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By David “Doc” DeMulle’

This is our town. As culturally myopic as one can get and still be in California. What was once a small rural town, has now grown into a community diverse with personalities, concepts, and dreams. Dreams both desired and accomplished. Standing side by side with abandoned community centers, the Little Landers Bolton Hall stands in mute recognition that progress has come to Sunland-Tujunga. And ground to a standstill. Corruption of the most petty type, has destroyed the service clubs and laid waste to the idea of individuality and originality. Lies replace truth, and bad lies at that. Like the Roman circuses, our local government throws dissidents to the lions in order to further their own goals. Yes children, we are on the eve of destruction.

(Disclaimer: Some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent. If you find an error in this script, please contact the author.)

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This is not a book or a learned treatise on what makes a community grow or fail. It is but a compilation of how a few individuals tore apart the social fabric of a rural community and no one cared. It is a true case of good people doing bad things for their own aggrandizement and profit, whether it was for a social, religious or financial reason. This treatment is for the serious producer that wants to create a real REALITY SHOW. For the OTHER readers, it will be like looking through a peep hole into a freak show. PROLOGUE TO S.T.A.R.S. THE USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA TO DESTROY THE FABRIC THAT HELD SUNLAND-TUJUNGA TOGETHER! “THE BIG LIE” Social media is a computerized technology that facilitates creation and sharing of ideas, information, and career interests through virtual communities and networks. A Social medium helps change how individuals and businesses interact since it introduces substantial changes to communication among them. Besides that, it also contributes to vices such as cyberbullying and affects personal relationships. Social media can be the root for ambient intimacy or in some cases, the destruction of any feeling of intimacy. In our suburban communities, children have the ability to access and keep in touch with people which would not be possible without these social networks. The exposure to pornography and obscene videos on social sites poisons the minds of those who fall prey to the social media lure of “instant friendships,” and for some of them, will start intimate relationships at a young age. Social media as a medium is making us become shallow-minded and to take an interest in unimportant things. It makes people feel desirable and superior depending on the number of followers they have on their social platforms. Like drug users, we are slowly losing our originality which makes us unique in our own ways, being disappointed in ourselves, and leading to low self-esteem because of the pressure to behave a certain way. Social media in some cases belittles us, throws harsh blows and destroys their people’s worth and leaves them wounded. Lies become truths that you can’t fight against. The bigger the lie, the easier it is for people to believe it. One of the most destructive social media pitfalls is the vengeful backlash that it allows, particularly on subjects like religion and politics. We all have different perceptions and opinions of things, and sometimes we can be too harsh on a topic. When many people seem to favor the opposing view, people feel ridiculed and avoid posting on the sites such as Facebook and blog-spots. 1

People I know once shared posts on Facebook with their “friends” that was perceived as being offensive, and the feedback was excessively brutal. The backlash ended up affecting their long-term social and personal lives. But for the masses, it is an addiction that is more like a real-time video game than the real lives they lead. Internet pornography has become the scourge of companies that require their employees to use the Internet for their jobs. But that belies the use of the Internet by those who don’t have jobs. For them, the Internet is their new life. When friends become wolf-packs and attack a person on social media, the effects are long-ranging and may create social or mental problems within that person. I have seen individuals, particularly children exposed to cyberbullying and crimes. In our foothills community, we experienced four cyber-bully attacks that left children committing suicide. The harassment and inappropriate contacts with people you have never interacted with in real life are shocking. My observation is that cyberbullying is harsher on females than males and can happen at any time. Secret social media sites elevate the assault severity by making false promises of privacy to the bullies who feel that they can attack with impunity. It is just as harmful as physical bullying, and affects a victim’s psychological being as well as giving the bully a feeling of being untouchable. There is always the risk of fraud and identity theft when you’re posting on social media. Since everyone can see and access the information we post on the Internet, thieves can successfully steal your identity which can be very costly to the victim. Millennials appear to be the leading victims in this group because of their comfort of sharing their most intimate information on-line, including personal family information. Social media creates a feeling of false security with myriads of friends who chastise us without notice. Those we perceive as friends can become foes who would use your information to get what they want or retaliate against someone. In the real world, social media has become a major time waster and is espoused by the unemployed and psychotic of our community. There are so many people in our community that waste a considerable amount of their time on non-work related activities on the Internet during working hours, that I sometimes wonder how they get anything done. One of our characters involves a female employee of the Glendale Unified school district, she was posting hate messages, conducting friendships and attacking community members during her work hours and on school district computers. It was only after someone complained to the school district that she was reprimanded and told to stay off the Internet during work hours. 2

For months after, she posted “I am posting on my own equipment and on my break time.” This recent problem of Internet use during company time can cost companies hours of lost productivity thus deteriorating community work ethic. I admit to spending time on social networks while working. But then again, I’m editor of a local newspaper and I get information for the next week’s edition from my contacts on it. Children can pretend to be adults and have illicit affairs without anyone knowing. Internet life becomes their new outreach into the real world. A world where the bigger the lie, the more believable it is. So many of those on social media are either unemployed or under-employed that they forget that potential employers can see their personal traits on social media that can make a person undesirable for a position. It is surprising that what students and neighbors post on social media can influence their college approval or disapproval of their applications, and they don’t seem to care. Social media are making us unsociable and more aggressive when they have to leave the realm of fantasy and return back to reality. Our teenagers are developing antisocial behavior since they now prefer getting information from the social site rather than by interacting and socializing with people. Some comments we read are often blunt and would not be made in a face-to-face situation. Instead of valid communication in such a scenario, they turn to aggressiveness as a defense mechanism. Lies are so common place as to be treated as the truth. Utilizing the herd mentality, lies are thrown out to the site members with impunity and further embellished as being a truth. I can say factually that social media no longer promotes interpersonal communication as its intended purpose. Taking the “big lie” concept, posters on such social media as the Facebook Foothills Observed run by Gyorgie Hakopian, the lie becomes a septic tank of insecure believers who attack the community and themselves as a daily ritual. Talking about the Facebook social media platform, some administrators promote the dehumanization of people by calling them derogatory names or just turn a blind-eye to the use of peoples alter-egos called “Sock Puppets” in order to increase participation and raise the quantity of "members." By using a fake identity, people can throw out the most vile attacks against the unsuspecting, and because they are a psychotic extension of an anti-social persona, it de-individualizes those using it and also reinforces the herd dynamics because it allows us to do and say stuff we cannot say in real life. 3

And for the perpetrator, they know that if they get kicked off a social media site, they can come back as another identity. And the process continues. In “the big picture,” our neighbors, our community and our nation is developing an aggressive disassociate personality disorder because we are no longer ourselves, but are now Internet influenced selves. We are giving online spaces greater weight than real communication which slowly erodes our culture. It is addictive, and the social media participants in the hate groups continue their addiction. We are unable to discern lies from reality, in fact the lies actually become the reality for those mentally challenged social media gamers. When bullies take over a site, they promote and often respond to criticism and differing social input with retaliation instead of actually expressing significant opinions. One of our most dangerous bully characters Kurt Koesler runs amok on the different social media and continues his barrage of insults using his family of alter-ego sock-puppets to attack others in our community. What the Cleghorn Machine social media genius Joe Barrett created years ago, is still flowing through Internet circles, and if you didn't look closely, you'd think that the content was timely and accurate. Lies are lies until they are heard so many times that reality becomes suspect. The Internet creates a fantasy world that soon becomes so real that we no longer perceive a cognitive reality. It makes us lose an emotional connection with the person we are conversing with. We create sparse quality conversations through our social media sites since one person cannot express the emotion and enthusiasm in the other individual. The use of social media also facilitates mental laziness by being a socially over active herd member and it is making life so convenient that we become lazy. Those people who find their lives interactively entangled in Facebook or other social media platforms tend to create their own idea of what is real or not real. Unfortunately, in this era of “fake news,” they have become part of the problem and not the solution. People waste hours on social media doing nothing substantial because it is its own vortex, drawing people into it like an interactive video game. Faster than a speeding bullet - we can quickly post messages to a friend or a perceived enemy instead of visiting them, which in turn breaks down our communication ties. Family closeness is drastically reduced due to these social networks as they create new “friends” which now take the place of real family. 4

Look about you. Have you noticed that people are busier with their phones rather than watching a movie together or having good family time? Even at concerts and at the movies, people are busily interacting with others through tweets and posts and Instagram’s. Social media is subtly changing how we live our lives by conveying inauthentic expressions of feelings. Look around you at your friends whose written conversations are always full of “HA HA,” “LOL,” “SMH,” “LMFAO,” and “BTW” expressions meant to represent a sincere interest. We usually use this shorthand jargon when in the real time sense, we are not even smiling or laughing. It is not surprising that one may be crying or going through a difficult time but hiding in the expressions they use to sound okay. STARS is the concept treatment for a local “Community Reality Show.” It is essential to the reader/producer to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using social networking in our community, and to find the real person of worth to portray within our little vortex. SUNLAND-TUJUNGA -A REALITY SHOW We are a small town, a suburban distraction from the city. But like any city, we have our problems. Homeless, Gangs, Bad Traffic, Scofflaw Builders, Bullies, Mental Problems, Drug Abuse, Bad Politicians, and everybody in-between, trying to cut a niche in Sunland-Tujunga (S-T: which some people think of as Septic Tank.) Just like in the BIG cities across the nation, we have the good people doing good, in spite of the other good people doing bad. Our little community is a true example of the vociferous minority running the town. From an ex-banker gone bad and corrupting the greedy-self-righteous minded service group leaders, to the onslaught of a rogue group of the Church of Scientology members actually having a blueprint to take over. (L. Ron Hubbard’s book, “The Way To Happiness”) NB. I am a Scientologist of the “old school” and I find it interesting to see the dark side of his teachings being used in this 5

community. The Foothills Paper is the most read newspaper in the Foothills Region. It glibly refers to S-T and its inter-workings as a “Vortex where people fell in and could never climb back out.” This is Sunland-Tujunga, land of great hopes and broken dreams. Unlike Maywood-Bell, the leaders here aren’t milking the community dry, they are just running it like it’s their own back pasture. Unlike Maywood-Bell, the local residents don’t really give a damn about what happens here. That is until they want to build a new fence, have a safe place for their kids to hang out, or cross the street without getting run over by our neighbor’s high priced leased car. If you ever saw the movie with Jack Nicholson called “Chinatown,” you have an inkling of what is happening here. The idea for the Reality Show came from an FBI agent that was checking out some death threats against President Obama by one of our residents. After the niceties were passed and the problem examined, she made the statement, "This is like living in a reality show.” And it has stuck in the back of our minds since. We are a diverse community comprised of Anglos, (a smattering of Blacks), Latinos, Armenians and Koreans, all living and working together. We have had the Toonerville (TVR) and Vagos and Mongol gang wanna-bees. We have Homeless and Street People; we have Tweakers and Junkies and Drunks. We have everything a large City has, just more condensed. We have two great service clubs in Sunland-Tujunga, unfortunately, the service clubs tend to serve only themselves. Social Media is both a boon and a bane to our existence. I have said for years “If it wasn’t for the Internet – the mentally challenged would have no voice.” And that is true here in Sunland-Tujunga where the certifiably nut-so people can create a blog-spot, Facebook or free 6

Internet site and attack others with no fear of retaliation (from the Internet providers). People have their reputations made and destroyed by keyboard kamikazes hiding behind their computer.

Yes boys and girls, this is our new reality, where you can post the most heinous materials, destroy people, their friends and walk away unscathed. This is our little reality show - Enjoy! The following is a description of some of the characters involved and the Sunland- Tujunga (S-T) community “leaders,” their associates, and how some took over our town. Amelia Anderson - Homeless Advocate, STNC Representative Arnie Abramyan, Business owner -Munchies, Coffee & Cruise Art Minor, Business Owner – Owner - The Crows Nest, CD-7 candidate Brenda Fortune, Past President of the S-T Rotary Club Cindy Cleghorn, Past President of the Chamber of Commerce David “Doc” DeMulle’, The Foothills Paper (Organization for Strategic Studies) Dave DiPinto - SAFE group founder, president of the SHPOA Ed Rock, Past STNC Business & Logistics Manager Janelle Hussion - one of Koeslers lackey's - Mobile Notary


Joe Barret - Sunland-Tujunga Alliance, Cleghorn Machine “hit-man” Kurt Koesler - Unemployed handy man – Hate monger Lloyd Hitt - Past President - Little Landers Society Mark Seigel - Past President of the STNC Marynance Schellenbach, Grand Dame of the S-T Lion’s Club Michelle Ramage - Hate monger - Officer of S-T Rotary Club, Dental Hygienist Mike Lucas - Past President of the S-T Rotary Club Nancy DeGange Shannon - Koeslers Groupie, Liar and follower of Sandy Capps Nina Royal, Past treasurer - STNC, Editor- defunct North Valley Reporter, Pattee Colvin - Making it Happen - Feeding and clothing the homeless Richard Stewart -Past President of the S-T Rotary Club (El Bandito) Robin Meares - Past treasurer of the STNC-Mc Groarty Art Center, Liar Roger Swart – Just trying to find someone who will like him, Liar Sonia Tatulian, Past President Chamber of Commerce – Known on the street as "Lie, Cheat & Steal Tatulian" and Promoter of “The Big Lie” Susan Stewart, Past Co-President of the S-T Rotary Club Sandy Capps – Court Sheriff pretending to be an “under cover sheriff," Liar


Tomi Lyn Bowling, Past STNC Land Use Committee Chairman, Liar Wally (Anne Marie) Wharton – pathological liar, ex wanna-be porn star This list is by no means a complete list of characters in our little reality show. But these actors are those that have gone out of their way to make community members miserable, drive business out of town, and worst of all, they helped drive the real movers and shakers out of our organizations and community. REMEMBER that this is only a treatment on how social media can and does shape the future of people and communities across all demographics. It has nothing to do with race, creed or political thought, it has to do with GREED. And greed takes many forms, in most communities, money is the greed. But here in Sunland-Tujunga, "Domination" and perceived status with our local elected officials (who also appear to have "feet of clay.") THESE ARE OUR ACTORS IN THE SUNLAND-TUJUNGA REALITY SHOW Ed Rock: STNC Business/Logistics Manager Was an employee of the STNC and paid through Apple-One. His duties included answering the phones, making sure the expenditures were correctly entered, and over-seeing the treasurer’s report. Ed made the business of running the STNC look easy. He has been excluded from the “inner-circle” because he is a known friend of The Foothills Paper. His responsibilities included accepting the “Best of Sunland-Tujunga (BOST)” ballots and keeping them in a safe and secure area. He tallied ALL the ballots and was awaiting an official request to deliver them to the auditing team. The Foothills Paper turned in 350. The total amount of the ballots from any other organization group or people amounted to 25.


