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Mr. Etkin’s Class B

AMP By Matt Johnson

It was only seconds after Gus’s leg was amputated he was shocked that this had just happened. It was only 7:02 am, and Gus woke up at . . . . . 5:34 am Gus had woken up in fear thinking that something was right. Gus and his father had went camping in Alaska’s great mountains for Gus’s winter break. Gus had looked at the thermometer and it read that it was -11 degrees and Gus had a -1 degrees sleeping bag. Gus went to stand up but he couldn’t it almost felt like his leg was gone! Gus looked at his father like he was a mile away but he was right there. Gus was very brave but not at this point “DAD . . . .I I . . . CAN’T FELL MY LEG!” Gus said with a very hesitant sounding voice. Gus’s dad shot out from under his sleeping and right away frostbite was what Gus’s dad thought of and he knew it would spread. With no word at all Gus’s dad picked Gus up and put a

blanket over Gus’s leg. His dad had left the camping things and ran down the trail and to the car. 2 Hours Later


For a minute Gus was alone and then his father had came “I’m sorry Gus.” His father said “No it’s not your fault I wanted to go on this trip.” Gus

said not trying to sound sad. “Dad how . . . will I live now?” Gus sadly said. “ Gus it will be fine.” Gus’s dad said cheering him up and putting his hand on his shoulder. “Dad what will . . . I do about soccer?” said Gus asking his dad. “ I’m sorry buddy but there is no other way, you can’t play anymore.” Gus’s dad said sadly. “ But you could start playing guitar again.” Gus’s dad said with a cheer. “ Gus your good at it!” Gus’s father said with more excitement. “ But . . .” Gus had said but he knew that there was no other way that he could play soccer.

6 weeks later . . . . It had been 6 weeks, and to make things better for Gus, his father had paid for a very important surgery. Gus had a ROBO leg! “ Baby steps Gus it’s your first walk,” One of the doctors said. It was Gus’s first walk on his new leg. Gus was soon took his first step then the second step and soon Gus was walking like a pro. And after a while they let Gus walk on his own Gus went up to his dad and told him “ Dad I know I can’t walk and I’m alright, and also thanks,” Gus said thankfully Gus understood that he couldn’t play soccer anymore but that was just fine with him. 2 months later . . . +Gus now has a band of his own called AMP. And Gus now knows that something can get in the way but you still move with life.

New School Yasser Esaleh

Have you ever move to a different school? Well these kid named Jerry did he had to because his parent made him. Jerry came from Hill Village Middle School. His new school is Kenmore middle school. “I don’t won to move I have to make new allies,” said Jerry. “I don’t care if you have to make new allies you got to deal with it okay Jerry,” said Jerry’s mom. “Okay mom” well Jerry was backing up his cloth. It Was Jerry’s last day in Hill Village Middle School. He well misses his friends and his teachers even if Jerry didn’t like them. He waved bye to his teachers and to his best friends. At home there has people taking the coach in a huge truck. Jerry thought the stranger has stilling from the house

“Was up little man’’? His step dad said to Jerry “Nothing much Dominic just sitting down.’’ “I know you are mad that we are moving.’’ Dom short for Dominic was mean sometimes. I don’t even know why my mom is going out with him. When they got to the new house Jerry was getting ready for school. “What was the name of your school again”? Said his mom “The schools name is Kenmore Middle” Know it was time for the first day at school. Jerry didn’t know were to go so he asks someone. “Do you nowhere room 206”? Said Jerry. “Yes I do just follow me,” said these kid named Timmy well he was darken some milk. “Are you the new kid”? Said Timmy “I am the new kid my name is Jerry. What is are name” “My name is Timmy” well he throw out his

milk. Well here you are room 206. A tall man came up to me and said “Hi my name is Mrs. Jacobs, I all ready know are name it is Jerry, I am your science teacher and home room. ” Every one around me saying that’s the new kid, hey new kid, is the new kid. “Come inside this is your new homeroom” After the amassment Mrs. Jacobs stood up and said Jerry,” The students shouted “HI JERRY.” “Hey” said Jerry. “Fred you are go to show were is his locker and take him to were ever he as to go okay.” Said Mrs.Jacbos. “Okay” “Jerry lets take you to your locker so we could but your stuff away.” Jerry and Fred got to his locker, they now know each other by taking well they were going to his locker. “Do you know how to open a companion

locker”? Said Fred to Jerry. “Yes I do” “The number for your is 25-43and-20” “Okay I try it” The first time Jerry tried to open his locker he failed. So Fred tried and he got it. Then Jerry tried it again he opened it. He but all of his stuff expected his binders and notebooks. The bell ringed Jerry got lost Fred just run out of Jerry’s site. Jerry tried to call out Fred and he did he shouted “Fred were are you”? For him it felt like he was lost in a HUGE mall! Their was a teacher so he what to the teacher and said “I am lost can you help me”? “Yah, are you the new kid”? “Yes I am, my name is Jerry what’s yours?” “My name is Miss.Daybas, what do you want?” “I am lost and I want to go to the art room?” “Okay lets go then you don’t want to miss any work?” When they got to the class Jerry said

“Hi my name is Jerry.” “Hi Jerry my name is Miss. Crany The day passed to gym the best period of the day but it was the times when they have to do the pastier Jerry already know what to do for the pastier. Jerry got 10 on his test because he was out of shape. The next day later everyone has everyone was not talking to Jerry. At lunch he sat to the person that he was setting yesterday. When he sat down they moved to a different table while they where laughing at him. Jerry sat all be himself at every subjected. After the whole day pass the next day was peter then the other day because the principle said “ There is a football meeting for the 6th grader’s if you want to go and play with them go to the cafeteria at the end of the day.” Jerry went to the cafeteria; he wants to be a line backer. The coach said “Raise your hand if you want to be a line backer.”

Four people raised their hand; the coach kept going on. 1 mouth later everyone liked Jerry because he made has win every game it was 20 to 0 that’s all the game they played. Jerry was know the popular kid how sets with his friends that play football.

It shroud all

right for Jerry at his new school.


Injuried By Paul Woods

“Break!” As the fall breeze fill Corey’s helmet, cooling his sweat on his forehead. Corey was getting set on the line of scrimmage. The still wet grass from the sprinklers made the ground hard to run on. James Littleton at quarterback was under the center getting set. “Ready! Set! Hut! Hut! Hut!” Corey took off running as fast as he could, out running the corner. Trying to fight the fact that he was slipping almost every step took. James stepped back and launch the ball and gets tackle hard falling to the grass. Corey jumped for the ball and BAAMMM!!!! “ My leg!” he squealed. The crowd wasn’t sure if it was the cornerback or Corey. Both teams’ coaches came onto the field. “ We have to bring him to the hospital.” Coach Phill said. The ambulance came to pick up Corey while everyone was staring in disappointment. When Corey arrived in the hospital. He rung his bell for assistant. Dr. Dre came into the room reading his clipboard. “Name: Corey Harris. Height: 5’3. Weight: 105lbs. I

see you have a broken leg.” “Broken leg!” Corey tried to get out of bed but fell back down with a sharp pain in leg. “ I have a championship game in two weeks,” Corey said. “ I understand that, but your going to have to wait until your leg heals,” Dr. Dre said His mom came into the room. “ Hey honey,” Corey’s mom said. “ Hey mom,” Holding is head, like his mom used to do when he got sick. “ How you feel?” “ I’m feeling great, I’m in the hospital with a broken leg, feeling sick and did I mention that I’m in the hospital!” “ Wow sounds fun” his mom said sarcastically. Corey gasped while shaking his head. “ You know I have a championsh…. “ “ Game in 2 weeks and you can’t play in it,” Corey’s mom said shaking her head. “ I have to go, I need to go pick up your dad from work.” “ Mom, do you think you can get some tapes from the Bulls.” “ Why?” his mom said shaking her head.

