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Sustainability Report 2023

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Letter from our CEO

It is with great pleasure that I share our second ESG report, which signifies our commitment to integrate sustainability, social responsibility, and good corporate governance at Moove Group.

Moove Group was formed in April 2022 with the aim of creating a modern, competitive mobility company that is not limited to specific modes of transportation. Although we are a relatively new entity, we trace our roots back to 1937. Throughout our long history, we have been and continue to be an essential part of the Danish mobility landscape in our two core areas: specialized minibus transportation and nationwide taxi services.

Welcome government initiatives

The year 2023 has been characterized by increased focus on public transport and sustainable mobility. We welcome government initiatives, including the establishment of an expert panel, as it underscores the need for innovative transportation solutions in both rural areas and urban centers. This political focus is crucial to ensuring mobility options for all, whether they own a car or not.

We have also witnessed a remarkable increase in electrification within the transportation sector overall. The industry has taken responsibility and placed significant emphasis on sustainability and reducing the sector’s environmental impact.

Celebrating 10 years of electric taxis

As we embarked on the journey towards green mobility in our company over 10 years ago, sustainability principles in the taxi industry were once an option – today, they are a necessity. Therefore, green transition is a guiding principle in our daily decision-making and practices. This development has not occurred on its own. The taxi operators in Dantaxi have shown exceptional commitment and willingness to transition operations from diesel to electric. We have actively supported this development through partnerships with other companies: an example of this is our agreement with E.ON, aimed at providing our taxi operators with a viable charging infrastructure. The results of our collective efforts are truly beginning to show: the number of electric vehicles in our taxi fleet grew by a whopping 53 % in 2023, reaching 630 by the end of the year.

Tackling electric bus challenges

We are proud of the progress we have made in the taxi sector but also acknowledge the challenges within the bus sector, where the need for electric vehicles and sustainable solutions is urgent. Currently, there is no electric bus on the market that can meet our needs, necessitating the search for alternative solutions to make our bus transportation more sustainable. We are actively collaborating with suppliers to improve our environmental footprint. Initiatives such as waste sorting, the use of green energy, and solar power on buses to supply power to the lift are examples of some of the measures included in this effort.

Diversity and social responsibility in HB-Care

An important aspect of our ESG commitment is our social responsibility. We have implemented initiatives to include women in an otherwise male-dominated sector and have supported integration projects. A central program is the integration of newly arrived Ukrainians in Aarhus, which HB-Care has been part of since the beginning of the year. This program was implemented in collaboration with UC-plus, Aarhus Municipality, and Jobcenter Aarhus. We continue to hope to actively contribute to the integration of all individuals arriving in Denmark fleeing war and persecution. Helping to integrate people into the Danish labor market is deeply ingrained in our DNA. At Moove Group, we believe in diversity and social responsibility.

The report provides a deeper insight into our ESG initiatives, challenges, and results. We look forward to strengthening our commitment to ESG and creating a more sustainable mobility sector in collaboration with our stakeholders, customers, users, and partners in 2024.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

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About this report

This Sustainability Report for Moove Group (Greenfleet Holding A/S) and the company’s subsidiaries, Dantaxi including Taxikørsel 282 and HB-Care including Aarhus Minibusser, relates to the financial year 2023. The report is prepared as a stand-alone report to the company’s annual report in accordance with §99 a and §99 b of the Danish Financial Statements Act.

The report is based on the company’s environment, social and governance (ESG) strategy and is addressed to our customers, employees, and other stakeholders. It describes Moove Group’s responsibilities in relation to climate and environment, people and society, and company management.

Any questions about the report can be directed to CEO Carsten Aastrup or HR and ESG director Anja Breum at

Moove will be the human face of tomorrow’s mobility. We will bring people together and onwards in life.
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Business model

We bring people together and onwards in life.

We have a nationwide platform of taxis and minibuses.

We create security and ensure a high and consistent level of service in our performance.

Our customer portfolio consists of private customers, business customers and customers referred to us requiring special and safe transportation.

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Moove Group is owned by Triton, a Swedish-German investment firm established in 1997 that invests in medium-sized and large companies primarily within services, consumer, healthcare and industrial tech in Northern Europe, Italy, and Spain. Triton focuses on companies with the potential to create sustainable long-term growth through changing economic conditions. Triton bought Dantaxi in 2018 and HB-Care in 2021. In 2022, Moove Group was established as a corporate brand.

Moove Group enables new and better connections between people. In an increasingly digital world, we believe that connection between people happens through people –that people move people.

For us, it’s not only about transportation – we want to create new paths, new unique opportunities, and new sustainable ways for bringing people together.

Moove Group and the company’s subsidiaries have almost 100 years of experience in ensuring our customers and users a safe and personal service. Both locally and regionally, we make a positive difference by using our skills in advanced trip allocation with consideration for people and the environment. We have regional administration in five cities across most of the country.

Moove Group is a people transportation company that specializes in passenger mobility with a primary focus on bus and taxi services. The brands are HB-Care on the bus side and Dantaxi on the taxi side. The company is registered in Denmark with head office in Bagsværd in Greater Copenhagen. employees in administrative functions

188 office locations in Denmark 5 Owned by Triton since 2018
cars 13 Moove Group Sustainability Report 2023 Page 7
company-owned employee


Dantaxi and Taxikørsel 282

taxi rides in 2023

taxi rides in electric cars in 2023

Dantaxi is Denmark’s largest taxi company, with a fleet consisting of 1,958 cars, of which 633 are electric.

Dantaxi operates with external hauliers. The hauliers own the cars and are responsible for the day-to-day operations, including the employment and remuneration of associated drivers. This means a low level of tied-up capital, a limited need for investment and excellent scalability.

1,600,000+ drivers

2,900+ hauliers


5,650,000+ taxis

Dantaxi makes customer relationships and revenue potential available to hauliers. Moove Group and Dantaxi own the public procurement agreements and the agreements negotiated with business customers.

The hauliers pay a monthly fee to use Dantaxi as a service provider.

1,600+ electric cars


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HB-Care provides specialised driving for persons referred to us by local authorities and institutions. The focus is safe transportation, where customers experience a personal service from trained and skilled drivers with an in-depth understanding of disability.

HB-Care owns 474* minibuses and employs 458 drivers*. In addition to providing a high-quality service for customers, HB-Care’s core competence is trip planning that is customer-efficient and has minimum impact on the climate and environment.

HB-Care uses subcontractor agreements, including with Dantaxi. Revenue resulting from winning public tenders is relatively stable during the contract periods, which is why HB-Care driving is considered an advantageous supplement to the independent haulier’s total revenue. Moove Group delivers the right bus or taxi for the given task and customer needs in a close collaboration between HB-Care and Dantaxi.

HB-Care and Aarhus Minibusser


17 buses




458 customers/pickups transported in 2023*

*Compared to 2022, HB-Care has had fewer customers, among other things, because we have lost a tender in Copenhagen Municipality.

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Moove Group


Core product

Dantaxi offers taxi services via supplier agreements with hauliers.

The hauliers own cars and manage operating costs and driver salary.

The hauliers pay a monthly fee for using Dantaxi as a service provider.