After the Logistics Manager office moved to the Chamber of Commerce Office, the office size was reduced by 75%. For an 8' X 10' area of the C of C space, the STNC paid them $600 per month. The chamber then used all the STNC equipment and supplies and treated Ed like shit. Cindy Cleghorn would call him many times a day and berate him for some supposed problem. Ed Rock eventually had a stroke and had to leave his position at the STNC. During the time he was convalescing in the hospital, the only people that visited him was TFP staff members. Not one single person from the STNC visited him. During that time, his office was opened and ransacked and things stolen both personal and S-T Neighborhood Council related. He was given an award by then Councilman Felipe Fuentes and presented to him by Doc while he was in the hospital. Mark Seigel: STNC Past President is called “Snowflake” in the community. He is still on the STNC board in one form or another. Past vice-president/treasurer of the STNC. Using his City issued key, entered into the office of STNC Business Manager Ed Rock, and removed all the Best of SunlandTujunga ballots (without permission) over the weekend and delivered them to Cindy Cleghorn. Thus breaking the “paper trail.” The ballots were then examined and Tomi Lyn Bowling and STNC President Dan McManus were called in to discuss what should be done with the stolen ballots. It was decided to continue the lie that they didn’t have them. Other members of the STNC became involved and the lie continued. It was posted on the STNC Facebook site that the ballots were available for viewing at C & M Printing. When people called to see them, Cleghorn said 1. “They are misplaced.” 10

2. “They were sent out for microficheing”, 3. “I can’t show you them because it would violate HIPAA rules!” They have never been seen again. Mark is a licensed locksmith in town. If he could get into the STNC Logistics Office, he can help you get into your house. There is something very wrong with Mark. A couple of years ago when another board member (Michelle Saffron) passed away, he went to the hospital and took photos of her lifeless body. When the OSS-Spectrum office was relocating, he was seen stealing a pair of hand-cuffs from the office front door and photographed the office "whiteboard" information. Mark is a defrocked Boy Scout leader who for years wore his scout uniform everywhere he went. Then one day.......He showed up in “civies” never to wear it again. Mark is a true “Snowflake.” At one council meeting, he attacked paper photographer Dyan McManus who was documenting the meeting. He got in her face and pushed the camera away saying “You can’t take pictures here! This is not a ‘public’ place!” When he was confronted by Doc, he started yelling “Don’t hit me David – Don’t hit me David!” And then tried to get sympathy from the audience by yelling “David assaulted me!” Unfortunately for him, people in the audience began yelling at him “I saw it all – You attacked him!” and it was all over for him. (for that week)


Richard Stewart: Past Co-President of the S-T Rotary Club, Scientology Volunteer Minister.

Elected as a Rotary club replacement for the late Michael Lucas, he initiated a program of having THREE CoPresidents of the S-T Rotary club. Following the tenants of the 1982 version of “The Way To Happiness” chapter 17-2 and reversing the process, he formulated the takeover of the S-T Rotary club and going after the S-T community. Tomi Lyn Bowling is both his mentor and his advocate.

He is best known for creating “Bandito Park” wherein he builds rock cairns all around the field. The cairns have become popular with local Scientologists who now build them in their yards and where-ever they find piles of rocks as a show of being part of a Scientologist community.

As part of the program promoting other Scientologists to positions of power, he and his wife Susan, wrote a letter to the Master At Arms of the Church of Scientology in Clearwater, Florida, advocating that Tomi Lyn receive her “Clear” certification because of her efforts to “take over” the SunlandTujunga community. One of his dissatisfied friends leaked the letter to The Foothills Paper. After it was published, two additional copies surfaced to give the impression that the original document was a fraud. Joe Barrett started a 12

movement crying out that the document was an attack on the:

1. Rotary Club, 2. The Church of Scientology, and 3. Against the Stewarts. See Addendum 1 and Addendum 2. The communities and church reaction was so intense that the president of the Church of Scientology called Doc (Editor of The Foothills Paper) and asked for a meeting to resolve this issue. The problem was resolved with a letter of apology from Stewart being sent to The Foothills Paper and published. Both Richard and Susan Stewart were accused of taking a “loan” from Rotary funds to pay personal expenses. He/they apologized and the funds were returned.

Susan Stewart: Past Co-President of the S-T Rotary Club, Scientology Volunteer Minister.

Wife of Richard Stewart and ex-close friend of Sonia Tatulian. Acts very low key and is an active member of the Little Landers and poetry writers groups.

Brenda Fortune: Past President of the ST Rotary Club, Director of the STNC, Lion’s Club member, Scientologist. Served as Field Rep for CD-7 Alarcon. Acted as filter for information going to the councilman. Helped the Chamber of Commerce put out the Voice of the Village newspaper and was a friend of Sonia U



Tatulian. She became “Honorary Sheriff” for Sunland-Tujunga. She is less than honest about the activities that she is involved with. She used North Valley City Hall for Scientologist and Voice of the Village meetings). This could be one of the reasons that each new councilmember re-keys the North Valley City Hall locks. One of the Scientology related activities she initiated was the BRANDING OF SUNLAND-TUJUNGA with Paolina Millano. It seemed like a simple bit of promotion until people noticed that the proposed logo looked remarkably like the logo found in The Way To happiness doctrine. She was a dedicated community worker. But had no qualms about using her position to better herself. One of the GREAT things she did for the community was to pay for the community Christmas tree and the winter festival with funds out of her own pocket. Unfortunately, her husband packed up everything one day, wiped out their bank accounts, emptied the house of all their possessions and left the area, without her. She went to work as an aide to Assemblywoman Patty Lopez. She has since moved out of the area.

Nina Royal: STNC representative More bark than bite. Worked for The Foothills Paper for three years and was fired for insubordination and kissing the LAPDs ass. With the help of the Directors of the S-T Rotary Club, the Lion’s Club, and the Chamber of commerce, started her own 14

newspaper called The North Valley Reporter. It was supposed to be a monthly newspaper but it became a bi-monthly then a bi- yearly, then a QUADYEARLY newspaper. But that doesn’t stop her from running around with business cards telling everyone that she is “Editor” of a monthly newspaper. This is where the “girl thing” comes into play. She aligns herself with females who don’t understand the situation with her bogus newspaper and tend to believe her because she’s a “sick” woman.

Now don’t get me wrong, she actually does a lot of good for the community. She was instrumental in bringing Mission College to Tujunga. She was really active in the Sunland Tujunga Neighborhood Council, but what she does to people in the community is a crime. She is an inveterate liar and she uses Facebook to post her lies. I am getting the feeling that the sicker a person is, the bigger and greater propensity to lying becomes. Her constant appearances at L.A. City Hall and her conversations with councilmembers and Patty Lopez have convinced most of them that her newspaper (that maybe comes out about every two years) was in fact, a real newspaper. She relies on the fact that her son is a police officer and that gives her entre’ to the LAPD Dist. 16, Foothill Div. officers.

She initiated the first community meetings about a Home Depot in SunlandTujunga, and with The Foothills Paper, created the No 2 Home Depot campaign. She later bowed out for fear of hurting CD- 2 Councilmember Wendy Gruels’ feelings. She abdicated to Joe Barrett and Abby Diamond to 15

stop the Home Depot from coming to Sunland-Tujunga.

Nina lives a very lonely life and maintains the lie that she is friends of everyone. She is known as “The Town Snitch” on social media. You can tell how she is feeling by the amount of empty gallon bottles of wine in her trash can. Nina had a bout with a rare form of eye cancer in 2004 and it has continued to this day. She is a bitter old woman that looks like the portrait of Dorian Grey.

There is the speculation that the cancer has gotten to her brain. She has been seen roaming the streets stealing The Foothills Paper from different stores. In one documented case, she went into the Grocery Outlet Discount Grocery Store and was caught stealing newspapers. When she was stopped, she began yelling “YOU CAN’T DISTRIBUTE THESE NEWSPAPERS – THEY ARE FULL OF LIES!”

What is interesting is that Nina worked for The Foothills Paper for 3 years, until she was fired. This is a photo of her sitting on 10,000 newspapers.


Organizations Nina started or belonged to: Board Member, Sunland-Tujunga Chamber of Commerce Member, SunlandTujunga Elks Lodge No. 2098 Elected Board Member, Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council 2004-2010 serving as Treasurer, Vice President-Outreach, Corresponding Secretary, Chair of the STNC Safety Committee, Serves on the Land Use Committee Community Police Advisory Board for LAPD Foothill Division Founder and Chair, S-T Safety & Emergency Response Volunteers Services (S-T SERVS) None of the organizations she founded are functional or in operation. During the last couple fires, NOT ONE OF HER EMERGENCY GROUPS MOBILIZED!

Dan McManus: Past STNC President Dan McManus became president of the STNC and ran it for three terms. For his entire tenure as president of the STNC he was Cindy Cleghorn’s puppet doing her bidding and making sure that whatever Cleghorn’s machine wanted was accomplished. He is liked by everyone because he really did nothing other than being a mediator. After he was termed out of the STNC, he became Director of Tatulian's newly created Sunland-Tujunga, Shadow Hills Community fund. He is very low key and no matter what happens, says “It’s all Good!” He's one of THE GOOD GUYS! He personally saved the 4th of July fireworks program by drawing in all the volunteers, straightening out their finances and coordinated getting the fireworks and music.


Tomi Lyn Bowling: was Land Use Committee Chairman, Director of the Chamber of Commerce, and ran the Blog-spots: Food on the Foothills Food Trucks, Tujunga-What The Fork. Scientologist. She used hit and run tactics, but when caught, fell back and with tears in her eyes, claimed “If you don’t want me here, I’ll leave.” It worked 2-3 times, but people got tired and said “yes, please leave.” She worked with Sonia Tatulian to bring in food trucks into the community as a means of getting a greater audience for the Church of Scientology Mission on Foothill Blvd. She used the NoHo model for a Scientologist food truck event. With Sonia Tatulian, she started the lie that the community wanted the food trucks in S-T every week. Every thing she did, she posted on Facebook and a blog-spot called the “Foothills Forum.”

She used the L. Ron Hubbard book “The Way To Happiness” as a guide to her taking over the community. She is was step away from becoming “Clear” in the church. She went to Clearwater Florida to receive an award but when a commendation recommendation letter by Richard Stewart was “leaked” to the community, the CLEAR certificate was rescinded.

During the last couple of years as Land Use Committee chair, she was on the phone at least 2X a day to Councilman Paul Krekorian. She would sit so close to him at meetings that people began to say “She’s giving him another lap dance.” She does not like the homeless in the community and by using social media and Joe Barrett to destroy their camps she fostered violence against them. 18

For three years, she conducted the Best Of Sunland-Tujunga Contest. And for three years, altered the count so as to give awards to her STNC and Scientology friends and exclude those she didn’t like. She had the ballots stolen from Ed Rock’s office by Mark Seigal and brought to C&M printing. When confronted with the fact that that she and others were seen with the stolen ballots, Bowling denied that there were ever any ballots turned in by The Foothills Paper. When she was confronted with video evidence of the theft and Cleghorn’s complicity in it, Cleghorn made up 3 lies about where the ballots were. First she said “They are being microfiched.” Then she said, “The ballots were misplaced.” And the best one was “I can’t show you the ballots because that would violate HIPAA rules.” But in the meantime, the award process continued and a special presentation was set up with CD-2 Councilman Paul Krekorian giving out the awards. Bowling had convinced Councilmember Krekorian to pass out the dubious awards, assuring him that they were valid.

The assembled audience knew what was happening and he was laughed at as the sheets of paper were given out. The awards were referred to as being “passed out like sheets of toilet paper.” A complaint was filed against her and the STNC for fraud. At the hearing conducted by the Cities Department Of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE), she admitted that she manipulated the ballot results. With tears in her eyes, she said “I’ll never do it again, I quit!” (See Addendum 4) She was removed from The Best of Sunland-Tujunga Contest. Her then friend, Joe 19

Barrett who had been excluded from the hearing, accosted “Doc” DeMulle’ in the parking lot of the Neighborhood Trails NC with his phone camera, pushing it into Doc’s face. That was the last photo ever taken by Joe’s phone. When Doc took his camera away from him, he screamed out “Help, Help, Doc hurt my finger!” Barrett’s Bimbos started called 911 yelling “Please come NOW!! People are fighting, there’s blood everywhere!”

Tomi Lyn created a Facebook site called the Sunland-Tujunga Independent and uses that to keep in touch with her friends and to attack any perceived enemies. She has no problem with lying and is very free at calling anyone else who tells the truth a liar.

She was a very good friend of Cindy Cleghorn until the Best of SunlandTujunga fraud was brought to light. When nobody from the STNC showed up for the hearing, Tomi Lyn realized that she was hung out to dry.

Tomi Lyn and her husband filed bankruptcy proceedings both singly and as a couple and burnt a lot of her backers. With her bills paid and the court allowing her to keep the house for three years she continued her stay in Sunland-Tujunga until the court allotted time ran out. She then moved with her family up to the Oregon Washington border. Although gone, her Facebook site is still active and she uses it to control her followers in Sunland-Tujunga.

The title Grand Dame of community destruction goes to..... 20

Cindy Cleghorn: has held every position on the ST Neighborhood Council going back to when it was a Town Hall. Cindy works behind the scenes to get things done. She never puts herself out in the public light. She used Joe Barrett as her “hitman” to intimidate people and to get her way. She has driven people off the neighborhood council in order to get her way. She loves getting awards and plaques that she covers her walls with. She uses the city offices to file grievances against business owners that don’t live up to her standards. She is known as the “Commerce Vigilante” Cindy comes across as a personable intelligent person until you don’t do what she wants. She has taken on community businesses and made many enemies. She is a true politician; she never gets her hands “dirty.” (She used Barrett to go after those in her disfavor. Barrett thought he was suit proof and could get away with anything so he did her bidding until the court stopped and fined him. Sonia was one of her “best friends” until she started bringing on the community’s wrath.)

She is the owner-operator of C & M Printing that has been accused of receiving no-bid contract work from the local Neighborhood Councils in violation of city rules.

If she does not like you or your business, L.A. City Building & Safety will receive an anonymous phone call. She is personally responsible for driving away three Commerce Ave. businesses. The Wired Café is a typical Cleghorn attack. 21

Cindy decided that she didn’t like the traffic that the Wired Café that was owned by Emerson Taboni and his family was generating so she began a series of complaints to the city. Little things like “The tables and chairs are 6 inches into the side walk,” and “the sign doesn’t meet the requirements of the Foothill Corridor Specific Plan.” They were driven out of town by Cindy. But before they left, Cindy had their sign removed from their building without their permission. Sooooooooooo, the “Historic Old Towne” sign at Foothill & Commerce Ave. disappeared one night.

Cindy has a habit of getting involved in anything that will give her a certificate of appreciation or some kind of city award. She has so many awards on her walls at the office that she keeps more of them in one of the company bathrooms.

Joe Barrett was on her under–the-table payroll and used his I-phone camera to intimidate people that Cindy was not happy with. Cindy promoted the Barrett’s Sunland-Tujunga Alliance (STA) as being a real business by hanging his STA banner before the STNC meetings if no one complained. You've seen them on TV, but here in S-T we have........


Joe Barrett: Sunland-Tujunga Alliance, “Hitman” for Cindy and the Chamber of Commerce. His claim to fame is his taking over the No 2 Home Depot (N2HD) from Nina Royal, then denying that she had anything to do with it. He created the shell organization Sunland-Tujunga Alliance (STA) in order to solicit donations. It now has one active member, Barrett.

He began to have financial problems and to get out of them, he borrowed $10,000 from his STA/N2HD partner Abby Diamond to get his house out of foreclosure. He spent the money on living expenses and never re-paid her. Word on the street was “He couldn’t get into her pants, so he got into her wallet.” But That is wrong. He was already sleeping with Diamond and his wife finally divorced him and took the children because of his pandering with Diamond and other members of the N2HD.

After being evicted, he moved in with activist Barbara Johnson AKA “The Fish Lady.” He lived in her converted garage until he had a fight with her and trashed her room. Large boned bully. Intimidates men and women with his “in your face” attacks. Barrett got the nickname “Loose Bowels Barrett” when he had a confrontation with “Doc” the editor of The Foothills paper at a homeless camp removal project, Barrett began shouting obscenities at the women from the Department of Mental Health and when he saw that he was being 23

photographed by a TFP photographer, Barrett made menacing moves towards photographer Dyan McManus and Doc stepped in. In the “discussion”, Barrett had an accident and fell to the side of the road. And when falling, shit his pants. Unfortunately for him, he was wearing shorts. For a while, he was known as “Loose Bowels Barrett. (He has never forgiven Doc for this). Barrett was an on-again, off-again, independent film crew member. He was financially supported by Cindy Cleghorn and it is rumored, by Robin Meares. He is charismatic when sober and attracts females that appear to have nothing better to do. His last cadre of women were called the “Barret’s Bimbos”. That three year relationship ended when he posted an on-line photo of the ladies “flipping off” 24

the city board members. Most of the women that surround him, Robin Jodi Meares, Terre Ashmore, Barbara Johnson, K. O., Abby Diamond, Tomi Lyn Bowling, appear to have a reality deficiency.

