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MAY 2013 • Issue ONE •


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Issue one | MAY 13

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Welcome to the inaugural issue of Christian Life. It is with great excitement that we launch what is an exciting new format for New Zealand’s Christians, and the Christian community in general. Our newspaper is not only monthly, but also completely free of charge. We are not even making subscriptions available – if you want to read this great publication, you either have to get to your local Christian bookstore to collect your copy, or each month you can head to our website,, where the iPad edition is available to read. While we feel that subscription-paid models of Christian media are not the future, this does not mean we do not see an incredibly bright future for Christian publishing. We are specialising in making our media completely free of charge. At the end of the day, if the mainstream media companies are struggling to make paid media work, then Christian media has it even tougher. So we are very confident that we have a publication that will be around for a long way to come.


Our vision for Christian Life is much more than general news; each issue is packed with encouraging articles that help not only build your faith, but make Christian Life an ideal newspaper to pass on to those who are not quite as dedicated to the Christian faith as you and I might be. So to grab your copy each month, simply get to your local bookshop, where you can pick up a free copy. Or while you’re there, grab a few copies and pass them on to your family, friends and church family. We want to spread the great work of God throughout this great nation – and the world. Thanks for joining us, and I am hoping you’ll be bursting to read each issue each and every month. Gemma Margerison Editor

PO Box 56264, Dominion Road, Auckland 1446andP uncertain 09 309 6969 / 0800 469269 E Reg. Charity No. CC37218 All gifts over $5 qualify for a tax rebate receipt. Orphanage life is monotonous for 96,000 children in Ukraine like Yaroslava

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Since last June, when Henk Kamsteeg was promoted to glory, a new Trust and Board is heading up the Christians for Israel (C4I NZ) ministry in New Zealand and the South Pacific.

The Leadership includes:

• Rev. Hon .Graeme Lee (Chairman and National Leader) has been a strong supporter of Israel including his 15 years as a national Member of Parliament. More latterly he heads a Ministry Complex and is a chief organizer of major Evangelistic outreaches. • Ps. Dr. Brian Hughes (Deputy Chairman) is the senior Calvary Church leader in New Zealand and currently serves on the NZ "Heads of Churches" group. • Rev. John Gummer (Secretary) has been a Missionary and the National Leader of the Christian & Missionary Alliance Churches in NZ. He is presently General Manager of the Christian Ministry Centre.


• Denis Smith (Treasurer) is a retired Senior Bank Manager who has over the years served as a Treasurer or Secretary on many committees including NZ Christian network.He is a past chairman of Open Air Campaigners. He is an Elder in his Presbyterian Church.

• Encourage and Educate the Church Our mission is to bring Biblical understanding in the church and among the nations concerning God’s purposes for Israel and to promote comfort to Israel through prayer and action • Promote Restoration of Israel Our vision is to establish a global network of Christians having local impact, for the blessing of the nation of Israel, the Jewish people and the Church. Our strategy is to equip Christians in the nations to understand God’s purposes with the Jewish people and the nation of Israel and to stand in the gap between Israel and the Church. • Christians for Israel NZ has been answering this by sending funds for years to help with the Aliyah programme i.e. Assisting needy Jewish people in places like Russia and the ‘Stan’ countries to be transported to Israel and established in their new life. • The opportunities are now and finance is our best way. We never know when doors will close our very successful partnership with the Ebenezer Fund. • Communication • Christians for Israel produce for the world an outstanding bi-monthly paper. The paper is free to New Zealanders. The articles are powerful and up to date. The paper gives answers to the issues for the day unlike any other. Furthermore it is not just from Christian writers. Most articles come from leaders, media and national commentators who ‘say it how it is.’ Each paper contains 15-20 relevant articles! Every Christian needs to read this vital publication. The paper also gives people opportunities to financially sustain this Ministry and give to Projects. Before his death Henk handed the editorial responsibility of the paper to Chritans for Israel – Canada. • Prayer • Remember what Jesus says that the glorious day of His return and reign is dependent on Israel inviting the Lord back (Matt 23-30). Therefore to pray for the full restoration of Israel. Jerusalem is the City of Peace (Psalm 122:6=7 and note this – ‘May those who love you prosper!’


• Graham Simpson (Legal Affairs) is a lawyer. He is an Anglican and chairman of the Church Army NZ. He is also a Board member of the NZ Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship.

ISRAEL UNDER Both israel INCREASING THREAT and the church are

separate identities but need each other

• Israel is under greater pressure than ever from hostile surrounding nations and an indifferent world. • Anti-Semitism is at an all-time high. • Israel is an increasingly secular humanist society but beginning to realise the evangelical church is their best friend. • However God is about to fulfil prophecy about ‘end times’ and reveal His specific purposes and destiny for Israel.

There is a teaching which has plagued the church since its earliest day. It is endemic today. It is called Replacement Theology or Supercessionist Theology. It means in plain terms that God has replaced Israel with the Church. That the Abrahamic Covenant has been annulled and the promises and purposes of God have now been transferred to the Church. The Word of God teaches very clearly that both the Church and Israel are separate identities and have separate purposes in God. Paul in Romans 9 – 11 makes it very clear that the Church, like a wild olive tree is grafted into Israel the natural olive tree. Rev 11: 17 – 18. Paul emphasises this again in Ephesians 2: 11-13. Paul also makes it clear that Israel’s calling is irrevocable Rev 11:29. The Church and Israel need each other!!!

National Leader Secretary

Graeme Lee John Gummer

Phone Office 09 525 7564 Phone Office 09 974 2613

Mobile 0274 923 238 Email Mobile 021 534 407 Email



PO Box 12006 Penrose Auckland 1642


297A Church Street Penrose Auckland 1061 | 3

The musical journey of BRYCE WASTNEY By Gemma Margerison | Editor

May 1 marked the launch of a global career for Nelson-born singer-songwriter Bryce Wastney. His new single, Dead Man Walking, is the first release from his recent record deal with USA label Musik and Film, and is now available to download from iTunes. “It’s been a fantastic experience to work on the single with world-class producers Stephen Wrench (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Toto, Rick Springfield), Terry Nails (Ozzy Osbourne, Axl Rose, Tommy Tutone) and Eric Charlton,” he says. “I am excited for New Zealand-

ers to hear the new single and am looking forward to launching my music into the global music market through my association with Musik and Film.” Wastney was introduced to the record company through his sideline graphics and design business. “I was consulting on a talent competition website for Musik and Film and they asked to listen to my songs… the rest is history,” he says. With a portfolio spanning four decades, including some of the biggest bands on the planet, and a promo-

tion service that reaches 50,000 radio stations, it’s no wonder Wastney considers the new collaboration to be a career-changing one. President of Musik and Film, Stephen Wrench, said that working with the singer has been a very positive experience for them too. “What a pleasure it is to work with Bryce - a real talent - with original songs,” he says. “Bryce has such a unique view on life and the ability to cross genres with real music for all.” As he continues to record Wastney hopes that Dead

