the clothes I wear

English fashion First names benji and ben Ages 14 Class year 9 Hobbies go out, xbox, fishing,

In England alot of us wear tracksuits like Nike, adidas original ,converse and lots more. We wear expensive trainers like these A adidas orgional Hoody/jacket Nike/ adidas trackies Snap back hats

Food First names brad, katie Ages I’m 13 Katie is 14 Class year 9 Hobbies mine is shopping in jd and katies

Chicken dinner Kfc Macdonalds Curry Chippy Chocolate

गेओग्रफ्य My name is Brittany I am 13 years old I'm in year 9 and my form is 9WI Hobbies: I Enjoy playing tennis and badminton and walking my dog as well as cooking I also enjoy listening to music

My school, Shire Oak Academy is in Brownhills witch is near Walsall it is 15 miles from Birmingham witch is a part of the west midlands their are 1.074 million people who live in Birmingham and the population of the west midlands is 2,738,100 . In Birmingham their is a famous building called the bull ring witch is a giant shopping centre I have visited it many times before. Geography is also one of my favourite subjects at school we learn about places like Antarctica the arctic and Africa we also learn about tourism and the effects it has on countries.

First Names: Jordan Sheldon and Callam Taundry Ages: Both 14 Class: Both 9WI Hobbies: Both of us play Xbox together

Music The kind of music that a like is dubstep and RnB a few dubstep artists that I like the most are: Skrillex, Modestep, UKF and Knife party. I dont think that I could live without music because I listen to music everyday pretty much. Other artists that I like are: Macklemore, Eminem and plan B.

द सपोर्ट रुग्ब्य

The Sport Rugby First names: Callum Chapman Age: 14 Class: 9BY Hobbies: Rugby, gaming, going out

Rugby is a all contact sport that consists of getting the ball to the opposing try line by carrying it and passing it backwards. You can kick the ball far if in a tight situation but that runs the risk of losing the possession of the ball. A try is worth 5 points, (when you place the ball on the floor behind the oppositions try line,) and a conversion is worth 2 points, (when you kick the ball through the posts after scoring a try.) You can also get 3 points from a penalty or a drop goal, this is when you just kick the ball through the posts without a try. You also have two types of rugby, rugby union, which is full contact, and ruby league, which is no contact at all. The rugby club I play for is called Burntwood rugby club, and on the right is my team. There is also two types of positions, the one I play is backs. I play wing, outsidecentre, inside-centre and full back. Your can also be a forward that mainly plays in the scrums and rucks.

personal info. First names: Callum Rawlings Luke Williams Ages: 14 Class: 9BU 9MI

HISTORY: There Is a piece of oak wood from a large oak tree over 100 years old in the south bulding the school is named after the shire oak tree. The PE department have installed a new astro turf for tennis and football.

Sport Hello, my name is Cameron-Jayne Lambert. I am 14 years old and I go to Shire Oak Academy in Walsall, England, UK. My hobbies are listening to music, watch horror films, drawing, playing Sims 3 and looking after animals. Also I have a puppy called Oscar, he is a 7 month Shih Tzu cross Jack Russell.

The UK is mad about sport and we had the Olympics in London last year, it was awesome! Also Andy Murray our best tennis player in the UK has just won Wimbledon!

ळे इसुरे Leisure Hello; we are Niamh and Charlie from Shire Oak Academy.. We are both 14 years old and are in Year 9 at school. Charlie enjoys playing a variety of sports; like Netball and Swimming and Niamh loves

In the West Midlands we have many places where you can go and visit. Niamh mostly enjoys visiting the Bullring which is a shopping centre in Birmingham. Most families like to visit places where they can spend the day and have fun, places like Drayton Manor and Alton Towers. These are big attractions in the area where many people go. Charlie enjoys going to Alton Towers with her family and also her friends. Her favourite ride there has to be Nemesis.


Hello we are Chloe Findon-Kent and Danielle Gray Age: 14 Class: 9BY

Geography is a very interesting subject, being taught about how your decisions may effect the word for good and bad reasons. Also learning about how other people live and realising that you may take things for granted sometimes can be very inspiring and eye opening to us all. We go to school in Walsall wood but go shopping to Walsall, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and many more places by using either cars, buses and maybe other transport to get us there.

Hobbies: my hobbies are Football, netball, rounder's, running, and going out with mates. Danielle's hobbies are singing,, walking and also going out with mates.

द फूड वे यात The food we eat Hello my name is Chloe. I am 14 years old. My class is 9BU. My main hobby is music. I like to play the piano and the trumpet and my favourite music is rock. I like art and sport, particularly athletics and netball.

Traditional foods in England include fish and chips, bangers and mash (sausages and mashed potato), toad-in-the-hole (sausages and Yorkshire pudding) and roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. However, we also have fast food restaurants such as KFC, Burger King and McDonalds. We have Chinese takeaways where we can buy different curries and other meals. My favourite foods are pasta and chicken but I also like chocolate and pizza.

टे लिलिजन Television . First names: my name is Chloe Taylor (standing up) and my Friend Yvonne (sitting down) Ages: Yvonne is 13 and I’m 14 Class Hobbies: my hobbies: swimming, shopping, reading , drawing.

Me and Yvonne have different tastes when it Yvonne’s hobbies: comes to television. Yvonne likes shows such swimming, relaxing, reading and draw. as the big bang theory, two broke girls and friends. I like shows such as the Simpsons, the big bang theory, hollyoaks, eastenders , coronation street and emmerdale. We both like the show big bang theory but we both have our own opinion about the types of shows we like.

वाल्सल'स हिस्तोरी — Walsall’s History Hello we are Courtney and Georgia. We are both 14 years old. We are also in the same year, year 9. Our hobbies include singing, swimming and reading. Georgia loves to horse ride and Courtney loves play football.