“ Can you please just do it mom,” Corey murmured. “ Anything for my teddy bear.” As his mom left the room but stopped in the doorway and came back to his hospital bed, kissed his forehead and ruffled his head. Call me if you need anything. As his mom left Corey started to cry about all the things he been through today. The next day Corey’s mom came into the room with a camera and some cords. “You were looking for the Bulls game right.” “ Yeah,” Corey said stretching while trying to sit up in the hospital bed. “ Thanks mom, Oh yeah can you get the coach on the phone too.” Corey’s mom was trying to multi-task with the hooking up the camera to the DVD player and trying to call the coach on the phone. After she got the phone, over to Corey she was painting a little from the DVD player, trying to put it up. “ Hello---hey Phill---yeah he’s trying---oh yeah he wanted to talk to you.” “ Here you go honey,” She gave the phone to Corey, and then went back to the DVD player still trying to hook it up. “ Hey honey,” Coach Phil said playing imitating his mom.

“ Ha-ha, very funny,” He said fading away in the phone because he was trying get comforble. “ Nothing watching some tapes,” Corey said trying to act like he a professional. “ What kind of tape,” Coach Phill said. “ Some film for the championship game that you should be looking at,” Corey said yawing. “ Hey, Corey I have to go I’ll talk to you later, okay champ.” “ Okay, see you coach Phill,” Corey said hanging up the phone 1 week have past and Corey was on crunches. He was getting so many cards and a lot of people came to visit. Corey went to go visit the coach and he was on the phone. “Hey coach,” Corey said limping into his office. “ Oh hey Corey.” “ I have to ask you something.” “ You can ask me anything,” Coach Phill said. “ Thanks Coach Phill, well I was wondering if anybody was took my spot.” “ I’m sorry champ but we saw that Brad was doing so good in practice that we decided to put him there,” Coach Phill said worried.

HONK!!! HONK!!! "My mom is waiting for me," Corey said "I better get going. I pasted him a piece of paper with defenses on it and then I walked out the door. After I got home I decided to just cry myself to sleep. Not sobbing but just a little tear. Another week past and I haven’t talked to coach in a week. And that’s when I got the call. “ Corey we won the championship,” Coach Phill said yelling into the phone. “Wait, what?” he said in a weird voice. “ We won the championship!” he said yelling into the phone again but kind of faded because he the whole team was way to excited. At the time I was feeling mix emotions, because I didn’t get to see the game or even be in it. But I know that my team did go and won the CHAMPIONSHIP. “ We were using the paper you gave the whole time.” Coach Phill said excitedly “ Wow, that’s awesome,” Corey said. “ Well I have to go,” Corey said hiding his disappointment.

“ Okay ill see you later teddy bear,” Coach Phill said kidding around “ You to champ.”

Is She Rachet? Stephon Trueheart

Cam got some new shoes and he really liked them he was showing his shoes to people and he thought that they were raw and he slapped with his shoes and he loved to were them. The next day he woke up and he went to school he thought that people would like his shoes just how he liked them but know one really liked his shoes at all he walked in school people looked down and they were pointing at his sneakers and laughing he filed mad and angry. Then one of cam best friend came up to him he told cam that he did not like his shoes. Cam asked him what’s wrong with my shoes he said they have to many colors in them. Cam said that’s what I like about them. Cam was getting really angry because his friend did not like his shoes

and cam said when you got your shoes I did not come up to u and tell you that I didn’t like yours I think mine is better. Then cam went away he cam up with a plan to tell his mom what happened to his shoes. So he went home and lied to his mom and said mom my shoes were in my locker then I left them out and they got stolen. Then his mom was mad she was yelling at him like he was a dog. Then his mom was like where who u been where with who mm ferule. Then he said why you asken all them questions asken all then qestions why u asken all then questions making state ments assuming. Then she start yelling at cam again blob blob blob he was thinking then she said im going to have to by you some new shoes now come on in a ager way. Then they went to the mall to get his shoes they were looking around but they couldn’t find any thing then they went to champs and he was like mom I want those ones and he was

like can I go try them on so he asked the man can he get them in his size and then he got them in his size and his mom said you want those ones don’t get them stolen again if I bye you them and he said ok mommy I promise I wont get them stolen and she said ok and she had bought him the shoes. Then they were was going back to the house and he had a feeling that people was going to like his shoes this time so he got his stuff that matched his shoes and laid it out for the next day he had his green and white eagles snapback with his black jeans with a white and green shirt. The next day he had got ready for school so he put on his stuff and rode his bike to school. He went to school and every one had liked his shoes. Then his friend had came up to him and said bro I like your shoes and then cam said thanks but you ratchet and his friend said what and cam said is you ratchet every one

start laughing and they still were friends and he start laughing to. Then he had went home and told his mom about his day in school and cam said mom my friend is ratchet and she was like what that mean and he said I don’t know but he is ratchet.x

Mission To Buffalo By, Orianna Pritchett

Charlotte woke up behind schedule. There was only fifthteen minutes until the bus came. She blasted in the bathroom and brushed her teeth with eleven minutes to spare. She grabbed her outfit and got it on in nine minutes. She pulled on her jacket, grabbed her bag and sprinted outside. Maria, Charlotte’s best friend got to the bus stop just in time too. The bus came. The girls raced to their seats and sat next to each other. Maria took a glimpse at the trees and bushes. It was like the bush was Charlotte and the bus was herself. They were soon going to be separated for eternity. Charlotte interrupted Maria’s thoughts. “Everything okay?” questioned Charlotte. “Yeah,” said Maria quietly. Before Charlotte said anymore, the bus stopped at the school. Maria blasted out. Charlotte and Maria entered their homeroom. Maria finally snapped, “Me and my parents are moving to Buffalo!” she said panicking. “You’re kidding me right,” said Charlotte impatiently.

“Not kidding,” said Maria rolling her eyes. Charlotte’s eyes glared at Maria as she sat there in awkward silence. “You gotta be playing right,” said Charlotte annoyed. “What person doesn’t want to live in a place like California,” said Charlotte glaring at Maria again. “My parent’s,” said Maria rudely. “Will your parents have issues,” snapped Charlotte. “They’re just trying to separate us,” said Charlotte dramatically. “I guess so,” said Maria sadly acting it all out. She paused and said “you’re the one with issues since your talking to me like that,” said Maria cruelly. “Who do you think you are to talk back to me,” said Charlotte with rage. She paused and said “stupid.” Maria knew if she got started, then her and Charlotte would be over. Maria said, “this is ridiculous.” “Were fighting over one of us moving instead of feeling bad about it. “Your right” said Charlotte sighing. “We should be thinking of what to do,” said Charlotte making a facial expression. She paused and said, “sorry, I’m just a little upset” said Charlotte sighing. “It’s cool,” said Maria calmly. The bell rang. The girls departed. But the hallways were worse than fighting. Everyone had his or her own best friend. Charlotte mumbled, “they’re lucky none of their friends are leaving.” A kid stopped by and told Charlotte, “don’t worry, things will work out soon,” and then he left.