The KiwiSaver Scheme for Christians The Koinonia Fund - Ethically invested - Ethically managed Contact us for the eligibility conditions and a copy of the Investment Statement. 0508 RETIRE (738 473) - - Administered by The New Zealand Anglican Church Pension Board 4 | Christian Life Issue One May 13

It’s completely amazing to be used as a channel for music that people will listen to if they’ve had a hard day at work or if they’ve lost a loved one and they need a little bit of a pick-up. It’s an awesome walk; all credit to God,” Man Walking will be the first of four singles to be released this year in the build up towards making an EP. This will come on the back of Wastney’s two previous albums, Hope Mountain, which was released in 2012, and the 2010 release A Perfect Day for Travel, from which six songs were featured in the award-winning Kiwi film The Last Paradise. “I also have a theatre show that I’m preparing for with NZ Music Month this month in New Plymouth,” says Wastney. “Then I have a 15-date national tour with NZ Blues icon Paul Ubana Jones in September. We will travel the country playing concerts together. Paul has been gigging with Bob Dylan so I’m looking forward to chats in the car.” On top of all that Wastney says that his goals for the year also include a trip to Indonesia to visit his two sponsor children through World Vision and Compassion, charities that are close to the singer’s heart. In September 2011, Wastney completed his 11-day Light My Way tour around New Zealand’s North Island with TEAR Fund to help promote child sponsorship. However, music hasn’t always been a fulltime job for Wastney, who initially pursued a career as a trade certified boat builder, and worked in both New Zealand and Australia repairing yachts. Then, when toxic poisoning from the fibreglass and paint fumes forced Wastney to re-train, he graduated from a university in Sydney with a visual arts/teaching degree and a newly-found love for the acoustic guitar. “I started playing piano when I was about five years old and went right through the grades. But I got completely sick and tired of spending all my time indoors practicing so I got into sports like windsurfing and mountain biking and running. The whole music side just stopped until I was about 27 years old when I picked up a guitar and just loved it,” he says. After countless busking sessions and open mic nights, Wastney got on board a luxury cruise liner and spent three months telling stories and singing classic kiwi songs in the cocktail lounge. It was during this time that Wastney became a seasoned live performer and discovered his abilities as a songwriter. “I decided I wanted to do this as a fulltime job, to do bigger concerts and sing songs about hope, songs that inspire people and make people feel better, songs that have got a bit of depth to them,” he says. “All my songs have got a real Christian meaning to them. Every single one of them I’ve played in churches as a guest artist or at a baptism or a wedding and I’ve played the same ones in a bar. They’re hope-filled songs about life and personal experiences.”



In 2011 Wastney made the move to Melbourne, where he worked in the city as a musician, and established a reputation on the indie circuit. “Melbourne, in the Australian music scene, is probably the vibrant place to be at the moment. It’s got lots of arts and little cafes and shows, there’s enough to keep you quite busy,” he says. However, Wastney returned to Nelson in mid-2012 and has since been performing with Paul Ubana Jones, Jackie Bristow and Jordie Lane in addition to touring as a solo performer. “I’ve struggled with burnout and with being just really lonely on the road. I had to work my way through what it means to be out there in the world on my own and learning how to forgive. It’s completely amazing to be used as a channel for music that people will listen to if they’ve had a hard day at work or if they’ve lost a loved one and they need a little bit of a pick-up. It’s an awesome walk; all credit to God,” he says. “I used to be such a shy kid. My struggles both inside and outside the church forced me to search for truth and meaning. I have discovered that God made me the way I am, always ready for adventure and with a burning passion to reach people from all walks in life and connect with music. My weakness has been turned into a strength as I’ve adapted to performing live over the past nine years.” Wastney’s latest songs traverse the folk/country genres. His band tracks were recorded live and edited by award-winning kiwi producer, Mike McCarthy at Manuka Studios. “It’s such a magical feeling when a song is made, released and everyone gets behind it and helps spread the word. I’d like to thank everyone involved in the making of this special song,” he says. “I believe in wearing your heart on your sleeve, that what you believe in should change what type of music you play. I think if you’re writing music from that’s from the heart it will always come out showing where you’re at.” Through all his ups and downs Wastney has come to believe that God wants us to live meaningful and exciting lives. “I still don’t have all the answers but I do know that if you allow God to use your talents/passions for his purposes your world can change in an instant, big doors can come flying open and you are off on a new adventure. That has taken me years, hard times, several seasons of severe depression and poor health to reach that conclusion,” he says. “If I didn’t have a faith in God I wouldn’t be able to do what I do, I wouldn’t be able to tap into the songs and be able to cope with it. I couldn’t do it without him. I also get a lot of support from churches and from my family.”

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27 August -15 September 2013

Join our friendly group as we visit the places that will bring your Bible to life. From The Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, City of David , Western Wall, Bethlehem, Dead Sea, Masada, Petra, Nazareth, Meggido Jaffa, Tel Aviv and much more– 20 Days of wonder and excitement-phone today for itinerary

HEALING AND EVANGELISM MEETINGS WITH Bill Subritzky Tuesday 14 May – Manukau, Auckland 7pm, King of Kings Church, 57 Cavendish Court, Cavendish Drive, opp. The Warehouse. Friday 17 May – Orewa 7pm, Orewa Arts & Events Centre, Riverside Rd, Orewa. Tuesday 21 May – Alexandra, Otago 7pm, Dunstan High School, Enterprise St, Alexandra. Tuesday 11 June – Henderson, Auckland 7pm, Bruce Mclaren School, 69 Bruce Mclaren Rd, Henderson. For more information and further meeting updates visit: or Freephone 0800 36 36 83

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Local news briefs... ‘Lucifer’ on list of banned baby names in NZ New Zealand officials yesterday released a list of baby names put forward by parents that were rejected because they were too bizarre or offensive, including “Lucifer” and “Mafia No Fear”. The list of 77 names reveals one child was set to be called “Anal” before the Department of Internal Affairs vetoed the proposal, while another narrowly avoided being dubbed “.” or full stop. Other names on the list included “4Real”, “V8” and “Queen Victoria”. In some cases, parents appeared to have lost any inspiration for coming up with a name for their offspring and wanted to call the latest addition to the family simply “2nd”, “3rd” or “5th”. The department’s rules forbid any name that might imply an official title or rank, so “King”, “Duke” and “Princess” were among those that had been turned down most since 2001. “Justice” was rejected 62 times.

