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West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission proposes $9.2 million cut BY KAYLA GAGON STAFF WRITER WVU could lose $9.2 million of its state funding. A recent proposed formula by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission would distribute funding to state universities based on the amount of high-risk and in-state students. The only state colleges slotted to lose money are WVU, Glenville State and the WVU Institute of Technology. “We at West Virginia University remain concerned that the proposed Funding Model has been neither collaborative nor transparent,” WVU Provost Joyce McConnell said. WVU’s student population is 48.1 percent instate students, according to the HEPC’s proposal. The high-risk students include racial and ethnic minorities, adult students and financially challenged stu-

“The legislature is asking us to take the money that they’re already giving to our state institutions and make sure it’s being given proportionately based upon some fair measure.” - Dr. Chris Treadway, senior director of research and policy at HEPC dents. These students will be given greater weight than those that have “a greater chance of success.” McConnell said that the administration is currently reviewing the draft proposed by the commission. “We know from our own research that when other states have implemented a performance-based funding formula, best practice is to give schools and other stakeholders a year or two to offer input for the plan and to appropriately recognize the different missions

of the institutions and the value they provide,” she said. The HEPC is having an emailed comment period until April 23, and plans on presenting the final proposed model to the state legislature in October. This would not be the first time in recent year that WVU lost state funding. If the formula is approved, there would be a three year “Hold Harmless Provision,” where the colleges will not lose any money. After three years,

this provision will be phased out in a two-year span. “The legislature is asking us to take the money that they’re already giving to our state institutions and make sure it’s being given proportionately based upon some fair measure,” said Dr. Chris Treadway, senior director of research and policy at HEPC. “We understand that all of our state institutions are deserving of additional funding. [The proposal] is not suggesting that any institution is receiving too much funding.” The University has lost more than $38 million in state funding over the past four years, according to a June press release by WVU Today. Last year, the state legislature cut $8.7 million from WVU, causing tuition to be raised by 5 percent in 2017, according to the press release.

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Eight colleges would receive an increase in funding and three that receive a decrease in funding. WVU- would lose $9,210,847


Opioids being sold on social media Congressman McKinley demands answers from Mark Zuckerberg page 3

WVU Institute of Technology- would lose $3,285,064 Glenville State Collegewould lose $976,595 Marshall Universitywould gain $1,449,322 Potomac State College of WVU- would gain $361,932 Shepherd Universitywould gain $3,404,176

National grilled cheese day, April 12 Cheese Louise is offering free grilled cheese today in celebration of National grilled cheese day

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April 12, 1885: Photographer George James Kossuth was born. After he opened his Wheeling studio in 1909, he achieved broad fame for his insightful portraits of many of the world’s celebrities, including Richard Strauss, Jascha Heifetz, Leopold Stokowski, Clarence Darrow, and Richard Nixon.

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The DA Staff Pick: In this issue, the DA staff voted Cheese Louise as our Staff Pick. Cheese Louise is a local restaurant that makes specialty grilled cheese sandwiches.

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April 10 6:17 A.M. | INACTIVE Creative Arts Center Auto tampering - Complainant reported his windshield wiper blades were removed. He later found them in the bed of his truck. April 10 9:38 A.M. | ACTIVE One Waterfront Place Fraud - Report of fraudulent use of credit card. April 10 10:00 A.M. | INACTIVE Area 43 Back ticket tow - A vehicle was towed to the WVU impound lot by Erwin’s Towing for unpaid parking citations.

April 10 12:10 P.M. | INACTIVE Health Science Center Alarm condition - Report of an ATM alarm. An employee accidentally put in the wrong code.

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April 10 3:20 P.M. | INACTIVE Area 70 Talk with officer - Report of suspicious activity in a parking lot. April 10 6:45 P.M. | ACTIVE Fine Arts Drive Traffic stop - WVU citation issued for failure to obey a stop sign.