“Who was that, a fortune teller,” said Charlotte kind of confidently. Was he listening in to the fight or just joking around thought Charlotte. No way, she thought. He’s not in homeroom and it seemed like he was serious. Maybe he is a fortune teller thought Charlotte. After her thoughts shutdown, she quickly walked to her next class. Finally, school went by. Charlotte decided to walk with Maria home one last time. What in the world am I going to do now? Thought Charlotte. She remembered when her and Maria went to the beach in California and soaked their feet in the cool sand. So much beauty in life then. And now it’s leaving forever. She looked out the window. She saw Maria bringing packages inside the moving truck. She gave a bittersweet smile I got it, thought Charlotte. I’ll make a mini restaurant. It’ll be at Delaware Park. I’ll make enough money to visit Maria She begged her mom to make the food and set up the games and she finally said yes. Charlotte got to work right away. She made flyers and a big blue ribbon for the opening. Maria took off on the airplane the day before the opening. At the opening, hundreds of people were there. Charlotte cut the ribbon. Everyone sprinted to different stations. When the mini restaurant closed, Charlotte made $393.48 dollars. The next day, Charlotte’s mom called Maria’s mom to set up dates and

times to pick up Charlotte. Later on, Charlotte finally made it to Buffalo safe and sound. Maria was sitting on a bench waiting for her. When Maria saw Charlotte, she embraced her. Charlotte said, “it’s great to be with a friend again.” “It sure is” said Maria happily. The fortune telling guy was right, thought Charlotte.

The special box for a special someone By:Marlow Cummings Jake Crosack found a box in his basement he doesn’t remember seeing it before “Wow I wonder if we have the key for this I should go ask Mom”. Jake went back upstairs in to the kitchen were his Mom was cooking dinner. “Hey Mom I found this strange box in the basement and I was wondering if you know where the key is?” Jakes Mom’s eyes roll up trying to remember all the keys that are in the house. “Did you already check the attic? If not then there might be some loose keys up there.” Jake sighed because he normally doesn’t go in the attic for any reason.

“Man is it dusty up here I don’t even

know the last time I was up here I wonder if it was this dusty?” Jake feels as if there is no way to breath and he starts to cough. Jakes search for the key begins! Just as Jake is about to give up hope after checking every corner in the attic he see’s a desk that is covered by dust something compels Jake to open it as if some invisible person is telling him to open the drawer . Jake open’s the drawer and finds a key not fazed by the dust and he rushes back down stairs with the ferocity of a cheetah! . When Jake is back in the

basement he is egger to open the box and then it happens click! the box opens and momento’s of his late father are in the box “Woah a bunch of dads things are in here maybe he left them here for me?� with nothing left but a tear on his face Jake Crosack is the happiest kid alive.


By: Josh Pantera

In homeroom, Mr. Smith passes out a note that hockey tryouts are in 2 days. “Yes!” yelled Jake. “So, you’re going to tryout?” asked Jake’s friend Matt. “Yes, I’ve always wanted to play”, answered Jake excitedly. “Wow!” said Tommy surprised. “Can you believe that Jake is going to tryout for the hockey team!” said Tommy. A couple people in the room

look at Tommy and wonder why he’s talking so loudly. “I know right!” said Tommy’s friend Tony in amazement while he shakes his head. “He will probably be terrible”, said Tony. “Probably!” said Tommy. “He realizes we can hear him, right?” said Matt. “I really don’t know”, said Jake shaking his head. “I’m going to ruin his tryout tomorrow”, said Tommy evilly. “Good idea”, said Tony.

“Well I hope you make the team!” said Jake’s dad as he takes one last sip of his coffee, then pats Jake on the back. “Thanks”, said Jake while smiling. When Jake got to the tryouts he saw multiple coaches and groups of which ever position you want to play. 2 coaches for center, 1 for right wing, and same for left wing, 1 coach. 1 for defense, and 1 for goalie. Jake was surprised. There were a lot of people there. He started to feel cold as a rush of cold air from the ice went by and his skin filled with goose bumps.

“Wow!” Jake said to himself. Jake wondered where he had to go. “Go to the locker room and get dressed!” shouted one of the coaches. After they got dressed they all went to the group of what position they wanted to play. Jake went over to right wing. Then he noticed Tommy. “Great!” He whispered under his breath. Then Tommy came over to the right wings. “I will be the coach for you guys”, he said. Their eyes met, Jake new Tommy was going to mess with him. Tommy continued to talk and Jake just starred at him. Tommy could see the hatred in Jake’s eyes.

Jake is next to do his drills. He skates out. “We are going to do shooting and passing drills”, said Tommy. As they skate up Tommy gives Jake a lousy pass but he still completes it. “Dang”, Tommy mutters under his breath. Jake smiles at Tommy. The next pass goes high and Jake has trouble completing it but he still does. Tommy throws him a smile. “Now we’ll do some shooting”, said Tommy. Jake winds up to take a shot. Right when his stick is about to hit the puck Tommy makes a loud obnoxious coughing noise to get Jake to mess up. Jake still hits the target in the net. For the rest of his shots Tommy did the same thing but Jake only missed one. Tommy is frustrated. He thinks Jake will still make the team… … And he does and ends up replacing Tommy in the following games to come!

Josh Dickenson By Jonnie Alfieri

Josh moved about 3 days ago to Washington. So he lost all his friends. Well maybe 2 or 3 people. Josh isn’t much of a popular kid in his world. People call him a dork a moron, geek, and more mean things. He wears glasses, and has a cheap haircut in the shape of a coconut. Nobody has ever really liked Mr. Josh Dickenson but he still makes it through life. After school, Josh took a walk to the park to see what the neighborhood was like. What he didn’t know though were the people there. He didn’t now all the people who could bully him and be very mean to him like everyone else in his old school. Maybe he-

“Hello. I didn’t know the geek parade came to town.” A Bully named Nathan said. Nathan's nickname for a bully is Nathan knuckles. “You don’t scare me.” Josh said trying to stick up for himself but feeling so scared he almost peed myself. He wanted to run away so badly but he couldn’t. Josh needed to defend himself. “What did You just say?” Nathan said with a face looking like he wanted to kill him. “You heard me! I don’t need to listen to you. Your not my mother.” Josh said stepping back as Nathan came forward to me with the nastiest, evilest, most disgusting look ever. Josh was just getting into a new life at his new city so he wanted to try and be a man once and not run away. But that’s when Nathan’s gang came to support him. They were the biggest people Josh has ever seen in his whole life! At

that time, Josh ran home as fast as he could and went in his room. “IM SO DEAD!!!!!!! I WISH I NEVER MOVED TO THIS STUPID PLACE!!!” Josh said screaming in his pillow. Josh’s dad came in the room. Josh didn’t want to talk about Nathan but he had to do something. “What’s wrong kiddo? Did something happen at the park?” Josh’s dad said. “I don’t want to talk about it.” Josh said really wanting to talk about it. “Hmm then that means there is something to talk about.” Josh’s dad said with a smart face. “There is a mean kid! I like to call him 300 pounds of horrible but his real name is Nathan. People call him Nathan knuckles.” Josh said still screaming in his pillow. “300 pounds? Whoa that’s a kid who likes his candy

huh. Hahaha.” “You have no idea dad!” josh said laughing hysterically. “If this kid does any more things to you, just let me know.” Dad said.” thanks dad” josh said with relief. That night Josh went to sleep and then woke up a happy kid.

“Josh! Get up for school or your going to be late for the bus!” Josh’s mom said with frustration. “I’m coming! Gees! I hate getting up in the morning! A grown boy needs his sleep you know!” Josh said. “Um mom? Can you drive me to school today?” Josh said. “Oh sure. Why? Something wrong?” Josh’s mom said. “No. I just really love your car. That’s all.” I said. Josh really doesn’t love her car; he just doesn’t want to see Nathan again. Her car is actually yucky.

