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TM Broadcast International #25 August 2015

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What to see in IBC 2015 IBC is the biggest event in Europe for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide. In 2014, the event attracted more than 55,000 attendees from 170 countries around the world, more than 1,700 exhibitors of the world's key technology and suppliers showcased a debate-leading conference. Here´s a sample of what visitors will find in Amsterdam RAI 2015.

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Zoom In - NAGRA, facing present and future of TV Interview with Simon Trudelle, Senior Product Marketing Director

Editorial IBC 2015 still growing IBC is the leading global tradeshow for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of electronic media and entertainment in Europe. The event's unparalleled exhibition and agenda setting conference encompass the very latest developments in traditional media, IPTV, telecoms, IT and R&D making it essential for everyone's understanding of the industry and its future. IBC is a fixture on the calendar of the global media industry, attracting over 55,000 professionals and 1,700+ exhibitors from more than 170 countries. Among them are the industry’s most senior executives who choose IBC’s highly respected conference to set and challenge the media agenda. The event plays host to a wide array of free to attend sessions, product demonstrations, big-screen movie presentations and the IBC Awards Ceremony. Innovations such as the IBC Future Zone and IBC Content Everywhere Europe showcase technology at the cutting edge. Over 1,700 companies choose IBC because of its consistent track record in delivering their core business objectives. New initiatives, such as the IBC Content Everywhere Cloud Solutions, keep the show at the forefront of innovation and industry attention. More than 55,000 professionals ensure key messages and breaking news are communicated globally.

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RAI Leverages Riedel Communications' Real-Time Fiber Network to Support Coverage of 2015 Giro d'Italia As the 98th Giro d'Italia cycling race wound its way from the Italian Riviera to Milan May 9-31, Riedel Communications equipment provided Italian broadcaster RAI with a flexible decentralized fiber-based network supporting real-time distribution of audio, video, and communications signals. Host broadcaster RAI deployed Riedel MediorNet Compact Pro and RockNet systems to link the announce booth, finish line, helicopters, and other key production areas to enable thorough coverage of each race stage. The equipment was supplied by Riedel partner Broadcast Solutions Srl. RAI used its Riedel gear to create a distributed real-time network made up of four fiber rings, which together included 102 fiber links with 712 audio, video, and data connections. Key connection points included the international OB van and a second OB truck with replay; the commentator van, a graphics van, a radio van, and two vans pro-

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viding links for helicopter and motorcycle signals; the Italian national feed; an edit truck; and the "mule," a compact mobile unit ideal for tight mountainside locations. Combined with Riedel's network management software, the modular design of Riedel's MediorNet realtime media network and RockNet audio network allowed RAI to configure and reconfigure frames quickly according to the demands of each day. Supporting both routing and transport, the Riedel systems enabled RAI to make every signal available at every node as needed. The overall fiber network served as a flexible and space-, weight-, and time-saving solution for establishing quality connections across an extremely challenging landscape. During the 21-stage race, the RAI used the mule unit and its Riedel gear to complete connections of up to 2 kilometers from the main production area. Positioned near the

finish, this small truck supplied the camera base stations and gear for a commentary position and connection point at the finish line, where all baseband signals originated. Able to supply signals from various remote points without signal degradation or loss, RAI provided exceptional footage facilitating worldwide coverage of the race, the first of the year's three Grand Tours. "The Giro d'Italia is a hugely popular sports event, and this year it was televised around the world in 171 countries," said Maribel Roman, international sales manager for southern Europe at Riedel Communications. "With its MediorNet and RockNet systems, RAI was able to offer extensive live and pre-produced content each day of the race while also providing, as host broadcaster, the reliable feeds critical to global coverage of the event."




Mexico’s Telecom revenues to hit USD26.3 billion by 2018 Mexico’s telecom services will generate USD26.3 billion in revenues in 2018, according to information published by Dataxis in its new report “Telecom Series 2015: Mexico”. This figure will represent a 4.2% increase compared to 2014. At the end of 2014, the mobile sector in Mexico accounted for 60% of total telecom revenues*. Mobile services reached 104.8 million lines, in a market largely dominated by Mexican company Telcel with about 70% market share in terms of revenue and mobile lines. By 2018 Dataxis forecasts that the total number of mobile lines will grow 7.4%, while mobile penetration rate will climb to 90%. Meanwhile, the fixed broadband sector accounted for 17.1% of total revenues in 2014. By 2018 Dataxis expects this figure to grow to nearly 23% The fixed broadband market has been expanding since 2007. Dataxis projects that the proportion of households with fixed broadband connections will increase from 44.1% in 2014 to 52.1% in 2018. Although DSL – in its different variants – will remain Latin America's dominant last-mile access technology by 2018, its market share will reduce in favor of other options such as cable modem and fiber to the home (FTTH). In turn, the fixed telephony sector accounted for 22.9% of total revenues in 2014. After reaching its peak in 2008 – more than 20 million lines – the number of active fixed lines in Mexico fell to 19.1 million in 2014. Dataxis projects that this trend will continue and the total number of fixed lines will decrease 15.3% by 2018. As well as in other markets of the region, traditional telephony will begin to lose market share against new VoIP options, including those offered via hybrid fibercoaxial (HFC) networks. Dataxis forecasts that cable operators' phone lines will represent 16.6% of the market by 2018.

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Czech TV opts for R&S VENICE ingest and production server Czech TV (Česká televize), the public television broadcaster in the Czech Republic, has upgraded its production chain with another R&S VENICE ingest and production server from Rohde & Schwarz DVS. The broadcaster had switched from the previous method of tape-based operation to file-based workflows in one of its studios and now needed to extend its infrastructure. The R&S VENICE ingest and production server with an integrated Avid® Workflow Option and the R&S VENICE Play software will perform a vital role in the optimized workflows at Czech TV. The R&S VENICE system provides four channels and is responsible for key broadcasting tasks such as ingest and studio playout. Its bridge-building capabilities not only gave R&S VENICE its name, they also helped Czech TV to smoothly integrate the ingest and production server into its existing environment. The Avid® Workflow Option with its many key features that facilitate working in Avid workflow environments was among the decisive factors behind Czech TV’s decision. Thanks to the seamless integration from ingest to outgest of the Avid ISIS® central storage system and the Avid Interplay® PAM system, a fast and user-friendly workflow could be realized. HD-SDI sources can be ingested directly in real time into Avid ISIS® as well as file-based material from electronic media, such as P2 cards and XDCAM®, and their metadata. Thanks to the outgest function, clips and entire sequences can be played out directly or distributed onward once edited – all without the editors at Czech TV having to go through the timeconsuming process of exporting the material. The “edit while record” function in R&S VENICE allows the video material to be viewed and edited while it is being written (depending on the codec and wrapper). R&S VENICE also supports multicamera ingest. Combined with true dual-destination recording, this increases reliability especially in live situations. The editors at Czech TV also benefit from the R&S VENICE Play GUI. It is tailored specifically to the needs of studio playout, giving users quick access to all key functions even in hectic production operation such as during live shows and news broadcasts. Thanks to its clear and simultaneous display of multiple channels users can keep a parallel overview of channels for primary playout in an A/B layout as well as auxiliary channels for secondary playout – they can also control them reliably even under frantic live situations. Furthermore, R&S VENICE Play GUI can be mirrored on multiple clients.




Al Rayyan's camel-racing broadcasts get a boost from Calrec Doha, Qatar, broadcaster Al Rayyan TV has installed a Calrec Artemis console at the Al Shahaniya camel race track as part of an upgrade to its studio there. The Artemis, which replaces a basic analogue desk, will allow greater signal-processing possibilities, improved connectivity between the desk and communications systems, and the capability to produce multiple mixes simultaneously. "Camel racing is a major part of Qatar's cultural identity and a source of national pride, which is why it is so important to produce a high-quality broadcast — for our own people and for the viewers in neighbouring countries. We needed a console that provided seamless connectivity, smooth mixes, and far more outputs than we had with our old console," said Richard Whiston, head of sound at Al Rayyan TV. "The Artemis' extra outputs let us produce simultaneous mixes for local and international TV and radio. The connectivity with our Overline and communications systems, alongside the signal-process-

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ing capabilities, has enabled us to produce a soundtrack that keeps the nation enthralled." The Artemis console is installed in a sound control room that covers two studios, ambience from the track, and commentary from a roving vehicle. Al Rayyan's former analogue desk lacked the processing power and outputs required to send numerous mixes, so operators had to use a submixer and patching to achieve a similar result, but with fewer channels of compression. The Artemis eliminates that practice because every input and output can be compressed appropriately and numerous mixes created simultaneously on one board. "The number of outputs has proven to be the most important part of the console," said Hamza Guerfala, sound engineer at Al Rayyan TV. "It gives us the flexibility to patch between sources and destinations quite easily, which speeds up our workflow considerably." "The move from analogue to digi-

tal greatly improves Al Rayyan's ability to capture and transmit fantastic sound, and choosing the Artemis means they have plenty of resources and flexibility to do it smoothly and efficiently," said Anthony Harrison, international sales manager at Calrec Audio. "We're honoured that Al Rayyan has chosen Calrec to be such an important part of Qatar's national pastime." Al Rayyan has also purchased a second Artemis desk for a new OB truck destined for delivery in the fall. The truck will cover a variety of programming including Qatar National Day. For that project, Al Rayyan will use the new truck alongside its existing vehicle to cover a full TV studio as well as a large concert hall. The new OB truck will also serve as an alternate control room when the time comes to upgrade Al Rayyan's main studio facility.




Grass Valley previews first feature release of EDIUS 8 Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, announces the first feature release of the 8.x version of its editing platform, EDIUS, designed for broadcast news, professional editing studios, event videographers and even home users. EDIUS 8.1 continues to focus on video editing performance—allowing users to edit anywhere and get stories to air faster— and enhancing production creativity via improved integration with thirdparty plugins. “EDIUS is one of the few products in the Grass Valley portfolio to address markets outside of the broadcast space, but with our expertise we’re able to provide PC users the video editing software they need to successfully produce high-quality content,” said Mike Cronk, senior vice president of strategic marketing, Grass Valley. “By designing two different software

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packages, EDIUS Pro for production professionals and EDIUS Workgroup for news and sports broadcasters, we’re able to tailor the product to meet our customers’ needs and empower them with realtime workflows in all mainstream formats and resolutions. With little or no rendering required, editors can produce more content, faster and more efficiently.” EDIUS version 8.1 brings a number of new features to EDIUS Pro users, including Windows 10 support, OpenFX gasket integration with Boris Continuum Complete, HitFilm and Sapphire plugins, and optimized playback for both DNxHD and ProRes codecs to handle more layers in real time. Enhancements to the GV browser include bin registration of the catalog, relinking offline clips, thumbnail snapshot to quickly export still images and RED

support. In response to customer feedback, EDIUS 8.1 also will offer the ability to save a current project as a template and improvements to the new GUI, including color tones and contrast. For EDIUS Workgroup users, additional feature improvements include collaboration with Fairlight for new PYXIS editing and mixing controllers, as well as the ability to edit a growing 4K file on a K2 server—an industry first for nonlinear editing systems on the market today. Powerful integration with GV STRATUS takes video production to new levels of productivity, with an advanced proxy workflow breaking down the bandwidth wall between the news station and the field.




Riedel Gear Supports Singapore's Celebration of 28th SEA Games on Republic's 50th Anniversary Singapore hosted the 28th Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) June 5-16 in conjunction with the republic's 50th year of independence, using Riedel Communications' Artist digital matrix intercom system and Acrobat digital wireless intercom system to ensure the smooth communications critical to coordinating the event's spectacular opening and closing ceremonies. Including more than 5,000 performers and volunteers, 7,000 athletes and officials from 11 different Southeast Asian nations, and 3,000 personnel from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), the SEA Games became the largest event ever held in Singapore's National Stadium. "The 28th SEA Games gave us the opportunity to celebrate and strengthen regional peace and friendship, and this theme was supported by a variety of innovative

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elements during the opening and closing ceremonies," said Kenny Wong, technical manager for SEA Games. "Riedel's Artist system played a central role in these productions, facilitating the

extensive communications necessary to make an ambitious event a success." Riedel Artist keypanels were used by the console desk operators controlling lighting, sound,



Operators were able to talk to their technicians either via dual channel wired beltpacks or via dual-channel wireless beltpacks enabled by Riedel's Acrobat wireless intercom system. Both systems provide direct full-duplex audio. Three FM transmitters and 3,000 receivers were used to guide both performers and props operators. The feed contained program audio to keep the dancers synchronized, regardless of their position on the field and distance from the loudspeakers mounted in the stadium roof, and provided relevant show and technical cues.

pyrotechnics, projection, and multimedia to provide cues throughout the ceremonies.

The 40-channel, 300-radio system supplied by Riedel was used by all contractors, as well as the committee responsible for the ceremonies. Because 32 channels


were connected to the Artist matrix system and available via keypanels, individual channels could be dedicated to technical areas including lighting, audio, automation, sound, and props, as well as the torch relay. The system also provided backup for the wired system used by follow spot operators. "The ceremonies for the 28th SEA Games included thousands of performers, 50 aerial props, and other creative elements that made for a very engaging — and also very complex — production," said Thomas Domin, project manager for global events at Riedel Communications. "This is just the type of environment in which our Artist and Acrobat systems shine, ensuring flexible, clear, and reliable communications."




Screen Subtitling Systems Partners with OOONA On Web-Based Subtitling Toolkit Screen Subtitling Systems has announced that translation solutions provider OOONA will be demonstrating their web-based subtitling toolkit on the Screen stand at IBC 2015. OOONA, who develop professional management and production tools for the subtitling industry, has launched a suite of online applications for subtitle creation, review, and QC and file conversion. OOONA’s Managing Director, Wayne Garb said: “Time efficiency is crucial in this competitive industry and having rapid access to workflow tools and minimum set-up times for the applications is vital.” The OOONA Toolkit includes elements from Screen’s powerful MediaMate product for the conversion and

repurposing of subtitle files, and is completely web based eliminating the need to install any software. Garb added: “All the online tools are incredibly easy to learn how to use because they are specifically designed to perform just the task you require and are not complicated by unnecessary functionality.” The intention of the Toolkit is to act as a portal to key tools used on an everyday basis by translators and subtitlers, available instantly anywhere, with rapid start up times and all in one place. Screen’s Strategic Partnerships Manager, John Birch commented: “Screen is delighted to be a supporter of this new approach to subtitle creation, which we anticipate as a key component for new subtitling workflows”.

Anton/Bauer announces New 7.2V Series of Li-Ion Batteries and Chargers Anton/Bauer is proud to announce new L-Series 7.2V batteries and chargers that offer long, reliable run-times for professional video cameras and accessories. Anton/Bauer's new fast-charging LSeries batteries provide a durable solution for Sony Handycam camcorders and accessories. They also power 7.2V field monitors - such as the SmallHD DP7-Pro - and oncamera lighting products from Litepanels and Manfrotto. "We're very excited to be launching these new 7.2V L-Series batteries, especially since they introduce the world-renowned Anton/Bauer name to a whole new group of videographers, photographers and media professionals," said Neal Laneville, Product Manager, Anton/Bauer. "Since these batteries

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are so versatile, nearly every device on set can be powered by Anton/Bauer. I cannot wait to see these in action."

The L-Series batteries accompany the two new 7.2V chargers. The Single Position Charger boasts a lightweight, compact design with an

LED indicator light. The charger also includes a charge control switch that allows users to switch between ECO and FULL charging speeds (for slow or fast charging) as well as a 5V USB output port for powering an extra device simultaneously. The robust L-Series Dual Position Charger simultaneously charges two batteries at once and has an easy-to-read LCD that shows each battery's charge percentage. The charger also possesses battery testing functionalities to optimize battery life. The Anton/Bauer L-Series batteries are available in two capacities: the NP-F774 is a 4400mAh (30Wh) and the NP-F976 is a 6600mAh (47Wh).




