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Glitter By Duvall Gilchrist-Montgomery I lift I rise up outta my crypt I shiver and twist I want to do the shimmy but my body; cold won't allow me stiff and brittle calmly whittle my wile away need more time today to get my work done I'll kill you if you tell someone without a step i walk i flitter in the night i glitter it's when the real me unravels it's my method of travel don't take it personally I like it when the blood runs I find torture is the best all the ways I can hurt you in the future and the past if I had to choose a victim from my assorted treasure chest I'd take you out and hurt you and put you to the test oh the things i would do before i put your ass to rest I'd make you scream for mommy silly human dolly dark magickal song the dead and I dance along let you run laugh and laugh I think it's time we killed your ass no more playing let's get 'round to slaying this stupid human bastard isn't worth saving

Staff Owner/Editor-inChief...Duvall GilchristMontgomery Co-Owner/Darkfaery Boy...Zenon Awful Ideas, suggestions, management, support, Public Speaking...Pandy Regional Manager of Promotion/Staff Writer/Head Darkfaery Girl...TristaLou Wilmot Manager of Promotion/ Head Darkfaery Boy...James Wilmot Staff Writer...Vira Dee Undead Staff Writer‌Tina Morlock Photos in this issue: Vira Dee Undead and dirk Hooper

If you would like to submit your work or just contact us: Darkfaery Subculture Magazine 517 NW 95th street Oklahoma city, OK 73114 USA E-mail:

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Cleopatra ID Desolate Cleopatra ID is a local band from Cirebon, Indonesia. They have Collaborated with Author and Poet TC McKinney for song lyrics to songs 'Fortify' 'Desolate' 'Terricolous' 'Stagnate' and 'Rekindled Fire' This is the first album completion CD by Cleopatra ID and produced by TC McKinney. This Band Genre is Gothic Metal. They have been around since September of 2005 and have no plans of giving up their dream. Sounding like evanescence this band has a strong sense about them and are holding firm to the production of another CD with written lyrics once again by TC McKinney. The Constellations Southern Gothic The Constellations could have called their debut album After Hours. Sure, Martin Scorsese already used that name for his 1985 black comedy, but the two works share much in common. Both are wide screen spectacles rife with seedy scenes and eccentric personalities, propelled by a manic energy that hustles the audience deeper into the unexpected. But Southern Gothic was a better choice. Because The Constellations stomping ground is Atlanta, GA, and in the wee small hours of the morning, ATown can get awfully bizarre. The record is all about what happens in Atlanta from 2 AM until noon. Your tour guide on this madcap adventure is the magnetic frontman and vocalist Elijah Jones, the ringleader of the twisted circus that is The Constellations, who spent two years writing and recording the album with producer Ben H. Allen (Animal Collective, Gnarls Barkley), along with some storied cronies from the local scene. Not that they set out with specific intentions. Far from it. "All of us wanted to do a record about Atlanta, but we never said it in words," recalls Jones. "But the deeper we got into it, the more we realized we were writing a concept album." "Atlanta is strange," he adds, "because we're all basically pushed together." The hip-hop heads, punk 4 Darkfaery Subculture Magazine

rockers, and indie kids all rub shoulders and mix it up. Southern Gothic reflects that inclusive diversity in its far-reaching sound. "The record was designed to sound lyrically and melodically very thought out, and sonically very disorganized," comments Allen. One expects nothing less from a singer who cites Tom Waits and Cee-Lo of Goodie Mob and Gnarls Barkley as his musical heroes, working with a producer who name-checks Fela Kuti and Gorillaz among their record's key influences. The band's name refers to the myriad musicians from the regional scene who either contributed to making Southern Gothic, or have since played in The Constellations live band. One luminary who drops in is Cee-Lo, whose verse on the electro-rocker "Love Is A Murder" prompted a completely overhaul the track underneath. Another guest is suburban rapper Asher Roth, lending his playful rhymes to "We're Here To Save The Day," among the disc's most insidious moments. On the one hand, this ditty's sound is pure sing-along bliss, with a gleeful chorus delivered by Elijah's niece and nephew. Yet at the same time, Jones and Roth drop rhymes that lampoon commercial top 40 hip-hop and chest-thumping poseurs. Of The Wand & The Moon - Sonnenheim This is the 4th, long awaited and much anticipated masterpiece from :OTWATM: with 15 new tracks. The release also features collaborators from Forseti and Sonne Hagal. Musically, this is Kim Larsen and :OTWATM: as we all know it, but with a very big development in sound and atmosphere. Indeed, "Sonnenheim" has some of the best songs ever to emerge from this Danish cult folk noir project! After the "trilogy" "Nighttime Nightrhymes", "Emptiness:Emptiness:Emptiness" and "Lucifer", a new chapter for OTWATM starts with "Sonnenheim," which is also the first album of OTWATM to appear on Kim Larsen's new label Heidrunar Myrkrunar via Tesco. 'Bring Your Friends To The Feast! It's nighttime In Sonnenheim!' A true feast for the ears as well as the eyes! Comes in very nice digipack with embossed metallic-foilblocked