Until recently, Barrett was known as being a “Psycho-Inebriate” wherein he would go into a rage and begin shouting “Fuck-You, Fuck You, Fuck You” and then “Mother Fucker” repeatedly if the person he was attacking didn’t back down. He would then call the LAPD or the City Attorney’s Office and state that “he” was the one attacked.

Joe Barrett with Cindy’s and Tomi Lyn’s assistance, took on the homeless issue and did everything he could to drive them out of their camps and shelters. It is surmised that he was kissing up to CD-2 Krekorian and wanted a field rep position. In his anger with Doc, he attacked Doc on his Mop & Bucket blogsite and he then called the Verdugo Hills High School principal Ed Trimmis, and accused Doc of being a “Twice Convicted Felon.” He then complained that Doc should not have been “Principal for A Day” at the high school. This caused the high school to lose a $5,000 grant for their Special Ed classes.

He is best known for his hate blog “Mop and Bucket” wherein he would attack community members and by using “anonymous” members and argue with himself on line. On the street, his site was known as “Flop and Suck-it” and the “Joke Blog”. U


He is amazing in his ability to find disenfranchised people and get them into his group. Although he says he has over 1,000 members on his blog-spot, it is populated by names he himself made up. 25

Although there was a rash of gang violence against the area homeless and street people, he caused the shutdown of three “Safe Haven” camps and a retraining facility for the Sunland-Tujunga homeless by constantly calling City and County, agencies, and filing anonymous complaints. He worked with Tomi Lyn Bowling and Cindy Cleghorn to affect this. He used his camera phone to intimidate people. In the 2014 STNC election, he chased John Henderson across the parking lot with his camera and effectively denied Henderson the ability to cast his vote.

He then attacked Henderson on his blog-spot. Henderson filed a civil suit for “cyber bullying”,” cyber harassment”, “violation of his civil rights” and “slander.” Henderson won a judgment against Barrett and received a restraining order to stop further harassment. Barrett was ordered to pay ALL court costs as well as a putative fine of $2,000. See Addendum 3 During a previous CD-7 election, Barrett posted on the various Internet sites that Fuentes was a pedophile and had an arrest sheet for that. He was seen taking down Fuentes signs and putting Wendy Greuel signs in their place.

For a while, Barrett had toned down his hate blog and was acting more responsible in his reporting of events. Speculation on the street was that he was trying to get a position with the Fuentes group.

That all fell through and Barrett found himself without a job. At that time, someone began nailing posters to telephone poles around the STNC office. In order to help out his friend Barrett, Mark Seigel through the STNC, purchased a video camera for Barrett to use. Unfortunately the camera kit cost 26

over $3000 and people started asking where it was and why they couldn’t use it. As pressure mounted Seigel had to tell Barrett that he could not use it all the time and that he had to sign out the camera stating where it was going - and when it was coming back. This resulted in a knockdown fight between Barrett and Seigel when Barrett attempted to take the camera case from behind the counter at C&M printing. Barrett literally dragged Seigel out the door and onto the pavement scratching his legs and hitting him in the face causing him to have a black eye.

When Cindy tried to intervene, the camera case slipped out of Mark’s hand and hit her causing a bruise. Cleghorn called the police and filed for a, and received, a restraining order against Barrett.


A Business Entity Created by Joe Barrett Data is updated to the California Business Search on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Results reflect work processed through Friday, August 16, 2013. Please refer to Processing Times for the received dates of filings currently being processed. The data provided is not a complete or certified record of an entity.

Entity Name:




Number: Date Filed:






Entity Address:


Entity City,


State, Zip: Agent for


Service of


Process: Agent Address:


Agent City,


State, Zip:

They say that you can’t have light without darkness, so

I’m going to show you some really

good people that did some really good things in our community. Of course, this is SunlandTujunga and nothing is ever like it looks.

Bolton Hall gets a new flagpole TUJUNGA — December 4 th , 2009 was a great day for Bolton Hall with the dedication of the new wooden P


flagpole at the Bolton Hall Museum. The beautiful 45 foot custom made wooden pole replaced the pole that had stood in front of Bolton Hall for 93 years. Lloyd Hitt spent months coordinating the construction of this hand-shaped flag pole. Wendy Greuel our new City Controller and former District 2 Councilwoman, made the opening remarks and introduced those who were involved in getting the new flagpole created and installed. Council-member Elect, Paul Krekorian presented Lloyd Hitt, the Little Landers Historical Society President, a State flag that had flown over the California State Capital and given to the Bolton Hall by Assemblyman Cameron Smythe who was not able to attend. The American flag was raised on the new pole by the Verdugo Hills High School ROTC Color Guard while vocalist, Franny McCartney sang God Bless America. It was referred to as “Lloyd Hitts Last Erection.” He doesn’t have much of a sense of humor. 28

Years later, a monument was set in concrete in front of the flag pole commemorating the efforts of Lloyd and Marlene Hitt for the service they had performed over 30 years for the benefit of the community and in particular, Bolton Hall.

It was a really beautiful bronze plaque that was set in a concrete base that was three feet deep. People came from far away places to gaze upon this great testimony to the Hitts. Dedication to the community. Unfortunately, no one knew who placed it. At first glance it appeared to have the S-T Chamber of Commerce logo on it. But it turned out to be the actual logo of Sunland-Tujunga itself.

It became a question for local historians. The Hitts denied any knowledge of the plaque. It was an enigma. Until we received this letter from a reader.

It was a conversation that she had with the Monuments section of the City of Los Angeles.

“I called the city to ask how I could get a monument for my dog “Gail” who had recently passed away. I told them that I wanted a monument just like the Hitts had at Bolton Hall. The person said “There is no way that you can have a monument on city property, a historical monument in the town of Sunland- Tujunga!”

And then he asked WHY would I want a monument at Bolton Hall? I told him, Gail and I would walk over to the new flag pole every morning and she being old, found a comfortable dry spot to pee. It was on the Hitts monument. I thought that he had hung up on me, but when he replied he said “This is a joke –Right?” and I explained that no, it was not a joke, that I was serious. He then replied that there “WAS NO MONUMENT TO THE HITTS” at 29

Bolton Hall, so I got his address and sent him this photo. I didn’t wipe it off before I took the photo because I didn’t have a rag. I never heard back from him, but when I went back to Bolton Hall to lay some dog bones at the monument, I found that it was gone. Do you know where it went?

I had to say No, I really didn’t. The Hitt monument was gone for over 3 years. It was found at the Hansen Dam storage area where they kept things like tomb stones, things that look like artifacts and the like. It was returned to the Hitts and was safely stored on a wall of Bolton Hall.

Nothing is simple in Sunland-Tujunga.


Which brings up the point to you the film maker, NOTHING IS EVER AS IT APPEARS HERE IN SUNLAND-TUJUNGA. Our traditional Watermelon Festival which we had for over 50 years, now had a new group of ethnic people running it under the direction of Marynance Schellenback and her Husband.

To which their new found friend Sonia Tatulain became involved.

Once Sonia Tatulian became involved in the Lion’s Club Watermelon Festival, things started taking a turn for the worse. They lost their non-profit status, they lost their name, they lost their venue. People weren’t going to the festival like they used to. What more could go wrong? This is a reprint of the devastation of an autistic child being denied the crown of the Watermelon Festival King.

LION’S CLUB DESTROYS YOUTHS DREAMS! From the Foothills Paper August 30, 2013 The Watermelon Festival was a success,”said Ara Zeithlian, and in some ways it was. “The fabulous watermelon celebration presented by the SunlandTujunga Lions Club returns for it’s 52nd year and is moving to the Rose Bowl. It was a great event! And it was for a few people. After lying about the event for 10 months about: why it had to be moved to the Rose Bowl, the name changed, and that it would always be the “Sunland-Tujunga Lions Watermelon Festival, we wonder what these people were smoking?

In addition to the disappointment of losing our Sunland-Tujunga Watermelon Festival to the Rose Bowl after 51 years, Verdugo Hills High School Student Ryan Kacer was devastated when he found that he would not be crowned Watermelon King—even after having qualified by selling the most raffle tickets for the event. He even received an email from the S-T Lions Club congratulating him:


Watermelon Festival Royal Court Results - Congrats!! Crown Kings: Tie for Vhhs Varsity Football Team John Martinez & Ryan Kacer! Crown Queen: Erika Cunningham for Vhhs JROTC ! Crown Prince: Marlin Aaron Rizzo for Vhhs Varsity Baseball Team Prince: Brandon Roberts for Vhhs JV Football Team! Prince: Eric Owens for Sunland Tujunga Food Bank! Princess: Meghan Bezak with Vhhs Varsity Soccer Team! Princess: Jessica Sutton with Vhhs JV/Varsity Cheer Team! Very proud of all these kids!! Thank you to all the kids & Coaches for your support! Julie

What’s worse is that Ryan and his family didn’t find out the bad news until they arrived at the Rose Bowl at 4:00 a.m. to meet with TV media covering the event, and only then were told at the last minute. Apparently it was an issue that there were two nominees from the VHHS football team, and they could only allow one winner from any one category. After three years of playing football for VHHS, Ryan had taken a break from the team which became part of the qualifying issue also. There was also a claim made by the S-T Lions Club spokesperson that the other student running for Watermelon King had been selling tickets for a longer period of time, which is impossible as the students all receive their tickets on the same day.

Regardless of the many technical reasons given to take away Ryan’s crown (which was purchased by Ryan’s mother, in addition to the other crowns) on the day of the crowning, this most likely could have been determined BEFORE sending Ryan the congratulatory email. And if in error the S-T Lions Club realized AFTER the fact that there was a qualification discrepancy, it may have been more appropriate to let the crowning go forward as planned, rather than have a young, excited young man go through the disappointment of losing the crown while dressed in his Junior Navy whites and ready to address the television crews at 4:00 in the morning. 32

A mistake is acceptable; however this was resolved in a way that was unacceptable, and hurtful. The last thing we need is to have a young, motivated young man pummeled by bureaucratic nonsense, after tying with another student for the most raffle ticket sales, which was NOT an easy accomplishment. Ryan has been an active participant in many VHHS and outside extracurricular programs including Varsity Football, US Navy Sea Cadet Corps Program (UNSCC), Drama, and he had been crowned “Prince” at last year’s Watermelon Festival here in Sunland. He is a special needs student, which you would not know from meeting this well-spoken, personable, happy and extremely motivated young man, whose future plans include becoming a police officer.

But beneath his happy exterior, Ryan has faced many learning and social challenges, having been diagnosed as being Autistic, and enrolled in an Individualized Education Program (IEP) through the LA Unified School District. In my opinion, the last minute bad news would have been extremely inappropriate under any circumstances, mainly due to the effort and time required to have sold the most tickets for the event. To make a bad situation worse, the student they decided to disqualify has already faced more challenges by the age of 17 than most of us will ever have to face in our lifetimes.

The Paper will be writing an article in our next issue to address our special needs students and the challenges they face as a follow up to this story, as we were so impressed by Ryan and his level of motivation. In the meantime, it is in very bad taste for the S-T Lions Club to have punished a hard working student for a mistake they had made. Looking at the Yelp reviews, there are many other things that were disappointing about this year’s Watermelon Festival. One can only hope there will be an effort to improve on the areas the festivalgoers have taken the time to complain about, and possibly get some better quality booths and watermelon activities to improve the level of enjoyment for the future festivals. Maybe it’s time to throw the Lions to the Christians?


AND NOW! One of the greatest destroyers of the S-T community since the Mongols raped and pillaged the known world is...... Sonia Tatulian: Chamber of Commerce Past President, Past Treasurer-S-T Rotary Club, Past member-Lions Club AKA “Lie, Cheat & Steal Tatulian” Sonia is our version of Rosie O’Donnell. She was once bank manager at the S-T Bank of America. She was let go for unspecified reasons.

It is rumored that she was given the chance of resigning or being fired for “insider trading of BidBay and Auction Diner stocks.” She receives State money for taking care of her father. She knows how to play the system. There is a rumor that Sonia had a large chest freezer delivered to her house and no one has seen her father since. She has been investigated by ADULT PROTECTIVE SERVICES, the FBI, LAPD and other agencies. Her obsession with DeMulle’ began when “Doc” DeMulle’ published an editorial about crazy drivers in S-T stating “This stupid Armenian Kid is going to kill someone.”

She started a campaign to destroy the credibility of both Doc and The Foothills Paper. When it was pointed out that six months later, the kid did in-fact kill Michelle Wincentson on La Tuna Canyon Rd. in a head-on collision, and when informed of the death, her comment was “So?”

She then began her campaign of “LIE-CHEAT & STEAL” to kill The Foothills Paper (TFP). 34

Using a copy of a business plan given to the S-T Rotary, and obtained from Rotary Club vice-president the late Michael Lucas, she followed the plan almost to the letter.

The business plan is outlined below in how:

1. How to create a community newspaper. 2. To get the Verdugo HS students involved. 3. How to get non-profit status. 4. How to get advertisers. Unfortunately for the Rotary club, she did not do everything the plan outlined. She did not get the students involved. She did obtain the IRS 501(c) 3 nonprofit status. She did not get the California State Non-Profit designation. She did not get NEW advertisers.

But none of that stopped her from telling everyone that her (The Chamber of Commerce) Voice of the Village newspaper was a 501(c) 3 non-profit, that the students were creating the publication, and from telling The Foothills Paper advertisers that they were supporting an anti-Armenian newspaper. She then started a boycott campaign with Robin Meares to destroy the credibility of The Foothills Paper. One of her tactics was to have Voice staffers steal TFP newspapers and put the Voice newspapers in their racks. She used her ability to manipulate people to get other club leaders to go along with her plan to publish a “GOOD NEWS NEWSPAPER.� 35

The Voice was assembled in the Chamber of Commerce offices on Foothill Blvd. with the help of Tomi Lyn Bowling, Richard Stewart, Dan McManus, the late Michael Lucas, Jeannine Crowley and other volunteers. Sonia is a racist, pro-Armenian agitator that promotes Armenians taking over the community businesses. This worked for a while until her supporters began to notice that funds were being “disappeared” from the accounts. The first discovery was during the Easter Festival when one of the officers discovered about $2,000 missing from the gate receipts.

This happened two years in a row and Sonia was barred from the t i c k e t booth.

Sonia then got into the Watermelon Festival by becoming friends with Marynance Schellenbach, unofficial leader of the S-T Lion’s Club. Sonia convinced the Lions Club to charge an entrance fee into the Watermelon Festival. The fee increased over the next three years (with money disappearing from the till) until the city of L.A. demanded an accounting of the cash money from the gate. For 50+ years, the S-T Lion’s Club Watermelon Festival was held at Sunland Park. Kemsley Promotions had provided all the amusement park rides for decades. Sonia convinced the Lion’s Club to drop them and got another ride provider. (It was presumed that she was getting a kick-back from them.) Bonners Equipment Rentals had provided all the fencing, tables, chairs and a stage at no cost other than a set-up and take-down fee. Sonia contracted with AAA party rentals that charged the Lion’s Club $12,000 + and kept all the receipts from the rides and games. 36

For 3 years, Sonia who was supposed to have a banking background, did not maintain any receipt records. And this is where it came to bite the Lion’s Club on the ass.

There are 5 categories of city licenses. The one that Sonia set up was called a “C” license. This category of license provided all the licenses, permits, use of Sunland-Park, and city insurance for the event. The Lion’s club in return would provide the city with detailed records of the income (revenues) from the event and split the money with the city on a 50-50 basis.

Because Sonia had raised the entrance fee to $6.00 there was now a measuring point of how much the city should receive. Sonia is a LIAR. And she began telling everyone “THIS IS THE BIGGEST AND BEST EVENT WE’VE EVER HAD!” That’s really great. And then she started telling everyone that there were over 10,000 people at the event. Hummmmm. That means 10,000 times $6.00 = $60,000. Of which the city was supposed to get $30,000. And she did that for 3 years. That means that she and the Lion’s Club owed the city $90,000. THERE WERE ABSOLUTELY NO RECORDS KEPT of the gate and ride receipts. When the 4th year of Sonia running the Water Melon Festival came to pass and the city was refused the financial documentation, the City canceled their non-profit status and charged the Lions Club a regular, for-profit license fee for operating the festival on City property. That amounted to $13,000. Sonia was responsible for the accounting of the money. It was never resolved.