Blackmagic Design announces Fusion 8 Public Beta is available now for download Blackmagic Design announced the public beta of the free version of Fusion 8, the world’s most advanced visual effects and motion graphics software, is now available for download from the Blackmagic Design website. This beta is for the free version of Fusion 8 and is available for both Mac OS X and Windows. A beta for the paid version, Fusion 8 Studio, which adds stereoscopic 3D tools and is designed for multi user workgroups and larger studios, will be available shortly. However, current Fusion Studio customers can download the public beta for the free version of Fusion 8 and start using it today. This public beta is also the first ever Mac compatible release of Fusion, which was previously a Windows only product. By bringing

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the free version of Fusion 8 to the Mac, high end visual effects are available to even more users than ever before, opening the door to millions of motion graphic artists, broadcast designers, video editors, visual effects compositors, and 3D animators. In addition, projects can be easily moved between Mac and Windows versions of Fusion so customers can work on the platform of their choice. Now, anyone with a Mac or Windows computer can get access to the same high end visual effects tools used by Hollywood’s most elite artists. Long time fans of Fusion will also notice that in the 6 months since Fusion 8 was launched at NAB there has been many improvements to the user interface and Fusion customers will appreciate

the more modern look of the software. There will be many more improvements to the user interface as the Fusion engineering teams continue to work with the visual effects community. Featuring a powerful node based interface, Fusion makes it extremely easy to build sophisticated visual effects compositions very quickly. Nodes are small icons that represent effects, filters and other image processing operations that can be connected together in any order to create unlimited visual effects. Nodes are laid out logically like a flow chart, so customers won’t waste time hunting through nested stacks of confusing layers with filters and effects. Unlike timeline based applications, it’s easy to see and adjust any part of a project in

Fusion by simply clicking on a node. With a massive toolset consisting of hundreds of built in tools, customers can pull keys, track objects, rotoscope, retouch images, animate titles, create amazing particle effects and much more, all in a true 3D workspace. Fusion can also import 3D models, point cloud data, cameras or even entire 3D scenes from Maya, 3ds Max or Lightwave and render them seamlessly with other elements. Deep pixel tools can be used to add volumetric fog, lighting and reflection mapping of rendered objects using world position passes so customers can create amazing atmospheric effects that render in seconds, instead of hours. “Since we announced our plans to bring Fusion 8 to Mac OS X, we’ve had a massive response from the creative community,” said Grant Petty, Blackmagic Design CEO. “This is something that animators, designers and visual effects artists have wanted on the Mac for a very long time. Because it was written specifically for Windows, bringing Fusion to Mac OS X wasn’t just a simple port. Our engineering team has been working tirelessly to rewrite parts of the Fusion code base so it runs incredibly well on Mac OS X, while also improving the Windows version. This new free version of Fusion 8 for Mac and Windows will make it accessible to many more users than ever!”

Fusion 8 will be available in two versions: Fusion 8 for Mac and Windows is free for customers and the public beta of Fusion 8 is now available to download. Fusion 8 is a full professional 3D visual effects and compositing system that is suitable for independent effects, motion graphics, and broadcast design artists. Fusion 8 features integrated 2D and 3D compositing and motion graphics software with a massive toolset featuring paint, rotoscope, titling, animation, multiple keyers, an amazing 3D particle system, advanced keyframing, GPU acceleration, and support for importing and rendering 3D models and scenes from other applications. Fusion 8 Studio, will be available for Mac, Windows and Linux for $995 and the public beta will be available soon. Fusion Studio has all of the same features as the free version, but also adds advanced optical flow image analysis tools for stereoscopic 3D work, retiming and stabilization. Fusion Studio also includes support for third-party OpenFX plugins, unlimited distributed network rendering, and Generation for studio wide multi user collaboration to track, manage, review and approve shots when working with large creative teams on complex projects.




University of Miami professor launches healthy eating documentary project with JVC GY-LS300 4KCAM camcorder JVC Professional Video, a division of JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation, announced Sanjeev Chatterjee, professor at the University of Miami School of Communication in Coral Gables, Fla., is using the new JVC GYLS300 handheld Super 35 4KCAM camcorder to shoot a documentary about different approaches to healthy eating. He began gathering 4K interview footage in Europe this summer, and anticipates the multiyear project will grow in scope and take him to locations around the world. Previously, Chatterjee wrote, produced, and directed One Water, an award-winning documentary shot in 15 countries that detailed the importance of global water conservation. His new project is focused on fermented foods, raw foods, ancient grains, and paleo diets. His plan is to build an audience and expand the project’s scope by producing a short film for his site, Eventually, Chatterjee plans to produce a feature-length documentary. “My interest stems from observing people making very deliberate choices about food,” he explained. “It’s mostly about living a healthy life, but what does that mean? For some, the answer to food is in the past. For others, it is in the future. Our relationship to food is changing, and I want to use diet as a way of exploring this shifting relationship.” With his 15-year-old daughter, Uma, serving as production assistant, Chatterjee visited with a chef in Paris who cooks French food with an Asian influence, an organic farmer in Umbria who grows ancient grains to produce glutenfree pastas, and a dietician in Vienna who studies alternatives to meat. They also visited Expo Milano 2015 in Milan to learn about

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global food trends.

era to me. The GY-LS300 looks

Beyond interview footage and picturesque “B” roll of golden wheat fields, food preparation and consumption, and more, Chatterjee captured a number of time-lapse shots with his GY-LS300. “I love the fact that the camera uses SDHC cards and that they are swappable,” he noted. “I used that feature quite a bit. It was seamless on my NLE – there was no frame skip from one file to the other.”

right. It feels complete. In combina-

The GY-LS300 was paired with three Canon EF lenses (using a Metabones lens adapter) and two Veydra Mini Prime MFT lenses. JVC’s Variable Scan Mapping electronically adapts the active area of the camera’s image sensor to maintain the native angle of view for a variety of lenses, and Chatterjee said the technology worked perfectly. “I like the idea that I didn’t have to do things in editing to adjust the frame size of different lenses,” he explained. “That really was an attractive feature for me.”

workflows with the latest advance-

Chatterjee also brought a Canon DSLR as a backup, but said it “doesn’t yet feel like a video cam-

tion with a Zacuto Recoil rig, the JVC GY-LS300 really balanced well on the shoulder and on the tripod. This was a much better option. I like the quality very much.” Designed for documentarians, cinematographers, and broadcast production departments, the GYLS300 accommodates a variety of ments in 4K imaging and efficient encoding. It features JVC’s 4K Super 35mm CMOS sensor and records a variety of 4K, HD, SD, and Web-friendly proxy formats. It also includes a built-in HD streaming engine with Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connectivity for live HD transmission directly to hardware decoders, as well as support for various streaming protocols for direct streaming to Ustream, YouTube, and other content delivery networks (CDNs).




Discovery Networks Denmark expands with EVS EVS working with equipment supplier Danmon Denmark, has installed new solutions to Discovery Network Denmark – the Danish branch of Discovery Networks International – to expand the EVS workflow already in place. Creating a more powerful and flexible live production workflow, the broadcaster has implemented a brand new XT3 live production server, Xedio CleanEdit and router control functionalities to the existing IPDirector PAM system. This has helped enhance the live studio production of the network’s various sports shows. With exclusive national broadcast rights to the Danish Super Liga and some of the biggest sporting properties in Europe, including the, English Premier League, Bundesliga, FA Cup football and content from Eurosport, Discovery Networks Denmark needs to have an easy to use, efficient and reliable solution to produce worldclass content for its audiences. The existing workflow solution consisted of an XT3 live production server, an IPDirector PAM content management suite with several clients, XTAccess gateway units

and Xsquare orchestration software. With the addition of another XT3, the new workflow enhances content management across the network and is integrated flawlessly with third party solutions like the Avid editing and Piero analytical systems.

tion processes throughout. The

As any XT3 input channel can be streamed to multiple destinations as growing files in real time, Discovery’s workflow enables more efficient resource management and avoids the production of multiple SDI recordings, saving both cost and resources.

was also incredibly important to the

Discovery is also able to use IPDirector for content and metadata management and logging after ingest. It manages the media lifecycle on the servers and shared storage and lets Discovery gain instant access to content for any production requirements.

improved the performance of our

The latest workflow expansion was undertaken in order to increase the production capacity of Discovery’s in-house facility, coping with the network’s growth. It has also further extended the internal 10Gigabit Ethernet connectivity infrastructure to allow the EVS solutions to speed up the produc-

exciting to install new technology in

scalability, flexibility and efficiency that the implementation of EVS solutions offered were key elements that benefit Discovery. The introduction of a SDI/IP hybrid workflow over the existing SDI only solution network. “Everything has been running smoothly from day one and the implementation of this new EVS equipment has significantly workflow,” said Michael Lind, technical manager, Discovery Networks Denmark. “The interconnectivity it has improved between the major elements of our workflow is a huge benefit to Discovery. It’s always such an important workflow like this and it’s a real pleasure to work with such extensively developed and well-designed technology as well as with dedicated and passionate professionals.”




Ampegon renews shortwave transmission systems in Algeria Ampegon has received a major contract by Télédiffusion d’Algérie (TDA) for development and installation of new shortwave transmission systems, enabling TDA to broadcast SW without purchasing airtime from third party vendors. Ampegon has been selected within a restricted international call to tender as supplier. The company had already successfully installed multiple projects in Algeria. In 2014, Ampegon in cooperation with Transradio replaced the 1.5 MW longwave transmission systems near Tipaza and is presently modernizing two mediumwave transmitter stations in Bechar and Oulet Fayed. Ampegon will accompany TDA through the entire project - developing turnkey solutions at the two sites including two 300 kW shortwave transmitters, two shortwave antenna systems and civil works. All the antenna works will be carried out by Ampegon in Schifferstadt, Germany, while the transmitters will be designed and constructed at the Ampegon factory in Turgi, Switzerland. The multi-million Euro project will be finished within two years at the end of 2016.

Com Hem unifies delivery of live linear and multiscreen TV Services with Elemental Elemental announced that Com Hem, a Swedish supplier of broadband and television services, has chosen Elemental softwaredefined video processing systems to support a flexible and scalable unified headend for delivering linear video across cable, IPTV and overthe-top TV networks. Com Hem broadband, television, and telephony services reach approximately 1.92 million households in Sweden including 625,000 digital TV subscribers. To drive more efficiencies and simplify its cable, IPTV and over-the-top (OTT) TV workflows, Com Hem has chosen to deploy Elemental software-defined video in a unified headend solution that supports both IP and SDI inputs. Elemental Live® systems are used to simultaneously process live H.264 DVB-C, RTP, and ABR streams for all Com Hem delivery networks. “Com Hem is committed to offering our customers the best available content and a high level of service,” said Henri Caddeo, CTO at Com Hem. “By consolidating our headend with Elemental we are able to meet this commitment across all of our networks and to all types of devices.” Only software-defined video solutions from Elemental can offer pay TV and linear TV providers alike complete control of the entire content delivery chain through unified infrastructure. Elemental’s flexible software enables content providers to quickly scale up and introduce new services and features. “We are very pleased that Com Hem has decided to deploy our

TMBi - 22

solution,” said John Nemeth, VP of sales, EMEA for Elemental. “Com Hem is an excellent example of how software-defined video solutions are transforming video processing and delivery architectures through unified headends.”

The Future of Video Becomes Reality with Elemental at IBC 2015 At IBC 2015 in Amsterdam (Hall 4, Stand 4.B80), Elemental will highlight a variety of live and file-based 4K and HEVC streaming applications, virtualized and cloud-based services, and linear video workflows featuring high-quality encoding integrated with statistical multiplexing and advanced system management. Elemental® Delta demonstrations highlight solutions for just-in-time packaging, ad insertion, DRM for multiscreen video distribution, liveto-linear VOD and time-shift capabilities, such as catch-up TV, startover TV, nPVR and delay TV. Additionally, Elemental will highlight the industry’s most advanced MPEG-DASH implementation, automatic provisioning of live channels in the cloud, CDN-independent ad insertion, “second-generation” 4K with high dynamic range (HDR) and workflows for better optimizing content monetization.




Thomson Video Networks demonstrates ViBE VS7000 Software Encoder on HP Moonshot Platform Thomson Video Networks announced an agreement with HP to develop a next-generation video delivery infrastructure based on the ViBEÂŽ VS7000 software integrated with an HP Moonshot system equipped with HP ProLiant m710 server cartridges. "HP has been an important collaborator for Thomson Video Networks' software-based solutions since 1996, and we've been pleased to work with HP on Xeonbased servers like the DL360/380 stand-alone servers and C7000 blade centers," said Stephane Cloirec, director of product management, Thomson Video Networks. "The ViBE VS7000 software running on Moonshot is a breakthrough showcase for our

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Intel Core i7 video transcoding technology. As HP's next-generation data center platform, Moonshot brings together massive compute performance and low power consumption. Its application-driven cartridge approach promises to fundamentally change data center architectures." The new, all-in-one solution combines the VS7000's video transcoding with other applications, such as back-office and CDN, running on different m710 cartridges in a single Moonshot chassis. By providing application-dedicated, low-power cartridges instead of traditional servers, the Moonshot system aims to drastically reduce the total cost of ownership.

"The collaboration between Thomson and HP comes at a time when the media and entertainment industry has high demand for rich media content and more robust cloud and Internet-based services. These requirements call for disruptive innovation from industry leaders," said Paul Santeler, vice president and general manager, Moonshot Business Unit, HP. "The agreement enables us to provide an all-in-one video delivery system based on Moonshot to pave the way for HP's next-generation video delivery infrastructure, allowing customers broadcast-grade video applications for the future."

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IBC is the biggest event in Europe for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide. In 2014, the event attracted more than 55,000 attendees from 170 countries around the world, more than 1,700 exhibitors of the world's key technology and suppliers showcased a debate-leading conference. Here´s a sample of what visitors will find in Amsterdam RAI 2015. TMBi - 27

AJA Video Systems

Every IBC AJA has several new product announcements, and this year will be no exception. AJA focus at IBC 2015 is delivering products and technologies related to streaming, video over ethernet and fiber-based infrastructure, and bridging HD pipelines into new UHD and 4K delivery needs. AJA will also be showing their CION

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camera, KONA and Io desktop devices, converters and much more. At a dynamic stand, AJA products will be shown in working configurations so attendees can get a real sense of how they work and perform. Since 1993, AJA Video has been a leading manufacturer of video interface and conversion solutions,

Stand 7.F11

bringing high-quality, cost-effective digital video products to the professional, broadcast and post-production markets. AJA products are designed and manufactured at their own facilities in Grass Valley, California, and sold through an extensive sales channel of resellers and systems integrators around the world.

