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2011 MArch can d i d at e U OF U a r c h i t e c t u r e

PORTFO daniel lyman


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1 F l u i d A da g i o D e si g n /B u i l d Co m p e ti ti o n f a l l 2 0 1 0 2 E ve Ce l e b r a ti o n D e si g n /B u i l d Co m p e ti ti o n f a l l 2 0 0 9 3 Re - i m a g i n e th e Pl a z a D e si g n Co m p e ti ti o n s p r i n g 2 0 1 0 4 We b si te D e si g n 2 0 0 7 - 2 0 1 0 5 D e si g n /B u i l d H o m e R e m o de l su m m e r 2 0 1 0 6 E du c a ti n g E l e m e n ta r y Ch i l dre n Th ro u g h A rc h i t e c t u re f a l l 2 0 1 0


F l u i d Ada g i o D e si g n /B u i l d C o m p et i t i o n “Sway ’d” arc h’ l s tudio 3 - fall 2010 ins truc to r : B renda Sc heer duratio n: 4 weeks lo c atio n: vac ant lo t wes t o f the Capito l T he ater, S alt Lake C ity, UT *sel ec ted a s a f i n a l i st f ro m a m o n g 6 0 e ntr ie s from 1 3 c o u n tri es

nighttime experience amongst the rods

south elevation

“ S w a y ’d ” I n s t a l l a t i o n In its essence, the installation’s seemingly unorchestrated subtle movements are reminiscent of a field of grass or trees reacting to the wind. Although each rod sways independently to its own rhythm, each individual rod maintains harmony with the whole; all swaying together in a symphony orchestrated by the supple forces of nature - no one part more important than the whole.

moly-filled nylon rods

Project News Links:


The rods are aligned on a thirty-inch-square grid, representative of the urban layout of Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. Individual rods created out of moly-filled nylon pitch themselves over ten feet into the air to create a defined but open space. Although each rod is very thin, one inch in diameter, the nylon composition provides resistance without hindering motion. For ground support, each rod is cemented into a concrete footing with minimal disturbance to the site. The sharp rays of sunlight cast hard shadows that are diffused on the gravel floor. Nighttime lighting is provided from security floodlights on the theatre wall and street lamps lining the walkways. Because of the tight spacing between rods, adults will likely be required to slowly meander through the site while children will enjoy running around brushing the rods. All observers will be able to take an active role creating the movements by pressing against the rods and watching them undulate in diminishing reactive movements. The creative movements have been sway’d.


daytime experience - anyone can enjoy


Eve C e l e b rat i on D e si g n /B u i l d C o m p et i t i o n “Sp i ral i n g Ic e ” extrac urr ic ular ac tivity - fall 2009 gro up: Daniel L yman, L iz Yo nas hiro , Co lby Bell, and Kraig W ilkes lo c atio n: Downtown G alivan P laza, Salt L ake C ity, UT *w i n n i n g en tr y, erec ted f o r 3 da y s d ur ing Salt Lake City ’s E ve Cel ebra ti o n

close-up showing material layers

“Spiraling Ice” Sculpture The Salt Lake City Downtown Alliance holds an annual competition for art installations to be created and exhibited during the city’s New Year’s Eve celebrations. The theme for the competition was “light and motion through time.” Out of ten entries, “Spiraling Ice” was one of three chosen. The installations were on display in downtown’s Gallivan Plaza for three nights during the “Eve Celebration.” The concept was to allow people to walk through the installation and to literally experience “light and motion through time.” At the time we created our concept model, we were unsure how to construct it. The possibility of overturning because of the height of the sculpture was the main issue. After researching different methods for construction, we decided to use a strong inner skeletal system wrapped with a skin to create the spirals. Three-quarter-inch electrical conduit was the perfect choice for the skeleton as this afforded us the ability to bend and shape the basic frame to create the spiraling shapes. The spirals were each anchored by 100-pound concrete bases. We attached poultry netting to the skeleton to create the frames around which lights were wrapped in random patterns - 5000 lights in total. Lastly, we used large bubble wrap to create a “sleeve” for the spirals and taped the seams closed with packaging tape. The final result was better than we anticipated. Built dimensions: 10’ x 18’ x 9’