And then the LIES began in earnest. People started asking WHEN IS THE WATERMELON FESTIVAL GOING TO START! and WHERE IS THE WATERMELON FESTIVAL GOING TO BE? And with straight face, Sonia told everyone that they “Couldn’t have the event 37

as Sunland Park because the city was going to re-seed the lawn.” In AUGUST? Remember, these people aren’t really smart and want to believe that someone is watching out for them.

When that lie didn’t get the required response, the lie was changed to “Sunland Park is too small for the event and we have to move it to Hansen Dam Park. People didn’t really believe that since they saw that there was a steady decline in people attending the Watermelon Festival. But Sonia kept up the lie of it “Being the biggest and best we’ve ever had!” Do you remember the story of the “Emperor’s New Clothes?” This is a photo of the Watermelon Festival at 6:00 PM, Saturday night.

The Lion's Club Watermelon festival died and has now moved out of the community. It no longer known as the Lions Sunland-Tujunga Watermelon Festival. It is now owned by THE WATERMELON FOUNDATION and run at the Hansen Dam Recreational Center. It had been active for over 50 years and Sonia Tatulian destroyed it in three years.

Sonia destroyed the Easter Festival, Summer Festival and the Watermelon Festival. Where ever Sonia helped, money disappeared. Sonia next worked with Tomi Lyn Bowling to bring in food trucks to Sunland- Tujunga. When the 38

community reacted negatively, Sonia began telling the lie that “She had met with all the local merchants and they wanted the food trucks on Foothill Blvd.” The community was so upset that they formed a Sunland-Tujunga Merchants Association. Some shops still have the “Support your local Business – not the food trucks!” signs.

The food truck owners were charged a fee ranging from $50 to $200 for the privilege of parking on Foothill Blvd. by Sonia. The original agreement for a group of food trucks was between Sonia and a company called “Konji’s” He was going to provide up to 40 HIGH QUALITY food trucks for a set fee. That lasted one night and Sonia fired him and his trucks. She then contracted with a broker to send trucks there every Wednesday. Each truck would pay Sonia for parking on Foothill Blvd.

Supposedly, the receipts were going to be given to the Chamber of Commerce. That never happened. Sonia then went around and told all the local businesses that THEY HAD TO STAY OPEN UNTIL 9 PM and let the food truck patrons use their bathrooms. And thus started a revolution. People who were opposed to the trucks began parking their vehicles, trucks, trailers and boats on Foothill Blvd. to deny the food trucks access. And the lies got bigger and bigger. Each food truck was charged according to their size.

These are un-voucherable funds and there is no accounting of them. There were no receipts given. It is known that she shared the food truck funds with a local group who cleaned up after the trucks left. There were about 40 trucks per event.

Even if the truckers fee was only $50., that amounts to $2,000 per week that the Chamber of Commerce never saw. It all revolved around her lying to the 39

business community and to the chamber members. But then again – EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT SHE IS A LIAR! And for the weak minded chamber officers, it was easier to go along with her lies than to have an open confrontation with her. After all, she was posting how wonderful it was on Facebook and everybody knows that if it is on Facebook, it has to be true.

Sonia became president of the Sunland-Tujunga Chamber of Commerce by bringing in 40 new Armenian members with the promise that they would receive a plaque and free advertising in the Voice of the Village newspaper. Once the new members were in she conducted a very quiet election meeting and was elected president of the Chamber of Commerce.

One of the first things that Sonia did when she became president was the destruction of over 70 years of memorabilia and chamber archives. Sort of like the statement “the Victor writes the history books.� The Chamber of Commerce had a lot of money in the form of a $10,000 CD which provided operating funds for the chamber from its interest. The CD was given to the chamber by John Clausen around 1970 for the benefit of the chamber. It was an interest bearing CD and the interest would help promote chamber activities.

Because Sonia was both Pres. and Treas. of the chamber she was able to give both signatures to the bank and remove the funds. She removed and destroyed over 70 years of chamber records and financial data. The chamber has not recovered from that loss. Sonia is still on the chamber board and as a slap in the face to the executive board, passes out her own "S-T Business Association" cards in competition to the chamber. The slogan in the S-T business community is "Join the chamber and die."

Sonia next formed a non-profit group (no state or IRS certification) called the 40

Sunland-Tujunga, Shadow Hills Community Fund. Sonia was the sole officer. Funds were filtered through the fund for two years until the late Mike Lucas accused her of stealing the money and he divorced himself from her and the fund. Sonia has effectively destroyed the integrity of almost all of the community service groups.

She is the best of friends with Nina Royal. She is no longer an officer in any service club. She also created the Sunland-Tujunga Business Association to compete with the S-T Chamber of Commerce.

She is currently a “stakeholder” member of the S-T Chamber. Sonia was treasurer of The Voice of The Village, and it failed. She has now formed another newspaper called The Foothill Record and she is the “Financial Manager.” The Record is an ad revenue generating tabloid. Sonia hopes that by creating dissent in the community and using minions such as Curtles, she can destroy The Foothills Paper and get its advertisers.

She and Nina Royal have launched a program of newspaper thefts and a concerted effort to get The Papers advertisers to stop distributing The Paper. In one incident this week, Nina Royal yelled at the owner of Grocery Outlet saying “He’s a convicted criminal. We’re going to put him in jail! You can’t distribute his paper because it is all lies!” Unfortunately for her, the owner didn’t like the idea that Nin was caught stealing The Paper at his shop. He told her to leave, and he told his checkers “If you see her again, tell her she is not welcome here!”

Never lose the sight that Sonia is a liar of the first order and will stop at nothing to get her way. And that is going to make it really hard to cast her character. 41


(Grandiose, but unfortunately, most of this is a fabrication)

“Born in Armenia, Ms. Tatulian and her family immigrated to the United States in 1974 when she was a teenager. While attending Hollywood High School, she went to work in a Beverly Hills bridal shop doing a variety of jobs, including pressing, altering, and selling wedding gowns. This began her career in the retail industry, which would go on to span two decades.

In 1989, Ms. Tatulian bought her home in Tujunga, and soon after she obtained her real estate license and began a part-time flower business. After changing careers for a position with Wells Fargo, Ms. Tatulian realized she wanted to help businesses and become more involved in her community. She was able to fulfill this aspiration once she started her new position as Manager at the Sunland Bank of America. Ms. Tatulian then became a member of the Sunland- Tujunga Chamber of Commerce, Sunland-Tujunga Rotary Club and the Sunland-Tujunga Lions Club. She served as President of the Sunland-Tujunga Chamber of Commerce and increased membership from 63 to 175 members, all while being the Treasurer of the Rotary and Lions Clubs. Ms. Tatulian also founded the non-profit organization, the SunlandTujunga- Shadow Hills Community Fund, which is the parent company of Voice of the Village, a local newspaper. The Fund took over the organization of the annual Fourth of July Fireworks event, with the proceeds and matching grants going to Verdugo Hills High School programs.


Proceeds from the newspaper support the high school’s journalism class. Recently, Ms. Tatulian founded the “Welcome to the Foothills” company, a free service where she visits new home owners, welcomes them and provides them with important information about the community. In addition, she volunteers with the Verdugo Hills Family YMCA.”

Sonia is now a Realtor Associate and things must be going bad at Berkshire- Hathaway/Crest Realtors because Sonia sent out this solicitation card to over 200 community members and almost every automotive repair shop in Sunland-Tujunga. (We didn’t get one and had to buy one from a scalper for $20.)


Like her protégé' Cindy Cleghorn, they almost never get their hands "dirty" by doing something in public that could come back and bit them. Cleghorn was the best of friends with Sonia for a couple of years until she went off on her own attacking local businesses and individuals that she felt were not part of the Cleghorn team. Sonia in the meantime, found that looting the local service clubs treasuries was easier than actually working in the community. When she realized that having a local newspaper under her control would not only bring in un-vouchered funds, but could also be used as an advertising arm for her Realtor activities, she jumped head long into the publishing business. Machiavelli is supposed to have said “Give me two sentences of a person’s writing and I’ll get him damned to hell!” Well here’s one of Sonia’s Facebook posts showing what a “balls out bitch” she really is. First she set out to destroy Nina Royal's North Valley Reporter and The Foothills Paper by convincing the local service clubs that they should partner with her and they could put out a "Good News Paper." That worked for a 44

little while as her first newspaper called The Voice of The Village. That is until the amount of money she siphoned off was more than the paper could handle and still function. Keep in mind that Sonia NEVER really told anyone that she owned the paper, only that she was the "Sales Manager." And of course when she started telling jewelry stores and beauty salons that they could give HER product for advertising, no one in the service clubs really knew about it.

When the Voice finally failed, she then formed the "Foothill Record." bringing in almost all of the past staff of The Foothills Paper who had been fired for one reason or another. Besides bringing Eddie Rivera as her so called "Editor" she also brought in Hate Site administrator Gyorgi Hakopian who would work behind the scenes attacking The Paper and others that Sonia didn't like. Playing the game of "not getting dirty hands" is easy when you have a Facebook site that advocates an underlying hatred for races other than Armenian. And the best part is that he can claim plausible deniability because he lets other people do all the postings. Sonia has been caught stealing other newspapers from their distribution sites so often that her newspaper is banned in most high-traffic areas. And by using Eddie Rivera as her editorial hitman, she can claim that she had nothing to do with was printed because after all, she is only the "Financial Manager."

Recently she and a bunch of her "mob" were sent packets of pink koolaid and 45

they went ballistic calling in the LAPD, LAFD, FBI, US Postal Service and the anti-defamation league. Her editor, Eddie Rivera had a field day writing up the story and accusing Doc, the editor of the Foothills Paper of doing it. Eddie has his own problems waiting for someone to join the #MeToo accusers for his past digressions. But more on that later. This is our own little Septic Tank Reality Show. These actions by Sonia and her employees were and are slowly destroying our community. She aligns herself with people like Koesler, Swart, all neighborhood council members and anyone who she thinks will give her an advantage. She was smart enough to stay away from Wally Warton who is just a Facebook mouth making noises and drawing unflattering caricatures of people she doesn't like and posts them on Hakopians Facebook hate site to demean and tarnish their reputations. She is hated and feared by the people she attacked, but continues to post her lies on any Facebook site that wants hurt people. While we’re at it, we have to bring up her involvement with the S-T Chamber of Commerce. (See Addendum 14) And then we have..... Wally (Anne Marie) Wharton: Is a prime example of what drugs can do to you if you do too much. Wharton is an ex-porn star wanna-be that actually was an actress in the Bmovie Cheerleaders Wild Weekend. She also had a few walk-in parts and had her picture taken with Cheech & Chong. Other than that, she uses her spare time doing call-ins to local radio stations and posting hate materials on Facebook. 46



She first got involved with The Foothills Paper when she went to their offices looking for Doc. The office manager called him on the intercom saying “ Something is here to see you.” Wally entered the office and after a few minutes U


of talking with Doc, said “I want to be your sex slave!”

Unfortunately for her, she was wearing jeans with holes in the rear that were big enough to be advertisements in bad taste. In fact Doc made the comment “You should have a marker pen sign on your ass that says “This space for rent.” She seemed harmless but had nothing that was sexually interesting to anyone. Photos of her pudendum have been posted on the Internet and no one gets excited.

During the STNC election of 2014, she looked so bad that The Foothills Paper sent her off with a fashion conscious staffer to purchase $150 worth of clothes. At the Ross Dress for Less, she just wandered around until she was asked “do you need help?” To which she answered “I don’t know how to shop in a store this good.”

At the time, she was involved with Barry Ira Geller, a near-do-well that was jealous of her working with The Foothills Paper. Wally during the staff lunch 47

meetings would order her whole meal ala-cart and brought to her in take-out boxes so she could bring food to Barry. A week before the election, Barry convinced her that he knew how to run an election better than the team and printed up 500 black & white flyers depicting Wharton as a Marijuana advocate.

This would have been sort-of OK, but the flyers had fake data stating that over 80% of the SunlandTujunga residents smoked pot. Wharton was so impoverished that The Foothills Paper supplied her with a cellphone so that she could keep in touch with the rest of the team and took her shopping for some decent campaign clothes. Unfortunately for everyone else in the election, she began a campaign to smear The Paper and its candidate team.

Wharton is a fairly good writer until she makes up the “facts,� and, she is an accomplished amateur cartoonist if you can handle the sexual innuendos in almost everything she draws, much to the amusement of the mentally challenged fringe group haters. Everything she draws has a sexual connotation and she attempts to portray herself in the image of an aging sex goddess with falsies. She currently lives in a small house in a nice neighborhood. Her house being the exception. No one in her neighborhood has any good 48

words for her as they consider her and her house to be a menace and threat to the neighborhood. Wharton can be seen shopping in local thrift shops and making snide remarks to people. Her “fiancé” Barry Geller is referred to as “Her Granny Tranny.” They make an interesting couple when they travel together. She avidly collects Barbie Dolls and creates wardrobes for them. People have remarked that she likes to pose them in sexual situations. But why not? That’s the only sexual stimulation she is going to get. Barry Ira Geller: AKA the “GRANNY TRANNY”A guy in transition that looks more female than male. One of the more apparent problems associated with extensive drug use. When the paper staff first met him, he was in a swimming pool and a child stated “Mommy, look at that woman with her top off!” It was just Barry with Man Boobs. His only claim to fame is that he represented a group of artists that created a theme park that failed. He was Wally Wharton’s “fiancé” of 7+ years. Her implants are larger than his man boobs, but at least his are real. He is a self-proclaimed webmaster and lives in Sunland, not with Wally. He is/was friends with Rock Swart a “Senior Volunteer” member of CD-7 Councilwoman Rodriguez. Swart recently posted a statement on Facebook saying “Fuck Off Shmuck”. Other than that, no one talks to him and he appears to have no friends in Sunland-Tujunga. No description of women scorned would be complete without a mention of 49

Robin Jodi Meares. Robin Seigel Meares (Robin Jodi): Meares is one of those unfortunate casualties in the STNC battles. But then again, she brought her problems upon herself. A decade ago when the STNC had just transitioned from being a Town Hall to a Neighborhood Council, she had become the treasurer for the group. Because she really didn’t have any “school learning” about standard accounting practices, she misplaced $10,000. SHE DID NOT STEAL IT. It just couldn’t be found where it was supposed to be in the books. Mark Seigel (no relation to her) took her to task. It started off well enough with Meares saying “I’m just a housewife and doing the best I can.” So when Mark asked her again what could have happened, she blew up. She started her rant by cursing out Mark saying “You little shit - mother fucker, you can go fuck yourself if you think that I’m going to kiss your ass!” And it went downhill from there. Mark was so beat down that he picked up his papers and walked out of the room to Robin yelling “Yes, get the fuck out of here you little turd!” Doc stepped in and said “You don’t have to use vulgar language to make your point Robin.” To which she replied “I’m the boisterous bitch from the Bronx and I can fuckin’ say whatever I want.” Well of course that had to be run in the next issue of The Foothills Paper. When her employers at the McGroarty Art Center read that, they gave her the option of resigning her position there or getting fired. They said in a printed statement “Your language indicates that you are not something that we would like representing the McGroarty organization." Robin then verbally attacked DeMulle’ when she 50

next saw him saying “that was the only job I ever loved and you made me lose it.” She has never recovered from that, and the attacks against DeMulle’ and The Paper continue whenever she gets an audience. NOTE TO THE PRODUCER: It is hard for someone that is not actively on the social media scene to understand how vile and stupid these people can be when they are playing to their “friends.” It is like flushing a toilet and finding it overflowing into your living room. Once started, it can’t be stopped. Here is a prime example of a dialog of a group of haters on their hate site.


