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The Idea For some reason I started to think of all the made up "stories" that lot of fans wrote about him at his (old) website. I wanted the same thing but with a little twist. So I started to think of this "game" when we did it in school then I combine them together: There's a little some sort of "text game" or whatever you wanna call it. It goes like this, one person would start to write few sentences then the next person would continue but that person are only allowed to see the last sentence/word and that continues on and on... until you decide for how long :p With that said, I thought why not do the same, but something to do with Darin? Continue on with few sentences (exactly just how you want it, with or without Darin in it) but no violence or something similar is allowed and you'll get 3-5 sentences! And this time I've collaborated with "Darin Family China" which stands for all the pics in this book, that you are about to see!! The story starts by few sentences from Darin himself actually. It's from his "mobile diary" (old site) where I took two posts (the very first one) and put them together! Will not keep you on hold, so now to the fun part.. Hope you'll like it! ;)

It's COMPLETELY hysterical out there, I'm at the mall, and soon I'm going out to sign by myself for the first time, it will be fun and meet all the fans. Maybe see you @ "jakan" in the afternoon! Until tonight I have something... you give me reason the to Party. Although the style changed, because the old one lives on. The new one that has been introduced has maybe led to more sedentary but that's just what makes the thoughts to go on high gear. This train of thought leads me to discover new sides of you, but also of myself. This has become a bit of a "statement" for the entire society and everyone who thinks like you, because now we can refer to reliable sources to someone that everyone can look up to. Together we can defeat the darkness, I know that. There are artists and then there's you, DARIN! Your warmth, humility and empathy combined with your magical voice and enormous musicality, I summarize that into one word - love. You are love! Every day I can see your news, every day I can see your photos, every day I can listen to your songs, every day I can write your name on the papers. But I still can't stop to missing you. You don't know who I am, but you know who we are. I won't ask for much, only wish I can follow you till the end.

You mean everything. I can feel you by my side no matter where I am, what I do, countless fantasies to meet you in the crowd and say hi to you. Love you is a hero dream in the exhausted life, give me strength and courage to fight for this life. You are my eternal faith, you are my eternal faith. Cuz every time I hear your voice, which makes me feel that I can get more close to those pure and wonderful auroras. Cuz you, every memory of my youth become very precious. I hope that I have an opportunity to see you again, by that time, I'll give you a big hug. Last time, I was too excited and couldn't help getting nervous that I didn't remember whether I hugged you. To be honest, I don't remember the details about how I follow in love when I met you in the first place. But since then a brilliant man whose name is Darin become an irreplaceable part of my life. Your charming voice, your cherubic smile, your smiling eyes, your everything makes me feel happy as long as you're around. You're one in a million that no one can replace you. In return, we give all of our love and passion to you entirely. And whenever you need love, a hug or a place to have a rest, you can find it in the eyes and hearts of us. Your amazing music, your warm love to all of our fans helped us get over every difficulties, your smile is sunshine that brings us hope to fight for our life, without it we cannot imagine how dark our life would be.

You're the true angel that spread love and hope among people. Every time we need love, we always can find it in your music and your eyes. And now we together here, making it work, even from different countries. And despite that understand and love your music, texts and messages. You don't even have to understand the words of the Swedish songs to be affected and very touched. Music is universal and therefore a powerful force to influence, make a difference, change and do good. You have understood that, by using your amazing gift and talent to that. My philosophy is "Good-hearted people spreading love, people who receive love become kind-hearted". So do the animals and the plants. Be a kind person and be kind to everyone and everything, they will be kind to you.

Darin, through the years that have passed there has been a big development, partly because you have grown older but also because you have changed the style and genre, and it's brave of you. My friend wanted to do the same thing. So we went to the park and found the right person. He said, that we can do this once again only in few days. So we decided to do something else. "How to prepare a party or buy him some presents? ", he said. - No, he wouldn't like us to spend so much money, I think it's unnecessary. - um... Let's give a book publishing for him? - ...I think I prefer this plan. - It's pressed for time! Let's get it on! I do think that you means something important to me

in my teenager's time.

So it will be a happy time that I can write this to you and hope you will see it. I will always be your supporter, and you will always be my gentleman! Happy birthday, Darin! And see what we will do for you. When you learn to accept your old life is over. It's a brave new world out here. Come join us. Sure, why not!?

Hangs gladly out with it best!! It is predestined for me to meet with you. Nine years ago, when I was reading suddenly burst into your song. Using one of your songs names expresses my feeling, "Can't stop love". Last years before my college entrance examination, I made a wish I can see Darin later, unbelievable, you're here in front of me in Shenzhen! I can meet a person in a minute, like a person in an hour and love a person in a day, but it will take me a whole life to forget you, hope you know me when I see you again. He will give me a hug, warms me one more time! I hope to see a wonderful concert again! Then I can take a picture with him again! If I could have a romantic date with Darin, it would be wonderful! On this birthday I send all my love to you. Happy Birthday to Darin! Dear Darin, My friends and I are waiting for you to have a tour in Canton where you can try lots of Cantonese Dim Sum & food which is delicious! Hope to see you here and you'll have a good time! Happy birthday Darin. You are soooooooooo... wonderful, that I have felt in love with Sweden and Kurdistan because of loving you. Come on, I will always support you. You're the best singer in my heart! Wherever you go, whatever you do, we will be right here supporting you. If the sun bring light for people, you must our motivation. Your singing and lovely both make us warm. Please promise us, don't change your original heart. We have been all the time. We will love you forever and we hope you can have a better development in the future. A better development in the future. Now, you have released your new album and it's awesome! I love it! Your style has changed in a good way. A warm smile from you will bright my whole day, believe me - Smiles are the gift of you. You're the most amazing gift which I got from God. The happiest thing in my whole life is encountering you. Every Time I feel upset, as long as I hear your songs, see your smiling face, I feel full of positive energy.