Kiwis still crave slice of suburbia The “suburban dream” of living in a standalone home is still alive and well - a finding that could harm Auckland Council’s push for more terraced housing. As the council looks at how to deal with the city’s growing population and housing crisis under the Unitary Plan, a study it commissioned on current housing intensification could be damning. Residents from medium density developments in three city suburbs were interviewed about their living conditions as part of Auckland University’s Future Intensive: Insights for Auckland Housing. Most of the 84 participating households said their way of living was just temporary and for affordability reasons. “The aspiration of living in detached suburban housing remains strong for both New Zealand-born and new New Zealanders,” the report said. “The aspiration for suburbia, no matter how unrealistic, is a barrier to the promotion of a compact city that needs to be better understood. “We need to better understand what the necessary trade-offs are between the suburban lifestyle, whether affordable or not, and the urban lifestyle envisaged for a majority of future Aucklanders.” It added: “If living in these newer developments is viewed by residents as a transitory stage in their lives, then there are implications for developing the vibrant, liveable, community-orientated local environments promoted in the plan.”

NZ rugby players losing battle with demons As many as 15 per cent of New Zealand’s professional rugby players may be wrestling with stress, anxiety, substance abuse and behavioural and mental health issues. Performance and selection anxiety, loneliness, relationship stress, financial concerns and a lack of social support make rugby players predisposed to suffering behavioural and mental health challenges, says players’ union boss Rob Nichol. New Zealand Rugby Union chief executive Steve Tew yesterday ordered an independent assessment to look at how the NZRU treated its players, particularly young ones, after All Black Julian Savea was charged

ers found many struggled with life after retirement. The survey of 123 former professional players found they suffered from: • Feelings of depression or despair (35 per cent). • High levels of anxiety and stress (30 per cent). • Alcohol or substance abuse (23 per cent). • Relationship issues (20 per cent). • Aggression issues (13 per cent). “We believe that athletes do have a higher propensity to have challenges in this [area] than normal people,” Mr Nichol told the Herald yesterday. “We do a lot physically for athletes but we don’t do enough mentally.”





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with the assault of his partner. “Without judging the rights or wrongs of this case, we are concerned that this is another incident involving a young player. We need to find out whether we are doing enough to help these young men cope with the pressures of the professional game,” he said. “Overall, we’ve got a large group of young men who generally do a very good job for themselves and the teams they play for. But we’ve had a number of instances in the past 12 months so I think it’s just time to check that what we are doing is right.” Little work has been done on how young players cope, but a players’ association survey of former play-

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24/04/13 4:05 PM

Local news briefs

Maori crime ‘fact of life’

Corrolla Car for Charity Cause Orphaned children as far away as Romania, Russia, and India will benefit from the brand new Corolla handed over to New Zealand charity Orphans Aid International on Monday 29th April. Orphans Aid International chief executive Sue van Schreven and the volunteers at the Queenstown Orphans Aid Shop were delighted to receive the car, which they will have use of for the next three years thanks to Toyota’s ‘25 Ways to Say Thanks’ initiative. A total of 515 charities registered to be in the running for one of 25 cars to use for three years, with nearly 40,000 people voting for their favourite charity through Facebook. Orphans Aid International supporters and volunteers thrilled as they watched their charity come out on top in the voting in the prized first place. The car will be put to good use promoting Orphans Aid International, delivering goods to people in need, and helping to run the fundraising shops in Queenstown, Invercargill, Dunedin, Hastings, and Tauranga. Funds raised are used to rescue and provide love and care to abandoned and orphaned children and those in extreme need both here in New Zealand and around the globe. Providing shelter, food, medical care and specialist help to these children is all part of Orphans Aid International’s mission. Mrs van Schreven says she is encouraged to see how New Zealanders are getting behind the cause. “We are so thankful to everyone who voted for us in this competition and of course to Toyota. This Corolla is an incredible gift. There is so much we will be able to do with the use of this car – gaining support and raising funds all over the country. The more funds we can raise, the more children we can rescue.” Visit page for more information.

44% of Kiwis living pay day to pay day Nearly half of New Zealanders are living pay day to pay day without a nest egg to fall back on in case of emergencies. A survey into our banking habits showed younger people at the beginning of their careers, women and those from Waikato and Otago were more likely to be unable to put money away for a rainy day. Forty-four per cent of Kiwis hang out for pay day every week, with women the highest at 48 per cent. Fifty-six per cent of those aged between 18 and 29 fell into this category, those aged between 30 and 44 were at 50 per cent. People of 45 and over too had concerns (36 per cent). Waikato residents had the hardest time, at 50 per cent, compared with 42 per cent of Aucklanders. Canstar Blue, which compares data from New Zealand banks, interviewed 2240 people around the country who had one or more bank accounts. Dealing with money was stressful and overwhelming for 34 per cent of people, while thinking about the long-term financial future also made 43 per cent feel uncomfortable. Again, younger people, women and Waikato and Otago residents were the highest-represented in each category. But the budgeting ethic was strong across all age groups with 65 per cent saying they stuck to a budget.

A respected academic is blaming Maori for high rates of violent crime that have helped give Hamilton the country’s second-highest number of “three strike” offenders. The “three strikes” sentencing law, a key plank in the National Government’s law-and-order drive, was introduced in 2010 as part of the Sentencing and Parole Reform Act. Justice Ministry figures show 275 offenders have received a first warning in Hamilton courtrooms under the regime – second only to Auckland. Only 54 first warnings have been given in Dunedin. Canterbury University sociology professor and criminologist Greg Newbold said Hamilton’s high number of first warnings reflected the city’s large Maori population – a comment one Waikato academic has called an “over simplification”. Prof Newbold said there was a “direct association” between Maori and violent offending. “The more Maori you have in an area the higher levels of juvenile delinquency and higher levels of violent crime,” Prof Newbold said. “Maori are far more likely to be convicted of violent offences than nonMaori [and] far more likely to be victims of domestic violence than nonMaori. “There are hardly any Maori in Dunedin and not many in Christchurch,” Prof Newbold said. “The more Maori you get in an area, the more violent crime you get – that’s a fact of life.” Waikato University faculty of law senior lecturer Wayne Rumbles said Prof Newbold’s comments were “partly right” but also an over-simplification. “Maori are more likely to be charged with offences, so there’s a bit of prosecutorial bias,” Mr Rumbles said. “It’s not that if you have got more Maori you get more violent crime necessarily, but you get higher charging of violent crime by the police.” Critics of the three strikes law say the regime has little to no effect in deterring crime and can result in sentences disproportionate to the third offence. A “third strike” conviction attracts the maximum penalty for that crime with no parole, unless the judge rules it would be manifestly unjust. Forty offences are covered by the three strikes law.