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Kurt Koesler And who's the one always writing about bad drivers ? LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 10 · September 6, 2016 at 11:20am Nancy DeGange Shannon All in the name in not reporting factual news, but in trying to get to the scene before the first responders so he can take pictures LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 7 · September 6, 2016 at 11:20am

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· Reply · September 6, 2016 at 1:21pm Kristine Allen Van Meter Oh no I haven't seen that one... It's got a current pic like a va card LikeShow more reactions · Reply · September 6, 2016 at 1:22pm Sandy Capps Oh man it just gets deeper and deeper with him. LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 2 · September 6, 2016 at 1:24pm Desiree Trippler I'm gonna laugh if he photo shopped one LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 1 · September 6, 2016 at 1:24pm Sandy Capps Desiree Trippler "If" LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 1 · September 6, 2016 at 1:25pm Kristine Allen Van Meter He won't come into my line anymore LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 2 · September 6, 2016 at 1:25pm Sandy Capps If he's using a fake ID that represents he's a veteran who served in the military to gain discounts. That's illegal. LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 2 · September 6, 2016 at 1:26pm Desiree Trippler Usually Veterans don't go bragging about their service. They are usually pretty modest. If you notice most stolen valor that get called out usually show boating LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 1 · September 6, 2016 at 1:28pm Kristine Allen Van Meter I agree just like the stupid fireman garb he likes to wear like he's a fireman or someone important.... LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 1

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Pinky Middaugh He's probably pretending he is "Media" and flying to the train wreck in sun valley. Which isn't much at all. LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 4 · September 6, 2016 at 11:40am Desiree Trippler He probably changed the magnet on the side of his truck LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 2 · September 6, 2016 at 12:05pm Kurt Koesler Two signs

LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 1 · September 6, 2016 at 12:07pm Desiree Trippler He had the magnet on his truck when he drove up to the sand fire. He took off the football paper one LikeShow more reactions · Reply · September 6, 2016 at 12:11pm · Edited Kurt Koesler

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Sara Anderson He is a pos. LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 3 · September 6, 2016 at 12:24pm Kurt Koesler As he usually does he turns his wrongs around on you.

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Kirstin Hedblom I heard he has a tiny penis and we all know he's butt ass fugly. Pretty sure I saw him stealing newspapers last week from his competitors. Bad Defool, bad. LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 6 · September 6, 2016 at 2:22pm Robin Jodi hahaha! LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 1 · September 6, 2016 at 5:24pm

Liana McKnight We must have been on roadways anytime Carol. Around 1130 ish. Saw him too. Speedy mc speedy LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 4 · September 6, 2016 at 6:19pm

Melissa Cleland He never stops at the signal entering the 5 freeway...privileged.. LikeShow more reactions · Reply · September 7, 2016 at 12:27am



And that brings us to another one of the "good guys." Dana has the best of intentions and really tries to do good in the community. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, she got in with a bad crowd. Everybody wants to be liked. And she's no different, but she is smarter than most. So it came as a complete surprise when she decided to throw out ethics and friends to get her Summerfest project going. DANA STANGEL: owner/operator of the Teranga Ranch for reptiles. Stangel had a great idea to bring back the Summer Festival that Tatulian destroyed. She called it the “Summerfest.” Filing her papers with the city, she then began looking for sponsors. A lot of people jumped in to help. The Foothills Paper created a series of carnival themed posters for the project and offered $500 worth of free advertising to get the Summerfest going. Stangel who was the “Wildlife” Rep for the neighborhood council pulled it all together and created an event that could pull the neighbors together. Unfortunately for Stangel, Sunland resident Jean Traubner offered a $2,500. “donation” contingent on The Foothills Paper being excluded from the event. It was a hard decision for Stangel who even though had just completed the “Ethics Program” required by the city of all neighborhood council members, accepted the BRIBE. (See Addendum 8) The Summerfest got off to a rocky start with little or no advertising and not many people attending. 58

In Sunland-Tujunga, the term for abject failure is “It was the biggest and best we’ve ever had!” Look at the different comments about any S-T function and make up your own opinion. As one of the STNC reps, she is one of the good guys. She really tries to make a difference in our community. She has conducted two Summerfest’s, but the last one was a failure because of the heat and the SAND FIRE in Lopez Canyon. She rose to the occasion and made lemonade out of lemons. She was able to use the Summerfest venue for distribution of emergency supplies to the people that were caught in the Lopez Canyon. SHE DID GOOD! Remember when I said "Good People Doing Bad? Well this is an example of a Bad Person Doing Bad. This is what is called a "Dirty Cop" Sandy Capps: Deputy Sheriff in the Court System! Ms. Capps decided to make her name in Sunland-Tujunga by hijacking the homeless advocates work and she almost accomplished that by telling everyone that she was “An undercover sheriff.” GOOD COP


In 3 documented incidents, she stalked and confronted members of The Foothills Paper. A formal complaint was filed with the Court Services Dept. of the L.A. County Sheriff Dept. and an investigation ensued. She manipulated people like unemployed day laborer Kurt (Curtles) Koesler, Janelle Hussion and Nancy DeGange Shannon to act as her attack dogs. (See Addendum 7) She got a bug up her ass and filed complaints with the LA County Sheriff Media Relations Dept. claiming that DeMulle' had “Photo Shopped” fake press credentials. (See Addendum 5) She also used her position as a deputy sheriff to file a complaint with the DMV about the press photographer license plates and the emergency lights on the rig. An investigation was made and nothing came of it, further irritating her.

She then attacked DeMulle’s war-time credentials of being a “TechRep assigned to the Military Assistance Command in Saigon, Vietnam (MAC-V).

She re-created the “Stolen Valor” charges initiated by Joe (Loose Bowels) Barret but would never face up to DeMulle’ and ask to see his credentials. In one instance, DeMulle’ posted his war time credentials and she claimed that he had “photo shopped” them. Capps is reminiscent of a white trash hillbilly and looks the part when she is working the street doing trash clean- ups. She is held in disrespect by most of the homeless community, but because she actually does some good, she is accepted for what she is – a liar with connections. She is not allowed to carry her side arm outside of the court building.

She recently tried to obtain a restraining order against Doc CLAIMING THAT 60

Doc threatened her life with his newspaper. The judge threw it out with the comment “Your complaint has absolutely no merit and is dismissed.”

And now for the hard core "BAD ACTOR!" Kurt "Curtles" Koesler: An unemployed handyman that despite his fairly good looks, has really poor selfesteem and is easily manipulated by the women he hates. A misogynist through and through, he has many female followers and men that are either stupid or drunks, or both. He fell into an addiction pattern and lost his business KK Audio in bankruptcy (See Addendum 11). Koesler recently he lost his home to foreclosure because he couldn’t pay his tax lien. Koesler is a tall (6’-5”) bully that gets into people’s faces and tries to threaten them. He is thought to be dangerous by some of the women in town that he has verbally attacked and threatened. It is of interest to note that he sent unsolicited photos of his penis to 2 local women (that we know of) and Doc. And yes, it is bigger than this finger.

He spends his non-working time on the Facebook account that he took over from Michele Van Duzen when she decided to quit. He uses it as his sounding board to spread hate and disgust in the community. He switches allegiances between those who can or cannot help him. Weak minded, he is susceptible to suggestions made by those who he secretly hates. He has an obscene obsession about DeMulle’ and is constantly trying to 61

emulate him. His attacks on the community are predicated by those who are patting him on the back and saying “Good Kurt!” He can’t afford Internet service so he sits in the Back Door Bakery or Link-N-Hops parking lot to pirate their Internet service.

One day his attacks went from sneaky in the dark to an unanticipated physical attack on DeMulle’. Koesler was knocked to the ground. The funny thing about that, is that after knocking Koesler down, Doc stepped back to see what he did and stepped off the curb falling also. Doc quipped "That's what happens when two old farts try to fight." A request for a RESTRAING ORDER was granted by the Pasadena court prohibiting Koesler from attacking DeMulle or further thefts of The Paper.

Koesler is a time bomb with a faulty fuse. He can go off at any time and is a danger to anyone around him. He doesn’t have a contractor’s license and is relegated to doing low cost handyman jobs. In a recent dialog on a Facebook site, Curtles is taken to task by one of his previous “friends.”

One of those friends is local hiker advocate Tim Gardner. For a long period of time, Koesler and his female cohorts would steal the magnetic signs off The Papers truck. He would then post pictures of the stolen signs and the newspapers he took on Facebook. He made a habit of stealing the license plates and magnetic signs off The Foothills Paper truck.

Tim Gardner, is one of Koestler’s followers. Gardner has had a troubled existence living in in Lake View Terrace. Tim Gardner fell in love with Koestler’s antics and decided that because his life was so mundane, he'd jump on Koesler’s bandwagon and start stealing newspapers, stripping stickers off 62

The Papers truck, posting lies and the lies of his children on Facebook, and in general, becoming a real pain in the ass. While following in Koesler’s footsteps, he has vandalized The Foothills Papers truck and stolen The Foothills Paper newspapers from different locations. Tim has two troubled children that are following in Koesler’s footsteps. They both lie and one has a collection of replica assault weapons and makes comments about how depressed he is. He works for a pet food warehouse in Shadow Hills and makes up lies for his Facebook friends about how “he throws away The Foothills Paper when it is delivered to his work”. Unfortunately for him, The Foothills Paper never delivers papers where he works because that is Shadow Hills and out of The Papers district.

The other son was involved in a head-on collision where they had all been drinking and the driver lost control of his truck killing himself and hospitalizing the other driver. Tim has a difficult “row to hoe.” Unfortunately for him, he then posted the photos on Facebook to show the world what his python “Lemmy” and his pet tortoise looks like sleeping on the papers then posting photos of the stolen papers while driving his employer’s company vehicle while on an evaluation run. Basically a nice misguided soul with a wife of questionable mental strength 63

named Sue, he has a couple of children that have emotional problems, and make up lies to create their own world. One child is a “Paint Ball” enthusiast and proudly shows photos of his weapons collection on Facebook. An innocent hobby for now, but wait until he gets a real job and can afford real firearms. Then it’ll be time for the community to be warned.

AND THAT BRINGS US TO THE MOTHER OF ALL LIARS! Koesler’s lackey and non-sexual partner in crime.

Nancy DeGange Shannon: is a local mother that works for the Glendale Unified School District. Besides attacking The Foothills Paper in person and on Facebook, she took it upon herself to post almost daily on the social media and write a letter to the presiding judge in DeMulle’s pending case. ALL ON SCHOOL DISTRICT TIME AND USING SCHOOL DISTRICT EQUIPMENT. (See addendum 9 & 10) We have some really sick people here. What she didn’t know, she made up. And when that was shown to be false, the intelligent people of the community laughed at her. Koesler’s followers yelled “foul.” Nancy Degange Shannon is one of those who in possessing low self-worth, she would often accompany "Curtles" Koesler to the neighborhood council meetings and wrap her head with her sweater so she would not be recognized. 64

People laughed at her because she looked like she had become a Muslima. Both an angry and misguided follower of Sandy Capps, she accompanied Koesler in his vandalizing of The Foothills Paper truck. Look at that face, how could you be angry with that?

It is said that "Wine grows better as it ages, I guess they weren't speaking of Jean Traubners Whine. Jean Traubner: Is a miserable and spiteful woman that lives in Sunland near the Rise & Shine Café with her cats. She was one of the first subscribers of the paper when they had a subscription service AND SHE WAS A SUBSCRIBER FOR OVER 3 YEARS. The only people she relates to are the haters on the local Facebook sites. Not the brightest bulb in the bag, she harbors a deep resentment for DeMulle calling her out on her saying “I never read that rag and I’d never allow it in my house.” She’s still here polluting the social media sites with her hateful comments. There was an article published in The Foothills Paper that said that the local whores were moving down from Sunland to Shadow Hills. The article went on to say that they used to stand on street corners holding a squeegee and spray bottle, but as of late, they were carrying a red 1 gallon gas can. Unfortunately and unbeknownst to The Paper, the photo that was taken was in front of her house. 65

No one even noticed until Koesler brought it to her attention in 3 separate emails and she went crazy on the Facebook sites saying “THAT’S MY HOUSE, THAT’S MY HOUSE!” Everyone laughed at that saying “Jean – no one would ever have known.” Traubner has pathological liar tendencies and makes things up as she goes along, and when asked about something that just doesn’t sound right, changes the lie to fit the situation. When asked why she posts so many “crazy” posts about Doc on Facebook, she repeats her mantra “You have no idea how much he’s hurt me.” Traubner has been telling people that “she’s dying of Pancreatic Cancer for the past 10 years. And of course, there are those in the community who believe that she does some good, of course they have benefitted financially from her. AND “Money talks.”

ROGER SWART: A disabled follower of Koesler. He promoted the “Stolen Valor” rumor and said some really stupid stuff to people he didn't like and posted lies about Doc that were so unbelievable that no one believed them except the local hate groups. Swart is one of the "good ol' boys that lost touch with reality and fell under Curtles influence, that is, until he started taking flak from people around him who knew better. Swart holds court at the Sunland Starbucks where he posts that he has stolen and trashed the latest copies of The Foothills Paper. “It takes a big man to stoop so low to steal a newspaper!” So in order to make himself look good to the local hate groups, he denies everyone else's First Amendment rights. 66

Way to go Swart - Defender of the little guy! One of the problems with people who get sucked into this little vortex of ours, is that they become the true believer in the community espousing the words and thoughts of the truly derelict haters of the community on Facebook. Unfortunately for his credibility, he didn’t check what Koesler told him about the fake “Stolen Valor” site that Joe Barrett had created. His then buddy Koesler told Swart that the food was bad at the Crow’s Nest, a local bar-grill that liked Doc, so, to make him and Koesler look good, he viciously posted that the food was lousy, small portions and too expensive. No one really knows why he decided to attack the owner and the establishment, but the community retaliated and some people blocked him from their Facebook accounts. It was remarked that Swart looked like “Someone that needed a hug.” Art Minor, owner of the bar created a pastrami sandwich in Swart’s honor and called it the “Big Mouth Sandwich.” Swart joined CD-7 Councilwoman Rodriquez campaign and after being appointed to a volunteer staff position, almost immediately called the S-T American Legion and its members “A BUNCH OF ASS-HOLES” embarrassing the councilwoman. Now that's not smart, but then again it appears that our Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez isn't either for appointing him to the volunteer staff position.

AND NOW we have another good person doing good! Arnie Abramyan: Business owner - Coffee & Cruise and Munchies. Arnie has the sole distinction of having had two bombs thrown (explosive devices) at his place of business in 3 months. Probably related to the CD-7 Election, but nothing can be proved at this moment in time. 67

He is an active member of the S-T Chamber of Commerce and works tirelessly to bring the community together. He’s one of the “Good Guys.” When his shop on Foothill was robbed at gun- point, he decided to try and mobilize the community into a Business Watch Group that would put video cameras in front of their businesses to deter criminal acts.

Nothing came of it. A nice person with no “real” leadership abilities. People like his ideas and then tend to ignore them. He is currently trying to rebuild the S-T Chamber of Commerce and give it a good name. Currently it is referred to as the Chamber Pot of Commerce." That is going to be an uphill battle as the chamber is known for its stupid Executive Board and the total disregard of member’s needs. Arnie has been trying to get people to join or at least pay their dues.

Arnie ran for president in the last Neighborhood Council election. And he was doing pretty well until one night his shop was raided by "all the cops in the world" and he was arrested for supposedly selling marijuana out of his Hookah Supply store. It is of interest that Nina Royal and Lilliana Sanchez were seen lurking in the back of Arnie's shop for about 30 minutes before the call went out to the police dept. about illegal drugs being sold and smoked in his shop. This was two days before the election. Even with the loss of his cell phone with all his contacts in it, he lost by only EIGHT votes. Once again, the haters won. 68

THE SUNLAND-TUJUNGA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE I’m not going to go into detail about them in this treatment of the reality show. But I have got to tell you that it is run by some of the stupidest people in Los Angeles. Think about this for a moment. Have you ever heard of someone having to file a law suit to get a recent copy of the chamber Board of Directors and officers list? And they condone Sonia Tatulian a board member stealing The Foothills Paper. Obviously they have no morals, scruples or ethics. Our Chamber of Commerce is a septic tank of near-do-wells pretending to be business people. Enough said for that.

