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This pack is to help preserve the ‘Central Diner’ brand, the pack will enable the brand to stand the test of time and keep a consistent appearance. The guideline acts as a book to help keep a strong and powerful brand consistent with its usage that can be applied to public and media platforms. The book will contain all the requirements needed for its applicable use.

Content 1. Central Diner (About) 2. Brand Personality 3. Brand Values 4. Tone of Voice 5. Logo 6. Brand Toolkit - Colour Palette - Typography 7. Tagline


Central Diner (About)

Central Diner brand newly introduced this year (2013), is an on the rise contemporary canteen brand that aims to offer a memorable experience to its customers. Our canteen captures the family essence of sharing a dining experience and we believe that everyone should indulge their senses with the potential to carry it to a new level.


Brand Personality

Brand personality is the process of effectively giving human characteristics to a brand name and how that brand interacts with its consumers. The brand personality is therefore something consumers can relate to which will in turn increase the brand values (equity) simply by having a set amount of consistent traits making the brand name more reliable. Apart from the brands functional benefits the brand gains added value because of those consistent traits. Five main types of brand personalities: sophistication, competence, excitement, sincerity and ruggedness. These are the main dimensions of the personalities following these are the traits that make up the main personalities.

Central Diner – Brand Personality Sophistication — stylish, persistent Sincerity — family-oreinted, cheerful, friendly Excitement — contemporary, fun, unique Competence — reliable, successful


Brand Values

Brand equity (also known as value) is a phrase used in the marketing field to try and describe the value of having a well-known brand name. In order to stand out from the crowd brand names can generate more money from products with a brand name as opposed to less well-known names and products. The ability to deliver every time marks a strong brands values, increasing their rep and in the end its brand name.

Central Diner – Brand Values Quality - Quality food, and a quality service will be delivered to the consumers. Comfort - The atmosphere in which consumers part take in will thoroughly be comfortable delivering an enjoyable experience. Loyalty - Always being faithful and committed to customers needs. Trust - Delivering that trusting relationship with the consumers allowing them to potentially reuse our brand. Enjoyment - Enjoying a relaxed, trustworthy and comfortable environment desired by the audience.


Tone of Voice

My target audience are tourists in the capital of England, and or those who adopt a tourist lifestyle, families who visit the London attraction, and Londoners, in terms of an age range I felt it would be a bit difficult to give an accurate one, because a canteen is very broad in the sense that anyone can eat there, there doesn’t have to be a strict age. Central Diner Central Diner is a canteen that aims to provide a memorable experience and engage your collective personalities as families and tourists. The brands loyalty lies in delivering a trusting relationship based on customer diner needs. The inspired food and stylish atmosphere supplied by the brand enables customers to take the relationship to the next level, by constantly reusing our brand whilst sharing and supporting our values as customers. Offering a user-friendly experience should help encapsulate our audiences and potentially attract new ones, who wish to familiarise themselves with the brand.


Logo Our logo can be applied to various design formats, this alternately reflects our brand and should therefore be used appropriately.

Preferably the logo should be used on a white background but there are exceptions that will be explained.

Black is an expection provided no outer stroke is applied.

The original house colours present in the logo are also acceptable.

The original house colours present in the logo are also acceptable.

Central Diner

Central Diner

The logotype can be used on its house colours that are used in the original logo.

The logotype can be used on its house colours that are used in the original logo.

Central Diner The logotype on its own can be used on a black background provided there are no adjustments.

Central Diner

Central Diner

The logotype can be used on a white background provided the house colours are used.

The logotype can be used on a white background provided the house colours are used.

The minimum size for the logo is 7mm however it can be used on a larger scale provided it is visible.

Central Diner

The minimum size for the logotype is 7mm however it can be used on a larger scale provided it is visible.

DO NOT change the colour of the logo

DO NOT apply any effects such as stroke, outer glow, drop shadow etc.

DO NOT distort the logo in any way

Central Diner

DO NOT use any other colour for the logotype other than the house colours used in the initial logo

DO NOT apply a stroke

C en t r a l D ine r

Central Diner

DO NOT distort in any way

DO NOT apply any effects such as outer glow, drop shadow etc.


Brand Toolkit Colour palette The ‘Central Diner’ brand has two main colour palettes, they consist of the house colours applied on the logo. The colours should be employed by any user of the brand, this will help with its consistency allowing it to be more recognisable by the audience. CMYK - colour format should be used for print RGB - colour format should be used for digital design

R: 52 G:20 B:19 C:52 M:77 Y:70 K:75

R: 88 G:89 B:91 C:64 M:56 Y:52 K:27

R: 78 G:21 B:20 C:41 M:89 Y:80 K:63

R: 109 G:110 B:113 C:58 M:49 Y:46 K:15

R: 0 G:0 B:0 C:75 M:68 Y:67 K:90

Typeface Libel Suit is a reedy sans serif display screamer it is the typeface for designers to use when using this brand. The typeface can be applied to clothing materials, signage and print.

Font family

To obtain the ‘Libel Suit’ you can visit

The settings for the logotype are as follows:

Kerning: Optical Tracking: 0 - 10 Leading: 16.5pt

DO NOT change the leading

Central Diner

Central Diner

DO NOT change the tracking

DO NOT change the kerning

Central Diner

Central Diner


Tagline Taglines influence consumers’ buying behavior by evoking an emotional response. A tagline therefore should be a short phrase that captures a company’s brand essence, personality, and positioning, and distinguishes the company from its competitors. A tagline’s frequent and consistent exposure in the media and in popular culture reinforces its message.

Central Diner ‘Transport Your Taste Buds’ ‘Transport Your Taste buds’ I felt out of the ideas I had was the strongest one to represent the brand, simply because it related to transport and food (all in one) and as it is for a canteen inspired by London’s transport history I felt it strongly conveyed that message.

The size of the tagline should be used appropriately and should neither be too big to too small

Transport Your Taste Buds

Branding guidelines  
Branding guidelines  

A guide to using the Central Diner brand.