AVT Audio Video Technologies

Stand 8.E76

AVT integrates Social Media in MAGIC THipPro Talkshow System AVT Audio Video Technologies has now integrated Social Media in the MAGIC THipPro Talkshow System. Radio and TV stations can display their Twitter account in the MAGIC THipPro’s user control interface. The operator in the studio can send or answer tweet messages, retweet message and also mark tweets e.g. for the Presenter to be read out during the ON AIR programme. It is also possible to search for certain topics on Twitter. As next step, Facebook will be implemented until end of 2015. The

TMBi - 30

MAGIC THipPro Screener Software functions as Social Media Server, but of course, the information can also be shown in the MAGIC THipPro LAN Software. With the new feature, listeners and viewers cannot only be integrated in the programme via telephone but also easily via Social Media. At the IBC Amsterdam, visitors can check out the MAGIC THipPro Telephone Hybrid at AVT’s stand E76 in hall 8. Further interesting news from AVT is the integration of the new MAGIC ACip3 IP Audio Codec into the con-

trol interface of MAGIC THipPro. In this way, only one user interface is needed for controlling both systems – in this way presenters in the studio can easily establish high-quality connections using the Audio Codecs located in the Master Control Room. Also on display at IBC are AVT’s DAB products which allow to build up a complete DAB/DAB+ Headend. The latest addition to the DAB product portfolio is the MAGIC TBR, a tunnel break-in rebroadcast system.

Blackmagic Design

At IBC 2015, Blackmagic Design will be showcasing its latest products designed to deliver Ultra HD 4K video content for the broadcast and live production markets. Following significant product announcements at NAB in April, Blackmagic Design will bring its new digital film camera models to the show, as well as demonstrate its full range of 12G-SDI 60p video production infrastructure. For post production professionals, there will also be full demonstrations of DaVinci Resolve 12 and Fusion Studio 8. Visitors to the Blackmagic Design booth will be able to take a closer look at three new camera models,

TMBi - 34

Stand 7.H20

the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera, Blackmagic URSA Mini and the Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K, as well as a new 4.6K sensor for the URSA and the Blackmagic Video Assist for external monitoring and recording.

Videohub 12G 40x40 video router, Teranex Mini converters and HyperDeck Studio 12G, a professional solid state disk based broadcast deck that can record SD, HD and Ultra HD up to 2160p60.

With Blackmagic Design’s new 12G-SDI 60p products, broadcasters can get the same high frame rates as are commonly found in HD formats, because these products have all been designed from the ground up to support Ultra HD up to 2160p60. The range on show at IBC includes: the ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K, the world’s first high frame rate Ultra HD 2160p60 switcher, the Smart

DaVinci Resolve 12 marks a major upgrade with over 80 new features for professional editing and colour grading, including a new modern interface, multi-cam editing, powerful new media management tools and an entirely new professional audio engine. Fusion 8, the world’s most advanced visual effects and motion graphics software will also be demonstrated on the booth.

Calrec Audio Fieldbox I/O Units and H2Hub Switch Point At IBC2015, Calrec will debut two compact aluminum expansion units, its new Fieldbox I/O range and H2Hub switch point, that can be used to expand and distribute a Hydra2 network. The new Fieldbox range of smallformat I/O units brings the advantages of Calrec's Hydra2 stagebox to rugged environments and areas in which rack space is at a premium. These 1U half-rack units are ideally suited for work in outside broadcast environments in which I/O must be spread over a large area, such as a golf course. Fieldboxes can be located and distributed exactly where they are needed using just two high-capacity network cables for full redundancy. This setup allows for significant savings on rigging time and cabling costs, and it also reduces cable storage and transport. To add even further distribution flexibility to a Hydra2 network,

Stand 8.C61a Calrec has also developed the H2Hub switch point. Using the same compact form factor as the Fieldbox, the H2Hub provides a hub or switch point for a Hydra2 network. A single connection from the router can then be switched via the H2Hub to multiple I/O units, or to multiple H2Hubs if further I/O distribution is required. The H2Hub's connection and distribution options make this solution ideal for forming ad hoc networks, especially when combined with Fieldboxes and other Calrec I/O infrastructure.

Hydra2 Interface With DiGiCo At IBC2015, Calrec will showcase the first technology release developed in conjunction with DiGiCo since the formation of the Audiotonix pro audio group in August 2014. DiGiCo consoles can now integrate onto the Hydra2 network via a Hydra2-enabled DiGiCo Multichannel Interface (DMI) card. DiGiCo's range of cards easily converts audio from one transport protocol to another and can be placed

in DiGiCo's "anything in, anything out" Orange Box, or directly into the back of the company's newest digital mixing console, the S21. Calrec is also talking to other manufacturers about incorporating this hardware into their broadcast equipment. In making this move, manufacturers can join the Hydra2 family exclusively and benefit from the management tools built into the world's most powerful proprietary audio networking system. "IBC is the ideal forum to introduce our innovative new products to a wider market. We first revealed these products at the 2015 NAB Show, and they were met with great enthusiasm from all who saw them. We expect a similar reaction this side of the Atlantic. Alongside the Fieldbox, H2Hub, and Hydra2 Interface card, we will launch some exciting new additions to our product range. We're not talking about them yet, but there will be more details in the run-up to the show." Dave Letson, VP of Sales, Calrec Audio.

TMBi - 35

DirectOut GmbH

Stand 8.E85

DirectOut and Merging announce interoperability of 256 channels via RAVENNA The advantages of audio networks have been well publicized and are easy to understand, but in a true professional working environment, the importance of moving large channel counts around the network with very low latency is of great importance. Just as important is the ability to integrate with legacy I/O formats that will continue to be in use for some time to come. RAVENNA is the ideal network protocol for delivering these solutions and DirectOut Technologies and Merging Technologies offer complementary and compatible products that offer full interoperability. More specifically, German pro audio connectivity specialists DirectOut and networked audio specialists Merging, are proud to announce high-performance interoperability of both their in-house developed RAVENNA cores. DirectOut’s MONTONE.42 supports low-latency streaming of 256 audio channels to and from Merging’s Pyramix Virtual Studio DAW. This high capacity and low latency fea-

TMBi - 36

ture demonstrates the full benefit of RAVENNA. Other RAVENNA-compliant devices such as Merging’s Horus and Hapi networked audio converters and DirectOut’s PRODUCER.COM can simply be added to the network to provide additional features and functionality. Merging will commence shipping of the new Pyramix 10 workstation at IBC 2015 whilst DirectOut is delighted to announce that MONTONE.42 is already shipping. The MADI (AES10) to Audio-over-IP bridge is based on RAVENNA audio networking technology and offers four MADI and two gigabit network ports for maximum versatility. In addition it is also fully AES67-compliant (the interoperability standard from AES) for seamless compatibility with other AoIP devices. MONTONE.42 offers both an AES67 profile for straightforward network integration and RAVENNA profiles for more demanding applications requiring high performance transmission at minimum latency. An integrated routing matrix and

remote control come as standard. Claudio Becker-Foss, Product Manager at DirectOut adds: “MONTONE.42 provides a reliable way to connect a big number of audio channels gathered from existing equipment with a high-performance audio workstation. Moreover, once all these channels are available in the network, it has never been easier to dynamically adjust the setup and provide signals wherever needed even while the production is already running.” “Merging has been demonstrating interoperability with DirectOut for some years now so it is really great to be able to exploit the full capability of RAVENNA,” commented Merging Technologies President, Claude Cellier. “We are excited that AES67 opens up the possibility of connecting to other network solutions as well as interfacing with MADI, AES/EBU, ADAT and SPDIF. It makes life so much easier for the operators.”

ELEMENTS | Syslink GmbH Share media files natively - in every SAN or NAS The majority of professional postproduction and broadcast facilities, sharing media files between the various workstations through a shared storage system in a heterogeneous SAN or NAS environment, are facing the same dilemma: sharing the files natively across all platforms is impossible when proprietary software and hardware applications, such as Avid, are involved. Implementing additional, rather complex media management tools or complicated workarounds like time-consuming data shuffling are inevitable to make the media files available for other applications.

being pressed for time, video professionals should not have to deal with “complicated”; instead simplicity and speed are of the essence.

Upgrade to simplicity – undreamed-of possibilities ELEMENTS, Germany-based developer of innovative and advanced technologies for the M&E industry, has managed to square the circle: sharing media files

Stand 3.A27 natively across all platforms and applications, even including those not supporting native media sharing, such as Avid Media Composer. By simulating an ISIS shared storage environment, ELEMENTS SAN/NAS solutions enable Avid clients connected to the shared storage to collaborate seamlessly – even on a StorNext®5 file system, rendering complicated workarounds and emulations obsolete. This con-

Considering the intricate and stressful workflows broadcast and post production facilities have to cope with every day, almost always

TMBi - 37

tributes to significantly simplified and streamlined workflow processes. Beyond providing high-performance media storage and server technology that bridges the gap between all applications, ELEMENTS is a novelty regarding simplicity and intuitive manageability. Designed for video professionals, as opposed to IT professionals, ELEMENTS’ server and storage solutions require virtually no IT skills, neither regarding the initial setup nor the ongoing maintenance.

The gateway to a truly shared file system – even in StorNext®FS or Xsan environments Besides their all-in-one shared storage and server solution, ELEMENTS ONE, ELEMENTS enables every post-production and broad-

TMBi - 38

cast facilities to share files natively: Adding ELEMENTS GATEWAY to any existing SAN or NAS storage, instantly enables virtually all nonlinear editing and VFX applications in every SAN/NAS environment to share not only media files but entire projects natively across the entire facility and across all platforms, regardless whether utilizing StorNextFS® or Xsan file system – Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and even Avid will read and write files natively to the shared storage.

More than just a gateway server ELEMENTS GATEWAY also incorporates a comprehensive set of field-proven web-based workflow management features, allowing taking ultimate control of the shared storage file system. ELEMENTS’ own Media Library can be enabled easily, providing a comprehensive media asset management with a

fully intuitive graphical user interface for professionally managing, presenting and sharing media assets, while providing extensive editing features that are remarkably easy to use, from anywhere and with every standard PC or MAC. The Media Library includes a rough-cut editor that is fully compatible to virtually every professional editing application available today, such as Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro and others, enabling operators to transfer entire projects seamlessly from the Media Library to any other editing application. The Media Library also fully supports Avid bin-locking and Avid Project Sharing, making sharing of entire projects easy and fast. Two or more ELEMENTS GATEWAY servers also work as a scalable and highavailability cluster service.

ENCO and Yellowtec

Stands 8.A45 and 8.A51

ENCO and Yellowtec Simplify Remote Newsgathering for Radio Broadcasters at IBC2015 ENCO announces a new partnership with Yellowtec that accelerates time to air for news content gathered in the field. At IBC2015 the two companies will unveil a remote newsgathering solution featuring ENCO’s iDAD mobile application and Yellowtec iXM recording microphones, giving reporters a highquality, handheld system to record, process and transfer audio files back to the studio. The collaborative workflow reduces equipment costs, eliminating the need to use expensive field recorders to gather interviews in the field. Additionally, reporters no longer need to use codecs to transport files back to the studio; or drive back to the station to deliver files for editing. Instead, reporters and sources speak into the iXM microphone, which incorporates auto leveling to ensure pristine-quality

recordings. ENCO’s iDAD app can connect wirelessly to the iXM’s internal WiFi storage device, allowing iDAD to directly access iXM recordings for editing and director transfer to a radio station’s DAD audio library. iDAD can also remotely control the ENCO DAD automation system at the studio. Users can download the latest iDAD mobile app for free in the Apple iOS App Store here. “The main purpose of this combined solution is to make life easier on the field journalist,” said Andy Mikkuta, sales director, Yellowtec. “The simplicity of the solution removes the technical burden of newsgathering from the equation. Reporters can have complete files back to the radio station within 10 minutes of an interview.” The iXM incorporates only two

large buttons (record and stop) and three light-up status icons, essentially canceling any learning curve for the reporter. As Yellowtec and ENCO are world-renowned for robust, high-end broadcast technology, users are assured a reliable, end-to-end networked solution from field to studio. “Radio stations and networks can now achieve both exceptional broadcast audio quality and the efficiencies of mobile connectivity in the same workflow – all while allowing journalists to fully concentrate on their main tasks of gathering and reporting the news,” said Ken Frommert, general manager, ENCO. ENCO and Yellowtec will both demonstrate the combined solution at their respective stands.

TMBi - 39


Stand 8.B20

Next-Generation TV and DAB Radio Exciter GatesAir will introduce its nextgeneration software-defined exciter for TV and DAB Radio broadcasters and network operators at IBC2015. Featuring unparalleled signal processing power, a smaller footprint and advanced IP capabilities, the new GatesAir Maxiva XTE exciter builds on the groundbreaking, previous-generation Maxiva M2X exciter with new efficiencies and improvements for future generations of digital broadcasting. Like the M2X exciter, the Maxiva XTE exciter is a GatesAir innovation developed by the company’s signal processing and modulation specialists. Offering market-leading efficiency and performance for broadcast network operators, the XTE further enhances signal correction to improve modulation error ratio (MER) and address other signal imperfections in over-the-air broadcasts. Delivered in a 1RU platform—half the size of its predecessor—the XTE incorporates a 300 percent increase in digital signal processing capability, along with a 1 GHz quad-core CPU featuring 20 times the horsepower. This ensures improved signal quality, throughput and IP networking capabilities for today’s leading DTV standards (and DAB Radio) and emerging broadcast opportunities, including LTE Mobile Offload and next-generation

TMBi - 40

TV standards like ATSC 3.0. Additionally, its software-defined design provides a field-upgradeable platform, ensuring broadcasters worldwide can quickly and seamlessly upgrade as standards evolve.

GatesAir Expands Intelligent IP Networking Portfolio Across Over-The-Air Radio Spectrum GatesAir is bringing its latest IP connectivity innovations for radio broadcasters to IBC2015. With new products and applications for robust, interoperable studio networking to multichannel distribution across large national transmitter networks, GatesAir’s continued advances in Audio over IP expand the possibilities of reliable audio contribution and distribution for over-the-air broadcasters.

High-Efficiency Liquid-Cooled Transmitters GatesAir will demonstrate the latest advances to its solid-state Flexiva™ radio and Maxiva™ TV and DAB Radio transmitters at IBC2015—including the international debut of the Flexiva FLX range of liquid-cooled transmitters for FM and digital radio broadcasters (HD Radio™, DRM+). Building on the foundation of the

award-winning Flexiva FM aircooled platform and leveraging advances first instituted in mediumto-high power Maxiva transmitters, the Flexiva FLX design incorporates a heat-to-liquid transfer that removes heat from the RF plant without excessive air conditioning, helping broadcasters cut monthly utility costs and establish a greener plant. The transfer itself cools the air in the RF plant, moving transmitter heat to the outside via a liquidto-air heat exchanger with redundant fan systems. In addition to low total cost of ownership over the long term, GatesAir’s high-efficiency PowerSmart® 3D transmitter architecture slims down the overall size and weight through a significant reduction in number of internal modules and power supplies. This exceptionally high power density significantly lowers operating costs for higher power, solid-state transmitters thanks to a much more energy efficient and compact design. Notably, the significantly fewer number of internal parts to manage also equates to minimal, single-engineer maintenance—a valuable benefit compared to tube transmitters.