You might be wondering where this is coming from and where it is going? It all revolves around: David “Doc” DeMulle’: Editor and publisher of The Foothills Paper, a biweekly newspaper with a readership of 6,000-7,000 each edition. And founder of a Service Disabled Veteran Training Center with 14 trainees. 69

Doc brought the OSS-Spectrum Project to SunlandTujunga in 1999. The OSS-Spectrum Project was formed as a non- profit, re-training facility for disabled American Veterans in 1985. It was accredited by the California EDD as the largest independent veterans re-training facility in California. In 2008 while working with County Supervisor Yvonne Burke, they created and operated the Foster Youth Emancipation Program for the City of Los Angeles. In 2009, the OSS-Spectrum Project opened its doors to local homeless and street people as a means to give them economic stability. As part of their outreach and to stop the violence against the homeless, they opened the first of the three Safe Haven Shelters. The Safe Haven Shelter was a working model of community business and non-profits involvement. It was very successful and provided food, clothing, shelter and job opportunities for the S-T homeless/street people.

Doc created The Foothills Paper on November 8, 2004, to inform the community about the Whitebird Project that wanted to build 440 houses in the Verdugo Mountains. The developer wanted to build homes on the hill south of the 210 freeway. Several community groups indicated they might file a lawsuit because the Planning Commission ignored the Slope Density Ordinance, a City-wide land use law passed in 1987 and reaffirmed in 1997.

The original idea was for the Rotary Club to participate and to use the newspaper to rally all the local service clubs together with one purpose. After the first two editions came out as a newsletter, there was so much demand that 70

it was decided to go to the “newspaper size” format. At that time, then Rotary president Mike Lucas attempted to take over and control the newspaper. In a confrontation with Lucas, Doc prevailed and continued to produce the newspaper at the OSS-Spectrum facility.

The Whitebird Development project was stopped. Almost immediately, Home Depot wanted to create a “Big Box” store in Tujunga in what used to be the KMart building. Opposition mounted against Home Depot and the Foothills paper began putting out 10,000 copies once a month, along with its regular bimonthly edition. CD-2 Councilwoman Wendy Greuel sided with The Paper and against Home Depot.

LOCAL HATE GROUP MEMBERS Local hate group members Sonia Tatulian, Sandy Capps, Nancy DeGange Shannon, Roger Swart, Kurt Koesler, Jean Traubner, Wally Wharton, Janelle Hussion, Nina Royal & Robin Segal Mears (AKA Robin Jodi) have spread the lie that DeMulle is a “Stolen Valor” person who never served in Vietnam. It was a complete fabrication that caused a lot of harm to the veteran’s community. You can see how one lie can get carried by a bunch of liars that don’t know they are lying.

Sometime about 2010, Joe Barrett had created a fake site called "Scotty's This Ain't Hell" and if you didn't click on the link, you wouldn't know that it was fake. Barrett even photo shopped someone’s arrest record for receiving stolen property and possession of meth, and inserted Doc’s name in the document. Like I said, Barrett was a genius when it came to creating chaos.

If it wasn’t for the availability of Facebook and the Google blog-spots, 71

nothing would ever have happened here in Sunland-Tujunga. The first red flag should have been when people started saying “It has to be true – I saw it on the Internet!” Here in Sunland-Tujunga, there are enough mentally challenged people to take up the hue and cry of a lie to make it look real. Ignoring the fact that his service record while attached to the Military Assistance Command in Vietnam was documented, the haters persist in crying foul.

"You can't fix stupid - Even with duct tape."

You’re probably wondering…………..? In March of 2010 DeMulle’ was arrested for being a proscribed person in possession of a firearm and ammunition. That is an on-going story that is a reality show in itself. In short, Doc had pled nolo contrende to the charge of perjury in 1990 to protect his family. After his probation ended, the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor, dismissed and expunged. 25 years later they said that the expungement did not allow him to possess firearms. So now it is in court.

BODIES FOUND AND ARE STILL MISSING IN THE BIG TUJUNGA WASH: Well, today we got into a pissing contest with the LAPD homicide detectives. Here’s what I’m going to do, if you are going to put up the shooting bond, I will lay out what bodies were found and where, and which bodies that haven’t yet been found, and where they are rumored to be. Presently there are numerous rewards for information on the deaths or location of local residents. It amounts 72

to over $70,000 in rewards. But that would entail the actual arrest and conviction of those involved. It could be a great finale to the reality show. And now, for the local news media in our little town.

LOCAL NEWS MEDIA IN SUNLAND-TUJUNGA The Foothills Paper, the North Valley Reporter, the Voice of the Village, The Star (Defunct), The Armenian Foothills Record (Defunct) & the Foothills Record.

The Foothills Paper (TFP) was created on November 4, 2004 as a newsletter for the community to inform residents about what developers were doing. The original concept was that The Paper (later to become The Foothills Paper) would be a joint- venture of all the local service clubs to provide a forum for their activities. As Doc was a Rotarian, it was decided that it would be a great medium to let people know about the Rotary club.

The first project it embarked on was to stop the “White Bird Project” of 400 houses from the 210 freeway, north to Mc Groarty Rd. With help of the community, they were stopped. By December 2004, The Paper had grown so large that it was decided to go to a “broadsheet” format and 16 pages.

In February of 2005, then Rotary president the late Mike Lucas attempted to take The Paper away from Doc and run it under his own name. That was dramatically stopped when Doc “took on” Rotary Club president Mike Lucas and shut off all access to Rotary club members.

Because of the amount of traffic fatalities and wrecks the community has, a special column was created called “The Wreck of the Week.” It then changed 73

to Wrecks of The Week,” then “Best of Wrecks of the Week.”

The Paper, now called The Foothills Paper started as a monthly, then went biweekly, and had a readership of about 5,000 local readers. By 2006, it had enough content to contain 24 pages and plans were made to “go weekly.” In 2007, The Paper merged with the San Gabriel Times group and went weekly. With the death of the Times editor, it returned to an every other week publication.

It now has a bi-weekly readership of 5,000-6,000 and an Internet visitor rate of over 1,000 per week. (THE FOOTHILLSPAPER.COM) The Facebook Commercial Site had 20,000+ LIKES when it got too large to be managed with a volunteer team. In its everyday activities, The Foothills Paper has broken a burglary ring, captured the people vandalizing the Historic Hills of Peace Cemetery on video, set up three “Safe Haven” camps to protect the local homeless/street people from the TVR gang. It has been shunned by the STNC, and the S-T Chamber of Commerce would not allow the Foothills Paper to become a member. Obviously we are doing something right!

Over the years there have been attempts that failed to produce actual readership in our town. First failure was the Foothills STAR that was produced by the fired employees of The Foothills Paper. This was funded by Arnie Abrahamson. It lasted 2 issues.

Then there was the Foothill Record - Armenian Newspaper produced as an adjunct to the Tatulian Foothill Record. That one lasted 3 issues. And now we’ll look at those newspapers that actually worked, even for a little while. 74

OUR MISSION Our mission is to serve the North East Valley area by "keeping you informed". We act as an observer to what organizations are doing to help or hinder our community growth. We are committed to doing so fairly and honestly, reporting the facts as we acquire them, giving you the tools that will help you make your own informed decisions. The Foothills Paper is published every other week This is your newspaper. We invite your comments on how we can help make your neighborhood a better place in which to live.


The North Valley Reporter (NVR) was formed in September 2006 by Nina Royal as an attempt to get back at Doc and The Paper for firing her. The reporter came out bi-weekly, then monthly, then bi-monthly, then about every 3 years or whenever there was a municipal election. It attempted to get by on news releases from the various city agencies and a few columns from the LAPD. It was a good attempt, but her advertising revenue came from only friends and not real businesses that wanted coverage in her newspaper. It was a good attempt to inform residents of what was happening in the city, but its scope of coverage was so large (North Hills to Tujunga) it did not have enough information for any one area to make it desirable. It was distributed by the Voice of the Village members that used it as an attack on The Paper. It lasted about 3 ½ years and folded. It now comes out about every two years whenever Ms. Royal can convince someone to advertise in it. Other than that, it’s a fake.

Your News... Your Events... Your Letters...Your Businesses... Your Organizations... Your Neighborhoods... Your North Valley...

Our mission is to serve the North Valley area by “keeping you informed.” Our goal is to report the news, not make it. We are committed to doing so fairly and honestly, reporting the facts as we acquire them, giving you the tools that will help you make your own informed decisions. Your paper is published monthly -- the 3rd week of each month and will consist of the following categories: “In Your Neighborhood” Neighborhood Councils and quality of life “Serving the Public” Public Safety issues and concerns “For Youth” Activities, education, and sports “Your Ecology” Environment projects, conservation and information 76

“Going out for Business” Support for Chambers of Commerce and Business activities. “Sound Off” Just because we won’t be expressing our opinions, doesn’t mean that you can’t express yours. In fact…please do. “Mark Your Calendar” All events across the north valley in order that that communities can support each other. Please send us your information. 818-563-1960 P.O. Box 674 Tujunga, CA 91043

The Voice of the Village was formed by the late Mike Lucas, Jeannine Crowley (a fired layout person from The Paper) Dan McManus and Sonia Tatulian with the sole purpose of putting The Foothills Paper out of business. Tatulian called a meeting of all the club leaders and proposed a “Good News” newspaper to counter The Paper. It was a meeting of the rogue’s gallery of everyone that had ulterior motives for why they held offices in the local service clubs. From the moment of its inception, The Voice of the Village adopted the mantra of “Lie-Cheat & Steal” in its attempts to destroy The Foothills Paper. Their first attack was to deliver their newspaper to every distribution site that The Foothills Paper had, and put their newspapers on top of The Paper, in its own metal news racks. They then adopted a policy of taking The Foothills Paper and throwing them away. Their next attack was for Tatulian to go to every advertiser and distribution point, and claim that The Foothills Paper was a “Racist Rag” and had to be stopped. They then formed an alliance with the North Valley Reporter (NVR) to distribute that newspaper in/on The Foothills Paper news racks. A group from The Foothills Paper retaliated and brought the Voice of the Village to a stand-still and then understanding. When the Voice of the Village distributed the NVR in The Papers news racks one December, the NVR was found shredded on the door step of The Chamber and adorning the community Christmas tree at Bolton Hall. The Voice of the Village finally folded with no fanfare or telling any of its advertisers that it was shutting down.


About Voice of the Village Voice of the Village is a monthly newspaper serving the community of Sunland-Tujunga/Shadow Hills, California. Our mission is to communicate a positive image of the Sunland-Tujunga-Shadow Hills community in a way that benefits the community as a whole with a particular concern for our young people; to improve the quality of life in our community; and to do this in a manner that shows respect for all in the community. We are published by The Sunland-Tujunga-Shadow Hills Community Fund, a non-profit charitable organization which funds such projects as the Verdugo Hills High School Matching Grant Fund, the publication of the Verdugo Hills High School Newspaper La Yuca, and other worthy causes. We are advertising-supported. All profits from advertising sales go to the Sunland-Tujunga-Shadow Hills Community fund and are used for the benefit of the community as a whole. See our Articles of Incorporation as a 501(c)(3) organization. Also see the minutes from U




our very first board meeting.

About Advertising Advertising with Voice of the Village supports community projects in addition to the newspaper and might be tax- deductible as a charitable contribution. We offer a variety of advertising options to suit your budget and preferences. You may submit an advertisement of your own design, or we can assist you with ad creation. Please contact us to discuss your advertising needs. Did you know we're the only news paper in Sunland-Tujunga that publicly posts receipts verifying how many U


issue we print each month?

Voice of the Village Staff We are an all-volunteer staff, including: Bob Georgius

Editor in Chief

Sandy Shaffer-Broms

Advertising Sales

Sonia Tatulian

Finance Manager

Jeanine Crowley

Graphic Design

Our Reporters You! Contributions from the community are welcome and encouraged. We are looking for stories on schools, churches, community groups, sports, art, events, and anything you find interesting. Please submit your stories, ideas, tips, and announcements via email to . U



The Foothill Record is Tatulians attempt to get back at The Foothills Paper. Using every trick that she can, she has attempted to lure away The Foothills Papers advertisers by saying such things as “DeMulle’ is Racist,” “The Paper is run by a criminal,” and “The Paper attacks local businesses,” Tatulian attempts to better her chances of taking over the community news. Although an Armenian newspaper, Tatulian brought in a couple of token employees and Eddie Rivera who used to work for The Foothills Paper until he was fired for cause. He currently works for the Pasadena Now magazine. The Tabloid comes out monthly and has an average distributorship of 2,000. The “news” they print is usually a month old, but the people who read it don’t care. As one local homeless person said, “I don’t like it, the print rubs off on my ass."


Addendum 1: Letter of Richard and Susan Stewart to the MAA


ADDENDUM 2: Richard Stewart, Letter Of Apology


ADDENDUM 3: Henderson Slander Case Case Number: ES015905 JOHN HENDERSON VS JOSEPH WAYNE BARRETT Filing Date: 08/06/2012 Case Type: Civil Harassment (General Jurisdiction)

Status: Judgment by Court-Petition Granted 09/05/2012 Future Hearings None


Documents Filed | Proceeding Information U



Parties BARRETT JOSEPH WAYNE - Respondent in Pro per BROOKE LAW - Attorney for Petitioner HENDERSON JOHN - Petitioner Case Information | Party Information | Proceeding Information

Documents Filed (Filing dates listed in descending order) 09/05/2012 Restraining Order Filed by Court 08/20/2012 Restraining Order (REISSUE) Filed by Court 08/20/2012 Miscellaneous-Other (REQUEST TO CONTINUE COURT HEARING & TO REISSUE TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER) Filed by Petitioner in Pro per 08/17/2012 Proof of Service Filed by Plaintiff 08/06/2012 Req for Order for TRO 08/06/2012 Notice of Hearing Filed by Plaintiff


ADDENDUM 4: Letter from Tomi-Lyn Bowling about the “Best of SunlandTujunga Contest.� STNC Website STNC News - 1-7-11 Improving the Quality of Life in Sunland-Tujunga Dear Stakeholder, Many of our Best of Sunland Tujunga 2010 ballots were inadvertently misplaced. We are having to contact many that we know had voted in order to ask them individually to resubmit their ballots. For this reason the voting has had to be re-opened from now until Sunday, January 9th at 6 pm to make sure that all those who did vote get a chance to resubmit their votes. For those that did not vote in last year's contest this is a rare opportunity for you to cast a late ballot. Please note that it is one vote per person and one vote per computer, the paper ballot must be on the official STNC Ballot and must not contain physical alterations to it such as moving the ballot entries around, removing the rules, or printing the ballots with a particular retailer or organization name printed and then photo copied onto the ballot. The votes must be genuine votes by stakeholders that shows that they are supporting the retailers that they have personally written on to the ballot. To be eligible to win the business must be open at the time of the tally and must be a legally operating business permitted by the City of Los Angeles. Please take advantage of voting on line at: I am truly sorry for the confusion. Please vote and ensure your client base is aware of the ballots and opportunity for them to cast their ballots for a few more days. Sincerely, Tomi Lyn Bowling First Vice President - Community Improvement Chair, Land Use Committee SunlandTujunga Neighborhood Council


Addendum 5: Letter from the L.A. Co. Sheriff Media Relations


ADDENDUM 6: The S-T Watermelon Festival (Pasadena) NOTICE FROM THE LIONS CLUB January 9, 2013 "There will be a S-T Lions Club Watermelon Festival this summer, but it will not be held at Sunland Park. It will only be a 10-15 minute drive away in Pasadena. There will be fantastic parking! After last year's Festival, the park officials asked us to find a different venue. After they calculated what we owed them under the B permit, and following some hard negotiating by two members of the Lions Club, we actually managed to come out in the black, just barely. The Watermelon Festival, the only fund raiser the Sunland-Tujunga Lions has, normally provides the Lions Club with $10,000 to $25,000 to be used to help local organizations, sight conservation and vision programs, and Lions Projects. This year, because about 85% of the money went to the park, the Lions only realized about $1,000 to be used to support sight conservation (eye exams, glasses, etc), help local organizations and meet local needs as they arise. We were not able to find any other venue locally that was large enough and had adequate parking. Hansen Dam was considered, but we would again be working with L.A. Recreation and Parks and they are charging so much that we felt that there was no way we could make any money at any L.A. venue. So, we have reserved the Rose Bowl for the third weekend in August. We are negotiating with a couple of major groups to be sponsors. If it comes together, we potentially will have the ability to raise a goodly amount of money so we can provide some substantial help to groups in our community who really need it, like the Temporary Aid Center, McGroarty, Bolton Hall, etc. The Rose Bowl was actually closer than most of the venues that were available, and the money raised will still be coming back into our community. We will be making every effort to make sure that it continues to be known as the Sunland-Tujunga Lions Watermelon Festival. We really hated to take it out of our community, but our other option was to cancel it. We didn't feel that scaling back significantly was a viable option because of the fees being levied by Parks and Rec. It was grow or cancel... The Lions Club decided to take a big risk and grow to better serve our community. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.� Lion Marynance 818-353-4554


Call or email Marynance Schellenbach 818-353-4554

About the Watermelon Festival Located in the majestic Foothills of Los Angeles, the quaint town of Sunland-Tujunga has hosted The Watermelon Festival as its largest community event each year. Over the past decade, it has grown into a destination event drawing families from all over Los Angeles and the larger Southern California area, necessitating a move to a larger venue, the Pasadena Rose Bowl. Folks come for a day or evening of good food, amazing live music, contests, games, exciting activities, demonstrations and of course free, all-you-can-eat watermelon. It is an official event of the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley.