Group as service provider

When independent hauliers associate with Dantaxi, they have access to the following:

• Customers

• Supplier agreements

• App & software

• Brand and marketing

The hauliers are billed monthly for earned revenue.

Order via app, online booking, call center or hire a street taxi

In 2023, Dantaxi had:

• 2.2+ million bookings via app and automatic services

• 1.1+ million bookings via our call center

In 2023, Dantaxi made 5.6+ million trips.

B2C (Business to consumer) Dantaxi Private taxi customers.


Core product

HB-Care offers transport for referred customers.

The transport is planned, cf. tender contract, with the goal of ensuring efficient and quality-assured driving.

Internal training programs ensure that driving is handled by trained and skilled drivers.

Group as service provider and capacity provider

HB-Care owns buses and equipment and employs its own drivers. HB-Care’s use of subcontracts, including Dantaxi.


Order via call center or prebooked and planned runs

In 2023, HB-Care had:

• 18+ thousand different unique customers

• 1.2+ million pickups

B2B (Business to business) Dantaxi

Customers driving for work and business purposes paid by their company.

We drive for more than 1,300 different businesses.

B2P (Business to public) DantaxI // HB-Care

Driving as per public tenders .

Customers are regions and local authorities, and users are citizens, institutions, schools etc.

Moove Moove
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We want to reach everyone. We want to be with you all the way.
people moove people
Business model Companies Customers Local authorities Private Service s Systems Transpor t marketinSalesand g authoritiesLocal Institutions Companies Citizens Hauliers - Bus -Hauliers Taxi Capacity provider End users HB-Care -Bus Hauliers
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Timeline –highlights & ESG progress

4x48 TaxiNord (now Dantaxi) gets its first electric taxi, a Tesla model S.

Dantaxi kick-starts the taxi industry’s green transition with 10 Tesla electric cars.

Dantaxi is acquired by Triton.

Dantaxi submits the first ESG scorecard on greenstone+ (score 19/100).

Dantaxi announces the acquisition of HB-Care.

In collaboration with charging operator E.ON, Dantaxi launches the Nordic region’s largest taxi charging hub, Danhub, with capacity up to 400 taxis per day.

Moove Group publishes the first sustainability report (for 2022).

Moove Group calculates scope 3 emissions from parts of the supply chain or services.

Moove Group completes EED/ ESOS including reporting and communicating to relevant authorities.

32 % of Dantaxi’s fleet are electric cars.

50 % of all Dantaxis in Copenhagen are electric.

Moove Group is established and makes sustainability targets, ESG framework, policies and governance.

Moove Group signs up to UN Global Compact.

Moove Group implements a professional (external) whistleblower scheme.

Achieves an ESG scorecard on greenstone+ (score 80/100).

Moove Group acquires Aarhus Minibusser.

Moove Group publishes the second sustainability report (for 2023).

Moove Group prepares a RISK assessment.

Moove Group completes a double materiality assessment as part of CSRD.

Moove Group includes more scope 3 emissions in our reporting.

2018 2019 2020
2021 2022 2023 2024
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ESG strategy and execution

For the last three years, Moove Group has reported performance against a range of ESG data points and key initiatives, to the company’s owner, Triton Partners. The ESG reporting is designed to ensure quality in data collection, highlight the company’s strengths and inform decisions about ongoing improvements for the coming year. Moove Group has shown continued, positive year-on-year improvement, evidence of the teams work to professionalize ESG practices.

In 2023, we achieved a score of 89,9/100.

ESG score development

2023 2022 2021 2020 89.9 80.9 62.0 19.0 Sustainability Report 2023 Page 13

ESG strategy and execution

The company’s ESG strategy is integrated into our business strategy, and ownership of goals and initiatives are anchored with the board of directors, management group, and across departments and business functions.

Expectations and key point to the Board of Directors

• Triton ESG advisors

Board of Directors

Approves ESG strategy and goals. Follows up on strategy progress at half-yearly board meetings.

Management Group

Decides ESG strategy, goals and implementation. Decides and assigns resources and finances.

Expectations and key points to the management group

• Customers

• Suppliers

• Competitors

• External consultants

• UN Global Compact

Health & Safety

Human Resources

Develop and facilitate ESG strategy, goals and implementation. Ensure progress and profit realisation.

Legal & Compliance

Sustainability Report 2023 Page 14


Our business

We want to reach everyone

A nationwide platform accessible to anyone


Our customers

We want to be with you all the way

No matter where the future takes you, we are with you on the journey


Our hauliers

We want to be the preferred partner

Provides the basis for a sustainable business

Our employees

We will show responsibillity and care

Shows that social responsibillity and the bottom line go hand in hand


Our society

We want to create a sustainable change

Leading the way for a greener approach


With the ambition to ensure that we translate our business strategy into reality through common understanding, motivation and mobilization of competencies and resources across business areas, our strategic focus is gathered in a “strategy house” named Moove4Excellence. Moove Group’s strategy house consists of ”the why”, our ”key promises”, ”must win battles” and ”how to wins”.

As illustrated, the ESG strategy is a key element of the overall business strategy.

We believe that with a focused effort on strategic changes, we strengthen the execution and management power, and that it maintains employee engagement throughout the organization.

ESG strategy and action: Climate footprint – Employee engagement – Education and training – Diversity and inclusion – Leadership People moove people Moove Group will be the human face of tomorrow’s mobility. We will bring people together and onwards in life.
MUST WIN BATTLES HOW TO WINS Sustainability Report 2023 Page 15

Strategy execution

The ownership of goals and initiatives is delegated to managers and employees across functions and professional areas. With a view to ensuring the right management empowerment to drive our ESG agenda, we regularly bring the management team together throughout the year to review progress and provide sparring on activities, strengths, and potentials.

We have defined three management principles that should support management of the strategy and ensure empowerment throughout the organisation.

Under each of the three principles, behaviours and goals are specified, and the management principles are incorporated in the company’s performance dialogue.

No matter where the future takes you, we will be with you on your journey.
Principle 1: Understand your business Principle 2: Put Moove Group first Principle 3: Get things done
Sustainability Report 2023 Page 16

Managing risks and opportunities

In recent years, the world has experienced several crises. Financial and economic turmoil have disrupted the world economy through loss of income, jobs, and social stability. Concerns about global warming have grown, as have fears about the spread of deadly contagious diseases. Dealing with this increasingly complex and unpredictable world, it requires risk management that not only avoids the downside risks but also considers ways to exploit the upside potential offered by a dynamic environment.

As part of our ongoing strategy follow-up, we assess risks and opportunities and decide on the need for mitigating actions. Successfully navigating these aspects enhances

People and business ethics

The ability to attract and retain hauliers in Dantaxi and drivers in HB-Care.

The risk that collective agreement requirements increase so it is difficult to operate as a haulier and maintain a profitable business.

The challenge of attracting drivers in a difficult market where unemployment is low, and where a tender business demands great flexibility and high speed in driving operations.

understanding of the ESG landscape, reinforcing a commitment to transparency, sustainability, and effective risk management.

Our overall strategy, as described in this report, mitigates the risk to an acceptable level from a risk management perspective.

Listed below we have pointed out some of the company’s most important risks and opportunities:

Moove Group is highly dependent on having sufficient resources and competencies – particularly critical for our haulier and driver positions.

