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The Cost of Liberty The Cost of Liberty

Michael Skeen War When Washington falls, the President and Chief of Staff are separated while fleeing for their lives, but can the country survive? How much does liberty cost? This is the continuation of the story of President T J Samuels and his Chief of Staff Don Ladner as their administration struggles with perils that threaten the very existence of the United States. In ‘The Cost of Freedom’ the duo had to deal with epidemics, terrorism, military and economic aggression, and an assassination attempt while still attempting to establish their office. In the end of ‘The Cost of Freedom’ Iran detonates nuclear weapons over the eastern portion of the U. S. causing massive power failures. In ‘The Cost of Liberty’ TJ and Don are separated as Russia, China, Iran, and the Islamic Caliphate have now teamed up and have started an all-out attack on the United States and her allies. The story follows as President Samuels leads the military to defeat the invaders and to restore liberty to our country. 8|

Excerpt With the success of the first book in his series, author Michael Skeen offers readers another exciting and action-packed novel that’s sure to take everyone to the edge of their seat. In The Cost of Liberty, the second in a series of political thrillers that occur when a number of terrorist attacks and politically threatening events occur after the election of a new president, readers will witness the start of a war and the fall of a powerful nation. Told from the president’s and his chief of staff’s perspective, readers will experience the struggle and battle for peace, independence and democracy. World War III begins and the United States is invaded by the Islamic State, but after a series of terrorist attacks, it is suddenly apparent that the invasion force was already in the country just waiting for the trigger event. The big question is: who is calling the shots for the enemy, is it the Islamic radicals or one of the other participants in Russia or China? When Washington falls, the President and Chief of Staff are separated while fleeing for their lives, but can the country survive? Readers are about to find out as they immerse in this political thriller. Michael Skeen was a police officer for more than 30 years and is now retired. He is married and has five children and ten grandchildren. He earned a MBA from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri. He now lives on the Gulf Coast with a lot of time on his hands. He began thinking about all of the terrible things that politicians and pundits warned could happen to the country in the future and decided to write a series of books looking at the possible outcome if such events actually did occur.

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