titles and debossed images and a 12 page booklet with all the texts. The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing - Now That's What I Call Steampunk! Volume 1 Genre defining 2010 debut album from UK Steampunk trailblazers, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing. Part Victorian Music Hall, part Punk Rock, stuffed full of barbed pop hooks and with it's tongue firmly in it's cheek, this is the sound of an alternative reality where the Punk revolution happened, not in 1976 but 1876...a grimey steam-powered world of etiquette, empire, lunatic asylums, scientific heretics, hot air ballooning and the ubiquitous brass goggles. This strange and brilliant punk rock futurescape is brought to you by cult comedian Andrew O'Neill (guitar/vocals), Andy Heintz, erstwhile frontman of pioneering thrash-goth legends Creaming Jesus (vocals/ musical saw), Million Dead and Pale Horse drummer Ben Dawson and comedian and self confessed "Indiest man alive" Marc Burrows (Bass/ vocals), ensuring a melting pot of music styles that range from full on steam powered Metal, to acapella music hall via catchy sing-a-long cockney Punk. The Cog is Dead - Steam Powered Stories A Clock Maker, A Millionaire, A TimeMachine Mechanic & A Confused Navigator travel across time spreading their music and encouraging people to use steam engines and analog clockwork. They are "The Cog is Dead," a time-traveling steampunk musical group who rock the world with their eclectic mix of incredibly fun, catchy and sometimes downright epic songs about clockwork, steam power, good, evil and of course love. This is their debut album, Steam Powered Stories, and it's chock full of marvelous mechanical melodies sure to leave songs stuck in your head and have you coming back for more.

Limits of Horror: Technology, Bodies, Gothic [Paperback] by Fred Botting Horror isn't what it used to be. Nor are its Gothic avatars. The meaning of monsters, vampires and ghosts has changed significantly over the last two hundred years, as have the mechanisms (from fiction to fantasmagoria, film and video games) through which they are produced and consumed. Limits of horror, moving from gothic to cybergothic, through technological modernity and across a range of literary, cinematic and popular cultural texts, critically examines these changes and the questions they pose for understanding contemporary culture and subjectivity. Reexamining key concepts such as the uncanny, the sublime, terror, shock and abjection in terms of their bodily and technological implications, this book advances current critical and theoretical debates on Gothic horror to propose a new theory of cultural production based on an extensive discussion of Freud's idea of the death drive. About the Author Fred Botting is Professor in the Institute for Cultural Research, Lancaster University Gothic Lolitas: How to Draw Manga Step by Step [Paperback] by Sergio Guinot By employing stunning art and step-by-step instructions, this visual guide shows aspiring manga artists how to create lifelike female characters, from the initial geometric shapes through the finished image. Drawing inspiration from Victorian and Edwardian styles of dress, the gothic Lolita style this reference employs is shown in a clear, instructive, and easyto-visualize fashion. Each instructional lesson begins with a series of geometric shapes and each eventual character is developed in a manner that builds confidence and skills, making this an ideal resource for beginners and those with an interest in manga who want to hone their abilities.