Grass Valley a Belden Brand

New Playout Features in iTX 2.8 Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, is launching version 2.8 of its iTX Integrated Playout Platform at IBC 2015. This release further extends the functionality of iTX by removing yet more devices from the broadcast chain, reducing potential failure points and simplifying operation. Version 2.8 features two major developments—compressed IP input/output and full Softel subtitling/captioning functionality. “iTX is the world’s most advanced playout solution for broadcast television,” said Mike Cronk, senior vice president of strategic marketing, Grass Valley. “We’ve had great feedback from our customers on their evolving needs, and with version 2.8, we are adding critical functionality that will enhance its value even further. By adding standards-based IP inputs and outputs plus a complete subtitle and captioning capability built from our own Softel IPR, we are delivering new

TMBi - 42

operational models and workflows that make our customers more efficient.” With iTX 2.8, broadcasters can now migrate to video-over-IP, either directly or in an incremental manner using a hybrid IP/SDI system. This transition to IP can be performed without having to change playout hardware. The IP I/O is based on H.264/MPEG 2 compressed IP inputs and outputs, and is implemented on Appliance 2 servers without any additional hardware changes. The compressed IP I/O is available in addition to the existing SDI I/O, allowing a phased transition to IP, with some channels played out via IP outputs and some played out by SDI. The compressed IP inputs enable direct feeding of iTX via IRDs and content delivery devices, and the compressed IP outputs enable modern multiplexers or OTT services to be fed without a downstream encoder. Any playout facility looking to decrease the time to


deploy new services, while also reducing the cost to operate these services, is a prime candidate for iTX. The system includes content ingest and media management tools, providing a complete, unified playout workflow solution. The new Softel Inside option is a unique feature for iTX, as it represents the first time a fully featured subtitling/captioning system from a major subtitling/captioning vendor has been built into an integrated playout solution. The subtitling supports OP43/47/WST/EIA608/CEA708 and DVB via IP, offering up to 20 languages per channel. The subtitling/captioning provides seamless integration with caption files from other major vendors for streamlined subtitling/caption insertion workflows and in keeping with the iTX ethos of empowering operators. Subtitles and captions can be previewed at the desktop. iTX’s unified and streamlined workflows, from ingest to playout,

have enabled broadcasters to reduce their OPEX, typically by around 20 percent per annum. iTX Delivery Manager now supports a wider number of asset delivery partners, which automates ingest of media and metadata as well as saving time and improving accuracy by eliminating repetitive, manual ingest tasks. iTX workflows have been further strengthened with automation of file-based QC systems and automated transcoding for delivery across multiple platforms and devices.

news professionals with smaller budgets while delivering high functionality, including seamless integration of proxy editing and advanced workflow management.

“With iTX, facilities can continue to operate with SDI playout, and upgrade to video-over-IP playout when they choose, without requiring a hardware change,” added Cronk. “Alternatively, they can transition directly to a pure IP channel if that’s what they need.”

GV STRATUS is a modular video production and content management toolset, based on K2 media servers and storage, which embraces content ingest, editing, distribution, and archive and retrieval management, all tightly integrated via the MOS protocol with popular newsroom computer systems. Customers benefit from the efficiency of GV STRATUS through workflow automation, ease of use and scalability.

GV STRATUS News Bundles News production professionals are under increasing pressure to deliver more content in less time, making that content available onair, online or via other channels. GV STRATUS News Bundles from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, are designed to meet the needs of

“There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to news production,” noted Mike Cronk, senior vice president of strategic marketing, Grass Valley. “Our scalable approach with GV STRATUS for news production mirrors our commitment to making all of our solutions ‘Future Ready’—but at a reduced cost of entry.”

GV STRATUS stands out from the competition by bringing the full resources of the newsroom to the field so producers can get stories to air faster. With an extremely effi-

cient proxy workflow, users can mix and move low-resolution and highresolution assets—including socalled “wild files” from citizen journalists—across multiple sites, and perform full editing in the field with EDIUS XS, which is included as standard in both News Bundles. The two new GV STRATUS News Bundles comprise: - News Bundle Express—2x bidirectional I/O, 600 GB storage - News Bundle Pro—4x bidirectional I/O, 7.2 TB storage Each package—which supports up to 20 users/editors—is suitable for small newsrooms or other shared editing environments with smaller budgets. “The public expects fast access to breaking news, whether on a TV, computer or mobile device, so newsroom managers need tools that make it easy to tell better stories and get them out for distribution quickly,” concluded Cronk. “The two new GV STRATUS bundles directly address those needs.”

Imagine Communications

Stand 4.AMT

Imagine Communications Presents ImagineLIVE at IBC2015 ImagineLIVE will feature morning, afternoon and early evening sessions each day of the exhibition. The first-of-its-kind event at IBC will be hosted from the company’s booth and show floor in the newly constructed Amtrium at the RAI Amsterdam. Imagine Communications is the exclusive occupant of the Amtrium, located between the IBC Content Everywhere Hub Theater and Hall 4. “The media industry is confronted by disruption and opportunity at greater levels of intensity than ever before,” said Imagine Communications CEO Charlie Vogt. “ImagineLIVE at IBC2015 is the perfect venue for launching an interactive forum to amplify the voices and insights of the most influential visionaries in both the media industry and the broader technology ecosystem.” For most media companies, the transition to next-generation technologies, including software-defined networking, cloud and IP, will include operating a hybrid SDI-IP environments to preserve and extend today’s investment in baseband and provide a smooth onramp to an all-IP infrastructure. Imagine Communications is committed to enabling its customers’ hybrid environments, supporting open standards, creating compatible solutions and forging relationships with IT market leaders to simplify the convergence of the media and IT ecosystems. The ImagineLIVE agenda includes the following: - Friday, Sept. 11, 12:30-13:00.

TMBi - 44

Microsoft: Broadcast Operations in the Cloud using the Microsoft Azure Platform - Friday, Sept. 11, 17:00-17:30. Imagine Communications: The Business Case for Transitioning to IP: Let’s Talk Money - Saturday, Sept. 12, 10:00-10:30. Microsoft: Reliable and Scalable Online Video Solutions with Microsoft Azure Media Services - Saturday, Sept. 12, 12:30-13:00. Imagine Communications: Virtualized Master Control: Do More. Spend Less. - Saturday, Sept. 12, 17:00-17:30. HP: Media and IT in Action: Agility for a New Generation of Video Services - Sunday, Sept. 13, 10:00-10:30. Imagine Communications: Following the Money in an Omniplatform Advertising World - Sunday, Sept. 13, 12:30-13:00. HP: Cloud DVR: Key Considerations for a Successful Implementation - Sunday, Sept. 13, 17:00-17:30. IBM: The Media Industry Transformation —The Emerging Power of Data and Analytics for

Enhanced Audience Insight and Revenue Growth - Monday, Sept. 14, 10:00-10:30. Cisco: Innovate and Accelerate: Partnering to Drive a Seamless, Successful IP Transition - Monday, Sept. 14, 12:30-13:00. IBM: Storage Optimization in Cloud DVR: Disk, Flash, and Tape in a Single Video Grid Platform Visitors to the Imagine Communications booth will also have access to demonstrations of the latest innovations from the company’s networking, playout, distribution and advertising management solutions portfolio. In addition to ImagineLIVE, Imagine Communications CEO Charlie Vogt will be participating in the IABMhosted panel Where’s the Money in Broadcast and Media? on Friday, Sept. 11, starting at 8:00. Fellow panelists include speakers from Akamai, EVS, HP, IBM and Microsoft.

Company Delivers Live TV and Over-the-Top Streaming at IBC Imagine Communications announced it will once again be

scripting features of the Imagine Communications Zenium™ workflow platform to move metadata from the IBC TV production database into the VoD platform asset management system.

providing the encoding facilities for IBC TV, the news and information service produced on site at one of the largest international convention in the broadcasting industry. IBC TV delivers a 24-hour streaming service to all platforms throughout the event, as well as a video-ondemand (VoD) service. IBC TV features live interviews and debates, coverage of keynote addresses and other important events, and a large number of stories about key issues emerging from the exhibition and conference. The professional team of journalists and technicians works from a pro-

duction base on the show floor. Critical to the process is the ability to deliver content to all video consumption platforms in their native format using adaptive bitrate streaming. Imagine Communications has provided its SelenioFlex™ Live multi-screen encoding platform for IBC TV for many years, and will once more provide full support. As well as the live streaming, a key requirement is to make each news story, debate and live broadcast available as a video-on-demand asset as quickly as possible. The installation will use the advanced

“IBC TV is incredibly busy throughout the event, and we rely on specialist support partners to take ownership of their parts of the process,” said Sue Robinson, producer of IBC TV. “As our aspirations have grown, so has the help we get from Imagine Communications, ensuring our programming is available to every visitor to IBC, however they choose to watch us.” “This is a classic TV Everywhere operation, happening before the eyes of every visitor to IBC,” said Mathias Eckert, vice-president for EMEA at Imagine Communications. “Our technology fits seamlessly into the production workflow, live encoding for any device. It is great to be able to work with the fantastic team at IBC TV once more, and demonstrate the real practicalities of TV Everywhere.”

Imagine Products

Stand 7.G41

We’re All About the Workflow, Baby! Michelle Maddox – Marketing Director, Imagine Products From Acquisition to Archive, We’ve Got Your Back(Up!). Catchy tag line right? But what the heck does it mean? And why do you care? To understand the tag line I think you first have to understand the company. We are Imagine Products and have been developing software for the media and entertainment industry for over 25 years. We follow three simple rules when creating software applications; make it simple to use, make it powerful and make it affordable. You may have heard of Imagine Products, we created ShotPut Pro™, probably the most wellknown and most used offloading application available. ShotPut Pro was created 8 years ago for folks in the broadcast and entertainment industry. The idea behind it was to create an application that could facilitate moving video files from the camera card to the editing computer without losing any data or corrupting the files. That sounds easy right? It’s actually a more difficult task that most people thought. Many times Finder is used to help move files from camera cards to hard disks, which results in data loss. ShotPut Pro uses checksums to verify that what’s on the card is getting moved accurately to the computer and notifies the user immediately if there is a problem. Now, you’re probably thinking, well that’s all well and good but I thought we were talking about what the tag line meant! ShotPut Pro is the “acquisition” portion of it. It helps you acquire or ingest your clips, files or folders safely. That’s

TMBi - 46

the first part of the Imagine workflow. Let’s skip ahead to the archive portion. Wait! Don’t tune out yet. This part is probably the most important step in the Imagine workflow. I get that archiving is boring and time consuming. I get that it can be a pain, but have you ever lost any assets? Have you ever worked tirelessly on a project just to lose it because of a small computer or human error? If you haven’t, you’re lucky and should consider that you are living on borrowed time my friend. PreRoll Post™ is our LTFS archiving application (and obviously the portion of the tagline…. Archive!) PreRoll Post™ is an incredibly simple to use application that helps protect your files, clips and folders and creates long lasting and secure archives. It also uses checksums to verify that what’s coming in is the same thing as what’s going out. I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty of all the settings and features (there are many!) but I will tell you about one very cool feature. The Discovery Mode feature in PreRoll Post can’t be found in any other archiving application. Many people know that the Discovery Channel requires its contributors to

hand in deliverables on LTO5 tapes. That’s because the Discovery Channel recognizes that the LTFS archiving solution is the best out there and they are confident that their assets will be secure for years to come on LTO tapes. The Discovery Mode feature in PreRoll Post helps the users create LTO5 tapes with the exact metadata and format that the Discovery Channel requires. This saves the user time (and potentially money) because it ensures that the LTO5 tapes are done right the first time. Now maybe you’re reading this article and thinking this is all well and good but you haven’t told me about you’re new pride and joy. You haven’t even mentioned HD-VU2™ yet and that’s what I came here for! Well just hold your horses because I’m about to get there. HD-VU2™ is unlike any other viewer you have ever seen. Ready for this? HD-VU2 is a native file smart player that instantly views clips without transcoding them. I’m going to repeat that because its really important. It’s a native file smart player that instantly views clips without transcoding them. Looking for a catch? Maybe you think we only made HD-VU2 compatible with a few camera formats.

Well if you consider over 20 to be a few then you’d be right!

reviewed yet. How’s that for a quality check tool?

All of our applications are available

Not only is HD-VU2 compatible with Canon, Panasonic and GoPro it can also play the 4K & 6K frame based clips like Blackmagic’s CinemaDNG, the RED formats (Epic, Dragon, ONE and Scarlet) as well as Sony’s XAVC. Are you impressed? Good but I’m not done. HD-VU2 is designed to be a quality check tool while on set or in the field. To really get a good idea of what you’ve just captured you need to hear it as well as see it right? No problem, HD-VU2 syncs external audio automatically. Yeah I did say automatically. Want more? OK, with HD-VU2 you can apply a temporary LUT to the clip or an entire folder. And you can easily tell which clips you’ve already played (and how many times) and those you haven’t

So there you go, that’s three parts of our workflow from acquisition to archive. Are you in the mood for one more? How about a proxy generator that can also burn in timecode, LUTs or watermarks? ProxyMill™ is an automated video compressor application that can also up-res to ProRes for editing or compression.


So there you go, I’ve explained our tag line and maybe given you something to think about for your workflow. Do you want to see some of our awesome applications in action? Sounds good, we’d love to show them off to you! Swing by 7.G41 when you’re at IBC and we will be happy to show them to you. Can’t make it to IBC? That’s ok too.

and like the play on words, I think

for a free download demo on our We also created some handy dandy tutorials on our YouTube channel for all of our applications. Wait! I forgot about the “We’ve Got Your Back(Up!).” What can I say, we’ve got a sense of humor you can take it from there! Come and see us in Amsterdam at IBC, have a bounce on our big blue balls (they’re yoga balls people, get your minds out of the gutter!) and let us help you keep your assets safe and secure with our workflow solutions.

Jünger Audio

Jünger Audio Unveils Audio Monitoring and Authoring Tools For Immersive 3D Audio at IBC 2015 Jünger Audio will use the IBC 2015 platform to show a prototype audio monitoring solution that will allow broadcasters to check the quality of all immersive audio transmissions, regardless of format. It will also help maintain compliance with existing loudness regulations, while avoiding the known processing artifacts of traditional loudness control approaches. The hardwarebased product will offer a future platform to host all the emerging immersive 3D audio encoding formats from different vendors, including MPEG-H TV audio system and Dolby's immersive audio system. "Building on our long-term experience of designing and manufacturing dedicated audio processing products for digital TV production, we are actively engaged in developing this multichannel immersive audio monitoring processor ready for the next generation audio for TV broadcast," says Peter Poers, Jünger Audio's Managing Director. "We envisage that this solution will be deployed not just in production and post-production, but at all stages of the audio workflow where programs running future immersive

TMBi - 48

Stand 10.A49

audio standards need to be controlled or monitored effectively." Comprising of a combination of hardware containing I/O, decoding stage, monitoring functionality, audio control software and an advanced user interface, the unit allows for monitoring and auditioning of up to 16 channels of audio. All metadata including dynamic description of included objects for 3D projection, or personalisation of audio services can be handled and controlled. A variety of physical input and output formats will be offered including SDI, MADI and AoIP. For object based encoded content, the graphical interface allows the user to perform 3D panning for audio objects to move and pan them around the screen, along with controlling the level. There is also the option of the personalization of services through the selection of alternative audio objects such as commentator languages. "Our solution is truly agnostic in terms of encoding format," Poers adds. "It will be positioned between the mixing console and the transmission chain and at any point where real audio must be monitored again. At the push of a button, users will be able to configure it to work with any codec on the market."

At IBC 2015, Jünger Audio will show its audio monitoring system working with the Fraunhofer IIS MPEG-H TV Audio System. The seamless integration of Jünger Audio's loudness control features into MPEG-H means that broadcasters can easily identify content that has already been processed or levelled for loudness control and content that hasn't, thus enabling them to avoid multiple levelling passes that can affect the overall quality of the audio. Robert Bleidt, Division General Manager at Fraunhofer USA, says "We are excited to work with Jünger Audio on this product as it will enable broadcasters to offer better audio quality while satisfying their viewer’s desire for consistent loudness. It is an example of how working with an open standard such as MPEG-H allows rapid innovation. One application we see for this is control of loudness at network affiliates. The network signal may be levelled prior to distribution, and not touched by the Jünger Audio processing. Only the local ads and programming inserted by the affiliate will be processed, preventing double compression of the audio."


