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Darrell Howell

Old Hickory, TN, United States

Darrell Howell embarked on a journey marked by professional evolution and personal commitment. Initially carving a niche in the corporate arena, his pursuit of broader knowledge led him back to academia. He graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 2000 with an MBA, specializing in accounting, which steered him back to the insurance industry. He played a pivotal role in ushering in a new era of growth and innovation. Yet, his aspirations transcended the corporate landscape. Driven by a deep sense of familial loyalty and community engagement, he turned towards a more enduring legacy. His family had been the custodians of a cherished Pizza Hut since 1978, a community cornerstone. Seeing an opportunity to blend family involvement with community service, he ventured into the restaurant business. His entrepreneurial spirit and business expertise shone through as he expanded the family's Pizza Hut presence. Under his stewardship, the franchise grew to include numerous outlets across several states. By 2003, he had fully transitioned from the insurance realm to the restaurant industry, becoming the region's leading Pizza Hut franchisor by 2015. In December 2015, he divested these establishments in a strategic move, pivoting back to corporate endeavors. Navigating the growth of the Pizza Hut franchises presented a series of challenges and valuable insights. His extensive experience in the corporate world was a strong foundation, but he quickly discovered the distinctive challenges of managing a restaurant business. His dedication to this family enterprise and his belief in offering affordable food options to the community were the driving forces behind his success. He remains profoundly thankful for the community's steadfast support, which played a crucial role in the prosperity of the Pizza Hut franchises.