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Girls Only Night Hey girls! With more and more of you funky chicks joining POA, the founders and angels have come together to create a testosterone free Girls Only Night, a night of awesome fun, laughter and female bonding. The first Girls Night was held on the 30th of May and the game as you can guess was Halo Reach, hosted by the one and only crazy chicks, mel and sugerbuzz82. Six girls attended this awesome night of custom map style gaming, one map which was created by the found himself Doxsic for the xbox community night. After playing some 3v3 against each other the girls then went on some swat style matchmaking, issuing the random guys on the other teams there very own style of “TBagging�. If any of you girls are interested in joining this awesome nights then keep an eye out for what Sugerbuzz and Mel have planned at

Welcome to the section where the games are always fun, the laughter always loud and the good times always going. From killing zombies while running through cities, hunting down outlaws in wild west or trying to beat your best score on the track, there is always something different happening in this section. Each month brings more games and more excitement, there is laughter and fun to be had at these social events. All you have to do is check out viewtopic.php?f=126&t=4804 to find out what games are coming up for next month. Don’t forget to put your name down, so you can join in the fun.

On this night DarkCrista took people on a trip through hotels miles under the ocean, torn and broken due to the RAPTURE. Due to server problems and Mel not being able to join in, DarkCrista, LoraxtheMighty, Aao Magix and Dante rt made the best of what they could in a game that needed a min of 6 players. First we played capture the little sister, in this game you have one team that defends her and the other team who has to steal her and put her in a vent. AaO Magix and Dante rt were our first defenders, LoraxtheMighty and DarkCrista were the attackers. Being a first time for most the people in the lobby, no one knew what to expect. So when the attackers walked into the room to steal the little sister and came face to face with AaO Magix wearing the Big Daddy suit they had no clue what to do. LoraxtheMighty and DarkCrista ended up spending most the match just trying to kill AaO Magix. Rounds then switched and DarkCrista was the one with the power suit, the suit which is hard to walk in or even aim got DarkCrista killed quiet quickly and AaO Magix’s ended up stealing the little sister but got killed before he was able to put her in the vent. Next round Dante rt had the suit and showed to be a little harder to kill, but LoraxtheMighty still ended up getting the little sister just like AaO Magix though they never got her to a vent. In the last round LoraxtheMighty showed people how it’s done and survived in the big daddy suit for the entire round not dying once, good work. Second game was Turf Wars, this was like playing domination in black ops or conquest in Battlefield. We had to capture three main areas and hold them. Though the maps were hard to navigate and the directions got a little confusing, with stairs and doors leading into nothing. LoraxtheMighty and DarkCrista ended up winning the game by a landslide. The Big Daddy suit dropped at random in the map and DarkCrista was the one to find it, using that suit better then she did in the first game ended up keeping the other team at bay from stealing the areas. After Dante rt left us we got into a game of Free for All, 3 people running around on a huge map with different areas was kind of hard but also fun. There were turrets you could hack that would either shoot missiles or act as a machine gun when ever someone walked into the room, there was also vending machines that would act like land mines if you went near them. These things were scattered across the map and you didn’t know if they were hacked until you walked near them. The Big Daddy suit dropped twice through this map, first DarkCrista got it but like the first game couldn’t use it well and LoraxtheMighty made it his mission to take her out. Then AaO Magix’s got it and used it like a pro, taking out all of us and winning the game.

FIGHT NIGHTS So you like social but you also enjoy competitive, well POA has this for you,

Fight Nights. Show your mates how

skilled you are by winning at custom games set up by the host of the night. Laugh and rage all in one night of social gaming, to find out what fight nights are ahead check out http:// for all your information.