LiveU will present its full range of broadcast video devices and workflow solutions at IBC2015, including: - LiveU’s award-winning portable transmission units, LiveU’s small form-factor LU200 and LU500 lightweight backpack – as used by Sky News for its “ambitious and wide-ranging” UK General Election coverage; - LiveU Central, cloud-based management and video distribution

TMBi - 50

Stand 3.B62

system, enabling fleets of units to be centrally controlled using geolocation capabilities; - LiveU MultiPoint, internal and cross-organizational professional video distribution service, enabling the sharing of high-quality live video between multiple broadcast facilities over the public Internet; - Strategic collaboration with Panasonic, end-to-end solution connecting Panasonic cameras

with the LiveU Central management platform; - LU-Smart mobile app, bringing bonded transmission to mobile phones & tablets. LiveU will be making important additional product announcements in the run-up to IBC and will showcase these new developments at the show.


Stand 8.C49

Learn more at NT Series Low Power Digital UHF TV Transmitters The NT Series is Nautel’s awardwinning line of low-power digital UHF TV transmitters in power levels of 150 W, 250 W, 500 W and 1 kW. This new line of low-power UHF transmitters combines an advanced modulator, amplifier, remote control, adaptive pre-correction all in a compact enclosure. An ideal platform for low-power TV broadcasting, retransmission or gap-filler applications, the NT Series is backed by Nautel’s renowned worldwide support. COMPACT DESIGN WITH BUILT-IN FILTER – The NT Series packs a lot in a small package with its built-in modulator and even a mask filter in the NT150 and NT250. Equally important is its clean design that permits easy access to all components for simplified maintenance and fast repair time. HIGH PERFORMANCE MODULATOR – The NT Series transmitters utilize one of the most advanced modulators available today. This software defined modulator provides options to upgrade the exciter to meet changing standards without replacing hardware.

transmission standards including DVB-T, DVB-T2, ATSC, and ISDBTb. EFFICIENT – The NT500 and NT1 use OPTIPOWER®, a marketleading enhanced adaptive precorrection technology for maximum optimization of transmitter power efficiency and/or transmitter MER performance. Optipower is available as an option on NT150 and NT250 transmitters. SEAMLESS INPUT SWITCHING – The NT Series allow the widest possible range of inputs. In addition the AUI provides the ability to monitor and switch these inputs remotely. Inputs offered include:: ASI; SMPTE-310M; TSoIP (Gigabit Ethernet); and, Optional Receiver Input (ATSC). SNMP SUPPORT - NT Series transmitters also support Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), a network protocol that allows network management systems or a network operations center (NOC) to monitor networkattached NT Series transmitters. AWARD WINNING ADVANCED USER INTERFACE (AUI) - In addition to a front panel LCD that offers quick control of key functions, the

NT Series supports Nautel’s renowned, award-winning Advanced User Interface (AUI). An extensive array of parameters is available in real time at your fingertips. Imagine knowing in advance what parts and tools you’ll need at the transmitter site. Having that much control remotely can help you avoid trips, save time and save money. Advanced control features include: - RF and audio spectrum analyzers - Comprehensive monitoring and control - Extensive logging of all events - Email notifications REAL TIME BUILT-IN INSTRUMENTATION - NT Series transmitters include built-in instrumentation that would cost tens of thousands of dollars if purchased separately. Spectrum views are standard on the NT500 and NT1, and optional on the NT150 and NT250. 100% REMOTE ACCESS - No matter where you are, you’re only moments away from ensuring your NT Series transmitter is operating optimally. Open a web browser, enter your transmitter’s IP address and password and you’re connect-

OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE / ADAPTIVE PRE-CORRECTION - Sophisticated linear and non-linear adaptive pre-correction ensures outstanding spectral compliance and the highest standard of digital transmission performance. BROAD TV STANDARDS SUPPORT - Designed to meet the needs of broadcasters worldwide, the NT Series supports major digital

TMBi - 51

ed. 100% of the local NT Series AUI functionality is available on any web-enabled device. FLEXIBILITY - The NT Series is designed for quick and easy deployment. Simple air-cooling and an efficient 185-264 Vac switching power supply make it a suitable match for all facilities. Optional rebroadcasting and main/alternate standby configurations can be selected to address your specific transmission needs. RELIABILITY – Nautel has built its reputation on rock-solid, on-air reliability. The NT Series shares that heritage by way of a conservative design to produce as much as 50% more than its rated power.

TMBi - 52

WORLD CLASS SUPPORT – Nautel equipment is known for its on-air dependability and exceptionally long life. Nautel has never discontinued support on any product it has introduced, underlining our commitment to broadcasters. Our seasoned 24/365 support team and extensive parts inventories will be ready to serve customers worldwide. Our unique approach to customer service lets you know you are working with a trusted partner. Whether it’s tomorrow or 20 years from now, we will be there with the support you need when you need it most. 4-YEAR WARRANTY – Underlining the confidence Nautel

has in its products, we provide one of the industry’s longest warrantees at four years. NAUTEL PHONE HOME – Nautel’s award-winning diagnostic tool Phone Home is more than just a remote alarm system; it is a virtual watch dog that continuously monitors and logs all parameters of your transmitter, diagnosing problems sometimes before they can affect transmitter performance. Nautel Phone Home means faster evaluation and recognition of problems at the transmitter site, fewer site visits and less off-air time. All of this results in real savings for the broadcaster.


Satellite operators and service providers stopping by Newtec’s IBC2015 booth will learn how they can adapt to the trends currently shaping the industry, including HTS and multiservice, and prepare for the future, while reducing OPEX and CAPEX. Making its IBC debut will be Newtec Dialog 1.2, an updated version of the multiservice platform which guarantees optimal modulation and bandwidth allocation, whether it is being used for broadcast, enterprise, mobility or HTS networks. Newtec’s engineers have achieved this by inventing MxDMA™, a new return link technology. It combines the best features of MF-TDMA and SCPC technologies

Stand 1.A49

to enable services to run more efficiently than ever before over satellite, while still providing the option to have the platform also run in either SCPC or MF-TDMA. Demonstrations of Newtec Dialog and its use within the different markets will take place throughout IBC at Newtec’s booth A49, in hall 1. Also on-show will be the Newtec MCX7000 Multi-Carrier Satellite Gateway – a new dense DVB-S2X multi-carrier satellite gateway for efficient distribution and contribution broadcast applications. Offering significant OPEX and CAPEX savings, thanks to its multicarrier processing capabilities, and equipped with multistream and Newtec’s Clean Channel

Technology®, the MCX7000 increases bandwidth efficiency by up to 51%. It is compatible with Newtec Dialog and features Newtec’s linear and non-linear predistortion technology Equalink® 3, which can insert up to 15% more channels in a DTH carrier. Finally, delegates will be able to view the MDM6000 R3.1, which incorporates Newtec’s Bandwidth Cancellation (BWC) technology that allows to transmit two carriers in an overlay fashion and which provides record-breaking spectral efficiencies and throughputs.

TMBi - 53


Stream-Circle to premiere at IBC Text written by Josef Vasica, CEO, PROVYS This IBC, Provys are launching Stream-Circle, a pioneering software solution designed to bring together video, graphic and social content for the ultimate streaming experience. Stream-Circle is a cloud service for companies or organisations to broadcast video content online in a scheduled manner. This perfect and inexpensive solution allows TV operators to increase the number of channels, corporations to run their own TV, or store chains to deliver advertisements from one point. It greatly helps film distributors, universities, sport clubs, associations, churches or unions to communicate more effectively with their audience. This pioneering concept consists of the following components: full HD capable video playout and CG automation engine (video stream

TMBi - 54


composition), video, CG and socialcast planning (play-list editing), content management, internet media streaming, internet social media casting (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), and web browser based control application. Solution users have secure access to their content uploaded in the cloud storage, and to their on line CG playout schedules and playout control. StreamCircle is a smart add-on to standard streaming and VOD services such as YouTube where the viewers actively search and play the content. The Stream-Circle service builds on top of this concept and gives operators control of what will be presented and when to be seen by the viewers. It combines traditional linear broadcast planning with Internet delivery at an extremely low cost.

scape. I do not mean just forecasting the future needs of the media industry but rather recognising everyone who joins the industry food-chain, including all the masses of entertained consumers. Who else but you in Provys, or any other broadcast management system developer should know? I hear you ask. Oh yes, we control statistics evaluation; we gather and analyse all as-run-logs; outputs from people-meters and other market research data. But are we able to recognise where the market is really heading?

In our daily endeavour to develop more and more sophisticated software for the broadcasters, we sometimes have to stop and think about the reality behind the scenes of our daily visible business land-

The broadcasting industry still enjoys masses of viewers who “want to get entertained� in the original passive TV way, i.e. by precisely scheduled programmes served to taste in accordance with the pub-

The IT industry has a clear answer: the TV industry is just at the end of its life; the younger generations do not use television sets any more; they watch recorded programmes when they want on their computers or handheld devices.

lished menus. But there is a catch: modern broadcast technology allows the launch of many more channels than ever before but the advertising revenues crumble into smaller and smaller pieces. So the broadcasters create more channels, and of course, holding a huge amount of content, they also wish to hit the tubeless people and compensate for the shrinking earnings by sharing incomes from the ever growing internet advertising sector. For a moment, let’s forget the older generation watching TV as the main source of home entertainment. Today, the computer-literate generations, including the youngsters, are much busier than their predecessors. They get home in the evenings and for them, theoretically, an endless choice of enter-

tainment is available, because the amount of content online today is unprecedentedly huge and is still growing exponentially. But in all honesty, who from this active generation would schedule the evening sequence of videos whilst preparing dinner? The most usual requirement from these people would be to simply select a genre and get passively entertained. Or maybe, just to turn on some favourite audiovisual background to relieve the stress of the day. Our experience indicates that there is a clear gap in the market to be filled with a range of scheduled channels streamed via internet in a linear manner. This is why we have developed and launched a new cloud-based service named Stream-Circle for broadcasters or

any other organisations that need to cast their media content or live video enriched by graphics and social media messages into the internet, while keeping control over the content composition, timing, and delivery. Stream-Circle is a smart add-on to standard streaming and VOD services such as YouTube where the viewers have to actively search in order to play the content. The Stream-Circle service builds on top of this concept and gives users control over what will be presented and when to the viewers. It combines traditional linear broadcast planning (where we have strong expertise) with internet delivery at a very low cost.


Stand 8.A09

Qligent Integrates Multichannel Visualization into Cloud-Based Monitoring and Analysis Platform Qligent last year introduced its unique approach to multiplatform TV monitoring to IBC audiences, utilizing a cloud-based approach to analyze performance and troubleshoot issues across multiple locations – using a single, centralized dashboard from each seat. This year, the QoS/QoE specialist has developed a new multichannel visualization application for its flagship Vision platform. The new application extends the depth of Qligent’s flexible multisite monitoring and analysis capability, offering a highly dense and intuitive way to monitor the health and status of many channels on a single screen.

TMBi - 56

Vision is Qligent’s enterprise-level system for monitoring broadcast and media quality through the entire delivery chain. It can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud or via Qligent’s Oversight managed service, the broadcast industry’s first true monitoring-as-a-service (MaaS). Oversight delivers the same benefits of Vision but reallocates the tactical day-to-day monitoring, analysis and troubleshooting responsibilities from in-house staff to outside experts. Qligent’s unique spin on multichannel visualization helps engineers connect the dots when problems arise through a simple three-

step workflow. Using Qligent’s customized video widgets (Vidgets), users can combine any monitoring parameters to quickly visualize performance issues that matter most to the user, determine impact on the viewer and drill down to the root of the problem. This simple manner of correlating a variety of data with quality and performance issues allows operators to quickly filter, sort and collect evidence across multiple channels, programs and their associated delivery platforms (terrestrial, cable, satellite and IPTV). “Our enhanced multichannel visualization tools allows broadcasters

of real problems whether they use Vision in-house or our MaaS model.” Beyond offering an overall status view, the new multichannel visualization application crosses Qligent’s two major monitoring dimensions: Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS). The QoE dimension provides visualization of all audio and video streams (and associated data), giving users clear insight into current and historic performance of all channels across each delivery platform. The QoS dimension allows users to objectively measure transport and physical layers to ensure standards are being met (legally, contractually and performance-wise). Correlating and network operators to create their own KPIs (key performance indicators) and manage by exception, with true clarity on the scope and impact of the problem,” said

Ted Korte, COO, Qligent. “With broadcasters forced to do more with less, we are preventing our customers from chasing ghosts and helping them quickly get to the root

and analyzing data across both QoE and QoS dimensions quickly answers the question, “Did my viewers see this problem?”


Stand 8.A26


Many producers, content managers and broadcasters have already been able to test the outstanding characteristics of QUALES, new sales in Hong Kong, UK or Spain during the last weeks are true reflection of how QUALES is strongly and firmly entering the QC market.

- New Playback functionalities - QUALES QC as cloud service Participating at IBC 2015, QUALES expects to expand even more its distribution network, reaching the 5 continents and key countries, achieving world’s implementation and becoming key integrator in more than 5 MAM providers.

QUALES has successfully settled down at the international market, covering more than 50 countries by multiple resellers. Having achieved Top 4 brand positioning at the sector, QUALES will be showcasing the latest features and applications at IBC 2015, and will show how seamlessly and straightforward QUALES can be integrated in any workflow. Come over and learn how QUALES can use triggers. Some of the new features will include: - Available Integrations in third party MAMs

TMBi - 58

New analysis features

QUALES will be exhibiting at booth 8.A26 and through our resellers from NyeTec at booth 2.C31 and Media-Alliance at booth 8.B71.

- New, exciting, more visual Project Configuration layout - New file management tools

QUALES software can be evaluated for free by end users, distributors, or OEMs either using the online demo available at or sending demo download requests to

Quantel and Snell

Stand 7.G20

New brand, new vision, new developments Quantel and Snell will be out in force at IBC 2015 with a new stand, a new brand and a new vision, all of which will be unveiled when the show opens. We are also showing major developments across the product range, all dedicated to helping our customers succeed. New developments on show include: - A suite of technologies and solutions to enable broadcasters and media organizations to transition to IP and 4K infrastructures. - Virtualized media workflow management and delivery, enabling the Software-Defined Channel. - Unique technology that enables intelligent monitoring across the media production chain to provide joined-up, error free content delivery to multiple platforms. - Support for next-generation display technology with HDR production systems. “IBC 2015 marks the beginning of a genuinely exciting new era for the company,” said Tim Thorsteinson, Quantel and Snell CEO. “In the five months since NAB, we have radically overhauled and brought together every aspect of the two businesses to create a new company with a unique mix of experience and energy. We have embarked on a visionary development roadmap that will enable our customers to transition their business models at a rate which suits them, providing certainty in this time of unprecedented change. The first fruits of our new direction are on show at IBC, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with our customers.”

TMBi - 60

Riedel Communications MediorNet MicroN Being showcased at IBC2015, MicroN is an 80G media distribution network device for the company's MediorNet line of media transport and management solutions. Working seamlessly with the MediorNet MetroN core fiber router, MicroN is a high-density signal interface with a complete array of audio, video, and data inputs and outputs, including 24 SD/HD/3GSDI I/Os, two MADI optical digital audio ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port, two sync reference I/Os, and eight 10G SFP+ high-speed ports at a very competitive price point. MicroN offers routing and processing capabilities that can be tailored economically for productions of all sizes and complexity. A single unit serves as a stand-alone point-topoint router and processor while multiple interconnected units support scalable decentralized video routing.

New Smartpanel Apps At IBC2015, Riedel will feature the RSP-2318 Smartpanel.