Walsall in the middle ages: Walsall began as a small Saxon village. It is first mentioned in the early 11th century. The name Walsall may be derived from the words ‘Walh halh’, which means ‘Celt's valley’. Walsall in the 19th century: In 1801 the population of Walsall was 10,399. It continued to grow rapidly. By 1851 it had reached 20,852. By the end of the century Walsall had 86,000 people. Meanwhile Lichfield Street and Bradrod Street were both built in the early 19th century. The first theatre in Walsall opened in 1803. Like all towns in the 19th century Walsall was dirty and unsanitary. There were outbreaks of cholera in 1832 and 1849 and a smallpox epidemic in 1872.


हहघ्स्त्रीत, १९३७

नेपाल हहघ्स्त्रीत, १९३५

ळे इसुरे (Leisure) Hi there! My name is Dan I am 14 years of age I am in 9EN Some of my favourite hobbies are playing piano, playing sport (such as cricket) and just generally making people happy :) The weekends are a good time for families in Britain. Often on a weekend the parents are not at work as they have worked a five day week from Monday-Friday. On Saturdays the shops are very busy as many families choose to go shopping on this day as they wont have had much time in the week to go. On a Sunday many Christians go to church as this is seen as a day of rest/ worship. Other people (usually of the older generations) will do other activities such as gardening or DIY around the house. Younger generations could go to groups (acting, sport, scouts etc.) and generally just try to enjoy themselves after a week of work. There are many places to visit and things to do in the black country. For example: the black country museum, this is an amazing ‘living’ museum where you can learn about the history of he area and can interact with almost every part of it.

Hello we are Danielle Gray and Chloe findon-kent. Both 14 Class: 9by Hobbies: singing , walking , football, netball and running.

Geography is a fun subject! In geography you learn about all the different countries and there continents. Also we learn about the rich and poor people and were they live and how they live. We also learn about the medcs and ledcs which is very eye catching because u will learn how other people live.

गेओग्रफ्य इन वेस्ट मिद्लान्ड्स Georaphy in West Midlands Hello, This is Drew Peters and Bridie Melia. We are both 14 years old and Drew is 9MI and Bridie is in 9PE Bridie likes to Roller-skate and listen to music, Drew like Rugby, music and going out.

Geography in West Midlands...where do we begin...Weather, the Climate, is just appauling. The Winter.... Rain + snow, the Autumn 3 days of sun, Rain. Summer. We can have days on Summer and blazing hot sun. Walsall Wood, Walsall, West midlands, these places, are Clean Dirty and nice places to live in, in some parts of the towns or cities.

plac hru Achama Lae ko Chaa Places Of Interest Hello, we are Elizabeth and Maddy. We are both aged 14 and are both in class 9EN. We both like and enjoy music, Maddy plays the flute and Elizabeth plays guitar. We also both like watching formula 1 which is car racing.

tyaha dherai ramailow plac hru through baheera Yo uk jun quite prachalit Lae bhetnu Cheen. auta thau tyo ma personally dherai tim hru pahilay Yo kalo Dunnu living museum bhetnu Cheen. yo auta open-air museum jun mainly constructed rebuilt historic khar hru bata Chaa. Yo museum information barayma Yo victorian period Din ra auta insight Gindagi Lae during tyo samaya Din kay maanaparau Chaa. timi role performed Kay Dek Khel Huna ra vitra Yo rebuilt historic khar hru Hid ra auta yourself Her lagi Chaa. personally ma tyo Yo kalo Dunnu living museum auta ramro educational experience Lae chohhn Chaa. another ramro thau locally Lae cadbury sansar bhetnu Chaa. here, timi Kay Dek ra barayma Yo making chocolate Sik ko ra Yo history behind hoo Chaa. personally ma cadbury sansar maanaparau ra it’ hru auta AtiRamro den out, especially children Vishwasgar lagi Chaa.

Places of interest

First names Elizabeth Ages 14 Class 9MI Hobbies listening to music and playing video games

On the weekend I like to go to the art gallery , there are all different kinds of art there and it changes all the time.

I also like to go to the Arboretum with my little sister to take her to the park or go alone so I can ride my bike there. Sometimes I go with my family so we can have a picnic out in the sun.

Walsall’s New art Gallery

Walsall’s Arboretum


Ella jade 13

Beliefs we have the queen that is the supreme governor of the Church of England . There are large Hindu, Jewish , Muslim and Sikh communites and also smaller communities of baha’i Buddhists, jains and zorostrians, as well as followers of new religious movements


We are Ellen and Jack We are 14 years old Are class is 9BU Jack likes football and Ellen likes to sleep and blog.

At our school, Shire Oak Academy, we have an extremely strict school uniform code. We have to wear white shirts, Blacks trousers or skirts (for girls) and we must keep our ties and blazers on at all times unless we ask to take them of and even then we’re only allowed to take of our blazers. Many people think our school uniform is pathetic. It sucks. Outside of school Jack likes to wear his onesie because it is comfy. Outside of school Ellen likes to wear cute and girly clothes but also when she can’t be bothered she wears hoodies. She tends to over formalise when she goes out...

घेओग्रफ्य Hello we are Erica and Danielle Ages: Both14 Class: year 9 Hobbies: Play the piano into music , singing and walking.

Geography is a popular option to taken here at Shire oak academy . We learn about development and globalisation, Africa, Tourism, Antarctica, Population, rivers, ecosystems, crime brazil, weather and climate, London, migration, map skills and a lot more

ळे इसुरे First names Ethan Blair, Lewis Daniels Ages: Ethan 14, Lewis 14 Class Ethan 9ME, Lewis 9ME Hobbies: football, tennis, swimming, running and athletics and sports.

