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The Soul of Leadership Deepak Chopra

A Course in Weight Loss Marianne Williamson

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The 21 Golden Rules for Cosmic Ordering Barbel Mohr The Feel Good Factor Patrick Holford

The Angel Therapy Handbook Doreen Virtue

One-Minute Mindfulness Simon Parke

The Little Book of Big Promises Peggy Rometo Full Circle Ellen MacArthur

Happy New Year!

Ann Napier Dear Friends, We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the part you played in supporting Cygnus during 2010. You didn’t have to buy books from us. But you did. You didn’t have to buy Christmas presents from us. But you did. And because of that, we are still here to accompany you on your inward journey. You didn’t have to send healing and prayers for Ann’s recovery. But you did. And partly because of that, Ann is still here, still learning and discovering so much about life on Earth and how to live in a soul-guided way – discoveries she hopes to go on sharing with you for many years to come. So now 2011 is about to unfold before us, a year in which – some people say – the need to clear away everything that blocks us from expressing the wholeness of our souls will become even more urgent than it is already. Dive in at the deep end! What will that mean to us in practice? Well, in the last few years, many of us have experienced extreme amounts of pressure towards change in our minds, hearts and lives, changes that have left us far more closely aligned with our inner truth, and with our souls. I bet if you look

Pierre Pradervand The Gentle Art of Blessing A weekend retreat Friday 6th to Sunday 8th May 2011, £250 full board The Community of the King of Love, Whaley Hall, Derbs SK23 7BL Friday talk, 7.30pm, Mechanics Institute, Whaley Bridge, £10 - all welcome Call Jacque: 01457 863687 email: or Yvonne: 07910 118135 email:

Wishing You a Happy New Year! back, you’ll hardly recognize the way you were in 2001! We’ve made such huge shifts, haven’t we? Gone are the days when we could dally endlessly beside the lake of transformation, debating whether or not to dip a toe in! Circumstances have moved in on us with breathtaking speed, and shoved us right in at the deep end! Just look back over the last year alone, and notice just how many of your fears you’ve had to face and turn into friends; how much of a massive clear-out you’ve had to have, in your body, your surroundings, your habits, everything! Well, no doubt that irresistible impulsion towards inner growth and transformation will not abate in 2011. However, something will be different. We will be different. We understand now how to do this ‘change’ thing; we are more flexible and readily responsive to impulses towards transformation. Practice has taught us how to read the signs that something in our lives needs to be different. We know from experience that we can easily let go of things we used to think we’d never be able to live without. We’ve also learned how easy it is to reach what we previously believed was unreachable. And experience of being ‘knocked down’ by life has made us dab hands at standing right back up again. We have found – from experience – that place within us where we are solid, strong and whole. And that’s oh so very different from just knowing or believing it is there. Our soul’s adventure So we will meet whatever comes with much more lightness. Which is why we think that – however it may look from the outside – we will experience the coming year as a clearing up of the ‘last knockings’, so to speak, of our soul’s transformational agenda. With all the cleaning and polishing pretty much done, we’ll just need to sweep up a few corners, and then, with a bit of luck, we’ll have time for a cup of tea

before moving on to the next phase of fun and adventure our souls have planned for us! So, courageously leading from the strength of our souls, through tunnels and over hills alike, let’s make this cheerful song by Johnny Nash (which came to us while we were out walking this morning after asking for guidance regarding this letter to you) our 2011 theme tune: I can see clearly now the rain is gone I can see all obstacles in my way Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind It’s gonna be a bright bright sun shiny day Oh yes I can make it now the pain is gone All of the bad feelings have disappeared Here is that rainbow I’ve been praying for It’s gonna be a bright bright sun shiny day Look all around there’s nothing but blue skies Look straight ahead there’s nothing but blue skies It’s gonna be a bright bright sun shiny day With very much love and good wishes for a 2011 filled with every kind of blessing! Ann, Geoff and the Cygnus Team

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Unlocking Your Potential for Greatness

Everyone who has a can’t see it completely, know that everything soul, which by my definiwill unfold as it is meant to. tion includes us all, has Don’t: Plan excessively. When you make a plan, the potential to be an leave room for changes. Don’t impose one right inspired leader. When way of doing things. Don’t try to nail down every you change on the inside detail in advance. Don’t worry about the so that you draw on the unknown – it contains the most creative soluunlimited wisdom of the tions. Don’t take on the burden of knowing soul, you become a everything in advance. When in doubt, don’t leader without needing to overthink, and don’t rush in to control things. seek followers. As you put your vision for a better world into tangible form, they will find you. It EDITOR’S CHOICE: Even more is my fondest hope that you will discover your savings when you buy extra copies! greatness and act upon it. Wherever you do it, Half there is no doubt in my mind that leading THE SOUL OF price! from the soul is what the time demands. LEADERSHIP The Spiritual Side of Doing Deepak Chopra The classic sign that a person is leading from To build the kind of the soul is that she stops struggling and lets life future that can sustain unfold. In Eastern spiritual traditions this our planet and all life approach is sometimes called ‘nondoing’, which on it, inspired leaders is considered more powerful than doing. You are needed in every can actually accomplish more with less when area of life, from the you practice nondoing. It is very far from doing largest corporation nothing. It’s the most powerful way to lead, down to the smallest because you trust that your soul wants to bring family unit. Deepak Chopra shows how, when the best possible outcome. Your role is to tune we learn to follow the guidance of our souls, all in and witness how perfectly life can organize of us have the potential to become such leaditself when the soul is in charge. ers. Great leaders, says Chopra, can respond The Eastern teaching about nondoing holds to all situations from the higher levels of spirit, that just as you can step aside from controlling and thus are able to find the right response for your body, you can step aside from controlling every need. With Chopra’s guidance, you will your life. Your life will still work very well if you learn how to develop the inner qualities posdon’t control it. It will flow, unfold, grow and sessed by great leaders such as Gandhi and evolve. By allowing, you become the witness to Buddha, and be inspired to become a leader in what your soul wants, and because you trust your own right. In a world where so many have your soul, what it wants meshes perfectly with lost their way, people who can lead from their what you want. Letting your soul do the work is souls are like lights in the darkness. For those the most efficient way to lead as well as the who aspire to help others as well as themmost spiritual. In particular, four principles operselves towards a more enlightened future, ate from the soul level: The Soul of Leadership is required reading. Consciousness has organizing power Consciousness makes quantum leaps of creativity Consciousness moves naturally in the direction of growth Consciousness creates order out of disorder

Now instead of using the word consciousness, substitute the word I. These four principles exist through you. You activate them. This is the true meaning of acting as the soul of the group. Allowing your soul to act through you opens a path so that the people you work with can activate their own souls. However, when you struggle, worry, and try to be in control, you block the soul’s influence. A successful visionary takes practical steps to ensure that that doesn’t happen. For each of the four principles here are definite do’s and don’ts. Consciousness has organizing power Do: Let events fall into place. When something gets stuck, first adopt a wait-and-see attitude. Act when you feel clear and centred. Allow other people to follow their own natural way of doing things. Tolerate diverse approaches. Trust that your soul has a plan, and even if you

220pp, 133mm x 185mm, hardback, 2011, RRP £9.99

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Consciousness makes quantum leaps of creativity Do: Expect the unexpected, and be comfortable with it. Ask yourself for new solutions, and then let go so they have time to gestate within you. Trust that there is always an answer. Look beyond the level of the problem: the solution is almost always at another level. Rely on your intuition. Follow hunches, and enjoy where they lead you – chance encounters are often the most productive. Keep in contact with people whose minds work very differently from yours, and pay attention to what they say from their unique viewpoint. Keep a journal of your brainstorms, and just as helpfully, let you imagination run wild in your journal. Don’t: Keep repeating the same failed approach. Doing more of what didn’t work in the first place won’t take you where you want to go. Don’t talk only to those who already agree with you. Don’t be closed to crazy ideas and out-

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landish dreams – they might lead to unexpected breakthroughs. Don’t forget that you are the source of infinite creativity, waiting to be tapped. Consciousness moves in the direction of growth Do: Trust that growth is endless, since awareness has no limits. Treat life as a classroom where every day is the first day of school. If you have a choice, be last in the class ahead of you rather than first in the class behind you. Aim for the highest achievement, and be guided step by step from the core of your being. To activate growth, add some fertilizer in the form of energy, attention and passion. Don’t: Think you’ve reached the end. There’s always another step of evolution waiting for you. Don’t assume that you know the whole story – there’s always another page to turn. Don’t set your sights low. Don’t settle for good enough. Consciousness creates order out of disorder Do: Trust that everything has a reason. Look for that reason rather than focusing on the chaos. Keep your mind open to the bigger picture that is emerging. Keep in touch with the meaning and purpose of your work. Remind yourself of the greater good behind every day’s effort. As new levels of success unfold, aim even higher. There is infinite orderliness in Nature, therefore any order of complexity can be effortlessly arranged. Don’t: Struggle against disorder. Creation uses disorder to bring about new answers. Don’t impose an arbitrary or rigid kind of organization. The order imposed by the mind is ugly compared to the beautiful order that Nature unfolds. Don’t add to the stress of the situation. Don’t put up resistance to change just because you feel uncomfortable: be open to the new order that wants to emerge. If you adopt these principles, you will discover that allowing has tremendous power. Instead of trying to figure out every step of your personal journey, you can let your soul reveal what is needed next. What is needed next cannot be predicted. Do you know the day and hour of your next brilliant idea? Again, this isn’t the same as doing nothing. Your soul may tell you to jump into action; it may tell you to wait and see, or anything in between. The point is that consciousness flows where it is needed. The soul sends the message that suits the moment. Behind the mystery of nondoing lies a simple, profound truth: your soul wants to take care of you completely. All true leaders embody this truth, because in their heart of hearts leaders want to serve. Their greatest fulfillment lies in bringing fulfillment to others. Therefore doing and nondoing, although they sound like opposites, actually merge. Nondoing brings you close to your soul. From that level, everything you do serves the highest purpose of life, the well-being of the group, and your own personal mission. From The Soul of Leadership, ©2011 by Deepak Chopra, published by Rider.