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Christian Woman

A GRATEFUL HEART When I think of mother’s day, my heart gets a little jolt. For me, it is both a time of celebration, and a time of loss. My relationship with my mother has always had its unspoken problems, but last year it took a turn for the worst. I challenged my mother on some issues in our relationship that had been plaguing me for many years. As a result, my relationship with her is now virtually non-existent. Mother’s day is now a very painful reminder of what I now realise I never had; unconditional and unyielding love from one of the most important relationships in my life. So when I was asked to write an article about mother’s day, I found myself really struggling. What am I supposed to write? I don’t even want to think about mother’s day, let alone write about it. I know it is supposed to be a special day. I am even a mother myself. I’m supposed to be celebrating the awesomeness of motherhood, but right now I just want to crawl under a rock and forget the day ever existed. I think I’m safe to assume that many of our readers are also feeling the same way. For you, mother’s day is a painful experience. I can’t tell you how to make your own mother’s day experience less painful, because I don’t know your particular set of circumstances. All I can do is share how, with God’s help, I have managed to find something to be grateful for. Rather than focusing on what has been taken away, I aim to invest that energy into thinking about the positives. The Bible says to be thankful in all circumstances, because this is God’s will for us (1 Thessalonians 5:18). It is not God’s will for us to be miserable on Mother’s Day. It is meant to be a day of celebration, not a day of mourning. So why do we not follow God’s will for our lives and find something to be thankful for on Mother’s Day. If you have nothing else, be thankful that you are alive and able to read

the words before you. May I suggest that when you first wake up on Mother’s Day, make a list of all the things you are grateful for. Then carry that list around with you all day, and when you are tempted to feel sorry for yourself, pull that list out. Try rehearsing a few of those things on your “thankful list”, instead of the negative nonsense that is probably running a train through your mind. I’m even making my own list, because I know how hard it is going to maintain a positive attitude. I am a mother to the most beautiful daughter in all of God’s creation. Esther is almost two years old, and absolutely full of life. I thank God everyday for her zest for living, and the love she has for everybody she meets. I am thankful that I live in a beautiful house, that is clean (well, some of the time) and safe. I have a loving husband who provides for me and is understanding (as much as human beings can be) of my struggles. I have a group of motherly ladies at church who love and encourage me. I have a wonderful mentor/mother figure from whom I have learned many things. Most of all, I am alive and healthy, and have a Saviour who has saved me from eternal punishment. What is on your list? Full time mother and author CORALLIE BUCHANAN, is a woman who writes from her heart. Corallie writes regularly for Christian Woman magazine, Australia’s premier magazine for Christian women. She contributes material to a number of magazines in the US including The Haven Journal, Inspired Women Magazine, and Ruby for Women. Corallie is also the author of Watch Out! Godly Women on the Loose; a book which won her the award of Young Australian Christian Writer of the Year in 2007.

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Interest free liberty for every Church and Home Get into debt free liberty through sowing and reaping Millions lent interest free to hundreds of New Zealand households and churches Ph: 0508 LIBERTY (542 378) Email: 185 testimonies at God’s financial principles in action!

8 | Christian Life Issue One May 13

Inspired Business


I believe the one thing customers in every area of business complain about is the service they receive. TONY GATTARI gives some insights as to how to keep your customers content and satisfied...


ou take your car in for service. The service office is immaculately clean and resembles a hotel lobby. The smell of freshly brewed coffee is in the air, and you ask yourself, How come I cannot smell any car fumes? The service manager greets you, is well dressed in a neatly pressed shirt and tie, with a name badge. You give him the keys, and he asks you, “Do, you mind if I go through our 12 Point Service Guarantee?” He then places the form in front of you, and points his pen next to each of the guarantees as he explains each one to you. You then drive off in the courtesy car. The car is the latest model, and it drives fantastically. As you are driving it, you say to yourself that this will be your next car. You are phoned later in the day by the service manager to tell you the car is ready for pick up. On your arrival, your car is waiting at the front of the office, and has been cleaned inside and out. Before you are about to pay, the service manager, goes through all of the service points that were carried out. You do not even care about how much the service was because it was so good. A couple of days later, Suzie, from the customer care department of the dealership gives you a courtesy call. She asks you a few non-intrusive questions about your thoughts on the service, the performance of the car, or any questions that you may have about the whole experience. The car is working perfectly, and you are totally satisfied by the experience, and you love the fact that the dealership wanted to know your thoughts. Here is an example of a perfect link between what the dealership had in mind as they were creating the vision, mission, values, and unique selling proposition for their business, and what the customer wants from any engagement. Can you see how the dealership has built a system? 1. On your arrival the service staff had uniforms and name badges so that you could identify them with ease. Before they serviced your car, they go through another script – the 12 Point Service Guarantee. From all the current affair shows that exposed dodgy car services, consumers have a general fear of being cheated on what they have paid for. This 12 Point Service Guarantee

reduces the fear in the purchase, in highlighting that the dealership will deliver on their promise. 2. The courtesy car, that is provided, is also a system. It is a marketing system that is designed to get you hooked on the latest model of cars. Car manufacturers and dealerships have done thousands of studies on the impact that driving a new car has on future purchases. 3. Upon your arrival, the car is cleaned for you inside and out. In a time poor society we sometimes find it difficult to clean our cars, and the dealership again has saved you time and money. 4. When you collect your car, the service manager goes through another script with you of explaining all the service points that were done to your car. This is again to reduce the fear in your mind, that you have received what you paid for. 5. The follow up phone call is to gain customer feedback on the service. The dealership records all of the information, and discusses it in team meetings. Any issues that are raised are quickly dealt with. The systems that have been developed by the dealership have been well thought out. The systems have always focused on the customer first, prior to the needs of the business first. This is always a challenge for many businesses, as we try to make our life easier, instead of the customers, and in doing so, lose a lot of business because we have created barriers to make the purchase easier. Most of the time, these barriers are called ‘procedures’, and these procedures need to be defined separately from systems. Procedures are designed to reduce or eliminate any losses to the business, such as theft, fraud, or anything to do with the processing of financial transactions or inventory management. Systems are designed to either; • Increase sales and profit • Save time • Improve the quality of service that is given to the customer



FROM A NIGHT GROUP WINTER PROMO* We’re a world away, just 10 minutes from Hamilton. Activities, Catering, Accommodation, Space.