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WVU student running for House seat BY JOE SEVERINO STAFF WRITER The Daily Athenaeum sat down for a Q&A with Jarred Cannon, a junior Political Science student from Huntington, W.VA., who is running for as a Republican for the West Virginia District 16 House of Delegates seat. What made you decide you wanted to run for office? “I’ve been fortunate to have great mentors in my life that have been helpful in opening my eyes to the good work that can be done in public service. In 2016, I was the political director for Congressman Evan Jenkins’ re-election campaign in West Virginia’s 3rd district. Most importantly, I want to

see my home-town of Huntington once again be the best place to live, work, and raise a family, and I believe I’ve got the right ideas to do just that.” If elected, how would you vote regarding college tuition increases and higher education funding? “I’m a firm believer in higher and technical education and fully support programs like the PROMISE scholarship and would happily vote for recently discussed plans to create a similar scholarship for technical programs. While investment on the part of the state is important, the relationship between state appropriations is loose at best. I support state policies that prevent institutional tuition increases and keep

“I’ve been fortunate to have great mentors in my life that have been helpful in opening my eyes to the good work that can be done in public service.” - Jarred Cannon, a junior Political Science student PHOTO VIA THE HERALD DISPATCH

Jarred Cannon. college affordable.” What are your views on the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in West Virginia? “I don’t believe we should

spend millions of dollars incarcerating people whose sole crime was possessing marijuana. Replacing incarceration with a series of fines or mandated community service is a much more preferable alternative. Medical marijuana, on the other hand, can be a useful tool in fighting the opioid epidemic and I’m in full sup-

port of anything that will help us end the drug problem our communities face every day.” Where do you stand on the current state of Medicaid in West Virginia? “Since 2014, annual state spending on Medicaid has increased by nearly $250,000,000. This money has been spent taking care of

people who were not the intended recipients of Medicaid when it was created. Instead of expanding Medicaid further year-after-year, I support market-based alternatives that restrain spending growth and allow us to adequately fund schools, roads, and police forces.” What experience do you have that would assist you in office? “West Virginia faces unique challenges, and so we need unique voices in our legislature. Our generation is leaving the state in droves and that is the defining crisis of our time. Who would be better suited to speak for our generation than a member of it?” Cannon will face the Republican primary on May 8.

W.Va. congressman demands answers from Facebook CEO Credit BY DOUGLAS SOULE ASSISTANT NEWS EDITOR During Mark Zuckerberg’s Wednesday congressional hearing, a West Virginia U.S. representative demanded answers from the Facebook creator and CEO about opioids being sold on the social media platform. “Should Facebook enable illegal, online pharmacies to sell drugs such as oxycodone, Percocet [and] Vicodin without a prescription?” said U.S. Rep. David McKinley of West Virginia’s 1st Congressional District, an area which contains Morgantown. After Facebook admitted that the information of 87 million of its users had been obtained by political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, and the day after Zuckerberg faced Senate committees about the topic of online privacy, U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee members were each given four minutes on Wednesday to address the Facebook CEO. McKinley used his time to vent to Zuckerberg about Facebook’s failure to stop opioids from being sold on the service. “Your platform is still being used to circumvent the law and allow people to buy highly addictive drugs without a prescription,” said McKinley, a Republican. “You are hurting people.” Zuckerberg responded that Facebook’s current reg-


A screenshot from Facebook sharing information on the sharing of personal information via social media.


Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, speaks at Capitol Hill in front of a congressional committee.

ulation system required people to report posts so they could be taken down, and that the 20,000 employees working to review Facebook content couldn’t completely look over the billions of content shared each day. “What we need to do is build more AI tools that can proactively find that content,” Zuckerberg said. During this back-andforth, McKinley mentioned a speech given by U.S. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb on April 4. This speech, made at the National Rx Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit, casted blame on social media for inflaming the addiction crisis. “We find offers to purchase opioids all over social media and the Internet, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Google, Yahoo, and Bing,” Gottlieb said in a transcript of the speech on the FDA website. Gottlieb said that social media companies needed to partner with the FDA to combat the illegal sale of opioids. “[Social media companies] haven’t been proactive enough in rooting out these illegal offers to distribute opioids from their respective platforms,” Gottlieb said.