Spend a little time each day to experience the beauty and healing of present moment living. As Simon Parke says, ‘Just as there are many ways to approach the summit of Mount save Everest, there are many ways to approach the 40%! truths of mindfulness.’ Here his approach is in the brief but deep thoughts, observations, contemplative exercises and spiritual snippets that are the offerings of One-Minute Mindfulness. They guide you to finding an awareness of your present experience with acceptance and trust, so that your present thoughts and emotions are allowed to speak without judgement or rejection. This, he says, helps your wellbeing, because your psyche longs to be healed; and when it realizes that nothing it reveals will cause distress, it tends to reveal all.

256pp, 130mm x 197mm, softback, 2011, RRP £8.99 Code: 210103 Cygnus Price £5.40

THE BIG PEACE Suzy Greaves

The Big Peace allows you to ‘put your feet save up and find yourself without going any40%! where’, by following Suzy Greaves’ stepby-step daily exercises of self discovery. It is about working with what you have right here, right now, taking affirmative action, even discovering that it’s all right to be ‘messed up’ and fabulous, and that they’re not mutually exclusive. Start spotting and questioning the crazy, stressful thoughts that run you ragged, and choose a more soothing soundtrack for life. In her brilliantly motivational, accessible style, that’s a real pleasure to read, she gets you looking deep within yourself with an ease many teachers never quite achieve. Suzy shows how to wallow in self-acceptance on a daily basis, how to let go of your inner critic, allow your standards to drop and watch your quality of life rise. Soon you will stop trying to prove yourself to others and start recognising your own self-worth by doing the things you’re naturally good at and enjoy. It’s time to focus on your brilliance and have a sense of humour about the rest!


256pp, 152mm x 229mm, hardback, 2011, RRP £14.99 Code: 210105 Cygnus Price £8.99


320pp, 136mm x 215mm, softback, 2009, RRP £9.99 Code: 210104 Cygnus Price £5.99



40%! In the spiritual marketplace a bewildering array of wares is offered to shift your vibration, sort your relationships, raise your kundalini or take you to the next dimension before That Date arrives on your calendar. But, says Sue Minns, we aren’t going anywhere until we’ve arrived here! Bodies and Souls is her down-to-earth guide for the human experience. The Gnostics, who were (and are) the holders of the ancient, perennial wisdom, knew that the only way to truly ‘Know’ was through personal, direct experience, and that is the place from which this book is written. So, whether you feel led to being a psychic, channeller or healer, whether you’re interested in the shaman’s path and sacred plant medicine, or cosmic clocks, astral travel, crystals, angels and spirit guides, or whether it’s the body’s mind or (most importantly) the Heart’s intelligence that concerns you, this book will guide you to your own knowing.

196pp, 136mm x 210mm, softback, 2101, RRP £9.99 Code: 210106 Cygnus Price £5.99

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Do survivors of life’s greatest trials possess a secret knowledge? Why do some people blossom through adversity while others fall apart? What mysterious power gets us back on our feet after we’ve been knocked down? In When You’re Falling, Dive, Mark Matousek examines the remarkable phenomenon of viriditas, the power of drawing passion, beauty and wisdom from the unlikeliest places. Seeking advice from philosophical experts such as Eckhart Tolle, Jon Kabat-Zinn and Soyal Rinpoche, and well-known survivors, he considers the paradoxical question of how disaster can be used to awake and transform us. Matousek sifts through extraordinary testimonials – as well as recent breakthroughs in neuroscience – to demonstrate that we are, in fact, hard wired to evolve and adapt when faced with the impossible.


This comprehensive handbook brings together for the first time all the tools, secrets and exercises Doreen Virtue teaches her students in the many courses and workshops she runs on how to communicate with angels and heal others with their help. Whether you’re a professional healer or you’d like to become one, or you just save want to polish your natural spiritual gifts this 40%! practical handbook is a vital reference tool. While it includes some material from Doreen’s previous works, it contains extensive new material about becoming a spiritual healer or teacher. You’ll learn about connecting with the angels and departed loved ones, about Doreen’s Angel Therapy methods – including clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance and clairaudience, angel readings, oracles and healing – amd you’ll be guided in your role as a lightworker, following your life purpose as a speaker, healer and teacher.

260pp, 128mm x 198mm, softback, 2009, RRP £8.99 Code: 190912 Cygnus Price £6.15 £5.39



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In her new book, Barbel Mohr captures the essence of her previous titles on Cosmic Ordering to provide you with 21 Golden Rules that allow you to master the concept of asking the whole of creation – which you may know as God, Creation, your guardian angel, your higher self – for help when you have a problem, question or challenge you can’t solve yourself. The entire cosmos listens, answers and reacts constantly – the only thing is whether we hear the answers. Barbel has condensed the key ideas and principles of Cosmic Ordering to help you appreciate the rules that govern the cosmos and the part that your subconcious mind plays in creating your reality. With numerous tips and exercises to help you fully connect with your inner power, you will learn how to make Cosmic Ordering an integral part of your day-to-day life, opening yourself to a magical future.

224pp, 110mm x 176mm, softback, 2011, RRP £7.99 Code: 210107 Cygnus Price £3.99



Perhaps you’ve made amazing efforts to lose weight in the past – employing everything from extraordinary diet plans to almost superhuman feats of exercise – yet have found yourself mysteriously unable to keep the weight off permanently. While you succeeded for a time in changing your behaviour, you’ve not yet experienced the deep level of change necessary in order to truly solve the problem. On your own you might have changed your conscious thinking, but you alone cannot change your subconscious. And unless your subconscious mind is enrolled in your weightloss efforts, it will find a way to reconstitute the excess weight regardless of what you do. Spirit alone has the power to positively and permanently reprogramme both your conscious and subconscious mind. The holistic healing of any condition involves applying internal as well as external powers, and compulsive overeating is no different. My new book, A Course in Weight Loss, is a lesson plan in aligning your thinking with the spiritual principles that will set you free. The principles that guide these lessons are not difficult, but they are different from the way you might normally think. The principles are: 1. Your body itself is completely neutral. It causes nothing; it is completely an effect, not a cause. 2. Neither poor diet not lack of exercise are the cause or your excess weight. Mind is cause; body is effect. The cause of your excess weight is in your mind. 3. The cause of your excess weight is fear, which is a place in your mind where love is blocked. 4. Fear expresses itself as subconscious urges, which then express themselves as either excessive and/or unhealthy eating habits and/or resistance to proper exercise. The ultimate effect of this – that is, excess weight – will only be permanently and fundamentally healed when the fear itself is rooted out.

The purpose of A Course in Weight Loss is to root out your fear, and to replace it with an inestimable love. It might seem odd to consider that fear is the source of your weight problem, and yet it is. As your mind is trained to let go of its fear, your body will let go of its excess pounds. For that shift in thinking from fear to love is a miracle: the reprogramming of your consciousness on a causal level, freeing the level of bodily effects to transform from dysfunction to healing. This course is not about your relationship with food; it is about your relationship with love. For love is your true healer. And miracles occur naturally in the presence of love. Love is that which both created and sustains you. It’s both your connection to your true reality and your alignment with the positive flow of the universe. Remembering this Divine truth – that love is who you are – is key to your healing, for your relationship to food is an area where your nervous system has lost the memory of its Divine intelligence. As you remember your own Divine truth, the cells of your body will remember theirs. Your natural pattern The body has a natural intelligence for creat-

A Course in Weight Loss

ing and maintaining the perfect weight for you as long as the mind is aligned with its own perfection. Your perfect weight is coded into the natural patterns of your true self, as your perfect everything is coded into the patterns of your true self. The real you knows exactly how to inhabit your body in the healthiest, happiest way, and will do so automatically when you reestablish conscious connection with spiritual reality. By getting back to the truth of who you really are, you will get to a place where all your problems with weight have disappeared. Reconnection to your spiritual reality is achieved through a force called here Divine Mind. It is a gift from God that will return you to your sanity, whenever you choose to call on it.

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A COURSE IN WEIGHT LOSS Marianne Williamson

What is the connection between spirituality and weight loss? These lessons form a holistic paradigm for weight loss, addressing the spiritual, emotional, and psychological elements involved in what Williamson refers to as ‘conscious weight loss.’ A Course in Weight Loss addresses the true causal root of your weightloss issues: a place within you where you have forgotten your divine perfection. As your mind reclaims its spiritual intelligence, your body will reclaim its natural intelligence as well. The 21 lessons in this book will take you on a deep, sacred journey. One step at a time, you will learn to shift your relationship with yourself – and your body – from one of fear to one of love. And you will begin to integrate the various parts of yourself – mind, body, and spirit – to become, once again, and in all ways, the beautiful and peaceful person you were created to be. Powerful and liberating, the lessons in this book actually go far beyond mere weight-loss, carrying an important message for everyone who seeks to move from fear to love and remember their divine perfection.

256pp, 152mm x 229mm, softback, 2010, RRP £12.99

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Your compulsion is a place where, in your spiritual forgetfulness, you go temporarily insane if even for a moment – just long enough to open the bag of potato crisps that’s the trigger to your binge food mania. Lost in this forgetfulness, you become confused in your thinking and are unable to say ‘No’ when something truly harmful to your well-being is posing as a supportive and loving friend. Divine Mind is the counterforce to this temporary insanity; when you are lost in moments of spiritual forgetfulness, it will remind you who you are. The consciousness of the human race is dom-

inated by fear, which has coalesced in your life in the form of a particular behavioural pattern: compulsive overeating. In doing this course, you will command the spirit of fear to depart. The power of love is perfect, creative, selforganizing, healthy, self-healing, and abundant. The power of fear is insane, destructive, violent, disease producing, and lacking. It expresses itself as an impostor self, perverting your true nature and making you behave in a way that is opposite of who you truly are. It is spiritually immature to underestimate the power of either of these two forces. Both of them are active, and both of them have their eyes on you. One wishes you well, and the other wishes you dead. A power greater than your own When subconscious forces lead a person into chronic self-destructive behaviour over which their conscious mind has little or no control, this is called an addiction. Addiction is a system of selfgenerated behaviour over which a merely selfgenerated psychological response system holds no sway. Addiction is when you can’t stop. When some craziness takes over and you do or don’t do whatever it is you do that blows it every time, ruins everything, snatches happiness from your hands, and leaves you desperate at what your life has become. It’s life when lived at the behest of a wicked witch who seems to have taken over your brain and now uses it as her control room, directing you to do the most self-destructive things and then cackling with amusement as you lie writhing on the ground in misery right afterward. Whether or not you are a food addict is something only you can say. Every food addict is a compulsive overeater, but not every compulsive eater is an addict. The principles in A Course in Weight Loss apply to both. The love that will free you is a love that comes from beyond your mortal mind. It is a Divine intercession from a thought system beyond our own. Placing your problems in the hands of God, the situation it represents will be recreated. That which is imperfect will then become perfect. Intellectually understanding your body, your mind-body connection, the physiology of exercise, or the realities of food metabolism mean little if you are addicted. In the words of Sigmund Freud, ‘Intelligence will be used in the service of the neurosis.’ The fact that you yourself have anything figured out makes little or no difference to any of this. No matter how smart you are, or how much ‘work you’ve done on yourself,’ you alone cannot outsmart the psychic force of compulsion and addiction. If you could, you would have done so by now. For this problem, entrenched and pernicious as it is, you need spiritual forces to help you. For this, you need God. This course is not about food but about spirituality – the quest for a power that is greater than your own. It is not about your addiction, but about a force that is more powerful than your addiction. Our purpose is not to analyze your darkness but to turn on a light that, having been trapped within you, is now ready to blaze forth.