1. Write down one common engagement that you have with a customer that you would like to create a system for - e.g. customer purchase, a refund, a customer complaint, a phone enquiry and so forth. 2. What are the customer’s expectations from that engagement? 3. Close your eyes for a moment? Can you visualise how that engagement is carried out? Now write it down. 4. Write down step-by-step how the engagement is carried out. List all of the functions of the business that are involved in this system - e.g. marketing, finance, human resources, sales, administration, and operations/production.

TONY GATTARI The author is founder and Chief Energy Officer of Achievers group. He is a much in demand passionate professional speaker, business educator, author and corporate, business advisor. He has worked with over 140 businesses around the world.

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Sowing before you reap INITIATIVE GETS KIWIS INTO HOME OWNERSHIP The borrower becomes slave to the lender... but not true for families across NZ thanks to this exciting initiative... Gemma Margerison A Whakatane-based charity is taking hassle out of buying a home by offering interest-free mortgages and educating kiwis to start saving at a young age. Liberty Trust, which began in 1989, aims to both teach and apply God’s Biblical financial principles in order to enable people to own their homes debt-free so that they may fulfil God’s plan in their lives. “Unlike when we were their age, today’s young kiwis simply need to start saving for their home the day they commence earning,” says Liberty Trust chairman and Whakatane Chartered Accountant, Kelvin Deal. “The tragedy is that teenagers and adolescents usually want to live life for themselves when they begin earning. Then at about age 30, still with debts, they meet their life partner and decide they want their own home. By then they are generally realising that life has responsibilities to others as well as themselves.” Mr Deal believes that bank mortgages only add to the problems because “they can generally look forward to continuing stress over money for the rest of their working lives. Furthermore, the stress of saying “no” to their habit of compulsive spending because they haven’t been trained, and continual shortage of money, will likely affect both their future marriage and their children,” he says. “The alternative of renting a home for life will be even more costly. Kiwi Saver and National Super are unlikely to provide enough for those renting when they retire either. It’s not a nice picture.” In order to combat these problems Liberty Trust works on a ‘sow’ before you ‘reap’ scheme which allows members, after ten years of joining, to be offered an interest-free mortgage of five times the amount they have contributed. “For example, for a contribution of $60,000 they will be offered a mortgage of $300, 000,” says Mr Deal. “They may wait a shorter period for a smaller multiplier, or longer if they find they need more.” Members may choose what and when to give, they may stop their donations, resume when they like, or vary their ‘sowing’ according to their circumstances. “It is totally flexible. It is also available for church building funds, missionaries, family trusts, etc., in fact to all New Zealanders. It’s a wonderful way to save while helping others, and building God’s Kingdom.” The loan term is generally 7-10 years, which is all interest-free. Every person will contribute only a fraction of what bank interest would have cost them, and avoid up to half a working lifetime of debt to a bank. Through its lending arm, Ark Resources Ltd., Liberty Trust has loaned $27million so far. Even with today’s low bank interest rates, the saving to each member in an average home will be around $150,000 - $200,000. “It’s a thrilling proof that God’s Biblical principles work in practice,” says Mr Deal.

10 | Christian Life Issue One May 13

Liberty Trust is a registered charitable trust and it has no debt and no investments, making it even safer than the banks. Its $8 million capital is secured by registered mortgages. Furthermore, it is completely self-funded from the contributions it receives; the same money keeps re-circulating. Although it is financially independent, Liberty Trust does report to the Whakatane Liberty Life and Baptist churches. Along with its audited accounts and over 180 testimonies and Bible teachings, its website contains a public actuary’s report which it commissioned and research from Waikato University. One such testimony comes from Ross and Frances Peeters, who live in Auckland with their six children. Mrs Peeters says, “When my student flatmate explained Liberty Trust to me 14 years ago, I thought it was crazy. Why would people go to so much bother just to buy a house? Then when I got married and my husband showed me how much interest we would pay through a bank mortgage, I was horrified. We joined Liberty Trust.” The couple started their marriage in overdraft and were soon Mrs Peeters was expecting their first child. “Some people say you must have a double income so you can get your first home. However, we felt it was more important for me to be a stay at home mother, so I never worked and we lived on one income. Through thriftiness and blessing from God we could never have imagined, we soon had a deposit,” she says. Although it would have been ideal for the Peeters family to wait until their Ark Resources loan came through before buying their first home, they realised that because they wanted to buy a house in Auckland, if they waited, prices could increase enormously. “So, soon after the birth of our second child, we bought our home just as the housing boom started in early 2002 – another blessing from the Lord,” says Mrs Peeters. “When we got married, one of our wedding cards had the verse Matt 6:33 “Seek ye first the kingdom of God … and all these things shall be added unto you”. We have stayed in that home and lived within our means—no HP’s, no flash TV, furniture from the inorganic rubbish collection and forget the steak. We have been further blessed with four more children being added to the family.” Mrs Peeters finds that when she tells people about Liberty Trust they are disappointed to find out they have to wait for their loan. However, the couple think it is good to wait, as it teaches the practice of patience. “It was a good feeling, patiently waiting and knowing all the while that we were helping others be free from their bank mortgages,” says Mrs Peeters. “Having received our Ark Resources loan recently we are delighted that we’ll be debt free soon, freeing up God’s resources for furthering the Lord’s work. It is

