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Responder is professional, compassionate To the editor: The letter of July 5, from Debbie Iampietro, has made me very angry and sick. Angry because the “big guy” and his wife are friends of mine and sick because of what some people have become. I have seen the “big guy” in action at a real accident. He is very professional yet has the compassion to be human. He and his wife have worked very hard to get to the point they are at and I don’t feel they should be condemned. The “big guy” and his wife came to the call on their motorcycles. Perhaps they were out for the day to enjoy themselves or they may have used the bikes to get through traffic faster. Whatever the reason they showed dedication to go to the call, and this is the thanks they get? You stated that the “big guy” took over. What was he supposed to do? Stand there all willy-

nilly? You are claustrophobic. Me too, but the fear of being in tight, confined spaces has nothing to do with being put on a backboard! You also stated that you freaked, screamed and thrashed around (probably where your black and blues came from) This showed very few brains on your part, you could have done more damage to your body. It’s a good thing I didn’t go on this call because I would have gagged you! Why don’t you grow up, get over yourself and try an attitude change? You act as if when you call for help, princess, the world should bow to you, but only if it all goes your way. Sorry, Baby, that’s not the real world. In closing I feel I need to say that if the “big guy” was so inclined he would have no problem taking your husband down. Cindi Swan Glen

Annual Albany Town Picnic July 23 To the editor: All Albany residents (full-time and seasonal) are invited to the fourth annual Albany Town Potluck Picnic The picnic will be held Saturday, July 23, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Russell Colbath Historic Site on the Kancamagus Highway. The picnic will be held rain or shine and offers a great opportunity to get to know your fellow Albany residents. There will be outdoor games, music, a nature trail for walking, donation raffle, great food and fun for all ages. Hamburgers, hotdogs and some beverages will be pro-

vided. To ensure a variety of other potluck choices we would like to suggest the following idea: All families with last name beginning with A to H please bring a salad with dressings, families I to Q please bring an appetizer or other entree selection and families R to Z please bring a dessert or fruit. Some cold beverages will be provided. (Only non-alcoholic beverages allowed.) Come ready for some good food and fun. If you have any questions, please call Kathy Carrier at 447-4979. We hope to see you on the 23rd of July. Kathy Carrier, picnic coordinator Albany

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Gun-Free School Zones Tom McLaughlin

A teacher meeting was just ending in my Asked how many had guns in their homes, room a couple of years ago when the school about two-thirds of my students raised their secretary announced over the loudspeaker hands. We discussed the correlation between that the school was going into lockdown. the high rate of gun ownership and the low Students were in their “Unified Arts” classes, crime rate here in Maine and in other rural which used to be known as gym, shop, home areas of the country as well as the high corec, and art. Emergency relation between strict procedure dictated gun control laws in our that I stay in my room All those Alinsky-inspired community major cities and their with the door locked, organizers have done a wonderful job in high crime rates. the lights out, and out All this came back to the Windy City, haven’t they? of sight of anyone who me when Chicago Mayor might look in the winand former Obama dows. Chief of Staff Rahm Cowering in the face of a threat is not in Emmanuel’s newly-appointed a new police my nature, however. I knew I was supposed chief blamed the National Rifle Associato sit there quietly and let the appropriate tion and Sarah Palin for the roving hoards authorities deal with whatever the threat of bandits and murderers terrorizing that was, but I couldn’t. I looked out into the hallcity. “[It’s] federal gun laws that facilitate way to see what was going on. Policemen the flow of illegal firearms, into our urban were searching student lockers which were centers across this country, that are killing lined up on either side of the wide corridor. our black and brown children,” he said. HowLater, I learned that someone had scrawled ever, there are way more guns in Maine, per “I have a gun” on a wall in one of the girls’ capita, than in Chicago, and lots of people bathrooms. The principal decided to take the here leave their doors unlocked and they threat seriously and called police. Hence, the don’t kill each other. As the saying goes: lockdown. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. In Before learning that, however, I ran the this case at least, a bumper sticker slogan possibilities through my mind of what the easily trumps progressive “thinking.” The threat might be. In declining order of likeproblem lies with people in Chicago, not the lihood, I figured it could be an irate parent guns. All those Alinsky-inspired community who felt aggrieved by a custody decision. organizers have done a wonderful job in the It could also be a deranged student or stuWindy City, haven’t they? If a conservative dents reenacting a Columbine-type episode, is a liberal who’s been mugged, do you think or, least likely, it could be a terrorist attack. smug progressives would learn anything if Whatever it was, I knew one thing: because they were forced to put up “Gun-Free Zone” of screwball Gun-Free School Zones Act signs in front of their own houses? enacted during the Clinton Administration, When I first taught here in Maine back we could all be assured that the perp would in 1977, I noticed students driving to school be the only one with a weapon and all the with rifles on racks across the rear windows rest of us would be at a distinct disadvanof their pickup trucks. During November, tage as his unarmed victims. they hunted before and after school, and Feeling the familiar frustration of the so did many teachers including this writer. many ways federal intervention had screwed Parents dropping their children off in front up public education during my then-35-year of the school often had rifles visible in their teaching career, I reflected on the what I’d vehicles as well. Then in the 1990s I found recently taught my students about “gunmyself distributing notices to parents warnfree zones” as part of a Second Amendment ing them against doing that anymore after lesson. Fox News had put together an effecthe ludicrous Gun-Free School Zones Act tive, short satire on them in the form of an was signed into law by President Clinton. infomercial. The pitchman explained the The notice students were instructed to take benefits of putting up “gun-free zone” signs home and give to parents said those parents in homes, businesses and public places. A could be arrested if they drove onto school potential robber with a gun would try to hold grounds with their deer rifles or shotguns up a store. The owner behind the counter put in their vehicles. This, progressives insisted, his hands up and pointed to a “gun-free zone” was going to make us all safer. sign, whereupon the robber put down his God save us all from progressive do-goodgun and left the store in frustration. Then he ers. repeated the scenario in a sidewalk mugging and in a home invasion. Students caught on Tom McLaughlin lives in Lovell, Maine. immediately to the absurdity of the whole He can be reached on his website at tom“gun-free zone” concept.

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The Conway Daily Sun, Thursday, July 7, 2011  

The Conway Daily Sun, Thursday, July 7, 2011