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The Technology Component ...a simple way to add it to any lesson plan

by Group 1 for ETC 647 • November 3, 6:30 pm

The Challenge... How to integrate Technology in a school... demographically low SES some students are bilingual ELD / ESL students enjoy little computer access outside tech-savvy teachers are few more students than computers equipment is outdated

A monitor is the person who watches the kids.

The Solution? must be simple quick to learn easy to implement

Google Docs Online... •

Software Issues

Collaborative... •

Tech Savvy Issues the fast ... the slow

Language Issues

Interactive... •

Constructivist Learning

Google Docs Group Powerpoint •

Teams of 3 Share Computer

Collaborate... •

Each Team builds 1 slide within class-wide project

Interactive... •

Members help one another solve problems.

Google Docs Builds Staff Confidence Encourages Creativity Extendible to Many Possible Integrations (i.e. Convert to Podcast)

See for yourself... Go to Login: pw: golumberjacks

Reflections Preparation time to implement requires breaking down into smaller parts

The Technology Component ...a simple way to add it to any lesson plan

!ank y"

Collaborate Using Google Docs Presentations  

Integrate technology into any lesson plan quickly and easily using Google Docs' presentation tool.

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