The Peeters family much better than pouring that money into the banking industry’s profits.” Another important part of the Trust’s work is to help parents to train their children and teenagers to save in order to buy and pay off their own homes. As a key application it is recommended that parents or grandparents co-sponsor their children at a minimum of $10 per week. The goal is that the child fully takes over the membership when they begin earning and that they will increase their contributions in order to reach 20 per cent of what they will need to borrow when their mortgage is offered. Through this scheme each child could buy their home in their mid20s and be debt-free by their early 30s. “Liberty Trust members have found that if their children up to age 12 are trained, not just taught, to save, they will generally continue this lifestyle throughout their adult lives,” says Mr Deal. “But, with the exception of home-schooled children, if training is left until their teenage years, it will almost certainly be met with non-co-operation from their teenagers. Influence from peer pressure which declares: “Spend - it isn’t cool to save” outweighs the influence of their parents.” Mr Deal also comments that “teenagers watch carefully and judge actions not words. If they respect what they see, they will follow their example. Many will later recognise the sincerity and rightness of their parent’s action in sponsoring them, and take over the membership themselves, if not immediately, then at least by their mid-20s.” Although many of today’s young kiwis say that 10 years is too long to wait for a Liberty Trust mortgage, the trustees have observed that most take even longer than this to save for a bank mortgage and many never succeed. “They find that money in a bank account is too tempting to withdraw and spend, whereas money contributed to the Trust by regular automatic payment from their bank account is hardly noticed and cannot be withdrawn as it has been donated to a charitable trust,” says Mr Deal. “In practice that donated money is being continually being loaned to help others interestfree. When their turn comes for their mortgage, it is the repayments from others that provides most of the money for their own mortgage. Finally, when they have repaid their mortgage, their contributions remain for those who follow – probably their own children and grandchildren.” Mr Deal believes that when it comes to saving for a mortgage the most important thing is just to get started. “The time when people will be offered a mortgage depends upon their starting date. When they start they often have little idea of what they will be doing in 10 years’ time; only God does,” he says.


Top: Edem before the surgery; Above: Edem after the surgery Since 1978, Mercy Ships has performed services valued at more than $1 billion NZ, directly impacting more than 2.35 million of the world’s poorest people. 
Volunteers and staff with Mercy Ships have: ·       Performed more than 61,000 life-changing operations such as cleft lip and palate, cataract removal, straightening of crossed eyes, orthopaedic and facial reconstruction. The operations are free to patients. ·       Treated over 520,000 patients in village medical and dental clinics. Educated about 5,770 local health care workers, who have in turn trained multiple thousands in primary health care. ·       Trained over 29,400 local professionals in their areas of expertise (anaesthesiology, midwifery, instrument sterilisation, orthopaedic and reconstructive surgery, leadership). ·       Completed over 1,100 community development projects focusing on water and sanitation, education, infrastructure development and agriculture.

When working closely amongst the poorest people in the world, patients are much more than statistics. Many of them touch the heart deeply. The following story is that of a young boy, sevenyear old Edem from Ghana, and two nurses whose lives were impacted by him: Operating Theatre Nurses Zhalmaine Tuya, and Soumya David. They were onboard the Africa Mercy; the largest and newest Mercy Ship, berthed for a stint of five months by Lome at Togo (West Africa) from early February 2012. Filipino-born, New Zealand trained Nurse Zhalmaine is on her third tour of duty on the Africa Mercy, this time leading a team of nurses that assist with facial reconstruction surgeries. Like all the crew working with Mercy Ships, Zhalmaine doesn’t only volunteer her time – she pays her fares and board so she can do so. “Edem was a shy boy, and I could see why,” said Nurse Zhalmaine. “He had a tumour on the right side of his face which had become so big, it was pushing his eye out of place. He hid that side of his face on his Mum’s lap, and wouldn’t really look me as I talked with him and his mother via a translator.” Edem, his mother, and Nurse Zhalmaine were all waiting for Edem to go into surgery to remove the growth; and an earlier power cut had delayed them. As an operating theatre nurse, Zhalmaine doesn’t usually have the chance to spend much time with patients prior to surgery, so this opportunity made his story even more touching. “I asked Edem if he had any friends, and he said he didn’t.” This wasn’t surprising, as he’d left school when the growth, and subsequent teasing, had become too much to cope with. “When I offered him my friendship, he smiled in return.” Edem’s parents had first noticed the tumour when he was only three years old. They sought medical care, and when money ran out, his father sold his land in Ghana to pay for expenses, but the tumour continued to grow, disfiguring his face. His grandmother, and then his father, began to despise the boy. Tumours, though often benign, are evidence of a curse in the minds of the local people; and those affected by them are therefore shunned, or worse. By the time he was found by Mercy Ships, the tumour on Edem’s face had grown to the size of a large mango, though only about a third of its true size was evident when looking at him. The Africa Mercy is the length of two football fields, and seven stories high. It is literally a floating hospital, with six operating theatres, beds for seventy patients, and all the medical and technical support possible, to enable Mercy Ships to give a very high standard of medical and surgical care to patients who would otherwise have no access to it. The Africa Mercy usually have a crew of about 450, comprising volunteers from about 35 countries at any one time. Crew can join the Mercy Ships for varying lengths of time. Kiwis, including trained medical personnel and many others, are popular among the volunteers for their can-do attitude, and hardworking ethics. One thing the Africa Mercy doesn’t have is a blood bank. Blood for transfusions is donated ‘on the hoof’ by crew members who have the correct blood type and are willing to donate what they can. This method is safer and more practical than using blood donated by the people of the countries they are helping, especially considering the AIDS crisis. Giving blood is how Registered Nurse Soumya David came to be involved on a very personal level with young Edem. Soumya, from Hokowhitu, usually works in the Palmerston North Hospital, and had volunteered her services for seven weeks in early 2012.

“I always knew that I wanted to do more than just use nursing as a job; and I wanted to use my profession to convey God’s love to people that may not be receiving anything,” Nurse David said. Like Zhalmaine, she had also been able to spend some time with young Edem prior to surgery, making her involvement more poignant. Edem’s tumour had become life threatening, and in surgery it was seen noticeably close to his brain. A haemorrhage during surgery meant that young Edem needed a transfusion. “I was able to donate blood to [Edem], and to pray for him as my blood was taken,” Nurse Soumya explains. ‘It was amazing to be able to know the person that was receiving my blood and then to be able to see him get better afterwards.” Thankfully, Edem’s tumour was successfully removed. Soumya has been very impacted by the Mercy Ships experience. “I went with God’s leading to bless the people of Africa,” she says, “but in fact I was blessed even more by them, their contentment, their love and passion for God, their joy in Christ and their appreciation for everything in life. Going on the ship this time was like a hook - the joy I got from giving of myself to other people is just immeasurable. I know it’s something I would love to go and do again.” Nurses don’t often get to see their patients after they have recovered and gone home, so when Edem had to return for small follow-up surgery after a month at home, Zhalmaine wondered if he would recognise her. “When I saw his name on our surgery schedule I became excited and made sure I greeted him at the door. I wanted to surprise him but I was unsure if he would remember me one month later.  But he did.  When he saw me, he ran toward me and gave me a big hug,” Zhalmaine says. “The young boy I had met waiting in the patient waiting area was a different young man.  He had gained weight since I last saw him, had more confidence and was full of life! A Mercy Ship moment I will never forget.” For more information about Mercy Ships, or about the Africa Mercy specifically, please visit | 11