What we like to do in our spare time is play games on a console specifically the Xbox 360 for stimulation and entertainment. My favourite game is trials evolution which is trials biking and Lewis's favourite game would be call of duty black ops 2. We also love to watch movies mostly comedies or horrors, depending on what we want to watch , but our most favourite film is rush hour 3 because it is probably the funniest film ever.

धर्म First names frank Ages




Hobbies music (dubstep), ipad

In Christianity, people aren’t restricted to do or eat anything. Some strong believers go to a religious building called a church and a vicar (speaker of the church) reads out verses out of a bible which is our holy book and Christians sing a song at the end, this is all done on a Sunday.

Entertainment (एन्त्तेतन्त ै मेन्तत) My name is Frazer Talbot I am 13 years old 9BU I like going to my friends house and we sometimes play basket ball and football.

The things that entertain me is the xbox-360 and the pc. I also like how I met your mother and big bang on the TV. The games I like on the xbox-360 is Skyrim and modern war fare 3.the games I like going on the pc are certain websites like 181 games, next play, play fg. I also like the pc are war z.

I like going out with my dad with my air riffle called the xs208 shooting at targets.

Topic Heading here translated into Nepali

First names— Georgia and Rachael Ages—!4 and 13 Class—9WI Hobbies— Shopping, Horse Riding, Music.

For leisure I like to go out with my friends and: 

Go shopping in the Bullring Birmingham

Go to the cinema either Showcase or Cineworld

Go to concerts at the NIA or LG arena

Going to get our nails or something done

Or just chilling together at each others houses.

हाम्रो बिश्वासहरू Our beliefs Hazel


Hello our names are Chelsea and Hazel. We are both 14 years old Hazel like to play keyboard and go swimming. Chelsea like to cheerlead and anything to do with performing arts.

In the West Midlands we are a very mixed cultured community. Our religions include Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism but some people don’t have any beliefs or religions at all! Chelsea is a Christian so therefore she has Christian beliefs including going to church on Sundays and taking the holy communion. Hazel believes that a magic unicorn flew across the emptiness and created the universe! All around the West Midlands you will find different religious places for different religious beliefs.

थिस इस मे.

First names: Hey, we are Heather and Tamara. Ages:14 Class:9 Hobbies:

मसु सक.. I personally love music, whenever i can i listen to it. Whether that’s in school, in my room, in the car or anything. I like all sorts of music,: Rock, pop, dupstep, jazz, opera, scream. I’m just a strange person. I occasionally listen t depressing music. Especially when I’m in a mood and want to be alone. Music at school is really good! I love it. A lot of my friends are in the set so we all muck around and have fun ( as well as getting the work done obviously). I have loads of favourite singers and bands. They link to my mood and life. I like Olly Murs (all sorts of types), Robbie Williams (Daft songs), Cody Simpson (Love songs).

Heather- Sports, art, history, windeing people up. Having a laugh. Tamara—Sports, running, joking around.

फूड = Khana First name: Abigail Ages: 14 Class: 9PE Hobbies: Horse riding Music

Food At school, we have many varieties of food choices at lunch. You can either bring your own lunch or can have a lunch from school. The food at our school is multicultural. There is a curry station, a pasta bar, a jacket potato bar and a main canteen. Overall our lunchtime is go and the lunch served is very nice.

Going on social networking sites

द फूड वे यात The food we eat हि, वे'रे जय एंड गाववन एंड वे अरे अगेद १४. वे अरे इन क्लास ९फे एंड ९ंंई. वे बोत एञ्जोय प्लाययंग ओन ओउर Xबोक्ष'स एंड गाववन एञ्जोय्स प्लाययंग फूटबल The food of the UK.

व्हिल्स्त जय एञ्जोय्स

वे एञ्जोय त ् यात वरिओउस फूड्स इन इंगलैंड. अद वे

गोंग तो ज्ञम.

एक्ष्पेरिएञ्चे द फूड ओफ मान्य ददफ्फेिें त चुल्तुिेस. द मोस्ट चोम्मों फूड्स एअतेन अिे पपज्जा, चचप्स एंड बुगेसस अस वेल अस चोचोलाते. वे अल्सो दरंक अ वरिएत्य ओफ ददफ्फेिें त चिन््स, सुच अस कोच चोला एंड अल्कोहोल. पेसोनाल्ली, वे बोत एञ्जोय द इन््लुएञ्चे ओफ पपज्जा एंड चोचोलाते, बुट वे अल्सो दो नोट ललके ओललवेस, एंड वे बोत एञ्जोय फफज्ज्य ड्रंक्स सुच अस कोच चोला ओि पेप्सी इन व्हहच ठे िे इस अ तोवं इन नेपाल. इन इंगलैंड मोस्ट ओफ द फूड वे यात इस एक्ष्पोतेद फ्रोम ददफ्फेिें त चोउव्न्िएस, अस वे दो नोट हवे एनोउघ लण्ड मस दे ददचतेद तो अचिचुल्तुिल पुपोसेस तो स्प्पोटस ओउि हं गेि नीड्स.

