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2 april 29, 2014

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TATTOO tuesday | ariel carlin

Grandmother’s passing inspires student’s ink

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By Naomi C. Falk staff writer

Ariel Carlin had never seen herself incorporating tattoos into her own life, thinking of them as regrettable or silly. But when her grandmother passed away she wanted to remember her with something permanent. For Carlin, a sophomore selected studies in education and sociology major, losing her grandmother last September prompted her to head over to Marshall Street’s Halo Tattoo to get her first piece of ink. Her grandmother embodied all characteristics that Carlin values — consistently caring, humorous and always looking out for her family. “On every card she always wrote in the bottom corner ‘God Bless,’” Carlin said. This phrase was symbolic of her grandmother being heavily religious, something with which Carlin does not identify. However, the card Carlin’s grandmother gave her on her 16th birthday became much more significant after her grandmother passed. So, she brought her grandmother’s signature script into the parlor and got, “God Bless” permanently inked onto her left wrist. The placement was strategic. Carlin wanted to be able to hide the tattoo easily for professional purposes while still having it in a place where she would always be reminded of her grandmother. “I chose the left wrist because she was a lefty, and the left hand is closer to the heart,” Carlin said.



cor r ection In an April 27 photograph, the names of the women in the photo were misidentified. The correct order of the women, from left to right, are Maggie Tarsel, Katherine Paszek and Trusha Bhatt. The Daily Orange regrets this error.

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ARIEL CARLIN, a selected studies in education and sociology major, got her tattoo so she could memorialize her grandmother, who passed away when Carlin was 16. The tattoo reads “God Bless,” a phrase her grandmother usually said. shira stoll staff photographer

Though she briefly considered adding to the tattoo, she decided to keep it simple, wanting it to remain timeless. Her parents aren’t aware of the tattoo yet, but she imagines they will be none too pleased, tattoos being shunned in her family. Though she has no interest in getting any elab-

orate pieces, Carlin hopes to get her last name in her own handwriting on her wedding finger when she gets married. Said Carlin: “When I see my tattoo with the words ‘God Bless,’ I strive to do better and continue to make her proud despite her lack of presence.”

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April 29, 2014  

April 29, 2014