“ All righty lets get a move on sweety i'm going to be late for work.” Josh’s mom said. So far, only josh’s dad knows about Nathan. Mom doesn’t know because we don’t want her having her “moment” again. When she finds out that I’ve been hurt in any way, she will cry for hours, and then she might start throwing stuff around. Its like hail storm of stuffed animals and flowers.

When he got to school, there he was. Nathan was sitting on the school steps. Right then, he thought to himself, he is so big that he has great resemblance to the brick wall on my house. He is so huge and freaky. “Mom would you mind bringing me to the back entrance? I think I left my math book in class and I need it for second period but it’s all the way across the school.”

“ Sure honey, but you know I can’t do this everyday. So get used to the bus. Ok?” mom said. “Ugh. I don’t like the bus!” I said with a grumpy face. Josh got to the entrance and got in school walking with suspicion wondering when Nathan might just jump out of somewhere. I saw Nathan walking down the hall. He went in the bathroom so I tried to get by the bathroom and get to my class fast enough so he didn’t have to get in another fight. He ran past the bathroom and got in his class. When he got inside he noticed it was reading time. So he grabbed his book and went off to read at his desk.

Next period he had was with Nathan. He was scared he might get hurt from him… Time went by. The bell rang. He was the first one to

get to class. After few kids came in, there was Nathan. The teacher started talking. “I just wanted to go home.” I mumbled to myself. I mean all I have to do is walk out the front door. But this place is crawling with teachers. Nathan started walking towards me. He put out his hand like he wanted to shake my hand. “Sorry for being to mean.” Nathan said. “Sorry? Why are you sorry? You’re the one who makes the kids say sorry to you for being born. “… W-well I’ve changed. Come on man.” Nathan said. I don’t know to be smart to believe him, or to be dumb enough to run away. “Hmmm. Ok I believe you but we are not friends or even buddies. So leave me alone.” Josh said. “Uh ok. Cool.”

I can’t believe it. I actually did it. I’m the first person to make it alive from Nathan knuckles!

That day, I felt like a million bucks. Then I was known as Mr. Josh Dickenson! The man who beat Nathan.

RILEYS WAYS Lauren Yox One hot summer day Riley hears some noises coming from the vacant house net door to her house. Later that day Riley finds out there are some people moving in to the vacant house. ‘’MOM!,’’ yelled Riley. ‘’There is something gong on next door.’’ ‘’Yes I know Riley some people are moving in next door I found out last night while you were in the shower thoughs people came over to introduce themselves Riley’s mom,’’ had said pointing out the window. ‘’Then how come I’m just finding this out now mom,’’ Riley said. ‘’Listen Riley I’m sorry I forgot to tell you but the good news is I found out they have a daughter your age her name is

Dylan,’’ Rielys mom had said forcing a smiling.’’ The next day Riley went over to their new neighbors house to meet Dylan. Riley sees a girl standing in the driveway of the house looking out into the street she expects that it is Dylan. ‘’Hi my name is Riley what’s yours,’’ Riley had said half smiling. ‘’Hi Riley my name is Dylan nice to meet you,’’ Dylan had said. ‘’So… what school are you going to go to,’’ Riley had said trying to start a conversation. ‘’Um… Skyheart I think,’’ Dylan had said. ‘’Wow … I go there but I don’t like to because I get bullied by this girl named Cindy and I don’t have any friends,’’ Riley had said. ‘’I had the same problem in my old Riley school that’s why we moved here I asked my mom if we could move cause I was sick of it there and she said yes because she was already looking,’’ Dylan explained. ‘’So do you want to be friends Dylan and you can help me get rid of my bulling problem,’’ Riley had said. ‘’Sure ill be friends with you Riley I already considered it and I will try to help you with your problem,’’ Dylan had said.

‘’Cool … cant wait to start planning,’’ Riley said. ‘’Lets set a date to get started then Riley,’’ asked Dylan. ‘’How about Saturday I don’t have anything going on and it gives us a week to plan because school starts the week after this upcoming week because today is Sunday so after today we have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday,’’ said Riley. ‘’Ok I can do that to I have nothing going on,’’ said Dylan smiling. ‘’So we really didn’t tell each other about ourselves Dylan so tell me about yourself,‘’said Riley said. ‘’ Like what,’’ said Dylan. ‘’Well I know you have brown hair and brown eyes so how about your favorite sport,’’ said Riley. ‘’My favorite sport is hockey I’m a golie they call me dill pickle because I like pickles,’’ said Dylan nealing down to sit on the grass. ‘’Is that the only sport you like to play,’’ said Riley going to neel down on the grass next to Dylan. ‘’No… I like to play soccer, volleyball, and softball to. This one time when I was playing soccer I scored this awesome goal and won the game for my team and everyone was screaming and whistling all around me it was the best thing ever,’’ said

Dylan excitedly. So eventually Dylan and Riley lost tract of time and soon they both had to go back inside for the night and didn’t see each other until the following day. The next day after lunch time Dylan walked over to Riley’s house to see if she wanted to start the planning and riley said ‘’Sure lets start’’. So they both went up to Riley’s room to get started. They ended up talking all day to plan. Their plan had stuff like talking about it face to face with Cindy and also talking to the guidance Counsolar and the Principal also the parents of Cindy. The next day (Sunday) Dylan

said… ‘’So what do you think of our plan Riley do you like it?’’ ‘’Yes are you kidding me I especially like the talking to the principal and the parents part,’ ’ said Riley. ‘’Yah I do to,’’ said Dylan with a smile. ‘’Well why don’t we both get some sleep we have school tomorrow,’’ said Riley. ‘’Ok… goodnight Riley,’’ said Dylan leaving. The next day Dylan and Riley got on the bus and headed for school luckily Dylan and Riley have the same classes as each

other. When they got to school they started their plan and they continued on with their plan for a week it went grate, and eventually the bullying stopped. On the last day of the school year this is what Riley said. ‘’Thank you for everything Dylan you really helped me a lot,’’ said Riley. ‘’Your welcome Riley I enjoyed my first school year here,’’ said Dylan hugging Riley. ‘’Ok we have to go or we will miss the bus,’’ said Riley. ‘’Ok lets go. I’m dying to get home. I want to play outside! ,’’said Dylan. ‘’Me to but instead of playing in the back yard I’m going to go swimming in my pool you can to if you want I just have to ask my mom,’’ said Riley.

Accused By David A. Etkin “I saw you!” The cashier with the bonnet had come out of nowhere and taken Mike by surprise. “Go get what you just put back on the shelf!” “Wh…what are you talking about?” Mike said. His palms immediately moistened and he wiped them on his jean jacket. “You know what I’m talking about,” she yelled back. Her eyes were darting to Mike’s hands—pockets—eyes. Looking for guilt, looking for evidence. Mike was thirsty that day. Though he had no money with him, he had entered the corner store out of habit. He had parked his bike at the rack, looped and locked the chain around the front tire, and crossed the parking lot to go in. It was Saturday, and another unusually warm day for early-spring —the third in a row. 55 degrees in late March felt almost like summer. Glad to be out of his house after a long Buffalo winter, he had left for a bikeride just after lunch. He pedaled furiously down long country roads, past cows and horses and thawing fields. He slowed down when he entered the sidewalked part of the center of their small town and reacquainted himself

with the old houses. Without thinking, he stopped off and swung on the elementary school playground. He was too big, but the squeenk-squonk of the swing made him feel nostalgic for the long-gone years of kickball and four square and chase at recess. When he got tired of the swing, he rode slowly by his friends’ houses, hoping they would see him and come hang out. No one did. Mike grew bored, but didn’t want to go home—his mom liked to put him to work when he was “underfoot”, ordering him to empty the dishwasher or vacuum. Instead Mike raced up and down Maple Street. He worked up a powerful thirst, which brought him to the corner store—a place that was a required stop on any ride through town. He usually had some change jangling in his pockets, enough to buy some penny candy or a pack of gum. On other days Mike could find cans on the roadside or in the ditches to return for their deposits. It was a little embarrassing, but at five cents a can, it only took five to ten cans to cover the cost of a little treat and make it worth his while. The bell on the door jingled as he entered and he headed past the front counter. The cashier eyed him as he passed. It was Bonnet Lady, as Mike and his friends called her. She wore a bonnet at all times, making her look Amish. She didn’t fit in, and she gave Mike the creeps. Bonnet Lady’s eyes narrowed and her gaze lingered uncomfortably long. Mike lifted his chin in a quick greeting and shuffled past. What’s up with her? he grumbled in his head. The candy counter was at the far front corner of the store. Mike’s eyes slid hungrily over the Snickers—Twix—Whatchamacallit—M&Ms. His eyes moved over to the Big League Chew—Bazooka—gum cigars.