About the Author Bram Stoker's classic Dracula with a breathtakSergio Guinot is an illustrator specializing in ing new perspective--as, for the first time, Mimanga. na Harker records the shocking story of her scandalous seduction and sexual rebirth. Who is this magnetic, fascinating man? And How to Draw and Paint Fantasy Architecture: how could one woman fall so completely under From Ancient Citadels and Gothic Castles to his spell? Subterranean Palaces and Floating Fortresses [Paperback] Mina Harker is torn between two men. Strugby Rob Alexander gling to hang on to the deep, pure love she's found within her marriage to her husband, JonAdvice and instrucathan, she is inexorably drawn into a secret, tion from a leading passionate affair with a charismatic but dangerfantasy illustrator ous lover. This haunted and haunting creature guides art students has awakened feelings and desires within her who intend to purthat she has never before known, which resue careers illusmake her as a woman. trating computer games, children's Although everyone she knows fears him and is books, graphic novpledged to destroy him, Mina sees a side to els, and other relathim that the others cannot: a tender, romantic ed media. This side; a man who's taken full advantage of his book's opening gift of immortality to expand his mind and chapter analyzes talents; a man who is deeply in love, and who traditional architectural shapes that include may not be evil after all. Soon, they are conarches, columns, towers, vaults, and buttresses. nected in a way she never thought humanly Chapters that follow apply principles of light- possible. ing, shadow, and perspective to the architectural forms, and discuss ways of creating surface Yet to surrender is surely madness, for to be textures and adding dramatic atmosphere to with him could end her life. It may cost Mina illustrations. Readers are then guided through a all she holds dear, but to make her choice she series of projects of increasing complexity in must learn everything she can about the rewhich they create illustrations dominated by markable origins and unique, sensuous powers fantasy castles, palaces, dungeons, and more. of this man, this exquisite monster, this ... Here is comprehensive instruction in the tech- Dracula! niques required for capturing fantastic buildings, alien architecture, and alternate realities. About the Author More than 250 enlightening color illustrations. Syrie James is the author of the best-selling novel The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen, About the Author which was named a Best First Novel of 2008 Rob Alexander is an award-winning Canadian by Library Journal, and The Secret Diaries of artist whose illustrations appear in magazines, Charlotte Bronte, a 2009 Great Group Read by computer games, children's books, and collect- the Women's National Book Association. Syrie able card game markets. He is also the author is also a screenwriter and a member of the of Drawing and Painting Fantasy Landscapes Writers Guild of America. Syrie received a and Cityscapes, available in North America B.A. in English and Communications from the from Barron's. University of California, where she was awarded a departmental citation for outstanding acDracula, My Love: The Secomplishment in English. Syrie lives with her cret Journals of Mina husband and their two sons in Los Angeles. Harker [Paperback] Syrie James A THRILLING, PAGETURNING TALE OF ADVENTURE AND FORBIDDEN PASSION‌ Syrie


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I am a stay at home mother of 3 kids 2 boys and my youngest is a baby girl. I work with Darkfaery Subculture Magazine and I run the Darkfaery Girls who are basically the spokes models for the magazine. I also contribute articles to the magazine regularly. I love working with DFSM. The staff are great to work with and it's always a laid back atmosphere. Along with this I am also a paranormal investigator with my husband for our husband/wife team called Oklahoma Studies of the Unexplained or OKSU. We look for evidence of not only the normal paranormal things, but also the cryptology part, like Bigfoot.

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I am also very interested in History and love to go to Antique stores to see what I can find. The thing that saddens me about the Antique stores is the forgotten family history of people, like old photos. Are there really people who don't care about their family members of the past enough to keep their images. I would never dream of getting rid of anything with family history to it unless maybe it was to donate to a museum or something. And for another past time I like to spend time at cemeteries in search of loved ones graves for people who have contacted me through It is a nice feeling to help them out to see a loved ones final resting place that they would otherwise.

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Trista’s photos by Vira Dee @ Undead Photography

Undead Photography By TristaLou TristaLou: How long have you been in the business of photography?

could get me was a disposable camera! I would take random pictures of everything. TristaLou: What do you think sets your photos apart from others?

Vira Dee Undead: I Vira Dee Undead: have actually been Quite honestly, I do shooting photos not do a lot of since I was 16. I touch ups or photostarted shooting senshopping. I love ior pictures for $20 seeing people for what for my fellow classmates with a Canon they actually look like. 6 mega pixel camera - that was high No special outfits or professional tech for me back then! makeup, I love photographing people for how they look everyday. TristaLou: What got you TristaLou: What are some of your past started? projects that you have enjoyed working on? Vira Dee Undead: I have Vira Dee Undead: I really enjoyed always loved shooting for Art Sunday for the Undertaking picground Horror Festivals. They are so tures. Even much fun! when I was little, the best TristaLou: Do you have any upcoming present you projects that you will be working on? 10 Darkfaery Subculture Magazine

Vira Dee Undead: Well I hope to be opening my studio within a few weeks, so a lot of new projects will hopefully come up when that happens! TristaLou: What do you want others to know about your photography business? Vira Dee Undead: I will photograph anyone! They do not have to be "modified". I offer photography at the most reasonable price and an artist touch that no one else can match! Every photograph I take has a personality of its own and captures the models true nature, not a photoshopped copy.

