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David Safai

David Safai Believes That Entering The Consumer Market Is A Good Decision Mobixa is a platform where consumers can trade mobile phone handsets easily. In addition, consumers can also gain complete information about the right time to sell their phones. Mobixa LLC has eliminated the gap between sellers and buyers and acts as a medium between the two. Mobixa is the consumer-facing arm of IMC, Inc. which is an established company that has been in business for more than eleven years and since establishment, IMC, Inc. has been refurbishing mobile phone handsets effectively.

David Safai believes that entering the consumer market is a good decision as 50% of mobile consumers have Smartphones now and an assortment of the handsets are worth $500 to $650 that are subsidized by the carriers. As a result, this leads to an increased demand for used but clean phones in the secondary market throughout the world. That's how Mobixa was created keeping all these points into consideration.

David Safai believes that it is not uncommon for consumers to experience the frustration of buying a new Smartphone only to have a newer version with more peppy features and capabilities become available soon after. Consumers regularly desire the newest device, but are not only overwhelmed by the options, but are also subject to the limitations imposed by their wireless contract.

For those that are eligible to upgrade, even they do not know where to begin; talking with retail salespersons, web searches, and “polling� friends are not always the right tools in determining what makes the most sense for each individual situation. While other companies aim exclusively on buying back used devices, Mobixa is the only Smartphone upgrade advisor which helps consumers to navigate the frustrating and confusing mobile phone landscape in order to offer people the device they really want.

Mobixa works seamlessly with several mobile phone carriers including Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. The company does all the work, enabling consumers to quickly and effortlessly understand the status of their upgrade eligibility, the release dates for the upcoming phones and the trade-in value for their existing phone. For more information, please visit

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David Safai