फ़शिओन पेर्सोनल इन्फोर्मेिन नार्मे: लौरें किङ्ग अगे: १४ क्लार्स: एअर ९, क्लार्स ९वि: गोंग ओउत विथ र्मी र्मत्र्स

फ़शिओन... इत'र्स व्हत पोपले िेअर एंड व्हत ट्रे न््र्स अरे र्सेट, इद यौ िेअर ननिे चलोठे र्स थें योउर फ़शिओनब्ले. पोपले हिे गूद फ़शिओन र्सेंर्से बय द च्लोठे र्स तहत

First names Katie, Brad Ages Katie: 14, Brad:13 Class: year 9 Hobbies: Brad: shoes Katie: food

Classic fish and chips

Nandos is a mostly a chicken restaurant and it serves spicy food,


Beliefs First names: jack Ages: 13 Class: Hobbies: chilling

My topic is about beliefs. Belief is what people truly believe in, in Britan people believe in different things such as whether it is religion or if it something that someone might disagree but another person might think diffrent. Such as Muslims they believe in going to mosques and Christians believe in going to church .

फूड वे यात We are Jack and Ellen. Our ages are 14 and 14. We are in class 9BU I like to play football and Ellen likes going on the internet.

The foods we eat The traditional foods in England are fish and chips, Sunday roast and bangers mash. The foods I like to eat are takeaways like Chinese and takeaway pizzas. I also like to eat burgers and chicken from place like McDonalds, KFC and Burger King. We also eat fish and chips from fish and chip shops. In England alot of people eat curries because they taste nice.

टे लिलिजन

Television Hello we are Jakeob and Sam. Ages both 14 Our class year is year 9 We both enjoy playing football, am supports Manchester United and Jakeob supports Birmingham city.

In England there are many varieties of channels and programs shown on our television. For example;sports,music,drama and many more. In the last couple of years many popular worldwide sports events have been held in Britain and show worldwide like Wimbledon this year and the Olympics last year. Football is very well followed in England as it is on the television at all times, with championships, tournaments and international events. Many people watch soaps on the TV like eastenders , holyoaks, coronation street and emmerdale, these are very well watched and their a large build ups and viewings of the main episodes. There are also many talent show programs now like Britain's got talent, americas got talent, the voice uk and even x-factor. There are also many films and comedies and kids programmes on at all time for all viewers.

स्पोर्ट्स sport This text box to contain personal info. First name James Helsby Ages = 14 Class = 9pe Hobbies= football , bmx , dossing

इ वोउल्स्द लिके तो दो ््ष रचचिंग बेचौसे इ लिके ््षस एिंड इ हवें ट गोत अ ््ष येत बट ु इ आम गेत्तिंग ओने

बय ज ेस म ्य

स् हेल्स्

Places of interest प्लाचेस ओफ इन्ट्रे स्ट Jasraj Bajwa Age:13 Year:9 Hobbies: playing computer games.

In England there is loads of places to visit, interest in and have fun, e.g. The big ben,alton towers, drayton manor, oxford university, and visit the arenas where the 2012 Olympics took place and there is many more places of interests in England to. The best place to visit is Buckingham palace were the one and only queen lives as well as the princes.

खेल हामीले खेल्छौ The sport we play Jay Edmunds, 9PE I’m jay and I'm from shire oak school. I eat, breathe, sleep for football, I love it! I support west Bromwich Albion football club. This is quite a big club as they play in the premier league. However, the local team is Walsall, but they aren't that good!

In this part of the country, football is definitely the most common sport. People here really do have a passion for the game. This is mainly because everyone has an opinion, strongly backed up with the belief that your club is the best. Football is a sport played all year round, but not the only played sport. In the summer, cricket and golf are played regularly also with badminton and tennis being popular in leisure centres. From the inspiration of people like Andy Murray and Wayne Rooney, people really want to play these sports to aspire to be as good as these people. To conclude, sport is something loved by people in Walsall, and the uk in general, which is why Britain has some of the best athletes in the world.

Khana खाना First name: Jenny Age: 14 Class: 9PE

Food / खाना At school we have many choices of what we can eat at lunch time. We can either bring sandwiches from home or bring money and have one made by the lunch ladies. At the moment, we have a whole variety of foods from different countries on offer. There is a curry station, Pasta bar, Main canteen, Jacket Potato and Burger and Chips hatch. In the main canteen, there are foods such as; noodles, fish, wraps and barbeque chicken.

Hobbies: I am not the sort of person to go out doors, so I spend most of my time playing my Guitar and watching you tube videos. Sometimes I go on social networking sites such as; Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.

द फूड वे यात Hello we are jess and tom I am 14 and tom is 14 We are both in year 9 Our hobbies are football, playing the Xbox 360 console and we enjoy bike riding.

Our favourite foods are McDonalds and kfc. My favourite food from kfc is the boneless banquet and from McDonalds it is the sweet chilli wrap. I also eat chicken tikka curry ,burgers and the traditional fish and chips

First names: Jord and Cal Ages: Both 14 Class: Both 9WI Hobbies: Xbox

Music The type of music I like is R’n’B ,some rap ,some dubstep and the radio station i like is capital fm. Some music i like is by macklemore, yonas , Eminem , flo rida , UKF , skrillex and loads more. I wouldn't be able to go without music because i listen to it everyday.

Sport (सपोर्ट ) Hello we are Kelsey and Liv Ages: 14 and 14 Class: 9MI and 9ME Hobbies: Sport

We both enjoy doing swimming and go 4 times every week. We go Wednesday, Friday, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon. It’s fun getting to learn counts and figures to a routine and then being able to perform it at competitions. In this sport you can do solo’s, duets, figures, teams and open teams.