From A Course in Weight Loss, ©2010 by Marianne Williamson, published by Hay House.


Written by leading nutrition expert and mental health specialist Patrick Holford, The Feel Good Factor reveals highly effective methods, practical, down-to-earth advice to make a difference to how you feel – without the need for medical drugs. Holford includes lifestyle and life management techniques, as well as revealing the right foods to eat, and Half those to avoid, to help improve your mood price! dramatically. This accessible approach is supported by substantial research, and backed up by poignant and motivating case histories. This includes those with major depression who failed to get better with conventional approaches and recovered completely on Holford’s regime.


Leslie Kenton is renowned for her expertise in matters relating to health and wellbeing. Now, with The Cura Romana Weightloss Plan, she shares the secrets of this revolutionary programme. Firstly you follow a short-term, low-calorie diet which, combined with a natural homeopathic oral spray that resets the fat-controlling centre in the brain, turns inessential fat into usable energy and uncovers your body’s natural shape and size. Once you lose your excess weight, Leslie helps you to return to normal, healthy eating and to identify and eliminate the foods that your body doesn’t handle well; so you’ll be free of food cravings and weight gain. Ultimately, through a series of simple practices, you will achieve a sustained sense of wellbeing, increased vitality, creativity and emotional balance. The plan will lead you to discover the authentic you as you transform the way you look and feel, and the way you live your life.

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288pp, 153mm x 234mm, softback, 2010, RRP £12.99 Code: 210109 Cygnus Price £6.50

ANTICANCER: A NEW WAY OF LIFE Dr David Servan-Schreiber

256pp, 153mm x 234mm, softback, 2011, RRP £12.99 Code: 210111 Cygnus Price £7.65


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Anticancer shows how environmental and dietary change, the healing of emotional wounds, and creating a relationship with the body to stimulate the immune system can all have profound effects on the mechanisms of cancer and of being free of cancer. This updated edition for 2011 includes all the latest medical research and up-todate studies. ‘A new way of life’ is what Dr David Servan-Schreiber decided he had to find. His cancer – a brain tumour – was treated conventionally and went into remission, but he relapsed. Then he determined to learn everything he could to help his body defend itself against the illness, and he has now been cancer-free for over seven years. Our bodies are equipped with defence mechanisms which curb defective cells that could, if unhindered, become cancer. Dr Servan-Schreiber does not dismiss conventional medicine, nor is he anti-pharmaceutical: he empowers you with the understanding and tools to tackle cancer alongside any conventional treatments you opt for; or, better yet, to help avoid cancer altogether.

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There is a highly respected cancer clinic in Switzerland called the Lukas Klinik, where patients are supported with art, movement and massage therapies and a highly nutritious diet, alongside more conventional treatments. This book presents over 200 delicious recipes for food served at the clinic. If you want to eat vegetarian wholefood that is full of vital substance, easily digestible, nutritious and beautiful to look at as well as to taste, you'll love this book. Including sauces, soups, hors d’oeuvres, salads, main dishes, puddings and desserts, it also features special recipes for casseroles and gratins, vegetables, quark (curd cheese) dishes, grain dishes, doughs, savoury and sweet pastries, muesli and drinks. These are interspersed with informative commentary on the value of spices. From this very special cookery book you'll also learn food preparation methods that conserve nutritional value, and how to present meals in an imaginative way that whets even the most jaded of appetites. With great emphasis on the careful selection of foods, local sourcing where possible, and the seasonal use of ingredients, you'll find the Lukas cuisine a truly excellent way to eat.


In this eagerly anticipated follow up to the bestselling Matrix Energetics [190906], Richard Bartlett expands on his healing techniques and discusses how miracles are possible, that they are indications of things already known to exist just not yet proven, and describes their relationship to quantum physics and alternate universes. By changing our consciousness, we can employ quantum energies in our day-to-day lives in unexpected, fun and miraculous ways. Based on the theories of quantum and scalar physics, the strength of Bartlett’s revolutionary consciousness technology – and why he’s one of the most well respected teachers in modern energy medicine – is that he utilizes advanced scientific concepts while remaining accessible to everyone: you can put his methods to use without needing to understand the actual science. Discussing topics such as time travel, alternate universes, and invisibility, this book is fascinating and instantly applicable. Once again, Richard is reshaping the way we think about our place in the universe, and our capacity for health and healing.

336pp, 153mm x 234mm, softback, 2011, RRP £14.99 Code: 181017 Cygnus Price £7.99


272pp, 170mm x 235mm, illus. in colour, hardback, 2008, RRP £20.00 Code: 210110 Cygnus Price £9.99

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288pp, 140mm x 212mm, NEW in softback, 2011, RRP £9.99 Code: 200302 Cygnus Price £5.99

LIFE FROM LIGHT Michael Werner, & Thomas Stockli

Scientist Michael Werner is the managing director of a research institute in Switzerland. However, there is something quite unusual about him: In 2001 he stopped eating and has survived perfectly well without food ever since. In fact, he claims never to have felt better. Unlike the rare individuals who have achieved this feat in the past – usually monks, nuns or other people devoted to the spiritual life – he is an ordinary man who lives a full and active life. In this book, he tells his story, not as a way to encourage other people to stop eating, but as a way of inviting us to reconsider the way we think about eating and drinking, and how we absorb nourishment. Werner describes how and why he came to give up food, and what his life is like without it. The book also includes other reports from people who have attempted to follow this way of life, as well as a thoughtful consideration of possible scientific and spiritual explanations of how one could ‘live on light’.

232pp, 135mm x 215mm, softback, 2007, RRP £12.99 Code: 170707 Cygnus Price £8.99 £6.99

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Wired for Joy – A Revolution from Within

The human brain has an protect you from stress. Then you become a amazing capacity to create magnet for symptoms. Whether it’s blood presjoy not by chance, but by sure, back problems, weight gain, infections, choice. Everyone has the stomachaches, sexual problems, depression, equipment to do this – and anxiety, hostility, relationship problems, addicit is uniquely human. Unlike tions, or various compulsions, each stress other animals, the human symptom further increases your stress load. brain has multiple strong Before you know it, you have organized your connections between areas life around trying to fix what is wrong with you, of conscious thought and pleasure. The thinking and you are so mired in stress that you forget brain – the seat of consciousness – is strongly how great you could feel. linked to the emotional brain, where pleasure The goal of emotional brain training (EBT) is to centres abound. You can learn to use your conreverse your allostatic load by using simple tools sciousness to send chemicals and electricity that give you the capacity to be at any level of through those connections and create ripples of stress and find the precise pathway through the pleasure that you can feel in your body. brain back to a state of joy. The more moments you spend in well-being, the more you turn Finding the source of stress Stress is both a worldwide epidemic and a 41% WIRED FOR JOY off! highly personal one. Most people are overLaurel Mellin loaded these days – depressed, anxious, and In Wired for Joy, on edge, with the stress buzzer jammed on. Laurel Mellin presents The resulting chronic leakage of stress hora simple, proven way mones – that drip, drip, drip – causes extremes to train your brain to of emotions, thoughts, and behaviours. It can move through stress impact every organ system in potentially deleteand back to joy. Her rious ways and is the root cause of eighty permethod has been cent of health problems and most human sufcalled the missing link fering. When you gain weight, you blame yourin health care, as it self for eating the extra ice cream or sitting on focuses on rewiring the couch, but it’s stress that fuels those tenthe emotional brain rather than the thinking dencies. When you fall into depression, you brain, which has been the focus of most other imagine that it is some fault of your own; howstress-busting methods. Based on the cuttingever, research points to the fundamental cause edge science of neuroplasticity, Mellin outlines of depression as stress. When stress levels are the five states of the emotional brain. For over the top, you are apt to sprout many stress each state she presents a specific tool to eassymptoms, each of which stresses you out and ily and quickly switch the brain back to a state exacerbates the other symptoms more. of wellbeing. Once you know how to make The current paradigm of health care looks at that switch, life becomes easier, and stress each of these problems as a distinct issue rather symptoms – depression, anxiety, overeating, than a symptom of stress. Doctors treat each one high blood pressure – tend to fade. Instead of with a different cluster of drugs, devices, or profocusing on the symptoms of stress, we can cedures. Though costly, this used to be your best change the wiring that triggers it and experioption, but in the last decade the true nature of ence new sense of freedom in our lives. stress has been decoded, and the mysteries of 240pp, 152mm x 230mm, softback, 2011, RRP £10.99 the brain have become a lot less mysterious. The Code: 210112 Cygnus Price £6.50 way has been cleared for a new paradigm to take hold: instead of treating the symptoms of stress around stress-related increase in allostatic load, we can treat the stress itself. We can address the and the myriad of stress symptoms tend to root cause of many symptoms in one fell swoop. improve. The strategy is to rewire self-regulation, Over the last twenty years, research has the fundamental way we process daily life. shown that the source of most of our stress is Instead of tolerating feeling stressed out, you the brain itself. Given the onslaught of stress in identify your level of stress, then choose the daily life, it can easily become wired to favour corresponding tool to switch your brain back to stress – to amplify the real stress in our lives a state of well-being. You do that again and and manufacture a sense of imminent danger, again over time – for the brain only changes by even when there is none. Each time the stress repeated experience – and at some point you of the day overwhelms your capacity to effecwill download into your brain the pathways to tively process it, there is a price to pay. That move through stress rather than getting stuck in price is an increase in your allostatic load, the it. You will sense that, at long last, you have an wear and tear in the body and brain due to emotional anchor, a safe haven within. You will episodes of stress. That load of stress is cumube free to feel your strong, robust emotions, lative, and given enough episodes of stress, it and at liberty to experience any level of stress, can turn a perfectly normal brain into one that confident that you know just the mental practice is stuck in stress, constantly producing casthat will switch you back to a state of wellcades of stress hormones. As allostatic load being. Things that used to cause you to clench increases, the brain becomes highly sensitized your teeth, raid the refrigerator, scream at your to stress, and in time begins to erode the very kids, or hole up in the den won’t bother you structures and processes that were designed to