fraud at WVU BY PENELOPE DE LA CRUZ STAFF WRITER West Virginia University Police Department recently reported numerous cases of credit card fraud happening around campus. According to the UPD crime log, WVU Card Services reported fraudulent use of a credit card on Tuesday. “The cases involve stolen credit cards,” said UPD Chief Bob Roberts. There have been approximately 900 dollars in damages as a result of fraud and multiple criminal complaints filed as a result of the fraud. While police are working to solve the issue of fraud, Roberts said most of these cases are avoidable. “The key in most cases is to keep your cards secured,” said Roberts. Roberts said ways to avoid becoming a victim of fraud include: •Making sure your signature is on your card •Keeping your cards separate from cash •Watch your card when handing it to cashiers




Happy National Grilled Cheese Day! To celebrate this great holiday, visit Cheese Louise for a free “Classic Grilled Cheese.” BY JORDYN JOHNSON CULTURE EDITOR Cheese Louise on Willey Street in Morgantown is a restaurant that specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches. Using only the freshest ingredients for its sandwiches, soups and desserts, Cheese Louise is the perfect place to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day on April 12. Here’s five sandwiches to try at Cheese Louise to celebrate an extremely yummy holiday: Classic Cheese Louise’s “Classic Grilled Cheese” comes on freshly baked white or wheat bread. Smothered with American and muenster cheese, this sandwich can be topped with a variety of 15 toppings. Choose from jalapeno peppers, tomato, red onion, mushrooms, pickles, arugula, caramelized onions, avocado, a fried egg, Oliverio’s peppers, bacon, pepperoni, steak, chicken or ham. Buffalo Chicken Dip Starting off with its “Classic Grilled Cheese”, Cheese Louise puts a great spin on this sandwich. Topping it off with buffalo chicken dip, this sandwich will taste just like your favorite tailgate treat. Smashed Pepperoni Roll Warm and gooey pepper jack and muenster cheese flow together to become the


John Krasinski tells his son to be quiet because of a nearby creature during “A Quiet Place.”


Cheese Louise features a sandwich of the week. This was The Cuban featured during the week of March 20, 2018. base of this sandwich. On top of the cheese is Oliverio’s peppers and pepperoni. So if you want to be true to your West Virginia spirit but still celebrate National Grilled Cheese day, this is the perfect sandwich for you. Cali Guac Grilled Cheese Channel your inner Californian with this grilled

cheese creation. Starting with gruyere and muenster cheese, this West Coast sandwich is topped with arugula, avocado, fresh jalapenos and tomato. You can even add bacon for an extra dollar! Cheese Steak Straight out of Philadelphia, this sandwich has it all. It starts off with the “Classic Grilled

Cheese”, and it adds seasoned steak, grilled mushrooms and caramelized onions. If you are from Philly, this is the perfect homesick sandwich for you. Head to Cheese Louise for National Grilled Cheese Day and receive a free “Classic Grilled Cheese”! You will not be disappointed for celebrating this “cheesy” holiday.

West Virginia Symphony Orchestra to hold free concert for students BY JULIA HILLMAN ASSISTANT CULTURE EDITOR The West Virginia Symphony Orchestra (WVSO), based in Charleston, is set to perform Friday in Morgantown. The performance will feature Metropolitan Opera Orchestra’s own Erik Ralske on the French Horn. Prior to becoming principal horn for the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in 2010, Ralske performed as a soloist with the New York Philharmonic in New York, Europe and South America. He also played for the Houston Vancouver and Florida Symphony Orchestras. “The symphony is once again collaborating with our community and WVU Col-

lege of Creative Arts,” said Eftihia Arkoudis, Morgantown WVSO representative. “We would like to let the people of Morgantown know about this great event featuring the principal horn player of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Erik Ralske.” Ralske will perform in both the Morgantown and Charleston shows, which will be led by Conductor Lawrence Loh. Ralske, and the WVSO will perform Richard Strauss’ “Horn Concerto No. 2 in E-flat Major, AV 123.” Those in attendance for the Morgantown show are in for an extra treat. The West Virginia University Orchestra will join the WVSO to perform Johannes Brahm’s “Academic Festival Overture, Op. 80.”