Nah. Too thirsty. The drinks were around the corner and up the side of the store in the cooler. He walked past the beer and water and yanked open the fourth cooler door. Pepsi—A&W—Squirt— Ooooo, Squirt sounds refreshing, he thought. He could almost taste the sweet citrus running down his throat. He licked his lips and reached in, his hand hovering between the 12 ounce can and the liter bottle. It was a big thirst. The liter won. He grabbed it by the neck and let the cooler door slam closed behind him. He made it about halfway up to the register and stopped. “What the heck am I thinking?” he mumbled imperceptibly. “I don’t have any money. Idiot!” He trudged back to the cooler and returned the Squirt, stopping long enough to write a swear word on the inside of the door which had fogged up. Heaving a sigh, Mike headed back for the door. He’d have to finish his ride home before quenching his thirst—with water or some other lame liquid. His mom never had anything good. He was passing back past the candy shelf thinking, Maybe I’ll go comb the ditches for some cans and bottles so I can— He heard a door being slammed open behind him. He spun around and saw Bonnet Lady come flying through the cooler room door and into the aisle of the store. Her eyes were bulging.

Her finger pointed at Mike, then back at the cooler door. “Go. Get. It.” Her words sounded like machine gun fire. “Wh…what are you talking about?” “You know what I’m talking about!” she returned. “Go back and get that drink. Make sure it’s the same one!” Mike’s armpits were dripping. Rivulets of sweat were snaking down his sides and dripping into the waist of his jeans. He took a slow step back towards the Squirt door. “Go on,” insisted Bonnet Lady. “I know what you did.” He felt his ears glowing crimson with embarrassment and shame as he passed her. They felt hot enough to fry an egg on. Hang on—What am I so nervous about? he wondered, trying to gain control of his breathing. Is returning a bottle of pop a crime now? His steps grew more confident with that realization. Bonnet Lady followed him back and was hovering behind him as he pulled the door open. The door fogged up again, revealing the swear he had written just a couple minutes earlier. Mike could feel it taunting him. He heard a aggravated breath escape Bonnet Lady’s lips near his ear when she saw it. He felt childish. Mike reached into the case and grabbed the liter of Squirt. The cooler air felt good on his hot ears. He longed for the pop to slosh down his parched throat. “Are you sure that is the same one?” Bonnet Lady buzzed. “Yeah,” he muttered turning towards her. He held the bottle at arm’s length as if it was poison. “Really?” Bonnet Lady bent over and looked deep into the shelf. “Are you lying to me?”

“No! Jeesh!” “Give it here.” She didn’t wait for it to be handed over, grabbing it instead. She immediately started inspecting the cap, twisting it gently. She squeezed the bottle and tipped it this way and that. “What…are you looking for?” Mike asked. He was angry, but curiosity clawed at him. If Bonnet Lady had heard him, she gave no indication. Having thoroughly examined the bottle, the cashier with the bonnet opened up the cooler and rifled through the other bottles. Finally she straightened up and heaved a heavy sigh. “Sorry. I thought you were the one.” Mike was taken aback at her change of tone. “The one who…what?” “Someone’s been coming into the store, sneaking a drink, then returning it and leaving.” Her eyes looked tired and apologetic. He noticed the gray-streaked hair escaping her bonnet and curling in front of her ears. There were wrinkles at the corners of her eyes. The cashier seemed to have aged in front of him. “Who would do that?” Mike wondered aloud. “I just wanted to buy a drink and realized I had no money.” “OK. I’m sorry.” She sounded defeated. “I thought you were the one because I’ve seen you in here before and it seemed to be on the same days it’s happened. My boss keeps taking the cost of the drinks out of my pay.” She returned the Squirt for the second time in five minutes. She looked like she was near tears. “I need this job. I have a handicapped son to care for.” Mike looked around helplessly as the first tear sprung from her eyes. There was no one

to rescue him. “And someone else has been stealing candy, too. I don’t want to lose my job…” She turned away slightly, trying to compose herself. The cashier took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Again…I’m sorry.” Mike shifted uncomfortably. “Can I go?” The cashier turned back to him. “Sure. Of course.” As Mike turned to go she added, “But hey, if you hear of anyone—“ “I will,” Mike shot back, heading for the door. Heading for freedom. As he hurried past the check-out counter, he noticed a picture taped to the register. It was the cashier in a bonnet posing with a boy—perhaps seven—who looked to be her son. Their dark hair stood out against the cloudy blue background. The son looked like one of the kids on those fundraiser telethons that always seemed to interrupt his Saturday shows. He stiff-armed the bar on the door on his way out causing it to fly open. The bells jangled violently. He sucked in a deep breath, shaking his head as he crossed the empty parking to his bike. Now that he was in the clear, the indignity of the situation caught up with him. “I can’t believe she accused me of that,” he complained aloud through clenched teeth. He dialed the combination on his bike lock. He thought back to Bonnet Lady and her sob story. “What a wench. See if I ever go in her store again. Make me feel guilty. Accuse me of doing something I didn’t do!” He wrapped the chain around his seat post, hopped on, and took off towards home pedaling like a madman. Swerving across the street to the other side, he turned his head back and yelled, “See if I ever come back to your store again!” The words bounced off the houses and reverberated in the spring air.

But of course he would go back. He would go back and buy a candy bar. He would return some empty cans and buy a pack of baseball cards. He would go in the store just like he had gone in the store two days before—when he had been thirsty and had grabbed a can of Coke from the cooler, opened it, chugged it down, and buried it five cans back on the shelf. He would go back to the store just like he’d gone in the weekend before and grabbed a warm can of beer from the middle of a stack at the end of the aisle. He had knocked that back and returned it to its place before grabbing a Snickers bar and a pack of baseball cards and sliding them into his jean jacket’s inner pocket. Yeah. He’d be back.

The Nerf War By

Daniel C. Danko

“Ah I can’t stand it”, said Antonio with his head on the table. “What is it?” asked his friend Karl who was sitting next to him at lunch. “You know it’s the Nerf war at church on Friday,” said Antonio. (It was Tuesday) “Ah the Nerf war right, um… so what’s up?” Karl asked in wonder. “Well I told my friends that I would sign up for it but I don’t have any Nerf guns or know any strategic play,” Antonio said squinting his eyes. “Hum,” said Karl as he looked straight and took another bit out of his pizza.

