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Bulgaria and Cyprus have yet to meet border control standards required for membership.



Swiss headlines in 2008 - Schengen and again a new Federal Councillor



MARCH 2009

Long queues for European travellers at border controls in Switzerland are now a thing of the past. European Union (EU) interior and justice ministers formally approved non-EU member Switzerland’s accession to the Schengen passport-free zone from December 12, 2008, becoming the 25th member under the unique mechanism. The EU ministers agreed that Switzerland had met standards for security conditions to join the Schengen zone. Citizens from Schengen members can travel passport-free across the entire zone. Land border checkpoints are to be closed, but people entering Switzerland by air from Schengen nations will still have their passports checked until March 29, 2009. The agreement to set up the Schengen zone was signed in Schengen, Luxembourg in 1985. So far, 24 nations have joined the zone, including two nonEU countries, Norway and Iceland. Among the 27 EU states, Britain and Ireland have opted not to join the Schengen group, while Romania,

International cooperation in the context of the agreement facilitates travel for individuals by eliminating systematic checks at common borders of signatory states. At the same time, new measures have improved international cooperation between justice and police authorities to combat crime. These include security steps and tighter controls at external Schengen borders and greater crossborder police cooperation using the Schengen Information System (SIS). Switzerland signed the Schengen accord on October 26, 2004. Swiss voters approved it on June 5, 2005 with 54.6% in favour. Official informative note: Switzerland will now apply the Schengen regulations concerning the issuance of visas. The visa will be valid for entering the territory of all Schengen member states. This will also apply to Schengen visas issued by other Schengen States which will permit entry to Switzerland. For information concerning changes of procedures and methods of issuance of visas, we recommend that you consult the Federal Office for Migration (FOM) website: or the Swiss Consulate General in Sydney.

Changed Swiss Federal Council for 2009 After the dramatic reshuffle of the Swiss Federal Council in late 2007 at which Federal Councillor Christoph Blocher was replaced by Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, the far-right Swiss People’s Party (SVP) has regained its place in government as the Swiss Federal Assembly elected hardline conservative Ueli Maurer to the Federal Council, succeeding Federal Councillor Samuel Schmid. Maurer just scraped by, gaining the required majority of 122 votes out of 243 after three rounds of tense voting in parliament. He has taken his seat as defence minister when the new Council took office in January 2009. Switzerland’s seven-member Federal Council is set up, according to the socalled “magic formula” in place since 1959, to guarantee stability with right and left-wing ministers from the four main parties running the country side by side without a prime minister. The seven members of the Swiss Federal Council in 2009 are Doris Leuthard, Hans-Rudolf Merz, who took the presidential baton from Pascal Couchepin, Moritz Leuenberger, Micheline Calmy-Rey, Eveline WidmerSchlumpf and Ueli Maurer.

Ueli Maurer gestures prior to being elected by the Parliament into the sevenmember government on December 10, 2008 in Bern

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President’s Message Dear members and friends of the Swiss Club, You are reading the first edition of the Swiss Club of Victoria newsletter in 2009 covering the period up to the end of May. It is never too late to wish you all a fantastic new year. What sort of year can we expect? The news is full of doom & gloom but let’s not go there. To remain sane experts say, we need to connect, be active, be grateful, learn and give. What better place is there than the Swiss Club of Victoria to put this into practise. A club only works if the members are active and take part in the activities offered, so keep the spirit alive! We have much to look forward to, 2009 is packed with activities. The ever important Annual General Meeting will take place on 4th March. I call on all members to attend this function and make your voice count. Throughout the year the committee meets with new members of the club by invitation. It’s a great way to get to know each other and learn more about the club. The first of such meetings is planned for 18 March. Ladies luncheons have a long tradition with fascinating guest speakers and are well frequented. Two meetings are foreseen, 4 March and 6 May. Please contact Heidy Giger for more information. The Unterhaltungsabend organised by the Swiss Folk Dance Group Alpenrose on 9 May is one of our perpetual bestsellers! You will find more details in this newsletter. The Swiss National Sport is the Jass. If you are interested in Stöck, Wys, Stich or would like to learn more about it then join us on 28 February, 28 March and 16 May. The closest you get to a dinner dance at the club is if you book a table on the first Thursday of the month. The fabulous Johnny Wanner and the Kapelle Grüezi Mitenand will entertain you and your friends. On 22 March the popular Swiss Festival will be on the agenda again. Last year more than 1’000 visitors enjoyed Swiss culture at its best. By the way the Swiss Festival committee needs volunteers on either 21, 22 or 23 March. If you can help please get in touch with Damian Schaller by mobile 0410 461 364 or by email We have started a campaign by email and SMS to inform all our members about this event and to seek volunteers. Tell your family and friends about the Swiss Festival. We count on your support! The 23rd Melbourne International Comedy Festival will run from 1 - 26 April 2009 and the Swiss Club of Victoria


nicknamed “Swiss House” is one of the venues. Performances will commence in the evening from 6pm onwards. Why don’t you plan an entertaining evening at the club, have dinner first and then watch a show on the second floor. During the Comedy Festival the restaurant will be open every day for dinner except on Mondays but the second floor will not be available. The committee apologises to all regular users for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. For more information please visit After a successful movie night in February, the next such free event for members is scheduled for 20th May. Our aim is to feature Swiss Movies. Please watch out for more information. Now, I would like to give you a quick progress report about the second floor. For much of my presidency it has been a priority for me to present a proposal for the renovation of the second floor to the members. I admit it has been a slow process but when dealing with members’ funds for this sizeable job and trying to project the future of the club, serious consideration must be given to any proposal. Fact finding which includes wide ranging consultation with members is time consuming but is vitally important to reach the final conclusion. Today we are in receipt of an interesting proposal from a Swiss Club member which is being scrutinised by the committee. I can report with satisfaction that the committee is getting close to eventually present it to the members for formal approval. The first stage of the proposal calls for a renovation of the second floor and the second stage includes a rooftop restaurant. Please watch this space for more information. On a personal note... Dear members, my two year term as President of the Swiss Club of Victoria will draw to a close and the nomination of Barbara Kündig for the office of President will be decided at the AGM on 4 March. The changeover has been planned and communicated and should not come as a surprise. I trust you will support Barbara who will bring with her experience and determination to lead the club into the future. My intention is to remain on the committee. I thank my fellow committee members for their considerable efforts and devotion to the Swiss Club and you, dear members, for your continued patronage and friendship. In closing I would like to wish all sick folk a speedy recovery. Enjoy reading our newsletter and I look forward to seeing you at the club. Sincerely, Rolf Huber, President

Swiss Club of Victoria

We wish Edi Scheiber a speedy recovery from a recent knee replacement operation. To all members and friends who don’t feel too well, we send our love and good wishes. Noch em Räge chunt z’Sunne…

The last farewell Welcome to our new members We welcome John Daly, Hugh Douglas and Nicole & Grant Lamont to the club. We hope you can join us at the AGM on 4 March or at one of the forthcoming functions. The next Welcome Evening for new members will be held on Wednesday, 18 March.