“We would like to let the people of Morgantown know about this great event featuring the principal horn player of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Erik Ralske.” - Eftihia Arkoudis The Morgantown performance will begin promptly at 7:30 p.m. at WVU’s Creative Arts Center. Students tickets are free with a student ID. During his stay in Morgantown, Ralske will also hold a masterclass for West Virginia University students. “Anybody with a WVU educational ID gets free admission, and, the best part is that, this time our WVU Sym

phony Orchestra students will have the unique opportunity to perform side by side with the professional musicians of the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra.” Tickets start at $25 and can be purchased at wvsymphony. org or by calling 304-293-7469. West Virginia residents with a valid driver’s license also will recieve $10 off per ticket.

BY RYAN ALEXANDER PHOTO EDITOR Silence is the name of the game; it’s the only way to live. Silence keeps everyone in check and in constant fear throughout the entire duration of John Krasinski’s new movie, “A Quiet Place”. Krasinski, best known for his comedic role in “The Office,” has now solidified himself as a rising star in serious acting roles, as well as a director. The sci-fi thriller takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction from creatures that hunt using sound. They have no sight, but have amplified hearing to enhance their hunting skills. To survive, people must stay silent at all times or risk a quick and brutal death by a nearby creature. Anything more than the mere sound of a person breathing through their nostrils could give away their location. This isn’t a horror movie, but the sheer suspense the film provides will have viewers unraveled in their seats with fear of what’s going to happen next. What is most defying of the film is the silence. It’s so definite that you can hear your own heart racing the entire movie. It sets the mood for what

is a chilling experience to endure but fun all at the same time. The acting in this film is superb. The cast must rely on their body language and facial expressions to act throughout the entire movie. They are able to keep viewers entertained by hardly using their voices at all. The script itself couldn’t have been more than ten pages long when it came to communication between the cast. Krasinski does an excellent job of showing and not telling in this film. It’s up to the viewers to put the pieces together to understand what is happening, but Krasinski directs it in a way that is easy for the viewers to follow along. The details in “A Quiet Place” are fantastic. Everything was meticulously thought of when it came to how the cast would live in this post-apocalyptic world; from walking, to gathering and eating food, to sleeping, to doing laundry, to relaxing and etc. One of the flaws of this film is the lack of back story about the creatures. You find out quickly what their strengths are, like sound, but you never find out what exactly they are or where they came from. “A Quiet Place” is an extremely suspenseful film, and it is filled with surprises that no one would ever expect to happen.





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Chloe likes car rides, trips to the beach and strolling around campus hoping to get people to pet her.

Submit your favorite pet photo at Level: 1

Across 1 Film director’s honor 6 Rich, dusty soil 11 Greeting at a dog park 14 100 kopecks 15 Common film festival film 16 Loving murmur 17 Phoenix-based hotel chain (and see circles) 19 Mac platform 20 Crankcase reservoir 21 Small bouquet 23 “Help!” at sea 26 Filing tool 27 Threadbare 28 Place for prayer 30 Collars 33 __ the hills 34 Web unit 36 Here, in Spanish 37 Agrees quietly 38 Skater Sasha or comic Sacha Baron 39 Short 40 Indianapolis NFLer 41 Veggie burger veggies 42 Accra is its capital 43 Struggled to achieve 45 Yellowstone attraction 46 Brewski 47 With 31-Down, “Proud

Mary” singer 49 Nine and five, in nine-to-five: Abbr. 50 Cast a ballot 52 Sources of fragrant wood 54 Make a mistake 55 Old family recipe (and see circles) 60 Salty body 61 “Carmen,” e.g. 62 Not yet realized 63 Peak 64 Ten-time French Open winner 65 Sounds from a belfry

Down 1 Mercury or Mars 2 Alphabet Series novelist Grafton 3 “Young Sheldon” network 4 Kind of clarinet 5 Does some electrical work 6 Speech therapist’s concerns 7 Ready to pour 8 Genesis garden 9 Ringo Starr’s title 10 Motion detector, e.g. 11 Produce served in the fall (and see circles) 12 Civil rights hero Parks

13 Sly 18 Airline to Tel Aviv 22 Tediously moralistic 23 One carrying a torch? 24 “Hey, check it out!” 25 Feature of some penny loafers (and see circles) 27 Small, chirpy bird 29 Incurring late fees 30 Forever 31 See 47-Across 32 Indian lutes 34 “Always be a __, even in prose”: Baudelaire 35 Finder’s cry 38 Computer “brains,” briefly 42 Gets ready (for) 44 Heavily favored 45 Pesky flier 47 __ cotta 48 Exemplary 50 Garment for brisk days 51 Two-toned snack 52 Sent a dupe to 53 Reasonable 56 Org. that monitors wetlands 57 Actress Thurman 58 Cartoon sheet 59 Purported UFO crew For answers, visit


