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fan Perspectives compiled by mark cooper | asst. copy editor

If Syracuse wins this weekend and makes it to a bowl game, how will you celebrate?

“I won’t really celebrate. They should make a bowl.” Mike Lefko

“I would go crazy with my friends and look into making travel plans for the bowl game.” Ricky D’Arrigo

Senior Broadcast Journalism major

Junior Information Studies major

“My friends and I have a game day dance that we’ll definitely perform, to Jock Jams.”

“I’ll attend more games next season. Obviously try to go to the bowl game.” Antonio Rejman

Molly Nelson

Junior Biology major

Freshman Broadcast Journalism and Information Studies major

“I will paint my body orange.” Carolyn Fine

Freshman Advertising major

“Party on the Quad.” Jackie Roberts

Freshman Undecided

November 5, 2010  

November 5, 2010