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ICONIA Tab A110 OS SD Upgrade

Preparation 1. A110 OS image file ( 2. Micro SD card (512MB is recommended) 3. Plug in Adapter and make sure battery capacity is above 30%

OS SD Upgrade Steps 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Download A110 OS image file from Acer website. Extract the file and get a zip file. Copy zip file to an empty micro SD card. Long press Power key then select “OK” to turn off the tablet. Insert the micro SD card into A110. Press and hold “Volume Up key” which near Power key then press “Power” key to turn on the tablet.

7. Once A100 vibrate, release “Power” key but still hold “Volume Up” key. Release “Volume Up” key until below recovery mode shows on screen. (NOTE) Press volume up/down to move up/down. Press power key to choose the option.

8. Select “Apply update from external storage�

9. Update A110 image by selected the zip file

10. Select “reboot system now� to restart system after install finished.

Iconia Tab A110 os sd upgrade  
Iconia Tab A110 os sd upgrade  

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