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Please Join the Monongalia County Victim Assistance Program as we raise awareness for Victim Rights Week. We will be having a Mock Trial on: Thursday, April 12th, 2018 Doors Open at 6 PM Mock Trial Begins at 7 pm At the Monongalia County Justice Center (75 High Street) We will be conducting a brief section of a trial to demonstrate the rights of victims throughout the trial process. Our objective is to give a glimpse of how the court system works and the impact on victims. This event is open to the public,so please join us in bringing awareness to victim’s rights. “Whoever wants to reach a distant goal must take small steps.” -Helmut Schmidt


Finding Zen in clay PHOTO STORY BY KRISTIAN DAVIS Zenclay Pottery Studio was established in 1999 by Sue Ting. Ting originally owned a Chinese restaurant at the same location, but decided to open a studio underneath her restaurant to pursue her other interests. After years of working, she decided to retire and gave run of the business to Kurt Teeter in 2014. Teeter grew up loving ceramics because of his mom who encouraged him to take a semester of art classes. Teeter’s semester soon turned in a Bachelors degree and then into a Master’s degree in Fine Arts in 2011. Shortly after graduating, he jumped on the opportunity to take over Zenclay in 2014, and he has been teaching classes since. Zenclay offers pottery and hand building classes for anyone twelve years old and up who want to “check out from the real world,” as Teeter states. Classes range anywhere from four to eight weeks, where people learn to create a variety of ceramics and sculptures. Experience is not required.

Bill Lankford covers the rim of his pot with a pink wax, which keeps it from sticking to the lid when heated in the kiln. The lid and pot must be heated together so they contract to the same size.

Kim Hotlosz and Bill Lankford form and soften clay for their pieces.


Would you like a bagel with that? PHOTO STORY BY ABBY LAWHEAD The Bagel Crust Café in Morgantown located on Beechurst Ave. is known for its variety of custom made from scratch bagels every day from 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. After five years of business, the Bagel Crust Café is dedicated to serving hungry college students on a low budget. All of its bagels, specialty sandwiches and gourmet cream cheeses are all made from scratch. The most popular item on the menu, the Rainbow Bagel, is made up of three different kinds of dough and food coloring, which turns into a unique colorful breakfast item. Not only does the Bagel Crust Cafe offer bagels and specialty items, you can order custom made pastries, smoothies and specialty coffee drinks. You can locate them on Twitter @wvubagelcrust and its website

They offer obscure flavors that one would normally not find.

Bagel Crust Cafe showcases its array of various gourmet cream cheeses.

A Bagel Crust Cafe employee, Aebert Franco, presents the custom-made bagels as he prepares to put them in the oven.

Various bagels laid on a platter, including their most popular option, the rainbow bagel.

Cycling and sprinting to Seneca PHOTO STORY BY CAYLIE SILVEIRA The Seneca Center is located off of Beechurst Ave. in Morgantown. It is home to over 20 stores and businesses that are owned and run by Morgantown residents. The center was originally constructed in 1898 as a glass factory but was later renovated into the indoor mall it is today. The building still has its original furnace chimney standing and the water tower is a well-known landmark to those who visit the city. Inside, the Seneca Center houses two valuable sporting goods stores that not many in the area know exist. The Wamsley Cycles and Morgantown Running businesses sport clothing attire, shoes for running and biking, and an assortment of bikes for the numerous activities around the Morgantown area. These two stores are perfectly suited for the Morgantown area because of its vertical terrain and many trails to conduct activities such as biking or running. The two stores are even conveniently located near the Morgantown Rail Trail, where many residents exercise daily. The Seneca Center houses many hidden gems that the community should explore and expand their horizons by shopping local.

Wamsleys Cycles is a fully stocked local bike shop that will tend to any bike needs that you may have.

Morgantown Running is a local running shop that is dedicated to finding the perfect running shoes for your needs.

