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What's Your Travel Type?

Story  by Savannah Scriven | Design by Amanda Smith 

Do you prefer spas or hiking? Cities or mountains? Staying at home or going to a foreign country?

Dr. Carla Jellum, recreation, tourism and event management professor asks, “Have you ever needed a vacation from your vacation?” The tourism industry is composed of many individuals with unique travel styles. Take this quiz to find out which travel type you are!

Which describes you best?

A) You like living life on the edge

B) You like being in the spotlight

C) You like to be cautious

D) You like to spoil yourself

E) You like to be lazy

You get excited about planning a trip when…

A) You can book a challenging activity

B) You can go to a famous landmark

C) You find a great deal on your flight

D) You will get to be treated like royalty

E) You can feel right at home while you’re away

When travelling, what is the most important to you?

A) Exploring a unique area

B) Getting good photos

C) Saving money

D) Feeling rich and relaxed

E) You don’t really like to travel

What sounds like more fun to you?

A) Going on a hike

B) Photoshoots

C) Free food/drink sampling

D) Being pampered at a spa

E) Netflix or video games

What kinds of places do you want to visit?

A) Countries you’ve never been to

B) Beautiful landscapes

C) Inexpensive attractions

D) The best resorts your money can buy

E) New stores or restaurants downtown

When booking accommodations, your ideal location would be at…

A) A hostel

B) Somewhere with a view

C) A regular hotel/motel

D) A penthouse suite

E) Your house

When looking for a restaurant during a trip, you like to…

A) Try something new

B) Find a place that’s TV famous

C) Go somewhere cheap

D) Be dined at a five-star

E) Play it safe, just get your usual

What scares you the most when you’re travelling?

A) Nothing, you’re fearless

B) Not looking your best

C) Spending too much money

D) Having to sacrifice your comforts

E) Travelling in general

When going out with your group of friends, you tend to be…

A) The leader

B) The photographer

C) The planner

D) The shopper

E) The reserved

At the end of a trip you tend to...

A) Admire your accomplishments

B) Post your best photos

C) Think about the money you saved (or spent)

D) Dread and complain about your regular life

E) Go home and stay in bed


(Each answer is worth one point)!

A: __________ B: __________ C: __________ D: __________ E: __________

If you primarily chose A: You are an ADVENTURER!

You are not afraid to seek new experiences. These can be adrenaline-filled activities or simply going to a place you are unfamiliar with. Dr. David Rolfe, assistant professor of recreation and sport management, says adventurers are “not afraid to get out of their comfort zone [or] sleep on the ground.” Unlike others, you are always down for trying something different. Your courageous attitude and leadership qualities will take you far in your journeys.

If you primarily chose B: You are an INSTAGRAMMER!

Looking your best and taking photos of everything, including yourself, on your vacation is important. Notifications of likes and comments on your newest adventures tend to boost your happiness. Pictures are your favorite way to document trips and to make sure everyone knows what you’re up to. You might be found taking a selfie on the Las Vegas strip or next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Your photography skills will make you a great influencer someday!

If you primarily chose C: You are a BUDGETER!

For you, saving money is a must. You will do extensive planning and stay in a lower rated hotel so that you can eat fancy once or twice. Dr. Robert Perkins, leadership and recreation, tourism and events professor says budgeters like to “maximize enjoyment and the uniqueness of their trip through control of their finances.” Going to a destination during an off season, finding a hot sale or especially free events are addicting to you.

If you primarily chose D: You are the BOUGIE:

Luxurious, the highest class, above the rest, you are focused on the top dollar. Perkins says for you, “It’s not a matter of eating at a pizza place, it’s a matter of eating at THE pizza place.” You will put yourself above your regular income bracket to live and be treated like a celebrity. Spending a little more than you have is worth it when you can stay at the nicest resort, get wined, dined and pampered like the king or queen you are.

If you primarily chose E: You are a STAYCATIONER!

Although there are many thrilling activities that you see on TV or in a magazine, you would much rather spend your time in the comforts of your own home. Your version of a vacation might include ordering a pizza and having a movie night or going to a local museum or concert for an hour or so. You will be content as long as you are back in your own bed by the end of the night.