Congratulations Three longstanding members were celebrating their birthdays over the past months:

Charles Tschanz passed away on Boxing Day after a few weeks of illness, at the age of 85. He leaves behind wife Ruth who is also a club member. We wish her courage and strength, our thoughts are with you. Dear members, if your partner, your friends or fellow members have a reason to celebrate, are unwell or have left for a better place, please let me know so that others know too. Editor Greeting and best wishes for 2009 to all the members from Peter & Ursula Casaulta in Switzerland

Gretli Cole-Stahli and Trudy Fanger could commemorate their 90th, while Joe Schibli was celebrating his 80th. We would like to congratulate them and wish them good health in many years to come. Former committee member Simon Ochsenbein and his fiancée Kylie Oyston will be tying the knot on 28 February. The members of the Swiss Club are sending their best wishes to sunny Queensland! André and Yolanda Jäggi had another baby boy, Aurelio, born on 23 January in Switzerland. Erika Kimpton has become a grandma again! Congratulations on the safe arrival of Maxwell Archer and Laine Abaire.

Get well Our warm wishes and positive thoughts go to our dear member, Otto Krumm, during his difficult times in hospital. We think of you and miss seeing you and Nellie at the club. We also send our thoughts and best wishes to Max Ammann. We wish you and Jill strength and faith to lead them through these hard times. We would like you to know that we are all thinking of you.

Newsletter Deadlines 2009 June Issue: Covering June/July/August Editorial Deadline: Monday, 4 May Packing: Wednesday, 20 May September Issue: Covering Sept/Oct/ Nov Editorial Deadline: Monday, 10 August Packing: Wednesday, 26 August December Issue: Covering Dec 09/Jan/Feb 2010 Editorial Deadline: Monday, 2 November Packing: Wednesday, 18 November

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From the

Editor’s Pen

Dear member, just as I prepared to go to print with this edition of the Edelweiss, I wake up on Sunday morning on 8 February to learn of the hellish bushfires that had swept through parts of Victoria that night, devastating everything in its path. I was glued to the TV, watching emerging reports and pictures of the inferno that destroyed so many lives and so many livelihoods. Memories of Ash Wednesday came to my mind. I had only just arrived in Australia a few month prior when it happened. Up to then, I had never been so close to a natural catastrophe of such magnitude in my life. As a young 22 year old, it left a deep impression on me, most of all, the realisation that mankind is still totally at the mercy of nature despite all technological and intellectual advancement. Reports suggesting that this disaster is going to be even worse seem utterly unbelievable! One cannot help to feel grateful having been spared such a fate. At the same time, we need to think of those that were not so lucky, especially if that concerns our neighbours, friends and families, as well as our fellow club members and compatriots. If you have been a victim and in need of assistance, or you know of a club member or anyone else within the Swiss community that has been affected by this disaster, please get in contact with either myself or a member of the committee, so that any possible community help and support can be coordinated and offered to those in need. Editor


Fahrt ins Blaue Mystery Trip, 12 November 2008 Once again it’s that time of the year, when the Mystery Trip arrives. We all look forward to this event! We climb into the bus and wonder where it will take us? First it’s to the Rialto Tower, many of us haven’t seen. The view is spectacular: Melbourne from above, this is our city, the one we love. The film shows us the latest additions to our city. The day is perfect. The Mystery Trip still keeps us in suspense, because we don’t know where it will take us next. Our thoughts guide us a little. We drive along Port Phillip Bay. The water looks inviting. Beaumaris Yacht Club! - in we go. The tables look great. Talking and laughing, admiring the view and the sparkling green water. Sylvia speaks and invites us to have a great lunch and to enjoy one another’s company. Our lunch arrives, three courses, drinks and coffee. Our tummies full to capacity! Raffle tickets are sold and many take home a gift they won. We alight the bus, thanking everyone. Another gorgeous Mystery Trip will be happening within twelve month. Max and Inge Kulmanis

Samichlaus Breakfast 7 December 2008 This year’s Samichlaus Breakkie in Fawkner Park had fewer visitors, maybe due to preceding unsettled weather. Nevertheless, about 80 children and adults were indulging in the yummy breakfast, especially the traditional Birchermüesli and the Zopf. The children could not wait for the Samichlaus and his helper “Schmutzli” to arrive. They were not disappointed and after a few Christmas songs, he presented each child with a surprise bag. He stayed to have his photo taken with some of the kids before he left again in his beautifully decorated Ute-deer. The families had a fabulous time and we are already looking forward to welcoming our special guest again at next year’s breakfast. Gerda Probst


Swiss Club Tennis Championship 23 November 2008 After a very wet Friday and Saturday it looked like for the first time the tournament had to be cancelled. However the weather gods felt enough is enough and Sunday turned out to be a nice day with temperatures in the mid 20’s. However the rain did wonders for the courts at Kooyong Lawn & Tennis Club. The “En-tous cas” courts were in perfect conditions and 21 people showed up to battle out who will be crowned Swiss Club Champion. The draw out of a hat decided the double pairs and the round robin format ensured that participants had an equal number of games. Switching partners after a set number of games also ensured that everyone was playing with different partners every match. We saw some outstanding tennis with Anja Williams being crowned as Swiss Club Champion. The junior competition was battled out in a singles competition with every one playing each other. Lucas Ortner won the competition convincingly with second place only decided by one game in favour of Scott Williams. A special thank you goes to Kooyong Lawn & Tennis Club for allowing us to use their venue free of charge. I also would like to thank everyone who made this an enjoyable event and hope to see you again year at the Swiss Club Championship in 2009. Derrick Wildi Category winners: 1 2 3 4 5 7 10 11 12 13 14

ADULTS Games Anja Williams 29 Jean-Guy Schneider 24 André Becker 23 Herbert Schwärzler 22 Paul Chong 18 Konrad Asto 18 Regina Giger 17 Peter Udry 17 Maura Wildi 17 Beatrice Haselroither 16 Bruno Giger 15 Beryl Black 13 Robert Medcalf 12 Werner Damm 11

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

JUNIORS Games Lucas Ortner 29 Scott Williams 23 Sara Giger 22 Walter Zhang 20 Amanda Wildi 13 Nicholas Haselroither 11 Miranda Zhang 8 Swiss Club of Victoria

