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Haven Cage lives in the Carolinas with her husband and son. After many years of dabbling with drawing, painting, and working night shift in the medical field, she decided to try her hand at writing. Unfortunately, her love for books came later in life and proved to add a healthy challenge during her writing journey. Determined to hone her craft though, she soaks up as much information as she can, spends her free time tapping away in her favorite local coffee shop, and keeps a good book in hand whenever possible.

Haven Cage’s Faltering Souls series is well written urban fantasy, full of surprises and emotional turmoil. Worth the read!

What began as a hobby has grown into a way of escape and the yearning to take her journey

I had recently finished the Twilight Series and did some research on Stephanie Meyer. When I read that a dream sparked her story, I took her cue and pulled from one of my rather odd dreams. So, the scene in Falter where Nevaeh is flying with the angels into battle is loosely based on a Joan of Arc type dream I had about riding with an army into a warzone.

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Uncaged: The first two books in The Faltering Souls series has been a wild roller coaster for me. You managed to walk the fine line of bringing religion of a sort into a book, but not make it religious. What inspired this series? Honestly, I began my writing journey later in life than most. I was looking for something to do while my son was in preschool and my husband was at work. The need to find an activity that was just “me” as a woman, not a mom or a wife, fueled what started as a hobby and grew into much more.

My fascination with the “gray” areas in life, specifically good and evil, right and wrong, and my own dealings with faith, is the other inspiration to this story. I wanted to work out some of my own troubles of having faith while still having doubts that I’m a forgiven creature—that I believe one can be loved, guided, and looked over in life without having an ounce of faith. Writing about the darker side of a potentially “good person’s” soul, I think, is how I managed to keep Nevaeh’s tale about her

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Uncaged Book Reviews  

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