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nkur: My No. 1. No matter how dreary or cold the night, your shorts and awful graphic T’s always brightened my day. Although spending $13.67 on Gen. Tso’s chicken and dumplings every night (when I was making $14.00/night) wasn’t the best idea, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Thank you for ushering me into The Daily Orange, teaching me and, of course, staying patient with me. Your eye for design, and graphic T’s, is impeccable and I’m excited to see what kind of future you’ll draw for yourself. Berube: Whoops...I guess at the end of the day you should get a shout out. You’re the one who roped me into this place to begin with. What a ride it’s been. Your passion for SU basketball gives Boeheim a run for his money - keep that up. Becca and Dara: You take care of your own. When a man is homeless at 3 a.m., you know what needs to be done. I appreciate that. You are two of the best mothers out there. And Dara, shout out for Philly! Lizzie: My first tequila — and my last — Funny how those two go together. Your design skill and leadership are unprecedented. Even if you never let me design for you (can I really blame you?), I have to say: “That new redesign, doe. Word.” You’ve legitimately left your mark on this paper Casey: Let’s grab a family dinner next week. I’ll do the dishes, and stop by Tops, and I’ll cook it. Thankfully you’ll be around next year, so when I’m bored with my free time, I’ll come over and do your dishes. Tradition, you know? All jokes aside, your leadership was fantastic and inspiring. It was a pleasure to work under you, and your energy and work ethic are beyond commendable. I’m excited to see where that will take you. Chase: My Maine man. Although I was fired

about 15 times a night on average, I like to think we had a good thing going back in the spring of ’13. Those were the days. I crunched the numbers again, and you actually only owe me 13 Chipotle runs. As I’ve said before, you can start paying those back whenever you want. Thanks for putting up with me, and remember that those “Country Roads” will always take you home. “One job, Chase. ONE job!!” Sam: It’s an honor to say I know you and I consider myself lucky to have worked with you. Somehow luck had it that we always worked opposite nights, but I like to think that our time of working together here was only the beginning of something great. Word, doe. Allen: I just wanted to include you, so one day I can prove “I knew him back in college.” Stay classy, and keep ‘qualin…’ Qual’ me maybe? Kristin: To the happiest person in the world. I’ve never been so happy to see someone every time I walk into the house. I used to walk in, and then pretend to forget something in my car, just so I could walk in again. And say hi again. It’s also funny because this is my duck — Quack Quack. Maddy: Remember that one time? In the car? We went to Atlanta? Yeah. That was cool. I say if I ever replicate an experience like that, I’ll be happy. I bring it up every time I see you, but really, it was awesome. You’re always so happy to see everyone; it’s infectious. Keep it up. Stay awesome, stay amazing, stay in touch #SUtoATL Street Team: Yup. It happened. 2,238 total miles, and a total amount of tweets summing up to a similar number, I’m sure. The fact we didn’t kill each other is a miracle. Between sleeping on Motel 6 floors and eating at Waffle House two times a day, I don’t know how we did it. Chase, I hope you never get the chance to lock me in my own car again, just so I can’t drive. And Maddy, I hope you never die of

design editor | fall 2012; asst. photo editor | spring 2013; video editor | fall 2013, spring 2014

the plague in my backseat again. Here’s to those Country Roads. Dylan: I’m pretty sure every officer in the Syracuse Police Department knows you by name because you’ve interviewed them a million times. I’ve never seen someone with such vigor and passion for journalism. Keep it up and the world will be yours. Although quiet at times, your contribution to #SUtoATL was amazing, and it just wouldn’t have been the same otherwise. Lauren: So, supposedly it’s actually called ‘Spondivits Bar,’ but I don’t know about that. I think they misspelled it. Atlanta was awesome — and supposedly we both went to Ghana one summer? Small world. Let’s catch up about that. Young Designers: You guys have the talent, skill and passion to run this place. It’s infectious. You’re killing it now; make sure it stays that way. Sports: Unfortunately, I was never really on time for On The Beat, but we did it. We still accomplished it and got a series going there. Bailey, the pajamas are a nice touch, and I honestly just can’t blame you. The amount of work that the sports department puts in during a given week is unprecedented and amazing. Keep it up, guys. I’m excited to see where you guys are going. Chelsea: To Slumpy: Pulp will forever and always be the best section. But if Jon Harris asks, I said nothing. OK? Love, Annie. Avery: Missing something? Where are the ponies now? Muahaha. Also, thank you for discovering my weak spot and abusing it. The random posts of polar bears on my wall — amazing. Make sure that doesn’t stop. Say hello to Luna next time you’re in Buffalo!! Mark: “Cut it out, Luke!” I was never sure if you were yelling at me to stop joking around, or

to get back to cutting out Georgetown players. Regardless, your leadership was phenomenal and inspiring. Thanks for keeping me in cheek. Laurence: You always seemed to brighten my day some way or another. When I came into the crazy, little house with the red door, you were there to welcome me and show me that it wasn’t that scary. Your mothering instincts will take you far. Alfred: A tradition is a tradition. I’ll see you next year. No exceptions, buddy. On a serious note: your energy for journalism and work ethic are inspiring. Keep at it; I’m excited for you, man. Beth: You had to teach me how to design. There’s nothing I could ever do to repay you for that. There’s nothing I could say that would give you the credit for that, besides saying you’re the most patient person in the world. Thanks. Joe: Against all odds we made it back from New York City at 2 a.m. Not my proudest moment there. But alas, here we are. I miss you being here already. Don’t want you to leave, but I’m excited to see where you take yourself. Daily Orange (Old, Present, Future): Thank you for welcoming me into one of the strongest, most influential and amazing organizations in the Syracuse community. It has shaped my college career, as I’m sure it has yours. Remember, next time pup food gets pushed back until 11 p.m., or you see the sunrise as you’re correcting headlines, that what you’re doing there is beyond important. Make sure to stop and appreciate that sunrise. It only means that it’s a new day. You’re informing a community, writing history and possibly affecting the future. Keep at it. Move the rock, and keep chasing those sirens… Thanks! Luke

April 29, 2014  

April 29, 2014

April 29, 2014  

April 29, 2014