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W ith issue #3 comes new photographers and we worked super

hard to bring you Ashley Gulizia who has an organic aproach to shooting giving her images a serene almost sureal feel, Andrea Acosta who’s photos exude youthfull adventures, experimentation and somewhat of a care free style of shooting, Alicia Aldama coming with a well calculated aproach to photography, making eye striking well composed art. Photography has a way of making us into natural travelers, we take trips souly for the purpose of photography, and if we take a trip not photography related, we still take our camers because we know we will get a chance to capture. This issue made me realize how much I travel and how it’s become so normal that I don’t pay much attention to it. That is untill I look at my photos days or weeks from when I took them and get flashbacks of what a good time I had. At the end of the day that what art is, something that evokes emotion, and makes us question or think. Enjoy the art this photographers have worked so hard for. -TIBURON!!F!B!


is an artist who’s style varies like dildos in a sex shop, draws inspiration from various events he puts himself through. The pain of being tattoed for the last 10 minutes of your 4 hour session. Self experimentation with sex, drugs, awkward dates, or getting feed back of what you did the day prior when you blacked out. The feeling of having your guts contract with excitement or fear when you see the female you have spent time internet stalkin, or talking to hoping she gives you the time of the day. His aproach to art is more like that of a phisicsl punch, a painter or a prostitute.

GlassClops #3 December 2011  

GlassClops #3 is full of images by Ashley Gulizia, Andrea Acosta, and Alicia Aldama, featuring TIBURON!!F!B! as the "last shot"