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Peter Meury – a lifetime of service to the Swiss Community Editor: Peter, you have been involved with the Swiss Community, both locally and nationwide, for as long as anyone can remember and in any possible way one can imagine. In the last edition of the Swiss Review you announced your decision not to stand for re-election as delegate for the Council of the Swiss Abroad. Could it be that you have decided to retire? Peter: After 25 years as a member of the Council of the Swiss Abroad and 48 years involvement in Swiss Community affairs, I would like to offer an opportunity to younger Swiss to be more active. Retirement yes, but continuing to be actively interested and involved. Editor: Can you give the readers an idea of all the things you have been involved in since you arrived in Australia? Peter: To describe involvement in detail would take a lot of time. There were many successes but also a few failures. I shall concentrate on listing somewhat chronologically the areas of my participation. I would like to stress at this point that in all areas I have been mostly lucky of working with an enthusiastic and committed team. Without this prerequisite, success would have been unthinkable. The Melbourne Years 1960 to 1978 One of my first contacts when I arrived in late 1960 was the President of the Swiss Club, Oscar Nicolet. He was introduced to me by a friend, Primo Calabresi. The Swiss Club at the top of Spring Street urgently needed a new Secretary, and I (a batchelor at that time) reluctantly accepted the challenge of filling the position, although a complete newcomer. In the early Sixties, when many young Swiss arrived, Soccer became the new sport in Australia. An initiative to form a local Soccer group resulted in the formation of the Soccer Club ‘Helvetia’. Ironically not a soccer player myself, I was asked to become their first President. I also joined the Yodel Club Edelwyss, and enjoyed the singing and the mateship. Leaving the Committee, I initiated and headed a task force whose main objective was fund raising. The major Club debt in those days came from debenture holders whose personal loan for the acquisition of the premises in the Fifties was recalled by their Estate when they passed away. We organised a number of special functions which helped to keep the Club financially sound! Back to the Club Committee, now as President, I was invited to give the keynote address at the annual congress (over 500 delegates) of the Swiss Abroad in St. Gallen during


the Seventies, which allowed me to showcase our Melbourne Club as an active overseas Swiss Society. In terms of number of Swiss living abroad overseas, we were the third largest community after the USA and Canada. The project of our new Club House in Flinders Lane, starting by the negotiations with the Mining giant CRA until our move in 1973 was exciting! The then Swiss Ambassador who officially opened it, called it the most beautiful Swiss Club he has seen in his diplomatic career. It was a proud moment for us Melbourne Swiss down under. We were able to move in without any debt whatever and simply by exchanging land titles! The Sydney Years 1978-2008 My first involvement was in the revival of the Swiss Annual National Day Ball. After three low attendance years we succeeded in staging a completely booked out function with over 450 tickets sold! Next came my involvement, as President of the Swiss Club, in the sale of the King Street property in favour of a mountain lodge in Jindabyne. The Committee purchased the lodge and appointed a Manager. Unfortunately, this was not a success due to insufficient support by members. It became a financial nightmare resulting in the sale of the property. With the assistance of George Naher, I reorganised the annual Australian style Father Christmas event to become a Swiss style “Samichlaus”. After the Swiss Club Committee, I joined the Swiss Benevolent Society, and we changed its name to Swiss Community Care Society. I was at the helm of the Society for 19 years. In 1985 a number of Swiss businessmen took the initiative to establish the Swiss Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) of which I was elected Founding President. Branches were opened in Melbourne and Brisbane. We became a member of the world-wide network of Swiss-Australian Chambers. We established an office, and at the request of the Swiss Government, took over the handling of trade enquiries which were up to then dealt with by the official Swiss consular representatives. There was the question of Switzerland’s representation at World EXPO88 in Brisbane. The Swiss Government decided not to participate, but it was thanks to our lobbying right up to Federal Council that the decision was reversed. In 1991 at the celebration of 700 years of Switzerland in Brunnen, I handed over copies of a video we made about Swiss Community and Industry representation in Australia to the President of the Swiss Confederation. After seven years at the helm of SACCI, I finally handed over to a successor, but stayed on the Board for a few more years. In 2002, I was asked to head the organising Committee for a National Yodelling Festival in Australia with participation from Switzerland. It was a very successful and happy event. My active participation as delegate of the Council of the Swiss Abroad meant taking up questions in relation to local issues. In 1990 the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad launched a project Swiss Club of Victoria

for an ‘Auslandschweizerplatz in Brunnen following a generous donation of a plot of land right at the lake. A small fundraising project in Australia meant we were part of the global effort. Perhaps the most important and time consuming issue was the question of the recent bilateral Social Security Agreement between Switzerland and Australia. Our influence in contributing to this issue was unfortunately insignificant, although substantial efforts were made over at least two years, and I had the support of the local diplomatic Swiss Government representatives and of our organisation in Switzerland. The Agreement is now in force, and I am now dealing with any questions directed to me by Swiss compatriots, but these have to be mostly treated by the AHV authorities in Geneva. My final project is to make sure that we have a full and effective representation of our country at the Council of the Swiss Abroad for 2009-2013. Editor: This kind of work is often done in the background and goes without much recognition. What is your main motivation to do such an enormous amount of work? Peter: There are a number of reasons. First and foremost, it is an interest in all matters Swiss. I am proud of being part of our Swiss-Australian multicultural heritage, and in this context make Switzerland better known in Australia. My other motivation is involvement in all matters concerning the Community. I consider myself a link in all issues Swiss and Australian which I consider of importance. Editor: What would you regard as your greatest achievement? Peter: Two teamwork achievements, one in Melbourne and one in Sydney: the creation of a true home for the Swiss in Melbourne and the establishment of SACCI, which today is still one of the most active European Chambers in Australia. Editor: I mentioned the Council of the Swiss Abroad earlier. What do you say to critics that named this organisation a “toothless tiger”, in light of the unsuccessful opposition to the closure of the Melbourne Consulate or the budget cuts for the Swiss Review for instance?

w w w.s w i s s .o r w i s sc lu bv i c

Peter: Every organisation has its critics, and there may be some truth in the naming of the CSA as the “toothless tiger”. Since this tiger is still young, it can still grow teeth, and I am convinced it will! The formidable growth of the number of Swiss living abroad – over 600,000 citizens (the size of one of the largest Swiss Cantons) - and of these over 100,000 are registered voting members. This importance is particularly illustrated when it comes to voting in referenda. There are moves afoot in the National Parliament to change the Constitution for allowing a direct representation of the Swiss living abroad in the Government. The last meeting of the Council of the Swiss Abroad in Fribourg has also decided that already now, considerable efforts should be made by all countries to give the council more exposure and impetus. In this context, the Australian representation has been increased from two to four official delegates. When it comes to the two issues you mention, I would like to answer the critics. The closure of the Melbourne Consulate was the result of a unilateral decision of the Swiss Federal Council without any consultation, and also affected other countries in a similar position. Protests by the CSA has resulted in an official promise by the Government, that future such steps will involve a prior consultation process. This can certainly be regarded as a postive outcome. The Swiss Review is another matter, but the cuts were necessary in line with the Government’s overall budget objectives. I agree with the critics that the savings bear no relationship to the important communication benefits denied the Swiss Abroad. However, since the high quality of the Review should not suffer, it was simply decided by our organisation (the publishers) to reduce the number of issues to four per annum thus achieving the financial objective. I am confident that this is quite a satisfactory solution. Editor: Peter, thank you very much for your time to talk to me, and more importantly, thank you for everything you have done for the Swiss Club of Victoria and for the Swiss Community at large, we all owe you a great deal of gratitude.


