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Arnold to be renovated, Stansbury to be removed BY DOUGLAS SOULE

WVU Projects


Arnold Hall will be temporarily revived. Arnold is expected to be primarily used as offices for the next several years, according to WVU vice president for strategic initiatives Rob Alsop. There is also “one open space that [the university] may use as a classroom,” Alsop said. Next spring, Stansbury Hall is planned to be demolished to make way for a new Business and Economics building, said Randy Hudak, the senior associate vice president for WVU Facilities and Services. Those currently working in Stansbury will likely be moved to Arnold over the summer, Hudak said. Some workers already made the move to Arnold over winter break, according to Alsop. “There’s still work being done to accommodate [the rest of the workers],” Alsop said. Stansbury Hall, a WVU field house until 1970, currently holds departments like philosophy, statistics and the Army and Air Force ROTC. Stansbury is now “the preferred site” for the new Business and Economics building, said Hudak. “At this point, we don’t see any reason why we can’t build it there.” Hudak said the university is still analyzing what can and can’t be done with the site. “It’s just a concept right now,” he said. They are currently looking

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West Virginia University has 16 projects that are active, or under consideration. These projects include: •Kelley complex renovations for nursing program, Potomac State College, in Keyser.


Gov. Justice proposes PEIA freeze, supports teacher pay raise Teachers in West Virginia could temporarily go without health premium plans page 3

•New College of Business and Economics building. •Repurposing of current College of Business and Economics building •Eberly relocation modifications, Morgantown. •Evansdale Visitors Center, Morgantown. •Hodges Hall renovation, Morgantown.


The old West Virginia basketball court is located in Stansbury Hall. WVU legend Jerry West played on this court during his time as a Mountaineer. into the feasibility of including housing, retail and a rec center with the new Business and Economics building. “We want to make this building a real showcase,” Hudak said. “The rec would be focused on access to the rail trail and to the river,” he said. “A place to have some kayaks or canoes or bikes.” Hudak said this would bring more activity to the lower side of campus. “Connecting to the river and the rail trail, I think is a very positive thing we can do,” he said.

Hudak said the construction of the Business and Economics will take precedence over anything else. Once the move is made, the former Business and Economics building will be renovated, according to Alsop. Programs from the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences are slated to take parts of the building. As for the ultimate fate of Arnold, Hudak said “there is no longterm plan for it, other than the potential to demo the building.”

•Mountainlair Student Union renovations (and downtown traffic solutions).

Veteran film editor speaks to students about secrets to success Lawrence Jordan shares tips on how to be a successful film editor page 4

•Residence Hall, Beckley. •R1 research lab upgrades. •STEM building, Jackson’s Mill. •STEM innovation building, Beckley. •Youth development facilities, Jackson’s Mill. These considerations were discussed at a WVU Board of Governors meeting on Wednesday.

Mountaineers fall to Oklahoma State in final minutes WVU men’s basketball loses by 3 points, must win future games page 10

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Karl Dewey Myers, West Virginia’s first poet laureate.

Feb. 12, 1899: Karl Dewey Meyers was born in Tucker County with severe birth defects. He never attended school, but he educated himself through persistent selfstudy. He was named the state’s first poet laureate in 1927. For more information, visit e-wv: the West Virginia Encyclopedia at

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Feb. 8 3:18 P.M. | ACTIVE Oakland Hall Larceny - Report of a stolen cell phone. Value: $150.00.

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Feb. 8 3:55 P.M. | INACTIVE Mountainlair Suspicious person - Complainant reported being possibly stalked by an unknown male subject.

Feb. 8 6:15 P.M. | INACTIVE Boreman North Drug incident - A K-9 foot patrol was conducted for possible drug activity. Feb. 8 6:29 P.M. | INACTIVE Dadisman Hall Drug incident - Citations issued for possession of a controlled substance. CITED: Adam John Frank, 19, Irwin, Pennsylvania. CITED: Christopher M. Wolfe, 19, New Egypt, New Jersey.

