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Welcome to Topz 2012! And welcome to another year in which we can help you to grow closer to God, understand the Bible better and build your faith. Reading Topz is just one way to help you with this. There are lots of other things you can do to make your relationship with God stronger. Whether it’s by praying, getting involved in a club at your church, going on a Christian holiday or camp, or some other way – talk to someone about helping you make it happen. You could really make this a year to remember if you find ways to get closer to God. Why not write to me at Topz and tell me how you hope to grow in your faith and remember the goodness of God. We’ve discovered some amazing days to remember (and some to forget!) in the Bible – and the Gang will take you through them in the first section of this Topz. We also find out a bit more about the prayer most of you can probably remember – the Lord’s Prayer – and, in our ‘Home At Last’ section, a story from the Bible which shows us clearly that the Lord never forgets. The Gang can also be found having a ‘swimming’ time – and a couple of them are acting rather mysteriously ... Could there be love in the air? Whatever else you remember or forget about this year, my prayer is that you will always remember that God loves you, and may you never forget that He is there for you, no matter what.

‘… remember your Creator while you are still young ...’ Ecclesiastes 12 v 1

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How to use

O It may be that some of you haven’t looked inside a Bible very much before. If so, here are a few helpful hints:

1: Each day in Topz there’s a Bible reading. It’s shown like this:


25 v 2–5

2: To find this, turn to the Contents page near the front of your Bible and look for the name of the book – which in the example above is Genesis. Now find the page this book starts on and turn to it. 3: Y ou will have to turn on a few pages now to get to the right chapter.

4: Now look for the verse numbers which will be in smaller type. The chapter and verse will look like this:



5: A fter reading the Bible passage, go back to the Topz page and see what it says. Each day ends with a prayer and sometimes an action point too. To solve the puzzles in Topz you will need a Good News Bible. If you don’t want to turn to the Contents page of your Bible all the time, you will see we’ve listed all the Bible books in order for you (see left). The ones you’ll be reading from in this Topz are highlighted with a star . Use this Topz Marker to keep your place in Topz. Cut it out and stick it to a piece of card to strengthen it.

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A DAY TO REMEMBER One day, last summer ...

Oh what a beautiful morning ...

Well, I guess it’s just one of those days!

During this year, we will probably all have good days and bad days, days we’ll want to remember and days we’d rather forget. Life has always been that way – even in Bible times! Look at these days for instance ... 3

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43 v 18–21

A new start

My new year resolution is to get up when Mum tells me. What’s yours?

Today’s Bible reading has some good news for John. Follow the arrows.

I’m not making a resolution this year. What’s the use?

I always break it straightaway!





Watch for


of I’ll do.

past. the



God’s people were prisoners of war. In today’s verses, God says He will give them a new start. He will rescue them and lead them safely home. What must they do (v 21)?


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Thank You, Lord Jesus, that You give me a fresh start today and every day. Amen.

Don’t just rely on yourself. Rely on Jesus to help you.

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The greatest day


5 v 1–9

Write the answers to these questions on the five pillars. 1. What was the place called where there were five porches? (See verse 2.) 2,3 What kinds of disabilities did the people in this place have? and 4. (See verse 3.) 5. How many years had the man that Jesus spoke to been there? What a great day for this man – he was able to walk after thirty-eight years. Jesus is the greatest man who ever lived. Only He can change lives. When Jesus comes things are never the same again. Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for healing that man. Thank You for Your love and power to heal. Thank You that You help me today. Amen.

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Jesus says to you, ‘Do you want Me to help you?’ What is your answer?


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19 v 1–10

The happiest day Can you remember a very happy day in your life? What was it?

I’ll never forget this place.

We’d love it if you wrote to us at Topz to tell us about it. Zacchaeus collected money for the enemy, and he was a thief. Everybody hated him. But Jesus loved him and knew how much he wanted to change and be good. Read this Bible verse.

(Draw a line across the top and bottom from x to x and then colour the shapes:)


Thank You, Lord Jesus, for loving me just as much as You loved Zacchaeus. Amen.

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Can you think of a day that was happy because you understood something special about Jesus? If you can, say thank You to Jesus.

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Brighter every day I don’t know what to do.

What a rotten day. I’m bored.

There’s nothing good on telly.

4th JANUARY Proverbs

4 v 18

I’m fed up with my Christmas toys.

Do you ever feel like this? When this happens, talk to Jesus about it and ask Him to help. Each day can be an opportunity to find out more about Jesus and show His love to others. Life with Jesus can get better and better because each day we can discover more about His love. dots Join the t ou to find l see in who we’l t in ligh full day heaven.

Dear Lord Jesus, every day with You is a day worth living. Amen. 7

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5th JANUARY Psalm

84 v 10–12

A day with Jesus The psalmist wrote the words in today’s Bible reading because to him the Temple was the place where he could be with God – and God is the best Person in the world. Having God as our friend at home and school is better than being anywhere in the world without Him. Colour the picture. R = Red, B = Blue, Gr = Green, Y=Yellow.


Dear Lord Jesus, it’s brilliant that You want to be with me today. Amen.

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One day lived for God is better than a whole life without Him.

23/8/11 11:00:00


A day without end H a


_ _ _ _ _ _____ ______ ____.



v r w d e



l e And the gates close at 4.30.

Dear God, this is one day I would not want to miss, being happy in heaven with You. Amen.

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21 v 22–25

n o s

Start here and follow the lines.

We’ll have to go soon, it’s getting dark.

6th JANUARY Revelation




e c

The verses in today’s reading describe something amazing ... a never-ending day. No end to joy and happiness, being with Jesus for ever, a day when all bad things have passed away.

Read today’s reading again. In verse 22, ‘the Lamb’ means Jesus.


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