Black ops with LoraxtheMighty and DarkCrista LoraxtheMighty organized a night filled with six custom games he made himself, we had Russians versing Americans for the winning points. With all the popularity of Black ops there ended up being two packed lobbies. LoraxtheMighty hosted one while DarkCrista hosted the second one. Each lobby was loud with laughter and talk. 1. Mike Myers, one person was nominated to be Mike while the others were branded college losers. Mike was impossible to kill, so everyone had to hide from him. The catch of the game for the college losers was that you only had 5 life's to win you needed to be last man standing or to have less deaths then everyone else. To help you out in the quest to win you were given decoys to rat out your mates just had to make sure that you threw them and ran before Mike found you. This game alone had people cracking themselves up as they ran around ratting out friends and then raging when they got caught. 2. Cops and Robbers, this was a game of capture the flag but with a twist. The robbers had to steal the flag while the coppers had to stop them, the cops could not go for the robbers flag though. The speed of the robbers helped them get the flag and race back quickly but the low life made it easy for the cops to kill them. Only having 15 lives this ended up being a challenge all on it’s own for the robbers. 3. No Scopes Free For All, this game was like a hacked Modern Warfare 2 lobby. If you ever wanted to try across map no scoping with a sniper then you got the chance with this game. Steady Aim was at it’s highest which meant all you had to do was shot at people running by. 4. Secure the Estate, a lot harder then it sounds. We split into two teams, one team defended and the other attacked. The defending team would get into position inside the Villa, when they were ready they would throw a decoy and the attacking team would make there way through the fountain. Once the whole attacking team was inside the Villa then game finished and the defenders got given a chance at attacking. 5. Death machine, no aiming down sight just run and shot. This game was played with a M60, steady aim and low life, all you had to do was run around shooting people and trying to get a kill streak. 6. Worst weapons ever, no way could people get a kill streak with these classes. People ran around with shot guns and hard to aim machine guns, making it hard for anyone to get high kills but some did win. All in all the night ended up to be a success. There was chatter and laughter all through and some people ended up staying late to play more Mike Myers. Thank you to everyone who joined in on the fun and thanks to LoraxtheMigthy for setting it up and making some awesome games.

Killing Locust with I’ m Ronaldo in Gears of War 2 The night had plenty of laughs as expected, it is one of the best things in gears doing something crazy as the final kill or being the last man standing and coming out victor to hear the others laughing and screaming as you pop back into in-game lobby; and let me tell you, there was plenty of that. One instance was when I had B3nje909 come charging at me on Avalanche, I had the high ground and as he came up the stairs rolling I aimed my shotgun square into his chest, pulled the trigger and sent him flying back down. This was one of the many instances where the in-game lobby burst into laughter. It was good to see those that started off slow in the night get more involved in the action, as the likes of CHOOKAMUSCLEMAC, MOKTango and vL turner took charge to the opposition, guns ablaze wiping out the other team to recapture the ring. Without those three and their combined work we would have been no match for the fierce DeadlyDavey, B3nje909, II 9 II Lockyer and their deadly "hardcore bot" who were a tough team in the later hours of the night. We started off with ten players playing Execution to get use to the game again (since practically all of us were so into the Gears of War 3 beta. If you've played the Beta you'd understand how much different it is to Gears of War 2) and to find our touch with the gun. As time got on, we realised that as much fun as Execution was and entertaining it was to watch the others battle it out.. we wanted to get back into the action which is why we opted for Guardian. Guardian was intended to be long lasting games.. we started the first game with II 9 II Lockyer running to the Morter aiming it roughly at where the Locust were and sent a shot in the air. It hit only but one person - B3nje909 who was the Leader. That game lasted roughly 30 seconds. With the continuation of Guardian only lasting about 2 minutes each. So as you can imagine, Guardian was a short lived Game Type. We then opted to move to King of the Hill and this is where the infamous team of B3nje909, II 9 II Lockyer, DeadlyDavey and the "Hardcore Bot" took charge. They pretty much dominated the games to follow. Which resulted mostly in CHOOKAMUSCLEMAC, vL turner, MAKTango and myself cursing as we died. Mostly it came down to; "FUCK YOU BENJE!" as he continuely blew three of us apart with his frags. Though it was mostly my fault as I quote from Benje; "Hey Ronaldo do you think we could change the Ink Grenades to Frags?". King of the Hill worked well for the night, everyone was respawning and charging back into the fight, MAKTango, vL turner and CHOOKAMUSCLEMAC were always keen to try and break that ring though countless times were just no match for the other team.. especially with the shotgun duo of II 9 II Lockyer and DeadlyDavey and well also that fucking dom bot! He even spidermaned me! There were plenty of Shotgun battles in this Game Type. Security was a very intense map I'd say, and it was probably one of the only games that my team managed to win, especially the round where we had the upper ground at mulcher with the lasers protecting us, with myself on the mulcher helping the others blast away the Hu- mans. With the night coming to a close we decided to finish off with Wingman which proved to be a very entertaining Game Type. It consisted of three teams; Myself and vL turner, II 9 II Lockyer and DeadlyDavey, B3nje909 and CHOOKAMUSCLEMAC. Which I got abused alot for being "host". This is the time where vL turner and myself carved up the others. There was plenty of blood and guts across our screen in these battles, where it just ended up with all six of us battling it out in the same area trying to destroy the other. Once again, II 9 II Lockyer used his talent with the Mortar once again to blow vL turner across the map. Which resulted in a 2 v 1 - the "host" and the deadly shotgun duo of DeadlyDavey and II 9 II Lockyer. But I'll give you a guess who won