anymore. And most of those issues that you swept under the rug will have disappeared. At that point, you have become a wizard of your own stress processing, and even though life will still be difficult and you will still find yourself stressed out some of the time; more often than not, you will feel joy regardless of circumstance. It’s a wonderful way to live, and it all starts with turning your attention away from problems and toward the elegant act of using precise mental tools to rewire your emotional brain. Switching those wires When I get into my car in the morning, I put the key into the ignition and turn on the engine. At least that’s what I assume I do, since I end up driving to work. But I don’t do any of it consciously – it is so automatic that I don’t have to think about it. The information that lets me do this is stored in my emotional brain, the unconscious memory storehouse. In fact, most things are stored in our unconscious memory. When humans are faced with a stimulus, we draw upon these unconscious memories of past experiences to respond effectively. These responses are stored as wires. The normal stresses of the day – the coffee spilling, a deadline looming, or a craving for sweets – arouse wires, each of which channels chemicals and electricity along a specific pathway so that we respond the same way that we have in the past. Those wires fall into two categories. Some of those wires are highly effective – just what you need. We call these joy circuits. The coffee spills, and you say, ‘ouch’ and go about cleaning it up and feeling pretty good. You keep your cool and don’t let one spilled cup of coffee ruin your day. The other wires – the ones that are not effective – we call stress circuits. When they are triggered, that one spilled cup of coffee leads to a burning sense of resentment, having a chip on your shoulder during a meeting, soothing yourself with chocolates, and feeling bloated and grumpy. That’s an ineffective wire, arousing unnecessary stress that is prolonged. What’s causing most of your stress is that you have too many stress circuits and too few joy circuits. The strategy of EBT is to use powerful, practical tools to alter that wiring, breaking stress circuits and building joy circuits that move you through stress and make you feel great. EBT is a practice, and although Wired for Joy introduces you to the practice, these circuits break only over time, with repeated use of the tools. You are rewiring the emotional brain, the centre not only of stress processing but also of emotions, intimacy, spirituality, and pleasure drives. As the tools have their effect and more of the stress circuits fall away, joy circuits will take hold and allow you to gracefully and effectively process daily life. When that occurs, life changes in ways that are nothing less than revolutionary. Using the brain’s natural processes, you can rewire your emotional circuitry and make it easy to be in love with your life and to do what you came to earth to do. What could be better than that?

From Wired for Joy, ©2010 by Laurel Mellin, published by Hay House.


I have an enduring image of Ellen MacArthur before she was famous for sailing around the world singlehanded. Penniless and unknown, she lived on a small boat in a freezing boatyard on the Hamble, near where I live in Hampshire. Long days and nights were spent working on the boat alone, eating cheap food and sleeping in the prow. Her dream, however, was more powerful than any hardship that life could throw at her. I am fascinated by this steely grace that all adventurers share. Born in landlocked Derbyshire, she learnt to sail on her aunt’s tiny boat, in the holidays, Half and saved every spare penny to buy a boat price! of her own. At eighteen, she sailed around the coast of Britain alone, an extraordinary achievement for someone who had so little experience at sea. In 2004, she went on to be the first woman to circumnavigate the world in record time. Her new book, Full Circle, takes up the story and tells of further record-breaking attempts, plus the unfolding story of her family and her personal relationships. But, to me, what is fascinating about this book is her description of her decision to give up competitive sailing and focus on sustainability. Her passion now is to communicate nothing less than the restoration of the planet and engage government, corporates and the public in positive behaviour change. This is her new call to adventure, an even greater challenge than circumnavigating the globe. The hero’s journey This wonderful evolution from a passion for the sea to a passion for the planet and its wellbeing makes my heart sing. Many of us hear the call to adventure but how many are prepared to give up everything and devote themselves to its fulfilment? This is truly the hero’s journey and Dame Ellen MacArthur is a quintessential hero of the twenty-first century. We need more of her like. So what characterises this journey? Can it be mapped? Is it something we could all dare to do? This is work of Dr Chris Johnstone, who sets out to discover the answers to these questions. As a young man, he singlehandedly took on the NHS and fought a legal battle to reduce the hours of junior doctors working in hospitals and won, against huge odds. He went on to be an addiction specialist, helping many people to free themselves from their substance abuse. His work led him to Rob Hopkins and the Transition Movement where he has helped develop an understanding of our society’s ‘addiction’ to oil and how we can become empowered to create a more ecological society. He also works closely with the deep ecologist, Joanna Macy.


The Call To Adventure

Chris has helped me to unravel the structure of my journey of positive change – the call to adventure, how the journey unfolds, how to respond creatively and with my potential – and how to overcome the many pitfalls that may occur along the way. In his book, Find Your Power, he has created a map to help us navigate our own voyages, whether they are to overcome an addiction, learn new skills or nothing less than to become an effective activist for positive social change, a planetary server. Here are two role models: Ellen MacArthur is one of the world’s greatest adventurers, both brave and vulnerable, and a steely, uncompromising gambler who has a vision and is compelled to follow it to completion. She inspires me and gives me courage.

FULL CIRCLE Ellen MacArthur

What made Ellen MacArthur decide to leave her familiar world? A call to a completely different sort of adventure, of new purpose and direction. Full Circle, as Maddy Harland describes so enthusiastically, such is Ellen’s impact, is a passionate description of her decision to give up competitive sailing – which had been the love of her entire life – to focus on something she came to realise ‘mattered more’: sustainability. Her passion now is to communicate nothing less than the restoration of the planet and engage government, corporates and the public in positive behaviour change. Could this be your very own ‘call to adventure’?

using social media to network, share information and inspire people globally. And of course we meet and talk with people too. We are passionate about sustainability. We want to share these messages as widely as possible. There are practical ways in which we can live together on this beautiful planet in peace and in ecological balance and permaculture design is a practical, tested strategy for restoring habitat and creating ecologically sound communities. We know that time is running out for the Earth’s many species and habitats and that climate change is a very real threat to humanity’s survival – let alone all the creatures with which we share this planet. We are shamelessly in love with this world. We think it is miraculous. We do not want to see it driven to extremes – overheated, flooded, frozen, parched – by atmospheric changes caused by human actions and we want to help prevent as much suffering as possible. We also know that climate change and our collective response to it is the greatest call to adventure humanity has yet to face. It has become a matter of evolution for our species. We are being asked to entirely change the way we live on this planet and to evolve beyond selfishness, fear, greed and instinct into intuition, harmlessness, service, love and reverence for life. This is the call. This is our journey. Love, Maddy

To learn more about permaculture go to the hub at or contact Permanent Publications, The Sustainability Centre, East Meon, Hampshire GU32 1HR. 01730 823311

FIND YOUR POWER Chris Johnstone

416pp, 162mm x 240mm, hardback, 2010, RRP £20.00

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Chris Johnstone, on the other hand, holds a light that helps illuminate the path. He helps me find my way and overcome my lack of faith in my magnitude (and we all have the potential for unbounded magnitude). Chris is able to unpick the delicate complexities of how we can find our inner power that enables us to live our dreams. Finding your power I know that I have a steely determination and a vision. 21 years ago my partner, Tim, and I decided to found a publishing company to provide ‘information which encourages people to live more healthy, self-reliant and ecologically sound ways of life.’ We started with practical books about permaculture and launched Permaculture magazine in 1992 with just 600 readers. It was not easy. Today, it is read in 78 countries by over 100,000 people. We are now developing the idea of transformational media, connecting together inspiring, informationbased, empowering material in every sphere – still producing books and magazines, but also websites, downloads, films, YouTubes, blogs,

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Find Your Power describes how you find personal power, which Chris Johnstone defines as the ability to move in the direction you want to go, focussing on what you can do, rather than on what you can get others to do. This type of power strengthens your ability to face any situation and respond in a way that helps create the outcomes you desire. Find your Power invites you on a journey of developing inner strengths such as courage, determination, confidence, enthusiasm, clarity off purpose and the ability to deal with problems. Strengths like these are sometimes viewed as inherent qualities that some people have and others don’t. Chris shows that they are learnable strategies, so that whatever your current starting point, you can find ways of increasing and enhancing these valuable inner resources.

