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Chem Dog Seeds In Stock Marijuana Seeds have developed naturally across many parts of the world over thousands of years. The genetic development over thousands of generations split Marijuana into three very different forms, adapting to the environment they grew in. Although now it is not uncommon for Seed Breeders and companies to further categorize these seeds, originally the three variations were Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis. Most commonly known are the Sativa and Indica varieties, which contain the highest levels of THC, CBN and CBD, the active ingredients found in Marijuana that effect areas of the brain. Many cultures consider Marijuana useful for certain ailments, and over the last decade we have started to see a more liberal approach being taken to Medical Marijuana and its use. Even in America, with its "War on Drugs" and "Zero Tolerance" policies have began to except the value that Marijuana can bring into the medical world. Genetically the two dominant forms of Marijuana, Indica and Sativa are similar, although they differ greatly in look and the high they supply. The classic Sativa Marijuana Seeds grow in very warm climates such as Hawaii, parts of Africa and South America. Often growing into a classic Christmas tree shape, these plants are capable of growing very tall, very quickly when grown outside during the Summer months. The buds are often large and long, sometimes lacking in density, depending upon the strain and the environmental conditions. Flowering is prolonged with Sativa Marijuana Seeds and can take anywhere between ten weeks and as long as four months for some strains. The increased flowering and maturing time that Sativa Marijuana Seeds require is repaid with euphoric highs and creative, dreamy thoughts. The very best Sativa's produce clear highs that are long lasting, allowing to user to function without the lethargic feelings or body locking stone. Many writers, painters and creative artists prefer Sativa Marijuana due to the clarity and creativity is can often produce. Indica Marijuana Seeds produce more of a bushy plant, often smaller and stronger in structure than most Sativa's. Naturally found in more northern areas, such as North Pakistan, parts of India and Afghanistan, the most famous of the Indica strains may well be the Kush family that originated from the Hindu Kush mountain area bordering these countries. Indica Marijuana Seeds produce faster maturing Marijuana, often requiring between fifty and 60 days to completely mature. The buds, although smaller, are usually more dense and harder than those from Sativa plants. The ratio of active stimulants in Indica Marijuana produces a different high and is often more of a body stone than a mental high, making it a great choice as a natural pain killing agent. Indica Marijuana Seeds are far more suited to being grown indoors due to their shorter stature and faster flowering times, making them ideal for Sea-Of-Green systems or

hydroponic gardens. The last and least well known family of Marijuana Seeds are called Ruderalis Marijuana Seeds, and although it produces a wild form of low grade Marijuana, even this poor relation, in genetic terms, has become more and more useful as genetic manipulation and engineering methods have been applied. Discover over 1,200 different seeds from all the very best and most popular Marijuana Seeds companies and order your seeds with the guarantee of receiving the best and lowest priced Marijuana Seeds available online, With their current promotion of the Chem Dog Seeds Available Here Seeds you will find all the best Weed Seeds at

Chem Dog Seeds In Stock  
Chem Dog Seeds In Stock  

Many cultures consider Marijuana useful for certai...