the calm before the party

tunnel of light and motion

daytime sun reflecting off spirals


Re - i m a g i n e t h e Pl az a D e si gn C o m p et i t i o n “Se ve n - Laye re d Pl a z a� extrac urr ic ular ac tivity - s pr ing 2010 gro up: Daniel L yman, Mike Ather to n, Nathan Russell, and Jorg Ruegemer lo c atio n: U niver s ity o f U tah Marr io tt L ibrar y Plaz a *h o n o rabl e m en ti o n rec ei ved f ro m among 1 7 e ntr ie s

scale model of an average day around lunch time

“Seven-Layered Plaza” The goal was to create a dynamic space that students could inhabit and manipulate to suit their momentary needs. We devised a seven-layered concept to include such things as mobile food vendors and ungrounded seats and benches. Unique and flexible foam cube furniture personalizes and divides the space on the plaza, bringing the scale down to human needs and perception. Large concrete graphics, additional trees, and simple metal louver kites add the other necessary elements to the design. Circulation at the entrance to the library is improved by relocating the bike racks to the perimeter of the planters in the plaza.

“kite” shading structure sketches

Project News Links:

re-imagined bike racks

The proposed design allows the new Marriott Library Plaza to become a multi-purpose area. Its primary purpose is everyday campus use, including socializing, relaxing, eating, and alternative outdoor study space. The plaza can also be used for many different activities, during different times, and for diverse events, such as in the summertime, at night, for concerts, etc. *Though not an actual design/build competition, our team was still required to research and formulate actual construction methods for the project. We met with engineers, maintenance workers, suppliers, and manufacturers.

seven-layered plan for maximum utility

typical day on the re-imagined plaza

tonight only: the Tolchock Trio

high noon: lunch on the plaza

election day: vote for the right party

movie on the plaza: Inception

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We bsit e Design

ext racur r i c u l a r a c t i v i t y - 2 0 0 7 - 2 0 1 0 s cr ip t ing l a n g u a ge s : PHP a n d HT M L

I have been fascinated with design in its many applications, and seeing what others are able to create in web design, I decided to learn some scripting languages. I was given further incentive during a design thinking class assignment. I decided to create my own web page,, and begin to work through the design process to achieve the best final result. Since that first version, I have rewritten the script as content needs require. I have also designed various other sites for businesses, family interest groups, and other personal web pages.

ns m

ap< /a





anie lly and riki. m ww. com< </a><b /a>< willi r> sand b angi r> elym an.c om

urn al a>< </a><b br> r> s</a ></ td>

><b r> iel l yma ”site n</a> \” < ><b >down br> load r> resu me< ght /a>< poli br> cy< /b>< /a>< /td> /b>< /a>< br> and + e\”> identi com ty</a > r> pute r re <br> n deri ode ng< l /a>< gn< s</a>< /a>< br> br> /td>

$ptr .”i $ptr /borde r1 .”i tr.”i/ /borde .jpg\”> < r bor der3 2.jpg\”> /td> .jpg\ < ”>< /td> /td> .”i/b ord er8. jpg\ ”>< /td>

</td >


”>$ con

.” = nd= \””.$pt i/borde \””.$ r.” r ptr.” i/bord 7.jpg\”> er6. i/bo jpg\ </td> rder HER ”> 5 . E j p -g\”> </td> gn= </td \”ce > > nter \”>$ new s<b r>< HER /td> E -r=\” > CC CC CC \” c olsp an= \”3\ ” ali gn= \”ce nter \


LBiSat Satellite Communications, Inc.