Esports clans are a big thing in the competitive section of Punch on Australia. All the people in these clans play for the fun of the competition while also representing Punch on Australia through a number of different cyber esport ladders, Like APL (Australian Premier League), ACL (Australian Cyber League) and Cybergmer. Here is an introduction of all the guys and girls who play for these clans.

Australian Premier League The Australian Premier league is a FIFA clubs competition hosted by POA. There are currently 25 teams over 2 divisions (over 200 players) fighting for their respective division titles. Each player like in real life soccer hold one position on the field with their " virtual pro"

POA Rovers

Current squad:

FIFA Club POA Rovers joined the APL (Australian Premier league) in its first season back in Jan 2010. Like POA, the club was Founded by members Ashcore101, and Funkmaster West. In season 4 the Rovers got a chance at the cup but lost to Zenith FC in the finals. Three of the long serving members Thunderddik, cristiano587 and Toro Sol left to become free agents after season 5, they also lost Westy (a.k.a The Brick Wall) to retirement. Under the management of Ashcore101, the Rovers finished in the top 4 of the ladder in seasons 1-5 in APL’s top division. After 5 seasons of running the team though Ashcore101 leaves POA Rovers, handing the team over to vice captain Dave Muir. In the season 7 POA Rovers finish in the top 4 again losing to Finalist FC United 3-2 on aggregate. POA Rovers stand as one of two clubs to still exist today since APL's inception.


Current squad: Ashcore101 (Captain) I'm Ronaldo (Vice Captain) The xx Ruiner TwinDaddy03 ijawz Lorax the Mighty Black Lotus 89 Kman Da man

The second FIFA team to join the APL ladder is Real POA, starting off in division 2 of the ladder they finish 8th in season 4 and 10th n season 5. Ashcore joins REAL Pin season 7 Real POA get Ashcore101 as there captain and manager, his goal is to get Real POA into the top division ladder on APL. REAL POA recruit hard and bring in experienced players such as I'm Ronaldo ( vice captain), The xx Ruiner, Twin Daddy, and Kman Da man. In season 6 Real POA beat Hippy with STD’a 3-2 on aggregate in the Grand Finals and won the division 2 title. In season 7 there are now two POA teams representing on the top division ladder in APL.

Dave Muir Chris Carter G sea Smartyzz BixbyNoir Aooi ThierryKING173 SpaceCowboy29 InJa SKiLLz sedste justFIERCE

(Captain) (Vice Captain)

Battlefield 2 Clans The new POA Bad Company2 clans are called 'POA Vikings'. There are 2 main squads within this clan, 'Tyrfing' and 'Mjolnir'. These boys have been playing BC2 as a clan for about 1 year. They started way back in the days of Cybergamer and played a number of games against xAPx and xPSx. They finished second on the 8v8 ladder before they closed it down. xAPx are our undefeated rivals so far. They came first on the 4v4 rush ladder and have maintained that position as the ladder has closed. “The POA Vikings are a new clan but they have some of the old players along with a few new guys. II Turtl II (POA’s Clan Manager) and DestroyedAUS are the leaders of the clan, and both command a squad each of about 6-8 players who break into 4 when they play 8v8 matches. They try to practise every Wednesday night, but they’re all on most evenings winning matches in public servers at different times through out the night. They’re almost at the stage where they will continue the friendly rivalry they have with xAPx - “I think the guys have mastered comms, vehicle use and smart play as a team. We are ready to accept any challenge from any Australian clans that are about. BC2 is NOT dead. “ Says DestroyedAUS, “We have a lot of interest and have located a number of BC2 clans interested in a scrimm. xAPx will be our first though, if all goes well, and we hope to keep that up as a regular thing.” Both II Turtle II and DestroyedAUS are essentially training the guys up to be a dominant force in B3, which when it releases, will be the biggest game in Australia - and they’ll be ready to lead the competition next to their brother club - xAPx.