Senior Christmas Afternoon Tea 13 December 2008 The preparation of the last party of the year, the highlight on the Social Calendar of the Swiss Senior Community, is always extensive in the making, but its after effects linger for a very long time and make it so worth while. The attending Senior People, who know each other for a lifetime, from when one did not travel to and from Switzerland regularly, when friends became family, are so very happy to meet, to exchange news and celebrate the most important festivity together; it’s in the true sense Christmas! Our gratitude goes to the financial sponsor, the Swiss Society of Victoria and President Primo Calabresi, to the catering team the Trachtengruppe Schwyzergruess, with Sylvia Hochuli as splendid taskmaster and all the Subgroups and Associated Groups, which helped to make this celebration so memorable. As to myself, I am most honoured, that I was trusted with the task to bring the Party together and hope, that I may do so again in December 2009. I also hope that good health and spirit lets the guestlist unchanged for many years to come. Rita Schwärzler-Abbt The tables are set with real pine tree branches. The candles are lit. Entertainment galore with the singing saw. The Alphorn sounds great. We are in the mountains, our memory tells us. Swiss costumes wherever you look! The ladies work accurately, like Swiss clocks. The food is delicious, the coffee smells good. Dancing in pairs, Switzerland is calling! Everyone joins in, when the choir performs. The Swiss


children sing with mighty enthusiasm. They give us a gift they made with love. Speeches were made and everyone listened. We receive Swiss biscuits every year, Brunsli, Mailänderli, Anisbrötli ,Läckerli, etc. that the Trachtengruppe so lovingly baked. It’s all for the seniors, the highlight of the year! A twelve month wait is hard to take! We thank you heartily! Max and Inge Kulmanis

Pre-Christmas Ladies Luncheon 5 November 2008 What a reception and captive audience! That’s what we experienced today attending our ladies Christmas luncheon. The theme they chose was most appropriate. It was all about Christmas and how all the decorations started, in several countries at various times. It awakened our childhood memories. Especially the Christmas tree. I still decorate a small pine tree on the 24th of December and we celebrate the coming of the Christchild in the evening and the grandchildren love it. The table decorations looked festive. The lunch as always delectable, prepared by our chef Roger Moullet and his staff. A special congratulation to Heidi Giger and her helpers. What a great start to the Festive Season it was! Max and Inge Kulmanis Want a taste of Switzerland? Visit the Swiss Club Restaurant

Swiss Club of Victoria

Consulate General of Switzerland Dear compatriots, Ladies, mark the two dates below in your diary. Come and join us at 12 noon at the Swiss Club for good food, good company and an interesting guest speaker.

• Wednesday, 4 March • Wednesday, 6 May Price $22 pp for members, $25 pp for non-members. Includes 2-course meal, wine, soft drinks and coffee. Everyone welcome! For information and bookings ring me on 9889 9321or Roger at the Club on 9650 1196. Bookings are essential! Heidy Giger

On behalf of the team of the Swiss Consulate General I wish you and your families a positive New Year, good health and plenty of success. As the world becomes more and more a global village, the recent severe economic and financial turbulences crossed borders with an unprecedented speed and a quick solution/end to this is unfortunately not in sight. Despite these unpleasant facts, the Consulate General once more can look back to a very eventful year with many successful events – just to mention a few: Project ToptoTop: With their fine sailing boat “Pachamama”, Sabine & Dario Schwörer (7 summits nonstop round the world by human power and nature’s force) participate in the classic Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race on 26 December. This 628 nautical mile course is often described as one of the most challenging ocean race in the world. Project Solartaxi: Some of you certainly came across Louis Palmer during his long stay here in Australia. Project A1 GP: Swiss Team here in Sydney last February during which the Swiss Team landed on the prestigious second place.

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Our famous Compatriot and Olympic gold medal winner, Edith Hunkeler, visited Down Under in January – February 2008 and took part in various wheel chair races and even won the race in Sydney. Project Great Circle: father and son team Nicolas & Stephan Perren circled the world in a small single engine airplane called ‘Spirit of Davos’ with the aim to stimulate awareness and support for research of osteoporosis. Presentations have been organised in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne These were just a few events where this Consulate played a major role in the organisation. Another very successful event was of course the Swiss participation during the famous Audi German Film Festival where Switzerland was represented with the wonderful Swiss movie “The Late Bloomers”. Last but not least, I would like to encourage you to visit the website of the Consulate General (www.eda.admin. ch/australia), which is meant to be a gateway for anyone who is interested in Switzerland. The information you can find there will be revised as new needs arise. I wish to thank visitors in advance for any suggestions that will help us offer an even better service to you. You can always contact us by phone or e-mail. The staff of the Consulate General in Sydney will be happy to be of any assistance to you. Jürg Casserini, Consul General


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Across 3. Last name of a famous Swiss writer (1797-1854) 4. What event will be held at the club on 9 May? 5. Across Name of the Swiss Science Centre in Winterthur. 8. First name of newest Swiss Club committee member 3. Last name of a famous Swiss writer (1797-1854) Whatofevent be heldbridge at the club on 9 May? 9. 4.Name the will famous in Lucerne 5. Name of the Swiss Science Centre in Winterthur. 11. 8.FirstFirst name president ofcommittee the Swissmember Society of Victoria nameof of the newest Swiss Club 9. Name of the famous bridge in Lucerne 11. First name of the president of the Swiss Society of Victoria Down

1. What big annual Melbourne event will again be using the Down second floor during April? 2. 1.Famous Swiss Tennis player What big annual Melbourne event will again be using the second floor during April? 2. Famous Swiss Tennis player 6. 6.FirstFirst Swiss railway joint Zürich Swiss railway joint Zurich and and whichwhich town? town? 7. Name of a famous Swiss Biscuit factory 7. 10. Name of a famous Swiss Biscuit factory Capital of the canton of Graubunden 10. Capital of the Canton of Graubünden Hope that everyone had a pleasant holiday and a good start in the New Year.

For answers goadto80x88 page 14 Owner Builder 6/5/08

Herewith are the dates for 2009:

4:49 pm

Page 1

For your Home and Workplace

• 13 March - Swiss Club Doubles Championship • 19 June - Bernard Sandoz Trophy • 9 October - Swiss Club Singles Championship

Encompassing a full range of Non-Toxic, plant based surface treatments, cleaners, waxes and wall decorations.