Our ability to successfully attract, hire, onboard and retain talented employees – and to do this in a scalable and efficient way – is critical for our long-term success.

Unemployment is low, and in addition to the fact that there are fewer candidates in the market, it is now a different type of profile that we can attract. It requires new and focused training methods.

To ensure Moove Group’s ability to attract and retain talented employees, we have highlighted the focus in our business strategy. We have drawn up concrete plans for how we proactively work with attraction and retention, and we have involved key people across functions. With the aim of continuous improvement, we analyze the quality of our onboarding, and we carry out engagement analyzes and analyzes upon resignations.

Risk Impact
Sustainability Report 2023 Page 17
Mitigating actions


Moove Group sees a growing risk in crimeware targeting companies. Cybercrime includes cyberattacks and unauthorizes access to a company´s network and data.

A cyberattack could damage our ability to deliver and plan the daily driving as it will challenge our day-to-day planning and coordination of taxi trips via our driving office.

A cyberattack could also damage our reputation and image.

Starting in February 2023, all administrative personnel at Moove Group has been undergoing mandatory IT security training, delivered through our partnership with CyberPilot.

Our commitment is that each employee completes every course.

To foster a culture where data management and IT security are second nature, we introduce a new course each month.

The training is supported by our IT security policy.

Furthermore, we have a robust infrastructure with strict firewall and access policies, and we will be further enhancing our security by introducing end-point management for both corporate phones and laptops by the end of the year.

In recent years, there has been significant instability in the global economic and political landscape.

Public health crises, pandemic related to COVID-19 and the tragic invasion of Ukraine have affected everyone.

An economic recession and inflation will indirectly impact our financial results’ risk that the primary focus in tender criteria will be price only and an already low margin market will be disrupted. It may be difficult to maintain current level of quality and services and opting out of investments in sustainability to be expected.

Risk of taxi use being reduced due to inflation and consumer insecurity. Our hauliers will have difficulties maintaining business.

Our flexible workforce model with a combination of own employees, independent hauliers and an asset-light strategy allows Moove Group to quickly adapt to any potential slowdown or increased cost level.

Economic recession
Risk Impact
Sustainability Report 2023 Page 18
Mitigating actions


The direct impact from expected climate changes, such as floodings etc. – in the near future, is considered limited for Moove Group.

Although it has been difficult to maintain the supply of electric cars and find suitable electric buses with a lift that meets our needs, we see great progress in the share of electric cars.

As described in this report, Moove Group has made great progress on the ESG-agenda, and with an ambitious strategy in the area, we will continue to stand out in both E, S and G.

Our goal is to be above and beyond.

With the goal of being at the forefront of the field and minimizing the company’s footprint, we aim to push the important agenda and contribute to the transport industry in general taking up this important topic.

However, the company’s progress on the sustainability agenda is not yet a competitive parameter.

Especially in the tender business, we hope to be able to highlight the importance and ensure that contracts are won on factors other than price, just as we are working purposefully on a stronger collaboration with our suppliers around scope 3.

Targets are set for how many market dialogues we will proactively influence to put sustainability on the agenda. Including the Social part (S in ESG).

In addition, we regularly participate in relevant car and bus fairs and have initiated collaborations with manufacturers and stakeholders with the aim of increasing the share of our electric fleet.

Opportunity Challenge and
actions Sustainability Report 2023 Page 19
potential Mitigating

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace, and justice. The 17 goals are all interconnected, and to leave no one behind, it is important that we achieve them all by 2030.

At Moove Group, we work actively with SDGs 4, 8, 10, 13 and 17. The SDGs are integrated into our ESG strategy, and we continuously follow up on progress.

UN Subgoal 4.3:

By 2030, ensure equal access for all women and men to affordable and quality technical, vocational, and tertiary education, including university.

Moove Group targets supporting 4.3:

We train both our employees and hauliers. In 2023, our average number of training hours per FTE was 30.29. We used 3,165 hours to train our hauliers.

UN Subgoal 4.7:

By 2030, ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, including, among others, through education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship, and appreciation of cultural diversity and of culture’s contribution to sustainable development.

Moove Group targets supporting 4.7:

Via IGU courses, we have trained and contributed to the integration of Ukrainian drivers.

We continuously train our employees in our policies around:

• Cultural diversity and inclusion

• Violation

• Working environment and safety

In 2023, we trained 46 % of employees in our policies.

Sustainability Report 2023 Page 20

UN Subgoal 8.5:

By 2030, achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all women and men, including for young people and persons with disabilities, and equal pay for work of equal value.

UN Subgoal 10.3:

Ensure equal opportunity and reduce inequalities of outcome, including by eliminating discriminatory laws, policies and practices and promoting appropriate legislation, policies and action in this regard.

Moove Group targets supporting 8.5:

Equal pay in comparable positions, our female employees on average receives 1.5% higher wages. We have identified groups of comparable position and compared the average hourly salary inside these groups. In total we have compared 57% of 188 white collar employees.

Our HB-Care drivers are remunerated cf. a collective agreement that ensures equal pay.

We have 18 employees employed with disabilities.

UN Subgoal 13.2:

Improve education, awareness-raising and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning.

Moove Group targets supporting 10.3:

We train our employees in our violation policy, and our managers get extra training.

We have no reports via the whistleblower scheme.

UN Subgoal 17.16:

Enhance the global partnership for sustainable development, complemented by multistakeholder partnerships that mobilize and share knowledge, expertise, technology, and financial resources, to support the achievement of the sustainable development goals in all countries, in particular developing countries.

Moove Group targets supporting 13.2:

An ESG strategy is integrated in our business strategy, and ownership of goals and initiatives is anchored in the board of directors, in the management group, and across departments and business functions.

Moove Group targets supporting 17.16:

Cooperation and partnerships with car manufacturers in relation to the development of electric cars and buses.

Close cooperation with schools and job centers regarding development of the labor market.

Provided 142 job guarantee statements with the goal of creating job opportunities for new graduates with bus driver’s license.

Sustainability Report 2023 Page 21

UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles

In March 2022, Moove Group joined the UN Global Compact, in which we are working together with more than 500 other Danish companies to tackle poverty and take better care of the environment. We are proud that Denmark has the highest proportion of Global Compact members by size of country.

We have integrated the UN’s ten formulated principles for responsible business operations into our ESG strategy and objectives, and also into our code of conduct. The Ten Principles relate to human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

In 2023, we reported in December and in 2024, deadline for reporting will be Q3.

The value of UN Global Compact is our opportunity to participate in subject-specific networks and workshops with other companies around significant ESG focus areas. The reporting, which is more of a self-evaluation of our efforts than it is key figure reporting, contributes to us getting a sharper focus on our priorities within E, S and G.

We want to ensure equal opportunities for everyone.
Page 22 Sustainability Report 2023


Climate footprint

At Moove Group, we are active in the green transition. As initiated by our sustainable policy, we are purposefully working to reduce our own climate footprint and select business partners who share our green vision. We buy green electricity at our own locations throughout the country and ensure continuous expansion of our electric taxi fleet. Currently, 32 % of our taxis are electric.