De s ign/ Build H om e Rem od e l ext racur r i c u l a r a c t i v i t y - s u m m e r 2 0 1 0 durat io n : 9 w e e ks lo cat io n : Sou t h Sa l t La ke C i t y, U T I decided to further enhance my skills in the construction industry by purchasing a dilapidated home to remodel and sell for profit. Working with some of my fellow classmates, we designed all aspects of the remodel from major color decisions to the re-arrangement of walls to open the floor plan. The complete process took only two months, and our knowledge of design theories, material uses, and construction methods were all significantly enhanced.


opening up th

sagging porch and thin, semi-br

he living space

installation of custom cabinets

floor plan becomes more open

raced columns

new concrete patio and temporary supports

simple, elegant entrance


Edu c at ing E lem ent a ry Chi l d re n T h rou g h A rc h it ect ure (E E CTA) t he huma n d e s i g n d i m e n s i on - fa l l 2 0 10 ins t ruct or : K r i s t i n Hi l l durat io n : 8 w e e ks lo cat io n : M s . La p a d a t â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 3 rd G ra d e C l a ss , Ridgec res t E lementar y I w as ab l e t o vol unt eer for t he 2010 EEC TA progra m. The elementa r y students c o nstruc ted s c h o ol s , hous es , t ow n hal l s , churches and businesses fro m c erea l boxes, c a rdbo a rd, tin fo i l , c o n s t r uct i on paper and ot her m at er i al s . Eleven c la ssro o ms fro m Esc a la nte , Ja c kso n, R i d g e c re st and Wi l l i am Penn El em ent ar y S choo ls pa r tic ipa ted, c o nnec ting their blo c ks w i t h road s , t r ai l s and t r ai n t r acks . The proj ec t wa s direc ted by 30 vo lunteers fro m the U t ah c h apt er of t he Am er i can Ins t i t ut e of Architec ts. The eig ht o ne-ho ur lesso ns fit with U t ah â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s c ore curr i cul um for m at h, l anguage ar t s, so c ia l studies, sc ienc e a nd v isua l a r ts. P ro j e c t New s Li nks : h t t p : / / w w w. s l t r i b. com /s l t r i b/new s /50770520- 78/la ke-sa lt-students-elementa r y.html.c sp

the excitement of creating something you design

our class was assigned plots D1-9, each plot had a 2-3 student team

â&#x20AC;&#x153;box cityâ&#x20AC;? presentations at the downtown Salt Lake City Library



1 He r b e r t Ho ove r ’s F u n e r a l f a l l 2 0 0 9 2 Co n c e p tu a l Str u c tu re Sc u l p tu re sp r i n g 2 0 1 0 3 D r aw i n g E x p l o r a ti o n s sp r i n g 2 0 0 9


He rbert H ooverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Funera l arc hâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; l com mu n i c a t i on 1 - fa l l 2 0 0 9 ins t ruct or : A n t on i o Se r ra t o- C om b e p en + in k

Con ce pt ual St ructure Sc u l pt u re arc hâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; l s t r u c t u re s 1 - s p r i n g 2 0 1 0 ins t ructor : Pa t r i c k Tr i p e n y durat io n : 1 w e e k

2 growing like an organism

crystal-like triangles create the structure

complex connections from single points


Dra wing E x plorat ions no n- m aj or a d v a n c e d d ra w i n g - s p r i n g 2 009 ins t ruct or : T h om a s B e t t s

human hand study - pen and ink on paper

What You See... - charcoal on paper

Minna Lisa - graphite on paper


1 B o n n ev i l l e Sa l t F l a ts Ra c e r s’ Re tre a t f a l l 2 0 0 9 2 Ma h e r D e se r t Re si de n c e f a l l 2 0 0 9 3 L o s A n g e l e s Co m mu n i ty Ce n te r sp r i n g 2 0 1 0 4 Sa l t L a ke F i l m Ce n te r f a l l 2 0 1 0