Cost: Only $15 per person which includes dinner. Start is 7:30pm To book please ring Roger (Swiss Club) or Louis on 9439 7593 or 0418 645 313 If you have any queries or suggestions do not hesitate to contact me. Hope to see you all in March. Louis Schneider

Support those that support your Club. Consider our Advertisers


ECOLOGICAL OILS & PAINTS Healthy & Environmentally Friendly Solutions

LIVOS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Phone 03 9779 3405 Email Web Please contact us for interstate outlets

Swiss Club of Victoria

In this editions episode of Damian’s Websurf I wanted to share with you some internet destinations which have to do with the world famous Swiss transport infrastructure. We are well known for conquering the alps both on treacherous mountain passes as well as deep underground in some the of worlds longest tunnels. If you are interested in finding out what the Swiss engineers are constructing currently here are some key words which you can put into your internet search engine: NEAT, Porta Alpina, SBB, BLS, TNW, Euro Airport, ASTAG, ACS, TCS. is the homepage of our national railways and even though it caters mainly for the Swiss who want to find out when their train is leaving or want to book a train ticket online, it does have some very interesting features for us living overseas as well. When you plan your next trip to Switzerland be sure to visit this page, you might be surprised to find what great offers there are available to see our home country with ease and in style. And if you want to be reminded of the famous Swiss punctuality why not download the original Swiss station clock for your computer screen: screensaver.htm And if you know that your friend back home has just boarded their train why not visit This site is my personal favourite this month, it uses map data from Google earth and overlays live information from SBB to create a complete map of Switzerland showing you every single train in operation! If you hover your mouse pointer over the individual train you get all its details such as departure time, arrival time, next stop and even the current speed at which it is driving through Switzerland.

Of course there are many more interesting destinations on the internet that show our unique tradition of overcoming natural obstacles with transport infrastructure and I’m looking forward to get feedback from you. You can reach me on and make sure to visit the new Swiss Club Fan group on facebook! There is also a separate page for the Swiss Festival on facebook which will allow you to upload and download pictures of this event as well as an option to confirm your attendance to this event. To find either of these pages, go to the search field in the upper right hand corner of Facebook and type in Swiss Festival or Swiss Club. Damian Schaller Disclaimer: I’m not associated in any way with the internet sites featured in my column. I’m not endorsing any content on these homepages.

The Companion Singers practice on the second and third Thursday of each month, and we always look for people who like to sing and relax and please their soul and mind in good company. First day of practice in 2009 is Thursday, 12 February. Come along to the Swiss Club, enjoy the good food and sing with us or phone our Convenor Heidy Giger on 9889 9321 or the Swiss Club at 9650 1196 for more information.

Log in and get the latest info on:

Many of us remember taking a yellow Postauto to get to work or on a vacation and the Swiss have recently rediscovered their love for the unique symbol of Swiss transportation. When you visit make sure you select “Die gelbe Klasse” in the menu on the right-hand side of the screen. You will find videos, music and interesting articles around the tuuuu-taaaa-toooo. I discovered this homepage after watching the Science Program “Einstein” on the homepage of Schweizer Fernsehen www. Students from the ETH Zürich have developed a program which allows you to check air traffic bound for Zürich airport. The information displayed is broadcast live and you will be able to see each plane on its approach into to Zürich-Kloten. When you click on the icon of an individual plane information is shown about the airplane and the airline, its departure and final destination as well as its call sign and other interesting information. Go to between 7am and 10pm Swiss times to see Switzerland’s busiest airport in action. w w w.s w i s s .o r w i s sc lu bv i c

All parents who are interested in sending their children to the Saturday Morning Swiss School are invited to attend the AGM on Saturday, 7 March 2009, 10am at the Swiss Club. Please note that there will be no Saturday Morning Swiss School until after the AGM. We are hoping to see all the parents who were involved last year plus many more moving up from Play Group! For further information please contact Verena Steiner on 0409 433 523 or


Basel - A Center at the Fringe. A Concise History by Peter Habicht Publisher: Merian ISBN: 978-3-85616-325-9 Published: 2008 Binding: Paperback, 168 pages, 60 mostly colour illustrations Price: CHF 32.00 This book will delight especially our ‘Heimweh-Basler Peppis’ and those that want to learn more about this great city. Yes, there is much more than the Fasnacht that makes this place fascinating! The book provides a comprehensive survey of the history of Basel from its beginnings to the present day. The author presents a pertinent and engaging outline of the city’s development and sets it in a general historical context. In addition to the most important events and personalities, the main focus is on architectural developments. Through the example of individual buildings, history is rendered tangible in the current appearance of the city. This portrait of Basel is scientifically well-grounded, fluidly written and easily understood, a delightful read for all those interested in history. Visit the publishers website to order online and for more details.

Wurstsalat Spezial Sausage salad with cheese on mustard vinaigrette A classic dish after which many a homesick expatriate Swiss-German has been known to hanker. All village inns in Switzerland have their own version, all called ‘Special Sausage Salad’, and all pretty much identical: sliced cervelas, cheese, pickles, chopped onion and a sharp, mustardy dressing which contrasts pleasingly with the richness of the dish. Skin the sausages and slice or cut into cubes or strips. Cut the cheese into cubes or strips likewise. Chop the gherkins and onion finely. Mix together all the ingredients for the vinaigrette and pour it over the salad. Toss well to coat. Slice the tomatoes and hard-boiled egg and arrange on top. Sprinkle with chives and chill well. Serves 4 4 cervelas sausages* 100g Gruyère or Emmentaler cheese 1 small onion 2 gherkins or cornichons 1 hard-boiled egg chopped chives 2 tomatoes Vinaigrette 1 tbsp mustard salt & pepper 6 tbsp oil 3 tbsp vinegar 1 tbsp mayonnaise

* Ask Sepp or Marlies from Ormond Meat & Smallgoods for the best cervelas!

En Guete! From the book ’A Taste of Switzerland‘ by Sue Style. See book review December 2007 issue.

If you like to share your favourite Swiss recipe, don’t hesitate to contact me, I would love to hear from you! Editor

Test your Swiss Knowledge - Answers 1. Comedy Festival; 2. Roger Federer; 3. Gotthelf; 4. Unterhaltungsabend; 5. Technorama; 6. Baden; 7. Kambly; 8. Damian; 9. Kapellbrücke; 10. Chur; 11. Primo


Swiss Club of Victoria

w w w.s w i s s .o r w i s sc lu bv i c


We have been supplying the Australian and international trade with our locally manufactured jewellery for over 30 years. Our opals are cut and polished and our jewellery is designed and crafted in our own Melbourne workshop. For the first time you can now view our exquisite collection in our own showroom at 55 ELIZABETH STREET, MELBOURNE. Buy direct from your Swiss Goldsmith – buy Australian Made From inexpensive gifts to exclusive handmade pieces to your own custom made design. For expert advice and great service ask for Paul Kramer or Hansruedi Gassmann Phone us on (03) 8611 2222 or visit us online on Our showroom is open Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm and Sat-Sun 10am-4pm Special discounts to members, families and friends Also in our showroom:

Extensive collection of Aboriginal Fine Art, Paintings, Artifacts, unique Craft-Giftware


Swiss Club of Victoria

SWISS CLUB MOVIE Nominated Best Film Swiss Film Prize 2006!