Stand 10.A31

Smartpanel offers features capabilities that will enrich the user experience and change the way broadcasters and A/V professionals communicate. As the world's first control panel designed to serve as a powerful multifunctional user interface, the Riedel device boasts a unique feature set that includes three high-resolution, sunlight-readable, multitouch color displays; premium-quality stereo audio; a multilingual character set; and 18 keys in just 1 RU. These features make Riedel's new Smartpanel a powerful user interface that can be further expanded through the use of apps.

headset. All three units can be

Three apps are available offering different levels of functionality. With the "BASIC" app, users have 12 intercom keys and connectivity to RAVENNA/AES67 or AVB. The "PLUS" app also has 12 intercom keys and adds an analog audio port for 4-wire integration and three GPI/Os. The "PRO" app has 18 intercom keys and two analog audio ports for 4-wire integration, three GPI/Os, and the ability to connect an independent second

media distribution device that can

expanded via an integrated options slot and are ready for add-ons as well as additional intercom and non-intercom apps. Riedel's intercom app can be quickly and easily upgraded to the desired edition, without changing any hardware components. "At IBC2015 we will showcase our newest addition to the MediorNet line of real-time signal networks, the MicroN. This 1 RU box is a powerful and flexible 80G be used in several different ways to create unique signal topographies and simplify signal transport like never before. We will also demonstrate the new apps that are available for the stunning Smartpanel. We hope to see you in Amsterdam in September." Thomas Riedel, CEO, Riedel Communications.

TMBi - 61

Screen Subtitling Systems

Stand 1.C49

Virtual Machine, BYOD & Rental Options Announced for Screen’s Premium Subtitling Solution in time for IBC Screen Subtitling Systems has announced that they have released their world-renowned subtitle transmission system Polistream as Virtual Machine, Bring-Your-OwnDevice and OPEX Rental options to better meet market demand. Screen’s Polistream Black system has remained a mainstay solution in broadcast as a premium subtitle delivery system since its launch. Revolutionising the company’s popular Blue system, Black employs an energy efficient universal 1U unit and an array of software modules and internal cards to satisfy the customer’s requirements. Gary Glover, Screen’s Acting MD said: “Polistream is still considered to be a superior product in the market in terms of quality of output, its reliability and the flexibility it offers but we have had to consider the way the solution is supplied to accommodate the radically changing ways our customers now operate.” Following a period of customer consultation Screen expressed they had learned that the presence of additional hardware on-site, in this case in the shape of their 1U Polistream unit was becoming a sticking point with some customers. “We’ve had no doubt for years this was going to be the case at some point, but we wanted the time to be right to release the extended options.”: said Glover. Both Screen’s new Virtual Machine and Bring-Your-OwnDevice options, the latter allowing customers to run Polistream on their own server, offer a solution to

TMBi - 62

IP based systems for DVB playout, transcoding and retiming of subtitles. Glover added: “Besides the VM and BYOD options we’ve responded to customers who have expressed a desire to use Polistream for increasing numbers of shorter-term projects but found the capital expenditure outlay to be

an obstacle.” “In response to that, we’re delighted to now offer an option to rent a full system from us.” The company is inviting attendees to visit them at IBC to talk through the options available to them.

Sennheiser Sennheiser and Neumann broadcast equipment in four ‘audio worlds’ Four distinctive audio worlds await visitors at the joint Sennheiser and Neumann IBC stand in Hall 8 (#D50). Visitors can experience ‘ENG world’ where Sennheiser will preview a brandnew wireless product, a typical radio station environment, a TV broadcast studio and a dedicated sports broadcasting set-up: four showcases that together provide a complete overview of the two audio companies’ tailor-made solutions.

Stand 8.D50 cooperation with A/D conversion specialists Apogee Electronics.

Radio Station A typical radio station set-up helps to demo Neumann’s most successful microphones for this environment: the BCM 104, TLM 102 and TLM 107, with the classic U 87 as an additional heritage exhibit. Sennheiser HD 26 Pro and HD 650 headphones and Neumann KH 120 monitor speakers as well as a Neumann KH 810 subwoofer round off the studio recreation.

TV Broadcast Studio Electronic News Gathering ENG world will show the full scope of typical electronic newsgathering situations, from high-end broadcasting teams to small video crews and ‘one-man shows’. For expert broadcasting teams, wireless microphone systems for camera use from Sennheiser’s 5000, 3000 and 2000 series will be on show. “For this segment, we will be previewing a stunning new wireless product at IBC,” said Anders Laybourn, Marketing Manager, Sennheiser Broadcast & Media. Small production teams will find Sennheiser’s AVX digital wireless systems an ideal choice. Launched earlier this year at NAB, the new systems have convinced users across the globe with their strikingly compact plug-on receiver, exceptional ease of use and fast set-up. For mobile journalism, Sennheiser will showcase its most portable ENG audio solutions: the ClipMic digital and MKE 2 digital clip-on microphones which connect directly to iPhone®, iPad® or iPod® touch devices, turning them into an ENG tool that is always at hand. The clip-on mics were developed in

was recently launched at InfoComm in June.

Sports Broadcasting “Sports broadcasting is an area that drives many innovations in the broadcasting segment, therefore it is given a special focus within our IBC presence,” explained Anders Laybourn. The highlight will be Esfera, Sennheiser’s surround sound system which creates a fullyfledged 5.1 sound from a two-channel signal. Mounted onto a camera or installed in a stadium, the com-

A typical TV talkshow ‘studio’ and control room serve to showcase the highest-quality Sennheiser and Neumann broadcast equipment, from Digital 9000, Sennheiser’s ultimate digital wireless system, to Neumann KH 310 monitor speakers. Also on show are wired microphones for studio use, such as the table-top Sennheiser MKH 8050 and ME 36 models as well as Neumann KM 185, and Sennheiser broadcast headsets. For presenters, the studio environment features the classic MKE 40 clip-on mic and the new Headmic 1, which

pact Esfera microphone can be operated just like any rugged stereo microphone – whose sound can then be converted to 5.1 at any point in the workflow. “The system is very much comparable to the human ears and brain,” explained Laybourn. “Esfera ‘hears’ through two microphones, and its separate processing unit turns the mic sound into a surround image, very much like our brain does with the sounds the ears pick up.”

TMBi - 63

Brainstorm Multimedia at IBC 2015 (Stand 7.K31) The revolution in virtual studios and 3D graphic solutions This year Infinity Set 2.0 will be the main attraction enhanced by an 8 square metre green screen theatre where eye-catching presentations will be given every 20 minutes. Top of the list of ‘must see’ features is the TeleTransporter, Brainstorm’s revolutionary ‘virtual

Bluebell Opticom (Stand 10.F24) BN385 Stand-Alone Remote Robotic Camera Interface With Dual Ethernet Ports At IBC2015, Bluebell will introduce the BN385 remote robotic camera interface. The BN385 features two 3G-SDI paths from the camera position with an optional genlock return, plus a dual-port GigE link on two monomode fibres with optional single-fibre operation. TDM750 HD-SDI Module With Ethernet Fibre Interface Also making its debut at IBC2015 is the TDM750, a rack-mounted module for single-direction transport of HDSDI and 100BaseT Ethernet signals. BC364 Wavelength Management System With Remote Monitoring First demonstrated at the 2015 NAB Show and now available for shipping, the BC364 multiformat interface takes in multiple optical signals and retransmits them at wavelengths that can be inserted into a CWDM mux.

TMBi - 64

traveler’ function giving users the unique ability to perform real-time insertions of live characters in a live event happening at a remote location. Equally impressive is Brainstorm’s patented TrackFree technology, with the capability to detect the exact location of the presenter and ensure the correct positioning of the talent within the 3D scene. In effect TrackFree is a camera tracking independent technology which combines in a single virtual camera the precision and higher quality of the most complex real camera tracking systems with the flexibility, freedom and ease of use of modern trackless systems such as Brainstorm’s Lite version of the Infinity Set. The patented 3D Presenter is unique in its ability to generate a true 3D representation of the live presenter and as such can now cast virtual shadows and reflections over other real and 3D objects within the virtual environment, greatly enhancing the realism of the program content. Aston 3D, Brainstorm’s cuttingedge real-time 3D graphics creation, CG and playout solution, continues to evolve with the release of version 1.4.2 with its three different configurations: Aston 3D, Aston

3D Lite and Aston 2D. Aston 3D has now evolved into a family of products, covering a wide range of broadcast needs. Celebrating 40 years since the first Astons were launched, the current generation of products represents the most powerful and versatile 2D and 3D graphics solutions available on the market today. Brainstorm’s family range of products will be completed with the demonstration of BrainNews, a sophisticated MOS-compatible onair graphics control system that enables News departments to access and integrate Brainstorm’s 3D graphics into their workflow without the need for continuous input from the graphics department. Continuing with its policy of collaboration and partnership with other leading manufacturers, Brainstorm Multimedia will be hosting NewTek on the booth and showcasing the integration of Brainstorm’s graphics and virtual studio applications within the TriCaster workflow. Also, on the Signum booth 7.D31 Infinity Set will make use of core features such as TeleTransporter to enhance the presentation of Signum’s Super Slow Motion Server, VisionFactory.

Adder Technology (Stand 7.C30) Adder Technology will showcase its very latest fully-redundant high performance broadcast KVM solutions. This includes redundant network operations, redundant and centralised power solutions, and a redundant management server solution. Taking centre stage will be the launch of the AdderView DDX30, Adder’s latest innovation in high performance KVM. The DDX matrix is compact, has a choice of DVI and DisplayPort transmitters, and provides beyond HD resolution (up to 1920x1200) at 60FPS. With extension distances of up to 60

meters, via the switch, over a single standard CATx cable. It also features transparent EDID management, full-speed USB, and an intuitive GUI with thumbnail displays of computer sources.

of a button. The end result being

Another advantage of the DDX30, is its rock-solid performance in the field. More traditional KVM solutions needed to be configured, patched or customised for different tasks, whereas this unique KVM matrix includes 30 ports which can be shared and flexibly scaled between users and computers, allowing users to simply program pre-set configurations at the touch

designed the new AdderView

that multiple users can use presets to easily switch between multiple computer sources. “The key focus when we DDX30, was to make sure that our customers’ voices were heard,” said Jamie Shepperd, Group Marketing Manager, and Adder Technology. “This digital matrix product provides a pixel perfect, lossless matrix solution for discreet workgroups.”

Quantum Corporation (Stand 7.B26)

Livewire Digital Ltd (Stand 2.C27) NetCaster® live to the producer

StorNext 5 Workflow Storage Platform During IBC2015, Quantum will showcase its StorNext 5 shared storage architecture, which includes high-performance online storage, extended online storage and tape- and cloud-based archives. The company also will highlight StorNext Connect, a management and monitoring console that provides an at-a-glance dashboard of the entire StorNext® environment. StorNext 5 is the next-generation workflow storage platform designed by Quantum to support content production, distribution and archive with the performance and reliability operations need to meet extreme production and delivery deadlines. It provides a unique combination of the fastest collaborative file-streaming performance in the industry and integrated intelligence to put the right data in the right place at the right time for maximum efficiency and the lowest possible cost. StorNext 5 achieves this by automatically moving data across differ-

TMBi - 66

ent storage technologies while maintaining full control of the data. Because it has been engineered from the ground up to deliver superior performance in high-resolution, collaborative post and broadcast workflows, this end-to-end solution can both simplify and accelerate monetization of content in digital libraries. NEW at IBC: Q-Cloud™ Archive Quantum Q-Cloud Archive extends StorNext workflow capabilities to the cloud, allowing end-toend StorNext environments to leverage cloud storage fully with no additional hardware, separate applications or programming while maintaining full compatibility with existing software applications. Q-Cloud Archive adds flexible, safe and secure off-site cloud archiving of valuable content to StorNext workflows. Users buy only the capacity they need and only as they need it, keeping assets archived long-term for re-monetization or simply as an off-site asset pool.

Livewire Digital will be showcasing at IBC new versions of its M-Link Live X and M-Link NewsCaster portable HD and SD newsgathering solutions for deployment by a single reporter. Designed to support live video over IP circuits such as 3G/4G, Inmarsat’s BGAN and other portable satellite systems such as Kaband/VSAT and Thuraya-IP, M-Link Live-X now comes with integrated RazorLink™ technology enabling users to transmit high quality low latency video over bonded links such as multiple cellular modems. RazorLink™ technology benefits both live and file based workflows, offering exceptional resilience and outperforming some competitive products by a factor of three or more, offering low latency high quality video and ensuring file delivery is as fast and reliable as possible. Also making its debut on the Livewire stand is the ‘commercial release’ of NetCaster® designed to allow groups of untrained personnel to contribute to a broadcast or streamed shows from an iPhone or iPad. Key developments since it was previewed include event management and workflow functionality for full integration and contribution of both file based media (video files, audio file, photographs) as well as live footage over low bandwidth links using RazorLink™ technology.

Venera Technologies (Stand 7.G43) Pulsar™ File-Based Automated QC Venera's flagship product, the Pulsar™ automated file-based QC solution, is used worldwide by leading media companies to automate content QC processes from ingest through delivery. Venera will highlight the following major enhancements to this product. 1. New audio/video baseband checks such as: a. 3:2 pulldown verification b. Flash frames detection c. Enhanced color gamut detection d. Dual mono detection 2. Formats and checks a. DCP package verification b. IMF package verification c. AS-02 support d. MXF enhancements 3. Application a. Pulsar now available as a native 64-bit application b. Support for international language files/folders c. Multilevel alert severity 4. Templates

a. Wider and enhanced factory templates library. Templates for CableLabs, DPP, IRT, iTunes®, Netflix, Playbox, and XDCAM are now available. b. Better management of factory templates Pulsar™ PPU (Pay-Per-Use) Providing the flexibility of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud solution and the security of a dedicated on-site system, Pulsar™

PPU makes the advanced QC functions of the acclaimed Pulsar automated file-based QC solution available to facilities as they are needed. However, unlike typical SaaS models, because Pulsar PPU is a unique software solution that operates within the user's facility, there's no need to install additional network infrastructure to take advantage of it.

Argosy (Stand 10.C51)

Harmonic Inc (Stand 1.B20)

Argosy eliminates outside broadcast cable damage with innovative new design Argosy is launching a new fibre assembly of its own design and manufacture at IBC2015. The new multiple tactical fibre assemblies are designed for outside broadcast applications where cables are roughly handled on a regular basis. Tactical fibre is used for a wide range of signals in outside broadcasts, carrying multiple signals over long distances. Installation on site means dragging the cable through ducts or across open ground, and inevitably this leads to damage to the terminations and affects signal integrity. Broken connectors means expensive repairs, and a gradual shortening of the cable which makes it less useful and eventually unusable. The Argosy solution aims to deliver high return on investment and longer service life by protecting the fibres from costly damage. The solution is to make up multiple fibres – as many as 24 – to suit the customers’ needs. The fibres are protected in a unique breakout which prohibits them from rotating under use, and the entire end of the cable is protected with a captive heavy duty pulling sock. This solution together ensures that the load under deployment and recovery is transferred directly to the aramid in the tactical cable, and when laying on the floor protects against crushing of the breakout.