Dantaxi ambition and challenges

Continued growth and focus on 100 % electric vehicles

The green transition is a guiding principle in Moove Group’s daily decision-making and practices. This development has not occurred on its own. The taxi operators in Dantaxi have shown exceptional commitment and willingness to transition operations from diesel to electric. At Moove Group, we have actively supported this development through partnerships with other companies: an example of this is our agreement with E.ON, aimed at providing our taxi operators with a viable charging infrastructure.

In 2023, the increased interest from our taxi drivers to switch from vehicles using fossil fuels to zero-emission vehicles has continued. In the transition, battery electric vehicles are still the preferred choice of the drivers. Unlike previous years, the growth in the number of electric vehicles has spread from the Copenhagen urban area and larger urban areas to other areas as well. However, we can see trends indicating that access to fast charging facilities as well as customer demand for electric taxies are significant factors influencing taxi drivers’ incentive to switch to electric vehicles. The year 2023 has been characterized by price drops on electric vehicles and a more stable and lower price on electricity compared to the previous year. We do not expect significantly higher prices for electric vehicles intended for the taxi market in 2024.

Regarding to the part of our taxi fleet equipped with handicap lifts, there are currently no zero emissions vehicles’ alternatives on the market that can match the requirements that make them suitable for taxi operations. Vehicles with handicap lifts constitute approximately 5 % of our taxi fleet.

The result of this development is that the number of electric vehicles in our taxi fleet grew by a whopping 53 % in 2023, reaching 630 by the end of the year. We assess that there will continue to be a positive development in the number of electric taxis in Dantaxi in 2024.

Our ambition is to have 100 % of our taxi fleet, to be electric vehicles, by the end of 2025*. Our goal is to continue to develop in the Danish market and maintain our position as the country’s largest taxi operator, offering nationwide accessibility, mobile app booking and a 24/7 call centre.

We want to expand our taxi fleet, remain accessible to all, and ensure that our customers and citizens get safely and securely from A to B.

We have 630+ electric vehicles in our taxi fleet. In 2023, our electric vehicles made 1.6 million trips.

Today, new hauliers choose between 3 types of vehicles:

• Electric car

• Hybrid car (cheaper to purchase for the haulier)

• Old used taxi diesel car (cheapest to purchase for the haulier)

How we motivate our hauliers to buy electric taxi:

• We advise them on the overall economy of acquiring/operating an electric car versus hybrid/diesel car.

Percentage of electrical Percentage of electric Total vehicles up to 5 seats vehicles over 5 seats percentage 2023: 37.1 % 19.4 % 32.6 % 2022: 25.0 % 8.4 % 21.3 %
five seats Sustainability Report 2023 Page 24
*Electric cars with up to

• We tell them about the advantages and prioritization they get as an electric taxi driver, such as prioritization in Copenhagen Airport, for business customers and customers in general.

• We help them find the right electric car based on charging possibilities in their driving and living area.

• In 2021, we established Danhub, the largest charging hub in the Nordic region. Danhub was established in collaboration with E.ON to ensure that our own vehicles have access to fast charging, and to make buying an electric vehicle more attractive. In 2023, our hauliers and drivers charged 1,755,495.78 kWh at Danhub, all green electricity.

• In our taxi app, we make it possible for customers to prioritise an electric car. If we have an electric car in the area, it will be allocated in preference to a diesel/hybrid car.

• All our business customers automatically prioritize electric vehicles.

Dantaxi challenges

It is a challenge to reach our goal, that all our passenger cars (with up to 5 seats) are electric cars by the end of 2025. We had a presumption that both the prices and the charging network would be stronger and more attractive for our hauliers than they are.

We are aware that there are emissions associated with electricity production, which means that driving on electricity is only 100 % green if the electricity comes from renewable sources. As our hauliers are self-employed and choose the charging station themselves, we do not have access to data on energy type.

We are continuously in dialogue with electricity suppliers to find new and green solutions for our taxi drivers. We are trying to make lucrative agreements with electricity

and charging companies, so that in the future, we can secure cheap, sustainable, and green solutions for our hauliers. That way we can influence them to drive on green electricity.

HB-ambition and challenges

HB-Care’s goal is to minimize its climate footprint by limiting CO2e emissions as much as possible with regards to the nature of the operation. HB-Care has been trailing with solar panels on a small group of buses since 2020. HB-Care focuses on idling (tomkørsel) by minimizing the distance from the garage to the first pick-up. In general, HB-Care ensures this goal by systematically assessing the fleet’s configuration and updating the fleet with regards to environmental and climate requirements from authorities and the contracts HB-Care operates. Furthermore, training our drivers in environmentally friendly driving is included as part of our initiatives to reduce CO2e emissions.

HB-Care closely monitors the market for electric minibuses. Currently, there is still no electric bus on the market that can meet our needs. It is particularly the size of the batteries that poses a challenge. The lack of electric minibuses on the market does not pose a problem in relation to public tender. Considering that the electric minibuses are not yet available, it is therefore not yet a requirement in public tender.

With new solutions, such as a new planning system, and strengthened skills, we will continue to optimise the operational planning of our HB-Care buses to reduce driving with empty buses, and our goal is an electric bus fleet by 2030.

To proactively support the public sector’s ambition to transition to zero-emission transport by 2050, we continuously engage in market dialogue with our tender customers, introducing them to our ESG strategy as well as the opportunities we see for cooperation around the green transition.

Sustainability Report 2023 Page 25

EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED)

To ensure that the EU’s 2030 target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions can be met, the commission has revised the Energy Efficiency Directive. In 2023, Moove Group completed and reported on EED for the year 2022.

We defined the scope by using the 10 % rule, so that we only looked at minibuses’ consumption of diesel and HVO of a total of 16,192,301 kWh/year, that is 95.4 % of the company’s total energy consumption in 2022.

The conclusion on our EED, is 2 energy-saving measures regarding minibuses, that we are going to look into:

1. Solar cells on the roof of minibuses. We have 474 minibuses, 5 of which are currently equipped with solar cells on the roof. The solar cells can provide a saving of up to 20 liters of diesel per month or approx. 240 liters of diesel per year.

2. Driving course in energy efficient driving (together with driving course in injury-preventive driving).

Energy-efficient driving – HB-Care

Energy-efficient driving is now part of our basic training for hauliers and HB-Care mentors. In 2023, in collaboration with our training partner AMU JUUL, we completed the “Energyefficient driving” course for our HB-Care mentors consisting of 15 mentors. Our mentor team subsequently train our drivers via the “train-the-trainer” principle. This training will take place as part of our five-day mentoring programme in relation to onboarding and in our ongoing follow-up and quality assurance. In addition, our fleet managers train our drivers in connection with injury-preventive driving.

We want to create a sustainable change.
Sustainability Report 2023 Page 26

Method for the ESG report’s climate accounts

Greenhouse Gas Protocol

In order to be able to calculate our CO2e emissions in the environmental part of the ESG report, we use the internationally recognised and most widespread standard for preparing climate accounts: the GHG Protocol (GHGP). The method is recommended by the EU Commission. The aim is for such reporting to appear as uniform as possible across all industries.

Scope 1

We changed the method on how we calculate our bus emissions. In 2021 and 2022, we made the calculation based on how many kilometers our buses were planned to drive, and then used a tema2015 model to calculate the CO2e output. This year we have made the calculation based on how many liters of diesel we have bought, and to compare we also made the same calculation from 2022.