BanderSNATCH 2.0

The dark side of Oklahoma City’s club scene is premiering this Thursday, August 5th, at the hidden castle in Norman, Oklahoma. Bedlam Emotion, DJ Mayhem, DJ Ostara, DJ Bone, and DJ Dead Dreamer will perform at Fracture!, a new dark electronic event put together by Jesse Edgar (AKA Bedlam Emotion) and FourStarSocial. Fracture! is just one part of Edgar’s long-time dream to throw a dark rave event, inspired by a love for industrial music that started when he was a teenager. “I can remember back when I was 13 and 14 years old, listening to Wumpscut, VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk, and wondering how you could incorporate that into an event,” Edgar said. Oklahoma City has been waiting awhile for the industrial music scene to rear its dark, evil, and delicious head again since most of the events moved to Tulsa with Wes Turner, a local promoter with Re:Mission Entertainment. However, Fracture! is doing more than just catering to industrial music fans. DJ Ostara and DJ Mayhem are creating custom sets in their own genres to give their style of music a darker feel, hoping to bring a variety of types of music fans together. Fans of industrial, synthpop, EDM, electro, dark breaks, and DNB can come together and explore the darker side of their favorite music while being introduced to other genres they may not have experienced otherwise. “To sum it all up, I decided to follow my dream as a younger party kid and throw Fracture! OKC/Norman’s newest dark electronic event!” Edgar said.

The sequel to the legendary warehouse party! Now upgraded to a legendary CASTLE PARTY!!!! It's going to be on September 3rd at the Hidden Fracture! will be held Thursday, Au- Castle in Norman! gust 5th, 2010, at Norman’s hidden castle – 1309 24th Avenue SouthDJ's include west, Norman, OK 73072-5704. This is an all ages show with a $5 Ed Crunk cover. For more information about Dj Payload this event, FourStarSocial, or to Kid Optimus contact Jesse Edgar, go to Dj Mayhem SHINEBOXXX FizzTECH Beer - food - $10 cover - all ages 1309 24th Avenue Southwest Norman, OK 73072-5704 Thursday Night, August 5th You are invited by Jesse Edgar and 4STAR SOCIAL to experience Fracture. OKC/ Norman’s newest Dark electronic event located at the hidden castle off lindsay and 24th. Experience Industrial/Synthpop/EDM/IDM/ Electro as well as Dark breaks/ DnB/Dubstep. Specially made sets from Mayhem, Dead Dreamer, and Ostara for the nights Darker/ progressive enviroment. bedlampromotions jesseedgar

Talent Includes Bedlam Emotion DJ Bone DJ Mayhem DJ Dead Dreamer DJ Ostara Beer - food - $5 cover - all ages 1309 24th Avenue Southwest Norman, OK 73072-5704