332pp, 159mm x 204mm, softback, 2010, RRP £12.95

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In the ancient mystical text called the Zohar, Hashem lays out for Abram the path that a human soul follows on its way into this life: ‘There is a unique process of preparation that a soul undergoes prior to entering our physical realm. This process consists of promises and commitments made by the soul to the Creator. The soul pledges to embrace the spiritual path of change.’ But though we all start out on this path, to stay on it is another matter. As the Kabbalah scholar Rav Yehuda Ashlag has put it, ‘The perpetual pull and tug of the material world is of such magnitude, we forget our true purpose in life as we succumb to the illusions of physical existence.’ To reawaken and reaffirm our soul’s original commitment to walk the spiri41% tual path is the work of a lifetime. off! What exactly is the soul? As I see it, the soul is the part of you that contains the life force, or energy, of the Creator. It’s the spark within you that is just like the Creator; it is eternal, and it is always connected to the origin of all life, even when you don’t consciously perceive that connection. Imagine that you are holding a glass bowl. Now imagine what happens when you drop that bowl and it shatters. Fragments of glass go everywhere, on the floor, on the counter, in your clothes. Some are up high, some are scattered low, some are larger than others, and none of the fragments are identical, but all of them are made of the same glass. I think the Big Bang was something like that – like a great glass bowl shattering – only it wasn’t glass; it was the energy of the Creator. When that one great soul shattered, it created all our souls – it created mankind. That’s how connected your soul, and everyone’s soul, is to the Creator: they are made of the same essence, and they are part of each other. This is why, when I talk about connecting with the Creator, I’m not asking you to look to religious doctrine; I’m talking about your direct connection to the Creator within you. The Start of the Path Before entering the material world we know, each soul is born in the likeness of the Creator and awakened to its divinity. The soul makes promises to the Creator to be fulfilled in the coming lifetime. The soul chooses the path of promises it will follow through the world. When the soul leaves the spiritual dimension, its form changes from the energy of pure light and love and takes on the physical clothing of a body. This is the process of birth – your birth. Ancient mystical scholars say that an angel is with you through the entire process, even in the womb. At the moment of your birth the angel touches you just above your upper lip, creating the crease we see there. This touch,

A Path of Promises

they say, makes you forget everything from the other dimension, including your promises and commitments to the Creator and the truth of your own divinity. You come into this world, this life, with the opportunity to learn all over again. One promise we all make prior to coming into this life is the promise to reconnect with this knowledge that is concealed from us in the moment of our arrival. Imagine a box filled with the infinite possibilities of your soul, the infinite good it can accomplish here on earth. Now imagine that an amazing privilege has been extended to you: To be able to open this box and discover all the possible ways in which you can make good on these promises. To embrace it as a gift from the Creator, to open it with all the anticipation, joy, and love that you would feel if you were opening a present from your beloved.


In The Little Book of Big Promises, intuitive healer Peggy Rometo guides you on an inspiring journey to uncover your life’s path – rediscovering the promises made by your soul before you were born. Using guided meditations, energy work, and other practices that allow you to tap into your intuition, she helps you identify the big promises you made to yourself and the world before your life began. Peggy’s process focuses on a sequence of significant events in your life – from as far back as childhood or from your life today – that have helped shape you. Looking at these events and your reactions to them will begin to reveal the actions, intentions and qualities you’re meant to live. Learn how to break free of the old patterns, beliefs and fears that hold you back from embodying your true self. Find your current promise, which is your starting point for a plan of action to live an authentic, purposeful life.

208pp, 135mm x 216mm, softback, 2011, RRP £10.99

Code: 210102 Cygnus Price £6.50

Opening this box – bringing your promises to consciousness and to fruition – is a lifetime’s work. The actions you take and the things that happen to you in your physical reality are reflections of the promises you made before entering this life, and these promises are awakened one by one as your awareness expands. Your life circumstances are designed to propel you along your path of promises and wake you up once again to your divinity.

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Waking Up Sometimes we don’t see our circumstances that way. We may come to believe that our pain is real and binding and cannot be fixed. When this happens, we lose touch with the Creator’s presence in our life, and we lose touch with our promises; we become convinced that the pain in our life has more power and allure than the fulfillment we will experience by following through on our promises. If for some reason we are not in touch with our promises, it is only because we have disconnected by choice, consciously or otherwise. It’s our ego, the controlling and self-serving part of us, that brings this about; it drags us down, convinces us that we’re victims, or makes us think we can walk the path alone. Our ego also makes other destructive and divisive choices for us about whom we can and cannot trust, including ourselves. For instance, are you afraid that you will make a mistake or make the wrong choice with your career, life partner, or business partner? Do you worry or create unnecessary fear in your life? All of these things happen when we somehow allow our ego to disconnect us from the Creator – which is the same thing as getting disconnected from the all-knowing part of ourselves. Are we really disconnected? No. It is just like a cloud covering up the sun. The sun is still there, even though we can’t see it. If we stop and pay attention, we may be able to feel its warmth. And when the clouds move, we are able to see the sun again. Ultimately you have the power of choice. You can choose to overcome those obstacles and restore the lost connection by making the decision to serve a higher power: your inner knowing, rather than your ego; your whole soul, rather than just your mind. When you achieve this level of connection, you will be freer than you ever imagined. You will be able to light the heavens with your creativity and the earth with your accomplishments. You will ignite a passion and power within you that not even the strongest foe can surmount. And none of this will diminish your mind: on the contrary, you will want to use it to validate your experiences. It’s just that you will no longer be confined by the logic of your mind or by your ego’s desires in the physical realm. You won’t want to pay that kind of attention to your ego anymore; you’ll be more interested in listening for the authentic voice that you will come to recognize as your own. At a certain point, you will discover that you are being led with more than your own intuition. You will be blessed everywhere with signs from the Creator, and the path will open up without struggle. Once you are on this path, there is no challenge too big or too small to take on. From The Little Book of Big Promises, ©2010 by Peggy Rometo, published by Hay House. 9

Coming Through

Jehanne Mehta The passage through midwinter is difficult: meeting our fears and our dark angels, entering the realm of the winter crone. Most of us go through times of struggle, and the ‘dark night of the soul’ is a resonant phrase for us, as we face the waning of the light, from November onwards, and this often happens very much in our private inner space. But the other side of the coin is the turning to our centre, going in to our own underground, where, in parallel with the Earth, we discover and nurture the seeds of the new. If we can do this, encounter wakefully our own underworld, accepting and trusting in the process, we may come to an understanding, a real experience of our own essential ‘I’ness, separate from our

participation in the affairs of the world around us. The dark angels, the realm of the dark mother, then become the mediators of our own growth, the rich and fertile soil for a new germination. Winter is deeply about seed time. January is named after Janus, the god of gateways, who faces both ways. At the gateway of the new year, in our European calendar, we look back over past struggles. Strengthened, however, by our willing descent into midwinter, we can also feel the stirring of hope and of huge unrealised potential growing towards us out of the future, (think of Aung San Suu Kyi emerging from her years’ long house arrest), like fresh green shoots rising out of the living Earth in spring. There is a new freedom to sing the song of the ‘one who has come through’, to sing the unique song of our true self.


If you are touched by Jehanne Mehta’s intensely evocative way of sharing her elemental wisdom, thoughts and emotions in poetry and song, you will love this collection and its remarkable sensitivity. Resurgence magazine said of it, ‘These words are the testimony of a woman who believes in the reality of resurrection as a potent force working upwards from within us, from within nature.’ If you let them, they can take you through a hidden doorway, to a hidden country where, in Rudolf Steiner’s words, ‘the whole Earth becomes a temple.’

109pp, softback, 1991, RRP £7.50 Code: 030327 Cygnus Price £4.99

The Gift of Winter


Here the land is open and the stream is singing free, But where are willow, alder oak, as it dances to the sea, That hold the banks and cool the earth, allowing springs to rise, Springs that ripen in the dark to well up through the ground?

Wherever you are in your life there is another level of story happening touch of bees wing drift of white feathers the fluttering leaf nothing is as it seems... the laughter in a baby’s eyes elf wisdom... out of deep time In the glancing radiance between now and now you wake to the true size of you light streaming from your palms the power of love to alter everything ©2011 Jehanne Mehta

Here the land is open and the roads go seething by, But where is all the boggy land the soaks the floods away? Here stand high fields of winter wheat, where once the earth lay resting. Now the rain pours down and tumbles through the little houses in the vale. We have clothed the earth in surface, shutting off what lies below, Where the life withdraws in winter that in spring will rise anew. Midwinter calls ‘Oh come inside, wake up and meet the challenge!’ The gift of winter is the chance to find a way into the ground. The ploughman in his furrow knows the smell of earth is sweet. The walker on the mountain feels the life beneath her feet, The ground beneath is the ground inside, where the light unborn is stirring: The seed that ripens in the heart for the new song of the earth. Come one and all who battle on through wind and rain and cloud, As we raise our voices in one song and carol it aloud: The ground beneath is the ground inside, where the light unborn is stirring: The seed that ripens in the heart for the new song of the earth.


Snow Look: there are white petals falling from the sky, as if, in the fields of heaven, a wind had stripped the blossoms of their glory and here they spin, frozen into crystal filigree, down, down and down into our cold and anxious world. There are white petals falling, blanketing the ground in a strange and luminous silence, rounding out all the edges, angles of bitterness and apathy, blunting the serried spikes of cynicism under layer upon layer of beauty. Oh look: there are while petals falling and our mouths open in wonder. For a moment we see differently. For a moment we see.

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In The Four Elements, the works of poet and philosopher John O’Donohue – author of Benedictus: A Book of Blessings [171101} – are woven together in a tapestry of beautifully evoked images of nature, drawing upon his Celtic heritage and the love of his native landscape, the west of Ireland. He explores how the energy and rhythm of the natural world – its innocence and creativity, its power and splendour – hold profound lessons for us all. This illuminating treasury is a unique collection of reflections and poetry inspired by the ancient wisdom of this earth.

224pp, 162mm x 206mm, hardback, 2010, RRP £14.99

Code: 210115 Cygnus Price £8.49

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In this powerful and thoughtful book, Deborah King explores the relationship between the suppression of truth and its later manifestation as pain or illness. Deborah guides you through a process that allows you to connect the dots between 40% what’s happening to you physically and off! emotionally, uncover your truth, knowing that you don’t need to remember an event to heal from it, and form an honest and loving relationship with a healthy and happy you! Deborah’s areas of expertise include: addiction, relationships and divorce, self healing, menopause/sexuality and the mind/body connection. Through client histories, celebrity profiles, and sharing her own remarkable journey of healing, the author demonstrates how anyone can release deep-seated layers of denial, fear, and anger in order to heal the mind and body.