Scope 2

Scope 2 includes all emissions from suppliers who supply us with energy, including greenhouse gases, which originate from the production of the electricity and district heating that we consume.

Scope 3

In scope 3, we have included our major CO2e emissions on which we have had the opportunity to collect data. Unfortunately, we find that it is not yet possible for many suppliers to provide us with the necessary data why parts of our scope 3 are based on a calculation with average CO2e emissions.

Our ambition is to have over 80 % of our scope 3 emissions calculated before the end of 2025.

This can include subcontractors or be in connection with employees’ transport to and from work.

In 2021 and 2022, scope 3 were only Dantaxi taxis emissions.

Indirect emissions Direct emissions Other indirect emissions Scope 2 Scope 1 Scope 3 PURCHASE OF ELECTRICITY, HEATING OR COOLING PROCESS/ PRODUCTION PROCESSING OF PURCHASED MATERIALS AND SERVICES Combustion of fossil fuels Company cars Processed products Waste management Business travel Outsourced activities Renting or leasing vehicles CO2 SF 6 CH4 N2O NF 3 HF Cs PF Cs Sustainability Report 2023 Page 27

*From 2023, Aarhus Minibusser and company-owned cars are included.

In 2023, we see an increasing emission rate per customer than in 2022, this is due, among other things, that a larger part of our tenders has been in land zones, where we drive further to pick up each individual customer.

HB-Care emissions per customer (Aarhus Minibusser not included) Dantaxi emission per trip 2022 1,533,282 5,160,844 (based on bought diesel) 3.37 2023 1,300,325 4,609,430 (based on bought diesel) 3.54 2021 4,493,361 9,315,251 2.07 2022 5,553,648 9,847,290 1.77 2023 5,674,321 8,929,405 1.57 Year Number of customers Kg CO2e on driving Kg CO2e per customer Year Number of trips Kg CO2e on driving Kg CO2e per trip
1 Direct emissions from HB-Care buses and company-owned cars* 4,498,087 5,106,714 4,975,000 Scope 2 Emissions from production of the energy that Moove Group buy No info 40,970 41,161 Scope 3 Other emissions, associated with Moove Group’s activities. 9,315,251 9,847,290 9,056,360
Definitions Kg CO2e - 2021 Kg CO2e - 2022 Kg CO2e - 2023 Sustainability Report 2023 Page 28



Moove Group and our Dantaxi hauliers employ more than 38 nationalities – the five main nationalities are employees from Denmark, Turkey, Pakistan, Somalia, and Afghanistan.

Our level of education ranges from primary school and vocational education to PhD and researcher degree programs.

Data compiled by DST consulting, 20 February 2023

Inclusion, equality & diversity

In Moove Group, we focus on diversity, equality & inclusion, well-being, and health & safety. We aim to ensure that our employees have good relationships with each other and that they belong. We have, among other things, a strong staff union, an art club, running club and a gourmet club.

We hold both formal and informal social events with the aim of creating good togetherness.

We consciously work to challenge our own biases in relation to gender diversity in relation to employment in the professional areas that have historically been male dominated.

Our ambition is to inspire, motivate, engage, and upskill our employees in accordance with the company’s ESG goals so that we create ownership of strategy and goals and maintain a high level of well-being and employee engagement.

At Moove Group, we have zero tolerance of discrimination. This means we all have the same opportunities for training, development, and promotion, with equal pay for compa-

rable job functions. Our policy on offensive behaviour describes how we seek to ensure a working environment free of offensive treatment and harassment.

Moove Group is proud to be a diverse and inclusive organisation. The taxi industry has been a model for ensuring equal opportunities for all, and we have been working purposefully with diversity, equality & inclusion for several years.

We employ men and women of different nationalities and a wide range of ages, and we have successfully integrated employees with very different skills and backgrounds. To ensure a diverse field of candidates for our jobs, we remove words that can create bias etc. by using gender-neutral language in our job advertisements.

Report on gender composition in management according to section 99 b of the Danish Financial Statements Act

For 2023, the gender composition among the board members elected by the General Meeting was 83.33 % male (5) and 16.66 % female (1) – a total of 6 members.. Our diversity target for 2025 is for the underrepresented gender on our board to have an equal distribution.

Greenfleet Holding A/S does not have any employees and is not subject to the requirement to set targets for other management levels or to develop a policy regarding this.

Our management group in Moove Group, with direct reporting to our CEO, consists of 40 % women. In our middle management group, the underrepresented gender should develop from 18 % in 2023 to 40 % in 2025. A target of 40 % women in our management group is being maintained.

In recent years, we have built up a strong internal training department that takes care of the recruitment, onboarding and ongoing training of our own drivers and our selfemployed drivers. This ensures we can create the right and necessary framework for attracting candidates, and for subsequent individual learning and development.

Sustainability Report 2023 Page 30

Integration of refugees

Since the war in Ukraine began in February 2022, Denmark has taken in a large group of refugees, of which the majority are women. We believe one of the best ways to integrate refugees into society is through employment. We support this, and Moove Group has therefore initiated the Basic Integration Training Programme, known by the Danish acronym IGU. IGU is specifically aimed at refugees or their family members and enables them to obtain employment via a combination of classroom-based learning and a practical work placement.

We use IGU to recruit drivers for HB-Care in collaboration with educational institutions that provide teaching in the Danish language and driving. After successfully completing the training program, the IGU driver is employed by HB-Care on an equal footing with our other drivers.

We completed a training program in autumn 2022, and plan the next program, starting in March 2024 and expected to be fully trained in October 2024.

In 2023 we had 83 female bus drivers. 28 of these drivers was hired in 2023

More female HB-Care drivers

Being a driver in HB-Care is much more than driving the bus. It is about care for the customers, relatives, and ongoing communication with the institutions. It requires great experience and solid social skills. The bus industry has historically been a male-dominated industry and with the goal of changing this, HB-Care has introduced initiatives to increase the recruitment of women. In 2022, we entered a collaboration with job centres and education providers in the project “More female drivers”. The aim is to train more women to take up positions as disabled transport drivers.

We have launched advertising targeted at women; we have carried out a campaign on International Women’s Day 8 March and we have worked with female ambassadors – all initiatives aimed at attracting more female drivers.

Although we have not reached the desired goal, we will continue our focus in 2024.

Currently, 18 % of our HB-Care and Aarhus Minibusser drivers are women. Our 2024 goal is to have 25 % female HB-Care drivers.

Seniors – 60+

In HB-Care, we have good experience with seniors who want to spend their final years in the labor market doing something they are passionate about. This might be employees from the transport industry, or employees who have worked in other industries and now want to use their personal skills to care for our customers. For many people, a driver’s job with HB-Care is life-affirming and contributes to a feeling of making a big difference.

We deploy targeted recruitment campaigns with the aim of attracting and retaining seniors, and we are working to be able to offer various types of senior schemes. We have drawn up and implemented a senior policy that gives the company the opportunity to retain experienced resources and skills in the market.

In 2024, senior events will be held for all interested parties. Here, the employee’s senior life is planned and individual pension and insurance plans are prepared. In HB-Care and Aarhus Minibusser, we have 174 seniors. That’s 38 % of our drivers. Our goal is that 70 % of our seniors participate in a senior event.