“So what should I do? Antonio asked, and then continued. I can’t just quit on my friends like that,” said Antonio. Karl didn’t say anything. “Man I’ll look like a jerk!” Antonio exclaimed dropping his head on the table. “Hey I signed up for that too,” Karl finely jumped in. “So” Antonio groaned with his head on the table turned toward Karl. “So… hmm…” There was a long pause. “Oh yah, right!” Karl exclaimed. “What is it?” asked Antonio with a little excitement as he razed his head up off the table. “Why don’t you come to my house?” Karl started to explain. We can train there!” “I have Call of Duty, you can learn some cool terms”, said Karl. We can also set up obstacle courses to run through!”

“Yah maybe, but we still have Robert to get past,” Antonio mentioned. “Oh yah I forgot about him he’s so mean!” exclaimed Karl as his eyebrows shot up. “And he’s going to the nerf war too” Antonio replied worried. “Yah I did here that he was going how typical.” Karl said trying to remind himself. “Oh no lunch is over!” Karl yelled as he through his lunch bag into the garbage and backed into the stamped of kids waving his hands. “See yah in Math!” he shouted. “See yaw,” said Antonio as that sad felling came back to him and he crumpled up his paper lunch bag and tossed it in the trash and also left the cafeteria… last.

Antonio walked down the hall noticing that it was

almost clear after all he did leave the cafeteria last but he never expected to see Robert walking down the hall with a group of friends but he ignored them. “Hey Annie!”(That was his nickname) yelled Robert some ways down the hall trying to sound tough. “I heard that you have nothing to play the Nerf war and you still signed up, what a geek!” Antonio didn’t say anything. You probably don’t even care!” Yelled Robert again. “Nobody will like you even if you win.” Said Robert stating to calm down his voice. “Hey I have a friend!” Antonio finely jumped in squinting his eyes. “Oh yah a lazy friend.” said Robert as he turned his head in all different directions then back to Antonio while everyone laughed. “Karl isn’t a lazy friend, at least not like you! Antonio

snapped back, this time frowning. “Oooow!” the crowed yelled in great enthusiasm. “Hey Robert Get to class!” Yelled the assistant principle as the crowed immediately started to leave the seen. “Alright” Robert yelled right back with absolutely no respect. Then he turned to Antonio and said to him as he got almost right into Antonio’s face “Your dead meat,” And then started to walk away while he looked at Antonio cautiously and then he turned his head again then walked into class.

Later that day when the bell rang proudly for the end of ninth period Antonio and Karl both went to the Main Office to call their parents to make arrangements about rides home. Antonio’s mom was busy till 6:30pm that day

so Antonio would have t to ride the bus home but Karl’s mom volunteered to drive Antonio and Karl to her house till she got home. So they hung up the phone and Karl was very anxious. “Hey look at the time bells about to ring! Antonio exclaimed trying to hide his excitement. “Lets go ladies first” said Karl as he stepped aside with a laugh and Antonio past through the door. “Hey.” said Antonio as he looked back with his head tilted a bit. “Ok fine.” said Karl as they both jogged down the hall and back to Math class.

Antonio walked out of school with a smile on his face. He didn’t have to take the bus either. He loved not having to deal with tough kids that taunt him. Antonio reached the sidewalk halfway in the school parking lot waiting for Karl to

somehow appear. Karl had a keen mind and he was very stealth when it came to nerf that’s why I love to have Karl on my team. Antonio saw James, James Eaton. “Hey James.” Said Antonio tyring to get his attention. James didn’t anwser.( Antonio hered james name during technolagey class) “Hey James!” Atonio said a little louder. “James!” Antonio yelled now this time. James turned arouned and faced Antonio. Then Atonio noticed that Jamed was listening to his ipod touch. “Hey James,” Antonio said as there was a pause. James tolk off his headphones and he taped a botton on top of the divice. “Oh, um... who are you and how did you know my name? “Oh wait I know you,” he said squinting his eyes trying to get a better gaze in the sun. “ Antonio, Antonio

Cratchet right? He asked. “Thats right,” Antonio replied noding. “Ok who’s ready to train?”It was Karl. “There you are where were you?” Antonio asked smiling a bit. “Who is he?” Karl asked. “Oh yah Karl this is James, James, Karl. There was another pause. “Ok Antonio are you ready to train or what?” Karl asked trying to sound spirited. “For what,” Antonio asked. “How could you forgete!” Karl exclaimed waving his hands.”The Nerf war,”Karl said in a somewhat louzy way. “Oh yah said Antonio trying to remember. “The Nerf war you mean at The Chapel at Crosspoint at Shine,” James all of a suddun jumped in.

“Um how do you know what church we go to?” Karl asked in awe. “ Because I go to that church”, James replied. “Ahh, wow!” said both antonio and Karl with their jawes droped open. “Wwwwwww,” “Antonio my mom’s here,” said Karl as he draged Antonio into his car and they drove away.

Karl and Antonio both drove home and did as planned. They traind. First they practiced shooting targets, next they had a one vs. one nerf battle which Karl won, then they went inside and played Call of Duty black ops turned out Antonio achily liked the game,then after that they tolk some stuff from the graudge and set up some obstical corses even Karl’s brother Jacob helped set up and play a few rounds as well.And lastly they sat down and did

homework together.

It was about 6:45 when Antonio’s mom came to pick him up from Karl’s house. While they were driving home Antonio asked his mom if he could go to Target to buy a few nerf guns. “Did you do your homework?” she asked turning her head to face him. “Ahah! Antonio replied noding his head and smiling. “Well... alright as long as you did your homework I’m fine with it,” she said a little unsure. “Yes!” Antonio exclaimed jumping out of his chair.

They got to the nerf section in the store and Antonio stormed into the isle looking colum by colum and row by row until he found the perfect gun he wanted.

“Here it is!” he exclaimed as he pointed to a box on the shelf. “This is it... the DEPLOY C - S6,” Antonio said . “ Can I get it please please please!” Antonio beged. “Realy Antonio hunny it’s 30 dollors,” Mrs. Cratchet said trying to make an excuse. “But mom the nerf war is on Friday and I want to get a nerf gun to play it and possibly win it,” Antonio said gazing at the box as he spoke. “Well alright,” Mrs. Cratchet said with a sigh. “Oh yah!” Antonio exclaimed taking the box off the shelf.

Antonio got home and didn’t bother to watch TV like he always did. Insted he went right to the kitchen and tolk out a knighf from the drawr. He cut a strate line down the center across the top of the box.

“Wow!” Antonio said bamboosled by the guns shape. He played with it reveiwing some of the techneques Karl taught him untill diner time.

The next few days were all the same. Antonio kept buying more things for his gun to play the nerf war and kept training for it too untl he knew for sure that he was prepared.

Friday in the afternoon, Karl’s mom called for Mrs. Cratchet offering to drive Antonio to the nerf war that night, and Mrs. Cratchet didn’t mind. Antonio and Karl were a little nervous and anxious at the same time while driving to church. “So... you ready?” Karl asked turning tward Antonio. “Oh yah I am!” said Antonio as he pounded his opened hand against his crunched fist.

They got inside to find they were early because there were only a few people there. So they started to practice a bit until they saw Robert walking through the door way with a group of friends that were quite familiar to Antonio. “Hey Annie, ready to loose!” Robert exclaimed across the room. “Are you?” Antonio snaped back. “Jerk!!” Robert yelled admiting defeat in the starting of the argument and left the room, and both Antonio and Karl resumed. It was about time to start and Antonio and Karl were loading up their guns and stock up with ammo. Antonio and Karl had walky-talkies so they could communicate. There were three rounds in all. Antonio and Karl won the first round then lost the second round. It was the third round and Antonio was the only one left with three others on the

opposing team. Antonio made a dash all the way to the other side shooting one man on the way. The crowd made a humungus cheer for Antonio and he was proud. He duck and then dodged doing a roll to the next borde turned one way then another then jumped out and surprised the guy by throwing a plastic knife and won the game. The crowd was so amazed and though a huge cheer then dashed over to Antonio and picked him up and carried him around then set him down and Antonio went to the other room to see if Karl was there. “Yo” is was Robert. “Nice job out there today,” “You to” said Anotonio and shook his hand.