B on n e vi l l e Sa l t F l a t s R ac e rs â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Ret rea t arc hâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; l s tudio 1 - fall 2009 ins truc to r : So phie Mas s ie duratio n: 9 weeks lo c atio n: B o nneville Salt F lats , U T

perspective lines that seem to go forever

perspective lines vanishing into the distance


Racers’ Retreat After camping out overnight to better understand the site, we were instructed to “use [our] knowledge and experience (including understandings of context, topography, geography, land-use, human occupation, and sensorial experience), as well as the handson interactions, observations, impressions and interpretations of [our] on-site/overnight visit to the Salt Flats to develop an architecture that is appropriate and ethically responsible.” To better understand the vastness of the salt flats, I explored the area walking, biking, and driving as fast as my vehicle would allow. I also took a panoramic photograph in an attempt to capture the magnificence to bring back to the studio. A particular and peculiar object that struck me was the racing stripes laid down for the drivers - a small line no more than 8 inches wide and stretching for miles. Understanding this narrow line as it vanished into the distance proved difficult because of the utter vastness that surrounded me. It appeared to me that the only link to reality for a racer would be the racing stripe, and the Racers’ Retreat sought to resemble this perfectly familiar object. The Racers’ Retreat utilizes the same vanishing lines from all directions - as though the building trails off into the distance. Designed as a residence, sculptural element, and gathering spot, the Retreat becomes the interim stop between races.

plans and elevations - perspective on all sides


Ma h e r De se rt Re si d e n c e arc hâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; l c o mmunic atio n 1 - fall 2009 ins truc to r : Anto nio Serrato -Co mbe duratio n: 3 weeks lo c atio n: Mo jave Des er t, NV

exterior view of the front entry apertures

section cut showing hierarchy of living spaces

Residing Within the Desert The desert is replete with opposites - light and dark, day and night, extreme heat and extreme cold. A singularity that plays a major role in these opposites is the sun. During the night, all light has dissipated, leaving only the stars to provide light and the cold emptiness to permeate. During the day, the sharp rays of sunlight create crisp shadows on the desert floor. Designing a residence in this extreme climate posed a formidable challenge. To mitigate the extremes in temperature, a thick thermal mass wall was placed around the perimeter, consisting of two materials - C.M.U.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and concrete. Thermal massing was continued into the floor. Several sizes and shapes of glazing were utilized. Tall, thin glass sheets were placed at specific overlapping walls to create the illusion of disappearing boundaries.

floor plan and site plan


Orientation of the residence was vital in order to maximize utility within specific spaces. The rising sun brings light into the sleeping quarters, exercise room and kitchen to awaken the family. The mid-day sun passes over the house, beginning to heat the thermal masses. The afternoon sun brings light into the office, entry, and dining area. The fenestrations in these areas are specifically sized for the function of each space half wall of glazing in the office for diversity of space, and punched squares in the entry for dynamic shadow casting across the floor.

playing with light and shadow

seclusion patio with 2-way fireplace


Los An g e l e s C om m u n i t y C e n t er arc hâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; l s tudio 2 - s pr ing 2010 ins truc to r : Jac o b G ines duratio n: 9 weeks lo c atio n: Par t o f G rand Avenue P ro jec t, L o s A ngeles , C A

patio off the gallery

ariel view of downtown Los Angeles


exploded axonometric of the parts

Downtown Cultural Hub The new Los Angeles Community Center becomes the starting point for the downtown cultural scene by offering ticketing spaces, information stations and being strategically positioned on the corner of Grand Avenue and First Street, across from the Disney Concert Hall. The form of the community center is developed from a cube consisting of three layers. The bottom layer has been carved through by the circulation paths which lead through the center. The middle layer was removed entirely to provide garden-top vistas for relaxing during a busy workday. The uppermost layer has been â&#x20AC;&#x153;shatteredâ&#x20AC;? and the pieces shift out towards the city. This layer becomes the shell of the canopy, covering everything under it. Additional spaces include a small outdoor performance space, a gallery/exhibit area, and a bistro.