Sustainability Report 2023 Page 31

Students and apprentices

Moove Group wants to be a learning organization where we take responsibility for young people getting a good start on the labor market. We have good experience with integration, on-the-job training, and mentoring, and we have concrete goals and programs for the education of students and apprentices.

As a part of these initiatives, we are proud to say that HB-Care is first mover in DK by developing a new bus trainee education for young people (age 21-25) in disability transport. We call it “Care worker with a bus driving license “

The training to become a skilled bus driver takes 1.5 years. 40 weeks in school, the rest of the time is internship time in the company.

In 2025, the goal is to have 10+ students and/or apprentices, of which 4 new bus trainees.

Human rights

The Group oppose and do not tolerate any human trafficking or modern-day slavery.

The Group oppose and do not tolerate any kind of child labour.

The Group collaborate closely with customers and suppliers as well as other stakeholders to ensure that this policy is complied with. The Group also collaborate with relevant suppliers, in relation to hedging any risks related to subcontractors.

The Groups employees have the right to organize themselves of their choice and to be members of peaceful associations.


om uddannelsen

Med hjertet på rette sted

Et job med læreplads og løn fra dag 1

HB-Care står klar med en læreplads til dig, så du hurtigt kan komme gang.

Et job med kørekort til bus Med kørekort til bus får du en række jobmuligheder. Din trivsel og udvikling er vigtig for os. Derfor sørger vi for løbende at opkvali- ficere dine kompetencer gennem vores interne uddannelsesafdeling.

Et job med en kort uddannelse og jobgaranti

Med en EUD uddannelse som faglært buschauffør er du job med det samme. Uddannelsen tager kun 1,5 år. Du er sikret job HB-Care efter endt uddannelse.

Du modtager elevløn under hele uddan- nelsen, som svarer til ca. det dobbelte af en SU. En del af noget større

Dit job består at befordre borgere med særlige behov fra A til B. Det kan f.eks. være børn, unge og ældre eller borgere med psykiske og fysiske handicap. For dem, er den daglige transport til og fra skole, genoptræning m.v. helt afgørende for, hvordan hverdagen hænger sammen. I HB-Care gør du hverdagen lidt nemme- re, ikke kun for vores borgere, men også for pårørende. For os er dét et meningsfyldt arbejdsliv.

1, 2, 3 køreklar

Du får hurtigt pratisk erfaring med jobbet

Du er på to praktikophold på 24 og 14 uger

Imellem dine praktikophold gennemgår du tre skoleforløb

Uddannet buschauffør 0,4 uger

Praktik 2 14 uger

HF 3 4,3 uger

Praktik 24 uger HF 2 4 uger

GF 2 20 uger HF 1 10,5 uger

HB-Care som faglært buschauffør Bliv en del af Danmarks bedste chaufførteamogfå elevlønfradag1
Komgodtigang Kvalifikationer • Du skal have kørekort til personbil • Du skal kunne tale og forstå dansk • Du skalvære sund og rask • Du skal kunne fremvise en straffeattest *Hvisduerover25årskaldugennemgårealkompetencevurdering/RKV
UCplus Skovlunde Kontakt HB-Care ellerUCplus fornæste opstart Vilduvidemere? UddannelsescenterUCplus: +45 44 87 01 00 MooveGroupUddannelsesafdeling: +45 52 34 89 07 Fåetjobi førersædet hos HB-Care ScanQR-kodenoglæsmegetmere
Som chauffør i HB-Care gørjeg en storforskel hverdag.
Sustainability Report 2023 Page 32

Education and training

Service and culture training for hauliers

Our Dantaxi service training program is targeted new hauliers. The purpose is to support the hauliers in daily business, including what it means to be part of a group and how you as a haulier and/or driver can use support functions to your advantage to strengthen your business. The main purpose is to inform and train the hauliers in the company’s culture, service, and quality requirements as well as applicable legislation and company governance. The service and culture training are mandatory.

HB-Care Academy

We are stepping up competence development in HB-Care with a wide range of professional courses. Focus in 2023 has been tachograph training and on upgrading hauliers for HB-Care driving. We also teach injury-reducing driving and energy-efficient driving. In addition to the fact that both these elements have an economic and environmental benefit, we can see that the measures also promote well-being and retention among employees.

Leadership program

To foster at strong culture and constantly develop our management skills, we have initiated a leadership program for middle managers and key positions. The education is at academy level and provides the opportunity for a complete academy education in 2 years. Our middle managers and key positions have been competency assessed and have completed one or more academy subjects/lessons in 2023.

Final Project Project Management Communication Organisation and psychology Change Management Strategic Leadership Leadership (Basic) Thebasicleadership competenciescanbeexpendedwithspecificmodules Method og teaching per subject on the academy program (AU) 4 days Classrooms 4 days Preparation and online 1 day Networking and excam preparation 1 day Excam We completed more than 22,000 training hours in 2023 Sustainability Report 2023 Page 33

A healthy and safe workplace Employee engagement and pride

At Moove Group, our goal is that all employees should be able to perform their work without themselves or others being injured or becoming ill. We want to make health & safety a conscious part of our daily behaviour so that we each show responsibility for both our own safety and that of others. Health & safety is a high priority in all departments and across all job functions.

At the end of 2022, we carried out workplace assessments at all the company’s addresses and received a very positive response from employees. The Working Environment Organisation continues to work purposefully to maintain good trends and identify potential that can be realised.

Through our health & safety policy, we want to ensure that our employees receive advice and guidance on identifying, assessing, and effectively eliminating or reducing the risks associated with our work.

In 2023 we had 26.3 % fewer accidents that have resulted in lost working time compared to 2022.

With the goal of ensuring a safe and harassment-free working environment, we carry out an annual well-being survey in addition to the statutory three-yearly workplace assessment. The analysis includes measurement of employee engagement, leadership and eNPS.



The proportion of ambassadors (promoters 9-10) minus the proportion of critics (detractors 1-6). The result can thus range from -100 to +100.

eNPS below 1 is poor

eNPS of 1-9 is acceptable

eNPS of 10-29 is good

eNPS of 30 and above is very good

eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) is a development of NPS (Net Promoter Score), which is a key figure used in measuring customer satisfaction, and in particular customer loyalty. By adding the e to NPS, the question is addressed to employees: “How likely is it that you would recommend the company to a friend, colleague or business associate?”

Overall engagement (on a five-point scale) Leadership questions (11 targeted questions) eNPS 2022 3.7 2023 3.8 2024 (Goal) 3.9 2022 3.7 2023 3.8 2024 (Goal) 3.9 2022 2 2023 6 2024 (Goal) 10
Sustainability Report 2023 Page 34



CSRD compliance is a significant undertaking, and Moove Group are therefore preparing well in advance.

The Reporting Directive will enter into force in the financial year beginning on or after 1 January 2025. This means that Moove Group´s reporting published in 2026 and financial year 2025 must comply with the directive. The new rules require, among other things, the integration of our ESG reporting in the financial statements with a requirement for an auditor’s opinion with limited assurance.