Feb. 8 6:01 P.M. | INACTIVE Bennett Tower Assist EMS/Police - Report of a male subject having a seizure. EMS responded, subject refused transport.

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(WYV]PKLY^PSSKPZJ\ZZ[OLJVUÄKLU[PHS HIV test result within 20 minutes.


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A teacher holds a sign to voice her opinion on PEIA freeze in Martinsburg, West Virginia.


Teachers gather alongside the road and protest in response to the PEIA freeze.

Governor Justice proposes 17 month PEIA freeze, supports 1 percent teacher pay raise BY KAYLA GAGNON STAFF WRITER

Following teacher protests across the state, Governor Jim Justice tried to calm the storm at a press conference on Thursday. Justice announced that there would be 17-month freeze of Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA) health premium plans until a permanent solution is found. “They’re basically kick-

ing the can down the road and it really doesn’t address the issue, [and] they’ll face the same issues next year,” said Sam Brunett, the president of the Monongalia County American Federation of Teachers. In response to the possibility of teachers striking over these decisions, Justice said, “They have every right to do whatever they choose to do. I think it’s a crying shame to do something that could hurt our children.”

“Before you throw bricks from your glass houses, you better get your facts straight,” Brunett said regarding Justices’ comments on teachers striking. According to the original West Virginia PEIA 2019 plan, active public employees, such as teachers, correctional officers, bus drivers and public higher education employees employees, including those from WVU will see a 0.5 percent increase in their insurance premium cost. The PEIA

“Before you throw bricks from your glass houses, you better get your facts straight.” -Sam Brunett, president of Monongalia County American Federation of Teachers website said this would have taken effect July 1. There is currently a bill in the house that would raise teacher pay by 2 percent this

year, with 1 percent raises for several years after. Justice advocated for a 1 percent increase for five years instead, saying it would cost

an additional $23 million to give a 2 percent raise for the first year. Justice said he spoke to Ted Cheatham, the PEIA director, and believes that the PEIA board will approve and move forward with freezing their current plans. “I give you my solemn promise that we’ll double back and do even more once we know the numbers really do work,” Justice said.

Student could face jail time for sharing private picture on social media BY PENELOPE DE LA CRUZ STAFF WRITER A WVU student could face jail time for allegedly sharing a private picture of a female student without her consent. WVU student Matthew Dellavalle was charged in January for the non-consensual disclosure of private images. According to court record, the victim said that Dalla-

valle took a topless picture of her in his room, and then sent the images to Top Tier U. Top Tier U is a website designed for college-age students. The content presented by the website is described as “Hot chicks, vintage pics, and spicy memes.” The content is spread mostly through social media outlets Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. According to court records, the victim did not

consent to having the picture posted online. The victim reported the incident to the West Virginia University Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion who notified the University Police of the incident. A warrant for Dellavalle’s arrest was issued on Jan. 16, 2018. He was released on $5,000 bail. Dellavalle is being charged with violating a West Virginia

law enacted last year that says that no one may “knowingly and intentionally disclose” an intimate, private picture of someone without their permission. For the first violation of this law, it is a misdemeanor that can result in a year in jail and a fine between $1,000 and $5,000. A second violation of this law is a felony that can result up to three years in jail and a $2,500 to $10,000 fine.

According to court records, Dellavale gave a statement to the WVU Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion acknowledging that he sent the picture to Top Tier University. Dellavalle is pleading not guilty. He declined to comment. There is no set date for a court hearing.

Charges for nonconsensual disclosure of private images: -First offense: 1 year in jail and a $1,000-$5,000 fine. -Second offense: Up to 3 years in jail and a $2,500$10,000 fine.