NEW Electra™ X Advanced Media Processor Family At IBC2015, Harmonic will showcase its new fully converged platform for broadcast and OTT delivery of SD, HD and Ultra HD/4K content. As the world's first encoder family to support graphics, branding and playout functionalities, as well as industry-leading video quality and full-frame UHD/4K live encoding, Electra™ X revolutionizes video delivery. Featuring real-time encoding of SD, HD and UHD/4K media; integrated high-quality branding and graphics; and reliable transport stream playout, Electra X offers content and service providers market-leading video quality, unparalleled function integration and increased operational flexibility in a cost-effective appliance. The family includes the 1-RU Electra X2, ideal for all SD and HD media processing applications, and the 2-RU Electra X3, designed specifically for UHD/4K encoding supporting formats up to 2160p60 (HEVC Main 10). Powered by the Harmonic PURE Compression Engine™, the Electra X boosts video compression efficiency across an extensive range of formats and codecs — including MPEG-2, AVC and HEVC codecs — over CBR, VBR and ABR encoding schemes to support a broad array of devices, from handhelds to UHD/4K TVs. NEW Spectrum™ X Advanced Media Server System

TMBi - 68

At IBC2015, the Spectrum™ X advanced media server system makes its European debut. Spectrum X elevates the industry's most trusted server platform to new levels of flexibility, efficiency and reliability. Designed for production and playout applications, the Spectrum X media server system eases the transition to IP broadcast workflows by integrating SDI and IP I/O on the same chassis. The software-based system leverages Harmonic's VOS™ technologies and combines file, baseband and transport stream ingest with comprehensive integrated channel playout capabilities, including graphics and branding, DVE, master control switching and audio mixing. Supporting a broad range of SD and HD formats, and upgradable to Ultra HD, the Spectrum X system can operate as a true channel-in-a-box solution, as an integrated channel playout server or as a conventional I/O server connected to Spectrum shared storage infrastructure or internal storage. The Spectrum X server is an easy-to-deploy, 1-RU ingest and playout system for up to four channels, that fits seamlessly into any existing broadcast infrastructure, and it can be operated as an SDI server within a conventional SDI infrastructure, an IPbased system or a hybrid of the two.

Cinegy (Stands 7.A30 and 7.A41)

TSL Products (Stand 10.B41) TSL Products Announces Immediate Availability of New Phinix Suite of Software Tools

Over the past 12 months, Cinegy has been rolling out version 10 of its products portfolio to the industry and visitors to IBC will be able to see first-hand the benefits and new features of version 10 including Cinegy’s: - 4k Workflow Solutions - Cloud Multi-Channel Playout Solutions - Enterprise Production & Archive Solutions - IP Based Broadcast Solutions - News, Studio & Live Production Solutions Following is a sneak peek of some of the new features of version 10 products Cinegy will be showcasing on the show floor: Cinegy Desktop is a universal production tool with real-time access to media in Cinegy Archive, Cinegy’s Enterprise Archive Solution. Cinegy Desktop runs on a standard PC and is a power tool for logging, searching and editing with an integrated timeline for Rapid turnaround editing. Along with a powerful suite of tools for logging and editing, Cinegy Desktop Version 10 now

TMBi - 70

includes new and improved newsroom management, with newswire import services that further enhance the news production workflow. Cinegy Air PRO is a multichannel software playout and automation solution for scheduled or live operation in SD/HD or even 4K. Cinegy Air easily integrates into existing SDI infrastructure, or can be running in 100% cloud environment using IP streaming for I/O Cinegy Capture is a multi-channel, multi-format and multi-proxy ingest solution and reinvents the acquisition and transcode process, unifying the task of ingesting material and generating edit or web proxies in all popular formats and containers. Cinegy Multiviewer is Cinegy’s multi-channel video monitoring software, enables broadcasters and production houses to monitor streams from satellites, camera feeds, playout devices and other sources locally and remotely.

TSL Products announced the immediate availability of Phinix, a complete suite of desktop and enterprise tools that bring workflow efficiencies by enabling audio engineers to measure, correct and adjust audio files on the fly instead of having to return them to post facilities. Unveiled earlier this year, the Phinix suite of filebased audio tools will be showcased for the first time in Europe at IBC. Available as standalone desktop applications or as a fully integrated enterprise solution, the new suite of tools includes comprehensive loudness measurement, correction and compliance, Dolby-E encoding and decoding, options for track shuffling and up/down mixing, audio description mix, as well as channel replacement and extraction. A new module that will analyze the file structure will be available soon. Phinix file-based audio solutions support a wide range of professional media formats, including MXF, LXF, GXF, QT, WAV and AIFF as standard. At the core of the new suite of tools is the NIX ENGINE, a flexible and scalable audio server, either used for achieving medium to high levels of processing in an automated environment, or for providing cost effective flexibility in large Post Production facilities.

Globecast (Stand 1.A29)

TVU NETWORKS® (Stand 2.B28)

At IBC 2015, Globecast will be demonstrating: - Media Factory: Media Factory is Globecast’s cloud approach to handling and preparing content for any kind of distribution. Media Factory breaks down the traditional siloes related to separate content preparation workflows for different distribution approaches or different regions and allows customers to provide content to Globecast once and then deliver to linear playout, OTT and Video on demand platforms. - Localisation & Edge playout: localisation enables broadcasters to increase revenues and get more value from their existing content and channels by localising them on the edge for different regions or platforms. - VoD packaging: Globecast VOD packaging allows broadcasters to seamlessly deliver VOD content to some of the biggest TV platforms across Europe and Asia. - Creative and compliance services: Globecast offers an unparalleled range of creative, production and post-production services for broadcasters, content creators and clients with post production needs: from channel branding and graphics, through to regulatory compliance, language versioning, editing and promo creation. - TV Everywhere: Globecast provides an end-to-end solution for the management and delivery of live and ondemand content. - Monetisation: Globecast provides broadcasters all the tools needed to understand the performance of their multi-screen strategy and monetise their content through subscription and transactional payment options.

TMBi - 72

IP BASED VIDEO SOLUTIONS TVU Networks® announces that at IBC 2015 it will be presenting its full portfolio of video-over-IP solutions. Designed to give broadcasters innovative, flexible and reliable tools to acquire live video content from anywhere and distribute it to anywhere, TVU will demonstrate how its video acquisition products and solutions, provide resiliency and unmatched performance through simple, worry-free operation from virtually any location around the world. Launched at NAB earlier this year TVU Networks will show its TVU One for the first time in Europe. TVU One is a fifth generation, live, mobile IP newsgathering HD video transmitter based on the same transmission resiliency, performance and sub-second latency of a full-size TVUPack backpack transmitter, but in a substantially smaller, lightweight and ultra-compact form factor. Like all TVU transmitters, TVU One uses proprietary Inverse StatMux Plus technolo-

gy to transmit dependable HD video over cellular 3G/4G LTE. In challenging cellular bandwidth environments while providing the ability to transmit live video on the go, TVU offers the TVUPack TM8200 with optional integrated MIMO Microwave. Also making its European debut, the Multiple-In MultipleOut antenna technology (MIMO) allows for portable and convenient set up of a localized mesh network for added transmission resiliency. With the ability to aggregate both cellular and microwave connections, TVUPack with MIMO Microwave Mesh combines proven, award-winning IP based 3G/4G LTE cellular broadcast with specially designed IP radio transmission technology that is self-forming and self-healing, meaning that it’s extremely easy to set up, and capable of responding to changing conditions.

AVIWEST (Stand 2.A29)

Bradley Engineering (Stand 11.F41) New developments in remote camera control, including stabilized solutions for flying cameras

At IBC2015, AVIWEST, will demonstrate the latest enhancements to its Digital Mobile News Gathering (DMNG) system. NEW: DMNG HE4000 HEVC 4K Contribution Video Encoder AVIWEST will demonstrate the DMNG HE4000, a new HEVC 4K contribution video encoder, at IBC2015. The encoder is designed to help broadcasters deliver crystal-clear 4K content at low bit rates. The 1RU encoder features AVIWEST SafeStreams® technology, which bonds together IP networks to assure the delivery of live transmissions even in the midst of unpredictable cellular network conditions. NEW: Grid View for DMNG Manager AVIWEST's DMNG Manager is an innovative server application that enables broadcasters and video professionals to monitor and manage an entire fleet of DMNG equipment. At IBC2015, AVIWEST will showcase a new grid view that has been added to the DMNG Manager. A video thumbnail of each feed from the field units is provided.

TMBi - 74

NEW: DMNG APP — Now Available as a Software Development Kit A key highlight at IBC2015 will be AVIWEST's DMNG APP, which turns any smartphone into a live broadcast video camera. The DMNG APP is now available as a software development kit (SDK). NEW: Web Portal for DMNG Rentals — At IBC2015, AVIWEST will demo its new Web portal,, designed to assist broadcasters and video service providers looking to rent the company's DMNG solutions. Attendees will learn how to navigate the website, which is free to use for all AVIWEST customers and partners. NEW: IP Bridge Functionality for DMNG PRO and DMNG Studio At IBC2015, AVIWEST will introduce a new IP Bridge functionality for the DMNG PRO video uplink system and DMNG Studio.

One of the highlights on this year’s stand will be Bradley’s brand new Radio Controlled camera interface board, (R-C) which works with Bradley’s remote control panel to add professional broadcast quality camera control to cameras mounted on drones. The R-C interface controls all of the camera parameters, including pan tilt, zoom, colour balance, focus and iris, and will be sold as a PCB. It will operate with Sony, Hitachi, Ikegami, JVC, Panasonic and Grass Valley cameras as well as any LANC camera and Bradley’s own camera range. The live demonstration will show the camera moving in three dimensions on a 4-wire system from DynamiCam. Bradley will reveal a brand new camera in the range, the HDC 180, at IBC this year. Slightly larger than the other HDC family cameras, It fills the gap between Bradley’s HDC and the Camball, and comes with18x zoom and genlock. Bradley has designed this camera to compete with similar cameras from bigger manufacturers. Bradley will also present a revolutionary new device called the SwingArm, which will be demonstrated at the stand, showing visitors a new way to get camera arching shots of commercial packs and products in as little as ten minutes. Built by Bradley’s partner 9.Systems, it has a cantilever arm which attaches to a normal camera tripod, and rotates horizontally or vertically to contour and track, pan and tilt around the subject.

SGL (Stand 7.J15a) NEW ENTRY-LEVEL ARCHIVE SYSTEM SGL, is announcing FlashPack at IBC 2015. A complete turnkey archiving system designed for use with all major media and production asset management systems, FlashPack provides a cost-effective, entry-level archive system with no extra hardware, no extra software and no hidden costs. Global broadcasters large and small require sophisticated archive technology that enables assets to be managed and stored. However, a large archive with full disaster recovery workflows may not be appealing to a smaller broadcaster in a single location with fewer

assets. SGL FlashPack provides a complete archive and content management solution that includes all the features required for a fully integrated, infinitely scalable media archive such as hardware, software, support and integration with a MAM or production system.

Implementation is simple and is completed remotely, linking FlashPack to the user’s MAM or PAM system. FlashPack is easily manageable by creative professionals, not requiring dedicated IT resources.

At the heart of FlashPack is SGL FlashNet, the industry leading content archive and storage management solution. FlashPack harnesses FlashNet’s power, resilience and scalability, in a compact entry-level solution. It is ideal for broadcasters, sports venues, post-production houses, corporate communications and other organisations that need to manage their media assets.

Lee Sheppard, SGL’s Director of Product Management explains, “The FlashPack complete storage archive addresses the need for a separate, self-contained system providing a price versus performance ratio that lowers the cost of entry while ensuring the key business criteria of future scalability and security.”.

Broadcast Solutions GmbH (Stand 8.A84 and 0.B01, outdoor)

Forscene (Stand 8.B38e)

With the biggest outdoor stand at IBC, the German-based company will present several OB Vans, new products and projects: - Streamline S8 4K OB Van - Streamline S 12 OB Van - T5 – Satcom on the Move - Robycam cable camera system - ProSat-Solutions autpointing approved SNG antennas - multichannel recording and replay servers News on the stand include updates on the Streamline Family of OB Vans with a Streamline S8 4K OB Van and a S12 trailer-based OB. Showing a Volkswagen T5 with Satcom on the Move technology the company presents a new generation of News SNGs. Further presentations include the Robycam product, a cable camera system that is used in live broadcasting, outside or for studio productions. Additionally Broadcast Solutions presents its complete portfolio of solutions ranging from Outside Broadcasting, Satcom, Broadcast Facilities or Mobile Surveillance to Multimedia Installations for Sport Arenas. Robycam For the first time Broadcast Solutions presents Robycam to the IBC visitors. Robycam is a highly developed cable camera system that is used in live broadcasting, outside or in studio productions. The system consist of carbon fibre gyro-stabilized remote heads and motion control systems that allow for camera movements in 3D in a fast and precise way.

TMBi - 76

Industry's First End-to-End Virtualised Post-Production Workflow Forbidden Technologies plc, announced that it has developed and released the first end-to-end virtualised workflow for the postproduction and distribution of video content. The hardwareindependent solution is enabled by Forscene's integration with the Microsoft Azure™ cloud computing platform. The Forscene team will demonstrate the solution for the first time at IBC2015. The workflow sees the Forscene ingest server running as a virtual machine on the Microsoft Azure platform to transcode and ingest live broadcast streams into Forscene accounts just seconds behind the live feed. Video editors can then create subclips or full highlights packages using Forscene's feature-rich NLE from anywhere in the world. Once the edit is complete, they can drop the sequence back onto Azure for faster-than-realtime conforming and distribution. The entire process happens virtually and integrates seamlessly with the broadcast workflow, which saves time and money, and provides real scalability.

"One of Forscene's core benefits has always been that the platform provides advanced functionality without the need for expensive proprietary hardware," said Jason Cowan, director of business development at Forbidden. "Being able to access the same capabilities without any Forscene hardware at all is the next step in the evolution of the Forscene experience and, we believe, the future of post-production." Forscene partner deltatre has already implemented the groundbreaking new workflow on one of the biggest international sporting events of 2015. deltatre used the workflow to produce and deliver over 500 video clips to platforms such as YouTube. "The benefits of a virtualised end-to-end workflow are enormous, especially for live events of short duration, such as sports," said Carlo De Marchis, chief product officer at deltatre. "We believe that by working with partners like Forscene to remove the need for investment in expensive hardware solutions, we can revolutionise the industry's approach to digital rights content."

Norwia (Stand 10.A12)

New IP and SDI Production Solutions Norwia AS announces it will launch a plethora of new products at IBC 2015. Visitors to the Norwia stand (Hall 10, Stand A12) will see innovative new optical video transport and production solutions enabling IP and SDI production. “We really do have innovative new solutions to meet almost all production challenges, from controlling long distance optical fiber ring networks to exciting pocket sized optical equipment that fully replace much larger pieces of equipment,” said Tracey Ford, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Norwia. “We’re increasingly seeing productions needing to adopt hybrid IP and SDI architectures and visitors to our IBC booth will see that we are the number 1 provider of solutions that make this hybrid approach cost-effective and easy to set-up and manage for flawless video delivery.” A stand highlight will include a full demonstration of hybrid remote production via IP and SDI over a fiber ring network including Norwia’s

enhanced RCON ring management software. Other new solutions launched at IBC include: - Optical Change-over switch, OX20-2XX: Full optical band, very low optical attenuation, Optical sense version for auto fail over and control via web and GPI contact closure. - Short Haul optical system: Lower cost rack based system for short haul optical applications, keeping all the feature of the miniHUB flexible system. - 10Gb Optical transponder: Integrate 10Gb optical signals with CWDM-based mixed signal types via 1 fiber. - 1Gb Electrical Ethernet module: Lower cost module for converting Electrical 1Gb signals for pointto-point or CWDM-based fiber systems. - 12G-SDI/4K module: Transport of single link SDI to optical fiber or integration with CWDM based optical systems. - JPEG2000 encoder and decoder: Codec for SDI to JPEG2000 and

JPEG2000 to SDI for optical based transport. - MADI audio mux/demux: Introducing the MADIson product, Analogue Audio to MADI optical encoders/decoders. 16 inputs + 16 outputs to MADI single mode fibers (2). - fusionTM 10Gb Broadcast Ethernet switch: IP transport via patented packet/circuit switching core that gives the best of both network worlds with 100% QoS. - HubBox compact optical convertors: Pocket size optical convertors built to the same high quality standards as much larger units. Enables productions to use the miniHUB rack system as the core and the HubBox for external transport. - 4ch CWDM multiplexer: Build small and cost-effective multiplexed systems and transport solutions for 4K dual or Quad link SDI circuits. - 4 x 1 auto-patcher for preselecting sources transported over fiber networks.