A double materiality assessment is mandatory under the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive CSRD. The assessment identifies which sustainable matters that are most material for Moove Group and our stakeholders. “Double” refers to the fact that we must consider the relevance of sustainable matters from two perspectives –1) Impact on society and the environment (impact materiality) and 2) Sustainability risks and opportunities we experience due to climate change, labor market, diesel prices, development of electric buses etc. (financial materiality).

In collaboration with external CSRD-experts, we have initiated a 5-phase model for implementing our double materiality assessment. All 5 phases will be completed in 2024, so we are prepared for reporting FY 2025.

CSRD implementation

1. Start-up and assessment

• Understanding CSRD laws .

• Legal responsibilities of the executive board and board of directors (violations determined based on criminal law).

• Upskilling employees who will be involved in the implementation.

• Implementation plan, roles and responsibilities.

• Map out the business model and value chain to achieve a common reference point.

• Determine the level of stakeholder involvement.

• Double materiality assessment with review of statutory ”sustainability matters” and any other relevant entityspecific ones.

• Provides an overview of required reporting (disclosure requirements).

• Based on current reporting, practices and data, CSRD compliance status is determined.

• Report with gap analysis for further CSRD compliance work , and with forward-looking action proposals for CSRD fulfillment.

• Establishing data and documentation.

• Calculation of climate accounts, KPIs and key figures (both within E, S and G) based on applicable standards.

• Preparation of accounting policies.

• IT and management system.

• Organizing roles and responsibilities internally.

• Establishing internal controls.

• Preparation of policies and action plans.

• ESG report.

• Integrated reporting (ESG reporting in the annual report).

• Auditor’s statement with assurance.

• Internal and external communication.

• Continue work on ESG strategy and actions.

2. Double materiality 3. Status report with Gap analysis 4. Data, calculations, policies and plans
Sustainability Report 2023 Page 37
5. Reporting and statement

Whistleblower scheme ensures good business ethics

Our aim is to avoid breaches of good business ethics, including corruption. We want an open culture where all employees can safely and securely report suspected irregularities or illegal situations. Reports are made via a secure portal managed by the law firm CLEMENS Lawyers, and all reports are treated confidentially and anonymously.

Moove Group did not receive any reports in 2023.

Policies are integrated in everyday life

To ensure that all employees in the organisation are familiar with, and comply with, applicable policies and guidelines, we have brought these together on a shared drive that managers and employees can access. In addition, our mentors and managers are especially equipped for the task, and we have regular online questionnaires and competitions.

In 2023, we started training our employees in the ESG policies applicable to them.

We trained in:

• Cyber security

• Diversity

• Health and safety

• Offensive behavior

Our goal for 2024, is to train 70% of our employees.

Zero tolerance of corruption

We have zero tolerance of all forms of bribery, and through our anti-corruption policy the company commits to compete on the quality and price of goods and services and not by offering services or favouring third parties. Third parties representing Moove Group (e.g. hauliers) are required to represent the company in a manner consistent with the principles of the company’s anti-corruption policy.

As mentioned earlier, the company’s whistleblower scheme ensures that anyone can report suspected irregularities or illegal situations.

Data and IT security

Moove Group works actively on managing information security with the aim of ensuring the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the company’s information assets, systems, and data. The company’s data and IT security policy describes how Moove Group uses a risk-based approach where the level of protection and the associated costs must be based on a business risk and impact analysis carried out at least annually.

Moove Group complies with relevant GDPR legislation and concludes data processing agreements with external parties.

Sustainability Report 2023 Page 38

Code of conduct

Moove Group’s code of conduct for external suppliers forms the framework for the minimum requirements we set for our business partners and their subsuppliers. We also expect our business partners to demand the same high level of integrity and business conduct from both their own employees and their business partners.

Collaboration partners are defined as companies (and their employees) or individuals who work for or with Moove Group as subcontractors, or who supply goods or services to Moove Group, including Dantaxi and/or HB-Care.

Collaboration partners must, in addition to the code of conduct, comply with applicable national and international laws and regulations. Moove Group expects our business partners to implement policies, procedures, and training that we deem necessary to comply with our requirements for cooperation.

Our code of conduct is reviewed with all new employees and suppliers and is an integral part of our training for hauliers.

In 2023, we sent our code of conduct to our 16 largest suppliers. This covers over 80 % of our supply chain.

Sustainability Report 2023 Page 39

Our ESG key figures and ratios

General data Environmental data Taxi trips total Number of trips 5,674,321 5,553,648 4,493,361 Taxi trips in electric cars Number of trips 1,628,895 Total number of Dantaxi taxis Number of taxis 1,958 1,910 Dantaxi taxis with 5 seats Number of taxis 1,433 1,468 Dantaxi electric taxis with 5 seats Number of taxis 531 367 Dantaxi taxis with 5+ seats Number of taxis 525 442 Dantaxi electric cars with 5+ seats Number of taxis 102 37 Dantaxi hauliers Hauliers 1,614 Dantaxi drivers Drivers 2,947 2,746 2,437 Customers HB-Care Number of pickups 1,300,325 1,533,282 1,324,512 Busses HB-Care and Aarhus Minibusser Number 474 465 Car workshops Number 3 2 2 Offices Number 5 4 Emissions scope 1 Kilo CO2e 4,975,000 5,106,714 Emissions scope 2 Kilo CO2e 41,161 40,970 Emissions scope 3 - selected emissions Kilo CO2e 9,056,360 9,847,290 9,315,251 Energy consumption scope 1 og 2 kWh 20,460,570 16,966,874 ESG Unit 2023 2022 2021 Sustainability Report 2023 Page 40

Social data

Employees Number of board members who are women Number 1 1 Percentage of board members who are women % 17 17 Total number of C-Suite women l (i.e. CEO or team reporting directly to the CEO) Number 2 2 Percentage of C-Suite women l (i.e. CEO or team reporting directly to the CEO) % 40 40 Percentage of women in middle management % 18 15 Employees with reduced work capacity Number 18 Number of injuries resulting in lost working hours Number 14 19 eNPs score Score 6 2 Overall engagement score Score 3.8 3.7 Training hours, employees Hours 18,914 Training hours, hauliers Hours 3,165 Total headcount Headcount 688 701 FTE FTE 624 628 Men Number 521 Women Number 167 Bus drivers Number 458 Employed taxidriver (Kalø) Number 16 Administrative functions Number 188 Companions HB Number 17 Mechanics Number 8 Seniors in HB-Care and Aarhus Minibusser Number 174 124 ESG Unit 2023 2022 2021 Sustainability Report 2023 Page 41

CO2e statement

Category Unit 2023 tCO2e 2022 tCO2e 2021 tCO2e Distribution Scope 1 Company cars - diesel Liters 10,406 26 0.0 % HB-Care and Aarhus Minibusser - diesel Liters 1,963,450 4,928 2,049,039 5,143 35.3 % HB-Care buses - HVO Liters 82,607 21 70,746 17 0.1 % Total scope 1 tCO2e 4,975 5,160 35.4 % Scope 3 (selected emissions) Dantaxi taxis Kilometers 71,363,540 8,929 74,908,314 9,847 56,989,967 9,315 63.9 % Business travel - flights (mostly domestic) Number of flights 39 2 0.0 % Business travel - emploeeys’ own cars Kilometers 75,931 11 0.1 % Purchased IT - PCs Number 20 6 0.0 % Purchased office supply Units 4,886 21 0.2 % Total scope 3 8,969 9,847 9,315 64.2 % Total scope 1, 2 and 3 13,969 15,048 9,315 100.0 % Scope 2 Electricity (location based) kWh 334,644 48 284,515 41 0.3 % Total scope 2 tCO2e 48 41 0.3 %
fuel combustion, processes,
Scope 1 Own
production and
the value chain Light grey cells mark that numbers were not calculated Sustainability Report 2023 Page 43
Scope 2 Purchased
Scope 3 Other indirect

Accounting policies

Reporting principles

The ESG main and key figures in this report comprise environment, social and governance data for Moove Group and its subsidiaries, HB-Care and Dantaxi. Over time, the key figures will be expanded to include new data in accordance with new industry standards, new legislation and best practice. Data for 2023 covers the period 1 January 2023 – 31 December 2023, unless otherwise stated.

