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MOVIE DETAILS Genre: Science Fiction Theme: Adventure, Violence, Superheroes, Comic Adaptation, mutation Country: United States / Canada / United Kingdom Time: 104 minutes Year: 2006 In movies :: 26-05-2006 :26-05-2006 :25-05-2006 :26-05-2006 DVD :: 04-10-2006 In BLURAY :: 11-04-2007 Popularity: 1,256 th

companies Studio 20th Century Fox Marvel Studios 20th Century Fox Distribution Budget USD 210 000 0001 Collection SGD 459 359 5551 Succession Movie X-Men 2 X-Men: The Last Stand T

TRILOGY the last chapter of the film trilogy of "X -Men " is a "cure" for mutants that threatens to alter the course of history . For the first time , mutants have a choice : retain their uniqueness , though it isolates and alienates them , or give up their powers and become normal humans .

THE MOST INTERESTING Scott death Scott Summers ( Cyclops ) is still depressed by the death of Jean , and start a voice goes back to Alkali Lake where she died sacrificing himself to save them. There voices intensify and Scott shoots over the lake. Then vortexed and Jean appears alive again . They kiss passionately , but she's changed, it has become much more powerful and ends up killing Cyclops. Xavier telepathically senses this and sends Wolverine and Storm to investigate . Once there , they find rocks floating in the air , and Scott goggles (model Oakley Penny X -Metal ) and Jean unconscious.

FENIX KILLS XAVIER Xavier and Magneto arrive every man for himself while at the childhood home of Jean , which has been hidden , and come together to talk to her. Jean Xavier accuses handling. The conversation turns into an intense mental battle . Jean tries to take your mint Xavier , while its power is increased , making it a dark , strong and capable of disintegrating anything mutant. The energy of the Phoenix is so strong that lifts the Grey House in the air. At that time, Jean Xavier levitates and slowly disintegrates. Magneto tries to stop him , but the mental strength of Jean prevents it. Jean Xavier ends completely disintegrating in a cloud of dust.

DEATH OF PHOENIX –JEAN GREY When everything seems to be over , Jean- Phoenix kicks in and begins to disintegrate buildings and government soldiers. All , one as much as the other side, run away , except Logan who manages to resist the destructive power of Jean- Phoenix and comes with her to finally kill her after telling her that he loves her with sincere sorrow .



X men the last stand  

Acerca de la pelicula que obtuvo gran exito de los estudios Marvel

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