Friends and Family

By Katelyn Boivin “Hey like my new phone Morgan?” said Ally, Morgan’s friend. “Yea, its cool I wish I could get one,” said Morgan.

Morgan brushed her fingers

through her long, blond, straight hair.


reason Morgan could not get a phone was that her family was poor.

When Morgan got home she put her backpack on the ground and ran to her mom. “ Mom, Mom Ally got a new phone!!!!!” “ Cool what kind?” her mom asked. “ It’s a GALAXY NOTE from AT&T,” Morgan said. Then Morgan started to swing back and forth in a little manner. “Mom,” “Yes Morgie,” “Um…can…I…ask…you…something…”? “Yes sweetie go head“ Can…I…get…um…a…

phone…?” Morgan said in a sweet, loving voice. “ Honey you know that we can only afford to get food on the table.” Her mom said. “ I know mom,” she said.

“But p-p-p-l-

l-l-l-l-e-e-e-e-e-a-a-a-a-s-s-s-s-e-e-ee!!!!!!!!” she asked again. “ You now the answer so go and watch TV. Also get a snack. We are not going to have dinner for a while,” her mom said.


stomped off and got some left over soup from yesterday’s supper.

As she sat down couch

she mumbled, “ I can’t believe this! fashioned TV.

No phone, old

I can’t stand this any more,”

Morgan was starting to cry, “ I wish… I wish I had a richer family and I could get anything I want!” she said. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ {{{ The next morning, Morgan went to her locker. “Lots of popular kids are around my locker, wonder what drew the crowd,” Morgan said to another friend of hers, Elizabeth.

“Yea I know.

Bye see you later Morgan,”

Elizabeth said as she waved Good Bye. Morgan inched her way into the crowd. It was no use.

“It’s was like a mob,” said Morgan

in her head. Now Morgan was getting irritated.

“ Every

one around locker 1119… please STEP AWAY from it.

Thanks people!”

Morgan said.


Morgan twisted and turned the dial she over heard the crowd talking. “ I love this new phone its fast good for internet and games. Excuse me I got a text from my mom.

Got to go,” said a girl

that was in the crowd. “ Hmmmmmm… wow there obsessed with their phones. I wonder if I will be that way.” Morgan asked herself. As she reaches for her math binder, she was trying to listen in the conversation. “ Yea I know right. Not gotta phone… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!” said a girl in the crowd.

The group of girls kept

looking over at her and laughing. Ally walks over to Morgan.


“ Here we go,” mumbled Morgan, raising her eye brows and making a face like she just smelled the smelliest diaper in the world. “ So, Morgan when are you getting that phone?” Ally said as she walked over to Morgan. “ I don’t know but, you I don know the word, ummmmm , annoying. And you know what, no I don’t need a phone! I have my family and my friends that know how to talk! Also my voice and there voices are not broken. I don’t need a mini computer thing to do all the work. And you guys write the stupidest things to each other and you people, all of your friends are right next to you.” Now

Morgan was getting mad.

“ Ally you know that I’m poor so just stop . Your just trying to get popular by showing off your phone. I get it already so just…” Morgan could not finish the sentence. “ Just, never mind.” She said walking away wiping her tears with the sleeve of her sweat shirt.

As Morgan walked off the bus she was still crying a little. She ran to her house and when she got inside she ran to her mom and her mom gave her a big hug.

As she hugged

Morgan she asked “ What’s the matter sweety?” “ I decided that I don’t need a phone. The only thing that I need is my friends who are actually my friends and the most important my family,” Morgan said. “ Great choice honey,” her mom said “great decision, just great. You are really growing up. I am so sad that my baby’s growing up,” as her mom starts to cry. “ I love you mom!” “ love you too honey!”

“Abduction!” By: Elizabeth Ratinski

“I agree,” said Stella, Shuffling through the bushes. Lyra was just staring at her dog. “Lyra!” said Stella trying to get her attention. Lyra was paying attention to her dog when she finally noticed her. “I’m sorry Stella, I just don’t feel like walking Poncho.” Lyra sat on the bench across from her brushing against her dog “Poncho.” Stella sat beside her in silence. “Are you feeling good today?” asked Stella, Breaking the silence. “Let’s just forget about it and go back at what we were talking about,” Said Lyra.

“ You’re right,” supposed Stella with a jump. Both Stella and Lyra’s dogs barked; they barked so loud that Stella and Lyra know what was going on. “We better get out right now!” Said Lyra. “Why? It’s just a little bit of rain.” “It’s a storm.” “How about over there; under that shed,” Alleged Stella motioning her way there. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++

“There is someone else here;” As a green lightning struck over there heads. “Who,” said Stella in confusion? She was trying to calm her dog down (the dog was whimpering on fear).

“Over there by that car.” “Nope there is no one there.” “Where’d he go; he was just there,” Said Lyra in confusion and fear. “Anyway, Lyra I have to go” She said. “Where?” “You know, go;” said Stella signaling her way to the bathroom. “Oh, ok.” +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++ As they got there they tied their dogs to a pole then walked in. “I hope they will be ok,” said Lyra in fear while she was opening the door to the bathroom. “Who? Poncho and crystal?”

“Yeah.” “Why wouldn’t they be?” “ I don’t know, when I saw that guy,” Lyra was interrupted by a swing at the door, with a slam the door closed and a guy with a hood on covering his face with blackness. He also had black pants and a knife in his hands. As the two girls watched him walk in they screamed. “Shut up!” he shouted (he shouted in a sharp low voice). “I wouldn’t have to use this on someone.” The two girls watched him get closer. “So you’re the girl, Lyra. The fancy rich kid from out south, aye?” He said in a snarl. “Yeah; what do you want?” She said in confusion (and a little tremble). “IF I had someone like you, I would be very rich.” “What do you want from us,” Lyra said motioning her

way toward the stall. “And who’s your friend?” No body answered. “Fine I bet she’s worth it to.” He grabbed the knife; as he did that Lyra ran into the stall. He pushed the knife agented Stella’s throat. “What are you doing?” She said struggling to get out. He pulled out a rope. “Let me go!” “Hold still,” he said while struggling to tie around her hands. He put the knife on the floor. “If you want her; come get her,” When the man did that he also put the knife on the floor (he did this to show her that he’s not going to harm her). Lyra got closer to Stella. Stella was able to slip away from him. “Wait; you know our names, Tell us your name,” Lyra was saying him this to make sure he was not paying attention to Stella.

“Hugh,” he said. Lyra couldn’t tell if he was lying from the blackness hiding underneath his hood. Stella moved away even faster, She was trying not to get attention to herself. But she slipped and cut herself with the knife on the floor. Hugh picked her up “Fine I’ll come, just don’t hurt her.” Hugh grabbed her as she got closer and tied her up. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++ When they arrived to some deserted place out of nowhere; they saw that they were headed toward an old barn. Lyra was shaking and whispered to Stella “WE will get out of here I promise ……” Lyra was interrupted by Hugh’s voice. “Stop whispering!” “I hope crystal and Poncho are ok?” She had trouble

whispering to Lyra because her leg was cut. “I said shut up,” Hugh said turning around and slapped Stella across the face. Stella’s face was turning reddish purple. They couldn’t imagine what would happen next so they stopped talking and walked together in silence. When they finally got there (in the barn), they were pushed against the floor. “Wait here,’ he said in a snap. “Were would we possibly go!” cried Stella. “Just wait here.” “What are we going to do? How will we get out?” Lyra said panicking. “What was that? I think it…” Cried Stella eyeing her way at the stairs. A racket upstairs interrupted her. “Like I said no whispering…” Hugh was interrupted by Lyra’s voice

“Why are we here?” “I need you for money so my buddy can be baled out of jail.” “What’s that for?” Stella said in a snarl. When Stella said that, Hugh walked over to her. Stella could smell his tobacco breath. “I asked you a question,” Said Stella. “I asked you a question,” mimicked Hugh while backing away. “A camera.” Hugh said which made them both jump. Hugh was struggling to open the case

to the camera.

