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Photo manipulation     Photo  manipulation  (also  called  photo  shopping  or—before  the  rise  of   Photoshop  software  –  airbrushing)  is  the  application  of  image  editing   techniques  to  photographs  in  order  to  create  and  illusion  or  deception   (in  contrast  to  mere  enhancement  or  correction)  after  the  original   photograph  took  place     Before  computers,  photo  manipulation  was  achieved  by  retouching  with   ink,  paint,  double  exposure,  piecing  photos  or  negatives  together  n  the   darkroom,  or  scratching  polaroid's.  Airbrushes  were  also  used,  whence   the  term  “airbrushing”  for  manipulation  .  Darkroom  manipulations  are   sometimes  regarded  as  traditional  art  rather  than  job  related  sill.  In  the   early  days  of  photography,  the  use  of  technology  was  not  as  advanced   and  efficient  as  it  is  now.  Results  are  similar  to  digital  manipulation  but   they  are  harder  to  create          

Artists: •  Kyle  Thompson,   •   lizzy  Elle,     •  Steve  Otto,     •  fiddle  oak,     •  Odessa  Sawyer   •  Erik  Johansson   •  Caras  Lonut    

Campaign –  Alzheimer’s   Alzheimer's  disease  is  the  most  common  cause  of  dementia.  Dementia  is  a   group  of  symptoms  associated  with  a  decline  in  the  way  your  brain   functions,  affecting  your  memory  and  the  way  you  behave.   In  Alzheimer's  disease  there  is  a  progressive  loss  of  brain  cells.   The  exact  cause  for  this  is  unknown.  However,  there  are  a  number  of   things  thought  to  increase  the  risk  of  developing  the  condition,  including:   increasing  age   a  family  history  of  the  condition   previous  severe  head  injuries   lifestyle  factors  and  conditions  associated  with  vascular  disease   Read  more  about  the  causes  of  Alzheimer’s  disease  .   Signs  and  symptoms  of  Alzheimer’s  disease   Alzheimer’s  disease  is  a  progressive  condition,  which  means  that  it  will   continue  to  get  worse  as  it  develops.  Early  symptoms  include:   minor  memory  problems   difficulty  saying  the  right  words   These  symptoms  change  as  Alzheimer’s  disease  develops,  and  it  may  lead   to:   disorientation   personality  changes   behavioral  changes  

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