The Seneca Center is located on Beechurst Avenue. It is home to many small Morgantown-based shops.



United by brotherhood PHOTO STORY BY TEMITAYO ADESOKAN This past weekend was Alpha’s Probate, or “The crossing of Pledges” which was very lively, vibrant, energetic atmosphere. The Probate was an eye-opening experience. The love, friendship, bond that was shared in the Probate room was unbelieve. The Alpha’s represent more than just themselves, they represent a bigger community, they represent the Black community. It’s more than just a friendship or connection that is important to these brothers. It’s also about black excellence as told by Ahkeem Turner, 2018 Alpha Pledge. “It’s a blessing to walk in the footsteps of great black men such as MLK or Thurgood Marshall,” Turner said.

The brothers lined up outside on the bridge by Ming Hsieh Hall.

The brothers locking arms together during their probate performance.

A view of the atmosphere in the probate room in Ming Hsieh Hall.

The quirks of Quidditch PHOTO STORY BY SAMANTHA KALINOSKI This upcoming weekend, April 14-15, the WVU Quidditch Club will travel to Round Rock, Texas, to play in the U.S. Quidditch World Cup 11. Quidditch is a full-contact, co-ed sport based off the fictional game played in the Harry Potter universe. Quidditch was founded as a college sport in 2005 at Middlebury College in Vermont; the first World Cup tournament was held two years later as the sport gained popularity. It became a professional sport in 2010. The sport was brought to WVU approximately seven years ago by alumni from Honors Hall, and this is the team’s first time competing in the national championship.

Emily Jacobson practices as a beater earlier in the season.

Colin Bourn practices as snitch in preparation to go against multiple teams this upcoming weekend.

Haley Wilken, left, and Aaron Malkowski, right, help Colin Bourn, center, prepare for his role as snitch.

Gamer THURSDAY APRIL 12, 2018



“Magic: The Gathering” returns to its roots with Dominaria In 1993 Bill Clinton became president, “Jurassic Park” stomped into theaters, Nirvana released their final album, and a little trading card game called “Magic: The Gathering” hit store shelves. Unlike most things that came out 25 years ago, Magic is still going strong with more than $300 million in 2017 sales. Now in 2018 Magic is returning to its roots, revisiting the world where everything began; the mythic utopia of Dominaria. With cards that include everything from tropical birds to fire-breathing dragons, Dominaria is a set that truly encompasses what epic fantasy is about. The nature of Magic has the

world the cards take place in change every set (there are currently three main sets a year). Recent examples include the Egyptian-themed Amnohket, the dinosaur-themed Ixalan and the dragon-themed Khans of Tarkir. Dominaria, which has a more general fantasy theme, is the very world from the very first set. Now, 25 years later, Magic is returning to its very first world, something that has longtime fans excited. “Well I’ve been playing Magic since the beginning, back when it first came out,” said 43-year-old player Ben Martin. “And I think people forget how important Dominaria was for the game. There

was a really long period where the only world in Magic was Dominaria.” Martin first started playing Magic while in high school. While taking occasional breaks, he largely kept up with the game for most of its 25 year history. A return to Dominaria means a return to the type of Magic that Martin haasn’t played since he was a teenager. “Magic’s gotten pretty crazy over the years,” Martin said. “The last couple have been mummies and robots and dinos and stuff. It’s nice were getting a return to goblins, elves, just more traditional fantasy.” For newer players who

have never played a set taking place in Dominaria, the new set will be a chance to explore aspects of Magic they’ve never encountered. “Dominaria brings everything together,” said 19-yearold Riley Kinde, an education student at WVU. “It brings old players and new players together.” Kinde, who was born after “Magic: The Gathering” was released, has been playing the game since 2012. While he is familiar with the original Dominaria set, he never had the chance to play it himself. “I’ve heard about this epic, awesome world of Dominaria since I started playing Magic,” Kinde said. “It’s pretty cool

“And I think people forget how important Dominaria was for the game. There was a really long period where the only world in Magic was Dominaria.” - Ben Martin, 43-year-old player newer players are going to finally get to visit it.” For a property to last as long as Magic, radical changes need to take place. While this results in an ever-evolving, nuanced card game, it also results in one that changes widely in complexity and structure over the years. A return to Magic’s first set for many players means a return to the game they fell in love with.