shell perforations circle the third layer

designing the site plan through analog sketch and computer color


S al t La ke F i l m C e n t e r arc hâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; l s tudio 3 - fall 2010 ins truc to r : B renda Sc heer duratio n: 4 weeks lo c atio n: Downtown Salt L ake City, U T

view from fourth floor catwalk

south elevation along 2

figure ground of surrounding area

PROCESS floor plan and site plan

200 South

Salt Lake Film Center

east elevation along 500 West

The disciplines of film and architecture are scripted by parallel elements: concept, emotion, plot, story, structure, rhythm, light, vocabulary and journey. The Salt Lake Film Center’s concept is a derivation of these themes as well as research, client needs, and site analysis. The Soviet Montage Theory by Eisenstein states that “montage is an idea that arises from the collision of independent shots” wherein “each sequential element is perceived not next to the other, but on top of the other” giving form to the L-shaped tower containing the auxiliary functions. The film houses are separated from one another as a literal iteration of independent films. The tower was designed to be expandable to suit future needs of the film community. The open-air catwalk is placed within the complex so as to afford views into the central space where all filming activity culminates. The interior space contains six film houses of varying seating capacities, pre-show and post-show spaces, an outdoor screening area, and lounging areas for discussion and education. Pre- and post-show spaces were designed to follow the circulation from the entrances to the exits of the film houses. The film center will strive to educate and inform the public, broaden points of view, entertain the audience, and allow for the expression of emotional reactions. section through thin tower and film houses

view while walking from across the street

professional work parcelWORKS - Taylorsville, UT 2010-present Real Estate Improvement Investor - working with a crew ranging from two to ten to finish projects on time and within budget, designing interior and exterior color pallets and materials, landscape design, budget analysis for potential projects, creating opportunities by working with investors LBiSat Satellite Communications - Sandy, UT 2009 South America Repoints Project Manager - large scale project coordination of 200+ satellite antenna repoints project throughout Brazil, coordinating schedules with technicians and building management groups, re-point sites verification lists and new sites databases A Holiday Light - Kaysville, UT 2006-2009 Partner/Managing Member - sales, managing 10+ employees, accounting, installation of services, environment branding (logo, web site, internal/external documents, business cards, clothing)

skills + experience Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign,Acrobat Pro, + Premiere Pro) Apple iWork Suite (Pages, Numbers, + Keynote) Apple iLife Suite (iPhoto + iMovie) AutoCAD (BIM, 3D modeling, + 2D drafting) Google SketchUp Pro Hand sketching Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook,Visio, + Publisher) PHP + HTML web design Project management Real estate investment + improvement Revit Architecture Small business management + accounting Type 70 WPM 5+ years in customer relations Familiar with 3ds Max, ZBrush, + Piranesi Familiar with the International Building Code

ADL Elite Services - Kaysville, UT 2006-2009 Partner/Managing Member - sales, installation of services, customer relations, balance multiple priorities, environment branding (logo, web site, internal/external documents, business cards, clothing)

a wa rds + achievements Finalist for Fluid Adagio Design/Build Competition 2010 University of Utah Deanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s List spring/fall 2010 Honorable Mention for Re-imagine the Plaza Design Competition (4 person team) 2010 e d u c a t i o n Winning Entry for Eve Celebration Design/Build Competition University of Utah - Salt Lake City, UT 2008-2011 (4 person team) 2009 Bachelor of Science in Architecture Studies + Business Minor Eagle Scout 2001 Salt Lake Community College - Taylorsville, UT 2006-2008 v o l u n t e e r s e r v i c e Associate of Science in Architectural Technology Student Advisory Committee Undergraduate Chair 2010-2011 College of Architecture and Planning Curriculum Committee + Technology Coml a n g u a g e s mittee Member 2010-2011 English - native speaker Educating Elementary Children Through Architecture 2010 Portuguese - proficient user Pioneer Theatre Volunteer Usher 2007-2010 Spanish - basic user Utah Special Olympics Volunteer 2007 Full-Time Church Representative (Missionary) - Curitiba, Brazil 2004-2006


OLIO 13 7 7 W. Hawksbill D rive , Taylors ville , UT 84 1 2 3 | da ly m a n 6 7 @g m a i l . c o m | 8 0 1 . 5 5 0 . 6 1 0 9 | w w w. d a n i e l ly m a n . c o m

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Masters of Architecture Admission Portolfio used for UC Berkeley, University of Utah, University of Southern California, University of Orego...

Daniel Lyman M.Arch Admission Portfolio  

Masters of Architecture Admission Portolfio used for UC Berkeley, University of Utah, University of Southern California, University of Orego...

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