I'm very lucky you're always by my side. You are my first love and mean a lot to me. A lot to me, you and your songs are my life. After you leave Shanghai China, I thought I should to do something important for myself. And I feel excited because you! Bangbangde, love you Darin! The first time I met you in Shanghai airport, when I gave a bouquet of flowers to you, you were smiling gently and said “Thank you”, held me with full of love. I was too excited that I couldn't even think of anything, said “I love you” with whispering voice, feeling your hug with all my cells. Even though it passed for almost a year, I'm still infatuated with your temperature. In this year, I'm try my best to be a better me, just like you. The best thing in my life is to hear your music. It's hard to me believe that your voice is so charming. Hopes that you can continue to bring good music to us. You're are my best favorite singer. Love ya :) I can still remember the first time when I listened to "Everything but the girl" - a really touching song. Then I met you. And when I saw you I knew you were the one. Every time I look at your charming face, I feel like my whole world is shining.

I just can't stop thinking about you. You're used to living in a fantasy. Can‘t be true in my mind. I find it difficult to explain this feeling. Can’t Stop love to you, no matter what to do. Always wanna to your tunes is listen! Have said it before and saying it again, Darin, you are so wise, compassionate, friendly and sings like a God! Thank you for your wonderful music, and for you are who you are. ALL LOVE TO YOU!! Darin to you that person of 29 years. You do every instrument in magic and do some incredible songs. The end to the transmitting end #DarinFamily us too much. Even you did not win Idol 2004, you ended up being our idol. I would do everything to see Darin on stage. That's where Darin feelt comfortable. Being able to offer the audience a good show where both the vocals and choreography where on point, and then hear the fans' applause - it was the best thing he knew. But even to write new music which came along after. When listening to your music it's just like you're just here with me hahaha. To be your fan is one of the most amazing thing in the world!

Happy birthday Darin ~ Wish you everything you want! I've been around the world to find somebody like you, but nowhere in the world I find somebody like you. You're the king on the stage, the crazy kid in reality. You're my once upon a time, nothing is too good for you. Darin, happy birthday! June 2nd, a special day. It used to be a day after Children's Day for me, but now it's different, cause I know, it's your birthday, Darin! You give a new meaning to this day and my life changed since the day I knew you, just want you to know that I love you. You are my Paradise. Listen to Darin's songs, make me relaxed and happy, as if into a fairyland. I think he has a better future. He is the most handsome once I knew him. Darin is BÄ ng BÄ ng DĂĄ. After I saw the sentence ''bang bang da'', I couldn't stop giggling. This adjective began to be popular in recent years in China, I never thought you learnt it and that gave me a great deal of surprise. Love your smile which is so brilliant and warm just like the sunshine. Finally, your splendid talent for music, I appreciate it most, not only the appearance. Be yourself and always love you. You are like the stars which are shining us in the sky, bringing us hope. I will treat you as the most precious pearl to preserve forever.

An angel whose existence makes the world a better place. With a voice, a presence that makes it easier to handle any misfortunes that life offers with. It's way more than we deserve. Darin is the most wonderful, unique person in the history of mankind. And we don't deserve him. He is so hard to forget, so we should not do more let ourselves become better. In order to encounter in the corner of the street one day, with a smile. Radiant and beautiful as few. A voice that touches, soon the whole world being listen to. Soon everyone sings with your song, butterflies in the stomach all day long.

Goes we together hand in hand. A cosy beach. Imagine how glorious life is. After discovering Darin's music! The warmth and feelings exceed one's ability to describe. It isn't only for his music but also for Darin himself being a role model in spreading positive impact in every fan's life. A total transformation..

Yes, this transformation to start singing in Swedish, write wonderful lyrics and present them from the depths of his heart is magic and something that only can Darin can handle..., it's in his blood! His voice plays back the melodies that come from his heart. And I'm totally enchanted by every piece of music there is because it fills in my love.

You fill the music's' voids, you filling out the day to the best. Darin you helping out when it's needed, with your delightful voice. The sweetest rush and chills your music gives, does slow down time when you're near, and everything is at peace and everything seems complete, and nothing your voice won't heal. You've given my life so much happiness, and your music has pulled me up from the deepest depths. Wishing you the best with every breath! Is to feel the love around you. Your smile makes my heart melt. Your voice gives me warm waves inside. I feel like I'm Winnie the Pooh and you are my honey jar. It feel's amazing. Darin, you make our days so much better. Thank you!



A birthday gift from the Dariners in the #DarinFamily network to the one and only, Darin Zanyar! Hope you'll like it!


A birthday gift from the Dariners in the #DarinFamily network to the one and only, Darin Zanyar! Hope you'll like it!