Veteran film editor shares secrets to success in film editing career


Lawrence Jordan, professional film editor


When it comes to movie-making, editing is a key piece of the puzzle that is film. Without it, audiences could be watching movies longer than “Gone with the Wind”, because there would be absolutely no cuts. “You really have to have a critical eye in taking the film from a five-hour cut with a complete script down to a running length of 90 minutes,” said Lawrence Jordan, a professional film editor with more than 45 professional credits. Jordan gave important tips and skills needed in order to be a successful film editor. Jordan has worked with some of world’s largest entertainment companies, including Time Warner, Sony, Fox, MGM, HBO, Netflix and Disney. He’s also worked on successful films and TV shows like “Fallen”, “Assassins”, “NYPD Blue” and “CSI: Miami”. Some skills he mentioned are being well-rounded in the arts and composition, having a strong network, a basic understanding of the human psychology and a passion and love for film. “Film is a collaborative process,” Jordan said. “You’re going to get a lot of feedback



that will ultimately help make a better film.” There are editors and assistant editors. The assistant editor will manage the data and material for the editor. The editor then works with the director for a period of months to make the best product out of the material for the audience will see. Traditionally, the best way to become a film editor is to be an assistant first and work your way up. Jordan says it’s like a true apprenticeship where one has a mentor who’s showing them the ropes. Though no one necessarily has to go to film school to become an editor, it’s still critical to have a broad background in subjects like film theory, film history and storytelling. All editors should be well rounded in the arts and composition. Jordan has taken acting classes in the past and encourages others to do so in order to have an understanding of what actors do. This helps editors because they’re able to see what can make a good frame. Having knowledge on basic psychology is also important, because one is dealing with dramatic situations. “You kind of have to have an instinct on how people will react so you can make authentic performances out of the film that you’re getting,” Jordan said. Another key tip for future editors is to have a strong network in which they can communicate with fellow filmmakers. No one has to have a relative or friend already in the business, but it’s important to know someone to get a foot in the door. Jordan suggests using social media as a communi-


Tristen Hudson, 19 Seneca, South Carolina Summer Catch

Some of Lawrence Jordan’s notable works • NYPD Blue • Assassins • Dead Space • Fallen • Jack Frost • Are We There Yet? • CSI: Miami • The Spy Next Door • Naked • Fifty Shades of Black • Furry Vengeance • I Know Who Killed Me • Riding in Cars With Boys PHOTO VIA ROTTENTOMATOES.COM

Lawrence Jordan served as the film editor for the movie Assassins. cation source, where future film editors can find a number of film groups that will post available positions on film sets. Finally, the most essential item needed to become an effective editor is love and passion. “There’s no thrill like seeing a film that you’ve worked on for a year come up on the


Hannah Brooks, 18 Fort Mead, Maryland Follow Me by Uncle Kracker

big screen,” Jordan said. “Apocalypse Now” was the movie that inspired him to become an editor and be a part of a process to create beautiful stories. Jordan’s latest feature film is through Netflix and is called “Naked”, starring Marlon Wayans. He has created an online editing course called Master the


Abigail Harman, 20 Martinsburg, West Virginia Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy


Maria Getto, 19 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Narcos

Workflow, available 24/7 for anyone who wants to learn the experiential process of film editing. You can also check out Jordan’s website at, an internet community that provides information about Apple’s post-production software Final Cut Pro.

• The Viking Sagas • Reckless Kelly • New Port South • Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd • Zoom


WVU Vegan/Vegetarian Society wants you to be their #Vegantine. Members of WVU Vegan/Vegetarian Society are encouraging students to have a heart this Valentine’s Day by ditching dairy and being kind to animals. Students are invited to stop by the lair in front of Taziki’s Feb. 13 for a cute “Vegantine” and vegan chocolate hearts for themselves and their special someone.