200pp, 152mm x 228mm, softback, 2009, RRP £8.99 Code: 190904 Cygnus Price £6.25 £5.39


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Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could transform your physical life to reflect your spiritual wholeness, natural grace and inner joy? The Radiant Warrior explores and guides you through four core spiritual paths: the paths of Awakening, Healing, Empowerment and Surrender. Based on Jason Chan’s unique combination of energy work, meditation and spiritual insights from a variety of teachings, including A Course in Miracles and Buddhist dharma, The Radiant Warrior is a practical and complete guide to the journey to become a spiritual master, with commitment to the highest levels of self-healing and selfless service. Learn how to trigger your own healing and awakening journey, speed up the unfolding of your true purpose; liberate the creativity, power and wisdom that lie within, and transform from a limited personality-self into a fearless Radiant Warrior.

246pp, 134mm x 216mm, softback, 2009, RRP £9.99 Code: 190917 Cygnus Price £4.99


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This is an absolutely gorgeous new edition of The Power of Intention, in which Wayne Dyer looks at a perennial subject from an unusual angle – now enhanced by an amazingly vibrant and colourful new format. He explores intention not as something you do, but as an energy you’re part of. He sees intention as a force in the universe that allows the act of creation to take place. By training ourselves to tune into this field of energy and step beyond our minds and egos, we can learn to flow with it, and experience its all-protecting, all-providing power. Wayne Dyer offers dynamic steps for learning to trust this invisible force and, in the final part of the book, gives a fascinating description of his vision of a world in harmony with the universal mind of intention.

280pp, 168mm x 240mm, illus. in colour, softback, 2010, RRP £12.99 Code: 210114 Cygnus Price £7.65


In Stop the Excuses!, Wayne Dyer reveals how to change the self-defeating thinking patterns that have prevented you from living at the highest levels of success, happiness, and health. In fact, they’re just excuses. So, modifying habituated thinking patterns means losing the tired old excuses and examining your beliefs in a new and truthful light. In this liberating work, Wayne presents a compendium of conscious and subconscious crutches employed by virtually everyone, along with ways to cast them aside once and for all. You’ll learn to apply specific questions to any excuse, and then proceed through the steps of a new paradigm. You’ll realise that there are no excuses worth defending, ever, even if they’ve always been part of your life – and the joy of releasing them will resonate throughout your very being. When you eliminate the need to explain your shortcomings or failures, you’ll awaken to the life of your dreams.

268pp, 152mm x 228mm, softback, 2009, RRP £9.99 Code: 190602 Cygnus Price £5.50

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It has been recognised for some time that developing compassion for oneself and others can help us face up to and win through challenges or hardship and find a sense of inner peace. However in modern societies we rarely focus on this key process that underpins successful coping and happiness and can be quick to dismiss the impact of modern living on our minds and well-being. Instead we concentrate on ‘doing, achieving’ and having’. Bestselling author and leading authority on depression, Professor Paul Gilbert takes you through mind training exercises for developing kindness and compassion for self and others, to help you learn how to use compassion to soothe your emotions, increase your courage and resilience, and enhance your feelings of contentment and well-being.

622pp, 128mm x 197mm, softback, 2010, RRP £9.99 Code: 200406 Cygnus Price £5.99 £4.99

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You could lead the life you’d love, if only you lived the one you’ve been given! In Count Your Blessings, Dr John F Demartini shows you how to break out of the vicious circle created by our normal negative, anxious reactions to difficult life situations. The old adage about making the most of what you’ve got forms the basis for 25 principles that will help you to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Through real-life examples, exercises, meditations and affirmations, Dr Demartini shows how you can use and develop your own inner resources, just by living in the present moment. Simply by learning to have an ‘attitude of gratitude’, you will unleash an infinite power to transform and heal.

240pp, 135mm x 216mm, softback, 2003, RRP £8.99 Code: 130710 Cygnus Price £4.99

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Crafting a Magical Life is a wonderful collection of craft ideas for manifesting your heart’s desire – creative projects that focus your intention and improve your spiritual connection. Carol Holaday provides clear, illustrated instructions for twenty practical magical and spiritual items and shows how to maximize their potential. Projects include wands, a divine dream pillow, a gemstone amulet, a divining pendulum, prayer beads, power talismans, mystic runes, and magical beeswax candles. Carol offers a wealth of ideas, including chants and prayers, to help stimulate your imagination. Her guides to colour, astrology, moon phases, crystals, metals, and numerology will help you focus your intent on specific goals. From love and wealth to happiness and health, craft the magical life you desire and deserve.

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Touching the Breath of Gaia guides you in learning how to create an energy field to interact with and activate the Acupuncture points of the Earth. It allows you to open a living dialogue with the Earth Soul, a connection to the Earth’s consciousness, so that you can communicate visions for a new and peaceful civilization. To achieve this, Marko Pogacnik has created the book as a ‘stone circle’ that embraces the planet. The sacred places and landscapes written about are the sites where Marko has introduced Earth healing work over the years and form an open circle around Gaia. By working with the beautiful, fluid line drawings and practising the personal meditations and rituals, you can build up your Earth soul connection to delight in healing, joy, companionship and better understanding of Gaia’s needs.


174pp, 260mm x 260mm, illus. in b&w, softback, 2007, RRP £10.99 Code: 170803 Cygnus Price £6.99 £6.50 42% off!


By placing Earth and its ecosystems at the centre of all our thinking, says Marian Van Eyk McCain, we can help restore its balance. In GreenSpirit she weaves together strands of ecology, spirituality and wholeness to introduce you to green spirituality. She explores the GreenSpirit orientation of seeing oneself as being of the Earth rather than on it, perceiving the Universe as a vast, holistic system. Venture through cosmology, via a spirituality centred on the beauty and mystery of the world we see around us, to Deep Ecology and Gaia Theory. You will also learn about the benefits of an ecologically-minded lifestyle that flows from a pure and boundless love of the Earth, rather than from fear or institutional direction. Discover how GreenSpirit can provide a way out of our current dilemmas and into a joyous, sustainable, peaceful and harmonious future, at a new level of consciousness.

294pp, 138mm x 214mm, softback, 2010, RRP £11.99 Code: 200415 Cygnus Price £7.20 £6.99

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248pp, 128mm x 196, softback, 2008, RRP £7.99 Code: 181108 Cygnus Price £3.99 £3.88

CYGNUS MEMBERS’ COMMENTS: PICK OF THE MONTH “I just finished reading The Shack by William P. Young and think you should alert all your readers to it. It’s an amazing piece of fiction, that was lent to me to read, when I was in a very sad and troubled place in my life. I read it in two sittings, it made me cry and smile, and has helped move on from a dark situation, to one where Light is appearing through the cracks in my great sadness.” Gabrielle Brierley

172pp, 150mm x 228mm, illus. in colour, softback, 2009, RRP £9.99 Code: 190514 Cygnus Price £6.99 £5.99


This wonderful story transforms from a ‘whodunnit’, to a deeply spiritual journey. A girl was abducted, and evidence that she may have been murdered was found in an abandoned shack deep in the wilderness. Years later, still in a great sadness, her father receives a note, apparently from God, inviting him back to that shack for a weekend. What he finds there changes his world forever. William P Young’s vivid and sensitive story considers some of the most difficult feelings to reconcile when dealing with our concepts of – and life with – God.

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In Shaman’s Wisdom Tony Samara describes off! the path which brought him to discover the traditions of Huachuma shamanism, a world of harmony and oneness, based on clear laws of nature in the material and energetic dimensions. Shaman’s Wisdom, Tony says, contains previously unpublished wisdom as practiced by a group of people whose history goes back 5,000 years. Tony provides practical energy exercises to help your body adjust physically, emotionally and spiritually to the cycles of nature and describes a diet that promotes optimum growth and harmonious levels of consciousness, so you can find the understanding that freedom is based on fitting into a Cosmos where all is One and where the One carries an expression of all. Shaman’s Wisdom is a wonderful guide to understanding the rhythms of nature, feeling the oneness of all, and knowing your part within the greater creation.

128pp, 127mm x 196mm, softback, 2009, RRP £7.99 Code: 210116 Cygnus Price £4.75


Shamanic journeys are doorways to parallel realities. Within these worlds, the journeyer will find helping spirits capable of guiding you towards your goals and dreams. These worlds offer you information about existing dilemmas and show you new possibilities for living a more fulfilling life. This is also a healing world and can help heal and soothe your mind, body, and your personal spirit or soul. For both beginners and seasoned practitioners, Shamanism: The Book of Journeys shows how to learn on your own with the help of your spirit guides. It is for healers who wish to introduce shamanic healing into their practice. It is a self guided tour because the true teachers of shamanism lie within and around you. These teachers are your spirit guides emanating from your innate ability to connect with and relate to the spirit of the animals and plants around you on our beautiful mother, The Earth.

190pp, 139mm x 216mm, softback, 2010, RRP £12.99 Code: 200925 Cygnus Price £7.65 £6.99

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Portals are special places where the energy is higher and where we (and the angels) can access teachings, energies and light. Once in a portal you can easily be transported into higher energies for transformation. There are also beings who can access Earth directly, without using a portal, like the Pleiadeans who come to Earth to radiate healing to us. Light containing spiritual information and knowledge radiates from certain stars and planets through twelve portals into Hollow Earth. Here it alters the blueprint of Earth in the highest possible way. Then Lady Gaia takes the amended blueprint and spreads its higher energy throughout the planet. This has an affect on us all. Agata, Northern Russia One of the most important, powerful and influential cosmic portals is opening at Agata, Northern Russia around 2012. It links to the Pleiades. Kundalini is the essential life force of a plant. It holds all the information and energy needed for its growth and when it is ignited the plant starts to shoot up. The conditions in which a flower is planted, soil, shelter, sun, rain and the tender care it receives clearly affect its vitality. It is exactly the same for a person. When the time and conditions are right, our kundalini rises and we start to wake up and expand spiritually. All stars and planets follow the same system and when the planetary kundalini of Earth is ignited in 2012 we will all see rapid spiritual growth. At the fall of Atlantis the kundalini of the planet was masculine and was held in the Gobi Desert by Sanat Kumara. It contained the low frequency energy of later Atlantis and this needs healing so that the planet can rise to ascension from 2012 onwards. In 2008, Mayan shamans moved the kundalini to Guatemala where it has become a feminine energy, bringing balance to the planetary life force. However, the Atlantean aspect of the kundalini still needs healing. In their efforts to do this the Pleiadeans access the Atlantean energy in Hollow Earth through the portal at Agata, Northern Russia. Now that the kundalini has moved from masculine to feminine and been taken to Guatemala, the Earth Star Chakras of everyone on the planet are coming into balance. The masculine force of the planet is relaxing and is being bathed in peace and healing. It is now changing from that of the fighting warrior to that of the peaceful warrior who works for the highest good with wisdom, while shielding the weak, poor and vulnerable. The masculine force is starting to help people on Earth to take the highest possible decisions and is bringing back the knowledge necessary for the planet to transform into harmonious coexistence with nature, animals and the whole of humanity. It is protective by being peaceful, strong, courageous and divinely guided. The Key of Agata is to balance the masculine and feminine energy to bring about harmonious

Portals of the Universe

co-existence. The Sound is that of a low soft gong rippling out into silence. The Colour is Pleiadean blue. Exercise: Visualization to heal and balance your kundalini 1. Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed. 2. Light a candle if possible. 3. Relax and close your eyes. 4. Ground yourself by imagining roots going from you deep into the earth. 5. Place Archangel Michael’s blue protective cloak around you. 6. Visualize yourself as a plant and take your roots into the soil, into your Earth Star chakra. How tall are you? What are your leaves like?