The Purpose: •

For 52 consecutive years straight, the Sunland-Tujunga Lions Club has organized and produced the Watermelon Festival. Every year, this all volunteer, non-profit event hosts over 15,000 people from all over Southern California. Funds raised by the Watermelon Festival are used by the Sunland-Tujunga Lions Club to provide Financial support for Sunland-Tujunga schools, youth and community activities

Support for local cultural, artistic, historical, educational and service programs

Financial assistance with disaster relief

Support to promote and operate various health and vision conservation programs in California, across the nation and throughout the world.

Community Courtyard Community Courtyard space is available! Do you belong to a club, school, church, non-profit group, or other community organization? Having a booth for your organization at the Watermelon Festival’s Community Courtyard is a great way to promote your group. With approximately 20,000 people visiting the festival over the course of the weekend, a booth is a great way to meet the community – and more importantly, it’s a great way for the community to meet your group. Websites, newspaper ads, and fliers are great, but nothing is better than face to face interaction. Showcase your organization and the importance of your contributions to the community.


ADDENDUM 7: Letter from the LA County Sheriff Internal Affairs…..


ADDENDUM 8: Letter from Teranga Ranch admitting bribe

This is what my reader sent me. It does not show any address (clearly) street, or name. I didn't know that it was Jean's address . If Jean is a "major" contributor at $250, what does that make me at THREE 1/2 page $400 ads, weekly promoting on our FB site someone. I wish you all the luck in the world in pulling off the Summerfest. I'll stop promoting the Summerfest immediately so as to not further embarrass you. Doc

Doc, I really, really appreciate all you have done to support our festival. I didn't even realize some of it. Thank you, again. You've been really supportive. I feel TERRIBLE about this. I hate being put in this position. Jean contributed $2,500. I don't know why you didn't just blur out the address.... you've been in the business so long. I feel like I'm caught in the middle here. I don't like it at all. I feel badly. The last thing I want to do is disinclude anyone. Sincerely, Dana


ADDENDUM 9: Letter from Nancy Shannon to the Judge “Mr. David DeMulle has been found out to have lied about his military service. Going so far as to post pictures belonging to a real veteran and claiming them as his own, in addition to now being uncovered by the organization Stolen Valor for a story he published about his ''military service". He has never served. He is not a veteran. According to his two VetFriend profiles, he was in the Army, as a Major from 1965-1985, and an Assim. Rank Colonel {which is the highest rank) from 1968-1972, He graduated from Arcadia HS in 1959, under the name David Mulle. According to his Classmates profile, he claims he received his education from Cal State Poly Pomona (1970-72), Cal State LA. (1972), use (1972-74), and California Western University (197475). Four (4) Universities in 5 years. According to his Linkedln profile, He attended National University where he received credentials in a non-existing program entitled "Severely Emotionally Disturbed (SED) training, Reaching the Autistic Child and dealing with SED clients". He has claimed to have a Masters and Advanced Masters in Education. I wonder which college he received his masters and PhD from...UCLA? USC? Maybe it was the California Western University - Santa Ana facility. Which would be hard to do since there is no such University. Yes, totally made up. There is California Western School of Law and a California Coast University, but being that he hasn't claimed to have a law degree yet, I doubt he went there. On his Linkedln profile; he says he received a PhD. Education Instructional Technology, Creating Exportable Training Packages - for governmental projects"....which is a made up doctorate. Let's say he did cram 10 years of schooling into five years; l wonder how he managed this claim on his profile: n1973 - 1975 Work with indigenous native groups in the Middle East, setting up learning centers for nomad tribesmen with the intent to bring them into a more modern lifestyle. While in Europe, wrote the "lnstructinal (sic) Media Handbook" for use by the Open University of England". Boy, talk about distance learning! What a feat. While he was busy traipsing around Europe, and doing on line learning (oh that's right, there was no such thing in the 70's), he managed this "1970- 1976 Activities and Societies: Created the basics for an Exportable Learning Environment Package for use by governmental agencies throughout the world." I don't know if we even have the time to decipher the fallacies on his MySpace Profile and the PowerPoint Slide show. On Slide 5 he claims "Apart from ten years of editorial experience, David DeMulle ' has vast experience in many other fields. In the year 1985, he set up the first toner cartridge refilling company in the United States as a work project for the Highland House shelter system." Now you would think something as lofty as that would be noted...anywhere. But that would be hard since the Highland House Shelter System never existed. In one of the other PowerPoint slides, he states "In the past, he has served as a Contributing Editor for the American Ordnance Association magazine and for three more magazines in the field of Toner Cartridge Re- manufacturing. He has also authored and published ten technical and non­technical books.". Again, No such magazine exists. Totally made up. 89

In yet another slide, claims "He was awarded the "Order of St. Stanislaus" by the Polish government for providing medical appliances and materials to the disabled veterans of Poland. He has also received an award from the California EDD for his efforts in working with and providing jobs for disabled American veterans. ".......By now I'm sure you have caught on that this is totally made up also. No such award exists for the Order of St. Stanislaus, nor from the Calif. EDD. He has fabricated his press passes in order to gain access to emergency scenes. All his passes have been revoked and they will not be re-issued. His turn out coat is home made. He often puts himself in the line of fire, to take pictures of gruesome accidents to splash on his FB page, in addition to getting into fire lines. Since being called out on so many untruths, he has deleted most of these lies and has paid mightily to have only his self­produced and written accolades come up on Google search. I hope you can see the kind of life long liar you will have before you in court.â€?


ADDENDUM 10: Undoing Nancy Shannon's lies To The Judge

Well, as you can see, Ms. Shannon is what she calls everyone else - a liar. We'll just go ahead

and post the credentials and documents that she says are fake. Taking her lead from "undercover" Deputy Sheriff Sandy Capps, Ms. Shannon took the liberty of making up lies about anything she she didn't understand. After all, who would ever know? To make it easy, I'll just go down the list. 1. There were no valid "VetFriends" profiles that show any periods of service or rank. 2. Degrees awarded: Cal State Polytechnic University, Cal State Los Angeles, University of California, California Western University (Now California Coast University) & National University.

3. Ms. Shannon's comments about the Highland House Shelter are not able to dispute because all documentation on that project was destroyed in the March 1991 riots when our building in Los Angeles was burnt down. 91

4. I was hired by the government of Iran to work with the British Open University in creating a "Distance Learning Center" to bring in indigenous natives to the sites in Iran. Distance Learning was accomplished by satellite downloads because the Internet had not been created at that time. 5. As for her "finding" things about me on MySpace, I have no idea how she came up with that. I have never posted anything on it but that doesn't mean that a data gathering and publication group didn't do it. 6. Ms. Shannon claims that there was no publication named "The American Ordnance Association Magazine" but there was. Ms. Shannon just can't stop the lies from flowing out of her mouth like diarrhea. 7. Funny thing about how she can't find the industry standard magazine "Recharger" that I was a contributing editor to. But then again that was 30 years ago. 8.

And then there is the Award from the Order of St. Stanislas that she says doesn't exist. Or the award from the EDD for helping Disabled Veterans. Obviously this lady is PSYCHOTIC & DELUSIONAL. She also likes stealing The Foothills Paper and posting on Facebook how many she stole that day. This is from a woman that works for the Glendale Unified School District. They must really be proud of her. This is what we have to put up with in Sunland-Tujunga - Liars. You can see my VALID-Sheriff Dept. issued press pass dates in Addendum 5:


9. And as for Ms. Shannon’s insane comment that Docs "Turn Out gear is "home made. Only a completely deranged person would think that someone would create a "home made" fire retardant protective outfit, and then venture into a fire zone with temperatures ranging in the hundreds of degrees. It really makes you wonder what she was sniffing or snorting when she was wrote this letter.

So I hope that you the Reality Show Producer can see why people like Ms. Shannon with the help of social media platforms can help destroy an unsuspecting community such as ours. Unfortunately, in the REAL WORLD, we are not a clone of "Peyton Place," even though we have had our little scandals of who was sleeping with who, who got AIDs from whom and who just left their positions as leaders of the 93

community and churches because of their infidelities, but I will leave those items to you the producer to decide if it is worthwhile bringing them to light. And the saga continues...........






YOU JUST HAVE TO LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF ABOUT BARRY GELLERS DEMANDS. This is from the FB site "The Foothills Observed." The two most virulent posters of hate and pornographic material in S-T are now upset that someone talked back to them. (Tim Borquez, Gyorgi Hakopian and Christi Ausherman are the administrators of the Foothills Observed site) Barry Ira Geller 5 hrs To Mr Tim J. Borquez and Mr Gyorgi Hakopian: I have asked both of you to remove the hate comments by Karen Purdue (aka Sam Trujillio) against me and Wally. But to no avail. I have pointed out she has gone back two months or so and placed hate- related comments on both of our statements & she is being spurred on by "Doc" who is about to go to Jail. But, NOOOOOO, all you guys seem able to do is spout your "Holier than thou" comments and ARE NOT able to face evil in its face. You either remove Karen Purdue's Doc-governed comments and practices, NOW!!, or please remove me AND Wally, from being a members of the Observed. DO IT NOW. LikeShow more reactions Comment Comments Gyorgi Hakopian Gyorgi Hakopian: Hi Barry, For your information, Sam Trujillo has been removed from this group. However, ultimatums and threats aren't exactly appreciated by the admins either. ...See More Like · Reply · 2 · 4 hrs · Edited Rick Gervais Rick Gervais: Hi Gyorgi. I'm just curious, for the purposes of this forum what is considered politically correct and what isn't? Thanks in advance. Like · Reply · 1 · 4 hrs Gyorgi Hakopian Gyorgi Hakopian: I believe that falls under the discernment category, but I would say "politically incorrect" would be ideas/opinions that may not be agreed on by the majority of people, by the government, or are sensitive to certain people groups. Unpopular ideas or opinions or those that go against the political norm would probably be "politically incorrect". Like · Reply · 4 hrs · Edited Barry Ira Geller Barry Ira Geller: Gyorgi Hakopian pardon me I referenced the anacronism "holier than thou" directly, because in the face of so obviously intended HATE speech, you responded, "We (the admins) cannot be "speech police" to me in your PM to my first request to cut the HATE...See More Like · Reply · 4 hrs Gyorgi Hakopian Gyorgi Hakopian: If you're going to quote me, quote me correctly. I will end here. You're free to move about the cabin. Gyorgi Hakopian's photo. Like · Reply · 3 hrs Gyorgi Hakopian Gyorgi Hakopian: Also, if you ever want to discuss theology (as you seem to love bringing that up every chance you get when commenting towards me), I'm more than happy to entertain the thought. Like · Reply · 3 hrs Barry Ira Geller


Barry Ira Geller: Would love to discuss Theology with you sometime. I am a practicing 3000 year old Qabalist, with centers in the Egyptian and Sumerian. Like · Reply · 3 hrs Write a reply... Choose File Barry Ira Geller Barry Ira Geller: I restate, either remove Purdue/Trujillio Hate statements or remove Us. She as Trujilio is blocked, but her Hate statements are not. Here is the IT Info for you: If you do not remove her, her statements remain; however the only other IT way (check with facebook tech) is to remove us. GET IT??? Like · Reply · 3 hrs · Edited Barry Ira Geller Barry Ira Geller: IT'S ok to defend her Hate speech, but you must then choose to either embrace her or remove Barry Ira Geller and Wally Wharton from the Observed. Like · Reply · 3 hrs Barry Ira Geller Barry Ira Geller: Learn: Blocking someone does not REMOVE all the comments they have made over a period of time. One would still have to seach for all the related comments. Only REMOVEing will delete the associated "comments." Again, Third time I am asking ALL Admins: Remove the HATE statements of Karen Purdue/Trujillio/Doc, OR remove me and Wally. Why is it so hard for you Admins to understand? Like · Reply · 3 hrs Stephen Obar Stephen Obar: It's actually really easy to leave a group without an admin... go to the top and click "Leave Group". Like · Reply · 2 hrs Barry Ira Geller Barry Ira Geller: Astonishing Stephen Obar gives his expert comments , but without bothering to read the half dozen prior posts to find out what this thread is about at all. Way to go!