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reply: There are many things I saw while By Todd Wolfe among the Epsilon troupe Photography by Dirk Hooper which normally could not occur. Anyone with an ear to the wind has doubt- after having witnessed the man carve an My language merely reflects that. less heard the rumors of technological apple from within someone's mouth with a marvels and unbelievable concoctions... chainsaw, it does seem that his imagina- My last pleasure before bidding farewell scientific and alchemical accomplish- tion may be a bit too fertile. to the caravan was a personal tour of Epsiments said to spring its bearers into new lon's Cryptorium, which contains remains ages of success. Similarly, those same I next had the pleasure to make the ac- of many of the fantastical creatures which persons likely discount said rumors as quaintance of Ivy. Ivy is said to be one of the troupe has encountered during their little more than fanciful thinking. Howev- the only people able to match Professor journeys. While it should come as no surer, one humble author recently found him- Epsilon's particular brand of madness prise that people as unbelievable as these self adrift among numerous disparate ac- stroke for stroke. Only instead of fabricat- would attract animals in kind, I was nonecounts of such amazement all leading ing imagination into metallic shells, Ivy's theless unprepared for the assortment back to a single source... a bewildering dreams sprout to life amid brush-strokes. which awaited me once I actually entered term spoken as if it invoked forgotten She seems to share a perpetually won- the display tent. A shrunken head and the power - Epsilon. drous curiosity regarding the world remains of a faerie, as well as a plethora around her. On more than one occasion of creatures I don't even know the names Carnival Epsilon's first act of incredulity she worked impossible objects (such as for, were open for any to see within the may well be in the difficulty one has in spoons!) deep within her nose. While I shrouding cloth... for a small fee of actually finding them, but this is not a sto- cannot exactly surmise the benefit of this course. ry of a writer's personal adventures and so newfound knowledge, Marcus was quick must begin with the moment which I fi- to correct my misgivings by noting: "All There are many things which cannot be nally caught up with the azure caravan. knowledge is beneficial." explained or understood... and Carnival Although the simple 'E' that adorned the Epsilon seems to have all of them. side of the canvas did little to clarify the I next met the troupe's strongwoman, exact nature of those whom it housed; I Rose. Now, when I type the phrase Carnival Epsilon's Upcoming Events now realize that any attempt to accurately "strongwoman" then I realize the first describe what exactly went on within thing that leaps to mind is a tragedy of Cuyahoga County Fairhi would require more space than even a nature in which the fairer sex is cruelly Berea, OH syndication such as this can provide. I cursed with the imposing physique usually Aug 9th - 15th stayed with the troupe through three of reserved for her masculine brethren. To their performances, sampled some of their those suffering such an assumption I must marvelous Elixirs, and entered the myste- remind of my earlier caution: Carnival Palace of Illusion Sideshow Tour rious "Cryptorium". Epsilon defies simple description. Rose's East Coast strength and endurance is not rooted in Aug. to Nov. Before I begin a recount of my experienc- freakish muscles or an unusual physique, es, it must be said that the inhabitants of but in a vial of red liquid which is said to Wild Wild West Con Carnival Epsilon defy simple description. increase a body's natural abilities. In fact, Phoniex, AZ It is therefore best to discuss each of its it seems Rose was chosen as the strong- March 4th - 6th members individually, as any attempt to woman precisely because of her natural categorize them could only begin with an gentility, garbed in delicate lace and sell- Oklahoma Steampunk Exsposition expectation of failure. ing personally crafted hats... a very image OKC, Oklahoma of femininity when not having drank the April 15th - 17th I first met with Professor Marcus Epsilon, elixir. a man who has apparently never heard the idiom 'If it isn't broken, don't fix it.' Mar- Lastly, I encountered Roxanne. Roxanne cus does not seem to have ever laid his seems to be someone who is determined eyes upon a device which he couldn't im- to be able to do whatever she wants, reprove or (at the very least) augment. gardless of the physical boundaries which Whether it is a pair of automatic scissors would obstruct her. I repeatedly saw her or a vial of mysterious blue liquid which contort and rearrange her body in fashions both cured the hacking cough of an old that made me shudder to even watch, esman whom the caravan came across and, caping from straight jackets or wiggling later, was actually poured across a series her way through a tennis rackets... each of metal pipes at the rear of its caravan to victory seemingly immediately following force it to go faster, The Professor seemed up with an even more impossible chalto have to only imagine something and, lenge. I realize there will be many a reader within a matter of days, his idea would apt to remind me that something cannot be somehow find its way into reality. Still, 'more impossible,' to which I can only

Carnival Epsilon - an Eccentric Experience

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Carnival Epsilon from left to right - Rose LeFeè', Ivy Epsilon, Prof. Marcus G. Epsilon, Cotter Pin, and Roxanne. Darkfaery Subculture Magazine


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By Vira Dee Undead

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Tulsa based punk rock band, The Soap Charge, gives their first interview ever to DarkFaery magazine. Formed in Oklahoma in the bassist's garage, Davy, Travis, Devon and Rusty came together in their love for music and have already went on to play on the No Coast Punx Fest in Denver. Soap Charge proves that with a little hardwork and a tight group of friends, even in a state like Oklahoma, punk bands can be successful if they have enough passion behind them. The Soap Charge members where kind enough to sit down, take a few photos and talk about their band and their love for music. So how was the band formed? Davy: Well, Rusty, Devon and I played in a band before this called The Disowned and have just loved playing snotty punk music since then. But it was mostly created out of boredom and hatred for the people around us. Devon: It started off with Davy and Travis rockin out in Travis's garage writing drunk. Davy, Rusty and myself have jammed for years. We were in a band called the Disowned and we are really use to each others writing style and know what each other like. Plus we are all super best fuckin friends!(FAMILY REALLY!) So with Davy and Travis came to me and Rusty, thus formed The Charge. What are some of your musical influences?

people, which doesn't happen much around here, because there's no punks. We hope everyone who watched liked us, if they didn't, fuck em'.

