3D Magazine :: April 2022

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While Dartmouth’s financial aid covers 100% of the demonstrated need of all its students, the opportunity for funding doesn’t stop there. Dartmouth students have access to resources that make all kinds of experiences possible and ensure that every student can take advantage of the diverse opportunities Dartmouth has to offer. We asked current students to share experiences made possible with Dartmouth’s financial support.

“Before I met with Leah Torrey at the Dartmouth Center for Social Impact (DCSI), I’d never heard of Reach the World or Philabundance. The internships I later held at both organizations—funded by DCSI and Dartmouth Partners in Community Service, an alumni group that supports social impact internships—changed my life. At Reach the World, I hosted a Zoom call with Eric Yuan, CEO and founder of Zoom, and raised more than $75,000 to support global education in underserved American classrooms. At Philabundance, I worked on Michelle Obama’s Pass the Love campaign, strategizing the distribution of nearly a quarter of a million meals to families across Philadelphia in just four weeks. As I apply for postgraduate opportunities, I know that making a tangible difference in the world is my priority.” —’22 from Ohio

“Through a generous grant from The Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy & Society at Dartmouth, I researched energy generation and dissemination in Nigeria under the mentorship of Associate Professor of Engineering Amro Farid. The project allowed me to expand my knowledge of sustainable means of energy generation as well as the economic and political factors affecting electricity generation and dissemination, especially in developing countries. I can unequivocally say that this experience has contributed not only to my interest in research but also to my truly all-encompassing liberal arts education.” —’23 from Nigeria

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