THE KEYS TO THE UNIVERSE Diana Cooper & Kathy Crosswell

In preparation for 2012, Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell’s new book, The Keys to the Universe, brings Free forward ancient CD! knowledge of the forty eight keys to universal knowledge and wisdom, and the two golden cosmic keys, one in Hollow Earth and one in Sirius. The book and CD will enable you to connect to the secrets of the animal kingdom, the nature kingdom, the elementals, archangels and beings of the angelic realms, cosmic Masters, the wisdom centre of the star systems and Hollow Earth. These keys also enable you to access your Higher Self and Monad (I AM Presence). Each has a sound and colour that unlocks the door to sacred knowledge. When you listen to the sound keys with your heart open, you will start your attunement to the Cosmic Keys held in Hollow Earth and Sirius. And when you hold all the keys to the universe you are an enlightened ascended master and you can access the true blueprint of Earth and help to bring it back.

192pp, 152mm x 218mm, illus in colour, softback + CD, 2010, RRP £9.99 Code: 201008 Cygnus Price £6.50

7. Now you wish to grow taller, so your roots must go deeper. Take them deep, deep into Hollow Earth. 8. Feel the warm sun and refreshing rain on you and watch or sense yourself grow. 9. Your roots are now receiving all that they need. Sense yourself growing up to Source now. How does this feel? 10. Separate yourself from the plant but still feel your roots are deep in the earth and your head in the heavens.

11. Ask the Pleiadean healers to heal and balance your ancient karma. Trust that this is being done. Thank them when they have finished. 12. When you are ready open your eyes, knowing that you have balanced your kundalini and have helped the planet to balance its kundalini too. Exercise: To be a peaceful warrior Whether you are a man or a woman practise being a peaceful warrior today and help everyone co-exist in harmony. Examples: If your children are quarrelling or you are with people who are arguing, instead of shouting, stay strong, centred and peaceful so that they feel your energy and calm down. If you are with those who are turbulent and anarchistic, calmly hold your vision of peace and a higher outcome, then see how this affects their mood.

From The Keys to the Universe, ©2010 by Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell, published by Findhorn. visit

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Can we wake up in time? Exploring human evolution from both scientific and mystical points of view, Peter Russell shows beyond any doubt that we are standing on the threshold of a major leap in our evolution. This leap, he says, could be as significant as the emergence of life itself, and at its core is a spiritual renaissance. We are being called to put into practice the perennial wisdom of the ages, and only through such a major shift in consciousness will we be able to manage successfully the awesome global crises now facing us. We are, says Russell, hurtling ever closer to an unprecedented moment of culmination – the ‘Omega’ of history – when humanity will face its evolutionary moment of truth. And, like every species when faced with deep challenge, we must evolve to survive. We must metamorphose into a species truly worthy of the name ‘wise’, a species no longer fettered by self-centredness, or by outdated attitudes and beliefs. How? This book will provide you with much valuable food for thought as you seek your own answers to this question, and will inspire you with the courage and perseverance you need to make your own personal evolution a reality.

226pp, 152mm x 228mm, illus. in b&w, softback, 2009, RRP £9.99 Code: 190302 Cygnus Price £5.99 £2.99

SPECIAL OFFER Buy ‘The Keys to the Universe’ & ‘Waking Up in Time’ together for £8.99

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Letters and poems from Cygnus members

Star Letter: FOOD FOR THE SOUL Dear Souls, 2010 – oh, what a year! I’ve been through so many twists and turns, ups and downs; doors closing and doors opening; changes to relationships, friendships, health, diet, exercise, hobbies, habits, opinions and feelings. But through it all – this gracious journey for which I am so grateful – that quiet inner voice of peace I feel within, the eternal loving presence that envelops me, reminds me that I am simply... growing. Oh, what food for the Soul! Thank you, Universe. Give me more! Peace be with us all. Steven J Hogg

Unconditional love I just want to say something, anything, so that it will make you happy I know you are a happy person I also know right now you seem troubled, but it will pass. Let me put my arms around you Gently let your head rest against my shoulder If I could be with you right now, we could talk it through But fate has other plans Be comforted tonight my angel knowing that you are in my thoughts Go to sleep and hug your pillow For there I shall be to comfort you through the night Always know I am with you as your spiritual partner Everything unfolding, is as it was meant to be, perfect in everyway You are, I know, a wonderful and beautiful person

Trust in the Higher Power Dear Friends, I wrote this verse to bring personal comfort to someone who lives offshore. There are times when love becomes very meaningful, especially when you are separated from someone whom you know and care for in a much more special way than normal. When we find ourselves in circumstances that test us, we must learn to trust in the higher power, and just let it be. Although we desperately want to change the situation because it makes us feel uncomfortable, the situation may be there to teach us something that we need to know on a more spiritual level. We must accept the present situation and learn to know that we are all a part of the whole universal scheme and we are not really separate at all. One day we will see that this is so. Powerful Times Without power a lot of things would not be achieved or goals reached. Power is important. It’s also basically a neutral thing unless it’s in the hands of a madman or a dictator when it becomes dangerous. I’ve been thinking about those who use power to effect positive change in the lives of others, people like Gareth Malone the choirmaster, Mary Portas and Nelson Mandela. As individuals we too have choices where power is concerned. We can abuse it, by control and domination or we can transform and heal, touching others at a profound level. Motivation is everything here and when we are truly powerful, we


Janet Baxter

It will come right in the end. Don’t worry or fret yourself God may reward us both in time, so smile and laugh out loud Send the little worry monsters away, they have no part to play You are a wonderful child of God and your light shines bright Sleep well, Goodnight. James Cottrell can also be inspirational. We have balance with energy hopefully flowing in both directions. It’s a win-win situation for all concerned. This is my personal ‘Power Five’: the things which have been powerful, positive influences in my life (so far!) The Power of the Soul The Power of Touch (including healing) The Power of Words The Power of Music The Power of Nature Maybe you have your own power five (or more). Let’s focus our power now. Nicola Wood (see p. 8 Find Your Power)

Winter’s Eve The sun departs In a myriad blaze of colours Westering the day to distant shores And from my hillside vantage An advancing wreath of mist Steals across the valley, Extinguishing the plethora of lights One by one As an owl might draw a curtain Mute winged David Coles Reflections As the sun rises, so comes the dawn of hope As the glistening leaf trembles in this gentle breeze, so change the fortunes of time As the dark sky blazes with streaks of earthbound lightning, so is the power of love As the snowdrop signals the return of glorious spring, so flow our tears of joy As the summer heat haze ripples across green fields and golden sands, so we bask in the sensuality of timelessness As the autumn gold arrives, scented by the sweet smell of mother earth and we behold dark white mists gently veiling amber sunrises and sunsets, so the eternal cycle of the seasons is completed once more As the lovers kiss and caress each other sharing their dreams, so we are reminded of the intensity and beauty of youthfulness As pearls of the early morning dew evaporate, so is the passing of the cherished moments of life As a teardrop flows in the wind, so we are reminded of the happiness of yesterday As the wild poppy quickly blooms and withers away, so is the nature of all creation As the stars twinkle in their constellations, so is the eternity of time As the sun sets, so comes the peace of our being. John Pickip THE WRITER OF OUR ‘STAR’ LETTER OR POEM WILL RECEIVE A £10 VOUCHER. WHY NOT WRITE TO YOUR CYGNUS FRIENDS? Write about whatever inspires you. If you have an insight, experience or poem, please write it down in NOT MORE THAN 250 WORDS (or, if it is a poem, in NOT MORE THAN 24 LINES) and send it by post or email. If you send it by email, to, please include ‘Chat Page’ in the subject line, dropping your text into the body of the email. IF YOUR CONTRIBUTION IS PUBLISHED ON THIS PAGE, OR ON OUR WEBSITE, YOU WILL RECEIVE A £5 CYGNUS VOUCHER

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EVENTS, COURSES & WORKSHOPS THE UNICORN CENTRE FOR SPIRITUAL LEARNING in Somerset. Correspondence, Teacher Training, Healing Practitioner, workshops in Spiritual Life Awareness, Angels, Unicorns, 2012, Reiki, Lemurian Healing. Tel: 01460 53699 Visit:

CRYSTAL & SOUND HEALING by correspondence. Crystal/Sonic RejuvenationTM - natural face-lift; Sound Healing to practitioner level; Past Life Regression. All courses with professional accredited College. 01984 633597 visit

COURSES WITH LITA DE ALBERDI. Courses include Channelling, Awakening Your Light Body, Reiki, Animal Healing, Ascension, Psychic Development, Seven Rays, Becoming a Teacher, How to Teach Meditation and more. All courses held near Glastonbury. Tel 01458 211047 visit HEALTH & HEALING WITH JANET DARE, Herbalist/Astrologer. Wyboston Lakes 11th-13th March, Leicester 13th-15th May. ‘Inner Journey’/Ancient Wisdom with Gary Kidgell, Scarborough April 1-4th T: 0778 032 2695