WVU against concealed carry on campus is the right choice BY KAMERON DUNCAN

Potential regulations of House Bill 4298


WVU’s decision to oppose concealed firearms on campus is an intelligent and proactive one. On Friday, Rob Alsop, WVU’s vice president of Strategic Initiatives said that the school would oppose House Bill 4298. The bill would prevent institutions from not allowing concealed carry of guns on college campuses on the state of West Virginia. Alsop made his and the university’s stance clear on the MetroNews podcast, ‘Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval.’ “Putting a weapon, or additional weapons on campus, in any of those situations does not make it safer,” he said. “It makes it more likely that someone could... do something to escalate a situation.” The numbers across America seem to suggest the same. According to the Washington Post, individuals with concealed carry permits have been responsible for nearly 30 mass shootings since 2007 alone. These perpetrators include Aaron Alexis, a discharged member of the Navy who killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard in 2013. Allowing the concealed possession of firearms on a college campus would be a dangerous move, for several reasons. Thousands of people attend and work at this university, and allowing any number of them to freely walk around with guns would be a volatile situation. Simple disagreements and confrontations could quickly turn into a deadly situation if guns are involved. Also, West Virginia University is a college campus, and like many college campuses around the country, drugs and alcohol have a presence in the area. Adding firearms into play with both of those substances could create a very dangerous and

•The concealed carry of firearms would not apply to gatherings or venues with more than 5,000 spectators. This would include both the WVU Coliseum and Mountaineer Field. •However, the provision would not apply to Mountaineer County Ballpark or Dick Dlesk Soccer Stadium. •Would not apply to daycare facilities within stateowned college properties. •Would require those who carry a concealed weapon to have a license in the state of West Virginia, and the license must be valid at the time of possession of said weapon.


An Alien Gear concealable holster that would comply with the conceal and carry law.


The waist is the most common location for a concealed carry weapon. deadly outcome. Proponents of concealed carry laws argue that an armed citizen is better

equipped to handle themselves in the event of a shooting, and in some cases this is true. For example, in 2015,

a Chicago Uber driver with a licensed firearm shot and wounded a gumnan, according to the Chicago Tribune. While this sounds like a positive outcome on paper, there are several other factors to consider. Is everyone with license to a firearm trained on how to handle and operate the weapon? Will the person be in an area where they have a clear line of sight to handle a potential shooter, while also being sure to not harm innocent bystanders? When situations such as these arise, it is better to err on the side of caution, and by opposing the concealed carry of firearms on its campus, West Virginia University is doing just that.

•Current West Virginia state gun laws fall under some of the least restrictive in the entire country. Individuals over the age of 21 are not required to acquire a permit to carry a weapon, and open carry is allowed from the ages of 18-20 with a permit. •Only 16 states have outright bans on concealed weapons in or around college campuses. •These include: California, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Carolina and Wyoming. •Ten states currently permit the concealed carry of firearms in or around college campuses. •These include: Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin. Tennessee also permits concealed carry for teachers and faculty members, but not students. •The remaining states determine their rulings on an individual basis. INFORMATION VIA METRO NEWS AND THE WEST VIRGINIA LEGISLATURE

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CHILL The LEND Program at the WVU Center for Excellence in Disabilities is recruiting graduate students from health and related disciplines for graduate assistantships starting in Fall, 2018.


The mission of the LEND Program is to prepare health professionals to serve children and youth with disabilities and the families that care for them. The focus is to train students by using mentors from their fields of study and focusing on family-centered care, teamwork and cultural sensitivity. Selected students may be awarded a tuition waiver and stipend. The program is also looking for family members of a person with a disability and disability self-advocates. Applications are due by March 9, 2018. To be eligible, applicants must be U.S. Citizens. For more information, visit or contact Diane Williams at or by calling 304-293-4692.


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Sierra Student Coalition hopes to install new solar energy technology at WVU The Sierra Student Coalition is campaigning for the installation of a 50kW solar array at WVU by summer 2018. The student group hopes the array could be installed at the Law School, Mountainlair or Clark Hall. If you find some of this terminology confusing you’re not alone. What is a solar array? And how much energy does that provide? Any form of solar energy starts with a very small, simple unit known as a photovoltaic cell. A photovoltaic cell is where the exchange and conversion of solar energy to electric current begins, but a single photovoltaic cell provides a very small amount of energy.