“Do you need help with that?” Stella said in a sneer. “What is she doing?” thought Lyra “Doesn’t she know he’s a criminal?” “NO!” Hugh shouted. “You know that you’re a-…” Stella was interrupted by Lyra’s voice.

“STELLA PLEASE!” she shouted. Lyra knew that Stella would say something bad so she stopped her from saying it. She knew Stella would say something that would also put her in danger so she couldn’t take any chances. This reminded Lyra when Stella was talking back to the teacher and got suspension for throwing a chair at the wall (no body was hurt). It was to late, Hugh pulled out a gun. Hugh turned to Lyra. “You’re lucky.” Then he turned to Stella and pulled the trigger. Luckily it was empty. Hugh through the gun on the floor, finally he was able to open the case to the camera. Hugh took a picture of Stella and Lyra and ran upstairs. Lyra was about to say something but Stella Know her so well that she knew what she meant and she just nodded. Stella lifted her hands. They weren’t tied. “But… How… Hands…” Lyra was to in shock to finish

her sentence. “I’m good at getting out of rope, and besides it was loose. Hugh came back but Stella hade time to put her hands behind her back. “I’ll be right back,” Hugh said in a deep voice, taking deep breathes. Stella was thinking of a way to get out of this place. Stella finally gasped and whispered to Lyra, but she didn’t see Hugh standing in front of them. “I found it…” “Be quiet!” Hugh shouted walking away with stacks of paper and a staple gun. The door slammed shut making them jump. They heard a lock go off. Stella quickly jumped up. “Ok now untie me,” said Lyra in relief while struggling to get out. Stella found half of scissors on the floor to cut

Lyra out. Both of them ran to the door. “Darn it it’s locked,” said Lyra in a gasp “What are we going to do?” Said Lyra trying to hold the tears from her eyes to stay strong. “Stella? STELLA!” Lyra panicked while shouting Stella’s name. Stella was to busy thinking to answer her question. “What if the door is locked then Hugh must be stupid to lock the windows.” Stella looked around trying to see if a window was open. “Lyra that window is open!” Lyra was astonished at the sight and took a head start running to the window. Stella was behind her when she tripped but she got back up in time to open the window. “Lets go,” whispered Lyra stepping out. Stella was helping her get through the window. When Lyra was out she helped Stella through also; when they were both out

the took a deep breath and they held the tears in them as hard as they can. “Ok, know were do we go?” Insisted Stella Motioning her way as fare away as possible. “I think south? Maybe we can ask for directions?” Said Stella looking around trying to find someone they could ask. “Were there is no one here?” “Maybe there is a telephone line here somewhere?” “Over there,” Said Stella in relief running as fast as they can. Lyra was running after Stella. Stella started dialing (911). “Hello?” said Stella trying to stay in control. “Yeah, ok, kidnapped, Lyra and Stella, He said his name is Hugh, Ok thank you so much.”

“What did they say?” Said Lyra with a jump. “There on their way!” +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++ One hour passed by and both Lyra and Stella were in the back seat with the police. “We have been looking for you for two days, were do you live?” He said pulling the brake. “Can we go to the park? Our dogs are over there?” Said Stella finally emptying the tears out of her. “They were rescued by the police since yesterday,” He said hiding the pedal to being driving away. “Yeah and Hugh, he was seen by the police and in jail, he is the criminal that we were chasing (he escaped from jail.” That was the relief for everyone, and since then they never seen him. EVER!


When Joe walks in school he walks to his locker he is wearing a black shirt jeans and Sketchers. He has long hair above his eyebrows, and brown eyes and he has soft sensitive skin. David is the kid that bullies Joe. He is wearing a Hollister shirt and Abercrombie shorts and Nikes. David starts walking up to Joe. Joe started to look around to see if there were any teachers. What am I going to do in front of everybody Joe thought to himself? BAM David pushes Joe on his locker. “You retard. Why would you think of coming to this school? Your weak and you don’t know how to fight.” David said. I hate my life Joe thought to himself. The people around David are laughing and that’s what encourages David to bully Joe because David thinks it is going to make him more popular. “Stop it” Joe yelled. “No you’re just weak and can’t do anything.” David yelled back. Joe knew he couldn’t do anything because he was small. When Joe got home he went right up to his bedroom

his mom knew something went wrong in school. About 10 minutes later Joe’s mom went up to his room and asked what happened in school today. “I get bullied in school by this one kid named David” said Joe. So his mom immediately took Joe to an MMA class, Joe trained for a wile. About 1 month later Joe went to school not trying to start any trouble. “Where were you for the past month” said David while Joe opening his locker. “None of your business” said Joe. “Are you yelling at me?” yelled David. “Yes I am” said Joe. Then they started to fight. Everybody crowed into a big circle and Joe----beat David like he was his slave Joe was on top of David pounding on his face while David crying ok---I’ll---do---any---thing. Joe knew something was wrong. Joe got up and spit on David’s face and left the school and walked home. When Joe got home his mom was surprised because he came home so early he’s supposed to come home at 4:00. “Joe honey why did you come home so early what happened.” “I got into a fight”

“With who sweetheart.” “With David he was bullying me again so I did something about it isn’t it why you took me to an MMA class.” His mom did not say anything so the next day Joe came to school everybody became friends with Joe not David. It went all opposite Joe came to school with a Hollister shirt and Abercrombie shorts with Nike shoes. David came to school with a black shirt Jeans and sketchers. The school year went all fine for Joe but it went bad for David because people are bulling David now and he is not doing anything about it because he is scared he is going to get beating on again. So Joe ends up sticking up for David and tells the people that laugh at him to stop bullying him and become friends with him.

NIGHTMARE Ian Hagerty This is Roland he is the most popular kid in school he is nice he has good grades (his favorite is ELA with Mrs Snoock) he’s in 6th grade he’s never late to class and he is loyal. When he goes home and his dog Rex is walked he does his homework and goes to bed. As he sleeps he has a nightmare as he brushes his teeth he notices that he’s late he rushes to the bus and kisses his mother on the head as he trips and the bus leaves his shoelaces are tied together. In hockey he hits the puck it bounces of the wall and right in the place he needs a cup. In science as he was showing his paper mache’ volcano for the science fair and as it was shaking it blew up in his face. In lunch a fat kid named George tripped and his lunch of pizza, pudding, chocolate milk, and ice cream, spills all over him ‘what is your problem!’ said Roland then George started to cry and said im sorry and then ran accidently in the girls bathroom and a kid through a can of soda can at him. Next up math the question was 12 x n = and if n=5 Roland said 8 the correct answer was 60. He managed to

get through social studies just fine but then it was art as he was painting abstract art he was supposed to paint a guitar but it looks likes a recess monkey wearing a powder wig. “that was the worse day ever� said Roland. That was the end of the school day Roland realizes it was all in the nightmare. The lesson was the nail that sticks out will eventually get hammerd in.

Class B Short Stories  

short stories