ADDENDUM 13: The SUNLAND-TUJUNGA, SHADOW HILLS COMMUNITY FUND Started by Sonia Tatulian and taken over by the late Michael Lucas who had not completed the non-profit for the state of California. It is not a valid California non- profit. Full Name: Type:


Registration Number: Record Type: Issue Registration Status: Date of Last Renewal: Address Line 1: Address Line 2: Address Line 3: Address Line 4:

FEIN: 27-0920398 Corporate or Organization Number:3


Registration Type: Renewal Due Date:

Charity Registration

Not Registered

Date This Status:


Address Information 10326 SAMOA AVE


TUJUNGA CA 91042 Annual Renewal Information

Related Documents

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THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IS DESTROYING S-T BUSSINESS. This is from a past issue of The Foothills Paper. “What seemed like a good idea last year, was the election of Chamber of Commerce President Sonia Tatulian who had just retired from Bank of America. It didn’t take long for her to align herself with the local service organizations under the banner of creating “A Good News Newspaper.” Unfortunately, it has gone downhill from there. Playing on the sympathies of some club officials, the “race card” was brought into play, publically claiming that The Foothills Paper was racist and “wrote bad things about Armenians.” When that didn’t garner enough support for the fledgling newsletter, untrue statements began surfacing, such as “The Voice of The Village is a 501(c)3, non-profit, public benefit newspaper.” When it was brought to the Chambers attention that they did not have a non-profit entity, the story changed to “Their parent entity” the Verdugo Hills Booster Club was a non-profit. Wrong again, their State Charter was suspended years ago. Caught in these lies, the story changes again to the Chamber of Commerce was a non-profit – another miss-representation. The stories continued, telling the community that “the Voice was produced by VHHS students. That was news to Ms Jeannine Crowley who laid out the paper, and to the club members that put their news releases together. Although it does appear that some of the articles are written by students, the same articles that appear in the La Yucca (the school paper). The Foothills Paper (TFP) began receiving complaints from Chamber members such as Ms. Liz Thompson, who claimed that the president of the Chamber had stolen her business ideas on how to generate a “Welcome Basket” for new residents and businesses. But life went on! Then the “Voice” began appearing on TFP racks and designated distribution spaces. TFP wrote a letter to the “Voice” offering to rent the space on their racks for $5/month. The “Voice” made the ridicules statement that “TFP was trying to charge them to deliver to the same places that TFP is distributed.” The tale does not end there. The Chamber/Voice under the direction of Tatulian, began systematically calling every advertiser and writer listed in TFP with the intent of pulling them away from the last non-profit, public benefit newspaper in California, the Foothills Paper. What happened next by accident, was the destruction of Ms. Nina Royals “North Valley Reporter” that was created to keep the community informed about all things political. A small newspaper that had existed for three years despite the owners continued cancer care, now reduced to an on-line edition. A really cold act on the part of the Chamber, whose purpose is to promote business for this area. Complaints continued to come in to the Foothills Paper, complaints from Chamber members who reported that the new President, Ms Tatulian was making statements such as “we’re going to sink Doc and his bad news paper.” “We have aligned with the S-T Lions Club and we’re going to put The Paper out of business!.” Said Tatulian. Chamber members began to complain that they had created a monster, and that this is not the image the Chamber wanted to project to the S-T community. One member stated “I couldn’t believe it. Sonia called me a racist!” Another complained that the Chamber President had 100

bartered for merchandise when he did not have the funds to advertise in the “Voice”. The Bureau of Alcohol & Beverage Control stepped in when they found out that the Chamber was selling liquor without a license. The Chamber/Voice told all the advertisers that they were going to deliver 10,000 “Special Edition Watermelon Festival” newspapers before the festival. After the advertisers paid up, very few newspapers were ever delivered. It is rumored that because of the failure of the “Voice of the Village” to deliver, festival revenues were down 30%. At the writing of this article complaints are still coming in. When asked for conformation of the partnership of the S-T Chamber and The Voice of the Village, the old guard of the Chamber of Commerce stated that “The Voice is not a Chamber paper and that the Ms Tatulian has been told that she may not run the paper out of the chamber offices.” However, it appears that it is still being produced, ads sold and the paper delivered from the Chamber offices. Is Sunland-Tujunga and its service clubs, organizations and businesses being victimized by the S-T Chamber or just by the current Chamber president? Is the new mission of the Chamber to compete directly with business in our area? How has this benefited VHHS ? Don’t take our word for it, ask your own questions. After all, it’s only a newspaper and the S-T Chamber of Commerce. You really do have the right to know. “


NOW DON’T GET ME WRONG………. Just because there is such a concentration of haters in our community using social media to get their way and attack each other, doesn’t mean that there aren’t some really good people here in town. In the last CD-7 election, we had 19 candidates for the one council seat. Now that’s something to think about.

We also had one of our community activists, Ms. Bonnie Corwin file charges and got enough media coverage to bring down Assemblyman Ricardo Benitez for sexual harassment and bring the #meTOO Group to life in our community. Yes, we have some really dedicated people here, and that counters the small amount of haters that have dominated and destroyed our community.


A TYPICAL DIALOG ON A FACEBOOK HATE SITE No normal human being can understand what it is like trying to have a conversation with the insane. Even I wonder sometimes why I even bother reading their crap on Tomi Lyn's Independent site. It is sort of like watching a train crash, you know what is going to happen, and you know you shouldn't watch.. But you have too! This is just a single example of what goes on in the hate sites. Sit back, relax and watch the carnage unfold as they attempt to destroy each other. Here they were having a discussion about the homeless in the Big Tujunga Canyon wash. “Eddie Conna Agreed, but sadly, it won't happen. The courts have decided they have a "right" to camp there... apparently we don't have a "right" to not have our homes burned to the ground. If you want to get rid of them, SHUT DOWN every outfit that is enabling Willie Manipol Jr Sadly, people with this formed opinion is what’s wrong with this community. Shifting blame to the Hope Community Church for helping people?? GTFO... Next POS please speak up so we know who you are Eddie Conna Willie Manipol Jr They aren't "helping" people. They are ENABLING them to do drugs, and numerous former addicts have spoken up and said this. As long as someone is feeding them, giving them clothes, and more, that's LESS stuff they have to focus on a...See Willie Manipol Jr Edward... coming from an industry filled with drug addicts and enablers, I guess you speak from experience. I am sure New Hope Community Church, Sunland will still love to have you join them for their next service. #nojudgementipromise Eddie Conna Willie Manipol Jr Was that supposed to be a dig? Lol...James Klarkowski Right, just send the problem elsewhere. That'll work. Eddie Conna Huh? Who said that? James Klarkowski So, I assume that by "remove them" you mean simply make them vanish? Otherwise I don't see what else it could mean. Or do you only mean to remove them from the wash, in which case I wonder where you expect them to go? Cynthia Petrovic James Klarkowski I thought you were going to close down conversation about this. Eddie Conna I never said "remove them" but support that 100% Cindy Curry NO! They are people! It is heartless to even talk about them like they have no rights, like they are dirt. Eddie, to even suggest that they have no rights, like even suggest that a church or anyone else "stop feeding them, giving them clothes or blankets, and their water sources need to be ... 103

Eddie Conna What's "SICK" is ENABLING drug addicts and YOUR mentality is what helps keep them drug addicts. You want to help, invite them into YOUR home. What's your address and how many would you like to house? We can find a few who I'm sure would be happy to move in. Cindy Curry I wish for you clarity! I am sad for you. Wally Wharton (Cindy's always trying to make us feel guilty for what we've earned......SIGH..........)” This is one of Wally Wharton’s childish attacks on Doc. Without even reading this treatment, she penned this review. When you don’t have to have truth to back you up, you can say anything. And even though the stupid ones all yell Yea Wally! The silent intelligent ones just shake their heads in dismay.

Kurt Koesler Admin · January 22 at 6:36pm · La Crescenta

I know some think I am beating a dead horse, but I have never disliked a person so much in my life. Forget the lies he was written about me it’s my friend I have meet up here and good people that he attacks that really irks me . Some of you don’t like Wally Wharton but she has been the brunt of his attacks too .. but the difference between her and he is her writing skills and her review of his published book proves it 104

Note to producer! As you read through this thread, remember that a lot of the writers are sock puppets and that most of these writers have mental problems which will make it hard to cast their characters. As they say “YOU COULDN’T MAKE THIS UP!� These people for the most part, are psychotic and have created their own little delusional fantasy world. This is a poor man’s Game of Thrones.

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Broceifus Spudbar He has perfect credentials to work for CNN.


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Sonia McGregor More like, faux fox entertainment lol or hey, even run for president like the draft dodger in chief. Manage

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Shant Derohanian Hes our president ... get over it ... Manage

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Mary Soracco still waiting for this big trip to jail he's supposedly making 8 Manage

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Ginny Marshall Gasparre I wish he'd get there very SOON! · Reply · 2d

Ginny Marshall Gasparre Well said, Wally


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Mary Soracco I love Wally's face off even when I disagree with her. And this...this is pretty much why. What a firecracker you are, Miss. <3

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Wally Wharton Thank you, Mary!!!! Manage

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Ani Garibian I see him time to time in his car. He looks so angry always. 1 Manage

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Faith Gonzalez The other day I saw him drop off his so called paper at the post office and after he left I went and put them all in the trash 😂😂




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Wally Wharton A Gold Star is headed your way!!! 1 Manage

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Dean Baker So it's ok for anyone who disagree's of someone's paper or pamphlets we can follow them around throw them all in the trash? It sounds like your admitting to destruction of property Manage

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Louis Elovitz waiting for the audible version so I can hear his sweet voice 1 Manage

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Wally Wharton Look out.....he's got a weird lisp!! 1 Manage

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Ani Garibian Wally his new friends in jail will love that



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Wally Wharton Ani Garibian HAHAHAHA!! "N-Now wait a minute, home-boy...Thlow down there.... Thtop-- PLEASE!! I-I'll give you my fake Vietnam war dog tags.......okay?? OUCH!!!!!!!" 2 Manage

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Dean Baker Wally Wharton you show me some fake Vietnam war dog tags I'll tear your fucking head off 1 Manage

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Shant Derohanian Wally Wharton Lmfao ewww 1 Manage

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Wally Wharton Dean Baker that case, I got a "job" for you-- HAHA!! Manage

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Louis Elovitz (seriously, I was driving home when these jerks were arrested all over mt gleason near foothill it was about 3 am or so, never in my over 45years up here had I ever observed such a swat type scene!) period. 1 Manage

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Michelle Ramage Thank you Wally Wharton




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Barbara D Johnson Wally Wharton is sharp and to the point, I love her sense of humor. 7 Manage

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Seth Baun No worries he's really busy making $2 an orange from his honeybitch orange tree Who buys an orange for $2.00? His ranch ?? Are his guns buried there? W...See More



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Rick Gervais Seth Baun Raising bail money? 3 Manage

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Seth Baun Rick Gervais lol he can't bail out he pled guilty but maybe he's raising money for the Haiti relief kids. 3 Manage

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Kurt KoeslerGroup Admin Seth Baun Tainted with lead 108 ?

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Wally Wharton Kurt Koesler He claims they're seedless...just like his SPERM COUNT!!!! 4 Manage

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Wally Wharton WOW!! Thanks for posting my li'l ol' review, Kurt!!


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William Coleman When you making a Davey Cartoon? lol 1 Manage

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Wally Wharton William Coleman I have done too many cartoons of Doc already!! And the weird thing is, he LIKES them!! So he steals my portraits and photo-shops them, i.e., uncrosses the eyes, obliterates the flies and the "smell lines" I draw around his head and he erases the words: "STOLEN VALOR" or "NEVER SERVED" I often put on the front of his shirt. Then he'll post his "cleaned-up" version of my caricature and say something insipid like: "My good friend Wally Wharton just drew this nice picture of me."


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William Coleman lol Jesus

Julie Lusich Galway Wow, I love the freedom of expression here! 1 Manage


Terri Conrad My family and I were the victims of a person who decided to do an massive attack of lies and allegations here. I totally understand how much words written anywhere can cut you right down to the bone. We ended up getting a restraining order to keep him from spreading more lies. I'm so sorry for the hate he is spreading. All I can say to him is I hope your family keeps you in stock of soap on a rope. ·

Camille Joos-Visconti We moved here one year ago.... I keep seeing these war posts between 2 or 3 people, involving the town newspapers & certain specific people etc. Can someone please give me unbiased background info on who hates who and why and who did what and who is who etc etc? So much drama and as a new resident here I need to be filled in lol! Manage

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Ginny Marshall Gasparre Camille Joos-Viscontiti it's a very long explanation. We have been tortured for several years. He lies, is cruel and heartless, not to mention he's a convicted felon who should be going to prison soon (I hope). My own personal story is that for 1...See More Manage

Wally Wharton TRUTH^^^^. 3 Manage

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Brad Close I would also like to hear what this guy supposedly did. I looked at that newspaper and it seems pretty innocuous. I don't see any "attacks" in there. The only specific allegation I've seen here is that his grammar is bad. For those of us who aren't in on your little feud, it gets pretty tiresome to see you slam this guy day after day and never say what it is he did to you that made you so angry. Manage

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Ginny Marshall Gasparre Brad Close there have been several detailed explanations in comments on several posts. I understand how it would be tiresome for those who may not know the many things he has done. Did you read my story above, for example? It's difficult enough to grieve the loss of a daughter, but to have him keep showing her destroyed car and talk about the accident, it's just cruel. 1 Manage

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Kurt KoeslerGroup Admin Brad Close go look at his back issues online . Go back before September of 2017 he has been somewhat behaving himself before and after his sentencing 110

Brad Close Thanks Kurt, I'll check it out. 3 Manage

Brad Close Kurt Koesler I don't see where he has back issues online, but I looked at a couple through the internet archive. I really don't see what you guys are referring to. It looks like a pretty normal community newspaper to me. I don't see these "attacks" you guys are always alluding to. Manage

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Shant Derohanian Brad Close it's really simple, (not calling you dumb...) anytime some bad shit happens he's there sometimes before the cops and makes things worse ... some people don't like him because he's a ass and insensitive ... especially when he does shit to you...See More 1 Manage

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Kurt KoeslerGroup Admin Brad Close he removed them before his sentencing... trust me he wrote some nasty stuff .. 3

Camille Joos-Visconti Ginny Marshall Gasparre I’m so sorry to hear that . 😞😞

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Shant Derohanian I'm not saying he didn't do anything or write anything wrong or bad ... I'm just giving a example and extra short story ... jusy to be clear ... What ever the case fuck doc tho ... just because he's a asshole like for no real reason but to be ass Manage

Pinky Middaugh He needs to go. He has slandered many good citizens in this town, who work hard and give their hearts to keep this town together and all he does is tear them all down and take credit for everything they have done. He has said horribly hurtful things to people here that have been through trauma and tragedy. His cruelty is unacceptable and the things he has come out and said about women is despicable. 4 Manage

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Wally Wharton (I think it's hysterical that one of his girlfriends is running for state assembly. Her platform: "I am honest. I care. I am ethical. I have morals and am transparent." That's a direct quote. And she's got a Go Fund campaign seeking $500,000. no donors yet--- not even Doc.) 111

Sandra Baugus He sent people pink powder in the mail. Who knew what it was at the time. That should tell you what his mind set is. Manage

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EPILOGUE and note to potential show producers: This is the story of how a small rural community was dragged out of its tranquil existence by a new breed of spoilers. Wherein before there were only rednecks and good ol' boys running the town like the Minors and Anthony's who only had to put up with bikers and local druggies, there now began an invasion of "foreigners" with their different attitudes of what makes up a community. It all started about 1980 with the influx of refugees from Iran and their Islamic Revolution. And they were welcomed with open arms -- After all, they were humans - just like us, and had needs - just like us, and wanted to create a home - just like us. And then more and more of them arrived. And they received benefits from our government to help them get adjusted in their new lifestyle. And things began to change. Some were smarter than us. In fact it was openly stated "The RUSSIAN Armenians know how to play the system!" But what the heck, we've played the system for decades, the only difference is that it was to help ourselves or our family. Our new neighbors appear to relish playing "The Game" because it really is a game to see how much you can get from the government. Our good ol' boys and girls have for the most part left the area going for more reasonable rents and home prices, and as they leave, they add more places for people wanting to get away from congestion to buy or rent. With the lack of affordable housing throughout the larger cities, comes "developers" and all the ills that the creation of new housing brings. McMansions, 112

heavy traffic, more people traveling on the only main road in Sunland-Tujunga. And of course, the gentrification of our little community. With the gentrification comes the blight of homelessness and transients that resort to drugs to dull their pain. Although we have new businesses opening up every day, we also have businesses and business centers closing. There are three major projects just waiting in the wings to bring in 800 new houses and tax our already heavily traveled streets with more drivers. Home Depot still has 12 years left on their K- Mart property lease and when the new homes come in, so will Home Depot come back. Recently thousands of people rallied around keeping the High Speed Rail out of our equestrian community, but even that is a foregone conclusion.The city goes where the tax money comes from. Our local CD-7 representatives appear to be in any body’s pocket that will promote their position. But even though things look really gloomy, life goes on. We just never expected social media to be the new destroyer of lives and communities. With the social media sites comes the new LIARS and their followers some of which are depicted in this reality show. It will be social media that is our undoing, not the new neighbors, the new churches or the terrible drivers, but it will be those people who learn how to play the game of destruction. And of course it all boils down to the fact that the game will be played by our lowest common denominator, the poor, under employed masses who have nothing but time on their hands to become the scourge of Sunland-Tujunga. If you want to create a reality show of our community, please contact David "Doc" DeMulle' at EDITOR@THEFOOTHILLSPAPER.COM *Authors note: This is just a rough theme for a reality show. If you liked “Storage Wars” and “Duck Dynasty,” You’re going to love STARS.


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