Many of these photovoltaic cells are combined to make up a solar panel. A solar array is essentially the combination of multiple solar panels. Solar energy technology is rapidly advancing, making it more efficient and cheaper to invest in. Although Morgantown is definitely a cloudy location, solar panels can still collect energy on cloudy days. Solar panels will also store excess energy gathered during the day to be used at night. A 50kW solar array will provide a sizeable amount of energy. According to the Sierra Student Coalition, a 50kW solar array could offset the energy consumption of one major campus building, such

as the Mountainlair, for at least the next 25 years. An array this size is estimated to cost $100,000. This may seem like a large cost, but when you think about the payoff of using solar energy it may be worth it. Solar energy is obviously cleaner than electric energy, but often times the initial cost of installation is much more. However, this array could offset all the electricity usage of one major building. Think about the savings of 25 years worth of electric bills. “For more than a few reasons, now is the time for the university to act on solar energy. We are one of the last Big 12 universities remaining that

“For more than a few reasons, now is the time for the university to act on solar energy. We are one of the last Big 12 universities remaining that hasn’t significantly invested in the use of renewable energy.” - David Buch, Vice President of Sierra Student Coalition hasn’t significantly invested in the use of renewable energy,” said David Buch, a senior physics and mathematics student and the Vice President of the Sierra Student Coalition. Buch leads the campaign, as

well. “We can’t afford to be left behind.” The group is looking to gain student support to encourage the university to take action or to receive a grant to offset the initial costs of the campaign.

The group is looking at campaigning this towards the SGA as well as the university. The group has started a petition and garnered the support of many students as well as other organizations. If you want to sign their petition, visit sierrastudentcoalition.orgs. The Sierra Student Coalition is meeting at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 20 in the Greenbrier Room of the Mountainlair. The group will also be holding a social event to promote the campaign from 8 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. on Feb. 16 at the Morgantown Brewing Company. There will be live music beginning at 8:30.




WVU trying to find consistency as postseason approaches WOMEN’S BASKETBALL BY JOSEPH SEVERINO SPORTS WRITER

The West Virginia women’s basketball team is trying to find consistency with just five games remaining before the start of the Big 12 Tournament. The Mountaineers (18-7, 6-7 Big 12) have won just two of their last five games and three of their last eight. WVU is shooting a combined 39.5 percent over the last five contests. In WVU’s last two losses to Oklahoma and Texas, the Mountaineers shot just 32 and 31 percent from the field, respectively. It was the team’s third and fourth offensive showings of the season. WVU also can’t find consistency from beyond the arc. The Mountaineers have shot over 50 percent from three in two of their last five, but shot under 36 percent in two other games. The Mountaineers have shot above 40 percent from the three-point range six times in conference play, but are 2-4 in those games. So, as important as shooting is for WVU, it hasn’t necessarily correlated to wins. The Mountaineers have had success this season when they’re defense is playing at a high-level. Solid defense has helped Head Coach Mike Carey win games this season. He consistently praises his players by their efforts in postgame interviews. In Big 12 games where WVU holds opponents to 60 or less points, WVU is 5-1. The Mountaineers just don’t have the legs to run into the high scoring games with teams. WVU also is still rotat-


Chania Ray chases a Baylor offensive player down the court during transition. ing just three players off the bench. The Mountaineers lack of depth has hurt them with a string of blown fourth quarter leads earlier in Big 12 play, including one at home to No. 3 Baylor. “I thought our players played hard, we just don’t

have enough bodies right now to put in,” Carey said after the Baylor game. Playing a short bench has also been taking a toll on the starters, including Chania Ray, who played Saturday against Texas Tech in some pain. “We were a little banged up

coming into this game. Ray is a little banged up,” Carey said postgame. If the season ended today, WVU would sit at the No. 6 seed in the Big 12 Tournament. The Mountaineers won the tourney last year as the six seed.