Rusty: The only bands I've been in is been with Davy and Devon and some old mates from our home town Sand Springs, "The Disowned", but have done things with other people just messin around but it didRusty: Ya i agree, it was pretty sick! They n't realy go past playing one song in a garasked us to play this great show for Jere- age then getting trashed for the rest of the my J Roscoe (Gordy's brother, who is no night. longer with us). We personaly never knew him, but what we've heard he was a pretty And what message are you trying sendbad ass guy. They fed us, gave us a place ing with your music? to stay, and helped us get back home. Thats fuckin dedication to friends and fam- Davy: Just do what you want and live life ily if you ask me. your way and not up to anyone else standards or expectations. We drink and have Devon: DRUNKEST WEEKEND OF MY fun and live our lives exactly the way we LIFE! It was so amazing and down right want because we rule. Also we always say fucking kick ass! It was an amazing step stick up for your friends because they for our band because it gave us a chance aren't supposed to be people who come to throw our name out there meet amaz- and go. Keep your friendships strong and ingly awesome people and get to play with have each others backs. incredible bands. Much love respect and thanks to Gordy for putting it all together Rusty: Have fun, do what you want and and giving us a chance. It was honestly dont let people walk over you. Live your the best fucking show we ever played and life to your own standards and don't have I hope to play it next year! some asshole tell you how to live it for you. Like Davy said, have your friends back, if What bands would you like to play with there your true friends they will be here in the future? tomorrow and the next day and so fourth. This is for us and fuck the rest. Davy: BLANKS 77 because they are amazing! Devon: Do what you want not what others want you too. Live life to its fullest and Rusty: Really, any band that is true to have fun while doing it; with a shot of whiswhat they stand for and not some trendy key! kids who do it for the moment. Is there anything you would like to tell Devon: Blank 77, The Discocks,hopefully people about your music and what you very soon in Minnesota with Virgin stand for? Whores. It would be rad to play with the casualties Davy: Anyone can do it. haha.

Davy: Mainly 90's street punk and japanese pogo punk is the shit we get And you are already signed. Who's your Rusty: Agreed, well said Davy. We have down to! label? fun playing and singing about what we love and do. Thats what were about. Devon: Cockney Rejects, Bad Engrish, We just got put on Safety Pin records and the Chernobyle Babies, GBH, The Busi- we're saving up to record our e.p. so they Devon: If you dont like us then your sober! ness, The Rippers, The Casualties, The can press it. Oh yes! Crack open a cold one and pogo Restarts, fuck theres a shit load! As long your brains out! Its fun, its catchy and we as its fast, fun and I can pogo to it I'm all Can you introduce yourselves and what just flat out dont give a fuck. into it. you play? Catchy and upbeat, The Soap Where was your first show and who did Davy: I'm Davy and I sing or whatever you Charge has a perfect blend of vocals and you open for? call it. music, put that together with their "don't Rusty: I'm Rusty and i play the drums and give a fuck" attitude and their pure punk Davy: At a shit-hole bar that doesn't exist the kazoo on my free time. rock passion, that has seemed to be lost anymore called the Dragon's Lair, I think Devon: I beat at a piece of wood that has on so many modern punk bands and you it's the Reverb now, and we opened for the six strings. get a band that is definetly worth not only Dirty Mugs. Travis: Bass and Vocals listening to, but following. You can follow The Soap Charge on their myspace, The Soap Charge got a chance to play Have any of you had any previous mu- at No Coast Punk Fest, how was that sical experience? Keep an eye out for their first album from for you as band? SafetyPin Records. Davy: I played in a band called The RipDavy: Fucking awesome! We were so pers. We have a CD out and are currently happy to get invited like a month before. looking for new members. You can contact Gordie(our mate who put on the festival me about Rippers Cd's at from The Bad Engrish) is the nicest fuck- soapcharge ing guy. We got to play in front of a lot of Darkfaery Subculture Magazine


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August 2010: Version 10: Volume 1: Issue 5  

In this Issue: Carnival Epsilon, Darkfaery Girl TristaLou, Photography by Dirk Hooper and Vira Dee Undead, The Dark Side of Oklahoma City, a...

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