“I think as it has gotten older Magic has improved in some ways, regressed in others,” Martin said. “But Dominaria seems like a great jumping on point for anyone who would want to start this great game.” Dominaria will hold a pre-launching event on April 21 at The Morgantown Mall’s Four Horsemen Comic’s and Gaming Store.


What is the cause of cold weather in April? “If we just basically see how we can help in terms of having a healthy lifestyle that was health for everybody and prosperity.” - Professor Radhey Sharma, a civil and environmental engineer

BY REBECCA TORO STAFF WRITER If you experience a day in the mountainous area of Morgantown, you will get a feel for all four seasons. Instead of sunny, warm afternoons, students are experiencing cold rainy weather. Needless to say, this is uncommon for spring, and even more so for the middle of a month like April. The problem is global warming. Yes, it is real. Our climate is changing, and it’s affecting the entire world. Even locally we can see some of the effects. Morgantown is experiencing lower temperatures than any previous year. According to the U.S. Climate Data, since 2014, the average low temperature has been in the 40s to high 50s. The average high has ranged around 80. As of April 2018, the average low is 39 and the high has been 64. Professor Radhey Sharma, a civil and environmental engineer, as well as the Associate Vice President for Global Strategies and International Affairs, he explained that the debate over climate change needs to be pushed aside and that we need to start small by talking about our health. “If we just look purely at the emissions, they have this amount of pollution aspect

that [is] impacting the health of the people.” Sharma said. “And when it comes to health, it’s linked with how people can function and all those things.

Besides that, it is having a huge bill for health care. There is a linkage here, even leaving the debate on the side that it makes sense to look at that to

say how we can live in a sustainable way.” Walking along the rail trail, the water smells, and trash is all over the place. If you walk

down the street, glass is all over the road. When it comes to transportation, by driving we emit fossil fuels into the air. This is not to say that we need to stop driving, but to simply be more aware of what we are emitting and how much we are emitting. “Those are the type of things that we get if we can be more conscious about our living style or say even say simple things like energy. Rather than say leaving the lights or this or that, the simple things that say all of us can do,” said Sharma. Since 1901 the average surface temperature has risen by 0.14°F per decade. Since the late 70s the temperature has risen rapidly. As of 1998, eight of the 10 warmest years have occurred. 2012 and 2015 are the warmest years on record, (research only goes up to 2015) according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. “If we just basically see how

we can help in terms of having a healthy lifestyle that was health for everybody and prosperity,” Sharma said. “Those things are linked, and everybody would like to have it. We can move from the debate, and we can come to a more constructive approach.” While some may believe that the colder weather we are in the midst of may not have many repercussions, the facts and the numbers suggest a different story. As Professor Sharma said, not only is the health of our environment at stake, but our own individual health is as well. Global warming isn’t something that affects a portion of the population or just a few places on our planet. It is a serious issue that we should be dedicating more time and more resources towards finding a permanent and sustainable solution for.




Illig shines in clutch moments despite recent slump BASEBALL BY CHRIS JACKSON MANAGING EDITOR There was never a better time for West Virginia redshirt sophomore Chase Illig than Tuesday. The Bluefield, W.Va., native was in the midst of a huge slump. He struggled to make much contact, and when he did, it usually led to something positive for the opposing pitcher. But a prime opportunity presented itself against Penn State at PNC Park in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, and he seized the moment in perfect fashion. With two outs, runners at first and second base and the score knotted at 2-2 in the bottom of the 10th inning, Illig stepped up to the plate. Penn State’s outfielders were playing shallow, hoping to throw out a potential game-winning run at home if the situation arose, which meant that Illig needed to find just the right spot to score WVU junior Darius Hill from second base. Illig found an excellent spot and hit a single over the outfielders’ heads, scoring Hill, and there was Illig and his teammates celebrating an extra innings victory to give the Mountaineers their third consecutive win at the time. “I was trying to get a good pitch to hit, whether it would be a hanging slider or a fastball, and he ended up leaving me a fastball over the middle, and I ended up getting the job done with it,” Illig said. Heading into that at-bat, Illig was 3 for his last 27. He struckout nine times during that span, meaning 33 percent of his at-bats resulted in him not even making contact into fair territory. Yet that never deterred Illig. Head coach Randy Mazey said


Pitcher Jackson Wolf winds up during a play inside of PNC Park in Pittsburgh.


