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WHY SINGLE PIVOT SUSPENSION IN OUR FRAMES WORKS SO GREAT? From the beginning we believe that reliable and functional solution can be the simple one. Basing on feedback straight from bikers experience we refine our ideas and bring solutions that makes every second on trails full of fun. Following this way of thinking, our frames are based on well designed single pivot suspension system, which use shock extension yoke providing excellent performance. On one side when struggling on demanding uphills using 34/42 gears, we can enjoy high pedaling efficiency with anti-squat characteristics on about 100% level. On the second hand, when hitting hardest downhills on 34/10 gears and using full range of 160mm wheel travel, the suspension design results in less than 2 percent pedal kick-back and less fatigue on descents as legs do not have to absorb so many hits. As our frames suspension kinematics comes with linear leverage rate, it's setup is totally up to you and your preferences depending how you will tune your air shock


with spacers. From more progressive with limited air chamber for those who likes bigger jumps, to more linear curve using all the available travel for those who prefer demanding trails instead of hitting huge drops. But suspension performance is only half of success. Equipped with stiff 17mm pivot linking rear swing arm with front triangle, rotating on three max type bearings (with increased number of balls) with LLU full contact seals filled by high end synthetic Mobil grease ensure better dust and water protection. And when it comes to maintenance costs your pocket will save some money with replacing only 5 bearings. Less connection points in our suspension construction give less opportunity to catch bearing loose and help to save some money on the production costs. That's why when buying Dartmoor frame you have a perfect weapon for shredding even the most demanding trails and you save some bucks to spend them on more bike trips. And that's the most important thing when riding a bike!

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