टे लिलिजन इन इंगिैंड

Name-Kenan Age-14 Class-Year 9 Hobbies-Football, cricket, Xbox, rugby, watching TV , riding my bike

In my opinion TV in England is not that good I like to watch sky sports channels and ESPN sometimes I watch things like eastenders and stuff that are based in our country Many things that are on the main stations like BBC1 BBC2 ITV are free but most the shows are boring. ठे रे इस सोमे इन्फोमेशन अबोउत मे एंड एङ्ग्लिश टे लिलिजन

मुसिक First names: Nathan& Alex Ages:



9MI & 9ME


Karate Swimming

Hello, my name is Nathan. The types of music I like are Dubstep as well as Drum and Bass. A few of my favourite Dubstep artists are: Xilent, Skrillex, Excision and Zomboy. My favourite tracks are: Shambhala 2012by excision, Hoedown by Zomboy, Boss Wave by Xilent and Make it Bun Dem by Damien, Marley and Skrillex.

hगेओग्रफ्य Hello my name is Kirsty Nolan I am 14 years old I am in year 9 and my form is 9WI My favourite hobbies are football, cooking and woodwork. I also like all types of music except jazz, heavy rock and blues music.

Geography in Great Britain is great and fun and you learn lots about the environment around you. Shire oak is in Brownhills near Walsall. We live fifteen miles from the UK’s second city which is Birmingham. The population in Brownhills is 135,883 million people.


Hello. Our names are Lewis and Josh. We are both 14 Hobbies: we both enjoy playing on the Xbox and playing football

Weather in our country can be sunny and dry sometimes but mainly it is raining and cold and wet. There are lots of people in England, about 60 million. Where we live in Walsall there are about 200, 00 people.

टे लिलिजन फिर्स्त नमस : लेविस , लेविस अगेस: १४ क्लास: ९Wई ः ओब्बिएस: िूटिल , गोल्ि गममिंग

Lewis : I am 14 and was born on the 24th June 1999 and I'm a sporty person. I like watching sports on the television because it entertains me and inspires me . Usually I watch ‘Russell Howard 's good news ’ because I find it really funny . Lewis : Lewis likes to watch horror films/ programmes such as the walking dead and silent hill is his favourite film.

लेइसुरे First names: Lewis Daniels , Niall Ferguson Ages:14, Class: 9me, Hobbies: football, running, tennis, athletics

In my spare time i like playing xbox. My favourite type of game is call of duty and gta. I love watching action films from Jason Statham, and also love watching my favourite film rush hour 3. If i have noting else to do i listen to my music on my blackberry phone mostly listen to tyga’s rap . Im always on my phone texting on bbm and going out with my mates.

फवौरिते टे लिलिजन प्रोग्रम्स

First names: Lewis and Steven Ages: Both 14 Class: 9WI Hobbies: Tennis , Gaming, football and music.

Television I am 14 years of age and I was born on the 5th November 1998. I enjoy playing sport and gaming with my friends. My all-time favourite television program is The Walking dead as I really love the story and interesting twist on the horror genre! I also really enjoy Japanese anime in particular Death Note as it has possibly one of the best storylines i have ever watched!

हिस्तोरी (History) First names: Lily-may & Paige Ages: 14 Class: 9EN Hobbies: Musical Theatre, Baking cakes.

We are going to talk to you about our history of where we live. We live in Pelsall which was once a mining village. On November 14, 1872, 22 miners died when the Pelsall Hall Colliery was flooded. 21 of the 22 North miners were buried underneath a Common polished granite obelisk in the churchyard of St Michael and All Angels Church. An Iron works grew on the North Common which is like a big playing field but still had flooding problems. The village managed to keep its rural atmosphere well into the 20th century, with several working farms surviving until after the Second World War. Now has a development of houses. We also had a railway which we have got remains left such as the bridge.

Mining Village

Railway Station

Sport: सपोर्ट First names: Liv Clarke and Kelsey Barnett Age: both 14 Class: 9ME and 9MI Hobbies: We both enjoy doing sport inside and outside of school.

We both enjoy going swimming and go 4 times a week. (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon) its fun getting to learn the counts and figures to a routine and then being able to perform it at competitions In this sport you can do solos, duets, teams, open teams and figures.

Geography First names Lucy and Amber and Michaela Ages all 14 Class 9EN Hobbies rounder's

The population in Walsall is 253,500. There is 44 schools in Walsall which includes high schools and primary schools. The weather is horrible and just wet windy and cold. There are no beaches in Walsall its just lots of grass, trees and plants. There is lots of parks and places to hang out with your friends, and just places to play football.

हिस्तोरी — History First names Luke, David Ages 14,14 Class year9 Hobbies Luke likes fishing, horse riding and archery. David likes fiootball, fishing, army cadets, swimming, horse riding

मी लिफे My life has been good so far . I was born on the 30th of November 1998. and i go to shire oak academy . I hate it here at school but i have some good friends they are Luke, ryan, mitchell, zak, mathew Some of my favourite foods are pizza, chips. The best thing is my family I live with my mom, auntie and, sister. My favourite football team is Liverpool.

हिस्तोरी First names: Luke, David. Ages:14, Class: 9bb Hobbies: David football, fishing, army cadets, swimming, horse riding. Luke:

My life. My life has been good so far but I’v had my bad times. I was born on march 8th 1999 and I have to admit I HATE SCHOOL. My favourite foods is shepards pie or lasagne or for deserts i like custard. My friends are Mitchell, frank, zak, David, Frazer also Ryan and Mathew. The most important thing in my life is my family, I love my family especially my sister my mom my dad and my grandparents.

Fishing, army cadets, xbox 360 and camping.

plac hru Achama Lae ko Chaa. Places of intrest First names-Maddy and Elizabeth Ages-14 Class-9EN

tyaha dherai ramro plac hru sabai over england Yo west midland hru tyaha ma Cheen. kalo Dunnu living museum an open-air museum of auta rebuilt historic khar hru Cheen. Chaa. hoo show hru Yo former industrial jamin hoo includ hru auta railway ramro hru yard, former coal pits, ra victorian hous hru Cheen. tyaha Pani cadbury hru sansar jun auta museum bhariyako Yo wonder hru chocolate ko ko Cheen. london ma Chaa.

tyaha Yo london Ankha auta massive ferri hru wheel Yo south bank Yo nadi tiniharu hru timi sabai over london including Dhulow ben Yo nickname Yo ramro bell Yo ghadee at Yo north end Yo palace westminster london ma ko Kay Dek lagi ko ko ko ma Cheen.