In WVU’s five games remaining until tournament time, they’ll host Kansas and Oklahoma before traveling to Kansas State, then get Oklahoma State in Morgantown before finishing the season against Baylor in Waco. The rematch with Bay-

Cosgrove’s hockey background proves good for WVU HOCKEY BY AARON HOST SPORTS WRITER

Hailing from Plymouth, Massachusetts, Cullin Cosgrove has a rich hockey background that he brings to West Virginia. Cosgrove started skating at the age of four and then moved on to instructional hockey at the age of five. Growing up as a three-sport athlete playing hockey, baseball and football, Cosgrove’s calling was in hockey. His favorite hockey player is Patrice Bergeron, who is a center for the Boston Bruins and plays the same position Cosgrove does for

“The biggest thing is I have made lifelong friends on the hockey team. We have all played similar styles of hockey.” -Cullin Cosgrove the Mountaineers. “He is basically a big defensive player,” Cosgrove said. “He is always on the ice.” Cosgrove’s two older brothers were also three-sport athletes and his one brother was a catcher in baseball. “I always looked up to them,” Cosgrove said.

He went to Plymouth North High School in Massachusetts and went on to attend New Hampton Prep School, then WVU. “I thought this would be a great fit,” Cosgrove said regarding his decision to come to WVU. He also liked Head Coach

A.J. Sturges’ resume. Sturges, who played hockey for Michigan State as a defenseman, has a rich hockey history. Cosgrove is studying in business and economics at WVU and has had a pretty successful season for the Mountaineers so far. He has played in 22 games and has scored nine goals and seven assists, giving him 16 points on the season. In the successful season he is having, Cosgrove’s favorite moment this year was when WVU beat Penn State, who was unbeaten at the time. The Mountaineers beat the Nittany Lions by a score of 6-5 and Cosgrove went on to score two goals in the game. “[We] ended their undefeated streak at the time,” Cosgrove said. “[It was] a very pro-

ductive game.” While playing for WVU, Cullin has made lifelong bonds with his teammates. “The biggest thing is I have made lifelong friends on the hockey team,” Cosgrove said. “We have all played similar styles of hockey.” As Cosgrove plays more games at WVU, he is honing his craft and is adapting well to playing at WVU. Up next for Cosgrove and the Mountaineers is Liberty, who they will play the next Friday and Saturday on the road. The Mountaineers will look to earn more points for the upcoming postseason play. The games start at 7 p.m. on both days.

lor will be key for the Mountaineers. WVU only has one win over a top 25 team: Texas A&M, which was back in early December. WVU will need another statement win if it wants to be guaranteed a spot in the NCAA Tournament.

For more sports updates throughout the week, follow the DA online.



WVU moves on, looks to get back on track against TCU MEN’S BASKETBALL BY JOEL NORMAN SPORTS WRITER

On Monday, the West Virginia men’s basketball team gets a quick turnaround from Saturday’s loss to Oklahoma State when it hosts TCU. Tipoff is set for 9 p.m. at the WVU Coliseum and will be televised on ESPN2. Saturday, the Mountaineers led for all but 12:21 – 5:01 of which the game was tied. Nonetheless, Lindy Waters hit the go-ahead three-pointer with 14.8 seconds to go in regulation. Despite only trailing by one and having plenty of time to draw up a play, the Mountaineers settled for a step-back three-pointer by James “Beetle” Bolden that clanked off the rim. Now, WVU hopes to put the loss behind them and move on. This is the Mountaineers’ fourth of five occasions when it plays on Saturday and Monday. To this point, WVU is 1-2 on ESPN’s ‘Big Monday’s’ and 0-1 on the Monday after losing Saturday. In the loss to Oklahoma State, the Mountaineers looked strong offensively, shooting 51.9 percent. Jevon Carter led the way with a career-high 33


West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins coordinates with his player on the court on Saturday against Oklahoma State. points on an impressive 11-of18 shooting. However, even with a good shooting performance, Head Coach Bob Huggins wasn’t satisfied since the Mountaineers lost. After the game, he reflected on a poor week of preparation. “We didn’t practice very well,” Huggins said. “I was very disappoint in our practice, which leads to why we gave up 52 (second-half) points, we didn’t guard the ball screen, we didn’t do what we were