2009 is an important year. It will be 60 years since the Dance group was formed! We have started practising at the Club on Tuesday nights. We would like to keep the Swiss tradition in folk dancing alive. But we do need more members to succeed. The group will travel to Brisbane over Easter. We have received an invitation to participate at the National Folkstanzfest, organised by the Brücke, National Council of German-speaking Clubs and Organisations in Australia and New Zealand and the Alpenrosen Dance group German Club in Brisbane. Please mark the following in your diary:

Unterhaltungsabend Saturday 9 May, 7.30pm • Three course dinner • Music: Kapelle Grüezi Mitenand • Tombola with lots of prizes • Cost: $35 p.p. Bookings must be made with the Swiss Club.

Snow White

Wednesday 20 May 2009, 7.30pm. Swiss Club, 2nd floor CH 2005, Drama. Director: Samir 113 min, Swiss German & French, English Subtitles With: Carlos Leal (Winner of Best Lead role Swiss Film Prize 06), Julie Fournier, Stefan Gubser, Xaver Hutter The life of 20-year-old Nico from upper class Zürich is all party, sex and drugs when she meets Carlos, the front man of a hip hop band. She finds herself drawn to his independent, creative and profound way of life, so different from her own. With naïveté and infinite self-confidence, she tries to adopt his lifestyle - without anticipating the consequences. In Snow White social criticism is cleverly intertwined with melodrama, resulting in a moving love-story, which, despite its dramatic turn leaves us with a glimmer of hope. Samir has managed to create a truly ‘Swiss’ film, interweaving the French and German speaking parts of Switzerland by employing characters which regularly switch between Swiss German and French.

It is always a fun night. Please come and join in the fun and support the group at the same time.

Free for members, non-members gold coin donation.

We wish Edi Scheiber, member of the group a speedy recovery from a knee replacement. Could it be all the dancing after hours? We look forward to see you at the Jass nights and the Unterhaltungsabend. Sylvia Hochuli

Enjoy dinner at the club, before or after the movie. Please book with the restaurant on 9650 1196.

Joke of the day! Another joke about Adolf Ogi (member of the Swiss Federal Council, in office 1987 – 2000). Der festlich gekleidete Bundesrat Ogi liess sich um 7.30 Uhr mit einem Taxi zur Heiliggeistkiche, dann zur Nydeggkirche und zuletzt zum Berner Münster fahren. Dem Taxifahrer entging die Nervosität des Magistraten nicht und er fragte: “Herr Bundesrat, brauchen Sie Hilfe?”Da antwortete Ogi: “Ich bin heute um 8 Uhr zu Figaros Hochzeit eingeladen und weiss nicht mehr, in welcher Kirche die Trauung stattfindet.” Kommentarlos steuerte hierauf der Taxichauffeur das Stadttheater an. w w w.s w i s s .o r w i s sc lu bv i c

Movie documentary about the Swiss Club In the last newsletter we announced the documentary would be screened at the beginning of 2009. This is a busy time of year with many activities and the club’s calendar is full already. We will therefore postpone the screening for later in the year. However, a trailer will be shown at the Annual General Meeting in March to give you a sneak preview of the film. We will keep you updated. Roman Meyer



2009 Annual General Meeting of the SCV Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Swiss Club of Victoria will be held at 89 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, on:

Wednesday, 4 March 2009, 8pm Agenda: 1. Opening and Welcome 2. One Minute of Silence 3. Attendance, Apologies, Proxies 4. Adoption of Minutes of Half-Yearly General Meeting 2008 5. President’s Report 6. Accounts and Financial Statements 7. Election of Office Bearers 8. General Business: – Question Time 9. Conclusion

Minutes of the 2008 HalfYearly General Meeting of the SCV Held Wednesday, 17 September 2008 at 89 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 1. Opening and Welcome The President of the Swiss Club of Victoria, Mr Rolf Huber opened the Half-Yearly Meeting at 20:06pm and welcomed Honorary Life Members, the Honorary Consul and Members of the Swiss Club. He thanked everyone for attending the meeting. A total of 14 voting members were present. 2. One Minute of Silence Rolf invited all members to stand up and observe one minute of silence to remember our friends and members who have left us, in particular Hanny Earl, Ernst Mauerhofer and Oskar Zurrer. Our sympathies go to their families. We will miss and remember them. 3. Apologies Erika & Hans Ochsenbein, Beat Altermatt, Doris Diserens, Joe & Marie Schibli, Pat & Primo Calabresi, Peter Graf, Robyn & Patrick Rychner, Fred Dumar, Rita & Herbert Schwärzler, Christian Schwärzler, Chris Salathe, Margaret & Koebi Fatzer, Heidy Giger, Toni Hoffmann, Peter Noser, Sue & Franz Schnellmann, Sylvia & Fritz Hochuli


4. Adoption of Minutes of Annual General Meeting March 2008 The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, held Wednesday, 5 March, 2008, were published in the September 2008 Newsletter. The minutes had been read and are a true record. They were moved by Urs Marfurt and seconded by Roland Isler. All in favour. 5. President’s Report “Dear Honorary Consul Ms Erika Kimpton, Honorary Life Members and Members of the Swiss Club, Once again the Swiss Club of Victoria has had an extremely successful and busy half year since the AGM in March. 2008 was a year of progress and consolidation of our work on behalf of all our members. Our activities continue to deliver value to more members than ever before. Better communication at large has helped raising awareness and the central location of the club building and its reputation as a fine dining restaurant remains the centre piece of our organisation. As a result membership numbers in 2008 are on the rise. I note this positive development with satisfaction. I would like to record my thanks to my fellow committee members who have demonstrated great commitment and significant personal support to the club over the past 18 months. Present today are Barbara Kündig (Vice-President & Secretary, Derrick Wildi (Treasurer), Gerda Probst (Membership), Oliver Altermatt (Building Management) and missing due to an overseas trip is Patrick Rychner (communication & website coordinator) I also have the pleasure to introduce Damian Schaller and nominate him as additional member of the committee. More about Damian under election of office bearers. I am very pleased to report on this year’s highlights. The club is doing well. Our three main income streams i.e. Terra Rossa Restaurant, Roger Moullet and membership provide the club with the necessary funds to operate. On the cost side building maintenance remains an uncertain factor due to the age of the building. Our events & function calendar provides members with a large number of attractive activities ranging from purely entertaining and social gatherings to educational, traditional and even sporting occasions. In true Swiss Club tradition before the Annual General Meeting, Roger Moullet and his team serve

‘Schüblig & Potato Salad’ Cost: $11.50 p. p. (for members attending the AGM) Bookings essential on 9650 1196. A la carte menu also available at regular prices.