Hobbies-We both like music, Maddy plays the flute and Elizabeth plays the guitar. We both like watching formula one which is car racing.

रे लेगिओन Religion I go to shire oak school. First names Matthew Ages 14 Hobbies Football, fishing and cricket.

There are many religions in England the biggest religion in Britain is catholic. The catholic church is owned by many people. There are also many other believes like Muslim, Hindu and Islam belief. Many people who are Christians or catholic usually go to the English church on a Sunday to prayer and respect god . When they go to church they are given bread and red wine because it represents Jesus's blood and flesh left in them. On Christmas or the 24 days running up to Christmas catholic people light a candle in the church and there are 7 candles and the 7th candle is lit on Christmas day were they have a big ceremony for the catholic people. There are many more religions like Jehovah's witness this is also a religion the English people believe in. The story of Jesus is that he had disciples called Mathew, mark, Luke and john and one of his disciples turned on him and he sent a message to the king for his death so he got crucified on a cross that he had to carry while walking for a week. Jesus helped many people from their problems.

ळे इसुरे First name: Matthew Age: 14 Class: 9BU Hobbies: I enjoy playing Basketball and also enjoy Badminton

I like going to the cinema to watch action and adventure films. I also go bowling and I really enjoy it and like a competition or a challenge. I also like the watch Tv and like to go Swimming, It also keeps me busy

Music in England

First names: Amber and Lucy and Michaela Ages: all 14 Class: year nine Hobbies: rounders

Britain is more famous for pop music than it is for classical composers or jazz musicians. Names such as The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Elton John, George Michael and The Spice Girls are known world wide but little do people know of our other musicians not in the pop world. Music that we listen to today: In Britain, most youths listen to punk, garage, house, rock, pop and R&B. (such as JLo, Beyonce, Pink, Britney, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna,One Direction, Justin Bieber ect). Even though some of these are American, the pop stars are well known in England.

Places of interest First names; Mollie Ages; 14 Class; 9by Hobbies; shopping

Places of interest Holidays: 

Spain is a nice place to relax i went there on a holiday.

Florida is a fun place to go full of water parks and rides and shows I went there on a holiday.

New York is full of cities its very nice and full of lights.

अबोउत मे एंड व्हटी इ लिके मी नामे इस मोल्िी जमेस, ईम १४ येअसस ओल्ड एंड इ गो तो लिरे ओअक अचदे म्य. इ रे अल्ल्य लिके स्चूि तो बे होनेस्त बेचौसे इ एञ्जोय सॆइङ्ग मी फ़्रिएन्द्स एंड िीर्निंग अबोउत थिन्द्स इ नवर क्नेव बेफोरे . इ िोवे तो होरसे ररडे, इ दो चोम्पेर्तर्तओन्दस एंड इ हवे फ़्रफनाल्िी गोत इन्दतो द रोयिे िण्डन होरसे िोव. इ होपे तहत यौ ववि विटे बैक तो मे तो तेि मे ऑि अबोउत यौ.

इ िोवे फ़लिओन, इ गो िोप्पंग एवी वीकेंद ववि मी मोम एंड गेट न्दयु च्िोठे स. फलियो इस सोमेथिंग तहत यौ चन हवे फंु ववि, लमक्ष च्िोठे स तोगेठेर एंड हवे अ िौघ. नोट ऑि फ़लिओन इतेम्स हवे तो बे एक्ष्पेपन्दसवे िे चन बे चेअप बट ु िे चन अल्सो िक ु र्नके. द बेस्ट च्िोथिंग तहत इ िोवे अरे द्रे स्सेस, इ अल्सो िोवे हहघ हीि िोएस एंड हववंग अ गद ू र्तमे अत अ पाटी. व्हत फ़लिओन दो यौ लिके?

ळे इसरु े


In the west midlands there are a variety of things you can do when you’ve got days off. Niamh most like going to the Bullring which is a shopping destination in Birmingham. You can visit the west midlands safari park which is most loved by families as it is also a theme park. One thing Charlie especially likes is going to the theme park Alton Towers which has lots of scary rides which give you a buzz. Charlie's favourite ride is Nemesis when mine is Air. All the loops and bends might make us go dizzy but that is what we enjoy. These are a few things we enjoy doing in our spare time.

Hello we are Charlie and Niamh. We are both aged 14. We are both in year 9 soon going into year 10. Charlie enjoys doing sport like rounder's and netball, whilst I enjoy watching films and listening

वाल्सल वुद both like a band called one direction First names paige harris and Bianca birch Ages 14 Class year 9

There is a park in Walsall were we go swimming and also a food place called KFC . Opposite is a fitness with exercise equipment. Me and Bianca go swimming every Friday at five 5 .at KFC they sell fried chicken and chips also a drink called A krusher.

Hobbies dancig, singing and having fun also we love laughing together


Hello we are Painton and Nie We are 14 and in Year 9 We enjoy going out and spending time We like listening to music our favourite is RnB/rap

In England you can go to concerts and see your favourite musicians live on stage. We also have festivals our most well known festival is V festival

Also at school we have music lessons and people show their talents in school shows

First names: Rachael & Georgia Ages: 13 & 14 Class: 9WI Hobbies:

For leisure I like to go out with my friends and: 

Go shopping Bull ring, Birmingham

Go to the cinema showcase

Go to concerts

Or even just chilling.