supposed to do, we didn’t run the sets that I called out of a timeout.” Against TCU, WVU will need to keep shooting well. The Horned Frogs topped the Mountaineers 82-73 in their previous meeting on Jan. 22, largely because they held WVU to 33.3 percent shooting which included finishing 25.9 percent from beyond the arc. Since that game, TCU hasn’t exactly looked as strong, going 2-3. However, the team is second in the Big 12 in scor-

ing with 85 points per game and are first in field-goal percentage (50.2 percent) and three-point field goal percentage (41.5 percent). Despite the offensive success, TCU is only sixth in the conference. The Horned Frogs haven’t completely recovered from losing four of their first five games in conference play and the below-average stretch has kept them from making a move in the Big 12. To WVU, TCU is another tough opponent in a difficult Big 12. Losses to Oklahoma State and Iowa State this season are proof that every team the Mountaineers face in the conference can and might win on any given night. After tough losses like Saturday, the only thing WVU can do afterwards is move on. Another game so quickly after a loss is a great way for student athletes to realize how demanding the professional schedule is and teach them to not dwell on losses for too long. On the flip side, WVU spent the bulk of this past week focusing on Oklahoma State and now has to do a quick 180 degree turn and switch to TCU. “Just focus,” Bolden said. “Focus on the next opponent. This one’s behind us now.”

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Final minute proves costly for WVU BY CHRIS JACKSON MANAGING EDITOR

West Virginia’s Big 12 championship hopes might have fallen out of existence in the final minute Saturday. Up by two points, one rebound could have potentially sent it out with the win. It could have remained just one game out of first place in the Big 12 standings with six games remaining in the regular season. Oklahoma State senior guard Kendall Smith was forced into a missed jumper with 19 seconds remaining. All WVU needed was that one rebound, which then could have led to two free throws, a two-possession lead and the victory in front of its home crowd. However, Smith chased his miss. He found Lindy Waters open in the corner for a three. Bang. There was Oklahoma State. Up by one point. With 14 seconds remaining. Silencing the WVU crowd. “You have to go get it,” Huggins said. “The one before, JC blocks the guy out. They called a foul, which would have given us the ball back. And then this one, we don’t rebound. We batted it around a little bit, but we don’t rebound it.” *That was huge,” said WVU redshirt sophomore guard James “Beetle” Bolden. “Whenever you get an offensive rebound and second chance shot, it usually goes in for anybody. It was a huge rebound.” WVU did have a chance to take the lead. It was only down one point. All it needed was one made shot at this point to survive and remain right near the top of the conference. Bolden settled for a stepback three with Smith draped near him with seven seconds left on the clock. He missed, and there was Oklahoma State, celebrating after Jeffrey Carroll sealed the deal with a dunk right before the final buzzer sounded, pulling out the huge 88-85 victory over WVU. Huggins said the final play was designed for sophomore forward Sagaba Konate. It was not designed for Bolden, or for star senior guard Jevon Carter, who Bolden thought it was for, and who he also thought was double-teamed. “Jevon didn’t get double-teamed,” Huggins said. “It was for Sags, it wasn’t for Jevon.


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WVU basketbal player Lamont West boxes out Oklahoma State player Lindy Waters III to capture a rebound.


West Virginia basketball player James “Beetle” Bolden drives the ball away from Oklahoma State defenseman Thomas Dziagwa. We were going to throw it close, but we were going to do that for four-and-a-half minutes, but we didn’t do it.” Regardless, the shot did not go in. But Bolden has been a very successful three-point shooter during his career, making 45 percent of his attempts beyond the arc this season, which follows a 45 percent effort last year. “It was really for JC, but they double-teamed him,” Bolden said. “The clock was winding down. I had a nice look at it. It just missed.” WVU is still only two games

back, but rebounding from that is tough to try to earn its first Big 12 regular season crown. It still has games remaining against TCU, Kansas (on the road) and Texas Tech, who it is 0-3 against this season. Even if it’s regular season title hopes are gone, it can still right the ship and find momentum heading into the postseason. It all starts at 9 p.m. Monday versus TCU. “We know that the next game is a must win and every game from now on,” said WVU junior forward Esa Ahmad. “This is big for us.”

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