Swiss Club of Victoria

In April the highly successful Swiss Festival was held with an attendance of about 1,000 spectators and a resulting profit for the club of $2,500. The organising committee with André Becker, Amy Bohren, Bruno Giger, Erika Kimpton, Damian Schaller and I have set out once again to plan for the next SF which will take place at the Austrian Club on Sunday, 22 March 2009. The Swiss Club has introduced another winning event - an exuberating Movie night. To date the following movies have been featured Vitus, Herbstzeitlosen and Jeune Homme Bye Bye Roeschtigraben. We will endeavor to continue offering movies. I can further inform you of other events that catch the attention of our members such as the Unterhaltungsabend, the Senior afternoons & Ladies Luncheons, Andacht Picnic, Kapelle Grüezi Mitenand, Laternenumzug, Jass competition to name just a few. Furthermore I can inform you of a new one year agreement with Eddie Muto, owner of the Terra Rossa Restaurant. For a licence fee of A$3,000 it allows for a poster wall along Duckboard Lane. In exchange, the scruffy look of graffiti and unauthorised advertising will soon be a thing of the past. The

Swiss Club of Victoria

Nomination Form for Office Bearers for 2009 We, being Honorary Life Members, Honorary Members or Ordinary Members of the Swiss Club of Victoria hereby nominate (please use block letters) Name of person nominated:

for election as a member of the Committee. 1. Name of Member: Signature: 2. Name of Member: Signature: I, (name of candidate) being a member of the Swiss Club of Victoria, hereby, consent to act as a member of the Committee, if elected. Signature: Note: Any two Ordinary Members, Honorary Life Members or Honorary Members of the Swiss Club of Victoria may nominate other members for election to the Committee. To be valid, this Nomination form must reach the Secretary of the Swiss Club of Victoria not later than 18 February 2009.

w w w.s w i s s .o r w i s sc lu bv i c

poster nearest to Flinders Lane is for the exclusive use of the club. Given the competition for large scale events in the CBD the club is happy to be the chosen venue for the Comedy Festival on an ongoing basis in return for a short-term rental income usually in March or April. An application has been made again for next year. The parking issue has also been resolved. Follow up parking tickets are available for both Wilson Parking on Flinders Lane (A$20 daytime, A$5 evening) and Secure Parking (A$16 daytime, A$8 evening.) To further promote the Swiss Club a non tangle Swiss Flag is now proudly hoisted on the Flinders Lane side of the building. Together with the banner advertising our club (see in front of lectern, standing banner and hanging banner in the staircase) we have created new tools to address our campaign for new members and sponsorship dollars. I would like to express my gratitude to Patrick Rychner for designing the banner and to Damian Schaller and Océ for printing it. First impressions are important but lasting impressions often have a decisive character. The entrance hall of the Restaurant will get a make over. A new notice board and display unit will be mounted over the next few weeks. After the addition of sound breaking ceiling panels the noise level in the restaurant is still not satisfactory. Other solutions are under investigation. To my disappointment the second floor project has not made any significant progress. As reported earlier the cost for a complete redevelopment i.e. multipurpose room is well over A$100,000 which is out of reach for the Swiss Club. Beside the cost factor the commercial viability remains a concern. Financial support and a sound business plan is needed before we can continue with the project. In an attempt to explore all avenues I can report that the Swiss Club was proposed to enter a Joint Venture with a developer and investment broker to develop the land. It was suggested to knock down the current building and construct a multi storey building in its place. I would like to share the following key elements of the possible Joint Venture with you: • The Swiss Club would make the land available as a security for development funding. • On completion of the building the Swiss Club would retain two floors of the building at no cost. • Each joint venture partner would obtain a 50% share in the profits after all development costs are paid. • The developer would become the development manager for the project and would undertake this work for a fee of 3% of the total project revenue. Developments Manager’s scope of work would include project management, sales and marketing co-ordination, financial management and the management of the Joint Venture. • The developer would appoint and pay each consultant required to deliver the project, including planners, architects, engineers, surveyors and landscape architects. This cost would be treated as a development cost for the purpose of determining development profit. • The developer would be the project builder and construct


the project for an agreed amount and in accordance with the agreed plans and specifications. • The developer would obtain finance for the total cost for delivering the project using the land as security. • During the construction period, the Swiss Club would be housed in appropriate alternative premises. The leasing and associated costs would be treated as development cost for the purposes of determining development profit. • Timeframe for the project is 36 months. • Typical financial returns to the joint venture parties based on 50:50 profit share would be A$8 million and the two floors have an approximate completed value of A$4 million. The committee has not made a decision yet but perceives this approach as radical. Before giving it further consideration we would like to hear the members’ opinion. We encourage your active involvement and welcome your feedback. In closing, I pass on my thanks and those of my fellow committee members for the work of Newsletter editor of “Edelweiss” Roland Isler. Roland has masterfully improved the content of the newsletter and thus increased its popularity.

I would also like to thank Roger Moullet and his team for tirelessly looking after members and guests alike. Finally, I would like to thank all those members who contribute to the life of the club in any way be it behind the curtains or on center stage. You are the heart and soul of the club. 6. Treasurer’s Report Derrick Wildi presented facts and figures for the financial year 2008: Assets Cash / Bank Account ........................$ Accounts receivable .........................$ Stock History Book ...........................$ Deposits ...........................................$ Land & Building ...............................$

44,239 477 2,500 100 913,772

Total Assets ......................................$


Liabilities Accounts payable .............................$ Other creditors .................................$ Hire Purchase ...................................$ GST payable .....................................$

2,259 0 24,606 374

Proxy Form

Total Liabilities .................................$


for the Annual General Meeting 2009 of the Swiss Club of Victoria

Equity Members Fund (31 Dec 2007) ..........$ Current Earnings 2007 .....................$

925,459 8,390

To: the Secretary of the Swiss Club of Victoria (please use block letters)

Total Equities ...................................$


Income Membership Fees .............................$ Rent Income .....................................$ Advertising / Merchandise ...............$ Functions (“Swiss Festival”) ............$ Other Income / Interest ....................$

20,751 60,603 2,469 2,094 949

Total Income ....................................$


Expenses Legal & Professional Fees.................$ Insurance .........................................$ Bank fees / Credit facility .................$ Member Services ..............................$ Donations ........................................$ Functions .........................................$ Building Maintenance ......................$ Building Operations .........................$ Equipment/Miscellaneous ................$

8,882 11,466 965 6,434 80 2,444 6,411 17,530 24,264

Total Expenses .................................$


I, being a member of the Swiss Club of Victoria, my address being:

hereby appoint:

his/her address being:

being another member of the Swiss Club of Victoria, to vote for me and on my behalf at the Annual General Meeting of the Swiss Club of Victoria to be held on Wednesday, 5 March 2008 and at every adjournment thereof. Signed by hand this

day of


Signature: Note: Only members who are entitled to vote, having paid their subscription or being Honorary Life Members or Honorary Members, may represent other members as proxy. Proxy forms must be handed to the Secretary at least 48 hours before the meeting is to take place.