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Walking into the conference venue, there’s an unspoken excitement seen in the faces of the delegates. It’s the opening night of LIFE Conference, and already the air in the room is thick with expectation – anything could happen tonight, and it probably will! LIFE Conference has been running for well over 10 years, gathering Pastors and Christians from all walks of life under one roof, encountering God in a very real environment. Established by Ps Paul and Maree de Jong, Senior Pastors of LIFE, the conference is born out of a heart for God’s Kingdom, that each person and ministry would be equipped for the work before them. This year’s theme, ‘Beyond Limits’, is a call to all Christians to step into the breakthrough life that Christ made available to us on the cross. Where the tangible and natural may fall short, Christ’s encouragement to us is that our trust and reliance on Him releases us into the supernatural life, one that reaches beyond the limits we may see before us. From the very start, LIFE Conference has carried a mandate to resource Christians to impact their sphere of influence, wherever that may be. Reflecting LIFE’s own four focus; Church, Community, Business and Kingdom, LIFE Conference seeks to empower and equip Christians across all these areas, that they would be able to more effectively communicate Christ and the Gospel through their world. To meet this need, LIFE Conference introduced Master Classes in 2012; two tailor-made days included in the conference programme to give relevant teaching for every walk of life. In 2013, they were able to provide Master Classes for Senior Ministers, Team Leaders, Businesses and business leaders, Community organisations and workers, those involved in the creative arts and production, as well as the Personal Development Master Class which provided strong and effective tools to help every Christian walk out their faith-journey with confidence. Each Master Class gathered Christian leaders from New Zealand and beyond who have been influential in their respective areas, sharing from revelation and years of personal and pro-

Where the tangible and natural may fall short, Christ’s encouragement to us is that our trust and reliance on Him releases us into the supernatural life, one that reaches beyond the limits we may see before us.

fessional experience. In addition to the Master Classes, LIFE Conference is fortunate to have a wide range of passionate Guest Speakers from across the globe. Without fail, each year these Guests bring timely messages for all who attend, inspiring them to seek out God’s wisdom and provide practical tools to walk out the Christian life effectively. In 2013, this is no different – for the first time at LIFE Conference, Ps Jentezen Franklin will be welcomed onto the stage. Ps Jentezen Franklin is the Senior Pastor of Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia and Irvine, California, as well as the host of his televised broadcast, “Kingdom Connection”. His powerful yet down-to-earth approach has seen thousands across the world impacted, and his book, ‘Fasting’, has become a staple for teaching on this area. Joining him is Joel Holm, an itinerate minister who has spent years assisting churches with behind-the-scenes strategy and growth, as well as frequently ministering in those churches from the pulpit. Having travelled the world, Joel’s work and Kingdom-spirit has seen God’s Church strengthened and individuals empowered. Finally, closing off the line-up is Sy Rogers, a dynamic and often hilarious speaker has seen three decades of ministry profoundly impact the lives of countless people. A specialist in pastoral care, Sy carries a great depth of knowledge of people’s lives, and the power of the Word of God. LIFE Conference will once again provide an environment for Kingdom-spirited people to grow and be inspired, and above all else, to see God glorified in the midst of all we do.

SISTAS WOMEN’S CONFERENCE was established in 2000, and each year sees thousands of women in attendance. The Sistas experience is unlike any other, with three days of powerful teaching, authentic worship and a more than a few laughs along the way. GET SMART YOUTH CONFERENCE takes places in Auckland and Christchurch simultaneously, with youth and young adults from across the nation gathering for a week that will change their lives. LIFE CONFERENCE is back in 2014, with Ps Ed Young, Ps Steve Kelly and Samuel Chand joining Ps Paul and Maree de Jong. Register today for earlybird prices! For more information about LIFE Conference, visit


at LIFE Convention Centre, 110 Montgomerie Rd, Auckland

Tuesday 3 September - Thursday 5 September 2013 Thursday 5 September - Saturday 7 September 2013 | 13

Faithreading... CRIMESON


Justin Gardner is an extraordinary man, now living an extraordinary life. Saved from the dark streets of death and crime in Melbourne, he was called by God to reach out to the brokenhearted with a message of restoration and hope. To see a man go from a life of crime, to being a senior minister of a church – and still based in the same city – is a story that really needs to be read. CrimeSon is the hard-hitting story of one man’s miracle. Justin’s journey from the trauma of a dysfunctional childhood, the pain of being suicidal and ‘dream-bankrupt’ and the fear of being close to death, to seeing his life turned around and his dream machine being switched on and working overtime will make a positive difference in your own life.

“Speaking straight from her heart; sharing the pain, frustration, the anger, and disappointments experienced during her twentyfive month journey of trying to conceive whilst suffering four miscarriages along the way, Catherine Sylvester offers forty bite-sized, self-contained chapters for those battling fertility issues, or who’ve lost a little one at any time from conception. Hope for Today seeks to remind the reader, through honesty, humor, and Biblical example that they are absolutely not forgotten, nor forsaken, and certainly not unloved. On the contrary, they are the apple of a loving Father’s eye. And that He knows, sees, and understands… even when we do not. With it estimated that one in six couples will experience infertility, and one in four pregnancies will end in miscarriage, this area of struggle and loss affects literally thousands of people every single day – often in isolation, often in silence. Each chapter of Hope for Today draws on an aspect of this all-consuming issue. Using her own story as a back-drop, Catherine Sylvester bravely shares her victories and defeats throughout this offering. Often humorous, always honest, Catherine has the authority to speak on this delicate subject, for she has walked in the same or similar shoes to the reader. She has learned the hard way, in the school of life, how to navigate her way forward with a God she knew could change her circumstances at any time, yet seemingly chose not to.”

Justin Gardener


From the dark streets of death and crime in the UNDERBELLY of Melbourne, crimeson is the rough and raw account of Justin’s life and how God saved him..

The Shack Revisited with

W. Paul Young & Baxter Kruger

Orama - Gt. Barrier Island 3 - 10 January 2014 A brilliant summer holiday, fully catered in an idyllic island location, (imagine sparkling waters and natural bush setting) combined with a rare opportunity to engage with author Paul Young and theologian Baxter Kruger as they take us on a journey right into the heart of God. This week promises to be profound, enlightening and life impacting. Donʼt miss out, book your place today. All enquiries to: or phone:

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Catherine Sylvester

THE BODY BATTLE Sheralyn Bucknell The Body Battle is specifically written for women who struggle with self image. Despite outward appearances, many of us face real struggles with their physical appearance, weight and self worth. Welcome to The Body Battle. In this frank and refreshing new book, Sheralyn Bucknell unveils the spiritual basis of The Body Battle in a clear and compelling account. Sharing her own story, and the stories of many of those she has helped, Sheralyn questions the false promises of dieting and fitness regimes and points to the only source of freedom – the cross of Jesus Christ.

