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Editor's Note


Editor Bailee Wicks celebrates after the victory in La Jolla, California. 

PULSE sent seven of our staff members to the ACP/CMBAM National Midwinter Journalism Conference in La Jolla, Calif. last weekend. As we sat anxiously while they named the top five in the “Best of Show” category for Feature Magazines, we heard the names of well-known schools get called one after the other, but not PULSE. Second place was given to a school who PULSE has never beat before and my heart sank. In that moment, I was worried that we did not place, but my team reassured me that there was still hope. As I sat at the edge of my seat, first place was called and PULSE won!

To read more about our national win and the rest of the conference, flip to page eight.

Human trafficking happens more often and is closer to us than you would think. Washington state is ranked twelfth out of 50 states for the most trafficking. To learn more and familiarize yourself with the signs of human trafficking, start on page 44.

ADHD is more than just rowdy and hyper children--it affects all ages, races and genders. But because of our pre-conceived notions as well as other factors, certain demographics go widely underdiagnosed, creating a stigma around ADHD and mental health. To find out the truth and understand the feelings behind those who have been diagnosed, read “Focus: Why is ADHD more prevalent than ever, yet undiagnosed in many?” starting on page 32.

Did you know that there are less than 100 days until graduation? The panic has started to settle in for many seniors about graduating, finding jobs, moving and leaving their friends from CWU behind. To learn some tips and tricks on how to survive this ‘Quarter-Life Crisis,’ start on page 22.

As a senior, this was the last academic conference I will ever attend on PULSE’s behalf and even days later, I am still beaming with pride over the “Best in Show” national win. As the EIC, I am not only proud of this accomplishment, but I am also impressed by the collaboration put in by all members of the PULSE team. We are not just students or colleagues, we are friends who share the same goal: making PULSE Magazine even better for you, our readers. Thank you for letting us do what we love and we are honored to bring this first place award back to CWU!

Cheers to the next three issues!

-Bailee Wicks