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There is a line that connects Naples and New York, [...] a city which lives day-to-day a fragmentary tumultuous life, non-stop twenty-four hours always approaching the Apocalypse and yet reviving itself everyday by an obscure force that knows no rule. [...] But there is also the best fish, the best pasta and the best wine. What else can I add?

Andy Warhol

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resumè Environmental planning studio Hostel in the national park of Cilento

Interior architecture Studio House

and sell point for a nursery man

Bachelor’s Degree Thesis Replacement block into a historic context

Urban planning studio Student dorm in Naples

Architectural design studio Master Degree A library and a residential tower in Naples

Architectural design studio Bachelor Degree Terraced house (without context)

Internship @ Riccardo Dalisi metal workshop Bookmark, vase, lamps, Pulcinella Prize




Davide Conte Via Zara 42, 84124 Salerno, Italy +39 327 4542729

SKILLS & CHARACTER Rapid learner Adaptable Friendly Emotional

Affable Dreamer Meticulous Passionate


WORK EXPERIENCE 12/2016 - 4/2017 Internship Studio arch. prof. Riccardo Dalisi Naples Design and consecutive prototype production of lamps, vase, small objects, and souvenir in metal. Attendance to all the team meetings to solve technical and design problems. Development of lightning design for a private apartment.

EDUCATION 2017 Qualifying examination to architects register 2017 Master Degree in Architecture Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II /Mark: 110 cum laude/110 2014 Bachelor Degree in Architecture Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II /Mark: 105/110


AutoCAD 3D Photoshop Illustrator


AutoCAD 2D

3D SMax

01 ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN STUDIO - MASTER DEGREE A LIBRARY AND A RESIDENTIAL TOWER IN NAPLES Inspired by the library designed by Álvaro Siza in the city of Viana do Castelo in Portugal, the studio inspects the aesthetical, functional and architectural ideas grounded in the portuguese architect’s work.

Firstly, there was the rendering of a neighborhood in Naples, pretending to put the building into that context. Secondly, the drawing of the plan has imposed to rethink the internal distribution and the facades’ openings. The adding of a high residential tower breaks the project horizontal visual trend. In the end, technical details and structural framework are examinated.

02 ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING STUDIO HOSTEL IN THE NATIONAL PARK OF CILENTO Albergo diffuso is an italian expression indicating a hotel that has rooms spread over a wide area. Purpose of the small town of Sant’Arsenio is to transform an ancient abandoned village in an albergo diffuso. The project focuses on the tranformation of a building into hostel and wine bar and on the configuration of the small main square.

Respecting the existent shape, the facades were enriched with rampicant grapevines and detail solution for the sun-blinds bottle shaped. The square has a big sunshade with a bamboo structure.

03 BACHELOR’S DEGREE THESIS REPLACEMENT BLOCK INTO A HISTORIC CONTEXT The thesis project is placed into the famous Spanish Quarters in Naples and it focuses on the replacement of a precarious building. It is thought as a big box cor-ten steel made, cantilevered over a portico.

5 The first storey hosts offices, other two dwellings, the penultimate hosts four guest houses. The last floor is public and proposes a social function.





Through a spiral staircase it is possible to arrive at the roof garden, where there is a panoramic bar. It is curve shaped and it appears as an unusual and futuristic object disconnected from the neighborhood and the building itself.

04 ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN STUDIO - BACHELOR DEGREE TERRACED HOUSES (WITHOUT CONTEXT) The interiors are split in two parts: on the right side the entrance with the hallway and the stairs; on the left the living room and the kitchen at the first floor and two bedrooms at the second floor. In the middle there are the bathrooms.


An abandoned industrial shell transformed into the house and the garden of a nursery man. The warehouse is divided in three: one side for the house itself with a bedroom mezzanine, another one is for workspace. The third part is the inner garden, the hortus conclusus, a link that allows not only the growing of the plants but it also improves the ventilation and the lightning.




06 URBAN PLANNING STUDIO STUDENT DORM IN NAPLES The building is situated in a small lot in the Naples’ historical center and it takes some important features from the surrounding ancient constructions, such as the height and the materials. The two different wings, characterized functionally and aesthetically, responds to the instances the neighborhood brings.

The dorm wing can host up to 48 students and it opens on the secondary streets with small balconies. The living wing raises on the main street, the facade is organized with vertical strong cuttings and inside there are big open spaces for studying. The roof top has a pizza oven and a party area with a small garden. The exterior cladding is enriched with natural lava stones.


I supported the studio activity helping the architects and the metal workshop artisans into every step of design and devlopement of the products. I have been involved into the conception of small design objects, souvenirs and lighting. I was in the team that worked into the workshop in Via dei Tribunali in Naples, being also in contact both with Riccardo Dalisi and his studio both with the customers. The whole experience has been breath-taking.

Autorizzo il trattamento dei miei dati personali ai sensi del Dlgs 196 del 30 giugno 2003

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Architecture Portfolio