TMBi - 77


AMETIC, the Association of Electronics, Information and Communications Technologies, Telecommunications and Digital Content Companies, champions the interests of Spanish businesses in a hyper-sector that is varied, dynamic and, with 30% of private R&D investment, the Spanish economy’s most innovative sector with the highest growth capacity. AMETIC represents a group of companies that leverage sustainable economic development, improve the competitiveness of other sectors, generate quality employment, raise Spain’s export ratio and enhance the value of our country and its industry.

TMBi - 78



5 C49

Contact: Mr. Manuel Lobeira, Director

Adress: Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Cantabria (PCTCAN) Av. Albert Einstein, 6 39011 Santander ACORDE designs and manufactures high-tech systems and sub-systems for communications in compromised environments (ground, airborne, submarines,…), developing RF front-ends for satellite communications, monitoring & control, and positioning systems. ACORDE provides both standard and custom solutions.


8 C55

Contact: Mr. Gustavo Robles, Director International Sales

Adress: c/ Margarita Salas, 24 28919 Leganés - Madrid AEQ- KROMA has been developing, manufacturing and marketing equipment, automation systems and production systems for radio, television and multimedia, for over 35 years. With its commitment to high quality products and services in audio mixers, TV monitors, intercoms, audiocodecs...In the broadcasting market, the company offers broadcast quality products with innovative and strong engineering designs, at very competitive prices.


10 E52

Contact: Mrs. Jennifer Teixidò, Export Manager

Adress: Diputació, 203 08011 Barcelona Since 1985 AVP Mfg & Supply Inc has been developing its activity in the satellite, telecommunications and broadcast equipment field. AVP also engages in designing and manufacturing connectors and professional audio and video patch panels.

TMBi - 79



7 K31

Contact: Mr. David Alexander, Sales Director

Adress: Av. de la Albufera, 321 Planta 3. Of.12 28031 Madrid Brainstorm Multimedia provides industry-leading real-time 3D graphics and virtual set solutions for all broadcast graphics types and workflows as well as for feature film production and 3D real-time presentations. Brainstorm customer list include many of the world’s leading broadcasters plus a large number of smaller and regional stations. Brainstorm’s flagship product eStudio, considered the industry’s fastest on-air graphics and virtual studio engine, is the base upon which all other Brainstorm products run.


8 D16

Contact: Mr. Carlos Rosa, International manager

Adress: Margarita Salas, 22 Parque Leganes Tecnológico 28918 Leganés - Madrid BTESA, with 30 years experience, designs and manufactures TV Transmitters and repeaters in all standards.Liquid-Cooled TX up to 20kWrms Air-Cooled TX up to 5kWrms GapFillers up to 150WDOHERTY up to 45% efficiencyBTESA also holds a large supply record of Turn-key projects all over the world, including countries with the harshest weather conditions


5 B18

Contact: Mr. Darío Janeiro, Content Director; Mr. Xabier Ferreiro, Sales Director

Adress: Calle Antonio Insua Rivas, 56. Edificio Citic. 15008 A Coruña Cinfo is a technology provider focused on the pay tv market. We provide advanded metadata systems and services, coupled with cloud settopbox technology and our new social TV promo channel generator engine. Working with Cinfo, you can create multicamera events, personalized promo channels or cloud based video user interfaces for your VOD or catchup content.

TMBi - 80



14 K 06

Contact: Mr. Manuel Cardeñas Cano, Business Development Manager

Adress: c/ Perú 6B, Oficina 2, 28290 Las Rozas -Madrid Cires21 supplies multi-screen, live streaming technology for TV channels and online events to leading companies in broadcasting, media and sports industries. It provides advanced monitoring and supervision services to system integrators and telco operators.

CRALTECH Electronica, S.L.


Contact: Mrs. Laura Campoy, CEO

Adress: Plaza del Vapor, 5-6C P.I. les Guixeres Craltech Electrónica is a Spanish manufacturer of broadcast LCD monitors, Multiviewer Systems and other professional video equipment. All our products are designed and manufactured in our company’s facilities, and we offer technical support that is guaranteed by specialized engineers in these technologies.


8 D40

Contact: Mr. Javier Taibo, Chief Executive officer

Adress: Avda. de Ourense 1, Parque Tecnológico de Galicia, San Cibrao das Viñas 32901 Ourense EGATEL is a highly skilled company in research, development and manufacture of RF systems designed to broadcast analog or digital radio and TV signals to meet professional broadcast market needs globally, as well as execution of turnkey projects for TV broadcast networks and related equipment.


9 C25

Contact: Mr. Stephen Elliot, CEO

Adress: Avda. Joan Miró 138, oficina 6 07015 Palma de Mallorca farmerswife is a leading provider of scheduling and facility management software. Noted for its flexibility and ease-of-use, the farmerswife product family has been successfully implemented in 36 countries representing a broad range of the media industry sectors.

TMBi - 81



8 E19

Contact: Mr. Julio Lorenzo, Broadcast Manager

Adress: Via Edison, 16 PolĂ­gono del Tambre 15890 Santiago de Compostela ITELSIS provides the professional telecommunications market with its own development and engineering solutions. ITELSIS designs DVB-T/T2 Dualcast, ATSC and ISDB-Tb transmitters and gapfillers. The company business is focused on: Broadcast Communications and Broadcast Networks, providing added-value service to its customers.


8 E40

Contact: Mr. Josep Gener, Transmission Business Unit Director

Adress: Pol. Industrial Congost, Parc. 4-S. 08530 La Garriga, Barcelona Mier Comunicaciones designs, manufactures and installs professional equipment for Analogue/ Digital TV & Digital Radio broadcasting (transmitters, transposers, gapfillers). More than 30.000 sets of equipment operating in more than 35 countries worldwide are our best reference. Another major activity area is the design of satellite in-flight RF equipment.



Contact: Mrs. Irene Camps Pujolar, Office Manager

Adress: C/ Doctor Trueta 127, 08005, Barcelona, SPAIN NPAW is a big data and technology company serving the online media industry. Using real-time data we help our customers to deliver flawless TV-quality experiences. Our platform leads the industry in technologies integrated and devices supported, enabling our customers to take smart business decisions using in-depth and complete data. The company is privately held with VC backing, and was founded in 2008 with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.

TMBi - 82



10 E51

Contact: Mrs. Jennifer Teixidò, Export Manager

Adress: Diputació, 203 08011 Barcelona PERCON, one of the market leaders in the cable field designs, develops, manufactures and sells high quality cable especially focused on broadcast, telecom, multimedia and big installations, where the reliability and excellent performance of Percon products are most appreciated.



Contact: Mr. Daniel Roques, COO

Adress: Av. M40, 19 Oficina 52, 1º. 28925 Madrid QUALES AUTOMATED VIDEO QUALITY CHECK. Quales is a fully featured, comprehensive Video Quality Check system with the best cost-effective value proposition intended for small, medium, or large environments. Suitable for online or broadcast content; provides a straight-forward web-based and visual health check system for media, ensuring content readiness in all phases of your workflow.



Contact: Mrs. Patricia Allende, Marketing Manager

Adress: Ctra. Campo Real, Km. 2,1 28500 Arganda del Rey - Madrid RYMSA RF designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of antennas and components for the telecommunications industry supplying technical solutions tailored to the needs of its clients. RYMSA RF provides a wide set of solutions for Radio, TV, air traffic control (ATC) and specific supplies for military applications

TMBi - 83



1 F90

Contact: Mr. José Manuel López, Sales Manager

Adress: Rufino González, 15 28037 Madrid SAPEC designs and manufactures HD and SD video transmission products (MPEG-2, H.264 and HEVC compression). Flexibility and expertise are our hallmark skills, enabling us to provide tailor-made systems that fulfill your needs. SAPEC is a certified manufacturer with user references within telecommunication operators, broadcasters and system integrators.


8 B41

Contact: Mrs. Esther Mesas, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Adress: PTA - Severo Ochoa Nº 33, 29590 Málaga Providing the industry’s most flexible and scalable ENTERPRISE MAM, Tedial’s unique multi-site, multi-tenant Media IT tools have helped broadcasters and Media companies worldwide to improve efficiency throughout their media workflow. Tedial’s customers’ problems are often complex but its solution is simple: Find IT, Enrich IT, Manage IT and Publish IT.



Contact: Mrs. Mireia Segú Garcia, Administrative

Adress: C/Gorcs Lladó 1-9 Nave 2

THELIGHT is a high-power LED technology developer & manufacturer. Our engineers assisted by Barcelona University and leaded by a Dop with over 15 years experience on tv & film have developed our high CRI color temperature variation technology. Every of our cost-effective panels is calibrated to emit pure white light to get real images and perfect skin tones when used with professional cameras. We are proud of our successful VELVET line: the unique rainproof LED panels we manufacture 100% at Barcelona, Spain.

TMBi - 84




Contact: Mr. Luis Grela, International Sales Manager

Adress: Volta do Castro s/n, 15706 Santiago de Compostela TRedess is a leading company specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of Low-Power Transmitters and Gap-fillers for Digital Terrestrial TV networks. With more than 15.000 devices installed around the world, we provide high quality and cost-competitive solutions to main TV network operators workdwide.


4C 69

Contact: Mr. Miguel PeĂąa, Commercial Manager

Adress: PCTCAN. C/Albert Einstein 14. 39011 Santander TTI is a leading company in the radio frequency and antenna technology fields, developing ad-hoc and off-the-shelf products: Ka band linearised BUCs/SSPAs and LNBs GaN-based BUCs in X, Ku and C band bandKu band low profile Satcom on the Move (SOTM) solution Cryogenic LNAs and Cryostats for radio-astronomy Customized antenna panels and RF equipment.


7 D25

Contact: Mr. Jordi Utiel, CEO

Adress: Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya Ctra. BV-1274 km.1. 08225 Terrasa - Barcelona VSN is a technology company with global presence, specialized in providing advanced IT solutions to the broadcast and Media & Entertainment industries. VSN offers 3 main full solutions: NEWS & LIVE PRODUCTION, MEDIA & BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT and MCR AUTOMATION AND DISTRIBUTION that solve the entire workflow of any audiovisual company, improving its efficiency and walking hand in hand with it towards multi-platform and cloud environments.

TMBi - 85

TMBi - 86


NAGRA will have again a large presence at this year’s IBC. What do you think the main changes have been in the ecosystem since IBC 2014? Indeed, we’re planning a strong presence showcasing our portfolio of solutions for the connected TV space – that includes our OpenTV 5 HTML5 connectware solution, our

MediaLive suite of multiscreen products and our anyCAST content protection. All have a very strong focus on connected entertainment and how it’s driving innovation in the pay-TV space. I would say the biggest change or movement we’ve seen since last year is the increasing “cloudification” or “virtualization” of pay-TV.

TMBi - 87

This is a key change and trend and is important for the industry as it is a realization that technology is modifying consumer TV habits, especially for the millennium generation who are exposed to direct-toconsumer offerings which are further segmenting the consumer video and TV market. But it also presents new opportunities for service providers to leverage available IP and broadcast technology to deliver a compelling, integrated user experience to their subscribers. We’re used to hearing about how the internet is affecting TV – but how is TV changing the internet? It definitely is! We’re used to always talking about how it’s the Internet that’s changing TV – and that’s a fact, it has, but we also can’t ignore the impact TV is having on the Internet. The Internet used to be all about accessing content online but now it’s so much more than that – TV has played a huge role in transforming the Internet to being about delivering content, and primarily video content, to multiple screens, including the big screen. And it is this video consumption, which started with TV, that is now making content delivery to multiple screens and devices the key driver in broadband usage growth and overall screen usage for consumers worldwide. Netflix is a great example of “TV re-inventing the Internet” in the sense that its content library and delivery technology are educating a whole new generation of consumer about accessing premium/paid video content over the Internet on multiple screens. And NAGRA’s deal with Netflix means that service providers can seamlessly propose Netflix services within their overall pay-TV offering on a set-top box, leveraging NAGRA’s connectware and security platforms. So no fight for controlling the HDMI 1 port on the TV set

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but rather a win-win approach to provide a great mix of broadcast and on-demand TV services to consumers through an integrated big screen experience. What are the challenges these changes present to operators, and how can they be met and transcended? Today’s service provider landscape is seeing the long-heralded convergence of traditional pay-TV services with Internet-based services. Call it the connected home or n-play offerings smart home, the Internet of Things – in either case, they’re here to stay and all, in one form or another, are impacting service provider strategies. They are also forcing operators to re-evaluate their business models and platforms to deliver the services today’s

connected consumer is asking for while striving to grow ARPU. This drives the technology choices they make to not only power these new hybrid services, that address both the broadcast and Internet environments, but also address an increasingly fragmented market with multiple devices, and multiple standards. Creating innovative business models, addressing this fragmentation and ensuring the interoperability of service provider and consumer media devices available in the home will be key in ensuring a service provider’s success. Solutions such as NAGRA’s JoinIn Connected Home solution enables service providers to combine NAGRA products with their existing infrastructure and third-party products to successfully and seamlessly deploy connected home media ser-

vices with a compelling user experience. What are the hot topics you expect to dominate this year’s IBC, and what are the big contributions NAGRA can make to these discussions? OTT and multiscreen continue to be very much top of mind, with the additional focus of the cloud and how it is impacting the industry. Cloud TV is leading to a more dynamic TV market environment for incumbent pay-TV service providers, requiring new types of investments; at the same time, ever more powerful portable devices like smartphones and tablets mean that consumers now have portable TV sets in their hands and want their best content on all screens, creating new monetization opportunities for service providers. What’s more, operators are increasingly looking at how they can optimize infrastructure costs and gain more flexibility. The Cloud offers a lot in this context whether it’s in the deployment of full-scale multiscreen services, or some of its components like con-

tent protection, there are clear benefits to leveraging the cloud for service providers. And NAGRA brings a lot in this space. We’ve gone through a broad expansion of our product offering over the past five years. By leveraging our market leadership in broadcast pay-TV monetization and content security, we’ve become an independent and focused end-toend TV solution provider that delivers multiscreen and IP-based TV solutions for Tier 1 international customers – more than 20 today. Our products can be delivered as on-premise software, in a public-private cloud infrastructure environment, or as a managed Cloud TV service. By choosing to work with NAGRA, telco, cable or satellite service providers select a partner that understands the business of content monetization in today’s hybrid broadcast and Internet environment using the most appropriate set of technologies, from content protection to user experience, innovative CPE and service delivery to multiple devices.

What are some of the key challenges facing OTT providers? The challenge for the near future is to deliver TV-centric services to the OTT end user – such as multilanguage audio, closed captioning and subtitles for instance – and to the operator such as concurrent device control, stream control, etc. These evolutions highlight the need for consistently and securely delivering advanced TV features, managed across all device types, to both big screens (STBs) as well as consumer devices. So the requirements have definitely moved above the OTT streaming standards level to address the broader security and monetisation needs across all screens. This is where NAGRA with its MediaLive multiscreen TV solution, along with the anyCAST security services platform and products, addresses the next generation of pay-TV service provider expectations.

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