Vicious Intent who was originally called Joy Division but changed there name recently, has been active as a team for over 3 years. The team originally formed for fun in Halo 3, but really established themselves as a team on CyberGamer in the Modern Warfare 2 ladder. Currently Vicious Intent (Vi) are competing on CyberGamer’s Black ops SnD ladder (as Cloud 9, a Vicious Intent sub-team) and on the 4v4 ladder. The team is looking to make P2P and ACL online tournaments, and are open to participating in LAN tournaments. There have been several generations of Joy Division/Vicious Intent members and ex members, who can be found throughout the CyberGamer community. Joy Division love the idea of Punch On Australia and are hoping to represent the name well and show what the POA community is made of. They currently have 5 members and are looking for a 6th. Members: Boro AU (Captain), SheEpz AU, Josh is Chin, Spaad, Clingo V

Wolf Legion Wolf Legion was founded and named by II Turtle II, who is the POA Clans Manager. When the clan first started it was called Wolf Legion—21st Company and only played in the 4v4 ladder on Cyber Gamer, training twice a week in three different modes of CTF, SnD and Domination. After having a few games the team then decided that they had more fun playing SnD and after that joined the Hardcore SnD ladder. After a couple of months the clan become popular and started recruiting new members. After reaching the quota II Turtle II then decided on making a second team. This would then split up the original company into two different company’s. There was Black Company run by II Turtle II and Firemensam, Arctic Company run by Fortang and DarkCrista. After a little while, more people joined and a third company was formed Dire Company. After a lot of discussion DarkCrista decided to put her hand up to captain Dire, giving her vice captain position in Arctic to Griffo277, she nominated BAD COMPANY 94 from Black Company to be her vice captain. All 3 companys play on the SnD Cybergamer ladder. Some of us still play in the 4v4 team and some of us even compete in a CTF team called Never Back Down, captained by Killer KZL 303.

Originally run by II Turtle II and firemensam this team is now run by Dr Bootstrap and Killer KZL 303. Black Company was then handed over to the Tassie boys of the group to lead and transform it any way they thought possible. These boys play to win and that is exactly what they’ve been doing, making their way to the top 15 on the ladder. After the departure of II Turtle II and firemen, these boys still play to the best of their ability and Killer helps the other Wolf packs by putting up reviews on everyone’s performance and telling them what they need to work on to improve.

Originally run by Fortang and Griffo. Fortang left awhile ago and though Griffo is still apart of Arctic and he does still help run them but with alot of other things to do with POA Tv, Griffo handed his captain position over to DarkCrista and went back to being a vice. The members of this team is xx Coona xx, Supanaut, Bad Company 94, FiremenSam. Made up with a more mature group of players, these guys show it with their skills. They too like the rest of Wolf Legion play on the Cyber Gamer ladder. The team is both fun to scrim and pub stomp with, all bring their own to the battlefield from great defenders like Supanaut to rushing attackers like Griffo277. Everyone has their own set skill and the team helps them to grow the more they play. Run by Ready2Slap You, Breeza1234 and xGirl Germsx, Dire is the third company within Wolf Legion. Other members are Arnor Ranger117, oCPTo HAMMER, Da Rob Dawg, TheOnlyAsh, MordenKeehan and TH37EVENTH SIN, they are a growing team and have up to 9 members in them. Until recently this team was run by DarkCrista and Bad Company until they handed it over to Ready2Slap You and went over to Arctic, to help that team out. Since then Dire has won a pre-season match going 15-10, they have gelled well as a competitive group and are coming up with good ideas to make them a really strong team.

