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Enduring Understandings Central Idea: Systems of governance affect people’s lives in varying degrees

Lines of Inquiry -Systems of governance -The impact of different systems on individuals -The role and rights individuals have within different systems

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Transdisciplinary Theme How we Organize Ourselves: An inquiry into the interconnectedness of humanmade systems and communities; the structure and function of organizations; societal decisionmaking; economic activities and their impact on humankind and the environment.

What makes a good system of governance? Unit Vocabulary

Links to Literacy

systems, governance, varying

Students will be applying

degrees, impact, role, rights,

the key features of

organization, affect, consequences, result, government, communism, socialism, dictatorships,

explanation texts by explaining how systems of governance work.

constitutional governments monarchies -

Key Concepts Form What are the systems of governance? What are the different impacts on individuals? What are the roles and rights of individuals in different systems?

Function How do the roles within different systems work? How are individuals affected by the way different systems of governance operate?

Communication Speaking Through a range of learning engagements emphasis will be placed on speaking clearly, expressing ideas logically and stating personal opinions. Thinking Analysis Students will be analyzing different systems of governance by comparing how they each function and the impact on individuals. Evaluation Through viewing a range of different systems students will make judgements based on chosen criteria.


Things to do at home: 1.Review the unit vocabulary.

Open- minded

2.Discuss different systems of

Students will be encouraged to be open to

governance you encounter in

perspectives and values of other individuals

the news and in the workplace.

and systems of governance. Students will be shown how to seek and evaluate a range of points of view in order to makes informed decisions and encouraged to use this to grow from the experience.

Communicator Students be encouraged to express ideas and information confidently and creatively in a variety of modes of communication. They will be shown how to work effectively and willingly in collaboration with others.

3.Discuss ‘systems of governance’ and each individuals roles and rights in the workplace. 4.Discuss ‘systems of governance’ and the roles and rights of each family member. 5.Find news articles which show governance affecting people’s lives. 6.Take and collect photos as evidence of lives being affected

Attitudes Tolerance Students will be encouraged to show sensitivity about differences and diversity in the world.

by governance.

HWOO overview  

How we organise ourselves unit overview

HWOO overview  

How we organise ourselves unit overview