CO2e emissions

We prepare our CO2e key figures in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol international standard. The GHG Protocol gives companies a uniform way of calculating their overall climate footprint, which makes CO2e emissions more transparent.

In collaboration with the consulting company COWI, Moove Group has prepared an emission calculator for use in calculating the CO2e emissions of our taxis. Emission factors are calculated using the TEMA2015 model.

HB buses. From 2023 it also covers Aarhus Minibusser, company-owned cars and company-owned taxis. The calculation is based on how many liters of diesel we have bought. Scope 1 is reduced due to fewer tenders/customers. B7 diesel multiplied by 2510 gr. CO2e HVO multiplied by 251 g CO2e .

Emissions from production of the energy that we buy. 334,644 kWh multiplied by 123 g CO2e .

Dantaxi taxis emissions are reduced due to a positive development in share of electric taxis from 2023 we also report on Lyreco office and bus supply. Computer purchases. Business trips-flights. Employees who have driven their private cars for work purposes. Cars that are company-leased, as a part of the employee’s salary. Dantaxi taxis emissions are calculated with a tool from COWI, using TEMA15 model – our taxi vehicle fleet has been entered to calculate an average emission per kilometer driven.

Increase in energy consumption is due to the establishment of a new car workshop in Tinglev.

The TEMA2015 model is used by the Ministry of Transport as a calculation tool for energy consumption and emissions for the transport sector in Denmark. The model has achieved broad recognition and is used by ministries, agencies, educational and research institutions, local authorities and companies for green accounts. The emission calculation in the latest version of TEMA is based on COPERT version 4.

Energy consumption

Data on energy consumption for power at own locations is based on regular consumption statements from energy companies or landlords. District heating is included in our rent and CO2e emissions from district heating are therefore not included in our CO2e statement.


key figures

Key figures regarding Moove Group and Moove Group’s subsidiaries, Dantaxi and HB-Care, are stated via calculations and extracts from the company’s ERP system, CRM system and payroll system, and via Power BI.

Number of Dantaxi trips

The key figure is calculated as the number of trips booked from A to B. This means that if there are four customers in a taxi, this counts as a single trip. This calculation is used because payment is made per trip and not per customer. In some contract driving cases, these are composite trips calculated per citizen in the car.

Sustainability Report 2023 Page 44

Number of HB-Care trips

The key figure is calculated as the number of customers associated with a trip. This means that if there are four customers on the bus, this counts as four trips. This calculation is used with the goal of optimizing our trip planning so that we have as many customers as possible on the same trip.

Definition of kilometres – Dantaxi

Kilometers are calculated from the time a driver receives booking information until the customer arrives at the destination and are able to registrer as available again. For street trips, kilometers are calculated from the time the customer is in the car undtil the driver drops the customer off.


In collaboration with Statistics Denmark and DST Consulting, we have prepared tailormade statistics on the number of nationalities and the number and types of education levels. The statistics are compiled based on data from the Central Person Register (CPR).

Engagement survey

The engagement survey is carried out annually for all the company’s employees. The analysis has been prepared in collaboration with the company Defgo, which has developed analysis tools and processed data and statistics. The report is divided into five subject areas, an assessment of overall satisfaction and an eNPS score. A 5-point scale is used to assess the subject areas, and an 11-point scale to assess overall satisfaction and eNPS.

Number of taxis and hauliers

Number of taxis are measured per ultimo year (december 2022 and december 2023. Number of hauliers and drivers are measured per december.


Our FTE number is based on the Danish ATP model. Number of bus drivers is HB-Care and Århus minibussen. Seniors are employees over 60 years.

Moove Group enables new and better connections between people.
In an increasingly digital world, we believe that connection between people happens through people – that people move people.
Sustainability Report 2023 Page 45

For us, it’s not only about transportation –we want to create new paths, new unique opportunities, and new sustainable ways for bringing people together.

Statement by management

The board of directors and the executive board have on this day’s date processed and approved the Sustainability Report including selected ESG key figures and ratios for 2023.

The ESG key figures and ratios are selected from the ESG key figures and ratios publication published by FSR –Danish auditors, Finansforeningen/CFA Society Denmark and Nasdaq Copenhagen.

It is our opinion that the selected ESG key figures and ratios are the most important for Moove Group (Greenfleet Holding A/S) environmental, social and managerial activities.

Bagsværd, 23 April 2024

Executive Board

Carsten Aastrup, CEO

Uffe Krarup, CFO

Board of Directors

Sonny Hoffmann Nielsen, Chairperson

Lars Christian Christiansen

Andreas Markert Christensen

Helene Anna Rasmusson Egebøl

Per Olof Martin Frankling

Carl Daniel Björklund

Auditor’s report on preparation of the Sustainability Report including selected ESG key figures and ratios

To the management of Moove Group (Greenfleet Holding A/S)

We have drawn up the Sustainability Report including selected ESG key figures and ratios for Moove Group (Greenfleet Holding A/S) for the year 2023 based on the company’s quantitative registrations and selected conversion factors and other information provided by the company’s management.

The ESG report includes an account, a report with the ESG key figures and ratios and applied accounting practices with, among other things, emission factors.

We carried out the task in accordance with ISRS 4410, The Preparing of Financial Information.

We used our professional expertise to assist the management in preparing and presenting the Sustainability Report including selected ESG key figures and ratios in accordance with the accounting principles presented in the report.

We complied with relevant provisions in the Danish Act on Approved Auditors and Audit Firms and the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants’ international guidelines for the ethical conduct of auditors (IESBA Code), including principles of integrity, objectivity, professional competence and due diligence.

Management is responsible for the Sustainability Report including selected ESG key figures and ratios 2023 as well as the accuracy and completeness of the information used for its compilation.

As the preparation of financial information is not a declaration with certainty, we are not obliged to verify the accuracy or completeness of the information provided to us by the company’s management for preparing the Sustainability Report including selected ESG key figures and ratios 2023. We therefore issue no audit or review conclusion on whether the selected ESG key figures and ratios were prepared and presented in accordance with the accounting principles presented in the report

Horsens, 23 April 2024


Godkendt Revisionspartnerselskab

CVR no. 37 54 31 28

Michael Mortensen

State Authorized Public Accountant

MNE no. mne34108

Sustainability Report 2023 Page 47

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