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Italian Unique residential Italian courses in the south of Italy

Enjoy Italy as the Italians do Our aim is to provide you with a unique cultural holiday here in the unspoilt region of Puglia in southern Italy. Based around the language and combining it with the culture, food and of course wine we have created this package for the more discerning traveller who appreciates culture and wants to avoid the tourist honey-pots of northern Italy. This is a chance to experience the real Italy, off the well trodden tourist path, guided by locals who know the area giving you the possibility to enjoy Italy as the Italians do.

Language Course Like many other language schools

with the students allowing them to

Fluent Scuola di Lingue e Cultura

highlight the areas in which they

believes that the best way to learn a

would like revision and practice.

language is by visiting the target

We recommend between twelve and

language country and speaking with

fifteen hours of classroom lessons in

native speakers. However unlike other

a week (Monday to Friday) although

schools, Fluent can place this

this can be increased or decreased

philosophy at the heart of its Italian

depending on the group. Lessons

language courses thanks to its setting

usually take place in the morning

in the old town of Locorotondo.

leaving the afternoons free for

During our courses students not only

visiting other towns and practising

have classroom-based lessons, taught

talian or taking part in our organised

by experienced, qualified, mother

excursions!! Our courses can be used

tongue, Italian teachers, and trips

solely for revision helping to build

around the local area but they also

student’s confidence in Italian or as

have the opportunity to practise their

an opportunity to study new language

language skills during practical

areas. However, whatever the

lessons. These practical lessons

course’s aim, particular emphasis

include learning to cook traditional

is placed on speaking and the

Puglian food with one of Italy’s top

importance of communication over

chefs and investigative projects in

grammatical accuracy.

Locorotondo involving interaction with local business owners.

As you can see our courses offer a

The classroom lessons are tailored to

unique opportunity for students to

suit each group of students in terms of

learn and practise their Italian in an

syllabus and number of teaching

authentic setting whilst enjoying

hours per week. The school’s teachers

themselves in one of the most

design each course in consultation

beautiful parts of Italy.

Experience the Culture To learn a language well it is important to understand not only the grammar but also the culture of the country, this is why we have created a package, through our local knowledge and contacts, that not only teaches you the language but also the customs and culture of Italy by exposing you to situations and experiences that normal tourists simply don’t get the possibility to enjoy. This could be a trip to the local winery, olive mill, mozzarella factory or lessons in the local dialect which is still much used today. It also includes a culinary demonstration from one of Italy’s most renowned chefs Domenico Maggi, who currently spends most of his time travelling the world demonstrating and lecturing on the delights of Puglian food. For a more complete list of activities and excursions available please see the accompanying list. Whether your main aim is to learn Italian or simply experience the ‘La Dolce Vita’ we can provide an unforgettable cultural holiday here in Italy. Ci vediamo presto!!

Activities Make your own handmade pasta the traditional way and then eat it for lunch! (Expert help available from ‘Zia’) Make a pizza from scratch and then choose your own toppings before baking it in a traditional wood oven with an expert ‘pizzaiolo’. Make your own Mozzarella. Watch and learn from a master Mozzarella maker and then have a go yourself! Put your Italian into use by doing the shopping for lunch at the local market. Choose from the freshest fruit and vegetables Italy has to offer. A visit to the area’s oldest winery with guided tour, ‘aperitivo’ and tasting. Depending on the season, pick your own olives before visiting the Olive Oil press to see how it’s made. Then you can take home with you some oil that you have picked and pressed. Depending on the season, help with the ‘Vendemmia’ – grape harvest – and then tread the grapes yourself before sampling the most natural wine possible from one of the oldest grape varieties on the world. If learning Italian isn’t enough why not give dialect a go? It is still widely spoken in the area and is a real cultural link to the people, it may not be very useful outside the immediate area as each town often has its own distinct dialect, but it’s fun and interesting, and how many do you know can speak a bit of dialect!!

Accommodation For the duration of the course students stay in traditional Puglian ‘trulli’ in an ‘Agriturismo’ called ‘Truddhi’. These conical roof shaped buildings are unique to the Itrea Valley and found nowhere else in Italy. Originally used as out buildings on small farms or as basic accommodation for the labourers; here at Truddhi they have been lovingly restored to provide 21st century standard holiday apartments set amongst idyllic centuries old olive groves and vineyards. Facilities there also include a swimming pool open from May – October. As well as breakfast the students will enjoy traditional home-cooked Puglian dinners or typical meals in local restaurants every evening. A minibus transports students to the language school and on their various excursions. The excursion package can be created together to ensure we cater for your specific interests.

Excursions A guided tour of the nearest town Locorotondo. Officially one of Italy’s 100 most beautiful towns. 5 mins A walk around Martina Franca, famous for its Baroque architecture. 10 mins

Alberobello. A must for all visitors, simply because of its uniqueness. A UNESCO world heritage town with a historic centre built entirely from ‘Trulli’. 15 mins

Polignano A Mare. Perched on top of a cliff this town has fantastic views of the Adriatic sea and is the birthplace of Domenico Modugno, the man behind the song ‘Volare’. 25 mins A bit further afield is Lecce, the Florence of the south. With stunning architecture and Roman ruins this is definitely worth a visit. 1 ½ hours Day trips to Rome or Naples can also be organised.

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learn live and love italian  
learn live and love italian  

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