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Looking to establish a professional image for your company and get a corporate vibe going without spending a fortune? Then consider putting up a virtual office! A modern workspace solution, virtual offices are immensely popular among startups, small businesses, freelancers and even large corporations and entrepreneurs. For most startups, the cost of renting or purchasing a physical office space can eat away at the funds needed to run the core of the business. Yet a professional appearance is just as vital, if not even more so, when you’re launching a new business. What to do? Rather than acquiring an office space, hiring reception staff and buying expensive office equipment and furniture, a virtual office offers a ready-made workspace solution. Read on to find out more about this innovative option for businesses.

PART 1: Why Virtual Offices May Provide the Best Value for Your Growing Business Millennials are on the rise, and now comprise the largest living group today, according to the Census Bureau. And since this generation spurs current market directions through their buying decisions, it makes sense that business decisions in the upcoming years will cater to the unique needs of this generation. With more and more Millennials joining the workforce, new products and technologies, as well as processes aimed at catering to their needs in a more convenient manner, are coming of age. More and more, people are able to work from home or at a client’s location for the quickest turnaround time possible, making full-time, centrally-located offices of their own less important to many businesses. Virtual offices can benefit your business by:


Offering a professional address. A virtual office gives you access to a top-tier, professional address for your business. This gives your company instant credibility when it comes to clients and potential employees. Along with a professional address, you can also get a business phone line and mail handling services when you choose to invest in a virtual office space. Helping minimize your operating costs. Monthly costs including rent, utility expenses, and other overhead expenses can prove to be a heavy load for most companies, especially startups and small businesses. Getting a virtual office helps eliminate these costs, generating savings that you can apply to other aspects of your business. Enhancing productivity. On the average, most employees spend, two or three hours a day getting ready for work and commuting to the office. With a virtual office, you can instead use this time to work, and thereby increase your daily productivity. Giving you access to global talent. Gained a client in Singapore and need someone to be there at least once a week? A virtual office allows you to “be� there via video automation--meaning you can hire someone who works from home to represent you in a specific location, even if its half a world away.

A virtual office surely brings many advantages to the table. But to find yourself the virtual office set-up that suits you and your business best, you need to do some careful homework first. Learn about the main things to look for when searching for a virtual office in the second part of this ebook!


PART 2: Essential Things to Look For in a Virtual Office Space Workplace flexibility, lower utility costs, enhanced productivity—the benefits of a professional virtual office space truly can’t be beat. However, searching for the virtual office solution that will best cater to your business unique needs isn’t as easy as you might think. Not all virtual offices are created equal, which is why knowing what to look for in a particular space is essential to growing your business. Are you looking into leasing a virtual space but not sure which one to pick? Set up your startup business up for success from the get-go by considering these factors: Strategic Location: Start by asking: where are my ideal clients located? Understanding this will allow you to find the most strategic location for your virtual business or company. Being located near your biggest customers will not only help you with your marketing, but it will also help improve your efficiency.


Flexibility: Before making a decision, ask your potential provider, such as how long it will take to set up the virtual office, get on board, and get things up and running. It’s also important that you carefully study the terms of your contract, including the implications should you decide to leave or terminate the lease. Find out, too, if they have rentable rooms where you can host meetings and other company events and what the fee would be for those services. The more flexible the terms are, the better off you’ll be. Services: When searching for the perfect virtual office for your business, it’s essential to note all the services your potential provider has to offer. Virtual offices can vary in terms of price and services, so you need to be sure exactly what you’re getting for what you’re paying. Will you only need a company address, or will you need call forwarding services as well? What other services do you need for your daily operations? The best virtual office package can be customized according to your specific business needs.


Amenities: Lastly, do check the available amenities. Some providers may charge for additional services, such as Wi-Fi connections, business lounge access, meeting spaces, and mail handling. Other amenities include access to coffee and snacks, a communications platform, and fax services, and more. You can argue that you don’t need these things, but many business owners and startup entrepreneurs often find, over time, that these little details can make a huge difference to the running of the business.

How do you find a virtual office space? What steps do you need to take? We’ll discuss these things and more in the last part of this three-part ebook, so be sure to check it out!


PART 3: How to Find a Virtual Office Startups, by their very nature, often have issues that can be major stressors. Don’t let your business’ location or operation processes be among them. While working from your kitchen or your local coffee shop may be ideal in terms of cost-effectiveness, you need to ask yourself if it’s helping you establish the professional image your business needs. Realistically speaking, buying (or leasing) a brick-andmortar office in the heart of the city is probably too expensive at this point in your business operations. optionFortunately, there’s another option that works just as well at a fraction of the price: acquiring a virtual office. In the previous two ebook, we discussed how a virtual office can contribute to your business’s growth by saving you from the burdens of hefty utility costs and physical office acquisition. Learn how to get the perfect virtual office solution for your business in four easy steps:


Establish your rental budget. If you initially work from home, you may have zero expenditures for your business’ location. Before leasing a physical business space, you’ll need to do your calculations and determine how much you can spare per month for this line item. If you can pay the entire annual cost upfront, you may be able to get a few discounts, so find out if this is an option. Carefully choose a location for your business. Location is extremely important, so be sure to make this decision early in the process. Your ideal location will depend on several factors. Where are you actually based? Who are your clients? Where are they based? What location will most attract potential clients and employees? If you already have one location but want to appear as if you have multiple offices, be sure to evaluate which area would be most profitable for your next location. Select your package. Most virtual office providers offer more than one package to suit a range of businesses with different needs. Understand the inclusions of each package and remember to stay within your budget. As your business grows, you can always make the choice to upgrade to a more comprehensive package.


Make the purchase. Once you’ve found the perfect location and package for your business, it’s time to make your purchase. In just a few clicks, you can acquire your ideal virtual office space and be on your way to making your business flourish.

A virtual office space has practically everything you need to take your startup or small business to new heights—but only if and when you choose the right one for you. If you’re searching for a virtual office right now, it’s paramount to learn about the location, services, amenities, and other important aspects before coming to a decision. Be sure to talk to a professional too, so you can be sure you’re making the right choices for your business.


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