Horse Riding


द सपोर्ट वे प्ले The Sport we play

First names: Rob Beech Ages: 14 Class: 9ME Hobbies: I like to do football and Guitar playing. I also play cricket in the summer.

In this part of the country, football is the most common sport. Football can be played by anyone who wants to play the sport. You don’t have to be rich or poor and there are lots of teams that have been set up to provide players with the opportunity to showcase their skills. When you go out there are games at the park, in the street and round the corners. However, football isn’t the only sport. Cricket grounds and golf courses are often used in the summer. Cricket is the more popular summer game. But to play these sports you need the equipment and not everyone has the time or money to play these games. Badminton and tennis are also quite common at leisure centres. There are a wide

टे लिलिजन Hello, my name is RoseElizabeth and I am 14 years old. I love watching Television, maybe a bit too much, but I always find something to watch like Supernatural, Sherlock and Adventure Time.

Here are some of my favourite films... The Hunger Games is about a country split into 12 districts—some poor, some rich. Every year, the capitol makes the districts enter a competition to fight till their death. The Avengers is a group of superheroes named captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye. These superheroes have to try and save the world from Thor’s evil brother, Loki. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower is about a teenage boy named Charlie, who starts high school and isn't very popular. Despite him being very nerdy and geeky, he makes two friends—Sam and Patrick who help him through tough times. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is about a young boy who finds out his father is a God— Poseidon—and gets blamed for stealing the lightning bolt from Zeus. Harry Potter is a series of 8 films (7 books) about a young wizard and his journey growing up in a castle and fighting off evil Lord Voldemort.

सपोर्ट sport

First names. Ryan Hill Ages. 14 Class. 9 Hobbies. Table tennis, fishing


I enjoy playing table tennis, and watching it in the Olympics and China, are the best at it. On a Friday I play table tennis, I want to be as good as Paul Drinkhall

हिस्तोरी First names: Ryan Ages: 14 Class: 9S2

I was born in the year 1998 and I have a pet budgie named babie. My primary school was a small place named Castle fort JMI school which I had met a lot of interesting people. I am now at shire oak academy in my third year. As a young boy, I try to get every opportunity that I am given. One of my greatest ambitions that i am training very hard for is to go on tour with my uncle as I can do many circus stunts and performances that and I am gradually becoming better at it. I come from a family with a circus background and I would like to carry on that tradition. I am a athletic teenager that had loved sport from a young age. My favourite sports are badminton, tennis and football. My greatest inspiration for who and where I am today is a man named Brad Pitt who is a amazing actor who earn s a lot of money and i wish i could earn as much as him in the future if I were to become a actor.

Hobbies: I really enjoy playing football and having my regular guitar lessons. I really enjoy listening to rock and Dubstep music and enjoy watching TV as it has funny and memorable moments. I enjoy drawing many pictures that are inspirational to me. My favourite bands are AC/DC and Led Zeppelin

फूड Hi I am Ryan I am 13 My form is 9pe I enjoy playing Xbox with my friends

ठे रे अरे लॉद्स ओफ दिफ्फेरें त फूड्स वे यात.

तहर इस पिज्जा चिप्स बर्ग ु ेस स

इिे च्रेअम एंड ब्रेअक्फ़स्त.

ठे रे इस

अल्सो फूड वे िोंत ललके फोर एक्षम्पप्ले ओललवेस एंड स्रोउत्स

टे लिलिजन (television) Hello we are Sam and Jakeob Ages both 14 Our class is year 9 Hobbies we both enjoy playing football I Sam support Manchester united and Jakeob supports Birmingham city In England their is a lot of sport that happens all the time. Recently we have just held the Olympics and Wimbledon. The English premier league is the most watched league in the world every game is on television on sky sports 1 2 and 3. if you miss the games their is a show called match of the day on a late Saturday night and Sunday mornings . Dance is a big show in England too their are a lot of dancing shows like dancing on ice and strictly come dancing witch have celebrities on the shows. Their is also a lot of talent shows . X factor and Britain's got talent the main shows their are a selection of bad acts and brilliant acts on the show to make it funny in the auditions television is basically something to do when your board.

द फूड वे यात The Food we Eat Hello we are Sean and Tiff. We are both 14 9BY Our hobbies: Playing football and going on the internet.

These are some of the food we eat The sort of food we like to eat is takeaways and some traditional British food. Such as Sunday Roast, Fish and Chips and Cottage Pie. We also enjoy some fast foods like KFC and McDonald's. A big thing in England is Takeaway like Chinese and Indian.

Fashion Hello. Our names are Si창n and Ben. We are both 14 years old. Our hobbies include music, sleeping and eating as well as performing arts.

Fashion in Britain changes on a monthly basis when new designers come out with new clothes. Most people are very bothered by what they wear and how you look. Runways or catwalks are used at fashion shows to show off designers clothes. New celebrities also show off new clothes when they go to red carpet events or movie premiers. They are what most people aim to look like and model themselves after them. We personally don't care much about fashion.

Places of interest First name—Steph Ages 14 Class 9BY Hobbies rounders

Places of interest Greece is a place of interest as I went there on holiday. The only way you can get to the beach is by boat. Birmingham bullring is a shopping centre not far from Walsall. There are over 100 shops in the 3 storey building. A couple of my favourite shops are river island and topshop, they are clothes shops. Egypt is a place of interest with the 3 pyramids and the sphinx in Cairo.

टे लिलिजन

Television Hi I’m Steph! Age: 14 Class: 9PE

I really enjoy watching TV and I am a huge fan of crime shows. My favourite show is Criminal Minds closely followed by CSI. Also I watch a lot of children's shows such as Adventure Time and Regular Show. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is also something that I enjoy to watch because it makes me laugh. When I was younger I used to really like watching Drake & Josh along with Suite Life Of Zack And Cody.