Infielder Marques Inman forces out a Penn State player on first base on April 10 at PNC Park. his catcher/designated hitter stayed cool and collected at the plate. “You can kind of tell when he’s standing up there, the way he takes pitches, he was pretty calm in there,” Mazey said. “He got a good one to hit and hit it just foul. They were playing super shallow trying to throw a runner out at the plate, so he

just managed to find a gap.” For Illig, it was a remarkable moment to step up and provide the walkoff single at a major league ballpark. “That was a pretty cool experience getting to enjoy it with the guys,” Illig said. “It’s always great when you know that your guys have your back and you can pull through

for them and you see them running out with smiles on their faces. There’s nothing better.” Even though Illig has gone through a skid, he has still managed to step up in big situations. The game-winner against Penn State is not the only time when he rose to the occasion. In the second game of Fri-

day’s doubleheader versus UNLV at Monongalia County Ballpark, he put forth a major contribution to help WVU rally back. WVU entered the bottom of the eighth inning trailing 7-2, which followed a debacle in game No. 1 of the doubleheader that saw it lose to 11-4. It was right on the cusp of suffering a third consecutive series loss. Then, after junior Kyle Gray hit an RBI single to cut the deficit to 7-3 in the eighth, Illig came in to pinch-hit for sophomore Alek Manoah. In his only plate appearance of the game, he drove in three runs on a double, cutting the deficit to 7-6 and giving the Mountaineers even more momen-

tum to potentially come back and give them a chance to win the series. That’s exactly what happened. WVU went on to win, 8-7, in that game and followed it up with a 7-5 victory over UNLV on Sunday to earn the series win over the now-No. 33 RPI team in the country. Maybe these essential hits can be a step in the right direction for Illig. “When you do that a couple times these last two games he’s played in, he’s gotten really big hits late in the game, you’ll start getting a little confidence in that situation and that will carry forward,” Mazey said.

WVU Golf coming into final stretch of season GOLF BY JOE SEVERINO SPORTS WRITER The West Virginia golf team will be riding the momentum gained from last week’s match in North Carolina to try to finish the rest of the spring season strong. The Mountaineers finished sixth last weekend in Kannapolis, N.C., playing against more than a few ranked opponents. This weekend, they’ll be playing at Penn State, and at

the end of April they’ll travel to Tulsa, Okla., to compete in the Big 12 Championship. WVU’s three freshman, Mark Goetz, Logan Perkins and Matthew Sharpstene, showed out last weekend with second, eighth and 32nd place finishes, respectively. Head coach Sean Covich was proud of his team’s performance and the way they battled the elements. “I was pleased with it, I think we played better than we have in the past in adverse conditions,” Covich said. “It rained on us the entire day Saturday, and then on Sun-

day temperatures were right around freezing.” Covich is confident with his five guys that will play at Penn State this weekend. Covich said this will be junior Max Sear’s third trip to State College, sophomore Etienne Papineau has played the course before as well, Goetz is originally from the area, Perkins is hot right now and Penn State’s course fits Sharpstene’s game well. Covich is also happy with his team’s ability to fight through adversity this spring. “It’s been good to see how competitive we are from top

to bottom,” Covich said. “It’s really encouraging.” As for the looming Big 12 Championship, Covich said his team will need to have everything going for them to make some noise on a particularly tough course. “That golf course, Southern Hills, has hosted U.S. Opens, PGA Championships, U.S amateurs,” Covich said. “It is a major championship golf course; you just got to be firing on all cylinders.” WVU finished last in both Big 12 Championships since the program was reenacted in 2015, so this year will be a

test of how the program has really grown. However, this team is still young. Seven of the nine guys on the roster will return next season, including all five players set to play at the Big 12’s. Covich said while he’d like his team to perform well at this year’s Big 12’s, the most important thing will be getting experience for his young guys and using this year as a stepping stone into next season. “It is all a learning experience,” Covich said, “and it will be even better for next year’s Big 12 Championship.”


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