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YOUTH PASTOR POSITION We are currently taking applications from qualified applicants (those with a theology or university degree), with a deep Christian commitment and passion for ministry to youth, for a Youth Pastor position in a vibrant, fast-growing church in Newmarket, Auckland. Applications should be addressed to Dr Craig Heilmann:

KAIKOHE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL PRINCIPAL: We are seeking an active and dynamic principal with the capacity to develop strong and purposeful relationships with students, staff and the Kaikohe and Kerikeri campus communities; with proven management and strong educational leadership experience; strong interpersonal skills underpinned by integrity, respect, openness and honesty. You’ll have the ability and passion to develop excellence in education; an understanding of pedagogical processes and the Ka Hikitia strategy. You’ll have outstanding organisational skills, be highly motivated and possess a sound knowledge of current curriculum and assessment pedagogy, ICT, 21st Century learning and a strong desire to improve student outcomes. Our Y0-Y13 students are seeking a principal who has values of loyalty, kindness, excellence and who is joyful and will have positive input into their lives. You’ll have an understanding and commitment to the special character of our Christian School. A willingness and ability to take part in religious instruction appropriate to the Special Character of the School shall be a condition of employment. Applications close 9am, Friday 28th June2013. For more information or an application pack, please contact the school office on (09) 4011873 or email


Part-Time Marketing Manager The Asia Theological Association has now published 14 volumes of the Asia Bible Commentary series, 8 monographs and books, and publishes two journals. ATA needs a marketing manager to promote and sell these publications by email. I am offering 25% commission on all sales, for a manager in New Zealand who could work from home. For more details write to Dr Bruce Nicholls or 4 Bambury Close, Pt Chevalier Auckland 1022 (09 846 1211) All enquiries to: Pastor Phil Coates Ch: (04) 388 6535 Mob: 021 236 8139 1. Children & Families Pastor (20 hrs/week) This role would suit someone who is passionate about helping children grow to know Jesus and grow in spiritual gifts; excited about helping parents grow as spiritual caregivers; loves running children’s programs and family-oriented worship services; has some experience and/or qualifications in children’s ministry; and is filled with the Spirit & faith.

2. Community Pastor (15 hrs/week) This role would suit someone who is passionate about reaching out to the spiritually lost; enjoys leading Alpha and community outreach projects: naturally builds networks with people and links between the church and the community; and is filled with the Spirit and faith.

MINISTRY POSITIONS (2): Associate Ministers as part of the Rotorua District Presbyterian Church Ministry team

Totara Springs Christian Centre is one of the largest centre’s of its kind in New Zealand and is a venue for school camps, church retreats, business conferences, sporting and artistic events, holiday camps and weddings. We are situated in a beautiful setting, nestled at the foot of the Kaimai mountain ranges just outside Matamata. There are 90 plus acres of parklike grounds with accommodation for 420 people in fully serviced motels, 3 lodge complexes and 18 cabins. All our camps are fully catered by our resident catering team or or phone 07-8884700

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This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a new church committed to leading a group of Presbyterian congregations forward with confidence into specific ministry opportunities in the Rotorua District. Our team needs ministry leaders with passion, vision and a range of skills and gifts. The structure of RDPC is such that each minister is responsible for the primary worship, pastoral and leadership requirements of one of the three larger congregations within RDPC as well as contributing to the worship, pastoral and leadership requirements of one or more of the smaller congregations. Each position is part of a three person team with two other ordained ministers and a wider team of full time and part time paid staff and volunteers. Both of these positions require people who are team players and have an understanding and commitment to using their gifts for the benefit of all congregations within the Rotorua District. Send applications to Chris Barnard


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24th May 31st May 10th June

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— The Biblical Account of the Jewish Tragedy

CHAPTERS: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

I Would Not Have You Ignorant. Twentieth-Century Haman. Flee From the Land of the North. The Time of Jacob’s Trouble Nothing Like It. * 282 pages Where Was God? PLUS The Desert of the Nations. photographs Alas! I Am Fainting. The Death Cry of Thousands. The Fierce Anger of the Lord. The Lord of Armies. From Death Pains to Birth Pains. The Resurrection of Israel. The Age of Redemption and the Coming of Messiah. Never Again. Israel, Come Home!

WHY THE HOLOCAUST? The question of the twentieth-century is answered in Holocaust Exposed — the Biblical Account of the Jewish Tragedy. This book is a first in that it offers a comprehensive biblical account and answer to the greatest tragedy in human history. Whereas many have spoken before on the horrors of the Holocaust, this book gives opportunity for the Keeper of Israel to have His say. The lessons of the Holocaust can only be understood in the light of the Holy Scriptures. This book will teach you:

• • •

The tragedy was no surprise to the prophets of Israel. The Lord gave clear warning in advance. The outrage that occurred was not because of divine retribution against the Jews. It was a sinister plot of satanic forces who wanted to destroy the embryonic Jewish State before it was born.

• • •

The death throes of a people became the birth pains of their statehood. The resurrection of Israel in 1948 heralded the soon return of their Messiah. And much more…

“The ground that was soaked with so much Jewish blood has become sacred ground. The era of this enormous tragedy has also become sacred. I have received a mandate from Heaven to report comprehensively on what God has to say about that era. It is my duty to God to report on the Holocaust from His book!” – Pastor Nigel Woodley Nigel Woodley has been the pastor of the Flaxmere Christian Fellowship in Hastings, New Zealand, since 1982. His writing is the result of many years of devotion to biblical study and extra-biblical study regarding Israel. He has a sense of the revelation of God regarding those things he writes about. It took him years to build up the courage to write such a significant book about the Holocaust— ever wanting to be sensitive to those who suffered during those terrible years—a book which is a first in its own right. He is the current New Zealand Chairman of Ebenezer Emergency Fund—an international Christian organization which is helping Jews worldwide to return to their ancient biblical homeland in Israel, fulfilling the words of the Biblical prophets. He is also on the New Zealand board of the International Convention of Faith Ministries (ICFM), whose international base is in the United States. Together with his wife Joann they raise a family and lead the church in Flaxmere.


SOLID TRUST MINISTRIES P.O.Box 15058 Flaxmere Hastings 4154

Price includes postage: 1 book = $19.50 2 Books = $29.50 3 Books = $34.50

Delivery within 1-3 days

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