Notes and Explanations Assets: • Excess cash invested in short term money market fund. • Current valuation of property is significantly below market value. Liabilities: • No long term liabilities! • Decision pending to pay out kitchen hire contract. Swiss Club of Victoria

• If required credit facility for $ 150,000 available for immediate use. Expenses: • Continue to make small improvements to club facilities (Projector Notice Board, Entry area). • Maintenance cost: Significantly lower than last year, however costs are unpredictable due to age of building. • Building Operating cost remains steady. Outlook 2009: • Expected Profit: $10,000 7. Election of Office Bearers Damian Schaller offered to join the committee. No other nominations were received to act as office bearers. Damian was elected unanimously by a show of hands. The committee now consists of 7 members. 8. General Business • Membership: Gerda presented some interesting statistics re our membership: Figures as at 31 August 2008: Total Members: 465 New Members (since 1 Sept 07): 51 Cancellations (since 1 Sept 07): 20 Net increase: 31 – Membership Increase over the past 4 years: 31/08/08: 465 (+7.4%) 51 new, 20 cancel 31/08/07: 434 (+6.4%) 52 new, 26 cancel 31/08/06: 408 (+1.0%) 33 new, 29 cancel 31/08/05: 404

“The committee puts forward the motion that the quorum is adjusted to 50% of the elected committee and that at least either the president, the secretary or the treasurer is present to form such quorum. The motion will remain in effect until the constitution is changed.” The motion was moved by Walter Purtschert and seconded by Roland Isler. All in favour. • Secure Parking: They offered again special deals for the club, $12 during the day and $7 at night. Please approach the restaurant for follow up tickets. • Questions / Remarks and Comments: Roland Isler wanted to ensure that committee & any developers are aware that huge cables were inserted under our building when the skyscraper next door was constructed and this might prevent the construction of a taller building on the SCV site. He also questioned what our present tenant would say to this as he still has a 13 year lease with us. Walter Purtschert congratulated the committee on their work and efforts. The carpets between the 1st & second floor are an eyesore – the Committee agrees but prefers to hold off until we know how to proceed with the 2nd floor 8. Conclusion Meeting was closed at 9.25pm and Rolf invited all present for a drink. Minutes taken by Barbara Kündig, Secretary

– Swiss registered in Australia: There are 22,118 Swiss Nationals registered with the Swiss Consulate of which 5,315 live in Victoria and 304 are members of the Swiss Club of Victoria. – Email Addresses: 31/08/08: 247 = 53% (+ 5%) 31/08/07: 210 = 48% We send out reminders & invitations via Email – please register your email address with the membership secretary to be updated on last minute happenings at the Swiss Club. – Mobile Numbers: 31/08/08: 186 = 40% (+ 2%) 29/02/08: 168 = 38% We have been sending birthday greetings via SMS over the past 1½ years. – Average Age: 31/08/08: 63 yrs (no data for 7.7%) 31/08/07: 58 yrs (no data for 13%) • Motion re Committee Meeting Quorum: There are only 6 committee members and on several occasions the committee was not able to make decisions due to a lack of quorum. Presently, the constitution stipulates a quorum of 5 based on 50% of the committee (10). We have not been able to achieve these numbers in the past years. Therefore, the committee put forward the following motion to the members: w w w.s w i s s .o r w i s sc lu bv i c

Snippet: The loveliest view A sense of the sublimity of the mountains inspired the building of the chapel of Santa Maria degli Angeli on Monte Tamaro, high over the Ticino lakes. In this striking location, Mario Botta has created an overall work of art that must be reckoned as one of the most successful examples of contemporary church architecture. Botta says a great deal with minimal means. His work is characterised by beautiful design, perfect execution, sustainability and permanence. Ticino architect Botta designs buildings all over the world and also contributes to the training of young architects in Switzerland at the Accademia di architettura in Mendrisio.


Swiss Events & Functions February to May 2009 Please note that this calendar also list events other than those organised by the Swiss Club of Victoria and its subgroups. Please book all Swiss Club functions (bold entries) with Roger, phone 9650 1196 or fax 9650 3104 and check website for latest information and details of upcoming events. For all other events please contact the relevant organisation (see page 3 for contact details).


Sunday 15 Wednesday 18 Saturday 28

Summer picnic - Groupe Romand du Victoria Movie Night at the Club - ‘Achtung, Fertig, Charlie!’ Jass Night - Matterhorn


Sunday Wednesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday Friday Wednesday Sunday Saturday Sunday

01 04 04 05 07 13 11 22 28 29

Churchill Island - Pro Ticino Down Under Ladies’ Luncheon Annual General Meeting Kapelle Grüezi Mitenand entertains at the Club Swiss School AGM - Swiss Club Billiard - Swiss Club Doubles Championship AGM - Groupe Romand du Victoria SWISS FESTIVAL (all groups) Jass Night - Swiss Club Comedy Festival starts – 2nd floor unavailable until April 29


Thursday Sunday

02 26

Kapelle Grüezi Mitenand entertains at the Club Comedy Festival ends


Monday Wednesday Thursday Saturday Saturday Wednesday

04 06 07 09 16 20

Editorial Deadline - Newsletter June issue Ladies’ Luncheon Kapelle Grüezi Mitenand entertains at the Club Unterhaltungsabend Swiss Folk Dance Group Alpenrose Jass Night - Matterhorn Movie Night at the Club - ‘Snow White’

OTHER REGULAR SWISS CLUB MEETINGS: Committee Meetings: Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month Swiss Folk Dance Group Alpenrose: Practice every Tuesday evening at 8.15pm Swiss Companion Singers: Practice and social gathering every 2nd and 3rd Thursday of each month at 8pm Saturday Morning Swiss School: Every second Saturday Morning except school holidays, from 9.30am to 12.30pm Swiss German Playgroup: Meets every 1st Thursday of each month from 11am to 2pm

Happy Easter

Young Swiss Group: Dates for our get-together can be found on or on our Yahoo group


Swiss Club of Victoria

s, Great Spirit of Davo

Circle - SANM


Samichlaus Breakfas


Swiss headlines in 2008 - Schengen and again a new Federal Councillor

Ladies Luncheon




Mystery Trip



Senior Christmas

Swiss Club Tennis Championship

Changed Swiss Federal Council for 2009

SCV Edelweiss Newsletter March 2009  

Swiss Club of Victoria quarterly newsletter for members Editor: Roland Isler 89 Flinders Lane Melbourne VIC 3000

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