ANAM CARA RETREAT CENTRE, Scottish Highlands, Inverness. Residential workshops and retreats in Buddhism, Shamanism,Bushcraft, Sweatlodge Ceremonies, Soul Quest, Ancient Crafts, Healing Arts and working retreats. To request a programme, tel. 01463 711702 email: visit: KARUNA REIKI® The next step for Reiki Masters (all lineages) seekers of Universal Truth and Compassion. 3 day classes set in beautiful Peak District. Contact Janet Roome (UK Karuna Reiki Rep) Tel. 01629 733 227 email: visit ANGELIC REIKI Experience the absolute joy of healing with the Angels. Workshops and treatments in Norfolk. Will travel by invitation to facilitate workshops. Contact Alison on Tel. 07540 938107

HEAL YOUR LIFE® 2-day workshop. A powerful, life-changing workshop based on the philosophy of Louise Hay. 22nd & 23rd January 2011. Derby. Call Amy on 07981 009 110 or visit

SPIRITUAL TOURS-SECRETS OF EGYPT from £665. Your soul is calling. Includes 5 star Nile Cruise, private Egyptologist, spiritual workshops, ceremonies, meditations, sacred temples. Spiritual facilitator 28 years experience. Additional options - Cairo, Sphinx/Pyramids, Kings Chamber. Call Christine. 020 8305 2317 LEARN COLOUR REIKI with Spirit of the Peak Centre for Reiki Training, in beautiful Derbyshire, Peak District. 26/27 March 2011. Tel 01629 733227 email:

CAMBRIDGE Jan 22nd/23rd - Discover the secrets of the most knowledgeable, inspiring teachers in the UK. Let 2011 be the year you achieve the happiness, abundance and success you absolutely deserve! READ YOUR CLIENT: ESSENTIAL TRAINING FOR HYPNOTHERAPISTS - Improve focus, build confidence, do less paperwork, increase client list. Qualification entitles membership to the National Council of Psychotherapists. 2x2 days Starting February 11th/12th. Call Jenny Lynn for a prospectus 01371 859994 CERTIFIED AURICULAR ACUPUNCTURE 2 DAY COURSE. Intensive practical training in use of auricular needling practice. Allows therapist to obtain insurance and practice. Contact 07857 393560. FOLLOW YOUR ANGEL PATH in South Wales: workshops, courses, healing and readings with Anthea Todd ATP®, certified by Doreen Virtue PhD, Diana Cooper Teacher and Reiki Master. Call 01792 862 687 or visit WILD GOOSE CHIGONG. A graceful sequence of movements for health. Learn to wear your body more comfortably. One Saturday a month near Carmarthen, South Wales. Contact Anne on 01554 833953

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JESSICA - CLAIRVOYANT/MEDIUM. Professional, Experienced - relationships, career, direction etc. Specialising in mediumship - communicate with loved ones who have passed over. Telephone readings: £22 per 30 mins/£30 per 45 mins. Also Personal Readings & Party Bookings. Tel: 0117 3737 405 or 07800 929257.

NORTH WEST IRELAND Fully ecologic wooden Feng Shui House for sale on 1.8 acres. Strong healing energy, near sacred sites, overlooking a lake and 4 counties.15 min from Ocean. Price reduced from €650,000 - now €470,000 (ono). Visit Tel. 00353-719854186 SMALL CENTRE IN WEST CORNWALL Sancreed village, Penzance area for sale. Former vicarage has been run as retreat/art centre and has a good atmosphere. Large house, 6 bedrooms,big group room, 2 flats, 1 acre lovely garden, conservatory and permission for 3 chalets to be rebuilt ,could suit various projects. 01736 810409

COMPANION ANIMAL LOSS LISTENING LINE (CALLL) Christine cares and truly understands the pain of pet loss. She is fully trained in pet bereavement. Calll 0115 840 2737 email: visit

EVER FELT YOUR ISSUE ISN’T ACTUALLY YOURS? Nikki Wyatt, The Karma Coach, helps release ancestral issues. Karmic Flower and Crystal Essences. Learn your soul gifts with a FREE soul flower reading available at:

CHANNELLED READINGS AND MEDIUMSHIP: Phone sessions densely packed with clear, accurate, waffle-free information, pointers to your growth and development and healing messages from family, pets, loved ones. Corinne Jeffrey (01264) 791071/+44 1264 791071 ERIN, GIFTED PSYCHIC & MEDIUM. Telephone readings: messages, guidance & healing available immediately, day or evening with experienced reader visit Tel. 01239 615299 or 07786 906576

ENERGETIC MEDICINE for acute and chronic conditions – including degenerative diseases, nervous system disorders and emotional healing 30+ years experience of healing, teaching and counselling. Silvia Martin TSBMS, MAMP(Mexico) Tel (UK): 07939 128025

NEGATIVE ENERGY RELEASE. Safely release negativity affecting your life. Professional remote scanning facilitates the release of negative thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, past life issues, attachments etc. Contact Heather Smith 01747 860305

INTERNATIONAL CLAIRVOYANT JENI COUSINS. Accurate phone and past life readings to answer questions with clarity to guide you on the right path to find peace within your soul. Tel 02891 465987

JANET - NATURAL INTUITIVE, In-depth reading plus healing crystal. Send full name, DOB & photo (returnable) plus £25 cheque payable to J. Norton, 25 Laurel Road, Armthorpe, Doncaster DN3 2ES ENERGY BASE Stonehaven AB39 2JA for Energy Healing (hands on and remote) - Grief and Trauma Counselling - Spiritual Development Mentoring. Tel 01569 763903 or visit website

TWO MOONS HEALING ASSOCIATION Healing, Energy Clearance, Astrology Readings, Spiritual Development, Workshops. Contact: Charlie 020 8671 4756; Janet 07894 537001;;

SARAH’S PSYCHIC, SPIRIT GUIDE, Past Life readings and remote reiki healing sessions. Genuine and detailed by post, email or recorded mp3 usually £20, now £16 Dec & Jan Tel. 0161 969 2081 email.

BE THE BEST, HOLISTIC HEALING. Phone sessions with experienced therapist. Working with Crystals, Reiki, Nutrition, Kinesiology techniques and more. Contact Claire on 01392 833568 to get things moving!

EXPERIENCED PRACTITIONER, HEALER, Reiki teacher & holistic artist. Workshops for self-healing; Crystals, Reflexology, Reiki & more. Holistic, tools, art-work, bespoke elixirs, amulets & more; online shop. Telephone 01530 831798

ANNE LEWIS, SPIRITUAL MEDIUM. Taped postal readings, guidance from loved ones in spirit £25.00, send photograph and any questions to Fourwinds Cottage, Main Street, Broomfleet, Brough HU15 1RJ. Tel: 01430 424568

‘THERE IS HOPE’ POETRY BOOK, based on a grandmother’s loss of contact with grandchildren and hope for the future. Available on-line and bookshops. Price £6.99 for more info.

ANGEL CHANNELLING by Laura Newbury, author of An Angels’ Guide to Working with the Power of Light, answering your questions for help and guidance, visit or Tel:07729050035


VEGIVENTURES HOLIDAYS, tours and short breaks in Britain, Turkey, Peru and the Caribbean. Great vegetarian/vegan food, small friendly groups, environment oriented. Tel: +44 (0)1760 755888, Email visit

MAGICAL PEMBROKESHIRE Two idyllic s/c cottages, sleeps 2&5. Four poster. C.H. wood burners. Fully equipped. Spiritual/Reiki/Seichem/ Healings available during your stay in these tranquil surroundings. Tel: Pam 01994 419439

COMFORTABLE B&B, HAMMERSMITH, LONDON. Central, quiet, close to river, pubs, restaurants, all attractions. Ideal base holidays, courses, exhibitions, business. Double/twin/triple £26pppn. Single £39. Tel: Anne/Sohel Armanios 020 7385 4904 visit

LOVELY, SELF-CONTAINED, ONE FLOOR COTTAGE, nr Bath, Longleat & Stourhead. Sleeps 4. 48ft lounge, flat screen tv, indoor swimming pool, fishing, glorious countryside. £100 per day. Tel. 01749 813890 email:

SCARBOROUGH ‘FOUNTAINS COURT HOTEL’ specialising in health breaks, relaxation, personal change & spiritual development. Vegetarian. Hot-tub, sauna, Zen garden. Tel 01723 381118 visit

Y BWTHYN BACH. Cosy, one room, self-catering, barn conversion with wood stove, in a beautiful garden, with immediate access to wild North Pembrokeshire countryside and 1 mile from the coast. Perfect for walking, meditation, writing etc. Tel. 01348 811282 or visit BREATHING SPACE: A Holistic Retreat for Women. Set in a tranquil area of Norfolk. Sandy beaches and broads nearby. Relax, unwind and just ‘be’. Enjoy a warm welcome, nutritional home cooked food. Local recommended therapists. Tel. 01692 582233 visit CORNWALL HOLIDAY IN BUDE, spacious bungalow, sleeps 5 short walk to town, wild, beautiful beaches, coastal paths, short drive to Tintagel, Dartmoor. Available December onwards. Contact Joanna: 01753 527722/07766974431 email:

GAUNTS HOUSE, DORSET offers an annual programme of residential courses, retreats and events. Established workshop and day conference venue. Presently inviting applications for community and Wwoofing. Tel. 01202 841522 or visit:

PYRENEES (PAU), NEAR LOURDES, converted barn (2 bed/bath), cosy but stylish, for your own personal getaway: beautiful, peaceful and affordable. Come for a healing break, retreat or holiday., Jacqueline Tel. 0033559064733.

SELF-CATERING HOLIDAY/RETREAT COTTAGE in mystical forest in Brittany. Tune into nature, its peace and wisdom. Guided personal retreats also available.For details: tel; 0033 299 078654, email : BEAUTIFUL LOG CABIN IN PEACEFUL SETTING. Ideal base for reflection, meditation & within walking distance of the Pembrokeshire coast. Reconnection Healing and The Reconnection available. Telephone Charlotte on 07976 269684 or 01994 453316.

AYURVEDA RETREATS AT SEREN RETREAT Relax & Rejuvenate in the heart of Gower. Take charge of your health & wellbeing Also: Polarity Therapy Training & Kundalini Yoga Tel 01792 371421

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