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When do you schedule the first run-through? MH: Typically, the run-through is a quick process close to the show date. It’s done with a model from our lineup, and can last anywhere from one to four hours with hair and makeup combined. This season, we scheduled it for Thursday and our show was on Saturday, so it’s a tight timeframe, but we’re used to it. It’s not like we’re doing anything super complex, like painted animal faces. CW: After the meeting, we draw up a face chart to outline the look of the show. We send it to the designer for approval before sending it to our makeup team. The day of the show, we have a final run-through. I put makeup on the first girl while my team watches. The designer, in this case, Mara, approves it and it’s show time! Mara, what’s your relationship with makeup? MH: Personally, I go for a bare look. If I’m too made up, I feel disconnected with myself, so I wear a tinted moisturizer with SPF 15, mascara, and sometimes a clear lip gloss. I’m a bit of a tomboy at heart. But I’m addicted to my mascara! Do you remember your first makeup experience? MH: It wasn’t very successful! In 5th or 6th grade, I put makeup on for the

first time and went to school. Two snobby girls asked me who taught me how to do my makeup. I naïvely was like, ‘Oh, my mom!’ Now, as an adult I know they were really making fun of me. Charlotte, what’s the most used beauty product during Fashion Week? CW: Last season it was the Dream Fresh BB Cream because everyone wanted dewy skin. Any suggestions to vamp up the front row? CW: A bright lip always looks fresh on camera. Maybelline has a great shade: Color Sensational in Revival Red. It’s a pretty, bluish-red lipstick that makes your teeth look very white. If Maybelline and Mara Hoffman collaborated on a capsule collection, what would it look like? CW: I’m seeing Mara’s pocket book collection with bright colors; red lips and hot pinks. MH: An eye palette with one of my blown-out prints on it would be cool!

look GET



Fit Me Foundation Dream Lumi Touch Concealer


Baby Lips in Quenched Color Sensational in Totally Toffee Color Whisper in Bare To Be Bold


Master Drama Liner in Black Eye Studio Gel Liner in Black Master Duo in Navy Gleam No mascara

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