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Video Search Engine Optimization Video Search Engine Optimization is rapidly becoming a crucial component of SEO, one that can help a company differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. It's no longer something that is added as a nice bonus for visitors; it's now critical that companies look towards the future and make video an important component of their online presence. Leading innovators in this area have figured out methods to dynamically incorporate video site-wide. The simple fact that video can help a site rise to the top of the SERPs should be enough to push most companies into at least looking into adding video to their online offerings. To put it simply, websites that have video have an advantage over sites that don't. Google heavily weights video in its search engine rankings and is more likely to rank a site with video higher than one without. Companies that add relevant video to their sites often move to the front of the pack as the search engines crawl their sites and index the videos. Since videos are often given priority in the SERPs, you may find that, in addition to your site ranking higher, you also have a couple videos that sit at the top of Google's listings. The fact that you have more listings at the top will undoubtedly result in more visitors to your company's site. In this day and age, retailers who don't add video to their sites risk being left behind. Adding a video or two to your home page and calling it a day is no longer enough, as your competitors will often have integrated video site wide. The expense of adding video to every page on your site will quickly be offset by the increase you see in revenue, so there's no excuse not to deploy video on every single page on your site. By doing this, you can tailor each and every video to target the product on that page. Potential customers searching for keywords related to your products are more likely to find and click through to a targeted video at the top of the SERPs than they are if you only have a couple generic videos on a page or two of your site. For this reason, it's important to keep your video offerings up to date. As new products are launched, you need to ensure that new videos are added, keeping your brand at the front of the pack. One area of video marketing that is largely ignored by online retailers is taking the steps necessary to get videos indexed. It makes no sense to spend the time and money required to launch video site-wide without also taking the time to make sure these videos get indexed. In addition to climbing higher in the SERPs, retailers who add relevant videos to their sites and take the time to rank them often find that their conversion rates increase as well. 25 percent of people who watch a video will click through to the product, and companies that add video see increases in

revenue that is upward of 10 percent. Videos increase click-through rates and drive sales. There are a number of methods you can use to increase your SEO and get your videos and site ranked higher. Video sitemaps can be included on your site and submitted to Google. Video sitemaps are similar to normal sitemaps in that they allow search engines to easily find and index your videos. Make sure you use keyword-rich descriptions and titles in order to ensure the search engines know where to correctly place your video. Another way to ensure your video is correctly ranked is to use in-page markups. Adding the correct keywords and using video URLs that are keyword rich will go a long way towards ensuring Google knows what keywords to rank your video for. Last, but not least, adding your video to sites like Facebook, YouTube or any of the other video syndication sites can help boost traffic. YouTube videos generally rank high on the front page of Google with little to no help, so adding video could get you instant rankings. Not only will you be able to tap into Google's traffic, you'll also have access to the millions of people searching YouTube for videos. This alone could mean a significant boost in traffic to your site. Many of the largest retailers in the online world have added video to their sites. A quick search of Google for most common products will reveal a number of videos with top rankings. As of 2009, 68 percent if online retailers have added video to their sites. Upwards of 40 percent of Google's visitors now get video as an option when they do a search. When it comes to commonly sold items, this number is likely to be even higher. Adding video to your site is no longer a fancy option, it's a necessity. Instead of asking if you can afford to add video to every page on your site, a better question would be if you can afford not to.

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==== ==== New, Groundbreaking WordPress SEO Plugin Will Allow You To Propel Practically ANY Video Onto Page 1 of Google For Your Most Profitable Keywords with Ease! Click Link Below To Learn More ==== ====

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