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How Christmassy is it in India?! So it is December, the festive season of Christmas and per the general notion Christmas celebrations in India aren’t as elaborate and fun as in the rest of the world considering a majority of the Indian population practices Hinduism. But in India, 25th December as in the rest of the world, is declared a public holiday and is celebrated with the same splendor and excitement. In metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, the Christmas is celebrated by people of all religions alike; with schools declaring Christmas Holidays for over ten days to all the students.

With the grandiosity of the Indian terrain, celebrations vary in different regions of the country based on climate, geography, religion and historical influences. For instance, in South India, people decorate their houses with clay- oil lamps and on the flat rooftops, edges, walls, terraces during Christmas In the North-Eastern part, celebrations are marked by performing traditional dances and exotic feasts. In the plains of the subcontinent, the traditional pine tree is replaced by banana trees or mango trees basis the availability in that region.

In the North-Western region, Christmas is celebrated with the native Bhil tribe taking out processions during the Christmas week narrating Christmas stories with their equivalent of Christmas carols. Food is another great aspect of the Indian Christmas celebration. Although, there is no turkey, pies etc, it is no less than a feast. The Indian feast is dotted with its own sets of spicy delicacies, again, depending on the region and even cakes including the delicious plum cakes. Many cake shops in Mumbai create delicious Christmas special cakes for their patrons that are available only during the Christmas week. Besides cakes, there are traditional sweets that are adapted to the Indian palate and products available in the region such as sweetmeats, guava cheese, Bebinca (layered Goan pudding), Marzipan and many more. Christmas celebrations in India varies vastly from the rest of the but the spirit of the festival remains intact and it is celebrated throughout the nation with as much joy and splendor by people from all diversities alike promotes in intention of the festival and love. And Santa Claus, as everywhere, has as much significance and brings as much joy and happiness to children and elders as it does elsewhere. Regardless of the means and ways of celebrations, as everywhere and most importantly, Christmas celebrations in India are an epitome of love and brotherhood.

How Christmassy is it in India?!