Hobbies: I love to play the guitar and watch videos on YouTube. Music is something that I listen to regularly, I listen to a lot of 90’s music. I also like to go on social networking sites such as Twitter and Tumblr.

Television First names Stephen and Ryan Ages 14 yrs old Class 9BS 9wl Hobbies Xbox 360 Gardening club watching television Ryan likes fishing

Television . We have 5 channels plus we can have lots of more lf we want. Some programmes we watch are 


Benidorm– comedy

Mr Bean

Thomas the tank engine.

Transformers .

We can watch television anytime

Foods l like Hamburger Hot dog Tuna sandwiches Curry Fish and chips Drink Coke Milk shake Orange Juice

फवौरिते टे लिलिजन प्रोग्रम्स First names: Steven Lewis Ages: Both 14 Class: 9WI Hobbies: Football and Music

Television I am 14 years old and was born on the 7th of January 1999. I enjoy playing sport and gaming. My favourite television programs are Russell Howards Good News, Not Going Out and Mrs. Browns Boys but whilst they are my favourite I cannot stand the Only Way Is Essex!

मुसिक Our names are Tamara and Heather. Ages 14 and 14 Class; year 9 Hobbies-Our hobbies are sports. Heathers favourite sport is football and dodge ball. My favourite sports are swimming and rounder's. We listen to loads of different songs such as rock, punk and opera. What kind of songs do you listen to? I love music, it helps me concentrate. I try and listen to music as often as I can.

Heather has blue eyes and brown hair, she’s very sporty and funny.

मी इन्तेरेस्ट्स इन मसु सक My interests in music. First name: Tom Age: I am 14 years old Class: I am in year 9 Hobbies: I like to canoe and go to Scouts.

MUSIC I enjoy listening to rock, punk and pop music on my IPod. An IPod is a multi-purpose device that you can play video games, watch video on and listen to music with. I don’t know what I would do without it. Also I listen to music on my stereo and in my mum’s car. I sometimes go to gigs to see my favourite bands perform live.

फशिओं We are Tiff and Sean We are both ages 14 We are in year 9 Sean likes to play football and Tiff likes going on the internet.

At my school we have to wear a white shirt, black trousers , a tie and a blazer. We hate wearing uniform and wish we could wear our own clothes to school. All schools in England have to wear uniform. Outside of school Tiff likes to wear jeans and plain tops and Sean wears chinos. Some times Tiff likes to just wear pyjamas because they are really comfy. Tiff also likes to wear a lemongrab hat (shown on the left)

First names Tiffany Hughes Ages 14 Class 9WI Hobbies shopping

Place of interest: Bowling Cinema Skegness Spain Consorts Place of interest: around Brownhills Chase water Oak park leisure

Food Hello we are jess and tom Ages jess 60 tom is 70 Year 9

We both love food mcdonalds kfc burger king, our favourite spot is football. My favourite food from mcdonalds is the breakfast meal.

We like cooking Chinese playing xbox and ps3 i love eating Chinese , we love every kind of food

First names Toni Harrison Ages 14 Class 9BU Hobbies Gardening club and playing music on my phone

Television Programmes

Favourite Drinks

Victorious (Nickelodeon)


I Carly (on Nickelodeon)


Good luck Charlie (on Disney channel)


Hannah Montana the movie




My favourite food is ‌


Fish and chips Beans on toast Cheese and potato pie Burgers Favourite Cereal

टे लिलिजन

Hello, my name is William Groucutt. I am 14 years old, but I don't act it. My hobbies involve television, rock climbing kayaking, fencing , drama and sea cadets.

Scott pilgrim vs the world, Is a story about a boy that see’s a girl in his dream then he meets her, and instantly falls in love with her. He then has to fight her 7 evil ex boyfriends and her love. Hobbit is the prequel to the lord of the rings. It is a story of a young half ling ( a hobbit) that is summoned to go on a adventure with 13 dwarfs to win back there kingdom called Erabor from the evil dragon Smaug. Adventure time, is a continues adventure of Jake the dog and Finn the human were they fight the ice king and always save the day.

ळे ईषऋ ू ए(LEISURE) Hello my name is Niall Ferguson I attend shire oak academy I'm in year 9 , form 9me. Ages I am 14 years old . I like sports I play football regularly my



Favourite teams are England , man u , villa and Barcelona .

टे लिलिजन! Television! INFO First names: I am Yvonne (sitting down) and this is my friend Chloe (Standing up) Ages: 13-14 Class: 9mi we are in the same form Hobbies: Me and Chloe both enjoy looking after our pets, going swimming and relaxing in a peaceful place. Maybe with a book :) We also like art.

Me and Chloe like lots of Tv shows, I like Big bang theory, 2 broke girls and I used to LOVE Friends but now they don't show them anymore. I also used to love the Gilmore Girls. Chloe loves the Simpsons . Hollyoaks, Coronation street and Emmerdale.

Entertainment— एन्तेतन् ै मेन्त Hello my name is Zak Barnes I am 14 years old 9ME I go to my friends house and we sometimes play basketball. Other times I go on bike rides with my uncle.

The things that entertain me are video games and cartoons on the TV my FAV cartoon is adventure time and my best game in the world is Skyrim Some times I also play some games on my PC which are mainly world of war craft and planeside 2. From when I get home from school I don’t go straight on the Console first I get on my pyjamas and watch my favourite cartoon and before I go to bed I play Skyrim.

Ebp shire oak nepal  

Facts, Reflections and Opinions by Year 9 students at Shire Oak Academy in Walsall UK to their twin school in Nepal

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