Coffee Lounge This will be the place to look if you want to read some interviews, hear some game chatter, or look at some funny stories. This issue is going to be small as the Ezine is still pretty new to POA, next month is going to be crazy as the people I’ll be chatting to are the Crazy Angel’s themselves. This month though we have an interview with the the one and only Funkmaster. Chatted with him about this loving gaming community that him and his mates worked to create for everyone to enjoy.

Name: Westy Gamertag/s: FunkMasterWest D.O.B: June 26th State: NSW So how long have you been apart of the gaming world? Like most members, I’ve been playing games since i was a little kid. I used to host LAN’s with Dox and Ash on Halo 1 way back in 2001 and I guess that’s when we joined the wider gaming community. I went on a gaming hiatus for a few years before bouncing back to start POA in late 2009. What was the first gaming system you owned? and what was your favourite game on it? I played heaps of early games systems at friends houses but the very first I called my own was the Sega Master System 2. Alex Kidd was the original and best game, although Shinobi was a close second. Who else joined you on the quest of making Punch on Australia? Dox and Ash, the co founders (as well as my best mates), are the heartbeat of POA and it never would have happened without either of them. BUT there’s heaps of people that have made POA what it is today. All of our original members and volunteers through to current staff and members... everyone has contributed to this awesome community. How did all of you guys meet? I met Dox and Ash through work. We used to go Doxey’s pad after a long day in the office and LAN until 3am in the morning... before getting up and going to work the next day. Where did the idea for Punch On Australia come from? During the beta for halo 3 actually. My mate and I were getting pwned in matchmaking and I wanted to meet some buddies to team up with us. We mused about starting a clan and my mate came up with the name Punch On Australia . We didn’t do much about it but then Dox and Ash got motivated about starting a cool community and... voila! Is there a reason why you choose that name for the site? Lol. I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you. Suffice to say we were completely smashed after a night of drinking. What got you guys to create a Wankers Free Policy? And how do you enforce it on the wankers who slip through? Good question. There are many wankers in online gaming, and we didn’t want to have to deal with them. So we resolved to just kick them out quickly. Wankers do come into our community from time to time, but they are quickly identified. When they are brought to our attention, we just send a polite message suggesting they try another community. That usually works. If it doesn’t, we take stronger measures to ensure they don’t return. When you first created Punch On Australia many years ago, did you ever think that it would get as big as it has? We actually envisage a lot bigger yet! We’re really happy we’ve achieved 1000 members and still maintained a cool, close knit community. But, we feel there are still many, many cool gamers out there we’d like to have on our friends lists, so we’re excited to grow even bigger. What is yours and the other founders future plans with the site? Oh wow, we have heaps of cool plans. We want to really grow LAN gaming in Australia, and we want to provide and bigger and better online social events as well. Plus, we’re keen to grow our competitive tournaments and make competitive gaming accessible to all enthusiastic gamers. And heaps more... stay tuned!

THE GIRL BEHIND EZINE Gamertag/s: DarkCrista, POA Crista D.O.B: 6th December State: NSW Hi all I’m DarkCrista, I’m the one behind the creating of Punch On Australia’s Ezine, along with Westy who I’d say is the editor and distributor of the Ezine and Sugarbuzz who helps me with getting the information I need to do the write-ups about the events held monthly on this wonderful site. I joined POA last year in October for a Halloween Gears of War 2 fight night, that I found out about on forums. Months after joining I went to a black ops meet and greet thing that was put together by Merc, though still new at Black ops II Turtle II took me to be apart of a 4v4 team in Cybergamer, called Wolf Legion, he said I would be good for defending in objectives games. Since then I have become captain of both the Wolf Legion 4v4 and a SnD sub-team called Arctic Company, I also play CTF with a team called Never Back Down. Most nights I’m seen playing Black ops with fellow Wolf Legion members, I do play some Battle- field 2 with Sugarbuzz and Mel just for some laughs and quad flying (which I really like doing lol). So there is a little information, please enjoy your first POA Ezine and if you want any more information about something to do with Ezine or if you want something written in the next one then please email me at:

Want to find out more about what is happening in Punch on Australia then don’t forget to join their Facebook, Twitter and Youtube page. There are competitions to be held all with prizes. Thank you for reading your first issue of Punch on Australia Ezine.!/punchonaus

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This is made for a Gaming Community Forum callled POA (Punch on Australia). It is a Wanker Free based gaming community for Australia